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McCullough not Confirmed Invited to
Naw Orleans The Spanish Treaty
The Military Academy Bill.
Washing-to, Dec. 10. Senator hherman
pre:-iJt d over the S-nato to-day in the ab.
''nctj and by designation of the President
pro tcia (Mr. Hdmundi). An invitation to
attend the opening of the NV Orleans Kx-
poition on th 10th in-t., wa-i laid before
tj i Seu:itt. The lluue resolution authori
ma th .SujtrrmU ndent to continue thowork
of thj truth ctn-ni'i until the Appropriation
already maJe h e ih.au.-ded wad paMtd. Mr.
Iil-ir introduced a resolution imtructiug
tho Corniiiittt-e on Naval Affairs to inquire
into the fcy-ttt m of naval defence invented by
(.'apt. John Krie-on, esprcully with regard
to Li fculjrnaniit! yun, and whether the fame
about to be purchased by any naval
power; laid over until to-rnorrow. The Com.
imtU-u on Foreign relation., which i- con
sidering the Spanish treaty, wa authorized
to -it daring th se ion of the Senate. The
bill furleiti:i the land granted for tho con
struction of the Oregon Central Railroad waa
called up.
Mr. Vest, in e half of the Committee on
Commerce, reae-ted tlutthe committee be
li-iiiar:evt from consideration of the inter
oeeauic hip railway bill. Vert tated that
1:d received a letter from Capt. Kads, Haying
th it certain change had been made in the
conc-uon from Mexico, which made it
necessary to withdraw the hill. The com.
mitten were accordingly discharged from
Cim-idr-ration of the bill which was ordered
to brt withdrawn from the tile! of the Senate.
The Sen it p.L-s:d the hill authorizing the
Commercial National Hank of Chicago to
incre a it.s capital -tock to f.'.W.UO.
At J o'clock the bill was laidaide until to
morrow, and the Dakota bill taken up.
In executive rsiou the Senate la to this
evening the con.i leration of the nomination
of MirUulloch as Secretary of the Treasury
was postponed till Tuesday. The nomina
tion of Purtua Parke, of Monroe, Mich., as
li:J:iu Atnt at Fort Peet, Montana, was
rfj.inr.id. Senator ICiddleberger opposed
ArVC'iUoch'rt con tin n a t io n.
The House.
Washington, Dec. 10. In the IIou.e to
d i the joint resolution for continuing the
Wurkof the Census Bureau passed. A letter
wa.s read from Mr. A. M. Scale, Governor
elect of North Carolina, announcing his re
aiguat'on as a representative, to take effect
December 3). Mr. Keifer (O.) called up the
Military Academy Appropriation bill, and it
was read by paragraphs for amendment!?.
An amendment offered by Mr. Keifer lirnit
iu.r promotions to second lieutenancies to
graduates from the Academy and enlisted
men of the. army was adopted.
Lat thi.s afternoon the Speaker presented
a formal invitation to participate in the
opf rung ceremonies of the New Orleans ex
jiition on tho P'th inst. The invitation
was laid on th? table.
A Auspicious Case.
Sr. Lorn, Dec. 10. About four months
ago Mlm Alma Hose Bishop, an unusually
handsome young lady, came to this city
frivn Miami, Salino County, Missouri, to
n iko her nm living. She was a look-agent,
arid was nn unuaally successful one. Last
night nh died at the residence of Dr. But
leilge, Olive street, under rather suspicious
circumstance. Dr. Bntledgn says she died
of gastritis, or inllamation of the stomr.ch,
while tho burial certificate handed in to tho
I'.oTd of Health alleges the cauo of the
hi.ly's J, ath a puerperal peritonitis. The
health commissioner turned tho case over to
the coroner.
As We Suspected.
Wjin.NoTON, Dec. 10. Mr. Blaine desires
to have it stated that the alleged inter-view
with him. recently published in tho Albany
Erprcn find a nirkn h c A cr, in which he is
quoted as discussing his personal and politi
cal relations with Conkling, is from beginn
to end a sheer fabrication. No interview of
the kind, nor anything resembling it, ever
took plac.
John R. Does the Square Thing.
