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I;lorning Telegram.
GUAM) It.Vi'IUS, DEO. lh Ib&L
cox.vf iji!arl'j and promptly wdl confer a
Ixt'rrb'j ru'i'jiug t.'m vjice lj ttlriifurm or
X,"' iloirL Oar t!-.L.Uc n 'ia.bor Is 31. j
Th'i Mxi!u-"ju drcuUtion cf Tnjt Tklx- j
;4iir is in rhe har.di cf W. H. Dove. Ail
juj'n:-r.t3 ij f-V'rriii should be made;
to Lie, atid L u itt:iorizcl to receipt fur
T - vc-L.4 from to-d.ty uiil be Chnstma-H.
The tre!t armory is bem repaired
;,nd tLar.cL
H.ci U, h s and hails ttf.i to be uuiuer
or.'i ilrni.i r.xt tv, wtt-lts.
it-n a.U-r T;iin and lV'!ea readings at
P. cra' Opera iloue Saturday evening.
'Zl i-lAle line of C. B. Quiglry, at
Fro.'ii -tj -t-t, n iobd Tuitay evening.
A ?ocid iil bs held in th Second Congre
g'itior:al C!.u.'ch on I'iainficld street to-mght.
t rank V. Iliad Lvs been selected Regis
ter of rnSiXl.i Court by Jcdt elect 1. D.
Tha ciruts are about the only establish
meats I'hM ux i"-ar to tn doing a lively trado
tht.-,. ddv.
The ca. a.iinst McGarry for krepicg a
t;tl"y'i Without a lic-. was nolle piOie'd
jtMt.nUy morning.
'"(. Star clothing houe windows ara hand
cu:c'l Uicorated, all ugge.jti'?e of the ap
I rortcr f Christmas.
I ha i. & I. acd C. A V. M. Railroad
to c:r pities at tho YHt linage street crosss
ii:g aru c;mpittod mid in u.
Th i.x i.i i'iva by tho ludit of the chsp
lof the "tiood Hhvphcrd" realuad iJ.O).
NiHily pions wt-re present.
itrsons resjtlin in lhf highth Ward will
tirul thr MouNt.NO iicLiuiai uu sale at the
Ne?s Depot or iKo. 11. r'cw, jr., ltO Weit
t'ni'.on itruct.
l?.o J. II. Richirdson Camp, No. 14, S. of
V., noiiniitt-d oiccers tor the enduing year
Tui-sd cvjning, and iil hold tleir election
n:5it 'ti.iday evening.
Mr. J. 11. I'ulmcr, general freight and
p.v-f eug-r geu: of tho C. & NV. M., iiects
rhpt h.s connection with thnt road will ter
u..n(iti the tirt of tle year.
Tr.o prticr-nadri concert, apron tale and
c ncrrt givn ty the ladies of the L'niversl
it chur: a: LucVs hall to-night, promises
to bo on of the uiot pleasaut events of the
Th. rf : oit of tho Board of lienlth yester
dv ''H f.jlio.v-: Miy Young, No. loO
rultun f'tro typhoid fecr; Kdie, Alice and
.' luijt Hay. -i, No. Sycamore fitroet and .
i'i.-uiU'-ui, No. l'Jl South Divi?iou, whooping
Th jury in the Carrie Philbrick cat, in
the United States Court, yesterday, couldn't
a;;rt on the question of damages for a
nervous hock that lady sustained two years
ago when -he fell through a hole in the side
walk in Nihs City.
liichard Tapby, who, on account of tho
frequency with which he "wrestles' with
John R-irloyrom blushes under the eoubri
qift of VVjiisky Dick," landed at head
qiarlcri yesterday afternoon in his usual
state of limber-le?rpdnes.
l;i ye-torday' TklOha.u allusion was
i?. ule to one Charles A. Maoou, as having
h'ffc the city with an unpaid board bill, etc.
Mr. Mak'-n is a repectablo attorney of
Msiskt'iron, with a ood name and reputa
tion. The intention was to write Mattoon
not M.igfon.
Tho "Old Third" Regiment Michij?an In
fantry will hold their twelfth reunion at
Ltnni on tht 12th in-t. All members and
friends of the "Old Third" who intend to be
pr?j4nt are requested to call upon Capt. S.
