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TO 11 (
The Secretary Describes the Condition
of Our Men-of-War, and Explains
Why They are No Better.
Washing roM, Dec. 5. Secretary Chandler's
annual report was made public to-day. A
considerable portion u devoted to the ques-
; - .1 ....
nuu ox !jircn'ineniu our nary, ine new
cruisers, the Atalanta and the Boston, liave
-Uren lannchcd, and th Chicago L nearly
completed. Tha department is confirmed in
th opinion tluit the criticism advanced hut
je.ir a"tin.-t the new hipH were of little mo
ment, or based upon ideas at variance with
the pro,jrt-v of modern hip-bui!dinL'. As to
the w;int of full Kiil joer and the absence
of jdieathiu,;, it appears that the British ad
miralty is no w building steel cruisers of the
Ju!idrr and Mersey cla-a absolutely
without uiiists or saiU and unsheathed. The
objections to the machinery of the Chicago
are met by the natis factory performances of
the Lmii-ii.tna, a vesel with machinery gen
erally similar, t hn armor of the Aliantono-
moh is nearly completed and in place. The
machinery or the. Amphitrita and Terror is
about oue-half completed, while that of the
i'untan is n nulled. iSo work has been done
upon the halls cf the monitors. Common
prudence, the Secretary says, demands
wai immediate teps be taken to
remedy the defenseless coudition of our
coa-ts and hartors. And the most ranid
i conomic:U measure which can be adopted
ai ii.e jreent time is to push the partially
constructed monitors to completion. The
report sUtes the couclusious of the advisory
board recommending the construction of
one cruiser of A,JUk) tons, one craner of
j,U) tons, one dispatch vessel of l.oUU tons.
two heavily-armed gun-boats of l,ii00 tons
each, on steel ram, one crnising torpedo
boat, two harbor torido-boats, and
one armored vessel not exceeding 7,000
tous. ine department in adopting the
rtn'ornint-ndatiou calls special attention to
lhe necessity for torietlo-boats. In irerreral.
the Secretary recommends the construction
of even modern cruisers annually for the
period of ten ear. Such a plan, while con
forming to the conservative demands of our
policy, and affording ample time for adopt
ing every new device in construction, would
five the country, at a moderate cost, a navy
adequate to train itj officers and maintain its
safety and honor. 1 he Secretary says that
ai me end or ntteeu years the only cruis
ing vessels of the present list remain
ing will be the three iron veseels, the
Monarch, Alert and Hanger. He renews his
former recommendation that the limitation
of rej airs to wooden vessels should continue
at twenty per cent, of their cost. The real
explanation of the disproportion between
tho expenditures and results accomplished in
me iiav.u uuminisiraiion is to be found,
Secretary Chandler says, in the policy of at
tempting at great cost to rehabilitate worn-
out structures under the name of repairs
and reconstruction in the absence of a fixed
limit are terms easily interchange
able, ine practice of reconstructing
vessels under the name of repair is only a
preu xi upon wmcn our overgrown navy yard
establishments could be justified, and. it ap
pears that instead of maintaining our yards
y ur we advantage and oeneht of our ships,
' mo snips nave dragged out a protracted exis
tence for the benefit of the yards. Only two
nayai works, the Secretary thinks, should be
maintained on the Atlantic coast, and onoon
the racihc. lhe iew London yard should
be restored to Connecticut, and the League
Island yard to Fhiljulelphia. The
!wton yard should be sold or re
duced in size. I he rensacolaand Portsmouth
yards may be kept for naval stations. The
work-shops Mr ill then be at New York, Nor
folk and Mare Island. Thee need certain
improvements in organization. All politics
should be excluded from the management,
and responsibility for work must be more
definitely hied and there should be at each
working yard a suirvising naval instructor
nppo.nt.'d by the President and confirmed
by the Semite, from civil life or from the
navy, who should have direct charge of all
work. I ho gun-foundry board, the Secre
Mry says, has obtained information that
thre are responsible steel manufacturers in
this country, who, although not prcvided'at
prent with the necessary plant, are willing
u construct me same and make contracts
with the Government for a supply of mate
rial for the heaviest gnn. if sruaranteed an
order of sufficient magnitude, with a positive
appropriation covering a series of
years shall be made by Concrres.
Th report comments severely upon the ex
isting practice or the securing by solicitation
of prous possessed of political or social
inllueiiCM in behalf of officers, whether for
the purpo of obtaining agreeable duty or
of effecting a restoration by legislation of
thfHe who have been dismissed for drunken-
ness or other misconduct, or for incapacity.
Such res to rnt ious demoralize the service.
l"ubuo opinion should sternly condemn
all wfco have l en guilty of misconduct, as
well as thoe who lend themselves to efforts
? for the restoration of officers removed. lie
refer to the President's veto messnge on the
litJohn lorterbill, pointing ont the uncon-
stitntion Uity of such legislation, and show-
ing thit the constitution provided an effec
tual burner to any restoration by legislation
of particular officer.
