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Secretary Frelinliuysen Comes to its
Defense in a Letterand Discusses
its Probable Benefits.
WiUMiiuN, Dec. Svcretiry Frtlin
huystn, in a ItUer v. ritun to-day to John F.
Miller, Chairman of tho Senate Committee
on Foreign Uelation, repcctinj the Span
ish treaty, eay: " the convention now be
fore yotj. in political aspects, U ol imiort
f'Jace. Srue. have thought therd U a dispo
sition ia the United States looking to the
annexation of Cuba. Such action would be
unwise, for reason which are apparent to
your committee, for, even if it could be nc-Compli.-hed
by jjeneml consent, our institu
tion would be eudfin't red with this bein
ninj of a coloni.il system, or by th incor
Ioration into our body politic of
h lare population not in en
tire sympathy with our k'vernrneutal
aim and methods. The treaty relieve the
caust- of complaint a.- to the treatment of
our citizen- and property in Cuba and I'orto
Kico which has heretofore led to serious dis-cu-ioa
be tw ceil the two governments, Ly
brmiii the inlands into clor-e commercial
connection with tho United St.ite- and con
ftr u;.u us and upon them all the benetiU
which would re-ult from annexation were
that possible. TIk convention with Spain is
one of a series of international euae
ineuts. Following the reciprocity treaty
witii Mexico it opens up the markets
of Cuba aud Forto Uico to oar pro
ducts. The treaty with Santo Domingo
opens tho u of that republic, and . peudiu
negotiation with the Central American
States and with Columbia tend to the same
object. In conjunction with the.-e is the
treaty with Nicaragua. The construction of
an niter-oceanic" c mal, while brinm the
most distant parts of our country into closer
relations, op-u the markets of the west
coast of South America to our trade, yives ns
ttt our ow n il aor a customer able to aboib a
t lir'e portion of those articles which we pro
f Juce in return for product w hich we cannot
protitab'y raise."
The secretary 'then refers to objections
made to the Spanish convention ns follows:
"It is said we thereby ive up the revenue on
jujar, from twenty-live to thirly-five rail
liom, in return for a reduction of duties
upon our product imported into Cuba and
I'orto Kico, estimated on basis of exist
ing tratlic at fro n three to live millions.
The relinquishment of revenue, when for the
public icjod, is in t!ie line of our national
policy hitherto. It wa done in the r re of
tea and coi'Io , which by the act of May 1,
1?'J, were placed upon the free list wanoui
any att in pi to obt. in therefor any equiv
olent whatever, folely in obedience to a
j-opular demand for a "free breakfast
table." Uy this measure, the treasury of
t ie United States lost during the la-t twelve
years, a revenue of some one hundred and
lorty-four millions on cofTte alone; besides,
le; u not forget that Hrail availed itself ot
the action of this government to impose an
export tax upon cooVe, which deprived the
people of this country of tho beuetit of our
tariif r duction.
Ar.ic'.e V. of this convention prevents simi
hir action bv the Snuni-h. Tt:e treaty now
under consideration ten Is to chtaien the
co-.t of the luccssurie of life by a reduction
of the cost of a .staple of daily consumption,
of which we are obliged to import each year
nearly .$lJ),tW,(X4) in value to make up for
an inadequate production or our own sou,
which Amounts to onlv about V2 per centum
of the whoij consumption. At tho same
time we secure a crowing market for our
product in the Spanish Antilles, coupled
with especial privilege to our merchant
marine. It is also said that the importation
of free sufir from Cuba and Forto
Kico, when added to our domestic
Tiroonrtioii find to the imnortation
from the Sandwich Islands will fall short of
the quantity needed for home consumption
and the Drice will be ruled oy mat ol me
part remaining liable to duty, so that the
nrotiU from the removal of the duty will co
to tho Cuban an I Forto Kico planter and
not to consumers in this country. If the
argument be true, the treaty will not effect
the price of suar in Louisiana. The price
f ii commodity is lessoned by tho supply
b:in greater than the demand, but, it is
f ranx to say, other conventions have been
negotiated, or are in process of negotiation,
which will provub' for adequate importation
from wuar regions. Again mo privileged
introduction of tobacco at reduced
duties has been objected to as reduc
ing ths revenue by removing protection
from the American producer and manufact
urer. As to this, it st ems enough to say that
the convention leaves the discrimination
rtgaiust the imported article of from four to
live time the internal revenue uutitM on the
American product and secure a market
hitherto denied for the special manufacture
of tobacco m which we excel, and which
coranrind profitable market wherein im
portation is remitted.
