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Grand Rapids morning telegram. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 188?-18??, December 11, 1884, Image 3

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Morninir Teleirrain.
(KIND Il.YL'iDS, Dili j. 11,
.".. .;ii;r4i;i 4 !..- fuur :d,..n-.
Arm Ar'.ur h i- tea J nviUr.
Iypu'.l...-.i i a::U r iu Detroit.
Airi.iii h. ,i t.if Uctaru course,
li.ati.) Creek i. a d iiicinj school.
S .rin.u? l. r d lau lM:t.n tnLir't-J.
Ciar 5 L.- ;i puk-i .u kiii' tuddi.-hment.
lMr.,I: will ii-tvti ;i permanent Democratic
.M xf iti .v K ul vui itu'ht- of aov Sun
day lii-iit.
I -iui'i h.v-) ,i n-w opera hou.-t: vhich
V lil fe.it 7 U.
A J -arty of t t r.t y-iivv It ft Rattle Creek
I) -i -c for California.
'Ih.i M.ciiU'iu (Yiitrul luiA taken one
Lraks: n. ia o.T fruia t-.kch mail train.
TL.,i;:i Hiairh, owner of all the property
at 1 ..m ,iu City, died Tuesday of a stomach
.ii--.i -..
Cv t. Ni.-h.l.Mn will bo eupcriuttuJent of
tlu- Detroit llou of Correction another
thro- t;ir-.
J.i-. T. Christy, of Morton township, Me-co-u
fo inty, ha.- been convicted of defacing
'i la? annual mettii:' of the Michigan Ree
K pi r?" A--H.-iatiou bt an buzzing at Lan-.-u.'
y t-1 rd.iy.
Rev. Win. Mi-IUn, a former niivdouary
anion.; tht; Zidus, is h during before the
WU.( n'h .Mi v -wtiary Societies of thw State.
It i.- announced that the Lansing SumUnj
S-flin'fi ha ru ended publication, while iu
till -or is prur-pvctuir around for a new oliice.
1 Ik Ia.;h.wa county Sunday-School As.so
ri ition brj-Ltx its iirt e mi -annual meeting
in the M. E. Church at Wiliiamston ye-sUr-day.
Thi Ilu'h People' libel suit aain.st the
lK-troit i'ut iiaa be u discontinued. "The
dirfe r. r.cvs have been satisfactorily adjust
ed." That -x tth-s it. About the time the Ia u'lfi-latun.-
meets in IULsiu a lar'o bottling
ftabh-hment Is to beui tieratiuns in the
C.-4 itol city.
Kalamazoo in trrt at for new inventions.
Their la.-t k't t up i- a "wldte elephant on
rolh r sk itt-s." Ilct it'- an ordinary beat
Tht-Odd Fellows of Ronton Harbor dedi
cated their mv hall Tuesday evening. There
was a iMr't crowd present, and the exercises
w-re very interesting.
Several victim.- of the lato diphtheria
H'ourt at Howell have been taken to Brigh
ton and placed in vaults. Brighton authori
ty s -,vy no more of them can come.
Dr. Ih ynolds, the temperance orator, skips
the oovl, moral towns uid Ots where his
fr-r jet s are must needed. Ian--in and Mn.s
keun arw on his, list of appointments.
Tht State (V)nvention of the Stato Hoard
of Charities iid Corrections, together with
t!ie Coaference of CouLty Superintendents,
nu t at KalainaziK Wednesday afternoon.
About tXUJM) iound- of evaporated apples
and a quantity of rain were burned, to
iCetlur with II. Burtlett's elevator, atDryden,
Saturday nijht. ljuhs, 10,UUO; partly in-,-ured.
Tht Baptist society of Milan dedicated its
new .5,.'sj0 church last evening. Bcv. C. 1.
Henderson, of Detroit, Kev. Dr. Beats, State
Missionary, an i other clerj men were
( )n Tue--'.ay a di.'p.frreement occurred be
. tweeii thc member of the grocery lirm of
Lovejoy ,v llerric!;, of Bi' Kapids, and at
trie renue.t of the latter John K. Snyder was
appointed rt tvivtr.
Flint boa.-ts of a child who, when born,
weight d but two iound and nine ounces,
oiruv that time the child has yone through
au.ll-pvx, iuilammatiou of tlio brain and
luu, mumps and chickfnpox.