, The report dwells upon the cloe connec
tion between the improvement in the navy
and tfu development in the Merchant Ma
rine. It show that to make tho latter com-
inetnrate with our trndt', our const line and
the number and wealth of our commercial
cities, we must hire great lines of ocean
teamhip- of high speed an 1 large capacity.
ruryinif car tl tg to the most distant lands,
thereby sating to our peopl of the vst pro-
htsot tne carrying trad. lhe only way to
accomplish tins result is through direct en
eour-urement giveu by the government cither
m thrt form of bounties upon construction.
r of payment for carrying the mail. fo that
American capitalists may be induced to em
tirk. in tfu business.
Th recent enactment repealing thelas
r'purin all American vessels arbitrarily to
carry fotvigu mails to b supplemented by a
rrvci-svm that contracts for carrying mich
uvul- in American lines of steamer over all
th principal evoan highways should let
f wr a term of yar to the lowest bidder.
m I -pnv compensation therefor to be iupd
by t!r CioTvrnnvent upon th im principal
a tli.it adopted in establishing cur great
national pt. rates on land.
Th ev,'ndit'.irs of the Drartmnt dnr
ln: lw past fiscal year were tliyjl'LVVd. The
e-Uinat s for ordinary purposes and public
works for th nett fiscal year a-i $K,ufY.
A Strious Charge.
Ihnvif, Ohio, lVe Qttit enation
v;,-. bright to light tins morning by the ar
r; t of Thomas J. IVnskin. at ths instance
t; hi wifi who charge him with bigamy.
Tw To hi Cincinnati wif i inot known her.
T Trs. r. nskin al'. gtHl that her hnban! des
prfd hT t!:re? Jra .ag- at Toled has
marr?---d in thrr p! to , an L he .!! g,
ci;:i-d the dath of a yrmg cirl r.r.med
Jx-.--ie Tonvn in Ft. Wrjr. by tbcrtiia tZUt
Hokomb Talks to Samuel Crawford
of a Damned Rebel
Jaceson, Mich., Dtc. 5. The first witness
put upon the fetand by the prosecution in the
case against Dan S. liolcomb, yesterday
afternoon, was Dr. Nathan 11. Williams, of
Jackson, (Dan's family physician). The
prosecution did this to please the defense,
who dec hired before the clooe of the for
noon session that the people didn't want
to deal fair, or they would give tho doctor a
chance to ay how the victims of tho great
tragedy met their deaths, a fact which they
said had not been done satisfactorily as yet.
Dr. William.- held the it mortem, assisted
by Dr. Gibson. The doctor fcaid on the
stand that Jacob Crouch's death was the re
sult of the shot back of the ear and was in
stantaneous. White's death was the same,
but he thought it passible Polley might have
had a HjKismodic motion of the mnscles
which had moved the bed-clothing over his
tKxly. Mrs. White died from one to two
hours after she was shot and the blood upon
her lips indicated the shot passed into her
lungs. Her eyes were oen, in his opinion,
when the shot was fired, lhe eyes of all
the others were closed when they were shot.
After Ur. Williams came Samuel Craw
ford, of lllackman. who was a nephew of
Jacob IJ. Crouch. Crawford saw Dan liol
comb upon the streets here a day or two
after the burial of his wife, and liolcomb re
marked to witness: "They have done all
they can to her now, and I don't care what
comes, but I wish my wife could have lived
to see the guilty parties found, but it was
that damned rebel that killed mv wife."
liolcomb then got iuto a cutter and drove
away. ltness didn t have any chance to
ask him whom he meant by the "damned
Mrs. George N. Ilatch sworn: In comnanv
with her husband she met Dan the morning
auer me tragedy as she was coming into the
city about 11 o'clock. Dan was going to the
Crouch house, and he stopped them and said
to Mr. Ilatch: "George, is this true; are they
all dead?" adding, "I don't see who could
kill that old man, who never harmed
anyone." liolcomb had not been to the
house, but was on his way there on foot.
1 his ended the testimony for the people
without touching the conspiracy branch of
ine testimony, but the defense said thev
would like to have one or two of the former
witnesses recalled, as they had a question or
two to ask them. Therefore Detective Harris
was put on and said he found the thirtv
eight calibre revolver at Holcomb's house in
a drawer among some bed clothini? and
ladies' wearing appare!. He had got the
original statement made by Holcomb at the
interview in ine inboard House Jan. 15
Jackson, Mich. Dec. .".Mr. Gibson for
the people and ilsou for the defense used
up the forenoon in the liolcomb trial armi-
ing on the qucstiou of conspiracy. Gibson
said the prosecution could go no further
without bringing Judd and Foy into the case.