The claim that tlu Mexican treaty is on
.constitutional, because it nffVct revenue
and did not origin ite in the House of Repre
sentatives. is singularly untenable. It did
no originate: first action of this Lrovernment
toward its negotiation was an oppropriation
by Congress for the expenses of a commis-
i o negotiate a commercial treaty with
Menco. '
An Appropriation for the SeaCoaSt
W.isniNoxov. Dec 2 It is thought the
House Appropriation Committee will make
a li!)eral appropriation for the improvement
of the Ai-eoast defenses this year. The
opinion that several millions will b appro
pri ted for the purpose ha been expressed
by tho-e who nre in a position to know.
He Denies the Charge.
WAsnrtoTVN, iVc. State Senator
C. IVU. of Indiana, now in this city, den
th? statem-'nt that h is n applicant for tl
petition of AliiSMiipj i River Co:n:nissio;vv
n.v h. lA hi- Ji'.I I :u lor. of Fort Warn
Senator H-dl say he would not accept tl
place if it were tendered nira.
The Jsckson Bank.
Jicko, Mich., IVh 4.Y. There are more
depositor in the Jackn Interest nrd De
posit bank than wa at lint suppo-cJ, and
note their claim are paid much suae ring
trill result. S-mu -'.ly rumor are at'oat
gaint tr-.e m in.irs and no statement of
th- condition of a;?ir ha ypt born made" .
Fe-fMn an fcxira Session.
WjHiHTNODN. l. C., Pt?c. 2i'. 'The imprc
ion i growing in Washington that unle
the Senate recedes from it position on th
r.aral ntp-rpriation bill, nn extra sesion of
the Forty -ninth Co?'.grt-s will t e npcesitat-
Lol Wolscly 'i Eypt.
Cv: i Po. rer.eral Lorl Wcl-e'y ha
noJiu -d tlse troops -vt Korti to hold them
r.'lv in readinesj f r sn int nt move tv.
t- ird h-rave. T'h advance wUl probably
Despondent at Being Called Old He
Takes a Fata! Dose.
Sceastos, Fa., Dec.itf. A gentleman of
leasing address, although shabbily dreed,
a!xut years of age, registered at White's
notl litre on Tuesday a "II. S. Ball, Ohio."
He claimed to represent the Chicago Inter-
Ocean, New York Tribune and Boston Pilot.
Yesterday he ate a hearty dinner and re
marked, "I never want to we another
Christmas." Some friends had eaid he was
old and on the wane; since that he had
to die. He did not eat banner, but retired to
bed about eu-ht. He answered th
G o'clock call this morning. Not coming
down to breakfast, the clerk went to me
room and found him dead, but Rtm warm.
He had taken rut ioi.-on. an empty box be
ing found in the room. From his conversa
tion with other guest it wa learned that he
lived at Oswego, N Y., and was a lawyer by
profession, having started with Chief Jus
tice Church, of Connecticut. He drank some
but did not become inebriated. llGlh the
New York Tribune and the it7of of Boston
have been telegraphed to, but they state that
they have no knowledge of such a person.
The Locomotive Engineers and Their
Employers Settle Peacably.
St. Louis, Dec. 2C. The executive griev
ance committee of the Brotherhood of Loco
motive Engineers resumed its session this
morning. It was presided over by the chief
of the Brotherhood, Mr. Arthur. The mat
ter under discussion was of a secret nature,
but it is was understood that the Brother
hood passed resolutions demanding the ob
servance of the agreement of 1882, making
1(X) miles a day s work for passenger engi
neers, with pay at three and one-half cents
per mile, and the same mileage ior ireigm,
engineers with pay at four cents a mile. It
was learned from Chief Arthur that an ap
pointment had been made with vice-Fresi-dent
Hoxie, of tho Gould Southwestern sys
tem, to take place at 2v50 this afternoon. At
the appointed time a committee of eight
engineers called upon Hoxie and it is said
to-night after a short discussion on the mat
ter an amicablo settlement of difficulties
was arrived at, and there will be no strike.
