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Grand Rapids morning telegram. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 188?-18??, December 10, 1884, Image 3

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Momiii" Telegram.
GUANO K.U'ITH, IM'.C. V). lvi'
misoi: MiciiKi an 3i.vrrt:ii3i.
Li.y.i'jin 'a Listed with ihreti woman jyhy-
I vi.l M. Cu-.-y L iij city editor of tho
'lh - C' ii.ii rui-'i'StnUid i.-.-acJ iu tirt
A :;i ta ::: I) troit !. n htxu arrtnt.-d for
Tl.w wia-i Mr v t.iriy .'sen mile aa hour
at lrt il irt-u rviUnl.iy.
'i h d.i.Lih- r i t at tho t.i i-ehool for th
hi:.i hit t,,.;i tiii".d Oil.
c!tM..-d ih.-ir Lxir-t y.:-tcrd ty.
Thu Ii' t.;i uj H q.iU: cuar-:h H now iu
oorwiMtcd u.i i-r tii-- Lit w l.,w.
'lhe tvo j;riiit l.tl r.iw-nni!.- iu l'urt Haroxi
l...v elin-d dowa for the .--.itU.
Tho I t di-wl ,ot .iia-nt.1 ia eo.d at Cor
uun.i iiiduMt-j .t vi ia mx tut dtf j).
Jud,; Cooh-y di-clm to I.ctaro at the
JrUtu uunt-fuy ii.- j.:r imitation.
CKt ; Ly jua, i:ov con-d lerahly ivt-d with
-.wd;i-r, w.ii.i.- to lanirovo tho lrtct.i with
ctii.ir Mocks.
'I hr-ro art two n--t :nhli-- of tho Kui'ht.- of
l-tbor at lia:i, a'rt jtia .ihout five hund
red Uiciahcr.
'Hi.? in, u ore fd-iiJiurutrf from Mariuttto,
I'Anit;, Ii. (Miali i aad St. l,'iiicu for the
f t-oa art-au di;, tl-'.uli Um.
A J.ic-'a jmli null hm contracted for
fordn of pojiiar wuixl from a Dundee
ia m who U a very "poi-lar" fellow.
(iov. le'olo ha- received an invitation to
fiit ad tan furiii il oj ain; of tho World'.-
Kxj r.iiiv,a at New Urk.un Dec. 10.
I he 'rixvry firm of C W. Coolv fc Son, at
Iizi-iian', tlo-fd their door- on Monday. The
c,;ilt. ,ii of a.r.urs in not known out.-id.
Junes J. Christy, of Morton towrihij,, ha
he U CuIlVUlrd of def lCUi'a ".THY ftOHC. Ho
hro& j ul a few weeks u'o und rtcai
tuad. Mins Ltaitire, a Mn.ski'on ii-herman,
wi at out lato tho hi' hike Sunday when his
ho.it rais-ied aad ho had a hard strulo to
r; ai h the hore.
'Iht hii-vi!le tire ilepartnu-nt has been
renr-ani. d. It dthanded last iiimmer, hut
th ri vnt heavy tiro in thu Milage, called it
to't ttL r iu' iin.
A can .any of th Salvation Army are nt
St. Jo!in-, from Ionia, hy invitation of the
pa-tor of tho Ha;.tit Church ti fisi-t him in
.-fecial r-h'io!H i-erviee-.
'll.thlir:, of St. I'aul'.s Church, Muske
pa, li.iw an annual .-a!o of dressed dolls
thu evening. Uld hacheiors, it is claimed,
are the huils of the market.
Two Mormon t Iders have heen trjin to
make c a; rts at in'htoii, Lut found the
lull e.y uapi-oaa-m for conversions and
bahtm,' lair t pan out well in tar and
fe itlu r. ll.ereforo they left.
Chirl.'- and Lewis C.illett, of Allegan,
vith convicted on Saturday of tealin clover
- vh '1 he thef : was coiamittetl last winter
aad was lar'e t iau'h to amount to raud
larct ny.