They had shown that Judd had brought the
lamous rubber boots for liolcomb and that
Foy was trying to buy thirtv-eisht calibre
cartridges while Holcomb claimed no such
pistol wa3 ever there. He said the people
needed no evidence of conspiracy: a concert
of action on the part of those who would be
benefited by Crouch a death, was enough.
lhe jury must determine if a conspiracy ex
lsied, not the court, lie also said ho could
show concert of action all through if allowed
tD do o
V ilson said the people had triven no evi
denco upon this point, nor would they do so.
notwithstanding they promised to. He said
they had got none of tho alleged conspirators
nearer than two miles from the tragedy on
inai nigni, and never would.
ihe arguments are still in progress, ami n
decision on tr.is point will probably not be
made this week.
Guilty of Murderous Assault.
Special Dispatch to Tiie Teleoham.
Hastings, Dec. fu Samuel McManigan, of
Woodland township, to-day pleaded guilty to
the charge of assault with intent to murder
upon Jerry Bessy. A sentence of two yeirs
and a half at Jackson was pronounced upon
the prisoner.
A Man-Slayer Sentenced.
Len'onik, N. C. Dec. 5. The trial of Ed
Ray, for the murder of Miller and Burleson
in a quarrel for possession of a mica mine in
Mitchell County in February last, has end?d
in Kay s conviction for manslaughter. He
wa ntenced to twenty years imprison-
Ky if a desperate character and is
?aa 'mvo kild seven men sinco the war.
VflT-'II 1-III i- I
Robert Rnrdette has returned from
Southern lecturing tour to his home at Ard I
Mark Twain and his friend. Mr. Cable.
pu,i i , : ...
V:l':Z"t?7"l rV.?uV"T.tu,.V"1, nece
for their two readings in Washington.
Mr. Bartlett, of the navy, has shared a
scientific model of the tottom of the Carib
bean Sea for the New Orleans Exposition.
Oen. Butler's furniture in Washington was
sold at auction, bringing more than the real
value owing to the general curiosity over thp
sale. Some of the General's rersonal effects
were so'd.
The Princ of Naples. Kinz Humbert's
heir, a lad of fifteen, is weak in mind and
body. His parents are .flrt conins. Hi
greatest accomplishment is talking English,
which hp learned from English nurses and
The Emperor of Germany rrcrntlv snb-
jKted himself to thfl 4thought-readingM
power of Str.art Cumlrland. His Majesty
thought of lx.J, the year of his coronation as
King of 1'russia, nd Mr. Cnrnterland wn)te
the figures at the first attempt. v
Thil Thompson, of Kentucky, who killed
a friend last year, and who has n th
special advocate of the whisky ring in its
etlorts to get tfm wht-sljy t.n extend!, is be
in nrird upon Preident Cleveland for th
otficeof Commissioner of Internal Revenue.
Cartain E. D. EHsorth. father of Cot-
Elmer E. Ellsworth, who was shot in Alvin-
dria while tearing down a rehfd t!a At th
teginningof the wir. till maintains, in a
pasture in MechmicsTil!, the hore that be
longed to his son, which i now thirtr-thre
years old.
Sarah IVirh.irdt i said to b ".hrf rt to
sudden Attacks of pity. Orse day rtcentlr
sh w?s sunrisyd bv 1 r do to jn th net of
prayer, with her attenuatnt hand r!apei
Rnd her eye nplif fetl as ! piff-oivdy moanl
"Mon Tn!" Shrtrai!4 th fact thit hrr
on refuel to becmie a clergyman.
John McCnlMruV friend are crntrn
rlating restraining him (r m vnrd-ring
from city to rity. fearing th.it his r,nhir.gd
rr.ind may fail him com p fairly and orr'ic.
cidTit tef ill him. H hn not rcr than
Chax to CMA Ilto?d. hatirg l-nt'or
crri c-r.y rr.cct of hit f.-rfr.e. r. rs?n
, 1 aelif their m- f me gins t.eard the shooting and came to and having been discharged, he cannot be
spectiou. the door of the house to investigate, when aain put on trial under a new inriirtrnpnt
Sheriff Winney said he found a revolver Farqnar. having reloaded, shot and killed for tL same cri
the morning after the tragedy in a commode him, winding up by shooting himself, mak- facts. DMrict AttDm ly llnt,?n a reply
i"!!fl1ie?f00,m! no hlood uon ,n 811 d1- claimed that to constitute a former ieom d-
mo etunuug in i oiiey s room. i I
Their Titles, and Brief Explanations
of the Changes Congress is Asked
to Legislate Upon.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 5. The House
Committee on Post Offices and Post-Hoads
to-day decided to ask for a day to be set
aide for the consideration of bills reported
from that committee, the bills to be taken
up in the following order, should the House
grant the request: Postal Telegram bill, pro
viding for the establishment of a contract
system of Postal Telegraph; bill to regulate
mail contract. This is designed to guard
against any repetition of the frauds similar
to those in the star-route cases; bill fixing
the rate of postage on first-class mailable
matter. This fixes letter postage at two
cents per ounce, or fraction thereof in
lieu of present half-ounce ratel: bill
authorizing the Post Master-General to make
an allowance for rent on third-class nost-
ottices; bill to regulate the compensation of
railroads for carrying mails. Ihis bill is
based on the report of the commit
tee appointed last winter to
consider that subject. and to
determine the compensation by weight and
space instead of by weight alone; as in the
present system. I A bill to provide for the
deposit in the Ireasuryof receipts of money
order offices for the payment of its expenses
out of appropriations, and to consolidate
money order business with the regular mail
service with a view to decreasing expenses.
