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Grand Rapids morning telegram. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 188?-18??, December 11, 1884, Image 2

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Alm-mm Tolocrrnm
sr-xzr-rirrrzz: -rv-rrr- - . r
t'uUiiUd Efitnj Daj Except Suiuy,
,,r . ,,"tIttV"t0ttt-i.t nr
if u twkl, rr .
H. McLMm ELL. .
W. M. UAUt uuD, ) Ldi ar '
ijai i HniFnojr.
i 1,I ia A.J f once.)
I aily, per car, po.ta0o prepaiJ f 5 GO
Utiji, ir iiriArtcr 1
Sici:xii-uCopici !nit frte.
Ad.ir ail cumnmuicsitioiw to Tm: TX-
... .1 . .i r
Grand KapiJ as euuJ-tU nutter.
Tin; Democrats an acting bo "wyster-
i ... . i ... . ii . i ... ..... ..a 4l I
are im-pariiiL' aBsuri.rLso for Dr. lhirchard
-J . i
in th way t.f a Christ nuw present.
A iTKhiiNr item from PennHlvania
tt"d that a new town in that Stato ha,
Ix-cn name, l loveian.uviue. it u aaieio
h:t tht v.ihan will txll pursue them and
the mnamranu wm njoy me apieiuuou
tr t.iveiiunuviiiams. i
Thk Detroit Timr says: "If Senator
L,w'i i- resLin no lUnublieau eat of
. I t
Laiiinu' neetl anplr." The eastern part
,f tliii State U very nuxlest about asking
for i,c-rt in whitth there i.i not likely to
be anr acancv. I
Hon. Alex andkj; H. Mokrison, of St.
.loseph, ih taikeii or as one or the men
upon whom (lovernor Aler may place
the olllcial title of State Railroad Com
missioner. Mr. Morrison is an old and
experienced railroad man, and for many
yearn has lieen prominently identitietl
with the- Republican party, lie is a hard
worker, competent and deserving, and
Gen. AL-er could hardly mako a better
t.ll4,itv. I
inn journalist of the far West enjoy
a Hort of HH'tic license in their forms of
expression which conventionalities pre-
iii i . ,v I
r, , . . v. nm, I
mg. i-or example, an Arizona etmor ex-
brother editor: "The miserable hump-1
backed scarecrow who tries to edit tho
. til ii ii i ii
hoirwah sheet on tho other side of tho
' . i
a i " l. .1 1 l i At .1 1
eirtei, is a ij,iug ueaii-oeau no uuum
want tho postothce, but we are in the
1 lands of our friends, and by tho eternal
lu.v v lli tlit Wf it wlifttlir r.
" I
. . I
wain ii or noi. I
RirnELiEuItoniNsoTwts to return
A T ! 1. 'I 11. - . . I
io uenereomau simputuiy m me sijiu oi
inaugurations, luo simplicity or vvasn-
ington or of Lincoln will not do. It has I
Kvom fashionable with Democrats to
summon the shades of Jefferson when
iney try to appear especially soiemn. in
common with a great many other Demo- I
cratM Mr. Robinson rinds nothing inspir-
imr in the history of his party since Jef-1
" . . . i
ferson s tnne,and looks to lUr.Clevelantl to
return to thomethodsof the good old days I
when the sago of Mouticello was a promi- 1
nent figure in the world. A great many I
worse thimrs miirht hannen. and Gover-1
m i. i . n i ii ..ti I
nor Vyjevewmu win u uii uuuih nnu tin? i
irtict nt .TTnrv:Ti fit tliia lnrlr tlmn wi tli
,,ww 'l ' 1 " v .v t.v.. ...... .
ItioiiUH A. llentlriCKS matenaiizeil wiin
..... , iiitT I
lxnly, ImioI.-!, breeches and babble.
... tint t!rt llAmvfmta liiTn n mi-
.ov that tlie UemocratS iiaro a ma-
jority of about seventy ill tho National
ise of Representatives and have just I
t . . ... it. it.-l
elected their presidential canuniaio iney
seem to Ik? weakening on their campaign
hobby of "tariff reform, and now talk or
. - .... I
i - i . i i: - , I
iieiernng io mmw uuure nuio . wortv
thev claimed essential to the salvation of
M., , . I
tho country.
ine can scarcely uojw i
thai tliey can do more with the next Con
irres than with the present one, aa their
majority will bo materially redticetL Tlie
fact U they have bcome aware tliat they
have been working on the wrong scent,
t h;i t tlie people are not in favor of free
r,1(i .,nii tho in Iinv rfitrtf piMir I
trade, anil that in an content, eitlier ue-
fore Contfrrsdor the people, the apjstles
or fi eo trade must meet with discomfiture.