Thu LTrt National Bank of Kalamazoo is
to In- supplied with a weather bulletin and
time ball; th-j latter will drop every after
noon exactly at 1:0 standard time, obtfiined
by teleicr.ipli from Fort Wayne, Ind.
S-venty Coldvvater merchants have siTied
a paper th-U unh ss the telephone rent is re
duced irom sis to per 'year their
machines mujt bo taken out January 1. The
manager of the company Bays they will not
There was a larjjp attendance on the open
ia of the State (rrane, at Lansing. Tues
d..j. The day sessions were sjent in routine
wirk. (irand Master Lnco delivered his
annual address to a lare audienco in the
Fred Newmann's meat market and grocery
store was dtroyed by tire at Bay City,
Wednesday. A lamp was left burning in
tao store and it is supposed an explosion
caused the destruction. Loss, '1,."4JJ; fally
There was a large attendance at the opening
meeting of the Stato Urango at Lansing
Tuesday. Nothing a.ide from routine work
was tlon this morning, but Grand Master
Lue iil deliver his annual address this
A young man named Daniel II. Slocmn, in
i)t.-t o, attempted the lives of nil he met on
Tuesday night while under the influence of
liquor. Otsego is a prohibition town and
SSoeui'i claims he had been drinking hard
cider only.
Ah auder S. Hill, of Cao, who was arrest
ed in 1 v-'I chargod with the embezzlement of
lv. from his wife at Salt Lake City, from
whom hn h ul previously separated, has been
n !i -iseil from jail, where ho luw been contin
d t!ie p i't year.
Charts und Lewis Gillett, of Allegan,
weio seuteiict'd 'Inesday to live years at
Jackson pri-oa far Mealing clover eed from
Mil H .rt of Allegnu county la-t winter.
Tht ir brother Ctirtis is now in prison fof the
sM.ni' o.7t n--e. Both havo served terms for
te;'.iing wheut.
the I' irn of W. Waterman, of Breedvillo,
hume-d Monday niglit. The building was
ci ns imo!. and with it two horses, two cow,
5 tet -heh of ints, P lusfiels of wheat and
g iier i). farming implements. The lo is
f.'.MO; insurance, s ;,. rl"he fire was the
work :f an incendiary.
The Ana Arbor City Council held a special
i;h titig I'ue-day night to consider the ip.ies
ti v.'f lighting thcity. The matter was
r f rred to a special committee who are ex
p vet d to rvport in favor of an extension of
;! j-rf-ent Vjo.HiopiHi "ystem, with gaso
hue f r the outskirts of the city.
I'puty I". S. Marshal Jennings on Mon
ti to --.t Mrr-tetl Ralph MK'rumbof Higlrt
and L.:rum ng?it of Cephas on a charge of
pM-"ing counterfeit monfy nt Grand Ixlge.
he ia lis y in u:etiou i bogu- ilver dollar,
ik vly mad, ot ilate 1n, and though lwrt
xvtght is a dangerous counterfeit.
'Iter will be a meeting of th Trntees
and ot'.er fru !iIs of ti e Michiwmn Military
Ac u! T..y nt Orchard l-ke, on the P'th inst..
tor H ' pur oce of inspecting the
tn!dirgs -owl other improvement recently
iv vOe. r:d for bect-.ming more familiar with
th w.n ami general character of the insti
tutive. The ;rriv?l of the S.ilvition Army at
Nrt;i I:,.siT,. tnvpl tix much for Jsmes
C tr"" n, and imbibed much ?viritnons?
(ntlm-tasm as s. ! unable t navigate the
w id--t v ir-t of sidewalk. Carmeu drifted
v.v bef.-r J ''-nee ( lark, on Monday mtrning.
r.d in e'ef, nit of the numbor of sjiekel re-
"a-ih' rr pMUTig evMs of pn.wevntii.Mi w i
h-r-'.thnl out. t tj ,.;y ia Ingham county jul.
e;l -t.
Ti. t;r.t I of t State Spttinen
A5" rut? en o; nd a J.cksm Tneaf jn!
, cuh d b order b-y the ih:!-h-nt. Dr.