Cincinnti, Dec. 10. When John B. Mc
Ian, of tho K't'i'iirrr. was married, a few
weeks ng , the first congratulations received
were from tho niirlit meener 1kjts of tho
V.'t stern Cuion Telegraph otlice. This after
noon the boys received a charmingly written
not. thanking them for their kindness, and
at th-i sanif tirn enduing a check to glad
d. n tho hearts of the littl- fellows.
Ashes to Ashes.
I,ArASTFR. Pa., Dec. 10. The body of
W hington I". Smith, of New York, arrived
i.r"!-? this afternoon in charge of his father,
Piter Smith, and was at onco taken to Lan
caster crematory for incineration. It wr.s
phcrd in th retort at a late hour. Smith
was twenty-four yrars old, and died of pleu
risy in New York.
A Durglar Uoxci at Belleville.
Sr. Lons. Dec. 10. Charles Clark, ali.ls
Coleman, charged with having broken opn
the F. sf St. (om Ciiy Clerk's rr.ntt, was
i'ro -tght b for -la Mien Oant. at Belleville.
I'h, ttii' M.rni if f ir preliminary examina
tion. CI trkwuved examination and ws
r'il in bail, ling nnatl to furnish
st;-t.ti,i h wa reminded to the jail.
Heavy Oamaces Asked.
r. Xwi. Deo. in. The .fv,fx damage
uit -if D ivvl W. Coruth against Cob' Tho".
J. h;.';'.esm. was called for trial in tho Cir
cuit Civirt this morning. Thi uit nri'e nut
( strieture parsed on the Board of Polio
Co-ami ssiner by the grand j-iry, of which
defeutUnt was foreman.
A Tir Captured Ohio.
VvHiM. - l-V Bngnl xr
o' ieli f- -ipt d from a cace in S. H. Birrett'si
tL-.rn v-rif y, trday wi found tlii morn
1 g o !, frm Wn. Pehr. r, t1v nii!
f,-i'in t'n eiy. Th enimil killed thr
gs was rtaa'iy hot by Lhnr.
... .. .. ... -
Tb; Pennint Awarded.
' t Dee. Th r.tee;tir Com.
? :M . 4 of t e A mene;j V v As-s'a.
f- v 's'-ic'i nt. a !: U'Vjtn.in Ifoe, r.
ivnrd''d r''- at to tb Mtr? i nl
I j:f N Yor'u '1 i. r-g't!4f !in l
-f- wiiJl t !. I l. v,m ofro-r.
....... . -
Vaderbdt rtn Grant.
? V'-vt, t . n -.Wm. If. V-u' -f1.it!,
t..t,.; J, j f'N-d ii !p t,mVr
I ril : 't 1iT.iJ Unn! t ' C1'h
Chauncey Pulsiver Runs Avay With a
Rich Philadelphia Girl.
Pnrsuciio, Dec 10. Chauncey Pul-iver,
a dapper ex-theatrical manager, nowengagtd
in mercantile pursuits, but for a time mana
ger of Lillian Spencer, afterwards for liart
ley Camrbfell's ' Siberia," fled through this
city Tuesday night tow ants Detroit, with the
hrgnUome and 'conip!ifd;t:d dangliter of
Chester F. Vandemark, of Philadelphia, a
well-known gentleman of wealth and refine
ment. This morning the irate father of tho
young lady, in hot fpursuit, arrived in Pitts
burg, stopping at the Union Depot long
enough to tat a hard-boiled egg and to tell
his story. Pulsiver and Miss Yand mark
met thre years ago, while he was Hammer
ing in Florida. Her parent, noticing his
attentions, took her away. A few weeks ago
at tho Continental Hold, Philadelphia, their
meetings again becamo frequent. A decoy
letter came from kii aunt in Rochester, N. .
Next day the girl was gon. Her father
found a note which put him on tho trail.
She had not gone to Rochester, bat in com
pany of Pulsiver, had skipped for Detroit.
Pulsirer is unite widely known in West
ern Michigan, having resided at St. Joseph.
He has been popular, and has friends who
will, doubtless, be ready to congratulate
Cheap Fares East.