Opposing the Treaty.
Baltimore, Dec. 2G. At a meeting of the
Tobacco Board of Trade to-day it was de
cided to memorialize the United Statfs
Senate regarding the pending Spanish
treaty. It will be set forth therein that
should said treaty be ratified one of the most
thriving and important industries in the
United States would be transferred to a for
eign country and with millions of capital,
and that 100.COO citizens would be thrown
out of tmployment. The Senate is therefore
asked to reject that part of the treaty relat
ing to tobacco and cigars.
Closing the Navy Yards.
Washington, Dec. 26. The Secretary of
the Navy is preparing a circular under the
terras of which the navy yards throughout
the United States will be closed on Decem
ber ol, to remain closed until appropriations
for the for their maintenance are made by
Congress. The workmen will be suspended
with the understanding that those whose
services are indispensable may continue
works and take their chances of reimburse
ment by Congress.
Bismarck Busy at Home...
London, Dec. 2G. The Morning Post's
Berlin dispatch says it is impossible fbr Bis
marck to leave Berlin or Varzin at present.
Ho personally controls all business and will
not trust any of the ministers to act on their
own responsibility. A direct wire connects
Bismarck's office with the foreign office at
Vienna. It is no exaggeration to say that
he controls Austro-IIunganan politics.
Our Growing Free Trade.
Washington, Dec. 2G. The Bureau of
Statistics reports to the Secretary of the
Treasury that the foreign commerce of the
United States for the month of November
shows that the exports were valued at $78,
77G,f and tho imports at $45,173, 7J2, the
excess of exports over imports being .Ji,
G02,874." This i a greater excess than has
occurred during any previous month of this
A Terrible Affair.
Stevenson, Ala., Dec. 20. To-day Henry
Bunn, a merchant, discharged tho contents
of an old Army musket loaded with buckshot
through the head of a customer named John
Bailey, scattering hi3 brains over the ceiling.
The affair occured in tho former's store.
Bunn claims it wan accidental, although he
had previous trouble with Bailey.
Gone, but Not Forgotten.
Steubentillf, O., Dec. 20. James Col
lins, ticket agent and telegraph operator of
the Panhandle Railroad Company, decamped
last night after borrowing $10?000 in money
from various pnrties, also taking with him a
large amount of funds belonging to the com
A Few More Left.
Lansing, Dec. 20. The Governor has par
d med John Seaver, who was sentenced from
Mnkegon county Oct. 24, 14, to the De
troit Hone of Correction for IX) davs for lie
ing a disorderly peron. This is a sample
. i I, i . i . i
oi tne sman size xne vtoyernor nas on nanu.
Found Guilty.
Providence. H. L, Dec. 21. The trial of
William H. Matthews, charged with assault-
incr hi thirteen-vear-old sten-dan jhter. wa
concluded to dar. The iury rendered a ver
dict of g'lilty. Matthews was sentenced to
twelve year's in the penitentiary.
Inspectors of Rags.
Wasiunoton, Iec. 2 k Under the pro
vision of the recent circular relative to the
disinfection cf imported tag the Secretary
of th Treasury to-d.iv appointed Frnci
McNally and Ch.irle Kaney inspectors of
rag at Alexandria, r.gypu
Packing His Grip.
A i s int. Dec 20. There was a large nnrn
her of visitors at the executive chamber to
d ly, though but very few saw the Governor.
H i actively engaged in dVuertirg public
piper and preparing for his departure.
A Business Faifun?,
Ntw York, Dec. 2s War.gler t Co., mn
uf.iciurew of eignr, 21 East 2t-th street,
I mid sn assignment to-day. rising prfr
enc frr CV The liabilitis are report-
One Shock of Fifty Seconds Duration-
Buildings Destroyed and In
habitants Panic-Stricken.
Madeid, Dt-c. 20. The details of an earth
quake on Wednesday night, which were re
ceived this morning, show that it was much
more disastrous than at first anticipated.