A jroct -ry-store in We-t liay City was do--tr.
d hy tire luesday morning. It wa.s
owned hy 1'red Newman find tho loss was
fully cou-red hy an insurance in tho .lltna
of si .".).
John Johu-on, Sr., tho oldest resident of
lU-rrun county, died suddenly at his resi
th nc) in Ik rru n town-hip, ii'ed Kl years.
Mr. John-ou w;..s one of tho Republican
l'residt ntial tl ctors this year.
A lady at a Muskegon fancy ball wore a
costume mad ' entirely of Maskeou Daily
Chrunictfi. S'io could have made the dress
with : -s trouhlo had .-ho purchased a copy
of the Uraud Kapids 1) iuci at.
Joseph Williams, a colored man formerly
an active private in tlu Salvation Army at
Muskeoa, has hven found guilty of murder
in: Mmnio llrooks, and a Chicago court has
ntenced him to imprisonment for life.
A horse- and bu'y were stolen from Mos
cow the same ni'ht last week that the bur
K'Ur i -c;!ped from jail at llillsdnle, and it
is -uppo- d t have been done by tho same
irnlivMhiaU. 'Ihe has been recaptured at
It i-. reported that the wife of Frank
A l earns has attempted suicide. She would
rather d.t-than -ee her husband convicted.
Ahraras ev;'ih s evt ry one who would ap
proach lam m regard to his late thrilling adventure-'.
It is rumored that Talbot t Co., proprietors
Of the t'uminrrcittl, Will briil out a DOW
afternKn daily at Port Huron just before
New Year's. I hey have just put in a new
press and are making other arrangements
which j oiut that wiy.
Win. Keatherly, editor of tho Iakcsido
M m ,it Kijt Saginaw, was arrested ou
S tturd1. eveumon a criminal warrant foH
h! 1. He was taken tefore Justice I). II.
Dixon at Ta was Citj.and trave bail for his
appearance n Saturday next.
Je'T Doyle, who stahhed Willie L'otney at
t; ur- in Freachtown Sunday evening, is
now in jad to await the result of Fotney's
injuries. Thf dotors have no fear of serious
results wnh -s a pus cavity should form. Tho
-wouiid is about three inches deep.
A co'ij le of Morni'-n elders have been in
r.i'U'uton trying to make -some followers
there. They shunl not upon th order of
their u'('oi but wait at once wlu n they
found th.it t!e citizens were preririnif fo.
them a w iru: v inter uit of tar ami feather
J. I'rv.'b n. ono of tho oldest residents of
Howell, died very -iddenly about oVhck
S ne! ty afh -rii'X'ii at hi' hoine. He had been
fi!i!U tirt-rafo tip to that hur, when he
suddenly etrl-ucied. 'T feel o.ieer,' arul sit
tif - down died inuntly and without atm-
At i ineetitv f Oio WY-d Micliian Horti
iMjM.ur d Soeiety at Fetiville. Alletran county,
it ws deeided fo hrin up nt th next meet
ing tt project of inclu-hn in th society
th" entire wet rn half of t h tate, int-rd
of the four wttern tiers of countie. The
next mo-Mn wd". held at l-ntoti Harlr,
tf e ? ootid Wed;.ed iy ill March lint.
D h.s been reported t! at in Windsor Allen
Meive-ih-d athiat t d to lire tho tn Hob
H u -itf, whi:-!i be!vn-l to him (McKea)
?nd ) t en a!: u !. d on a cl im cf serd
puti'S. ih report ortirrited with the
w del ta ui. r.nt Mt'Kfi chinn that h can
j rov i 1 y i j ir "tits (hit ho wis At homo
ir'.v 'u t! " r,:.-M en whie.'j tho fir tik
I tee -a : : 1 1 1 1 1 l - t h av horn until tliO Tiott
Only hvfdy Id -els vr-r- fil d in tho Cuitetl
St.-t.-s Vj!t it;.-.ir,, ti.H t-u A. O. Hunter,
of M u - u'-im. A decn f-p.t r-l in
f vr. r f t! el ; t:;l in eieii rnr, nnd fh
:; ',T'i ni;d r t.i h -rt f-if -fl.7.''.