Chicago, Dec. 10. The Chicago fc Grand
Trunk road made to-day a reduction of $ t on
first, and 6 on second-class tickets from
Chicago to Boston, via Montreal, making
the rate $15 nnd D.40. To-morrow the
Michigan Central and its connection with
the Canadian Pacific, will not only meet
these rates via Ottawa nnd Montreal, but
also reduce rates to all intermediate joints
between Chicago and Boston, via the Mon
treal route. The Chicago it Grand Trunk
will no doubt retaliate by cutting ratts
from here to Buffalo and New York, via tho
West Shore route. This will result in a
general war of rates east.
A Terrible Story.
Great Baiuiington, Mass., Dec. 10. There
is much excitement at Egremont over
the report that tho body of a well
known young lady, Miss Estello Newmany,
who was supposed to liave died here in 1870,
was exhumed on the night of burial by
medical students and taken to Albany,
where the lady came to life on thy defecting
table, became insane, and has since been
confined in the asylum in Schoharie County.
The Ptory is credited to Dr. Worth Wright,
of Egremont, one of those concerned in the
grave robbery.
A Destructive Wind.
Viixna, Dec. 10. A disastrous hurricane
prevailed in this city and vicinity to-night,
the wind reaching the velocityof eighty miles
an hour. Railroad trains were blown from
the tracks and many persons injured. Sev
eral of the magnificent public buildings of
tho city were injured, nnd some will have to
be partially rebuilt. The pecaniary los will
be great. The storm unroofed fifty houses;
people were dashed against the walls by the
violence of the gale and many had limbs
The Mexican Pension Bill.
Washinotox, Dec. 10. Tho Republican
caucus at the House to-night was slimly at
tended, not more than thirty members being
in attendance. The caucus remained in ses
sion about one hour. Thoso present agreed
to do all in their power to secure the passage
of tho Mexican Pension Bill as amended by
tho Senate. A committee of parliamen
tarians was appointed to ascertain tho best
mean of getting the measure beforo the
A Mixed Banquet.
New Yobk, Dec. 10. All arrangements
have been concluded for tho Cleveland and
Hendricks merchants bannuet at Delrnoni
co's, Friday night. Covers will he laid for
It ) persons. Among the invited guests aro
Governor Abbstt, of New Jersey; Lieut.
Gov. Hill, ot New York; Geo. William Cur
tis, Beecher, Schurz, Bayard. Gorman,
Thnrinan and Jones. Eugene Kelley will
Cotton Burned.
Savavnafi, Ga., Dec. 10. A fire in the
hold of the steamship City of Augusta,
which was to have sailed for Ne w York to
day, damaged 1,XA) bales of cotton. The
loss will be between $.H),lJ0 and t000.
The vtssel is only slightly damaged.
Why This Depression?
London, Dec. 10. Lord Salisbury, Con
servative leader, has written a letter urging
the government to institute an inquiry into
the existing depression in trade. He declares
that as compared with this, nil other ques
tions of the day are trivial.
Two Failures.
Hartford, Conn., Dec. P. H. Gold-
pchmidt V- Co., wholesale dry goods dealers,
hare been nttached by creditors. Their lia
bilities are about s:70,)i.
Boston, Dec. io. W. A F. H. Whitte more,
oil dealer, have failed; liabilities, $1M,a0.
The Rumor Denied.
Nkw York, Dec. 10. Th rumor current
this morning that tho Commercial Cable
Company had so'd out to the Wetrn Union
i denied by omchds of both companie.
The Vestern Union.
v Nr.w Yob. Dee. 10. The quarterly meet
ing of the Western Union Telegraph Com
pany wa held to-day. A quarterly dividend
of Vi ppr cent was declared.
A Church Burned.
NoumT.K, Va,, D-c. 10. Th' Berkeley
Pifti-d church wa destroyed by fire to-night.
Sellers for 5p?aer,
Th folhrring is from WdurKy's IV
trmt Vf . .
Will . Fvi'b, f-rc of Grind i! r
tiv yong HpnUsevsn f,d fntm?f Aji-t-nt
-rr't.-try of f h ist 'vnt-s, fit th
li !:-H b- )-tfr!?y.