K. icrce, at tho "(Jrtat Wardrobe," and
yj! their certificate for reduced fare.
Mr. I S. Hill, of I. S. Hill A Co., explains
that the report i cntmo that any asent ever
fi.;..d or took any amount of powder from
ti'.nir maazin und-r the cover of darkness,
or without the hrm's willing consent. An
operator for th Hercules I'owder Company
tool: a snnll quantity to ue, but u larger
i .ntity stokn.
Tho driver of a trn-ccnt delivery wagon
yesterday rn "rmn g whipped up hi3 horse to
p j under t!io guard gate on Louis street,
it, Au k or. i of the nrrr.i with hi wagon top
and aarrorly ecpo'd bir bitted out of
ex.rtn.' by an npr-roaching train. The O.
11. & I. U. R. peoplo want a descriptive list
of thit smart Aleck for future reference.
Mr. IVmbroke Gardner, a youn? man from
Sparta, who some eight. 'cu months a had
the misfortnno to bo selected by an erring
one, Andth Sopt'rior Conrt of this city, as
th"" paternal an'-.tor of in unwelcome waif,
has bcidgtnl all didkulti with tie Stiprin
U n I n tt of th Toor of tho county, end tho
mother, by ngrein to p-y to th latter the
Hum ofJ)ori S.iturthiy next. Ths papers
art? dra.vi no it IVrnbroke's eicutcheon
will f n bo withoat a blemish.
Hon. Aarin 11. Turner and wife teturaeU
f.-uni D-t-oit lt ererunj.
F. W. Riwtoa. Michigan Divijion
S. cf V., r'-ndene at Hill?dal?, wai in town
Mr. A. W. Srnitlt. of Adraiti. Secretary of
t b'.T'jblican Staio Central Commits, is
ill t!.' city.
Una. 11. Dowlinz, of Montague, who
hi b-'-n in tho city for sor rsl days, return
huuv this morning.
Mr. T. O. Har.gTf'"rd, of Hart, nn Ameri
enn, n t;rn .vh :ortidors n-vintry firt, after
thi a loysi D uuocr.it. was in the city yeater-
. . "
Th Woman's Relief Corps.
Hr Lu'uNTof la.li-s assemble! in 1.
O. U. r. hall to organize a WotiiinV Relief
Cor? Aaxili ry to Cutter l ost. O. A. It.
Mrs. Minor, of Mnskem assisted by Mr.
S 'b T'.i'.TtiU, of th same pl.c, acted as or
gui-' -, and the fallowing otTlcen were
-1: lVidr.f. rrs. S. U OiasicaJ,
rni 'r ViVp -pr-.id-Mit, Nfr. Ka?. A.L Roxtcr;
I :ni r Vt.'o Trr't'lf-n, Mr, h'lla Snrprie;
t: T 'Hry. M'. Ktnma Unr.ions; 'I n a.urer,
.rr. O. R. Wright: Chnd-iis. M. Mami
M---Ky: Cd-ietr. Mrs. Mary U Clark:
ird, Mi -s Adah l IJtjwim. At 2 o'fhv.k
f :itetT5u ap-hli in.tfalhtionof olTctr
T t.'i-v-, ( i h"! U nr r"jf, f ally in-
0 4 ....
Counterfeiters Captured.
I':?;? 1 iih- Ai-.rnfy S;.on fotnrnrH.1
fr"ra I 'i 1 T,Tirt,r, f; f pttially in
'f:gi!:,4 t!' Or-u-.d C!nntrftiT
''.: i), MoCfvn nnd Wrif.f,
ji? , f i' , ? :. living p.ird
5: t.-;;i t Ji-'iri';4tt trttn doll iff,
3'-': '!! vi';,; n': i-.'l fh- f -it I'ri'(trt
i;;''ti'.:'. fr: M.t. ;., i'-f U-lt ii?y
r - Vr-, i J),r rT h'l 1 t:'.f ih
-J".? t--. ,?, t)'-- .) 7 .'fSrj''!