N-r- urt f--M r ;nf.d a i ti!jeti to t
u ?! ir-.-ut-.d of fr-ed tu ob-
ere-- t Ti i ll diiii preU-ll'
t ir:
I ho I
la . .
I ..a
Nf. iv r'.iKi' ri.TijMt'y hd
f'e (!!'!! at ia pr-'.n H
-'h. f?.e, tl.- e ; of Dihtct
-t d i oo ..my f-r ki'o);f n
h- ;'iv-l ia the .-J t
; : -t !:-' e, , :u i , t mtr
f -ea I t -.e.-df tM-d th-
I )' f J ; h j; --!;.?t
r d f:." . ? ,t k :.',! H e,:-o
i t . 3? d '.;"'! I- .. -ti JfJid
' - : ? 11 If, ,.t V .
- i
1 s I
Tns Thlii lttllrd Ou tu Neutralise Ui
Mutt YUlrtit of I'otou C"iUw
VLr WhUky uol Tubui
co Have U.
lCurioiti:i of iaake Llfe.
To concjiv of an ant i dot to snake
jxjiiion in the trui snsd of the term," Sir
Joseph Fayrer explains, 4ona m;jst Imag
iaa a hubitance o subtle as to follow,
o irertdka aad neutralize the venom in tha
blood; one that stall have th power o!
counteracting an i neutralizing the deadly
influence it La exerted uu the vital forces.
Suen a sutstance has till to x found, and
our present experience of the action of
dru doe not lead to hopeful anticipatioa
that we shall find It."
With regard tl the many drugs used in
various countries for the cure of nake
Lite, it ii curious to note that, ai a rule,
they are procured from the most deadly
plants. As like cures like, so poison cures
poion. Pennyroyal, ays Charas, was
held to the uose of a viper, which by turn
ing and wriggling labored hard to avoid
it, und in half an hour's time was killed
by it. This was in Julv, at which season
these creatures are computed to be in the
greatest vigor of their poison.
Another drug which is poison to a ven
omous snake is tobacco, within the reach
of most persons. This, among native
remedies, has always been in favor, and
we have heard of its efllcacy ever since
the weed was known to Euroieans. Vari
ous species of tobacco and its allies are
indigenous to most tropical countries, and
probably were in use for both man and
snake bites long before civilized nations
took comfort in smoking. Man carries
more poison in his mouth than a snake,
said an old Virginian writer, alluding to
nicotine. He can poisou a rattlesnake
more quickly than it can hira. Nicholson
states that it also rapidly atTects a cobra,
und ho recommends it, should you wish to
destroy the snake uninjured. "You have,"
he says, ,4but to blow into its mouth a
drop or two of the oil from a dirty pipe."
Two young men chopping wood together
la Virginia espied a rattlesnake. With a
forked stick one of thern held its head
close to the gronnd, keeping its body con
strained with his foot while his comrade
took from his own moth a quid of tobacco,
which he forced Into that of the snake.
Tho reptile was then released, and had not
crawled a coupde of yards before it was
convulsed, swelling and dying within a
short time.
Strychnine appears to have a similar
effect to tobacco on snakes. Fayrer found
cobras extremely susceptible to the influ
ence of strychnine. An almost impalpa
ble quantity caused a cobra to twist itself
up in a rigid series of c -ils and die. Car
bolic acid is another drug which produces
powerful effects. Poured on tho floor of
their cages it will kill venomous snakes in
a very short time. A large Bungarus died
in ten minutes in this way.
Dr. Weir Mitchell approves of carbolic
acid. Tho Lancet recommends every back
woodsman to supply himself with a little
of it, which is easily portable and manage
ablo in capillary tubes. In several of
Mitchell's experiments with crotalus
venom, carbolic acid applied to the wound
was attended with success. But it must be
done at once.