. . ...... . i
and they naturally desire to ltrwne
sucli a conflict a.i long na possible, and
avoid it altogether if they cafi. Tho lie-
f.nl.Ke.nirf liiivw inliirl tnnrn !mn half fi
1 ' w"
million vol en in the nnat two veara in I
.. . x .. tji. i il
nwi 01 uie ioauiuz orvnera piaies, aim
thin facti.n not encouraging toDemoeratic
tarltT dvtorn.
Tlie solid South stands in no danger of
diruphire by the Prohibitionist.. The
pew party which in to break up loth the
old purtien will not find much encournge-
meet t far as the Democratic party in
o!u,cmed, in tho numlr of votes cast in
the Southern Staten for the Prohibition
candidates. Tlie following i the total
prohibition vote c;v-it in tlie several States
named: Delaware, .k5; Floridi, 72; (Kxr
jsia. HI; Virginia, l'-l; Ijouiiann,
Arhanan. none; Mis-inippi, nont; Smth
i'arotin;. nou.?. In all those Southern
Sf.tr? tln Prolubitionijfs did not nocive
:a many nten an they did in Kent county
nloTif. A more ik"nifieant fact ij that the
Prohibit it :v!.-N tlid their work, in the
Northern S-aton whirls were rcinhd
b vbt f:tl. New York, Ohio, Indiana, Con
necticut, lllinci- and Itcln'gnn. and in
ih-s'o Sfaten nxnvtl tht largest vot
given in nny State. If pn hihititni i.n a
great national ticstion wlr d'. X the Pro
hibition lca'bm couthi'V their work to
lonhhul Statin, and amoug th.o PpnHi
ran voters in nueh States? The rignn-n
sbw that nh-ont Id) per cenV of the Pro
hibition vut; wa tlnwn fn.ra tfie Ipul
liiMti party, and a very large per cent, of
it m St-i?en whi-'i 5rv debatable between
who k' prohibition rot f-a to
fetrou;? proof for thotud who are disposed
to .,otioa the imAiv, ami hone. of
Meodrs. 8t. Joliu &Co. The Prohibition-
u rt,ceivea no access ions from the Dem-
rK'ratic ranks, and they never will.
The have not tried to. The aim of the
, . . . , . A. r, ... . , .
leaders 13 to defeat the Itepubhcan party.
..... ........ a x.
At their banquet in this city last week
they spent the time and devoted their
speeches to rejoicin- over the Ilepubliean
defeat The niaea of Republican voters
who ca.-t their votes with the Prohibition-
jjj from what they conceived to
a luu senao 01 uui). vuimn
.mt - stioriH thv are Renublicana and would
vom wiin inai pariy. xney toivu iur iu-
inintion witii no otlier view man me bur
ensd of that movement, and find that
they have more than thrown their voted
... - ! ' mi. h..i,lrM lina ti r ncaii rmi'A
of Bucets to offer in the recent vote
Thy simply congratulate theiaselvpa that
they have ljeateii the Republican arty.
. t)romise of nnvthintr else.
a eJ oU intention. IWmb-
who went wUh them havo bud
fhei opened. Tliey will not con
thilu, t BXWlX)rt a movement which ia
n;i Unm.w.rut
cess, amfwith no other purpose on the
Irt of many or tliose wno roster it.
. i.i. i. . mi? i.. r ii
me i wiuinjr whuchuw iir
Itepublican principlea in the interest of
prohibition, but are not reaay to ao so in
the interest of Democratic Bticcees. The
Prohibition leaders have shown their
mnjs Toice ia tbe Yoice of projbi
ti but tho lumt :oinfHj witb tlie
New York Sun: One great distinction
of the late Frank Moulton is that he
never told a lie.
Syracuse Stundanl: Intrersoll seems
not to love Blaine any more. This is
Ingersoll's loss and Blame 8 gain.