:';! l'r I r fa.f fp!-
Edin Thorne in "The Black Flag"
at Powers'. .
Mfeioirama (Lsiix at tha theater lt evea-in-g
Jrtw forth a zsud-'utd Endienee. Tfc
j-lay ii strong ia art. Lre and tiitre a
ciitcLic line, and a strong gitaation. tktn
pathetic, followed with a bright Ut of
comedy, in all a drama well calculated to
j Iaie, with a prtx)rtiou of jxkI character
abov the avertit. The "Black
Fla" has acquired both success
and money in the larger cities. Though
it was probably given with better advantage
in scenery and acoe:iorit' than that which
characterize it- production hut niht,
thereby adding more color and effect to
t eome of the situations, which are fcdronjr.
j Mr. Thorne'd Harry Glyiuion U noti?ablS
for originality, toned in one key throughout,
entirely free from any discord, it is a ir
sonation hijhly creditable for harmony,
and smootheue. Next in prominence was
tha. Lazarus of Mr. Willard, who ate a rivid
characterization of an English Jew. Mr.
Willard was new in the part last
night, it being hi second ap
pearance in that character, and with
a little more eiprience, keeping his work
op to the standard with whicn he has itarted
it will undoubtedly bo the moans of siring
him prominence and fame. Matter Wood
ruit aj Ned, the cabin boy, is entitled to
much praise, playing the part with much
feeling and pathos. Lack of space present
only an allusion to the remainder of the cast,
in a breath, they all acquitted themsehes o
as to nicely balanoe and graduate from the
leading part, completing the presentation
of a good play by a good company.
Mr. Thome and company will re peat the play
'Romany Rye Company No. 1" will appear
at Powera next Monday and Tueeday eren
ingi. The favorable imprawion that the
play made last year should insure the engage
ment being a accosi.
An exchange ay: "The beautiful and
thrilling gypy story, The Romany Rye,'
waa never told with more vividness and
force. The magnificent scenes, The Gypsy
Encampment, Craigsnest by Moonlight,
Hampton Raco Course, Thames River Km
bamkraent, and The Wreck of tho Saratoga,
never showed to better advantage. The link
ing of the steamer amid the mad fury of the
storm was a thrilling moment, and tho safe
arrival of the life-boat at the quay - with the
rescued passengers was a relief to the audi
ence and a signal for a storm of applause
the hole ecene having bo much the appear
ance of reality."
A Poop Outloo'k for Many of tho North
ern Michigan Lumbermen.
A representative of Tm Tkleobam had a
3hort interview with J. R. Case, an extensive
lumberman of Chase, Lake county, at the
Eaglo Hotel yesterday. He thinks the out
look for manufacturers is very poor.' Mill
men will generally put in small stocks the
coming winter. Laborers are working for
$1.23 per day, and are taking the same in
many cases in ' store pay." Men with fam
ilies and in destitute circumstance; are
roaming around from place to plac in
search of work. There ia much poverty,
suffering and misery in tbe pine districts,
and Mr. Cae thinks the present will prove
tho hardest winter In the woods for twenty
years. He would not be surprised if, before
spring, the State wa9 called upon to aid many
sufferers in the northern counties and keep
them from death and starvation.
The Moral of Which Is: Don't Steal
a Goose.
The People squared accounts yesterday
with William McDonald in the Superior
Court for having walked off with Arthur
J. "Watkin's goose one midnight last October.
Patrolman Connelley testified that on that
occasion, when inthe vicinity of A. J. AVat-
kins'a meat market, on South Division street,
ho heard a window glass "smash," and com
ins upon McDonald close by, with a plucked
gooso in his hand, arrested him. McDonald,
at firt eaid he bought, then acknowledged he
stole it. The jury believed lu3 second story
to be true, although he plead " not guilty."
McDonald's appearance yesterday, was such,
after his long incarceration in Sheriff Kin
ney's ca3tle, where goose is proverbially
scarce, that no one woald have begrudged
him even a square meal of pate de fois gras.
Ho will be sentenced to still further penance
in a few days by Judge Parish.
Another Unfortunate.