The whole secret of cures when cures
can be effectod at all lies in promptness.
It is celerity on the part of the Indians
which insures their success. In an instant,
if his comrade be bitten, tho savage is on
his kne?s sucking the wound, grasping tho
limb firmly, or strapping it tightly above
nnd below the bite, knowing quite well tho
importance of checking the circulation.
He has his poison pills" and tobacco in
his pouch. He explodes gunpowder on tho
wound, and loses not instant, nor does tho
victim loso heart. He submits with courage
and confidence, and in these lie another
element of success.
Many cases are on record of 'persons be
ing at death's door through fear alone,
when bitten by a harmless snake, but re
covering on being assured that there was
no danger. And other cases are well
known where bitten persons have died of
fright and the depressing influence sur
rounding tho accident when they might
possibly have recovered.
And now for a few words about the
most popular and perhaps most attain
able of all remedies alcohol. No wonder
the backswoodsman resorts to this, which,
without any chopping oft of fingers or
toes, or personal pyrotechnics, or other
local tortures, deadens his sensibilities,
renders him unconscious of suffering, and
sends him into a happy obliviousness of
danger. It is not a refined mode of treat
ment, nor one that presents many oppor
tunities of exhibiting professional skill;
ami it is no doubt somewhat derogatory to
admit that to lcenio dead drunk is an of
fective victory against snake venom. Dnr
lug a sojourn in Iowa some years ago,
w1jmi wild and uncleared lands formed
tho "streets" of tho town in which I was
staying Lyons, on the Mississippi River,
nd as lovely n spot as artists and Iwt
inists enn wish to revel in it was by no
means an infrequent pecurrenco to hear of
rnftlcnke bite.
'What was done to the man? Is ha
llv?M were the questions naturally
ii led.
"Ho drank a nu&rt of raw whisky, and
,;ot dead drunk.
IJenerally a quart hd tho desired effect
that D, of rausingintoxication. IVrinnt
nnu d to intoxicants might lo affpetod by
les quantity, but no violent Is th com
bat lton vfiiorn and whlky that a
Urg 1 mn t wal!oted l?for any
ffM !j at all aro produre.l. I hnrd of 4
man la Nrad.aJvrg;o Trhun, a tro
iW (I his nun having ro..n to b
ll tho truth of th t.ry ) vrh' was
lalt'tll! th h-snd bf a f tf !rMV rbll
?.'.plng to rrt soma r'.f out rf a
prln, Ihm rnn mi and fr ry
if v l.ti't.iu l.oh-UU'.he. tt an Hi
tthofU And r' fJi.ty buahifce fllt 11
kill Ih iiJk rtihitij to d f
hft dfe fh- t-irtg ff'.t.i th of t.UWy
a t 4 iatg .1. 1. 1. )t ;f the e- u?-il4.
At 1 1 I tig m- ' fcs id I, !
, . s- oi l,U'o f,o h$a j-'.'feof, f
ijf't I Uat With i.J.i ft i,d j.j.c t IM
p- I ' i; ? i J ii'tH I-. tla IM j- o icdr-i
h Itai.t, 4 i U,'k ii I ! j- f 'mi )ule
(c.-.n i 'tit i f -. t, tik
,-:. I f.i t.jli.il p4ec.lt j l
t f t fc '.'. i to HM.ii t.14
TD A inH 77 V "IT
Hardwood Xj-uLinroer
Hunt and Soft Maple Flouring
California Red-Wood
Absolutely Clear. Beautiful Color. Will not Warp tw Shrink.
Cheaper than Fine. iMsta forever.
Have no superior in Tone,
them at the
56 Ottawa Street,
For Salo to actual settlers at low pricos and
on favorable terms.
Located in the counties of Osceola. Clare.
MRsaukee, Wexford and Roscommon, Mich
igan. For particulars address
45 Monroe Street,
j. s. McGregor,
New Steam Dye Works,
SO Fountain St., Grand Kapiris.
