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He Pays a Visit to Mrs. Polk-Nothing
but Cordial Words for the Object
of Watterson' Hatred.
N'asuvillk, Trim, Dc. :. ConjrreMin an
Humucl J. Kandall arrived here thi worn
lag accompanied ty a committee of citizens
from hero who weit to Louisville to ecort
t!i didtiuui.-htd irueat of the Sooth. The
;VU mado ia tha coach of tha Saer
' iutendent of tha Na.-hville fe ChattAnooa
rofwl which was '.endered for tha occasion.
A lare crowd Withered ut the depot to greet
th vL-iitur. General William II. Jackson,
on brhalf of the citizens, met Mr. Ran
dall he Uitd from the train
and gave him a hearty welcome
in a few well cluen remarks. Mr. Randall
replied briefly, exprein; hU sincere thank
fur the cordiality of the reception, nnd in
conclndon naiJ, I know but one country,
and but one single fellowship." He was
driven to the) Maxwell House in a hack
where he breakfasted. At 11 o'clock the vis
itor, under U escort of a number of prom
inent citizen, drove to the historic mansion
of Mr. Jaine K. i'olk, on Vineaueet. Here
the visitor were extended an elegant recep
tion and a hearty weicome.Mr. I'olk received
her tfueat in the old state reception room,
where she had done honor on score of oc
casion of note in society. At "2 o'clock thia
afternoon a public reception bet;an at the
Maxwell House, and number of citizen
paid their respect to the statesman. The
reception continued till 4 o'clock.
The party returned at U o'clock and rested
until 3. A large number of citizen called
on the distinguished vUitor and gave him a
warm welcome to Nashville and Tennessee.
At 4 o'clock Randall and party, with a num
ber of prominent citizens, drove out to the
residence of Col. A. S. Uolyar, where an el
trant lunch wo served, after which he re
turned to the hotel. At 7 o'clock the Grand
ikera House wa packed and jammed from
J orchestra chair to gallery by
'.a11 cla.se of citizens, assembling
to give Pennsylvania' statesman an
old-fashioned Tennessee welcome. Among
tha audience were some of Nashville a fairest
ladies, while the platform ornaments included
a number of the city' most distinguished
statesmen, jKliticians, professional and busi
ness men. Mr. Randall said he could sin
cerely and truthfully sneak from a heart
oversowing with gratitude for the constant
and considerate kindness which he had re
ceived at every hand since coming among
lennesseans. lhis State, while not one
of the thirteen originals, yet follow
ing closely upon the admission of Kentucky
and Vermont in 17J1. assumed in 1?JC, her
relationship in the Union, has furnished to
the country two of its greatest Presidents of
the many who have occupied the executive
oilier.; (iea. Jackson and Polk were given
by Tennessee a President of the United
State (or the benefit of the common coun
try to honor in every particular.
A Wet Carnival.
Montreal, Dec. Iu consequence of
the ice jam in the river the water i rising
and ha already made it appearance in the
cellars of store in the lower streets of the
city. In the store of St. Peter, St. Paul
and Commissioner street there are two
feet of water.
The rapid thaw, now in progress for two
days, will delay the building of the ice palace
and the other accessories contemplated as
attraction for carnival visitor. There i
not much time left for necessary operation
to bo perfected.
Fire in Kentucky.
Hofkinsvillk, Ky., Dec. I50 Fire broke
out last night about 11 o'clock, in B. Schoen
f aid's dry good store on Main street. The
origin is unknown. Owing to the recent
heavy rain and absence of wind the fire
spread slowly, and in a few hour the whole
block wa destroyed, except an old glas
building on the corner of Main and Bridge
treet. The loss on building and stock
.amounts to vll2,0u0; insured for about
Chinese Pirates Killed.
Paws, Dec. W. An official dispatch from
Admiral Courbet, received here this after
noon, state that French men-of-war have
for the past several day been fighting the
Chinese pirate in Hong Hai bay, and that
.TOO of the latter were killed. Nothing official
ha yet been received of the reported sink
ing of a French transport by Chinese cruis
er while she was conveying reinforcement
between Singapore and Saigon.
Eastern Naturalists.