One shock lasted folly fifty seconds, and
was felt throughout the whole of Spain, but
more especially in Andalusia, where a num
ber of towns suffered severely. At Grenada
the houses rocked violently and the earth
trembled beneath the feet of the
inhabitants as they fled panic-stricken
from their homes to the fields on the
outskirts of the town. Some were wounded
while fleeing through the streets, by falling
bricks and cornices, but none have as yet
been reported killed. A number or nuiiu
ings was badly damaged, and it will require
considerable outlav to repair them before
they can bo re-occupied with safety.
At Malaga the shock was mosi uisairous
Iv flt. Mnnv houses were wrecked and a
number of inmates buried in the ruins.
Many persons were killed and large
numbers wounded. Those who escaped
without iniurv deserted their homes
and camped in the open squares and fields
outside of the town, ine reiugees were
huddled around huge bonnres, winch were
kr.t burning all niirht. the weather being
colder than usual and nearly all having fled
so hastily from their houses that they neg
lected to provide themselves with heavy
clothing. Fainter shocks occurred at inter
vals during the night, which increased tne
alarm of the people, preventing them from
Rppkinir shelter in nnv of the buildings.
To-day largo gangs of men are at
work among the ruins oi tne wrecicea
buildings searching for the bodies of miss
ing persons. Already a number or bodies
have been recovered and many more are
known to be still buried in the debris. The
rrnvfrnrm'nt has sent provisions, clothing,
etc., for the relief of the sufferers, and a
subscription list has been opened ior me
same purpose.
In Madrid the damage was slight, but
the shock was sufficiently felt to frighten
the inhabitants. The places of amusement
were quickly emptied of their audiences, and
the performances brought to an abrupt
Latek. Harrowing details of disasters
rnnspd hv th earthuuakes in the south of
Spain continue to be received. Many per
sons perished at Alhama Lioja and tne sea
port of Motne, the village Albuncias was
wholly destroyed. The grand convent of
Seville fell in ruins amid pitiful scenes.
Threatens Suits.
Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 20. An Albany spec
ial to tho Evening News says: Josiah K.
Brown, Dairy Commissioner, is in the city
and called on tho Governor last night He
intimates his intention of bringing suit
against sixty New York butter dealers for
selling oleomargarine, and will also press
suits already brought against dealers, , not
withstanding the threats to sue him for
damages should he do so pending a decision
by the Court of Appeals in the test case in
which the defendant was convicted but ap-u
pealed the case.
Special Dispatch to The Telegram.
Alleoan, Dec. 20. John Huskinson's
residence was destroyed by fire this morn
ing. Loss on house and furniture about
$1,200; insurance 000. The thermometer
registered twenty-six degrees below zero
this morning.
A Secret Convention.
London, Dec. 20. A Berlin correspondent
says there is , a secret convention between
France and Germany, in accordance with
which France is allowed unlimited coloniza
tion in Morocco andTonquin, and Germany,
while respecting the French possessions in
Africa, is at libert? to annex territory any
where not affecting .trench interests.
Christmas Brevities.
The first service in the new American
church in Dresden took place Thursday.
William Lyons killed his brother Thomas
in a quarrel Thursday at Gloucester, N. J.
The crofters on the Kilmuir estate forcib
ly prevented tho sheriff from serving writs,
and ejected him from the estate.
Mrs. Pulitzer, wife of the well-known edi
tor, distributed to 220 children at New York,
$1,500 worth of shawls, overcoats, toys,
Miles Ogle, a noted counterfeiter, was ar
reted at Memphis, Tenn., Thursday, with
$3,000 in S10 counterfeit bills on the Third
National Bank of Cincinnati in his posses
A balloon carrying MacNeale, an Aeronaut,
fell into tho river at West Point, Ala.,
Thursday, the aerial adventurer being
A sleigh conlaining nine persons was
struck bv a locomotive at a crossing near
St. Paul. Thursday night. A man was killed.
and a woman fatally hurt, while the rest of
the party was badly injured.
Four buildings at Peninsula Harbor, on
tho northern shore of Lake Superior, were
consumed by fire Wednesday nighL A man
perished in the flames, and a woman of ill
repute was fatally burned.
Drizzling rain and low temperature Thurs
day at New Orlean kept thousands from
the World's Fair. The feature of the day
was a Christmas tree laden with gifts by
Commissioner General Burke.