"I 'iiio to I-tfit e.u My . y ft',i)
Clii'-.iy-i V"" k ntrf f fitr t ??? m
-fh tt' fv'.l," j;" iid a f ".f rj '
;ri ro-T nUr.ftvoy t,f t i r - ? JJif i, t f t
r!;'V,,,1 ioditn if it f-t ' ! ? f
'I tv.f-ft J!!? f I;-r.t -wiil v.t if U
f .t ft f,i h t h ' 4 t:ro f IKt'iis, f..('-
Ihinjx hm-j itt Vi Ijs s K.,
iJ sr v Ifs i ttt fif "?i i s'-, I it4
Comparing Methods and Seeking for
ImprovementsOfficers Chosen
Work Laid Out for To-Day.
Chicago, Dec. 10. The conference of
prison wardens and other officers of prisons,
reformatories end houses of correction
throughout the United States, reassembled
at the Grand Pacific Hotel to-day. Between
forty and fifty oificials were present, besides
a number of gentlemen who have philan
thropic interest in the subject. The session
is tho first of the kind that has ever been
held in this country. Its object is to com
pare methods and theories for the purpose of
instituting in the prison rcfommtory systems
of tho country such improvements as are
deemed feasible. The sevion was called to
order by Supt. Felton, of Chicago Bride
well. The committee on permanent organ
ization reported. oITering the names of th
following gentlemen to bo its officers: Chair
man, Michael J. Cassidy, warden of East
ern penitentiary, Philadelphia; Fecretaries,
T. H. Wines, of the State bo.rd of chari
ties, and John W. Whiton, of the Boston Re
form School. The report was adopted, and
the secretary having read letters from var
ious prison officials no present, tho commit
tee on business reported the following topics
for discussion during the session: Thursday
forenoon, disciplinary punishment," medical
and sanitary regulations, insanity in prisons,
discharged prisoners. The report was
An Old Democratic Prophet and Seer
Discusses Probabilities.
A reporter of the Detroit Post ran against
an old Hickory Democrat on the streets of
Michigan's metropolis Tuesday, and drew
from him the following predictions concern
ing some Democratic magnates of this sec
tion: "Col. Messmore, of Grand Rapids, has
bellowed soft money until he is thought to
have earned a soft enap and will probably
get it. It has been a time-honored custom
with the colonel to invade the sacred soil of
Indiania during each campaign and exert his
bushel or two of lungs until the hills and
the valleys of the Hoosier state echoed to the
screams of the eagle. As the
colonel's help went to the faithful of
Indiana, it would eem opposed to the
logic of consistency that ho should be re
warded by a postoluce at Grand Rapids. But
there is a destiny that shapes our ends. The
windy colonel is said to have made a mash
upon one Thomas Hendricks, who being
chosen to a position that would make him
President should Cleveland dio, ignores the
assistance of the grim messenger and as
sumes to be chief executive without delay.
It is boldly asserted that Thomas says Mess
more can have tho postofiico. The Colonel
is the only man in Grand Rapids who ex
presses any great desire' that the Colonel
should receive the appointment; but. the
Colonel's wishes are consulted.
Gen. Tunes is talked of for United States
Marshal in the. Western District. As the
head and front of the Greenback party, a
good organizer and a man to bo depended
upon in doing what ho promises, he is too
formidable an aspirant to antagonize. His
pole is of sufficient length to bring down the
persimmon. Yaple, of the Kalamazoo Dis
trict, has but to name it and they will give
it to him, but there is a manifest disposition
not to let him parcel out any spoils, for the
Democrats hold that his recent defeat for
Congress indicates a slight slipping of his
grip. He can have a big chunk for Yaple,
but none to send around to the neighbors.
Charley Hampton, of Harbor Springs, is a
young Greenbacker, accredited with doing
yeoman service, and can take a prize. The
men who can do most to maintain tho un
holy alliance are to be cared for."
The Merchants Exchange.
A meeting of the Merchinta' Exchange
was held in tho parlors of the Morton last
evening. The appointment by tho Executive
Committee of Will A: Smith as actuary nnd
attorney of the Exchange was ratified by the
meeting. Mr. Smith, who has just returned
from a trip to Chicago and Detroit in the in
terests of the association, made a report of
his trip and explained tho workings of the
Detroit Exchange, which he fully investi
gated. Tho offices for tho Exchange will be
determined upon soon, and it is expected
they will be ready for active business oper
ations some time the coming week. Nearly
all the jobbers of t 'io city have become mem
bers of this organization.