Chicago At; ics : 1 he more we see or tne
I Brand-Leman case the more we believe
tuo letrislature should do something tliis
winter toward reforming our election
laws. There are as many holes in the
present law ua itiero urw m u muuei.
Detroit tree Press: The election of
a. , ArfW na of
York by the Republican majority in the
Legislature would be far more creditable
to both parties and to the State than the
election of Mr. Conklmg by a bargain
-r . :i.i:
ueiwtvu xeixiwiiUM iuiu awijuuiiuiuia.
tfknta r vHt,,t;nn- X IWimfiV
President has tbeen elected, and his ad
ministration will be Democratic. When
Ins term is out another Democratic Presi
i i : ii i. ,.i i i nn.- i
ut-iii win ut t;it?uit?.i. xuv country is
i i -
ucij iycuwtiuuV) uuu r in up du iui i
quarter of a centurjssibiy longer. The
TifxrrnAs. ?iq TCPil nn tlm HInini:irs. will
bavQ to make the most of these things.
PhOadelphia Times: Now that the
Democrats have won a President, they
are sorely perplexed to know just how to
Lbon? himl el P,1? t hf
i ousiness, anu iiivy uou i nuow now io
catchon. Besides, they don't know just
how a Democratic President will take to
being handled; and both the party and
Aifirt rra in
, ... ? t, a '
me lass, is a ueiiuiivo one an rounu.
Unclaimed Letters.
The following letters remain in tha pott-
office uncalled for:
gkxtlsmkn's list.
A Andelsdell Col J, Alexander F M, Albert
It-Hrantf Wm. Beach Vv m. Batentim Wm. Bar-
; rn J nuVn. Unmnol llnKKnon M
Jaraw, IJnttian llarlev, nrauneld II II, Brown
(teor? A, Batoa Frank. Bailey Ernest, Baldwin
Sl A.lWl Kben, BrownellA K.
I C Cameron 3Ir. Clipper Editor. Crandnll Dett.
Cripien Dariua E, Cronk (iwrgo A. Calyen O L,
rlintoa 1Ienryf t'onlev John. Carpenter John,
( -ortney John. Chao 31, Coburn Milan. Clarka It
i Dudley 6'A, DI
Vrmlr I tmt Hpv ( ! T.
k iiiiwMi Charles
F-Fowler Daniel, Fisher H A. Finnegan Teter,
I IUI 1 b.
(J-Oray Daniel, Grnelich WUhehn, Glass John,
urwnueo .
ii-Hitnlr Mr IW1 rh? HnrlnVV. M-
am! Mrs E, ilayden Fred. Herbert F, Homing II
K Jioimes Jamw, iioron w i;. oyen v u.
iitaiy Thomas, Iloijiht Knrua J, llansheld Feter,
Ileniey aiartin.
IIicnasiah NVojcieh.
J Jawett George F, Jones Etert, June Wm
K Kibbon Jacob. Kruina ITenry, Kimball Dr
Arthnr, Koetericii Anust, Kitta Adelbert. Kn
nly A llokie, Kennedy & Gardner.
L Lnyendyke John, Lucas Thomas. Lynn J W,
M-McConnick WU1, 3lartln John. McDonald
John. Morris Jonhnay. Menjrel Jamen, McFher
McCatTerty Alf, McDonald James.
N Natloe Hala A.
i runer r rrviifL. i t in t j r.
It-lioMn-on Joe 8. Idling J W. Kile J II.
M uvn ,t
Iioron, WtafionI John; Strahan J w, Boot t John,
ymita K.lward J, Hqnier lilvie, tihwJd Frank.
?.mith hrerftt &nnits 1MTU1. Schnll Larl. tttOKBS
Mr. Hhirk or Shank Addam.
T 'fucker A. Tanlngton D F. Tempi Jacob.
rn.,i . t.. rrt . t TL mrt.v 11
iHiiaaiJ r. i iiornion vuiesi, imnnu Jiiicneii.
TnoirtM V M. Thayer t A.
U-UstickJ K.
V Vealtickden J, Yops Anthony, Virgin Wra
W-Wark Dr Dnvid, Wilkinsen Dr J Work
man Jpremiah. W!on Harry S, Willnrd Horntlo,
Wanl E A, Werts Felix. Wirwn Z W, Walberg
Y-Yt Wm.
AAndren M'Us IxuiArmstrottfc Mis Lixzie,
Anln'wi Mr J T.