John Lane, formerly an expert workman
in the Oriole Manufacturing Company, and
who wa treated last summer at a private re
treat ia Detroit , for nervous difficulties
which affected his mental balance, applied
to Superintendent Perry yesterday and de
fired him to send him to Kalamazoo that ho
might reoortr hi hoaltlu He said he was
afraid of himelf and feared he would do
himelf personal injury. He looked very
distressed, hollow-eyed and nervous, and
the statement he rondo, that he had been
walking around for two nights and days,
conld b en.s'dy believed. Mr. Perry consign
ed the unfortunate man to the earn of the
Sheriff for ?afe keeping, and notified his
friend and Dr. Hake. Lane i supposed by
many to have been in a depreed, nervous
condition for the prst two month, nd not
to have been thoroughly cured whn dis
charged from the Detroit retreat.
He Vas So Hungry !
Tim hungriest man in town for wft
me it turned np on Canal trpt yrebrday.
H was considerably undr loan, ' and
with a very hungry look but in n grocery
tor h ci frwl" in t mlnnti th
f-IIrt.vinj m"nu: Trnty orange, flfSrn
ftg. onhalf found of rnndy, vn titihnr!,
ihrn jHiirtir ci.i.on of , ind tht it
VJi'f d f f n tr whr h rnht ft m
Tom fid JrtJ. Th to hist lrr.i b pm
;id in i j:alt 'j"i.'ii,M slMifr jl5fV lit
?ifft p.r.lAuf tttt'fv.jtr M.rt tpr t taa,
Cof Pot rUttlrift.
IU- ftf (.ftrM ?f C!i: Vk He,
a A, it Usi cr.hti, ! 'H'l i ftli..
CouticW fro2a rt p-ag.
the chemical laboratory t Ann Arbor; rada
aUd at the Lnivcrsiiy in lc-OT: am not a
practicing pL sician; rtceited a package con
taining a portion of human body on the
J.vth of August, In:,', from the coroner
of Ionia county; It was a tea
box sealed in such a way that it could not
have betn opened withoat breaking the
fceales; received a letter same day from Cor
oner JohiL?on; alo same dny a letter from
Prosecuting Attorney of Ionia county; the
letter from tho Coroner refers to a letter of
discription of Dr. Gundrum; the box was
sealed with gveeu sealing wax; there was
also an exprets company' stamp on the box;
I have with me the corners of the box as
they were sealed; they were apparently seal
ed with red wax before sealing with green
wax; the red wax was not stamped
with a eignet; the cord around the
box was tieo! and the eals were broken;
In the larger jar I fund a human stomacu.
with a small quantity of contents intloed
therein. There was a comparatively small
quantity of contents. Don't recollect the
quantity in the fetornach. Have testified
twice before in ref-reuce to the stomach.
Subjected the stomach and contents to ocu
lar examination at first, then an examina
tion under tho microocope; afterward to a
chemical examination; divided the stomach
and its contents by measure into three parts;
also divided the rectum into three equal
portions, placing those three portions re
spectively with the three parts of the stomach
so each represented one-third of the stomach,
one-third of the rectum and one-third of the
liquid; examined one part for vegetable
poison, another for 'mineral poison; the
finely divided material I macerated with hot
alcohol; the entire liquid evaporated to dry
ness; when dried was treated to hot absolute
alcohol, and filtered; this treatment with hot
alcohol was repeated again; the last
residue was heated with ammonia, and re
duced to dryness; the solution was evapor
ated to dryness; found no indication of
strychnine being present; I obtained no in
dication of the presence of vegetable pois
ons; there was no arsenic in the chemicals
that I had used in threating the material;
found crystaiine forms on the tube, indicat
ing arsenic; the weight of the arsenic repre
sented fifteen, fifteen-one hundred grains;
tho contents of the other jar were a portion
of a liver and a kidney; eubjecied it to
analysis for mineral ioi?oning; in the
analysis of the stomach and rectum 1 made
tests for other poisons; in tbe analysis of the
liver and kidney I did not search for any
other but arsenic und mineral poisons; I
found arsenic to be present; it was present
in the proportion of one and a half of
arsenic acid for tho whole content of the
small jar; made examination of the lining
of the 6tomach; also examined the contents
of the stomach; found no crystaiine
forms; examined portions of the rectum and
found nothing; on the 2:id of September
I received a portion of a human body from
Ionia County, corresponding with a letter
received on the same day, from Dr. Gun
drum specifying the contents of the box; the
box was sealed: found upon opening it two
two-quart jars; received them from the ex
press messenger Sept. 23, 1882, and recog
nized them as corresponding to the letters
already received; found one jar to contain a
portion of the brain and the other to contain
muscular tissue; subjected contents to the
chemical examination for arsenic; the result
was negative of the presence of arsenic in
the brain; subjected the muscular tissue to
the same operation and in the result I ob
tained no arsenic; found no traces of arsenic
that I could identify; used about a quarter
of the brain in the test.