H.-hv..-- of Gr.md B ird'. Chw. r, of
Wp.tv i ;vor i'. b I -neater, of Flint,
' -v! .'Klf'i r'-'t: 'T':;-, H. V l.gr
r -ij -l !: c'.k i fl ieo-rt iry or, acconni of
f - -g j-';ig,-t, nd M Novris, of (trand
B. i i-S w.is fhet- d ill hi iU,
II.iw Obi Ik Priarl th Way for HU
Atiuitt-I ut ix Srrlou Charge
fc4; I hj a VouitS Ioj',
lutt rffrrnce.
fArariidw Travt'cr.j
Old African Ik was sutamone I to ap
p.ar b jforj court to render important tas
tin.ouy in ache involving the honor of
a colored gentleman vhu, nearly every
orw Lclievt-d, stole a sheep. Young Mul
kittl upon whom a strict watch was kept
his m :her boing on a visit in the coun
try, and hb father Ias'ui'Z absorbed in
preparing himself for a coming debate
aaked old Ike if he might accompany
"i'sy gwioe ter 'tend ter some law buI
lies, honey, an I doan know tiat it woul
le distant wid de cou't o' do Ian' ter Tow
chillun ter 'tisipate in de proceegins o' de
hour, but rntbby, ez J haz 'siderable 'Du
ence will Uo hall o justice, da mout, jo&'
ter please me, set aside de rules an rS
gelations, 'cause yer know, honey, luster
be a member o de cotton 'ctiange."
A member of the cotton 'change?" re
peated the boy.
'0h, yas, I uster 'change cotton for ba
con. Oj, 1'ae been a 'tluential man in my
day. Come erlong, an' I think dat I kin
work yer way inter de 'semblage."
The old man had no trouble Ih securing
admission for the boy, such was his influ
ence with the Judge and Prosecuting At
torney, and conducting his young compan
ion to the reservation especially fenced in
for the lawyers, he sat down, nodded in
recognition of an acquaintance who sat on
the "prisoners' bench," and leaned back
to enjoy the distinction guaranteed by his
former relationship with the "cotton
"Get out of here," said a deputy-Sheriff.
"You'll have to sit back yonder, little fel
low." "I'so a witness on dis er 'casion, sab,"
replied old Ike, with a proud attempt to
stiffen the back of his neck.
"Well, go back yonder and stay until
you are called."
"Ain't I 'titled ter de 'special ceremony
an' pribilege?"
"Get out, I tell you!"
"Sartanly," and arising and turning to
the boy, he said: "He doan' un'erstan' de
sitywashun, honey. He's er new man in
de flock, but wait till I has time ter speak
ter de jedge, an' I'll hab his wings clipped
er little."
The boy, indignant in the belief that
the old man's importance had not been
recognized, insisted that the insulter
should bo immediately brought to justice,
but the old man, wiser and more mature
in his deliberations, replied:
"Neber mind, honey. De Sabior wuz
once 'suited by de lawyers an' de fox
houn's o' de cou't room but dar punish
ment come arter erwhile."
The boy anxiously waited, and when
old Ike was called to the witness box, he
accompanied the sage, and seemingly
unobserved, seated himself on the steps
leading to the throne of justice.1
"What is your name?" asked the prose
cuting attorney after the old man had been
placed under oath.
"What's your other name?"
"Which udder name? I'se got fo' ur
five. Bolonged ter seberal different mars-,
ters, sah."
"Well, which name do you go by?"
"Fust one and den de udder. Owin ter
whut comp'ny I'se in."
"Nevermind his name," interposed the
lawyer for the defense. "The summons
says that his namo is Isaac Balch."
"Well, Mr. Balch," continued the Prose
cuting Attorney, "do you know the de
fendant?" "I oughter know him. He owes me er
"What kind of a name does he bear in
the neighborhood?"
"Neber heard nufCn' ergin his name.
Soun's well ernuff." .
"Drt you consider him nn honest man?"
"Wait till he pays me dat dollar. Den I
won't bo prejudist."
"Tell us what you know in regard to his
stealing a sheep from Mr. Parker."
"Nber seed him steal no sheep."
"Come, sir. Didn't you tell a man that
you had eaten a part of the sheep?"
"I kaln' tell by tastin' er sheep wfiuther
it wuz stole or not, Yerso'f eat more o' de
sheep den I did."
