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l iOining Telegram.
Any u.htcriher lutt rucrUii I'll Ttut
rrjiLirlj prumptly will confer a
fci-r by notifying this ojtice by UUjJusM or
poj'ul cant. Oar t ! ihjuj number L l.
The Mif.oa circulation of Trr. Tklx
Mtvi i in ilm hrtiidi of U H. Dove. All
I -ityci- 'iits ou a ahcriptiojM should l ma Jo
to him, and he i authorized to revitt for
th s.nne.
The diaVreat court iathe city are attract
ing I ifa .iUUKli
The spwidatioa. fur now city hall will be
rt iy ia ahuiit a mouth.
I jUt-rs were n buuk.4 at iolice
ht -id iuartr-r" hit nin'ht.
N"inety-thr t? pupil attend the niyht school
ia th oid l' nin-'uL'ir Club hou-.
Ii. I. Holland, formerly t-eretary of the
Y. M. ( A., now ti.iin evangelistic work iu
the Sut:, -will return.
lhi editorial rooun of tha Agricultural
Wm Ul hav brt-xi moved to No. 51! Lyon
Ptrtet, a cut;d lhvjr.
The V'rnthin;: Society of the
Ii v i -i ;ri .-trtVt II. 1'. church hold their an
imal meeting thU aft-rnoon.
Car that came through from Mackinac
i t t rday on t!. C. U. i I. Ltd miow and
icxcU-.H ciiaai to their roots.
'litre ill le a metin of the Unitarian
Charch and .H'it'ty at tho ldiert literary
Club room on IVirl utrect this evening.
Thrrw will tx a donation party at the V-a-leyan
Mtsthlit Charch thU t vtnin;; for the
L neritof the? pastor, Kev. (). S. Grinnell.
The Second liar tlst Charch will hold a
p ecial martin,; for prayer at the residence
of J. A. Ilovyer, l7 Mt. Vernon street, thi
Patrolman Scobey murdered a doj on
Canal .street yesterday. The do was iu a tit
at the time and was therefore unable to
avoid the a.-v-vx-in.
There will be a musical and literary enter
tainmeut at Ames M. K. Charch on South
Division street to-night for the benefit of
the Sunday school.
The Philbreck c;i?e in the United States
Court yesterday occupied the entire day, and
will not be handed to the jury probably bo-
fore this afternoon.
The annu ii meeting of the Woman Suf-
f rage Association will bo held this afternoon
ai tr: residence of Mrs. t. A. Stone, lie Alt.
Vernon street, est Side.
In the matter of the estate of Wm. Leppitf,
d.-cca-ifd. an appeal from the Probate Court
was tiled yesterday in the Circuit Court by
David It. New berg and other.
The Woman's Kilief Corps will meet at the
Odd Fellows Hall, under the tower clock, at
1! o'clock thLs afternoon and organize a re
lief corps auxiliary to the G. A. 1L
Truant Officer Groff served four notices
yesterday on parents and guardians. He ex
i.ects to bring the graded school up to a re
ppectable suo by tna middle of the school
A pleasant and worthy affair will be the
rromeuade concert, apron sale and supper
to be given at Luces hall, Thursday evening
of thxs week by the ladies of the uniiersalisl
United State Attorney Stone will go to
Ionia to-day to look after tho cases of several
counterfeiters in jail in that city, charged
with having passed spurious dollars at Grand
Iedge recently.
The very complimentary notice of the
Chas- Piano Company which appeared in
The Tkl f.oram of yesterday, refers to the
gentlemen who have now established their
factory in this city.
Sheriff Kinney did much ta make the rep
resentatives of the press comfortable at the
Circuit Court rooms yesterday, providing
them with ample accommodations in the
way of tables and chair.
Chi. II. Magoon, formerly manager of
th Division street roller rink, who suddenly
left town with board bills and other debts
unpaid, is now managing a rink in the saw
dust city. Muskegon papers please copy.