Lailipt Dresses. Cloaks. Shawls or Sicnnos
Cleaned or Dyed in a 8uierior manner. (Jentle
men's Made-up (iarment Cleaned or Dyed and
Handsomely i'resseu by oteam; l'qual to new.
Repairing Done.
Goods Received and Returned by Express.
Cures Sore Throat, Chest and Lung diseases, Coughs, Colds,
Hoarseness, Tickling of the Throat. Very pleasant to take. It
regulates the bowels. It is the largest bottle for tho price known,
try it, the price is only 25 cents.
GEO. Gk STEKETBE, Sole Proprietor,
Sum (htm, priro 50 imuiIh, Kor buIo
A 75)75) zO 171 STl
Made to Order of any width.
Lumber and Shingles.
Monroe Street, Grand Rapids.
Finish or Durability. See
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Wo havo added to our business a
very completo Stoam Laundry, with
all tho Latest Improved Machinery,
hard and soft water, and havo se
cured first-class help and aro pro
pared to do tho best of work. Goods
called for and dolivorod promptly.
35 Monroe-Si and 95 Ottawa-St.
ttJAUILvPBafe, quick cure, any Hi Xitd
tinralrelurror girl or woman troobiei. &or&. o. Coo
lf fldentlT arply. prioa or Utter, freo. Bet, efficient, Feml
ClenUtinf PiUi, f 1,4 Bum 3; HesdacbeOure, SSoemi;
I-' Toilet Mirror, 10 cenU; by miL Addrt. wtm rmlttnre,
iS3 Lfwoir.a2lonU Bfc. OrwUIUpld.. Mich.
nc-d VJhzx Vcn's :.:-ic Oi! or Uin-
of P&in Hs$ Dcre cr
the Peop!.
fxUTUn) Bjpiicitivjcus,iu c4s of Lku Js.C viic.t.atis.
buriis, Bruii, rtc. hXii luiJ Uouw tK.-tttr. iti
tJt-liJijr Hddpttxi to chil-irra, tut It CuU Ik U"l
vkiiii iwJt'ty Kud tiffti(.a, t-ud o twruwtij
rviX'iiiairiia it tw pareiit.
1 I t,ru WtiV MlMi Oil fur K'ir.l'iM
it Ltio pro?tjd to be buUnfcUr' u it taa coitxi
xii etitirely: kJoo our irxt UvAr lit'UiLbcvr m
furwi by it, j otttii Kittt, by tiitml utt) for
rxn Tttrmit, coiiibixiwi with fx-itrv t Aurh ud
liutirbeuc; uio msji uy xue lu.ui vi oiont i
livbiiitfiu 'u curwd by it of & ttry fcerrt"
tck. 1 c&n liever tay too much Lu t--riiie ut juur
MiMjic Oil.
(jraiid llavtu, April 1-4.
xour truly, JACOB Dil'LLDLlL
We Itave ubtui your Ihlc Oil f.r tKvrbl jwjx,
hlui would not like U be Htlout Jt, w llisk d
fuiuily mniicixits, vii: 1ujup, Urui. bore
Tijtjiiit, Cold!, vUu, bric 1 truly rw4mnjriJ it tu
lu-ttwiwli, N. J 1 1 b. 11. Isc4.
Mckeon, M ii'lt.
Mk. N. G. VAKDKLlMK-Ve te Usmd )our
Mlii til wiifi itwit kMt i.frtion. Oiit of our
cloldrvn vrvA taken tick with (o-clld dii-L-
tlrij4. Of cuunte we fuiployt! dut Ujr. but ue
..i ;m .... UFi.rv iiiv It'iii Tiiitrtiiiiir tin
VlltlU Jlfll wjr7 " -. "
dtx-tor tilled with four more of Lib profopioii;
aiij coiifeulteO. II tue iMia wouia ueiie m u.e
evftiiiitf tiiey were to opfu Ute cLild'a tiirt.t taid
cut the phltiu out. TLi 1 did iut ti pJoe of.