JrsTiCE SAr.vDrn. Eugene Yanderstalk
v. Martin Last and Martin Yanderpyre. As
sumpsit. Judgment for plaintiff oTiJD and
costs. Roht. Frost v, John Malone. As
sumpsit. Adjourned to Dec. 11 at 1) a. m.
Mary Eugi I by next friend v. Tunis F.
Waldron. . Assumpsit. Adjourned to Dec
IT at 9 a. m. Phillip Graham v. Lucns C.
MrGowan. Summons to show caue. Suit
withdrawn. Jane A. Quackenbush v.
George J. Walker. Replevin. On trial be
fore jury.
Pooiut. Estate of Hendrik DeRoes, de
ceased. Will and petition for probate filed.
Jar. 12 set for hearing. Estate of WRrTen
B. Nash, et ah, minors. Inventory filed.
Poucf, Andrew McGarry, keeping sa
loon without liecne; nolle pros'd. dis.
chargrd. John Taphy, assault and bat
tery; returned to parents on recommenda
tion of State Agent,
Uxrnrn Statf. Carrie Philbriek v. The
City of Ni!'. Trepa- on thn cae. Jury
disagree- nnd were di irhrued. Josephs.
Tuttl? v. Rojal T. Twomhhy. Amnpit.
Argued before the Court without a jury, and
submitted. lohn V. Farwell et nh, v.
Henry W, Smith. Replevin. On trial.
SrrrftTofc. The- People v. Antonetta Ing.
Laro-ny from shop. Verdict, "Guilty."-
The IVeip! t. V m. McDonsld. larceny.
Vcrdirt. Guilty,
Jvt'M'v. Rfiorrw rn. .William HihVbrand
v. M i Wrnr. Assumpsit. Settled, nd
d't piid by def md ml,
Mt i i Hiri t,
Mr. Glvtrforin rr'Mte bvir htrh r.
Jjr-g' -T4No ? jnf,
U I I t ' 1 1 ' M"V t M"-.? of Vf Yorfc
c'dy, ?l fx r Jf);i poftrr Com;
Mr CtcrM-'Oid !.. fbe!ift-! U intiltliM
.t n' ft O r iriiirti in .b;-:t-4h
t.:.nU I o-rl . i-- ri-.-i j j a ; hs
f ! t3r. - I Ir-fit: f i i nit r,t-. f c .
An Explanation of the Case of Richards
vs. Henneman.
Several neighbors of Freeman Richards,
of Paris township, called nt The Telegram
office eterday to say that in their opinion
Mr. Richards Lad been unfairly treated.
Last Friday these columns contained an ac
count of an encounter between liim and
John Henneman, near the latter's barn, in
which it was stated tLit Mr. Richards at
tacked Henneman and was bo severely
handled that he ran away. The Paris gentle
men say that Richards, just at dusk, heard a
woman's screams and cries of "Don't kill
me," etc., near Henneman'a and ran there
to Be what the trouble was. He found a
small boy near the bari and asked him wjiat
tho matter was, vrhethejr some one was being
hurt. Jnst then Henneman approached him
in a threatening manner. Richards caught
np a piece of board, but Henneman grapf led
with him, and he, thinking Henneman was
opening a knife, ran away, and afterward
brought an action for assault. The gentle
men who called assert that Mr. Richard has
Uveal in Paris for bome thirty years and
never before had the least difficulty with a
Grand Rapids.
Txlxoram Orncx. Dc. 9.
GttAlxCorn, Mc. Oat, 25ft2Sc; retail S5c.
Whout: Clausen. 72; red long berry, 74; short
berry. 72. live. M lbs. lUfeMc.