"What do you mm, sir?"
"Meani dat halt o' do sheep wuz tuc
ter yer house nn' sold, SAb. Oh, doan
come none o' yer pranks wid me."
"Your honor," exclaimed tne Prosecut
ing Attorney. "I don't think that the wlt-n-?
knows anything abiut the case."
"Neler mine," said Old Ike, "shoot yer
dye stuff."
"None of your impudence, dr."
"Proceege wid de barn rain."
"Gentlemen please observe order," said
the jude, turning with a weary air from
n stack of papers which he was examin
ing. "Uncle Ike," sahl the boy, "why don't
you call him a liar?"
Every eye wa tnrned in the direction
whnc the small voice came.
"Hnh, honey, buh. Pat's whut he is,
hnt if he ain't got sense 'naff ter know it, J
ain't gwine tell him."
"Mr. Sheriff," said the Judgp, "yon will
pioaie take that old man to jail to serve
fifteen days for contempt of court."
"No, mhter," exclaimed the boy, spring
ing tr bf feet, "pleae don't do that. He
I sick an cnher be nt hom Please let
mtak him away. It would kill him to
p-jt him in jitl. Come on Uncle Ike,"
reaching np and taking hold of the old
man's hand. "Come on, they won't hurt
you. Let ns go home an'I lie on the
The oi l man, on whcef;ce fright had
carved dep lines, looked appealjaly at
th- jn lg.
"Tike him awy, little f?ll-sw."
As they walk 1 along the str??, the old
mr svM:
-I g-t yer in, didn't IT'
"Ye, an' I jet you out, dida'l I?"
Wall, honey, we ir-n't Mlk no
'but dat, De J i lg?s an iatvyen is $
muhty Ml fnim grn dt yerksin put
no cmferdnc in 'em, nr hr, haw ! T?hti
I foun cnt dat I hsd sorrv o dat stvM
ra frin dat it wv-uM N ftrh np er;;n
m, X h4 som c It ent tt d prcecn in'
'tcrny, Dit tin'k ail, henev. IH jC;!ga
Hardwood XjiaxnTDei
Hard and Sot Maple Floorhaj Made to Order of any width.
California Red-Wood Lumber and Shingles.
Absolutely Cleat; Heaatifal Color, Will not irarjt or Shrink
Cheaper than Pine. lAtsta forever.
PATCHIM & ABBOTT. - - 41 Monroe Street, Grand Rapids.
Have no superior in Tone, Finish or Durability. See
them at the Factory
56 Ottawa Street,
For Sale to actual settlers at low prices and
on favorable terms.
Located in the counties of Osceola, Clare,
Missaukee, Wexford and Roscommon, Mich
igan. For particulars address
45 Monroe Street,
j. s. McGregor,
New Steam Dye Works,
20 Fountain St., Grand Rapid.
Ladios Pressos, Cloaks, Shawls or Sacqnos
Cleaned or Dyed in a Superior manner. Gentle
men's Made-Up (Jarments Cleaned or Dyed and
Handsomely Pressed by Steam; Equal to new.
Repairing Done.
Goods Received and Returned by Express.
Cures Sore Throat, Chest and Lung diseases, Coughs, Colds,
Hoarseness, Tickling of the Throat. Very pleasant to take. It
regulates the bowels. It is the largest bottle for the price known,
try it, tho price is only 25 cents.
GEO. G. STBKBTEB, Sole Proprietor,
Sure Cure, price 50 cents. For sale
9 A TO T A TTi fTI
Grand Rapids, Mich.
; Wo havo addod to our business a
very complete Steam Laundry, with
all the Latest Improved Machinery.
hard and soft water, and havo se-
cured first-class help and aro pro
pared to do tho best of work. Goods
called for and delivered promptly.
55 Monroe-Si and 95 Ottawa-St.
iiUlCvSSafe, qtiick enre, any aiL Kizi,
' i, ifcttlful relUf for girl or womn troubles. Board, ka. Con
tCdently apTlT, person or lattr,free- Beat, efficient. Fete !
r- rgni-Itiae PIU. f I : Boxes f 3 ; Het-lacbe Cure. 25 en u ;
: Toilet Mirror. 10 cent; by xnmtL Addres, vithr?3iltunre,
UreiKSfic DisrsnsABY, 2 St., tira4 Bpil. MjcU.