but na there wtu no lui of the child' rtxnrrv, 1
oonw?ntl. Finally our neighbor, M r. F. VatilHr
werp, called with a little ut your Maric Oil, aiid
atktu if we would ue it it would oott u uoL
i&g. We gave the child throe or nve droj in
tnially erery hour, and poulticed the bolr of it
fett with ouioia ,and lathei ita throht wtll w liii
Maic Oil, and hen the doctor came in the ei t-u.
inr he wanted to know w hat we hail iciventhe
ciold. a it brwatlied ao much easier. 1 told him
we Hfd Van'a Maic Od. lie aaid ktp rU'ht on
uing it aa Uiat w a lter than he could di. 1
have thankKl Mrs. Yanderwerp a thoutuid tinw
for her kindm, and 1 feincTtly tliank j tu for
ycor valuable medicine, i'oorw truly,
Mnfikfyon. I would say, I have kiiown the f
foctaof Van' Magic Oih in domttic prwtic,
alwaja w ith pood ellecta, never with bad etlix't.
Have prtcri bed it in my practice; find it a very
tjood and safe medicine,
W. H. D1ILAP. SL I).
Van's Maic Oil or Kin of Tain w manufac
tarwl by N. G. Vanlerlinde, Mutkegon, ilich.,
and ia old by all dealer.
Orctnd Rapida
Organized March, l&O.
OcipitCLl, - - $500,000
Surplus, $100,000.
lnidf'nh Yice-Prtident,
WM. W1UD1C0MI3. Cathifr.
t"Intertt at S per cent, per anTinm on all
time depoeita.
Edwin F. Uhl, Freeman Godfrey
Gw). II. IxnK, I'Jxm lntnMa,
Wd. (i. Herpolfcheimer, XL. J. Liar,
1). 11. Waters.
Jos. HouM?man,
("harlee 8. llazeltine,
Thomas 1). Htimwn,
Geo. C. Kimball,
ii. Enleman,
Wm. Widdicomb.
Just Received and for de In any quantity by
525 and 527 South Division St. Grand Rapids
S3 V
nt sumo place.
i I :
i j
Ofh 71 Lnui hi. tuJ 1)1 M. !
.nliiLt: jvur Kv:k t hi-re fciid jwa
IU.lUkJ. - j
Grimd Rapidi inctitJt.
G01o :U)i:TH. I
i iUi'l!UiUU A Mat-L.t a!1 1 :t. ..
Oraiivl Juiat A t bi.i.iiv.c Ac .
1iu-h.:iUi F.i i
7 ? ) tu
4 4 i up
11 U urn
Mwkiuf A 4:n" Lurti 1 i.
Mai ku.r A 1 U VUif ) a .
I'te-idUr A i rnud Ac . 7
All iru-us duti) ( in j-t
NoKTH 1 ruin 1 -v iu ul V-r M fi. ru. I.ij- Vi
rutt rl'l'lii t'-tr f.tr l!v?.i-k- Kiel !u iiiic
(It). 'lifUU IrVivu; ul 1 fc,. iu. t.M Cl uir k'j
fur 1 rhtrr City,
N vi a - i iuiri iu: t.t i .l' . ia. Lsis t.l
rutl hit i u.; ( nr f nr t iu e.i.
'1 lnt'p"!i licWt ;4u l .t.u.iiitui tt Vuiu
Ti ki Oitii iMilnj' Mnl.r'f t.n.l OiUvkn SrrcvJH
KtiJ bt tiuii lt l-iL t .UAH 1U'K)1.
lic-li 1 l'itw. Afc"t
Detroit, Grand Haven b. Milwaukee
cojsu 'K$r.
Ariif. lt.
iMorcir.R V.iyn ll:i ijan ym
T'i hrvUi;lj ?lhil r.l'iiaii t lijk
iSitnUKiit -'11 I1;".! .m
tMixtxi 7.1vbJt
.NiuLt llijiit 133 tun fr
aoisa last.
tStanilKHt llij'ri C2 hze
yrij-tu:ti MiU l.i.l ) mn l J-5f uil
tUiiiiui i-xim-sh T. ?0.j.ia Srj.uj
AtliiUtic i:xjrir jiu l Uija.i
tMixt.i, v ith irh Ijm iua
iluiJj, baiivlu). fAtfjittxl. li.iily.