The special delivery of letters by messengers
at all hours is a subject which will receive
the attention of the committee, and it is
stated that those who opposed it last session.
have now signified a willingness to let such
a bill be passed.
A Jealous Youne: Man Shoots Fivft
People and Winds up by Suicide.
Walwobth, Neb., Dec. 5. Samuel Fai-
quar has for some time been paying atten
tions to a young woman named Mary Fin
ley. Becoming jealous he laid in wait last
night, and when the young woman, accom
panied by her sister Fannie and two young
men, named Chas. Vattlets and John Wil-
liams, were returning from a dance he nour-
eo iwo loads or bucKshot among them, kill-
iiiji in iour insiaiuiy. eonn r iniey, u
A Salvation Panic.
Fall Rivek, Mass., Dec. 5. A panic was
created at to-night's meeting of the Salvation
Army in the third story of Opera Hall. The
disturbance occurred at the rear of the hall
daring the meeting, when some one cried
'fire.' There was a frantic rush to the door.
A few cool heads attempted to stem the tide
but in vain. Many people were bruised.
Several women fainted and Miss Holt was
knocked down, trampled upon and badlv cut.
When quiet was restored the meeting nro-
ceeueo, a sraaii audience remaining.
An Explosive Valise.
Kinoston, Ont., Dec. 5. An exciting event
occurred on the Kingston & Perabrook Rail-
road out-bound train last evening. It seems
one of the passengers had a valise which con
taining some kind of chemicals, which the
heat affected, and while the train was ran-
ning at a good speed an explosion occurred.
Thirty people were in the car, and great
commotion followed. Th fire communicat
ed to the seats, and but for the efforts of the
train-men and passengers, who applied snow
in the absence of water, the coach would have
been destroyed. The contents of tho valise
is unknown.
Fifteen Houses Burned.
Cumberland, Md., Dec. .r. At an early
hour this morning a destructive fire occurred
at Meyersdale. Pa., thirty-five miles from
here. Mayor Hebb, of this city, received a
telegTam from Meyersdale askinir aid to ex.
tinguish the fire as the town wax hnminfr
He at once sent a steamer, two hose rnrts
and about twenty-hve men on a special
train. The fire originated in the center of
u,e town, in the main business block, where
J11 "
an ine principal stores were located. It was
discovered at Haltzhover's store, nnd
efore it could be checked fifteen honcPQ
were either damaged or destroyed.
I ri i o r- . .
nenu victorious.
Cincinnati, Dec 5.In the case of Rend
,t Co. ?.iinst IKa TTrwVinrr Vn1l T ; i
1 - - ni l J llUIIWttl.
JntiVo ItATtr trudAv isnof1 a i :
" - -
the defendants at Columbus on 11ip thirtK
to show cause why they should not be pun
ished for contempt in disobeviug the injunc
tion 10 iurnisn cars to lfendCo.. and cattv
ineircoai. ii seems tne company furnished
cars, but refused to give through rates and
required prepayment at local rates.
Ex-Gov. Sprague's Former Property.
I'bovidence, R. I.. Dec k The Narra-
gansett Park property was sold at noon to
day at auction for $1.10,000 and bid in by
m. H. Greene for a syndicate. It will 1a
raid for and a deed given December 10 at
the Jackson Bank. Several additional names
were put on the list this morninc and. thp
syndicate will numler seventy-four persons.
They will apply for a charter and run the
For a Permanent Memorial Hall.
iviscMJUTi, V., lec. 4. The Grand Army
of the Republic a fair and festival opened
thi evening at the Music Hall and will ct n
tmue nntil the lolh. inclusive. The affair
was gotten np for the purpose of raising
itmus wiiu wnicn to Dtuid a irmsnent O.
A. u. nnioru! oru. Among the promicent
iopie wno ioor part in the opening exer
cises were ex-President Hayes,
A Firzte.
One ago, Dec. o. The Dalton-Andert"n
allAgetl ffh-re fight tivcight turned oat A
misprabl tizIe. The men claimed they had
ln warned by ih? pnhlic to indalgAinno
knocking or.U "Little Dickey" Kane,
well-known local feather weight, says he will
fight with Dalton or Anderson.
Sentenced for Life.
Ctricaoo. Pre. A. Joe Williams, the ngro
who muTdered Minnie Brooks, . notorious
cortan. and hr paramo-r, a r.ero nar-r J
1 last 2. tra convicts thi afJrrnfn. Tl ?