H IUx'ht! ft Ada, Pker Mis Agn Ann.
Prnnn Mr Klixartlu Hriifbam Mrs F.malinA.
IWM Mrs Lncy. Hooman Mis Lizzi HakPT
Mn Sadie.
('-.' roTnwU MN IittlA, Call Mrs J II.
I) Pay Mr AlfrL Dh?u MiM Pil. Dnm
nuntr Mi Lyli. Davis MLs Mand, Dickinson
Mi"1 Mary.
K-FrrnrdMiiM Delta.
F Kl-1 Mrs Jime. Fangion 5trs Ftta.
( UritlTn Mr Franci. (IritRn Mr Franc, Onn
Mr Frank. OnitTt Mr Fmma, OroTf Mi
Jenni taking Mr Lihbi, nia Mi UIli.
11 HachrMr" K-W, How Mi Mary. Uicks
Mi- Minnie II tiff Mi Mary, liilt Mrs Mrion
HrriMn Mrs liwa, Hart 1m liertie, Hobbll
Mr Kthr.
J--.lennirvr Mrs Frnk, Jon Mr Nell. John-
ten I.ir?i J.
K- Kelly Mi A, Kot Mm H.
IflTiand Mrs Mary.
M Morean Mr l hs. Minr Mr Oi2a, Mar
tn Mr J.m. M irn Mr 1ji Mrraran Mrs
I.Hy er (I firU MrConly Mrs Ka?t Mowry Mrs
Mitjnirt. MeK.n Mr t.ry.
N-N.i'--n M; ria, Nsh Mr IrjiiK Nioh
ol - Mr IHiti.
P-Vrmnt Mr Mrtha, Vm Mr Mnd. Pcrp
M s Mffsi. IM -n Mi l!l.n. frtr Mrs Hata.
It H.T!ink Mif Artfeni.
S S;ith 5lr Anna It, Mat.r Mr RSraith Mm
farlton. irsi'.y M Fierce, Hrlt'fori Mi
rn. Smith Mr KliwMh. .-.:;? Mm J -ilia,
StS M; Jnni. torhrs Mr J W Srwrt Mrs
Ik Sdr t M J- Sanrtal M.- Mry A, H!
Nry M! Mry.Spiu!dinr Mrs i!y, 5M5ArMr
M inrit' Sht5Ul Irs lUvn.,
V arrr Mr ehar'As, ainir"r Mr E M,
V.nl.n Mr Will H.
W-W-n M;w Anr.l. WalUf Mr 0r!.
w;i-.n M F-'tr, U'a;M Mi lW.on, Wrvt
Mi- Jv .A. Mr J IT Wr Mrs JAy.
WlVr Mi l-iih. V'htr ? .;r IZxr :
Mr Mary . V? Xii
j? jui:.-r i..r Ict:T
How ta Dr- nd Cook Thriu So a to
Make a 1 6t tit for the Go4.
lt. Paul Fionetr-Press.
"There. a young man with a shot
gun, and a dog and a bag of birds, a he
KOt off a train at the Lmoa Depot yester
day; 'that's something you don't find
arouuJ here very often, and I tell you a
man's in luck when he drops one. I got a
brace yesterday and he held up a pair of
handsome ducks. .The reporter ga-d rather
vacantly at them and said they were nice
Lird. ".Nice birds ! Y ell, I should say so.
Thoe are genuine canvas-backs. They're
mighty scarce in this country. Good eat
lug Why, there's nothing like it in the
world. It's just time for them now. The
ht-aou bes" about the middle of Novem
ber and lasts till February. These are
young ous, and pretty fat. They'll weih,
probably, about five pounds apiece, bee,
you can tell by the brown color of these
mottled breasts that they are young
birds. You want to be awful careful about
handling them, too. If a dog gets at them,
or you bang em around much, the flesh
gets soft and no good. Now let mo tell you
how to dress and cook them. Why, of
course I can cook. A man that canft cook
his ot u ducks is no earthly good. Take
your brace of young ducks and get the
females if you can, for they're much ten
dererpick them carefully and then draw
them. lie very careful to take tbe wutrails
oat entire aud not cut them. Don't wash
them at all, for they're better without it.
Sprinkle them with celery chopped fine,
and cook 'em for rlften minutos over a
rouwing hot fire. A Httle currant jolly
pretty well with them. Hake your mouth
water? Well, It ought to. Couwe up to the
hotxsa at four and try them. Ok, you must.