In a set-to at the Alhambra, New York,
Wednesday night between Walter DeBanm
and Joeph Heiser, the iatter punished his
opponent severely! aad jut before the finish
very nearly knocked UeDauni lntouncon
The Tnporte (Ind.)Svring Bank has sus
pended payments, and a receiver has been
Appointed. The President of the concern is
confident that drpoitors will le paid in fnLL
Iti staff d that the Cashier, who was about
to le removed, brought about the failure by
r?jorting ome violations of the statute to
the Auditor of fctate.
The building at Minneapolis Minn., for
merly known a the Academy of Mnic was
detroved by firv Thursday afternoon, cans
ir.g a hv of ?200,0i. The ur-er part of
the structure wa mosily occupied by law
yr offers, and the library of the Minneap
olis fUr Aoentiou. worth $1,000, is among
the rrorrty banned. The insurance amounts
to ti.-Aooa
A drunken man raif d a disturbance Thur-
dy nuht in Bunnell's Museum at New
Haven. Conn., np:n. which a cry of "FireT
ws. rai-ed. throwing the crowded hou into
a panic, daring whirh a boy jumped from
the gallery to the pr;rt. The garments of
the auditors wfre torn, and several person
were injured, none feriosslr, TLa tcra
An Interesting Program at First Re
formed Church Last Evening.
The First Reformed Church was filled to
its ntmoet capacity List evening, at w hich
time the eleventh anniversary Sabbath
school concert was held. The program car
ried out was a motd interesting one, well
arranged and prepared, and was as follows:
1. Anthem Choir
2. Prayer By Asfcit&nt Superintendent
3. 8onx Schol
,4. llecit&tion. . . . . , Lizzie Moerd k
5. Ouartette Lbdit
6. llecitation H. tioNtn
,7. SoDff , Blanch Mindfrhout
8. Recitation j. Katie Del Joe
V. Hone ; ScIhkjI
10. liecitation L I). tidier
11. Quartette Gentlemen
12. Recitation C Leusenkamp
13. Hon J Infant Oat
14. Recitation 1 W. DeOratf
15. Duet Mm. Verdier and M is D'
Hi. Dialogue . . Ttm Boy
17. Siiriff School
18. liecitation Jenbie Ht-therington
19. Hecretary and Troafcurer s lieport and offering
0. Itemarks raptor
21. Bong Coionation
22. Benediction.
, . . m
The Hotel Registers.
At the Morton II. D. Badgley, Detroit;
I. H. Dennis, Chicago: C. J. Church,
Greenville; E. E. Hapkina, Cadillac; II. P.
Taylor, Cadillac; W. B. Williams, Allegan;
A. W. ithington. Big Rapids.
At Tna Eagle. T. W. Preston, Lowell;
John Withey, Ada; A. W. Streeter, Sparta;
C. a. Beardsly, Greenville; John HelTeran,
Eastmanville; E. G. Foote, Washington,
D. C.
At Sweet's. Thos. Munroe, Muskegon;
R. J. Doyle, White Cloud; Geo. F. Conger,
Cleveland; C. Merrill, Detroit; J. A.Brown,
At the RathbunC L. Clark, Green
ville; J. McKee, Jr., Kalamazoo; Mr. and
Mr. D..A. Pulsifer. Allegan: A. M. Wolo-
var, Bath, Dak.: A. S. Kelsey, New York;
John W. Ellis, Boston, Mass.; J. II. Melvin,
Big Rapids; S. W. Lobdell, Muskegon; H.
F. Chark, Detroit; M. E. Stockwell, Chi
cago; Henry B. Fralick, Boston; S. W.
Brace, Baldwin; W. S. Nicholds, Ionia:
James Coyne, Muskegon.
New York.
New York. Dec. 26.
Money loaned at eaay rates, closing at 11 per
cent. Exchange closed dull. Posted rates at 4.81
4.85; actual rates 4.80HC4.8uyi for 60 days, and
for demand.
Governments closed firm; currency 6's 126 bid;
4's coupons 122'i bid, 4tf'sdoll2 bid. Pacific
railroad bonds closed as follows: Union firsts,
113 to 114; do, land grants, 1064 bid: do sinking
funds. 117 to 118: Centrals. 112!i bid.