The court here took a recess until seven
Evening Session.
The evening session commenced at 7
o'clock with Professor Prefcott in the wit
ness stand. The question as to the amount
of arsenic necessary to produce death in an
adult, and the acknowledgement by the pro
fessor that he had not been a practicing
physician for nineteen years, had no experi
ence in the administration of poisons, and
had obtained his knowledge of the subject
by readincr, study, conversation, correspond
ence and hearing testimony in court, opened
the question of the admissibility of his evi
dence as an expert. A discussion by counsel
followed. A decision was reserved. The
witness then proceeded, and in reply to quas
tions gave testimony as follows:
Have had pome experience on enimal,
with poison, so as to cause their death; as
physician, had one and a half years' practice
in the army, at Lonsville and Jc ffersonville;
have had experience with persons suffering
from inhalation of arsenou3 vapor? effect of
arsenical poisoning 'has been tho study of
my life; teach toxocology in the University;
have been teaching that subject for three
years, and had experience before that.
Cross-examined. Made no memoranda of
size or weight of organs sent me; I think on
former trial made answers ba?ed upon tup-
Fosed size of liver; my answers were based
think on supposing the part of liver ex
amined to be a fourth or a third. Vitnes3
was informed he had stated, "that the ior
tion of liver weighed from six to eight
ounces?" don't remember to have made
such answer; my estimate I think
was one-quarter or one-third of a human
liver; don't know that I fixed it at
nine to 15 grain3. Qnestion In either
chronic or acute poisoning, would you ex
pect as much as found in this case?i From
pieces made a careful estimate and accord
ing to best judgment thought there could be
as much. Could not say beyond a Derad
venture if arsenic had been put in the jars or
Lot, nor could I so say if all the arsenic was
in the stomach; from contact in jar,if poison
was in one part it would be in both; couldn't
say from these circumstances which organ it
was in in the two jars. Can't say just how
much brain was sent; it was one-half meas
ured by the eye: examined it; could find
no traces of arseuic in it: where there is
from two to four sixty-fiftns of a grain of
arsenic to a pound of brain can detect it by
the method used; if there is five sixty-fifths
of a grain could get at least one sixty-fifth;
a trace is not weighable; the leat weighable
quantity is 1-OOu of a grain, but it is not
palpablo, but can be predicated and can be
detected by the mirror in the tube, and -will
have oiydieed crystals under the micro
scoye: if no mirror apiears wo go no fur
ther; saw no mirror in brain tost: can't re
member amonnt of arsenic in legs; found
no strychnine in body; it might be foand
six or eight montks afterdeath. thongh there
i no certainty after one hundred
and fifty days: made microscopic ex
amination of lining of stomach and
rectum for arsenical crjstal; ntomach waa
pinked with dcomjoition. but wr not de
composed; from memoranda think th an
aljt n Spt. 1M', did not natnihft
coating of stomach with inieroci to find
crytal; it wa too Ur imposed; mrt Dr.
Onndrum to-day in hot I, etc., etc,
Following thi th witnt gave om evi
dnc r dirtvf, and by p-cro.XAmintiont
whM tti ounrt ndjtirn! nnfil thi morn
-.-. .-. ........
Tho M, E. Church Ladle?.