1 'ttM 'UrtT tikii iKf t:t n. ja. 1.x i m n.ks
fit conriiftioii ht D t for I.iit.:, uii 1 tt
lktroit fitr Vnk, hiriiLife' iLvtv .t Jjvdk. lu
Uh" follow lug nioni..
Nifrl-t l-xj-nve. ii- Un id hlf ; t .r IX tjv, t to
Thie i iitv utdf liat nauii:j. Atl.miio llxpnvm
lAKiiit; Lt'rr ul lo.lS j. in., v;ih rir-j anr i ..r to
lMrtit, nukiu,' dinvt t'!iin- -litus- fui all :!;
lwt, Lnivii:? ut Ni'' iik7i- iii. tlif NH'4
I'arlur Carts u n.ail ti.uae it!i i hid t
Tlu .ruin lnM!.fc hi h.l'j t. iu Will nrnke tiirx
bnnia. j
Through tick'tt KH !.ri i.t D.. ii. U. A M. oli.ee
in Morton HotiM' k. uid t i ju
1. KJl'll IL, I'ity 1W, ArcL
GLO. R iadi.Vt; Tiitc JlhUfc'.-r, ClJciu.
Lako Shore & Michigan Southern.
(tXLAMAZOO linifclON.)
i Arrm. I't.
Kxf;ri 1 7siji:n I f... uzx
Mail j. f.'l, jtiu 4jJj m
All truiiw ilaily fxi j t Sua Li).
The train l'.ivii: at 4 i. in. tA-!ii.ct ! tA V3.ite
liHn with Atlaauc l.ijrh( .iu Mi.i-.i ly.j4n,
which ha l'hlic 1 v lw'J ug
Ctac')a fnnn ClJic.iu to M-w V!k iail li.jtoxj
without change.
Tiie tiuin '.vLcf 7:':r tw m. cor.i.fii i.t Whf
rUnm irivi 14; one hot: r for.liM.-rj itLi-jtvn
I-w Vork lijj'Mt-ts m Main Liu.
ThrtUi;h ticki-t JUi'l l"lb iu h!'j (.nt h
citn l M-curl at Ltiion 1 a krt u:hc ti J1ouj
btr"'t, iJml Di-tKt.
All trains will run ly ''"h n. ri lijoj tiniu,w!.ich
is HOmiaatoe klowiT th;.u lx-'n-jt tim-.
J. W. M :KLNM;i, ii.u'l Ar-
Michigan Central.
rt am
ll-i am
Detroit Lx T Cuiara
1'wif.r llx..
W h I n i(-!.t
Dav ilxitnh .. lL':4i.in
N. V.llxirt- . ;;iiu
Atlantic llx... :) i-ru
Wmv pcilit.. f3 ra
f Carhr t-an atta hoi.
1 'acihe itrni New ot k
! i.i!i tart- titti.rhi
llxi'irv tla;i. iaUjAw
Ni'W ork I it lin' n.i r.ar.j, arrlvl!ii?i
IVt'troit at tu tn., anl N-v 1 or t at 1J o't lvM k.
tho nxt eveniii;.
A tnun li-av lMn.it at 4 i. rn., ic-jt Jon
ilayw, with Drawing Jl:u an 1 Tai lor t ur lor
Grand liaj.M. nvu i.ix.; hi-rv at 1j )k tu
l)inct anl 1 rotr j-t .-otin-H-tior. iao wi'.liCinrJ
VtTn, (ir.w'id Irunk iiiid Canada NutJiorn
trains, in aanu uvj.t at lM'tjt'it, tho aoiiis
The iMroit Kxi-n en irr nt tut a. m. ltt
Drawintf llAm an-i 1'ar'or ':r J..r lmn.it, nici
iru? that city at 11:45 a. ... Nt w ioik loii) a. pj
an'i liitori 2.4;J i. rn. i: xt ij.