... .. ....
R?ad Wiiat Van's f.U-ic Oil o- Kinj
c? Prit Hrr Dcre cr
tne Peop'.
We Lav u-tl ViOi Miic 01 for iiitwuiJ tuJ
extermsi a'ti UviioXxS.in cttt-f C o-Ljp.lA.iiic, Out,
iiarii, lirui-. ftt, and Lid U'ttt-r. It t
e-j-viiJij fcd.-;pui tu I'fiildr a, j- n vhn i ul
I luive um1 Van's Mirio Ud fur Nttirtd:ia, urJ
it tt& pruti U be t-iili-facti.'!-, Ha it ha CUltxi
nit? iUiiy: k.lov uur lirxt dmr lifiKtbr t
cumi hj it, J.H-iaiis Kiili, by Intrrnid tue fcr
rvrt TLrtitit, fAiiibmd vilh tt K'rrt? LaUU tnd
ltirt lit e ; tdou a lutui by tiie .hiu? of htultti
Kwiutetis Mas com! by it of u w t-ry trw Limine
lick 1 OlU lievt-r bay too much iu pruio of yoar
Sialic Oil.
Undid Haven, Aprils, li.
ioure truly, JAl Oil DtSTELDEll.
We liKve u"-l jour Muie Oil fur Kveral jt.rt.
and would not like to b vuthout it. tu it i Koud
f.Uiiiy iniioiiif, viz: Jiurns, Uruis. Kre
J i.ioiit, Oold?, etc., btnc 1 truly rwi:mi ju1 it to
the public KEV. K VAMiUiVlJES.
l'uttt-non, N. J., Ft U 11, ls4.
Mubkeoa, iliclu
Mli. N. O. VaKDLIND: Vt Uexi your
Jlwie Oil with tnt taUe fact ion, Ou of our
cliiidren was Uikfn bick with (ftMadloil) dijh
thena. Of txarte we employed a doctor, but the
child Krew wore every day. One inurmng, U.e
ioctor cailrti with four more of hi protection:
aiid consultHd. If ti;e child would be iJive in the
evening tijey wert to ojm-u the child' throat and
cut the phitrm out, 'ihiat I diJ not approve of.
but as tiiere was no !ioie of the child' recovery, I
ionenteiL Finally our neirhUr, Mr. F. Vaiuier
werp, called w ith a bttle of your Maric Od, and
uektd if we would use it it would COtt U6 Uotii
ing. We gave the cluld three or five droj in
ternally every hour, and j.oultictl the bole of it
fet-t with onion: .and bathed it throat well with
Matfic OiL and when the doctor came in theeven
inK lie wanned to know what we had given the
chihl, ais it breathed m much wilier. I told him
we utnl an Mnpic OiL He raid keep rhjtit on
Ufeinn it as that waa b-tter tlian he could do. 1
have th.iiiked Mrs. Vanderwerp a thousand time
for her kindneas, and I tincerely thank you for
your valuable medicine. Yours truly,
Mufekeon. 1 would hay, 1 have known the ef
fects of Van's Mcio OiL in domestic iractice,
always with rood ellects, never with bad ellecta.
llave precrilxxl it in my practice; lind it a very
good and safe medicine.
W. U. DELAP. M. D.
Van's Magic Oil or King of Fain is manufac
tured by N. Ci. Vam?erlinde, Slufckttfon, Mich
and is told by all dealers.
Grand Iapida
Organized llarch, 1890.
Capital, - - 0500,000
Surplus, $100,000,
PreeidVnt. Vice-Freident.
WM. WIDDICOMB, Cafchier.
JSJInterest at 3 ier cent, per annum on all
time deposits.
directors :
Edwin F. Uhl, Frverann Godfrey
Geo. H. Long, Eno ltntm,
Vm. G. lIenoLsheimer, 51. J. Clark,
1). II. Waters, J"fi. Houseman,
(ireo. C. KimbalL Charl( H. Hazelline,
M. Engleman, Thomas D. Humton.
Wm. WMdicomb.
Just Received -nd for pale in any quantity by
525 and 527 South Division St. Grand Rapids
m i
at same place.