W AmiNOTo?i, IXc :X. The Society of
Naturalist of Katern United 8tates, to-day
vlected the following officers: President,
Jrover K. Gilbert, of Washington, D. C;
Vice Presidents, Profs. U. Newell Martin,
of Mryl nd, K. D. Cope, of Pennsylvania,
and Harrison Allen of Pennsylvania; Secre
tary, Charle Sedgwick Minot, of Massa
chusetts; Treasurer, Charles A. Ashburner,
of Pennsylvania.
Member of Executive Committee, elected
from society-at-l arg, K. Ramsay Wright, of
Canada, and Prof. Samuel X, Clarke, of
Th convention adjourned to meet in Bos
ton, Dec. 2l,
Only Two This Time,
liisstno, Mich., Dec 21). The Governor
has pardoned Henry Malliott, sent from
Manistee County, Feb. 4, l$7 tostateprison
for fifteen years for rape. Also Mark A.
lUrker, sent from Bay County, June 23.
1S, to state prison for three year for burg
lary. Gone Over the Falls.
Kumxt Fai.t, N. Y., Dec. .W.man
xrho tried to cro the river a mile above the
fails yesterday lot control of the boat and
A drawn over the fall. He is supposed to
Te Jine Greenwood, of Chippewa, who i
missing and who was in the habit of rowing
fierce the river.
Will Not Fight.
Net Yorx. Dec. ; Alf. Greenfield
denies that h? and John I Snllivan ar to
rpar in a theatrical entertainment in Brook
lyn for th benefit of a charity, as has been
Accident in Wales.
Lmto, Dec. 30, Sev?n person were
T and ten severely iajn red by a tand
!p rhich occurred thi morning m a n;rry
v i Carnarvon, VV..!.x .
o -
L"-CuUouh r.r;;:irs in Good Health.
r.-.,r..n, I .W-C. '.vn MeCuUo-h tra
v -.rnt
Mrs. Hotcomb's Statement Excluded
Dan's Daughter Sworn.
Jackson, Mick, Dec. Tha afternoon
proceedings of Monday in the Holcomb comj
were in the nature of effort to belittle and
break dowu the effect of C. D. Harrington's
testimony. Several witnesses gave accounts
of Harrington' dealing with them under
pretence of baying farms, and reieat .d his
observation on the Crouch murder. Some
time wa spent in argument by counsel a to
the admissibility of Gilbert WiUon's testi
mony touching Holcomb' knowledge of
Allen's getting the Crouch letters, and also
on the admissibility of Mrs. Dan Holcomb'
statement taken at the inquest. After fur
ther argument this forenoon the court-ruled
out Mrs. Holcomb' statement.
The defence then called William Smalley,
who swore he roomed with Joe Allen in this
city on the night of the Crouch murder.
Allen wa out of the room at 1 o'clock.
The Court here ruled against the prosecu
tion, on admitting new testimony.
Edith Holcomb, Dan' daughter, sixteen
year old, worn: Wa at Kalamazoo school
when the murder occurred. The most friendly
feeling existed between the Holcomb and
Crouch families. Judd and hi father never
had any trouble'that witness knew of. Wit
ness picked up the clothe for Ella Shannon
to wash. There was no blood on anything.
Never saw Dan have but the one pair of rub
ber boots, lought by Judd. Witness didn't
look behind the chest where Ella Shannon
said she found bloody clothing.
Capt. Byron L. Crouch sworn: I live at
San Antonio, Texas. Got here the Wednes
day following the burial of my people.
Ordered Dan to pay Bolles what Mr. Crouch
owed him. Looked over papers taken from
the Crouch house by Dan. No land grant
were among them, nor any deeds. They
were all note and mortgages. I started for
here on Sunday. Got the new ,oa Friday.
Never received a telegram on the subject.
Facts of Interest from Various Sections
of the Country.
Pottsville, Pa., Dec. 30,The general
manager of the Philadelphia & Reading
Coal and Iron Company, wiys twenty-one of
their collieries will not resume work Jan. 1,
when the time for which they were suspend
ed expires. Tliis it in addition to the several
that have not been producing this season.