FJjCUR AND Fked Pastry, $ 1 30 wholesale; $5 00
retau; jmieni. o ou -wuoieaie, &j iw rvutxi; uieu
tiling, jer ton, $16 CO wholesale, $1 00 per cwt
llnui. jkt ton, $13 00 wholesale; SOfe'JOc iercwt,
3Ieal and feed, per ton, $3) U) wholesale; $1 10 per
Provisions Beef, per side, $5 006,6 50. Yenls
$8 00&y 00, scarce. Lambs $5 00: mutton, ii
fe$5. Dressed hogs, bt Ml 5 00. Pork: Per bbl
mees, 510 00; hams, HfciUUc; shoulders, WtlOc
smokeil beef. lk; !acon. 12! c. Vennleon Cu'JOc
per lb. Lard: Tierces. 10c kettle.
Butteb and Ciieese Butter: Tu1h and jars
20i22c; creumery, tubs, 25c. Cheese: Full cream
11 Vic; half cream, VtC
Poultry Spring chicken: Alive. 8f?10c per
2). Fowls: Alive, 7 8c: dressed. 7fe8c. Torkeyg,
Alire, felOc; dressed, lOllc Ducks, dressed
Eons Fresh, lots, 22c; basket lots, 22c.
Vegktables Potatoes: 252Sc; sweet potatoes,
per bbl, $4 ,V)5 00. Onions: Per bu, yellow,
40c; silver skins, f0gG0c. Beets, per bu, c.
Cabbage, per hundred, $3 0U&5 00. Hquash. ier
hundred. 7541 00. Turnios, per bu. 23c. Celerj.
p4r doz.20(?i25c Cranberrys. $8 00 per bu.
Fresh Fkuits Apples,per bu, 23;40c. Orap
Kelley Island. 1012' ic.
Honey White clover, 12' jc; dark, 57c; strain
ed, fee.
Halt Syracuse, twirrel, $1 25; Saginav, $1 10.
Seeds Timothy, $1 50&1 75; clover, $4 004
red top, 751 00.
Hides Green, per lb, 7c; part cured. 8ft 6;full
cured, SVtQ&X' dry hides and kit, 812c; calf
skins.green or cured, 10c; deacon skins, per piece,
Sheep Pelts Shearlings or Hammer skins, per
piece, 102Oc; fall pelts, 40fe50c; Winter pelts,
Wool Fine washed, 2022c; coarse washed 16a
18c: unwashed .
Hay $1012; baled 14 per ton wholesale; 80$
90c ir cwt.
Straw Per loadj $34.
Wood Hani, senium at $2.25 per cord for Work,
split wood, S2.50.
Coal Stove and nut, $7.25 per ton; ess and
grate, $7.00 per ton.
Kerosene Water white, per gallon. 13Vi; Jega
test, 10.
New York.
0 ' New York. Doc. 10.
Money closed easy at V per cent. Exchange
closed quiet, at 4.62'54.8G; actual rates 4.81?4
4.81! for 60 days and 4.844.S3H for demand.
Governments closed firm: currency 6's, 128 bid;
4's coupons 123; bid, 44's do 113?i bid. Pacific
railroad bonds closed as follows: Union firsts,
UVt to lit; do. land grants 1064 to 106V4; do,
fcinkingfunds, 118 to 113: centrals, 112?- to 11254.
The feature of the morning dealings waa the
heavy pressure to seU Lake Shore and Lacka
wanna, both of which declined uninterruptedly
from the first call up to 12:30 p. m. The heavy
decline in these stocks was taken advantage of
hy the shorts to circulate all sorts of rumors. It
was reported that the selling of the stocks men
tion nd was chiefly by houses whoe financial stat
us com pell ed thera to unload, and failures were
predicted by some croakers. About 1 o'clock
news was received of the failure of Wilkinson &
Bros., of Syracuse, N. Y., with liabilities ranging
from $4' 0,0 TO tq half a million. This news had
a demoralizing effect on the market, and for a
while pelling was very brisk, Pftdings were at
tended with considerable excitement, bat by 12:30
this had died entirely out and the market was
stcalier with better support. About 1 o'clock,
how ever, the pressnre to sell some of the loads
was renewed and continued with but little in
terruption to the clse. Lackawanna continued
the feature, some Large blocks for both long and
short accounts coming on the market Tho beam
hadfnll sway and frustrated every attempt on
the part of the bulls to check the decline by
vigorously attacking more prominent stocks. At
the close the lowest figures of the day wen made,
the market closing weak and demoralize!. The
decline- a romiared with yesterday's price
ranged from H to 8U per cent-, the latter in Pwk
awanna. No further failures or tronbles were
reported during the afternoon. The selling of
Lafkawanna to-day was said to be for the ac
count of insiders, and heavy unhiding gave rise
to rumors of impending trouble in coal pool,
bnt none of the report could be traced. Iwke
Shore, Northwestern. St, Psnl & Omaha shares
wre alao pred for paI at time. Thrro wa
no movenvnt of importance in r"cialtie to-day,
Th sales azn-gstM ST9.fiO shares.