The following cases of diphtheria were re
ported to the Board of Health yesterday:
Wm. McCormick, No. i:2 East Leonard
street; Mrs. H. Thompson, No. 4I North Di
vision street: and Henry Kahn, No. 78 Bart
lett street.
Some miscreants daubed several residences
on Soath Division street with red paint night
before last. If caught a dose of tho same
medicine, with a little tar added, would be
repayiug tho rascals in their own coin with
interest added.
There will le a musical and literary enter
tainment given at the Ames M. E. Church
on South Division street this evening for the
benefit of the Sunday School. Profs." J. II.
PixJey and Hansiey will assist home talent.
A cordial invitation is extended to all.
Thr Division "trcet M. E. Church social
will be held at the residence? of Mrs. William
Morman, No. 1- Barclay street, on Thurs
day evening, instead of at the church as first
announced. Ladies attending the social are
reprstnl to hand in a slip of paper contain
ing their nams and respective weights.
The Electric Time Company, of this city,
filed article's of association yesterday with
th County Clerk. The capital stock is $.,
0) divided into two hundred shares of $2.
rich. The incorporators names are Julius
Turkey. George W, Gay, Welcome F. Sweet,
Clark II. Uleason and AlcGeorge Bandy.
Any person interested in horticultural
matter will find a question box at No. 10
Lyon street for the reception of all inquiries,
which will b acted upon by the Grand
Hiver Valley Horticultural Society at their
meetings. A similar lox will l found at
tht samt place for a like.pnrpose by the West
Michigan Farmers Club.
The following well-known musicians will
n-sist Mrs. Ha-ken in her ctmcert at East
Street M. E. Church next Tuesday evening:
Prof. K. A. Willi ntein, pianist: Miss Mary
I'tlfy. nlb: Mr. G. A. Smith, base: Dr. W.
H. liws. tenor, and a mal quartette frtm
t;eS hubert club, composed of the following
.vn!l.'!vn: Dr. U. 4. Kirkland, W. H.
Loomi. H. A. Stuart ar.d O. B. Wilmarth.
In tl Superior Court yesterday," t. C.
T,evy pud six cents and cewts fr disposing
f g"ol by lottery: C. Taft, th Inrndsman
for Jiweph lloenthal. the pick pocket, paid
fori'eit for tlie lalter's non-appearance,
and Frnnk BouDell, as the bondsman of
C;irr.? King, chargtl with bigamy, is liable
for a b.;e mi. Joseph Miller was remand
ed to await sentence for brt aking into a car,
nn I AntMnnette I-ang was being tried for
sl'.op lifting.
Law and Order.
The 'x-vntivp committee of tht Iiaw and
Ouhr Iag".e held a meeting at the Eagle
llofel l;t evening. Tlie re w a a full atten
dance of the eoinmittee and th main subject
utut'-r consideration was the appointing of a
hv.d Mg'nt, The c'immitte on printing
n-is irtr:etMl to prom re printed copies of
i!v c -t: -t ituttv n -md by-law, and tho state
1 ns r''ding to th manufacture :md s:Ie of
y: -r. Tl wrannttee will hold a meeting
at I've same pace next Tneday evening.
A Literary Circle.
The Chantat:.v;a Circie n;t la-t evening in
f rintende!5t MitcVU's otTuv on Peirl
. Snne thirty memN-r of the circl?
- pre-snt, th- evening's exercises ccn
! 7 chi'nTy in jading selections frim the
r.r.d dt-ionsof the sublet. Th
, h'! ! i.n t!: r-ccr.d rne!.xy of
N :r. 1 t!..c-2 ? t!:: cmr in
A Lar2-e Amount of Oun Powder Taken
This Time.