CEAS. D. R0S3, .
f 2'lk.ke y wur kik therv and va will fekvj
Grand Bapids Ir.dltia-
IVtot-.key A MsoLinAe Ex...... 4Ll)Ul VM'pr
(Inciuuati A Muckir.ue i x. . . V.' a:u 1j:" aa
It. WfcueA" t'-uiid Ex. I :A'j a
Grand liapitU : tViiiUc Ac. ilJ
(Mruiiinati Ijc... T:Maa
Maokinac A f iiK'iiiiiati Ex 4irpm 4;tpu.-
Mi i inAc A Ft. t.iie Ex 1 :. .m 11 ii au
IWiilW A li rand Xipi i Ac . 5 ;4J pin
All t.-auw uaily exvv;it hundaj.
NoKTii I rain leuii ht VJU p. m. hi Wonkl
rnli rUpti.g Vn fir iVtiky and Macki;
City. 'Iraiu im if: at l'Ji'i a. iu. hae C'iuir
fur Traverse t'lty,
Sorrn 'lrain Iiiirat 4:SS p, m. Wood
ruft Weeping i 4.r for t'lncmnau.
'11jurt tickt-16 mn ims oUaiiiol at Uluq
Ticket Od.i, corner Moim- aiid l)i?w Mrtv-u
and at Uiutua lK iu C. U 1K KVUK- i.
titn l l'iu.. Art
Detroit, Grand Haven & Llilwaukua
tMoming Expre ll'.ipm l: i
TThrough Mail I U j nn L :l I pin
tSusaniboat Expret .lUSJ jm
ildixed 7aOaa:
Niht Express l.VJ iun fijsj aa
tBteamloat Expre am
T'FhrtHitrli Midi 13 JO am l.tcit au.
iLimiud Expmi 8Lpm SJSri.pm
Atlantic Ex pm.... V 4i pm P:4.'. pm
tMixti, with etiach aoi
tlaily, bunda) exoepteL Iaily.
Fat'ngrs takix4f tlie t5a a. m. LxpreKi cke
clone Nnnx-tion at O ihh for LfvUruug, faid tt
Detroit for New York, arriving there at Utlii a. ir
the folliwirig mtriang.
Nigiit ExprtM has local bleeping ( ar lKjoit to
Grand Rapid.
'lldn is the only line running Atlantic Expr
lNtving here at lu.45 p. m., widi bipiiig t ar to
Detroit, making direct oounettions for ail points
Eit, arriving at Nw York 7 a. m. the htwiudL
Parlor Car on mail trams botii e't and vtL
The train leaving at l.Vo p. m will mtke direc
connection with Milwaukee teamer oUiiy , fcxtej
Through ticket ecunl at D G. H. A 1L office
in Mortn Houe block and at the diu
D. ItiriER, City 1W. AgerX
GEO. B. REEVE, Tnlhc Manager. Claoago.
Lako Shoro & Michigan Southern,
Arrive, Ijive.
Exprea 7sipm ' li am
Mail VZj am Ijiopm
All trains daily except holiday.
The train leaving at 4 t. rn. connect at White
Pigeon, with Atlantic 1-xpre tn Main Iaiu
which ha Palace Drawing Room rile-;ina
Coaches from Chicago to New Yolk aad IkibLoB
without change..
The train leaving at 755 a, m. cv?rnecik at Whf
Pigtn (giving cine hour for dinner) ith fjci
Nevr York Exprx on Main Iinn.
Through ticteu and ljrthij in hle'j:ing CiacL
can be m -cured at Union Ticket OHiiv, t7 Monr
btret, aad Depot.
All trainn will run by Knh meridian time, which
is SUminotee slower titan lMrtit time.
J. VV. McKENNEY, (ienU Ait-
Michigan Central.
(giuxxi lanes uitisio.n.)
DtTit 1-X....T CiMam
Pacifc F.x..
IxKd Pa..
Why Frtk'.ht
Day ExireMi.. 12:45 pm
N. t Ex i ut . ft i ) x m
AtUintic Ex... Vilpm
Way Freight.. tCl) am
t Parlor atn attached.
ti'd Rapiiie EiOi'r nm
Sl'pingcr attach!.