New York.
Nrw Tot. Ivc. in.
From Pnll and withent irnportant chanr.
Tiiy Minna ettr?v. ?4 2.i 4 ?-: Mjnna
tn. t;ftJfrM; rrrind h.p. Ohio, i2TMMV;
ST?1h-rn fimir ent lt;t "ttj; common to
nv.AT-Optior rHirrtf iy artif br.t ir
rf f ib. rlimg tjt steady at tri? a lrimoe;
l-t l-t frm rd wi?.it rr!teril chntsr
saI.- f N 2 prhig st nc?uid winter
rry ,tl t'r'i e:N-, S rv t tV. and Nn.?!! ! 7:?
Hlr?K 2 r fste M 'lr; 2 t intr,
Jr,v.tmry "iillje; d i I'rmfvry St'r, d
f rm-r tti prf.t f hf7e'-"nf-, pr? fl-tic
? t : r f n-g r -t Tr-.ift Nr.,
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The Question of Admitting the Pro
' fessor as an Expert -His Testi
mony Not Yet Complete.
Interest in the Millard case continues.
The audience yesterday was large when the
oourt waa called to order. After the roll call
of jurors the prosecution continued the ex
amination of
Dr. Gundruin I did not finish my evi
dence jesttrday, in regard to opening the
chest of the deceased; said nothing about
the face being covered with moles; 1 remem
ber there was more gas in the intestines
than I anticipated; the heart and lungs ap
eared healthy; this examination was about
yoth of hieptember, the time w hen the body
waa re-exhumed; the brain wax taken out
and put into a jar and given to Mr. Johnson;
I was there with the jury the second time;
the Kirne process of rinsing the jars w&4
Uhed as at the first time.
Cross-examined Did not Fay the jar were
sealed with wax; the string was waled to the
jar over in the little hotel; never agisted in
Fuch an examination before, and had no ex
lerience in arenical oisoniDg casea except
what I learned from books; the nearest casea
of the kind I liandled were in the dissecting
room; had no experience with a body before
that had been in the grave 60 long; I think
the rectum was not red; do not remember
whether I testified in the Circuit Court of its
redness; have testified twice before this as to
the fiize of liver taken off; now testify the
amount was about a pound; didn't think the
evidence in regard to it w important; am
now convinced; didn't handle any of the or
gans, examined with the eve; I mean by the
lungs appearing in a healthy condition that
the air cells appeared w, from what I eaw of
their inside, and from several incisions; also
made incisions in th heart; did not make
examination of the ppinal cord; the brain
was so decomposed did not examine it; the
second discnterment was made toward 7
o'clock; I think Mr. Dans wa present; the
object of second disenterment--( objection
raised by the prosecution) don't know
special object except to take out the brain;
can't Fay I acted as medical expert for prose
cuting attorney, but as adviser, answering
his questions put to me. (Objection raised.)