La-st Saturday morning The Teleg&am
gave an account of the plundering pf a
lewder magazine belonging to 1 S. Hill A
Co., and situated in the octheru outskirts
of tills city in the "Black Hills." At tliat
time a large amount of ''HercuW powder
was stolen, and upon investigation a Tele
myL reporter finds the statement made by
thi.s paper concerning the affair came near
est the truth, ri&twitltanding the fact that
other reports were given to the effect that
the agent of a large powder manufacturing
company had come on and seized it under
the cover of darkness. Yesterday morning
another jowder magazine belonging to John
Canllicld, wholesale grocer at K5 Canal street,
and located near the magazine of Hill A Co.,
was found broken open and a large amount
of iowdur missing. The boards to the build
ing enclosing the entrance to the magazine
were pried off a.s if with an ax, thus
effecting an entrance. A can tilled with
b!a?k powder acd holding twelve and ono-lialf
pounds was found entirely empty, and it is
thought several kegs of gun powder have
been taken. " The full extent of the robbery
could not be ascertained, as Mr. Caulfield
hai not taken a complete inventory of the
magazine since the burglary. It mn-t no
longer remain a secret, however, that men
bold enough to break into a powder maga
zine at night and take therefrom large quan
tities of this dangerous explosive are in this
city, and the character of their theft makes
it plain that they want powder bad; want it
in large quantities, and want it for a pur
pose. These cases will receive the closest
attention of the detectives, and it is hoped
the purposes and plans, as well as tho iden
tity of the guilty, may be ascertained before
any serious results may grow out of these
The Farmers' Club Meeting.
Tho West Michigan Farmers Club met
yesterday at their room3, No. 10 Lyon street,
with an average attendance. The annual
election was held and resulted in the follow
ing election of officers: President, S. L.
Fuller; Vice Presidents, I. B. Hamilton, G.
W. Lindennan, L. Averill, and E. W. Heth:
Secretary, F. M. Carroll; Treasurer, S. S.
Bailey. Mr. Heth was also elected as Li
brarian, to have charge of the rooms and
property of the club.
Bean culture was the subject discussed by
the club, and Mr. "Wilcox gave an interesting
experience among the bean growers of Or
leans, Niagara and Monroe counties of New
York. Secretary Carroll was instructed to
correspond with various railroad officials and
obtain rates for an excursion to the New
Orleans Exposition by tho club in the month
of January. A question box for the use of
members or others interested in agriculture,
in which to deposit written questions for
discussion or general information was an
nounced as being ready for use. The sub
jects for discussion at the next meeting are,
"What is the Best Time to Trim Apple
Trees?" "What is the Value of Sorghum as
Cattle Food?" Messrs. Carroll, Linderman
and Hamilton were appointed a committee
to revise the by-laws.
Game at First and Last.
Some time previous to election, T. Stewart
White, Esq., bet I. M. Weston that the man
from Maine would be the winner in the lato
presidential race, Mr. Weston stacking his
hopes on the ex-sheriff of Erie county, New
York. Mr. White being the loser, paid the
bet lat night by giving one of the best
dinners ever given in this city, The
menu was served in tho Peninsular
Club House. It consisted of thirteen
courses, each course, except the dessert, com
prising game. Among those who partici
pated besides tho two gentlemen immedi
ately interested were E. F. Uhl, Stewart
Ives, Willard Kingsley, W. D. Gilbert, C. W.
Mills, John S. Lawrence, Thomas Frinnt,
Francis Letellier, L. E. Hawkins, W. D.
Stevens, Geo. C. Pierce and John Patton, jr.
They lingered long and merry at the
election feast, the sido-entartainment
consisting of toasts and speeches, all con
ceived in a witty vein, and having especial
bearing on the occasion. In the party were
Democrats and Republicans, but long ere
separating party lines were broken, and all
departed in a merry spirit entirely oblivious
of tho fact that politics had had anything to
do with such intermingling of good fellow
phi p.
Aimee had another good house last night,
and both play and company were received
with the same cordiality as on Monday night.