A "FEN"" across the border.
The Notorious Mme. Mandeibaum
Gone With the Cashiers.
Toeonto, Ont., Dec. 5. "Madame" Man
deibaum, the notorious New York receiver
of stolen goods, is in this city. She arrived
in company w ith her son Wednesday morn
ing. Her present residence is concealed,
but as she is not stopping at any hotel, it is
suspected she is with some old friends. "The
unknown lawyer," says the Teleyrain, "who
brought deeds to Notary Cahey, is Kiid to be
Murphy, one of tho ablest criminal lawyers
in Toronto. The iolico atTect to know noth
ing about her. If not extradited "Old
Mother Baum" will probably join the Ameri
can colony at Montreal, at present presided
over by Knos Hinckley and half a doen
other defaulters. It is claimed here that die
is beyond the reach of process of the United
States courts. A rumor was current this
morning that she intends to renounce her
American nationality and become a British
subject. She thinks this will protect her
against arrest
A British Pleasure Boat Defies Portu
guese Customs Authorities.
Madeira, Dec. 5. The British pleasure
bark Tyburnia arrived yesterday with a ples
ure party, including several ladies. On ac
count of some petty infringement of the
customs relations the vessel was under threat
of seizure by Custom House authorities.
The captain, not wishing to have the party
under his charge detained for an indefinite
time, got under way at midnight. The fort
opened fire, but the Tyburnia ran the gaunt
let, keeping well in shore. The Custom
House steamer, which was on watch to see
that the Tyburnia did not attempt to i?et
off, , threatened to sink her, but derisive
cheers were called from the lady passengers
on board, and the captain and crew, who
kept on deck acknowledging each shot by
dipping the British ensign. The captain is a
native of Charleston. The Tyburnia got
clear. The customs authorities are in a
dreadful state of wrath at this defiance of
their petty authority.
A Novel Case.
Poetxand, Me., Dec. 5 In the Kelly mur
der trial to-day, Mr. Haflleock, for the de
fense, argued on his plea of former jeopardy.
He admitted that the point was a novel one.
a like case not being found on record. The
I plea rests not on anv law or decision, bnt on
the Constitution of the United States. The
there should be either a former conviction or
acquittal. He claimed Kelly has not been
put in jeopardy of lus life, or limb. Justice
Webb reserved his decision on the points
A Fifteen-Year Sentence.
Baltimore, Dec. --Samuel Palmer, a
negro under indictment for the murder of
his wife, was tried to-day in the Criminal
ixrart. Ihe jury rendered a verdict of
guilty of murder in the second decree, and
the Judge sentenced Palmer to fifteen years
in the penitentiary.
Republican States Ahead.
Washington, Dec. 4. The vote cast by the
electors of several of the States for President
and vice-President were received by the
President of the Senate to-dav. The first.
which came by messencer. Was that of
Pennsylvania; first received bv mail was that
of New Hampshire.
To Trade With the Africans.
Berlin, Dec. 4.Prof. Flegl has organized
an expedition to start in the spring for the
Benue River, Africa, in the interest of a
newly-formed Hamburg company to develop
trade in that region. He is havincr a small
steamer built that can be transported by a
vessel to Africa.
Aground and Leaking.
London, Dec. 5. The British steamship
Tynemouth, from Savannah for Bremen,
went ashore this morning on Terschilling
island. She is now full of water, and her
salvage will depend upon the weather. A
heavy gale is blowing. Twenty-six bales of
cotton from her cargo have been landed.
Short in His Accounts.
Nashville, Tenn., Dec. r It his been
discovered that M. L. Blanton, cashier of
the freight delivery dejHt of the Nashville,
Chattanooga it St. louis railroad in this
city, is about $1,000 short in his accounts.
lie has been a leading member of the Mi-th-
odist church.
A Large Distillery Burns.
New Brunswick, N. J., Dec. fi.FlHsh-
man's distillery and yeast factory at Mill
stone burned this morning. The los is .7V
000; insured. The government twxks nnd
property were saved, as wa also A.Vnun)
worth of liquor stored m the bonded ware
Eight Oddities.
A Newark, N. J girl's poodle has been
tAnght to drink applejack.
Out of Italy 2.000.nm inhabitanf rnlv
1,000,0X1) subscribe to newsitnfKTs.
An industrious hen at San Jo Cab. r.
cently hatched seven chickens, ench of which
nad iour leg.
A bed of oyster sb-!! ns larr a? rlimrr
pistes was discovered by- a Tallahaf r.Fla,,
man while digging a well.
A recent isueof The Kaflavfl (Xt.) U'rahl
was printed on r.a;er made entirely of saw-
iiut, snaring, rrnp, piecf-s of wrvy.t. find
refoe of saw-milK with ncd a particle of
rag in it. The pap-r is strong and trngh.