The defense stated to tho Court here, that
their position was that the prosecution made
the second examination of the corpse with a
knowledge of the claim of the defense that
the arsenic was introduced after death; that
proper care was not exercised by them; that
the defense would show how much care was
exercised, thus affecting the credibility of
the witness, and that if a proper examina
tion had been made, it would have shown the
presence of arsenic in the body did not re
sult from any other causes. The prosecu
tion denied the assertion of the claim being
made at the first, that arsenic had been used
in embalming the body, but that strychnine
had been said to have been used, and when
the tests found arsenic and no strychnine,
the defence wanted to claim they had Raid
arsenic. The claim of the prosecution is that
tho symptoms, manner of treatment and
the arsenic so found phows it was used be
fore death. Counsel for the defense claimed
the second exhumation was merely a fishing
for evidence. In reply, the prosecution
said, that -such a position, and of
of arsenic having been used to em
balm the body had not been taken
in the previous trial, until after the trial was
half over; they had had difficulty at the
former trial in formulating a hypothetical
case that had been ruled uin adversely by
the Supremo Court, and it was to avoid such
rulings that they wanted tlus evidence now
ruled out The Court in admitting the
question, "Is it not a fact that tho brain and
muscle was removed for the purpose of trac
ing the presence of arsenic?' said that the
infallibility of the Supreme Court would be
recognized upon any point it has passed
upon, but this court can't assume that the
facts now to bo presented will be the same
a3 at the former trial. Thi trial is d novo
in which tho evidence may be entirely new
and it cannot be assumed it will be identical.
The question was read.
Witness I presume that was the pur
pose." Re-direct Both cans used for holding the
parts taken were of the Fame size; Mr. Davis
was there I think. (Tho prosecution receiv
ing some uncertain or indefinite replies,
counsel for defence remarked to the oppos
ing counsel: "If you are trying to show that
the witness's memory is unreliable, we are
willing to concede that.)
Br mutual consent of counsel, the stenog
rapher's notes of the evidence of Eton 8.
Johnson, deceased Finco the former trial, was ,
read. He resided at Palo: was coroner August
"J2, when the body was taken out of, the grave;
jury was sworn at grave; Ftonn came up;
Ixxly was taken to hall, then to Baptist
Church shed; stomach, part of intestines,
liver nnd portion of kidneys were taken out;
got home about 1 o'clock aj night after in
quest; sealed the box, a tea box, and on
morning of 21th sent it by American Express
to Prof. Alfred B. Prescott at Ann Arbor;
directed the body to be put back in the grave;
about a month after disinterred Ixxly, re
moved brain and some muscles of calf of
Cros-xamined Coffin was opened while
swearing jury; twenty or thirty other persons
were preent; read oath from a piece oi
paper; body was considerably decomposed;
got the jars of fvjuire Halpin; wahed them;
September 21 cae was adjourned; got the
body out of the same grave.
The re-direct examination of the deceased,
witness gave no new evidence, and the court
was here adjourned until p. m. to await
the arrival of Prof. A. B. Prescott.
Afternoon Session.
Prof. Prescott did not arrive until nearly
4SV and the prosecution called A. E. Hum
bert to the ptand.
A. E. Hnlbert Peide st Palo; resided
there in P2; knew respondents wife; was
present at th1 inqnet: the jars were ob
tained at my plsee of bnine; one was a
qurt jnr srd the other a two-qurt jr; wa
present whn they tok rp the lx2r; hxk
h jar from the rJerk sfUr they had ln
washed: tk them to the hed snd d!iv
rred thetn te Johnson; Hxl there until
they wfrp ready tonethea; then they
wr rtP1 wfthed s.rim.
Oro-f xamiredTid noi tak them toth
While ttaitin? for Pr. Prrcrtt Jo!g
MArt-''T5. ed th ceffUM-. and rhjr?d
to any rtidf nre bt in? t.km fmrrj Tr. Pre
cott in rrfftrryrvo to the ai,!j: of tM
t.mse-h, m-tnrn. kidny and hrrr, and tht
the rtTrt Vi!t.tr ftrlnoi from th
Crr,rt rrrr.. J.v1r Montirmf ty ruled thi
tv f tp-rt ttne-t tth fid Imp ft
r'ruied frrrn th. rvnri for-irs th rthe
f rn t'f Ifi. o-dft nffrtU sll
t-e i j5fit in the me, ftd thns -vho
Vd t ratify e-n rnterrv 4 T j?dc Sw
p.ir rqr.rl of t d iff-i ?." j-ff r-r?
sff.'?wrd rl tht ?1 iiF-r b e
r-n V-l fr.vrs tN iVnt nrtrn
M 5 Pr. Piv-;i, r,f trr. t.-l
." ..:or..-. M". l
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