Pacihcand New York Exirnf. daily.
rams daily exypt Nimlaja
New York Fat Lano mnti daily, arriving i
Detroit at 122T a. m., and New York at U o'clock
the next evening.
A train 1hiv Detroit at I p. m., except Baa
days, with Drawing Room arul Parlor Claris for
Grand Rapid, reaching here at 10 'St it. tn.
Direct and prompt connM.tion matie with Gnl
Western, (irand lrunk and Canaia bout born
trains, in fc&me dejot at Diroit, thue avoiiiti;
Tho IMroit Exprw loeving at f ii) a. m. ha
Drawing Room and Par1 or Cr fr lKtroit, nucl.
ingtka city at 11:45 a. raM New York UJ a. n
and lkxton 2:40 p. m. next day.
Through ticket for all iinin and Niir?fla
berths may be proenmi at Euion Tickt t:ho
corner Monroe and Ottawa btrwta, and at L nioo
T. SCHULTZ. GenT AgU P7 MonroSu
Ueo. W. Mcnho5, Tic ket Ag-nt, CP.y.
J. tt. JLiKi8, Ticket Agnt, D pot
Chicago i West Michigan.
Arrive, .
Night Exprt ft ( aca
Mail 4 4 !7 im
Mail t f.15 am
lay Expre..U2iS pm
Night ExproMv. tt5 inn
Day Ex;Tr..illJU jxa
Dailv. tDailrexcri't Hundaj.
Union I'iot on Ionia htnt.
Tlinmgh ciacho to Chicago and Tollo on
9.15 a. m. train. Tl.rocgti parlor-car to Chicago
on 125 p. m train, llirough luilman
ing-car and oovi,to Chicago on ViT p. tn. train.
Expr.... am
Express I -'tit .m
MixM 4iu am
D.niart fnm Wet hide Di""!.
4 .11 JO
! Train Imve from and arrive at Unin D
pot. Tte northern trminu of thi DirUion ix
lialdwin, -n F. A P. M. Rr.
J. IE PALMER, en l Freight and Pam. Agrct,
OfLoe. 1 j Monroe htrect.
Geo. W. McjfsoK, Ticket Agent, City.
Michigan Cz Ohio Hailrod.
I'aiMongfr Tle Tbl.
Gfin Wot (Oontral l ime.) Gin FaH.
M xd. 1 'a. 'a. I aw t 'uft. I ! xd
A. M. A. H. r. X. A. L V. M. T. K.
5i5) 10.1D &: Jv. .ToWli...Ar ll:iu fcjfi f :"l
lliTrf Ml - .recnmh. ' V -zi ?7 i:)
W $S ...Homr.. - liwim
2:42 215 - ..Marshall." 7 11 1:12 HI
tS,2 2M V4-1 Ar..H.Crk. It 6-4-11242 h?
Xi :45 r.K. . Mont'ilh. " P.M. 11 ffrj
7i3 4:10 .... - ...All'van.. .... II fi
CJO .... " .(PdlUipidts. .... yji
TolMo witi all railr3p divrirji. Tr.r'i
with Ii. H. A M. H. Homf with U FL A U. IV.
lAriing DiTit"n mrid Air Iin (i. 7!crt,h' i
writh M. C IL li. liAttlp Cr k with CL(nri r.
(iran i Trunk and M. C. IL )L MmiiHth, G. IL Lr
L AUwi with i W. M.. ni I H. A M. fi.
LUTHER AIJJN. (en i 1W. At
The Horning Telejn
Only Ten Cents Pel Uc;
Tee TrLcrsBa w rr-l wi4h ti e r"
Pr Jirij!;hm. and gr.rr all t.wf r.t tzz
trjrtrjr, Ur!h fnrlrD and -tt In r
Wim give i rd'T5 t)r ln'f t of ita rrz)
1 le irrfiTigrT1Tt f N-w t"k arsd X?z-,..l: 7
ta rjcla?.s tnd o? a t) -T'r,& a of r'-u
irg the pyxl tcw.
A?Jr.rtjrf will fnd Trt 7nr;j?A3
rnl;cm f?r r''-i g Ut r:''C'w( e t.z
lin.fd amycT;t r.-f -'''rt5;--g vU t tf-ro, C. ':
tiu OHJ N 17 &-1 YvTPrr" Cr I-.-rj.
r.i U G I C A L

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