A rr-ecif s of ant otertfxl in the I dsn I rf
St. Thomas has t-en de-cnll to if-,A
trench Academy of Science, A lr.-'e f.r?
having brn kindled fit a cf-rMin li-ir
from th ant hill, th? PS.i wer een fo
rrecirit.at-p thrnlTes into it hr tho-f -.n U. I
nntil it was completely ctting-tj-hed. j
After mnch exrrrimentinr. Dr. Tlit I
son has fotmd a siti-factory mtur. r?.
ing rainls death, and has in?r.-y.-Iri-.? if ir'o !
the Home for r I) . in I r: )--. T. I
animal to b kilhl are rdacxJ in a c'-c.-.rrr I
chargd with a mittnre of r.rl- .? 1 '
an i cniomiorm TK-r. uhf tfv tr?r.
fall AWp md ake r;o m
A chpmKt in Mmi-V. Va.
cer-ded in of.tAir.TriO" frora
dttil?ed cr-a.l
whit rry!alUne x.vr?T. uhsh. a fu
Tf-gard it rtif7i en th hnrr,Mi tern, can-
t.zt it
fc:iT5iJ-f. even r"?re r-..-i!r r;th
IT hQI I 1 XI a 1T a
w,i. i ueieiiuam, nau uieauea 10 one lntiictmrnt.
A Banquet of the Cold-Water Men and
Women of the Fifth Congressional
, District at the Eagle.
The Prohibit ionits of the Fifth Congn
tsioual feaisbrd, congratulattHl and, as one of
thtir number expressed it, got unutterably
full, of the good tlangs spread out on the
banquet table at the Eagle Hotel last even
ing. The feast began at nine o'clock, and
one hundred ladies and gentlemen partici
pated. The ;en was palatable and tie
gantly served, and reflected much credit both
upon the chef de cuiin? and mine bot John
stou. Of coursetabout the first query that
will strike the general reader will be why
have the Prohibitionists feasted? What
have they to felicitate themselves about?
A ieiusalof the different toasts will reveal
the answer. The main tenor of every speech
delivered at last night's feast was a determi
.1' A ... ..I 1a . T 1 ...
imuuii w -no:d logeiner and a rejoicing
at the defeat of the Republican party. They
were all glad that the Republican party had
been defeated, and anything derisive of that
party was. accepted with applause, establish
ing beyond doubt that the Prohibitionists of
the Fifth district of Michigan have set
themselves against, and are an avowed en
emy of the Republican party. After all had
fed fat their infant grudge. Judge Tatem
arose and assigned the following toast to
Rev. Dr. Graves: 'Re sure you are right,
then go ahead. We feel that we are right, as
there is a just God will go on to the front,"
Dr. Graves responded at considerable
The next toast, "Ye Prohibitionist, Shame
on you. You threw away your votes and de
feated the grand old temperance party. You
have thrown prohibition back twenty years.
Rev. O. S. Grinnell responded, and said be
felt ashamed that he did not take hold of
prohibition sooner.
"lhe woman's Christian Union. They
are to the Prohibition party what the wife is
to the husband: the better half. Mrs. Brown,
in response said: Woman's influence is the
r.nchor of society. In all countries woman
controls the morals. A woman's first duty,
except to God, is to home. We have become
the bride of the Prohibition party, and we
are going to work and pray that we may
have an equal half at the ballot-box as well
as the better half.
W. J. Johnston responded at length to the
"Republican-Prohibitionist," and said they
had left the Republican party for good, and
would never return. Then followed the
toast, "The Ballot: give woman the bal
lot and the rights of many a heart
and home w ill be avenged." Mrs. Hodges
said in repponse that the proper response
was contained in the toast.
"St. John and Daniel traduced, burned
and slandered, but God bless them. They
will live in the hearts of all good ' people
when their traducers are driven into the
ground under the wheels of prohibition as it
rolls on to victory." Responded to by Myron
II. Walker, who spoke at some length, re
joicing in what the party had already ac
complished and predicting final success and
victory. The toast, "Let moral cowards
compromise with wrong, if they wilL But
for us, give us principle first, and party after
wards," was responded to by Rev. Chaa.
Beale, late of Cadillac.
It being too late to allow of further re
sponses the remaining toasts were read by
Judge Tatem.
"The efforts of the Republican and Demo
cratic parties combined eannot crush out
our little tiant, prohibition: God is our ally.
We have come to stay."
"If the Republican party desire they can
hold our coats while we fight the old Bour
burn party. But we would advise them to
keep back out of the way, lest they ge t hurt."
"As it is not a National question, I guess I
will not vote at all. James G. Blaine. SJuiw.
"The day is not far distant when all good
m( n (nnd women too) will vote the Prohi
bition ticket Then we shall be able to con
vert the old Democratic party into an um
bra 11a to shade our little tree of prohibition."
"Our country, whether yon be Democrat,
Republican, Greenbacker or Prohibitionist,
rtmt mber we have but one flag, one constitu
tion, one country. Free America, your
country and mine alike, and our prayer
should le save her, oh God, from the curae
of rum."