Tl.roiuch tickets fe.r a!i an l lTiff rr
lxrtiif n;Hy ! ;nx7rrl at I uioa TnUit :.'.eH
corner Monroe anl Ottawa btJI. unJ ia Ltioo
J. T. N'llULTZ, Grnl AjrU VI MoannU
Gto. V. MUNSOX, li(k t Atreut, Citj.
J. b. Hawu.vh. Tuket A(f at, Iv
Chicago Iz West liichigan.
Mail j nr. um
Day T.xi n-M..tl2 1 in
!!. t I.T j.nK f t fcJIl
! Vhil 4 (T in
Js'u'ht lixjn. VJii ini I I.y 1 ijnii..illiJJ 10
liil,v. tl'til 'X(h j t hi::.'l;;j.
Union I i "i k it on Joni. htn-t.
Tlirouh ithc to CJiiv' al T-i'lo on
9:15 H.m. train. 'Ilironrii aror-nr ti t.l.i'--'
on 12j i. m train. Through l't.lln;an fcJ'p-ing-r
(.iivl (Hto Chhvuo n .'." j. tu. tniu.
!.!. Arrlrw
nxjn . 1 f.m U-Jt-iiiTn
Kxirw 1 ru 4.1iitJ
Mixl 4sji:n I J ics
Ijar1 from Vf t Sih I :"'1.
ITr.iini hTf fnm ti, arrare .t Ci.ton Iw
iwt. The northern t'nr.r;ui of thi l,viM'.n if
Utl-iwin, n I . Ar.M.llj.
J. il. TALMLli. Gen 1 1 n it! t kt -1 lv. Artit,
t:h'-. Mor.rtH hmvt
Glo. W. Mro, Ticket Atrcnt, t y.
Michigan Iz Ohio ILiilroad.
lViT iT Tin" Tfchle.
( t oi n e Wt. ( ( ' n t ral 1 1 n. ) O'i'.re 1 .t.
Mxd. l'af. 1'aMk,
I hk I 'a. iV.xn
A. M. A. 7W. T. K
A. M. I . x. r. w.
Ar 11 10 r, 1 1 fc.M
f;-2 ?;J.7 f7
" 7.v- 1 11
f.r i:t i t
1 -X 1
2:42 2?ir.
7 4 1
r.r I.t. 'loiMo. .
r.4i " .rx-n;t- h
Kt " . ..1Jo:it .
" ..Mir I.il
V4) Ar. IU n-k.
7 11 W
f 4 42
r. w. 11 r
.... 11 .! 636
r. k.
. ...AlU-iTHTi .
. " .(CtlljM'U. "
Tfllo vit)i all rair'Hl dif "
ltrifcirse 1 i vi-nm arc! Air I!n M. C Ma.ftlJ
With M. ". JL 11. HaM k ith Cj.iKi' A
liniTi'i Trunk kh-I M. JL IL Monih. . U. A
I. AU"s.n riih A W. M.. m I. H. A M. K
LUTIJLi; ALU A. ril l'i.. Afil
The Morning Telegram,
Only Ten Cents Pel Week
Tint Tri.ro r i wlJh the Vt3r
mi Ifijt?f r.r 1 f7r iij rf lrr
lnrtj4i f'r u"i st'-l or""!'!'. In
ti-ja 5n U - VnH f'r irTi 7rr 7riJ.--ll
1 ft..m,r.r,-l f N "k ftr-:l V. .'
?.r j-tal., vf a th.c"vjri ' of rv:"9
th ?'J r-'-".
,.lf-if -rii frvl 7r Tr : -'b tv
rr? :t? f.-. fv:-.lrjr Ih'ir rr..,", f"U?j
C5... :S . 1-r 1 1 T?---,';- IL-U
i . - . . . i . i 4
i b.-i,;hd n-o;s- (4 li
i-'iv !. -v 1 ; -' f i.'-c..--? c
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