Thi I-AdiV Furnishing rWMy of of th
)fibn Strwl M. II, Chnrrh hdd thif an-
ft!l faceting jei?td(): Tl,rt flhij'g
nfiffii Wifrt tlrrtdi tT ik rtvtiifijf yr?f ;
PftnuleM, Mr, h VVit'H.lh! Vir I
1rf,f, Mr. N.lfv,; fu.frL.fr, Mf.
Ot Htn.lUjJ tfraatitif. Mf 4. V, rii.-w:.
Moiidif flood
At FhHH'
J, Ii.., ft) nnl 3 (Not a! !frt
:l Kt h-al --c hicv.t i.f ljn.
t tj.al M e i -- tt -1 -i lit (lerilf.
e are Overstocked vjith Overcoats
AYe are Overstocked with Suits.
1,500 Suits and Overcoats must be sacrificed, all must go.
Boy's Gray Satinet Overcoats, worth $2.00 at 99c
Boy's Black Chinchilla, worth $2.50 at 99c.
Men's Black Chinchilla Ribbed, worth $5.00 at $2.85.
Lot of all-Wool Cassimere Overcoats, worth $12 at $7.65.
Black, Blue and Brown Diagonal Cass. Overcoats, worth 18.00
at $11.75!
Black Corkscrew Overcoats, worth 22 at $14.85.
Brown Kersey Melton Overcoats, worth 20 at $14,85.
Striped Cass. Pants, worth 5.00 to 6.50, only $3.65.
Great Cut in Merchant Tailoring. 25.00 suits only $18.50 made
to order in fine style.
Fine .Worsted Suits, worth 3CL00 and 35.00, only $22.50,
well made and trimmed. ,
Underwear will be Slaughtered.
tar Clothing- House.
Low Prices Win the Day.
The bustle of the holiday trade has already
commenced at Winegar'?, in the Porter
block. The old maxim, ''Goods well bought
are half Fold," applies well in hi cae. A
word to the wise is Fufficient, go where yon
can bay the cheapest, and Winegar'a is the
place. We quote a few articles: Scrap
books, marked way down, note the prices,10,
16, 20, 25, 'SI, 48, 59, and 98 cents. An
elegant lin of work boxes in plnh and
leather S1.7r, 2, 2.10, 2.G0, $2.C0 and
$2.98. Ladies hand bags in plush and
leather, seal and alligator, closing out entire
line, make your selection soon, felling yery
fast at 50, 75, 85, 90, 1.00, 1.10, 1.25, 1.50.
Velvet frames SO, 40, 45, 50, 65, 75, 5, 90
1.05. 1.20. Great bargains in card cases,
leather, plush and pearl; gent's wallets, bill
books, Ac, Vc.
The largest etock of Picture Frames,
Mouldings, Mirrors, Brackets, etc., in the
city vrill be formd at I. K. Wil-onV, 33 Canal
street, aU of which will bo sold at the lowest
prices for ca.-h, or on any credit to suit pur
chasers. Give him u call, and let him have
your orders for picture frames, etc., early as
the ruh Iris already commenced.
Opt r. Glacfc-, Gold and Silver Tlumbk-F,
Gold Pent, Pencils and Spectacle. A full
line of all kind? at Uervey's, G Canal street.
The holiday rush is beginning at I. R.
Wilson's, 39 Oanal street, and jxTscras desir
ing pictures framed should send them early
this month. Call and ee the best line of
mouldings in the city.
For a Cutter, buy of A. R. AntisdeL
The firo insurance agency of Perkins fc
Mo.on (being the same lately controled by
Wm. Man-hall, now deceased) is now located
at 75 Lyon street. Court block, and repre
sents the following old and substantial com
panies: Tho Snn of London,
The City of London.
The Mechanic's of Rrooklyn,
The New Hamishire of Manchester, N. 11.
The Westchester of Now York and the
Ain.iron of Cincinnati.
A hare of the patronage of the inurance
public is respectfully solicit;!.
The finest a?ortment of Cutter in the
city at A. II. Antisdel'.
Picture frames, mirror, bracket, etc,
sold on any time you uant at I. R. Wilson's,
3L Canal street.
Buy your Cutters of A. R. Antidel.
Chicago h West Michigan Railway.
Only Xjine
Rnnnlni? TV.nih Coclr txixrrrn
n1 tV ltt.