To-nuht Edwin Thome will make his
first appearance in this city in tho Black
Flag, a drama that lias brought him fame
and money. Thus spoke the Philadelphia
"The Black Flag" ha become identified
with Edwin Thornp's name, and his perfor
mance of it is familiar to Philadelphia
andienc". It is a favorite here, and always
draw good houses. It was given at Arch
Street Theater last evening, and showed that
it had not lot it power to please. The
company is a good one and the performance
ono of even excellence.
A Farmer Disappears.
James Doyle, a young farmer residing in
Tal midge township, is leing anxiously
looked for by his father and friends since
yesterday. On Monday he bronchi a load of
buckwheat to this city to sell and since that
day none of his friends know of his where
atouts, or what became of the bay team he
drove, or the buckwheat. Heis atout twenty
ix year old, of light complexion And wore
a sandy mustache. The supposition by many
is that the young man has gone into a spec
ulation of hi own Account, and having sold
his outfit is about to seek his fortune in pas
ture new.
- -
Wm. A. Luther, fonnder of the Tillage of
Luther, is in the city.
J. W. Hutchinson, of Mukegon. wa in
the city on bnins- yesterday.
Mr. Emily Ford. f Orange, N. J., visit
ing Rev. and Mrs. M. I Bocher.
Fred L. Reynold, mansgr of the Mn.
kegon cpra hens', wa in the city yesterday
ta k : s g in t he si g h t.
Cha. Clarke, splinting agnt for the
Grand Trunk, viifrd local ticket anil rail
pnd otuevs yesterday.
F. W. Peck, of thi city, formerly sheri
of Kent county, ha !.en appoint rilry
clerk, and will be ritrd to Cztj in
An Event that Brought Gladness to
Many Hearts.
A pleasant social event was the formal re
ception tendered Ilev. and Mrs. M. L. Bocher
at Minion Wood Presbyterian church last
evening. The btautiful little chapel was
handsomely decorated for the occasion, and
was tilled with members of the church and
and congregation and friends of the newly
wedded couple. The pastor and bride were
allotted chairs near the centre of the church
under a floral triangle, in the centre of which
was suspended the floral initial "B." They
were attired in full wedding costume, the
bride wearing a beautiful white groa grain
ilk with brocaded front, joint duchess lace,
jewels and natural flowers, while the groom
looked most manly iu the convenient suit of
The evening passed pleasantly in congratu
lations, hand-shakings and the bestowing of
best wuJie.s uion the twain, while music,
recitations and fchort speeches by the resi
dent pastors present served to break op
formality and make the welcome warmer
and happier. The honored ones have been
the recipients of many beautiful and costly
presents, among the number being two large
8 teel engravings in massive," gilt framespre
sented them by tho church and Sunday
echool. Mr. and Mrs. Bocher will soon take
up their residence at Park Place, where they
will be "at home" and glad to welcome all
A Christmas Picture.
A beautiful window is the one arranged by
the Star Clotliing House yesterday for the
holiday peason, and the merchant who tries
to surpass it will have a difficult task. A
small cottage chamber stands in the window
that contains a wnall bedstead, under the
clean coverlids of which two children are
Bleeping. Their clothes are on the floor by
the bedstead in the same careless child
fashion, "just as they got out of them;" the
unlit lamp is there; tho little clock upon the
mantel that shows the time to be 12K).r, and
two stockings hang from the mautel-pieoe.
Old Santa Clans is just entering the door.
His long locks -and beard are white with
snow, and behind him he draws a sled
bearing a Christmas tree laden with pres
ents of all kinds. The cheerful room within
and the cold and snow-clad scene without
form a beautiful picturo that everyone 'can
appreciate. See it.
Oscar Wilde has had his curls cut off, and
his head is a little out of keeping with hi3
hat of tho Wild Bill pattern. His wife, it is
said takes great pride in Oscar's vagaries.
MURPnY-UIIODES. In Musketron, at the
CongreKational parsonage, by llfv. M. W. Fair
held, Ic. 8, lsSt. Mr. A. II. Murphy to Miss
Jennie V. Rhodes, both of Muskegon.
Artificial Light.