Office of F. V. Taylor, No. 8 Canal St., )
Grand Kafids, Dec. 23, 1S34. )
j&he English grain trade is generally suspended
during the holiday and consequently there are no
cables. Exports on Wednesday from New York
and Philadelphia foot up a total of about 315,000
bu of wheat. Car lot receipts ia Chicago to-day
include 165 cars wheat, 308 cars corn, 56 cars oats.
and 21,000 hogs. The markets were all dull and
uninteresting, with a very small volume of trade.
But few operators comparatively put in an ap
pearance, and they generally wished they had
stayed away.
Wheat Open. High. Low. Closed.
January ?2l4 72?6 . 72 72
February.... 73 73H 12H 723i
May 79H 79U 78?i 787.
January 33 85H 84? 349
May 37 37 X. 37 37 K
May 2BH, 28?i 28J4 28?
February.... $11 07K $11 07 $10 85 $10 87t
February.... $6 72 $6 724 $6 62 $6 624
New York.
New York. Dec. 26.
Flour Shade stronger, but prices slow and
little or no chanee; the demand was moderate:
superfine, $2 302 80: No. 2, $2 60&3 25; round
hoop Ohio, $2 7f4 90; city mill extra, $4 2Ta
4 35; Southern flour dull; common to choice
extra, $3 U05 4'.
Wheat Options were irregular, opening slight
ly higher, subsequently reacting and cloning
steady at about Wednesday's closing. Spot lots
strom er and in some cases higher. Spot sales of
ungrad"d spring at 81c: ungraded winter red at fl9
Wc; No. 3 red at 7t$!c. No. 2 winter red,
84c, and No. 2 red state at 807 c; No. 2 ml winter
January, 81c bid; do February, 83 He; do March.
Corn Options were lighdy dealt in and th
fluctuations were slight; the close was dull and
with prices unchangitL Spot lots weak; No. 2,
lc lower. Spot salt of ungradcxi mixed at 4c
52c; No. Sat 484c. and unpradfd white at 4'.i
514c; No. 2 mixed December. 514c. and do Jan
uary. 45c.
Oats Options were auiet but firm, closing
without material change. Spt lots firm: un
graded mixed 14lc higher, bpot sales of .No. 2
whit state at 35 4c: and No. 2 mixed do at S3l4C
bid; No 2 mixed January, 334c bid. do February.
334c bid.
Kte-Du11: Western 5962c; State GC(?C7c,
Barley Nominal.
Pork Dull: new mess. $12 50.
Lard Dull and heavy: 8 to 10 points lower;
$6 V26 Va January; $6V W February.
Scoab Dull: fair to good refining. 4Hft4'c.
Hctter Quiet but firm; State, 1SQ2jc; West
ern. Wi3lc.
Krtos-Quiet but firm; 8tate. 23g30c; Western.
Grand Rapids.
Teleoram Office. Dee. 2$.
Oraw Corn, JSc. Oat, 2Tft23c; retail 8.V.
Wheat: Clanson. 2: red long berry, i4; short
bernr. 72. Hr. S4 lt. l i -V.
FiUR asd Feed Pastry, 4 30 wholesale; $5 on
retAil; patent, $5 30 wholesale, v C retAil; mid
dlinr. ter ton, $16 00 wholesale, $1 00 tieT cwt
Hran. per ton, $1 ID wholesale; iOc trcwt.
Meftl and feeil, per ton, $ J) 00 wholele; $1 10 tt
IROVTS105S-Bcef, rr side, $5 (V?6 Tirt. Veal
$ 0i9 rti, scarce. UmU $5 016 ft ; matron, $
tt$5. Drcse.i hors $4 Ui U. Pork: Per hhl
raw, $H (; hams HttOftc; shoulders, Ssmokl
beef. IV; bacon, 124c Ijnni: Tier. pic kettle.
if utter i HFr,E cutter: in? ani ;srf,
l?u JJV'; crearrsery, turn. 2c. t h: 114' 12 4c.
PocLTRT-Fowls: DnJ, HilT. Turkfjs
dpmwMxl, (4iUc. Dnrk. dr-xi Villc. ,
FKis Frvh. lot, lTc; bakt lots, i v
Veoet vflf Pottrfs: ZiXk: Onions: Per
bu, rellow. 4ilV: silrer skin, .Wic FWt
Ier bu. S-V, 'I AbUe ier t.nndrMd. $4 (XiC iu
S'in.vh. rr Fundr!. 7tl(iL TumiT. ter bn.