The stock of coal lia.s not diminished during
the restricted output, clearly showing a lack
of demand. The closing of the colleries
means the idleness oi over 4,uovmen. ai me
allotment system is adopted by the combin
ation the shut down will last indefinitely.
Woonsocket, B. I., ;Dec. 30. The South
hrirlcTA fMnsO orint works, which have been
shut down for eight montlis, will start up
Jan. 15, giving employment to a large num
hpr of hands.
Fall Rivet., Mass., Dec. 30. The Massa-
soit manufacturing company, which has
been shut down for a fortnight, has started
up on short time and reduced wages.
Montreal, Dec. 30. Ogilvie A Co., mil
lers, have been forced to shut down their
mill in Mnniroha and fcton manufacture.
They state that Minneapolis millers are now
selling Hour in Canada at less than the price
of Canadian wheat, and they prefer to hold
on to their wheat instead of selling it at a
Yesterday's Session of Their Associa
tion at Lansing.
Lansino, Mich., Dec. 30. This morning's
meeting of the Association , of Michigan
Teachers opened at 9 o'clock with a greatly
increased attendance. The new President,
Z. E. Spencer, superintendent of schools at
Battle Creek, read hi inaugural address,
after which papers and reiorts were read
and discussed in the following order: "In
dustrial education," discussion opened by
Prof. W. J. Beal, of the State Agricultural
College, Lansing; report of the committee
on school legislation, favoring a more
careful and thorough system of inspection
and supervision, by David Howell, Superin
tendent of Lansing schools; discussion
opened by the Hon. W. J. Baxter, of Land
ing; addresses on "Some lessons
from educational history," by Prof. Payne,
of the State University, and on "Childhood
and ethics" by the Rev. Reed Stuart, of Bat
tle Creek.
Thi evening at 7:30 o'clock a reception for
the teacher wa held by Gov. and Mrs. Be
gole in the executive parlors, and at U o'clock
there were social, literary and musical exer
cises in Representative hall.
Business Failures.
St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 30. Etzle, Hutchin
son & Co., dealers in toy and notions, have
failed. Liabilities about $100,000; assets
$."7,000. The firm have confessed judgment
in favor of the German Savings bank for
New York, Dec 30, Brooks tfc Dickson,
theatrical managers, assigned to-day.
H. N. Stehr t Co., cloth merchants have
assigned. Liabilities 113,01)0; assets $1'J?,
CfS. Newton County Bank, Neosho. Missouri,
has assigned. Liabilities ."4),000; assets
A Railroad Smash-Up.
Baltimore, Mn., Dec. 30. An extra
freight train, while descending a gTade at
Bacon Hill, on the north-tound track of the
Philadelphia, Arlington t Baltimore Rail
road, broke in two this morning. The en-
f;ineer stopped the main part of the train at
ted Mill, but detached cars running wild
behind crashed into th front part of the
train. Sit can were smashed into kindling
wood, and four tramp who were stealing a
ride. They were- brought to Baltimore
City Hospital. Two will probably die.
Chandler's Order.
WAsnrxOTo, Dec. 30. The Secretary of
the Navy ha ent the following telegram to
all navy yards, which the circular sent out
by mail yesterday did not reach in time:
"Discharge all employes who have hitherto
Iwn paid under th six-months appropria
tion act, etcept thoe required to prevent
the destruction of property or loss of life,
ami any such must work without agreement
for compensation." The ordr covers navy
pay office at the several principal citie.
What Watterson Says.
Bos to, IV. 30. A Louisville special
says Watterson states that not half a doren
representative Democrats t-Hk part in th
Rnndall demonstration. Nine-tf nlhs of the
Southern Democrats are Carl;! men on the
The Wires Work Badly.
Cnicioo, Dec. 30. Telegraphic comrasni-
cr.iion erst it brtdly handienpy-d by tN
rein tt.rrx.
The Confession of Judgment a De
fense Against Vorse Creditor
Than Vanderbilt.
New York, Dec. 30. Regarding the Grant
subscription Cyru W. Field said yesterday:
"I am sorry anything of this kind has got
into the'papers, for there is nothing in it.
Mr. Hoye, who has an office in this building,
came and told me Gen. Grant wa likely to
need assistance and I went up and saw Mr.