P3 cook them myself, and you see if lm
Twin Blondes.
Boston ITerald.l
At a trial in Augusta, Me., the other
day, before Judge Whitehouse, the case
being a family quarrel between disgruntled
heirs, among the witnesses for the defense
was a pair of twins. They were not ordi
nary twins. Th(y had hair of the bright
est auburn,' eyelhls the color of flax, pink
and white complexions, and dresses ex
actly alike, even to the most unimportant
bow. Their names even wero exactly
alike, with tho single exception that an a
appeared in one of their names, instead of
an o.
When the first appeared on the stand the
jury, judge and lawyers regarded her at
tentively; she gave her testimony in a
modest manner and stepped down. An
other name was called; it was that of her
twin sister. As her counterfeit present
ment quietly took the stand there was a
hush in the court-room.
Judge, jury, lawyers and spectators sat
transfixed, and gazed first at the witness
in the box and then at the place where her
sister had taken her seat. They could
hardly believe their eyes; it seemed as if
the last witness had returned to the box
without boing recalled. Tho lawyer con
ducting the cross-examination put the
usual questions; the name and residence
were, to all appearances, the same in the
case of her double, just on the stand, and
the voice precisely the same in tone and
inflection. Tlie jury looked at each other,
and seemed ready to match coppers as to
whether they were awake or not. Then the
lawyer asked the witness if she had been
on the stand before during the trial, and
received a quiet answer in the negative.
This satisfied the Court, although, if her
twin sister had not sat in plain view at the
other end of the court-room, it is by no
means c rtain that she would not have
en indicted for perjury.
Magazine of American History
Edited by Mrs. MARTHA J. LAMB,
Tlie accomplished author of tho "History of tho
City of New York."
"Docidedly one of tho host periodicals in th
world." Chronicle and Constitutionalist.
This standard and popular reriodical lias many
Btfreoablo surprises in store for ita readers during
the coming year 1S85. Many of the aUt and
most eminent historical writers have phxhjed
or iginal contributions, the frexh results of care
ful research and profound study. And it will
continue to furnish choice, authentic and enter
taining bits of history, in varied forma, and of
pricelewi value to all student, writers and invest
igators. This magazine aims to cultivate the tasto for
historical reading and the desire for historical
intelligence among all classes of readers. It has
no rival, and it is universally recognized as the
growing power in the field of historical litera
ture, and the bt monthly publication that can
be introduced into the household.
This mazazine is beyond all quwtion tho most
admirable historical ieriodicai e ver published.
It is tilled with articles prepared after long re
search by prominent students of history, and
original documents never before published appear
from time to U me, adding to its real valuo."
Detroit Commercial Advertiser.
"Heyond question the foremost historical jour
nal in America. Its article are well written and
N-autlfully illustrated." The True Witnens,
"It is highly popalar, and wo think deservedly
o, being at once fascinating and instructive,
an innovation upon the stereotyped methods of
recording hiftoneal fact which could scarcely
fail to gain pnblic attention." Manufacturers
Ileview and Industrial Ilecord.
TTith the January numler, 15, commences
the thirteenth volume.
rinbscribers wishing to renew should send their
came early to avoid delays in the delivery of tlie
WHERE. Terms. $ a year, or W cents a number.
Published nt IX) Iafaj ette Place, Ne w Y'ork
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Radiant Home
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clusively, the makeni of the lUl'lAXT lloK have
bwta before the public for ovt-r t-teii!t-ii years.
There eta b bit few persons in this country who
are not familiar with the hLrii reinstation t-'nt-d
by die IUdiant Home Stotes-h r'5utji?ira not
of hot-hUft; growth, fml by urtitiruvi r;e;ai
dtoa)Ui as rabidly j it i;!2eirt, but a
vigorous growth, built ui on the only tru boi.
viz.: that of g'uiije merit. It has la theit
aim and' c-4 neurit ttudy to n i:uinie r.nd
perftict the 1!dint Home hiovrs, that the.v
fchould dc"-rnily rank hih-t in tie umr--kt-t.