2.V, tpry, ier doz,3i.Vs.', Crantrrrs, $5 2T
per bu.
Freh FKrrTs-ArT'l'4, tt bn. 2f.4,v,
HoyiT Whit cioTCT, Yi itiUc; Urk, $fie;
str? ed. c.
Su.T Hrrarnse, Mrrl. $1 25; Mmt, $1 l"t.
SEErH-Timnthj,$l rxl 7r;cloTer, $4 CiU
red tor. I'Jt t (Tl.
HiriE tren. perlh, f.4c; tj-t mrM, m,f
t Wc.fali curL S4?; Art hkl ftn I kir-s
fxl2c;cvlf skins cren or cared, 10c; dfton
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pie, ljc; fall 4-iVc; W ic'er jeita.
ttooi Hne wvled, 2C22c; cvmr washed
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II T-$IXS12; t.Kl $14 tr Um. who!eV; P-J
VToot JUni. wiing at $125 per cor A trtr blfek
Fpht wrrvi, $i5.
C'oal -tecsT and ttit, $7.25 prr tos; rc? an-CT-r,
t7.C tv tjti.
J-7.--r wiit per cIlca, i:4; 1
A Lengthy Meeting Labt Evening
Amendments Referred Back. The
Work Still Incomplete.
The Christinas festivities did not ttt so
hard on the Aldermanic btoinach as to pre
vent ten oat of the frixtt-en from puttiuj; in
an apiearance last nijht at the Council and
goinj into a committee of the whole
foK ' a further consideration of char
ter amendments. Aids'. Crcque,
Grady, Pit re, Brenner, Patter
son and Albright were abtut. Mayor Bel
knaj) retired from the cludr, aud Aid. Parm
lee, ns heretofore, presided as Chairman of
the Committee, and section 10, title ., wu
takeu up. A general discussion t usued upon
the clause fixing the time for the payment of
delinquent taxes, the rate of percentage to
be added on same, the fixing of the date for
the pale of euch property for such claims
and directing the City Treasurer's duties in
the premises and also defining the powers of
the Council to extend the time for such final
collection. Aid. Gilbert's substitute to a
Iortion of the section, that a S4ile should oc
cur if the tax interests and costs were not
paid in four months, based upon the trea
surer's reiHirt to Council, with a rate per cent
fixed at the usual periods after iersoual
notice of delinquency, was adopted, with a
recommendation that the section be re-committed
to the special committees for re
vision. Section 2!?, of tho same title, em
bracing matter bearing on the same subject,
was directed to take the same course.
Section SO, which Ald Gilbert explained
was an amendment directing that the Clerk
should receive taxes, collection fees and
cost, was approved. Sections G and 37 was
amended so as to insert the words "Treas
urer" for "Marshal" in each.
Aid. Gilbert called the attention of the
Committee to Section 22, title 5, in regard to
the creation of a Sinking Fund. A the law
provides now, each year a tax of four mills
is directed to be levied on real and personal
property to pay the principal and interest on
the bonded debt, provided it shall not be
construed to mean more than $50,000 in any
one year. Mr. G. said it was impracticable
and compulsory in directing the manner of
investing the said sum raised by the four
mills tax. It had been complied with in a
sort of a way by raising $10,000 a year to
meet the G. R. & I. bonds and $25,000
for the water funds, but the act can
not be left in its present condition,
the wishes of the Council should be consult
ed, and he ofTered a substitute to the effect:
That the Council shall in each year meet
tho interest on the bonded debt by a taxa
tion on real and personal propertv if other
means fail, or there are no other resources.
And to provide for the prompt payment of
principal due, may issue new bonds not to
run more than twenty years, and at their
discretion may levy a tax of two mills to be
used; 1st, on dues of one year's standing;
2d, may be ordered to purchase the unma
tured liabilities, or establish a sinking fund,
or the Council may direct it be deposited,
with proper safeguards, in National banks or
other public repositories. The Alderman
stated as the law stands, such funds must be
invested in United States registered bonds,
which are now beyond reach in price. In
about nine years the original water debt will
be maturing and this opens a door for re
newidg, with now no way of meeting it with
a sinking fund. On motion of Aid. Yates
it was referred to the Council.