"Our Landlord: Where duty calls there
we always find him. He keeps a hotel on
the same principle that be rotes. Alwayt
looking to the welfare of the people."
The whole company then aroe and termin
ated an exceedingly hppy social event by
singing with much earnestness "Hold the
A Large Audience at Powers' t Last
Night "Aimee."
A larg? rtndience greeted the third p.erfor
manco of "Sil-ria" at Powers' lad erening,
and the play pad off smoothly. The
ar,dinre wns enthusiastic and gave frequent
apl -!ftT3, especially at the red of each ,!.
The coTTxt ?o?oit were encored three or
forir tim in the third act To-night is the
lt rvpiortsnity to witnf this ftrong and
w-fll-cast play, rd thw vho do not wire
the onorttjxdt y will hate mied -hat i con
idrd by all who have sen it, Ums b-st t rr-
play of thon.
The 'Georgia WotideT at RedmoTd's to
morrow night, will dtMfn attrart a larg
aitfitnea. It i tb phfcomTnaof the day.
llcrx thrrrrmg Indy is fxsfl of ?CKh
rrartc-laos strength hn nerer tn .
I i Is ind. 53
?ff ,pricrTr. an
f'in nn 1
of ""iiri
0Tf lor:l, an3
The Jury Rendrg a Verdict That Gitis-
fies the People.
Special Dia patch to Tex Txuia eajl
Hi.8TiQs, Dec fLThe cati of FuoU v.
Strong was concluded in the Circuit Court
to-day. The jury vraa out but one hour, and
returned with a verdict of not guilty. Tla
trdict was &nticiiatjbd and tlie ieople are
batiafied. Ttiere was jf.n ticiting feoeutt ujica
the announotment of jhe verdict, and a lara
number present congratulated Strong. Judja
Mills, of Kalamazoo, rtided.
It w ill be remembered that daring the lat
ter part of lat May Orno Strong, the re
sjiecu?d and wide-awake rditor of tiie Nafeh
ville Ntru s, threw that village into gTti i
citement by thootiug Dr. Foote. Strong
had become couvincod that bis wife u tin
true to Lim, and ithat tiie man mot
to blame for detroying bis baju
pinefrs was Doctor Foot, the
physicians employed in bis family. Coming
into iotisesion of new facts Strong pro
ceeded to the ofiice of Foote, wljen be
found the doctor bad gone into the country
and " would be Iback Jat a certain time.
He procured a horse, took a revolver and
went over the road by which tiie doctor
would return. He met bis victim and de
manded of bim a certain letter be bad in bit
jtossetdon. The doctor refusing to deliver
it, Strong drew bis revolver and hot the
doctor in the leg. They both ahghted from
their vehicles and participated in an earnest
FcufSe, and were with diftculty separated by
others, who were drawn to the tcene. Doc
tor Foote had Strong arrested on a charge
of assault with intent to kill, the trial re
sulting as above. Orno Strong is an indus
trious,! hard- or king man. He started in
life for himself without a dollar, and by hard
work had succeeded in obtaining a home and
one of the bet newspaper proiertiea
in the State. He is an active meinU r of
both of tiie leading press associations in the
State and is highly e teamed by all mem
bers of the fraternity. A man earnestly de
voted to his home until the time a third
iarty 6tepped in to make it a dark and un
happy place for bim. TueTelegeiu tenders
bim hearty congratulations ujon the verdict
rendered yesterday.
Bible Study.
Bible class to-night at the Y. M. C. A,
rooms at 7:30 o'clock Rev. P. Moerdyk in
charge. All are invited. Subject. "Drunk
enness." Prov. xxiiL
Grand Rapids.
Txxjcoeam Ornca. Dc. U.
ObjU Com, &6c Oat, r.'ic; rvtuil tto.
Wheat: Chitison. 72; rod ion berrj, 4; sLort
berry. 72. Hy IA ltn. &0tsUc
FijorBASuFam Pttrj. it 3JwLo1a3:11 no
retail: wdent SO vLohide. ifl U) rtuii rniJ
dlings. tor ton, $18 UJ wLoliale, $1 (O i-r cwt
:rfin. per ion, SIS w vhUlv; Hjc jxTewt.
Me&l and feed, per ton, t JJ UU wholetJe; 11 IV tr
Paonsiosa Bf. tr iide. IS Hf?fi vl Vl1
& (JLtj9 U), scarce. Limbf uCi6 (ik mutton, 14
116 U; hams, HfcUuc; shoulder, Hit
I beef. 16r: bacon. ViKc. V
ixrlb. L&rd: Tierc. 10c keltl.
ltcnxa AKD Cheese butter: Tub and itn
20U'2ci creamery, tutj. 2ic CLt: FiJJ craxa
ll'tc; liKJI cn.in, vc
Pocxtkt Bpriiyr chicken: Ajirft, flOc m
Tb. Fowls: Alive. Jft&c: drvHML "ittbe. TmVvn.