In theso dajTs of progress there is a de
mand -for better means of illumination
than ever before. The dazzling brilliancy
of the electric light makes our common
kerosene lamps as dim as tallow dips in
the comparison. This demand has been
fully met by the introduction of the Son
Lamps. They are necessarily made of
metal because tho draft or chimney ex
tends ' down through the center of the
lamp. The wicks are five inches wide and
give alight of forty-five candle power, equal
to three gas burners. These lamps were
brought out at the close of last season, but
the price was so high $Geach but few were
sold. Owing to tho enormous demand which
has sprung up, they are now produced at a
price within the reach of all, and sold for 3
in brass and 3.50 in nickel, complete with
ten-inch porcelain shade. To persons trou
bled with weak eyes or those who desire to
preserve their eyesight by means of a good
light, the Sun Lamp will prove a blessing.
Tho New Styles of Hanging Lamps are
made of a gold color solid bronze metal,
and trimmed with cut glass prisms and dec
orated shades. The dome-shaped shades
look the best, but we imagine the angle of
reflection from the cone shape is best for
throwing light down. These lamps are also
much cheaper than last year. They are now
sold at from $5 to $7 each. Fine table
lamps are furnished with duplex or two
wick burners, giving double tho light of tho
single wick burners. There are many styles
of theso lamps on exhibition, including solid
bronze and the popular hammered brass.
For information received thanks are due
Messrs. H. Leonard t Sons, importers, 1C
Monroe street.
A Turkish and Russian Bath House
Established in This City.
Wo are pleaded to note the opening in our
city of an institution so metropolitan in
character as the new Turkish and Russian
Bath Housp, corner of Monroe and Ionia
streets. The proprietor, Mr, M. S. La
Bourslier, is a gentleman of extended ex
perience in the mnnngement of Turkish
Bath Houses, and will give his personal at
tention to the proper care of his patrons. In
fitting up this establishment 'every detail
has been most carefully considered to
make it complete in every respect.
A "Plunge Bath" fifteen by twenty
two feet and six feet in depth will be con
stantly fuppliod with fresh water. The con
veniences for taking the Turkish or Ru-sian
baths are unsurpassed, and thoe who have
not enjoyed tho luxury should take an early
opportunity of doing so. All baths will be
arranged for ladies as well n for gentlemen.
Skilled attendants will ever le ready to at
tend to the wants of nil. Every Friday will
be reserved exclusively for ladies !etween
tho hour of 8 a. m. and 5 p. m. Gentlemen
from 7 a. m. until ii'on Sundays, and on
other days from 7 a. m. to 'J p. m.
For a Cutter, buy of A. TL Antisdel.
The fire insurance agency of Perkins .t
Mason (being the same lately controled by
Wm. Marshall, now deceased ) i now located
at 7. Lyon street. Court block, and repre
sents the following old and substantial com
P,nie: The Sun of Tjor.don,
The City of Ijondon,
The Mechanic's of Brooklyn. .
The New Hampshire of Manchester, N. II.
Tho Wc!rhr-ter of New York und the
Amazon of Cincinnati.
A "share of the patronage of th insurance
pntlic ! respectfully ohc;t;HL
The finest assortment of Cutters in the
city at A. R. Ant:sdel's.
Buy yotir Cutters cf A. R. Ar.tbdel,
R. O. Fr uhrlrk hM Trr.cTi trrxz 2 Cx.l
n n n -
' ' ' I . II .. . jl -
umuuvesiouKBuwi urn:
We arc Overstocked with Suits.
1,500 Suits and Overcoats must be sacrificed, all must go.
Boy's Gray Satinet Overcoats, worth $2.00 at 99c
Boy's Black Chinchilla, worth $2.50 at 99c.
Men's Black Chinchilla Ribbed, worth $5.00 at $2.85.
Lot of all-Wool Cassimere Overcoats, -worth $12 at $7.65.
Black, Blue and Brown Diagonal Cass. Overcoats, worth 18.00
at $11.75.