The same Alderman as Chairman of the
Special Committee reported on Sec, 3, title
2, recommending that each year on the first
Monday of May, on the nomination of the
Mayor, there shall be elected to the Hoard of
Review and Equalization three members for
the terms of one, two and three years re
spectively, and annually thereafter a mem
ber for a term of three years, and providing
that in the event of the Mayor not making
such nomination it shall be done by the ac
tion of the Council; referred to the Council.
Mr. Gilbert also read proposed amendments
submitted by the Board of Public Works, to
provide for an election of a President, fixing
salaries, for the regular employment of an
engineer and assistant, for their accounts
to be audited as other city officers
are, to give the Board con
trol over their own men, to
make their own rules and regulation on
water rents with power to cut off supplie,
and to enforce payments by suit in tl e
name of the city, to licence plunders and
others, requiring them to make reports to
the loard and constituting the police court,
a court of cotnietcnt jurisdiction for the
collection of their fine. The subject wa
referred to the Council and be fore final ad
journment, it wa ordered to le pnblihed
as was the previous amendment relating to
the sinking fund. An Rraendrnf nt to ec
tion three of the Board of Public Work
act, making their ofCce dependent, not
jemly upon an appointment by the myor,
but lo upon ft con firm -d ion by the Council,
wa recommende-d and referred to the Conn
cil. The committee then aroe, reported
progress to the Council and adjrramed.
A Runaway Team Recovered.
On Thnrdy evening lat a gentleriisn
hired the team belonging to K. B. Dikeman.
the jf-xf Jer, and kfr t at G's lire ry sib,
corner of E.t FnltoU and Sj ring stre et,
and started for a drive. The tfTtm in some
manner gat aay from the drive? and ran
aay. Th gentleman rets rnd to t he ftidd,
reUtvl his misfortune,, and imrcdit-.!y met)
vere di'patcbed to follow, fcnd if TofbJ,
eccre the tsn. Thy wers fourid yeur
day morning, sfe md pound, in the hvn of
a farm?r rdne-teeTi mile eat of thi c;ty.
The team had tnUrrl the farmer y&rd md
iec.ame fast lp1ref n a bam und bl, Th
firiLfT too the ?trar.gpr in, tkfthed thm,
fed tl
r.r.l fr.v? tbna C;
Ws ar daily rti wug avion lo our
already large ftock of Gtnt't fine i
Which we are telling at reduced pric. V
also Lave a flue as.ortmtnt vf
! I
Ladies' Fur Goods !
Selected c?iecially for ns from one of; the
largest Fur Houses in the country.
.v mi: miY aouits camp.
Dealers Paralyzed Spring & Com
pany's Low Prices the Prevailing,
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lit lower pricos tiiiOi ever kuowu.
M-1UNG A. UlMl AM,
We fctill continue the creat kj-.I nl th luvitt
piic. ever recorded, oidy murk t lie wonderful
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marvel n low prie of nin-j -f-i.r nt j r yj-.M.
lliis silk wa made to retail fr a t'oilr itnd
tliirty-five cents jer janl. i.nd it tic i ti e
have inarkul tlie ptxnih ill e-tnivh nil.
r-i iiix i A t'tvrM.
W pive notice to th Parmer, thf M'i hnir and
to all latorinK mn and wotuTi t!.st jmo .n
Dry (J!!4 will mail to eorref-jxir d v?h liie
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Department f our St --re. N'n:ilt r v! at jour
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sreat scarcity f rr !)' . A I'U'h'l ff Utt jll
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world. hruvi A '! xi.
Tliat's wboro tlie Groat AVwrdroix i fnr
BiVrpt Valuc-a in Ciolhintr bttbor
IVadjr Madoor MadetM -.i&uro, -Fit
voui-Fclf ripUt ujMjr b avo
your onlrr to-day. Vo
puit yon in qual
ity, St In, Pric
Even thine
(SILK a net Liyi:), PJSJt PM
pvoiipni:i ;;jr';.s ro
laps a j en ps. pjm;
axi CMiu:i:i,LAs.
Great Wardrobe,
tct t;3 dinted.
vr;ra frd 1 7 t:.j en::.

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