With this aim constantly in i-vf, a tvu-h
yi.r's exirience indicated feojiiethin.; whcie-u
they could improve the working juaKtii, ia
crmse the hitingcaiaeity, or render :inrec-.t!iac-tive
in ornanuiitation, they have bi;.rl i:o I'dc
or exieneo to accomplish this o! j-tt. As evi
dence that euccs has attended their t liort. thf-y
point to tho ever increasing iopularity of the
IUdiavt Home Sioves. Their intrLufeie merit
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In the Iti pattern they have made borne chfoigt
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new and larger fire iot and grate, which atlLf
largely to the heating caiaeity, without increaiel
consumption of fuel. The ah pit is made deeper,
taking u larger rh-ian. The urn Ls altgether
new, m;wle of .;un brns, nickel iilatl and le:u
tifnl in dehiu, greatly adding to the gfnt rul at
tractive apjHv'unuice. They confiilently chJm. ii
.heretofore, tlmt the Badiast Home Hiovs, in
quality and sm,thnes of casting; through fitlin
and mounting, and as poweiful l,nten, nt trJj
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The 11EST Invention of thr. Ayr.
1. Becanso it will wash more clothes in a given
time tlian any other washer knowii, and doNit
more jerfectJy.
2. Ilequires no RUBBING to wir out the
clothes, as Steam does all the work.
3. Will not injure the linest fabrics, tear the
clothes or pnli otl the button.
' 4. Can be usel on any cook fctove, niUtr, gaso
line, oil or gas stove.
5. Will hold from 15 to 20 white f hirt at one
time and all tan le washed in 'JO minute.
tt. An investigation and trial will convince the
most skeptical., A week's trial i;iven lefore
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City National Bank Br,il dina.
Grand Ilapbl. - - Michigan.
Dhr rCirtv ''KTX.i.
Fah?'"r;r.l F-r.It r-,il frrr. to ?'"r
$s. Sati5frtiotj prmr,?!. tf
Artistic Dress nncl Clonk Makinp,
Alo KtT'A tr.r IV' (v'vr.
It! Mnr- S'rv-t. - Port-'r -k.
134 IIcTiroD St.-, Porter Block.
TCfAi, .... srwl Pajr
$45,000 WORTH
Consisting of Men's, Boy's and
Single Panis, Coats and Vests,
Caps, Custom-made Suits and
Auction for the benefit of the creditors by order of the Receiver.
Sale Commences Tuesday, December 9th
To be continued until the entire stock! is sold out at
04 and 00 Canal Street.
Just received at
Co., 40 Canal street aline line of Oil Paint
ings to be "riven away. Tlie Bool, Shoe and
Slipper departments arc "complete in assort
ment and selling very low.
A few prices on specialties which we must close
out this week, Read them before passing or. It
will pay you:
Ltadies Curacoa Kid Button Shoo3 - 1.25 &z l.SO
" " " (FineKtylc) 1.SO& 1.75
Pino Curacoa Kiel 33utton Slioes alUijlo)
Bobblo Goat 4 4 Mli-tyU) 1.50
' OrcLixi Button Slices Midi
ELllCalf - - MM)
Embroidered Opera slips, m i
Pine IZicl Opera slip3, (c t J i
We cannot give more prices for want of space and
therefore invite a call from all. Warm lined goods
we carry in all styles, and have the most complete
line of Rubber Goods in the city which we offer at
prices 20 per cent less than any other house.
reat Chicago Boot and Shoe Store,
Tl)fy nre mru to fit hny m? ! 1. frm n cMM -wl.o wr n fi-r- 13 tn a rrsn J.o .r h
11, ami enn Ijcwrn wiU nil Wrijtioi; f rxA r l-nt.ST ui -. A ( mviUK?;
h'ierr tl.ry will h found of pnt r. to r n-v. tit nil flin-C "1 t t U U kjjiI ia
aflord much cnifort to thme trmiM! ith tT3(lr h' or t it!i h torn m m -,-- litijx;:.
For Sale at "WliolenrUo and Kotail by
G. II. IAYIIEW, SO Moxkok Stkelt.
' Jr.-'-
J 0 r 1
Children's SuiJ
and Overcoits,
Shirls and Undepvear. HatsarJ
Overcoats to ba sold at Public
the Eed ! Boot Shoe
F. E. Blakeley
:r o iz, p n less
..-. J.?-. ! J,
A. b. kisowlso::.
tn.'j grv;t pai
I ltfr (i , I ll'; S. :'. i '

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