Black Corkscrew Overcoats, worth 22 at $14.85.
Brown Kersey Melton Overcoats, worth 20 at $14,85.
Striped Cass. Pants, worth 5.00 to 6.50, only $3.65.
Great Cut in Merchant Tailoring. 25.00 suits only $18.50 made
to order in fine style.
Fine Worsted Suits, worth 30.00 and 35.00, only $22.50,
well made and trimmed.
Underwear will be Slaughtered.
tar Clothing-House
Office, 125 Monroe Street,
Oyer Hatch's Grocery Store.
Hours From 9 to 12 a. m., 1 to 5 and 7 to 8 p. m.
W. II. Powers, - - Manajjer.
Wednesday & Thursday,
The Eminent Actor.
And a carefully elected company in tho la tost
London and Nt-w York sensation.
In Five Acts, by IIEXRY riOTIT, under tho
management of
Note. When a convict escapee from Fortland
Prison, England, they hoist a lllack Flap.
Popular Prices of Admission. ltenorved
seats $1 U) and 75 cent , on sale at Hall's News
ltoom, commencing Monday morning. Doc. fth.
Powers' Opera House.
Wjl II. Towers. - - Manager.
Saturday Evening, December 13, '84.
(Mr. 8. L. Clemens) As a Header of
his own pnperb fun; and Mr.
The distingniehpd Sonthern novelist presenting
his own matchless wono. To appear
Mark Twain's world famons wit. Mr. Cable's ci
qnifite hnmor and tatho. A combination of
genins and veratality that appmla fresh
ly to the intelligent juolle.
Frio of admwion, inc lading referred pontu,
Wc. 75c and $1.(X), according to location.
J AS. H. POM), Manager.
Sale of aoats hoin Thar lay morning at Ha.ll.
CarriAgr at 10 o clock.
Chicago & West Michigan Railway.
Only Lixie
Rannins Through Coache between
Gcl Pamc Ajrest.
"W O O 3D
Ia mU qcr-tit; fjs veil at ia GS;r-lc-JI lot
1 CO r crjrc o r i.
n m
' - v ' . .
accommodations for gentleman and wife, ID
West Park Place.
able business man for a iosition in thi
city. A pood opening for the riRht man. Apply
13 llonseman block.
jent pi rLs wanting places in prirato fami
lies. Call and secure pood help. J. E. Day, 57
Monroe or 91 Ottawa street.
cor. W. Division andSliawmut avenue $1?;
and store, on Butterworth avenne, wme rent,
worth $'J5; also eight dwellings. Tattle Broti,
Opera House.
and barn in a desirable locality: rent rmson
able. Possession Riven at onco. L. fc$. Provio.
exchange for farm rroierty: lfO acn lach
and maple timber land. Also, iW acre of im
proved land to exchange for city property.
Room 16. Houseman 1 I ock.
provisions on Chicago Board of Trad and
of railroad stocks on New York Stock Exchange,
can be made through F. V. Taylor, 8 Canal utreet,
room 4
Geo. A. Hall & Co.'s.
Our Ptore is packed with new, rich and elegant
good suitable fur the Holiday aori, to
which wo invite your inpection.
Will here find a rich avortment of goods id
rnoderMe price.
We would call p"ci&l attrition to our lin of
Cliristrnas Cards
Which coTnpri" rlpt ion frcm th bt Eng
lish. rfrmn, Frvn'-h tnd American Pub
li.hr. Extra inducement to Iracheii
and other purrhting qaantitir.
Cor. Arcade and Pe?ul Kt,
I harp rn:Af ktx iniprorcTri ni on on
of my Tnfidiinp vLSch rrrstlj nl In fo
tbe appearance of COLLALS AND
CUFFS. ADsl ia a crtt rarsfctif
zirnj rilb IbA xre&r sr. fnr to "which
tbfT are usually pnb;xt iircr ih oil
tray of JanriuTTiriSr them. This v tn
ftrln-iTe xrirrat i'otj of my ot-h.