Alive, b& 10c; dreJ, Kllc Dackfc, drJ
rxjos rresn, lot, Jic; lak.ft Jot. 23c.
per bbL 14 Mii 00. OaionK: l er be tfaliow.
t 1 1 1 1 1 m , . . . r
Uoxxt Whits clovr. l2Kc: di.iV IWic- tiir-
Salt firracn, 1wtp1, $1 25; hvi.ia, $1 IX
Seeds Timothv. 11 ttita ;S:cloTtr. 11 (;4
rl ton. ou.
Hints (irwa, per lb, 7c; irtcumi Ffi;fiJi
rami, bl,4Q; dry hid and kn. fil'2c: calf
kin.gTwen or cured, ltc;d&coDi-kUi, iter iiiecs.
Sheep Pelts Rhfrlirjm or 8ammr kkin. ttm
piw lCKjJDc; fall iti?. 4vtl5v.c: Viatr tW
Wool Fins wahd, aXi 22c; cuars -alsd IU
ISc: cnwRFhwi H.
11at-$1(i12; hald $14 xr ton wLolssals;
JOc ir cwt.
bTEAW l'r ioaL $3pL
WOOD Hard, nellin at $2.22 t-r rcrd for Llni.
plit wooii. ZM.
Coal htore and nut, $7.25 xr tea; scj aal
gTt, $7.U) per ton.
KEBOflEya Water whit, xr tdlon, 21; lccd
tsvt, 10 .
New York.
New Tore. It. $.
In Wall tmt r&oney loi vmj at 14 per
oeiit; Ejcltan cliwI frm:itil nUo at 41
(iilfi; actual ratwi 4lf(4m for 00 day, and
4.SLHd.WH fur demand. Govmu7i!tiU f"itsd
firm; curreocj 6 s. 12T bid; 4's coujkju, 123
bid; 4V ctmpont tnd.
Pacific railroad bmd closl fu foUtntt: Urdca
Pacific trt lonjK, H2 to 1184 tnd; lanl grauU
bonds, 1X tolCl'JV'.siiikina- fendi D7 U lid;
Centrals. 1114 to HIV.
The stock market tLw morrilii vt ftrmJj
dull, and lbs fluctuation wt r liJ.t atd rudm
portanL Tbr vras no ixi rirrulstioa,
tit bull dicjue s-md vottini in t oldius; lbs
market up to the xrnt frurea. On tbe oUer
lnd Ueir cxx,oiots mad trot little eUorU to
force prices dawn. They also are a;;mretit!r
waltinj: derelepmuts ticf ur tnakir.4; farther ves
ture, while tbs fears of a squeeze io some of DjS
lenders lirs created eonsid'Ttbl timidity amotj
tbTn. Tb ton of the market was firm on stip
lrrliiig order, and st nnrm jric scere frartjoa
allytip. Duricjt the afternoon tbs market wse a
it tl more active, Imt the trading was s fomA
of fpattire as daririf tl mortm. Here wers
freqTJerit octuatioxi as the mvlt of couleyis -
wen tiie ox imng eletneuts. and at the tloss
Xrires were lmtmlarlj rbaard, !ut la ni't in.
st fibres xic wers trp to t X'er -ent. Tle
sicialtie: were dnlL 11e alee to-dy ficxr"ra.?
New Yorlc.
'rvr TcE, Dec t.
Turn iHkll arsd wlihort oWl t),t,z i.
S35erfi, C2&2fc; rtnrA np, tlf . l
4 y.K h.i. IsK extra, $2t'4V'; r"VU'-ti t-rj
qcipt: coram on U ih Hce tiir 2 5'l rJ.
WEUT Oijnrj wre n.rrirt'j finite r.z i
lrrytiiAr. timing altt prwij u. a triLe fi-)ii.
jH't iff we k at 4 lt f irur. fcrot sjJs i t
11 U Hr-; m. 2 ri ?'4 h". Tl w;;rr,
clnrn! srearfj a? en iti1n' of 45-r t;.-t
r T,rjr hi. hiart . S;"? f rrcr:l1
mitfi t 4 ';Cc an -i N-. 2 mixM at r ; 3
TTiixed IirieT. f s V d'K JaLtuirj 47'.'
47 Se: 6n. FetexxT. 47 4. '
()4.t f-i'C xrr fiir'r a"j. s.r,-J rjr r--.
era! Crrttiv:i'C elo-l -s'Jr $d y t s r
rro. f p r;:' y t:;d I ' -u-t" . Vr rz.' A t
Uibhagc. tr Lundri'd, IS aii UJi tsuwk. pw
hundred. 1 5H1UU. Turnipn, per ba. ic (Jlry,
per dos,'JClic Cranberrj. W (U i. bu.
Feesh FaciTS Aiiles.tr bu. Ltithi. iirkta

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