3, K Mrt.t.1Ki:S.
able business roan for a position in this
city." A cood opening for the right man. Apply
13 llouseman block.
rent girls wanting placvs in prirato fami
lies. Call and necuro good help. J. E. Day, 11
Monroe or 91 Oitawn elwt.
sell two mortgagr. $1,101) and $1,400 onch.
Choice business lots on Sonth Division and East
Bridge strvot. Good farm $70 per aero. Enquire
of Tattle BroM Opera House Block.
Enquire of D. J. Leathers, room 6, Lovett'ft
and barn in a ie irable locality: rrnt reason
able. Poesophion giTen at onoe. L. S. Provin.
exchange for farm proporty: Kj acn-w K-acb
and maple timber land. Alf-o. 1X acre's of im
proved land to exchange for city pmirtr.
. . .E. W. TOWER,
Room ift. Houseman Blrk.
provisions on Chicago ltart of Trade, and
of railromd stKks on New York Stock Exchange,
can be made through F. V. Taylor, 8 Cazud fctr.
room 4
Geo. A. Hall & Co.'s.
Our store is picked vith wrr, rich snd f-leg&nt
good snitablt r the Holiday neri-on, t
which xre invite your inittion.
Will hr timi a rich aRortmeiit of fkkkm fct
rmnlrate pnn.
We -ouM mil ii.l atTitin to oar line cf
01iriEwinrL3 Cardn
Wliirh ijmpri' k.-,.trti.-n fr'm th tic-t Frsg
ti'T?rinn. Kre;x-h nd Arrrimn Ptt
li.ir. l.tXrA lu-lnc.' fIiT)! to t.hn
tm otiK-rs porch' in quant it
Vr. Ar".1 n V: BL
I 1 hart !t M:-!pnrf r.vxt m Atif
I of uj tt.r.;" Ai-h rrr-ir r-.A-i to
jlh Kpjf rH of COLUMN ASP
(''p nn.j jn cm! tt-Artrf ti
evtT earril in th, C:t i,t 33 1-3
to Oj.er iu. lc?t tlmu i-Vf r toi.l In-fiird.
Special Sale Until January 1.
O; ;.- Jnl: Place.
Ctirioiiiit s of Tratlt-.
The cLiR'nir: of nit'fc! hokum' i a n-ir.iiilifcM1
fmturef our cu.nn r( i -i lifi'. Tlx h ippTiit
ill iLh prie at vhit h llnll laj tiAts ur? ilt-nvi
by torue of our ltiadittf htorff, lor iut-ua.v for
five ctnt you cjx buy a CL:u.- Mt;, Tai liip.
CLica Doll, Ty Wktch. CLinu lVo 2 iu Tiy ,n
whotls, tiivuig Hatk, (it.M. t, M-Jt -11 r,
Plate, Ni-t I V'U. llii uv rijjurt-.Ciiiuj Vu ( 'l.iux
Toy I'itdnT, liat tie wid Wl.tl., lluttonbol- 1U
juet llolit r, 1 rirl Chii: Aui Cnl,
For 10 Cents You Can Buy
Claiia Cop niiil Shtiu-r, liit':ia.-u Vie '.. 7 or 8
iucht Lih, Chilvl'fc A H C VluU Cllli'h Vic urv
Mu. Cbina or Majc lica Cr mti 1'iK l.t r, lrp
Glh.hu lliJJrrl liol.a-t. Ffciary Tin Cu r
Pail, Wooden Toy Phil. WLk lingua, Mijoliv
lifgtjuia I-af. IixtreGrintn'risins Ac.
For 25 Cents You Can Buy
A Cologne IkitL 1. 2. 2 or 4 o., tu lAy cut or
dtcorat!; 8 oz cut St ; p r tVilvn f.r tvvi-r-iuv;
with batiu; Vinacrotti; Crjt"J TliTir.iunoi-r;
Faiicy Iuk Itf-ttlc; Crjthl IJpn-t HolJtr; VUitM
Wt uith raiwtl t-woi; Tot):pU-; lloldt-r;
Cmic li;nt Pirt-; CJiiii'i J wl 15ox; I2n :::'
Mutch Pox: Kiu'a Kfh l!tit r; l .i.' mi.Lii C--lotme
Bottle: Poftd.-r Hx (ILr Milk ViU '.r r;
China Fruit Plat; Chin lit li-Lrt in
frturie:M;ij.lica Wt r l'iirht r;lrt.:i h !ii u!t iud
Traj: Di-coratfxi Jin.sJ tsi-l M'k t-t: 1) c-n,tixi
8, 9 or 10 inch Lkh: hii' 11 f ;ir..