A. OTTZD, Propriotcr,
ever carried in th City ia 33 1-3
to 60 per Cent. lct than ever sol J tk-funiv
Special Sale Until January 1.
d. t. HUMAN,
Ojytoslte ith Vine.
iaw M. m A I
Ouk Motto. "Hew to iho line, kt tho
chips full where tiiey vvilL"
Sitjxo k Com pant.
TnorsAXiJS of dollars rill le havivi to
our customens.
Only look at tho che ap jkwIr.
Friiits, ixxl Ftyli s, for 4 and 5 cents.
Gofxl ) arJ-wido bro u cxtton, for niily
5 cents.
25 yards of yard-wide thoctiu fr a
25 "yards ood Ilollcr Crah Toweling
for a dollar.
10 yards pood Cotton Flannel for a dol
lar. Good Kentucky Jc ass for 15, 20 and 2
You never saw so Ood for tho money.
Hosier' also marked way down.
Heavy and ood lengths for children
and misses, as well ns ladies, for 15, 2i,
25, 130, 35 and 10 cenhs. Wo never know
these pooLs ?o cheap. In fact ev rythii:
in the Hosiery Department is maikod to
correspond with the low priee-s pn-vaih::
throughout our entire establishment.
SrniNu k Company.
The largest bundles of dry ;ooo for
tho least money ever known, freely ac
knowledged by purchasers, can le wen
oin out of our store every day in im
mense quantities.
SrniNG A- Com pant.
Ip we should advertise all the pxhIh in
our etore that we are Felling at the trreat
reduction in prico wo could not attend to
half tho custom ?r that would visit us.
Tho X)rices at which wo rre s llin all
kinds of merchandise aroattnwtinpwplo
fnmi all over the country. Upward of
eight thousand customers visited our store
on Saturday.
SrniNo k Comtant.
Sr.ij Cloaks. We olTer this week tlie
entire balance of our t-tK'k of Seal
Saequcs at the lowest prices ever known.
Garmf-nts that were $150 for $ f,5.
' 4 175f,r W.
" 2l K) for 115. '
" " " 225 for 110.
" ' 2.V)for 105.
We are fully determined to ro or.t f
tlie seal business, hence tlje eitreme low
prices we offer them.
Sri uno k Co Mr a nt.
Flannels for X 12c, 15c, 17c, 2'k 2Tc
You never saw Uicm pk1s h cheap.
Woolen Blankets, Comfortabh-n and the
whole lino suffer the same fate.
SriiiNo k Comtakt.
Dress Goons. kh1 CiishmcroK for
2.'c and 2V,
Ginghams for 5c, 7c and Oc.
100 pieces of new Hixcado l)rec Gx1h
will Inclosed out at the extreme low
price of Sixteen Yards for One Dollar.
Another lot of those Wor? tod Brocades
for Ono Shilling.
Sn:iM k Com r a nt.
The great sale of Clor J; is in progress
and will Ik? continued until the entire
stock is Fold out. Newr antkf t;, Bnian
Circulars, S'-al I'hi'-Jj S.'iju'-, MiKNes
and Children's Garnin Is in great vn
rirty of qualities and styl cm at th r.i'-t
astonishing low jrices.
SrniNo k Co Mr ant.
Frr.NisnTNo Gfxi fnrm the chf nrt to
the gordt.
ConK?cnrrw SriTB mule to order for .l.
Finest Selection of Trousering?? in th
A o"ot TAin of FarJs mad' i order at
$5, fs $7, ?: S3. C10 fct.d up to $35.
Trrn ee-t S1.O0 Scarlet Fn Vrvir in th
The eett nmo and rooM Stylish Suit
mad t ordr;r.
A yw Qii?!"h:IU Orrrenat i:-rdr: to
order for K S-Vi. ?4'Vt ?Vi. ,
forthTkrs at. Cliiilr'T,.
I Arrcn-J2V A LAW

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