For 0 Cents You Can Buy
'"lo; I!;.fU. 4, G or K oz.. n-.'h 'U1 i Tisrhl:
PajH-r Wihl; Vancy Vyi-r or HJt liitt!;
Th rmomc ter. on crjil vl; J d r.. M:glira
Indiridcul U:itti-i: Lurrnu'M- M.s?(h li j; !
onJ pla- Wnt'T Juk: ti- c n tl ( i.lr.h pjtc h r;
lare Motto Cop tLd .w.-iMCor: 'li-iwi'1' Ci:i-Mi
Smuct; line Motto Mnr: b'liii: Mi; lm.it
Iiahket; PiMiue Fmri-. 4 to C ad. Lip! ; Majol
ica TecjK't; M;j 'lifa W.-iti-r Pitcher. Majolica
Mo!aM:f Pitd- r; M-ijiHt lh:U.T liL: lliu
FiiTure, vitii Umhn 'la: K-iva r-"ir.p ,S ?; Mft
jolica Kalid Pov.1; M.jj'.iira l?nwd P;te.
Th alwro pric tiro IL IH;nM'd A. Sit, lr
Moan trtvt.
m', 12. Jlonnx htr-t.
Over P.trh' irtr'ry htor'.
Hoar From t to 12 u. m.. 1 t; h ur, I' tot p. m.
W. H. Powers
ia:j.'tr r.
Wednesday & Thursday,
Tl.o Piiiinwit Atf-r.
And a ca-'fnl!y '-poUd ri:p.iry in tin l:ttt
London and .V-vr Voik M'n-aviin,
In Firo Ar by HMNP.V PLTX'IT, rT
mAWvmvv of
Mott.-WI.Ti h nvict c':" Tmiti Purtlati l
Pri :r. Pntrlr.ti 1. th y rij-t a iilh' k I hv.
Port' LA R l'KH i OP ,nrii(. it rrA
pot( $1 J fv, cri'f. i.n K-.h- -.t ll !i ,' u
Poom. vvvvr"iir'i:iZ M tn'try m'-n..c. P.
Powers' Opera House.
- WaL IL Vot.v., - - HMist.
Saturday Evening, Drcembrr 13, 'C4.
Foil m: MCIIT OM..Y.
(Mr. K. K (j.T-vtai. A a J'- J'r t.f
hi cn M i- IN fun; Mid Mr.
Tlif oKii.rcii;' d ' ' r?i It :h p"--tinr
bwiis Jf.t: 5 J - ' -ft'-. I f' l i t
MarVTwHin votM if. ?!-. fV,)' ri-
QniMtf tsnrn'T rd U"' '". A nl-.;T wv 4
fit-niXi tiTid t 1h' t !:""-. --.v-
prJfv rif r1 ! in l';ij.r r-.-rvi. m-.?.
J S. jt. I'UMl. -'!:' .-.
( V-riKrr fit I ' fi 1 i k.
Powers' Opera House.
((il'i'JCj C t J Tlttc Ji L'un Ct j I lit
he Romany Hye.
COk'PNAY ::o. 1 -
i f.a hrti
A r I mo
ts.f M :
tut I j ksi'tOtrV
' ' ' : ' 'I '
'r- - . V - .;-.
s'-. ,.. r-t,
it -i.' : - .'
a (.
t"t-. l i I'flj e
Ink fcf. ts, Ot
,ci At U j
v-. i r.
h.cei r;., i tt. M i.t t:.ie 1 u.ta
j i -r, i t J.Wi i, 1 J t
c f?4w..4iu..-ir; ,v'. r",
7, f; ' 0, t '

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