Vanderbilt, who aid his claim was for
ia),tt)0. 'But,' he said, 'if you are getting
up a subscription to pay that, put me
down for $a,000. Mr. Elkins .was
here to-day, and you cjui say that Gen.
Grant will have ' all the money he
needs. The rich men of this country are
fully aware that but for Gen. Grant their
property would not be worth much, and
they know that Gen. Grant had nothing to
do with any crookednes in connection with
Grant tt Ward, and they do not propose to
hold him responsible for that. We don't
proiose to iour money into a sieve, and are
not going to pay the debt of Grant fe Ward,
but whatever Gen. Grant need he will have,
.and that' all there is to it."
The Herald this morning states positively
that tho confession of judgment in Mr. Van
derbilt' claim wa made at Gen. Grant'
suggestion nnd was a measure of defense
against more clamorous creditors.
Geo. Jones, proprietor of the Times and
custodian of the 250,000 Grant fund, raised
some years ago, say the late Gov. Morgan
advised the investment of that fund in
Wabash stock, and on hi guaranteeing a re
turn of $15,000 per annum for ten years from
such investment, Mr. Jones so placed it.
The Morgan estate has regularly paid the
$15,000 a guaranteed, and the agreement i
that if the Wabash default payment on this
stock the estate shall return the principal
and interest of the fund intact. The fund is
absolutely secure and net Gen. Grant $15,
030 a year.
Mr. Elkins says there will undoubtedly be
a fund raised and that Gen. Grant's friends
here are waiting to hear from Gen. Sherman
before taking farther steps.
Washington, Dec. 30. W. W. Corcoran,
of thi city, denies tho published report of
an interview in which he is made to say that
Gen. Grant shall not want. He says he
knows nothing about Gen. Grant's affairs.
The Causes of the Deaths of the
Girls at Detroit.
The Coroner's jury in the case of the vic
tims of the Gray, Toynton & Fox fire at De
troit have rendered a verdict in which they
say "That said fire originated in a quantity
of 'excelsior' stored in the basement of said
building, No. 2G East Woodbridge street,
said 'excelsior' having been piled against a
chimney out of the base of which the soot
drawer had been left, allowing spark to
ignite with the 'excelsior,' " and 'that mem
bers of the firm of Gray, Toynton & Fox,
did all in their power to notify their
employes of the danger, exceping Mr.
Andrews, who in the opinion of the jury
should have notified the girls in Miss Belle
Lynch's room of the fire at the time he noti
fied the occupants of Miss Fisher's room."
The jury further "recommend that all pas
sages to and from rooms in manufacturing
buildings occupied by a number of people
should be kept clear, and all doors in a con
dition to be opened readily from either side
without a key. Also that all combustibles
kept in manufacturing buildings should be
stored with great care and in places where
fire will not be liable to communicate wi h
The Liabilities of the Jackson Institu
tionAngry Creditors.
Jackson, Mich., Dec. 30. From one of the
officials of the bursted Interest and Deiosit
Bank a Detroit Xetcs reporter learned late
last night that the total liabilities of the con
cern were a little over $51,000. To this must
be added the personal liabilities of the two
partners, which will not amount to much.
The informant added that the whole would
come nearer the above figures than anything
higher. Two of the .depositors visited the
residence of one of ti.v. partners of the bank
and declared they would stay on his premises
till they got their money. The wife the part
ner only saw them, and after some discus
sion they withdrew, but still mutter ven
geance if things are not straightened soon.
All the saloon-keeiers of the Rotten Row
had money in the bank. They don't soon
forget. The assets will be announced in
about two days.
kocki oi:i.
Rockfoed, Dec. 30. The snow is all gone,
the streets are muddy and nasty, and every
thing bears a gloomy, dismal look. Our
mearchants, however, report a good trade
for the holidays and are correspondingly
happy. The exercises at the M. E. church
Christmas eve, were very nice and parsed off
smoothly. The church was well filled.
Christmas night there was a masquerade at
the rink in which a large number took part
and enjoyed themnelves greatly. After the
skating there was a dancing party, which
kept up the fun nntil the wee small hours.
-To-night the Rockford Dramatic Club
present the drama "Turn of the Tide" at
the Opera House. Rockford Ixxlgo No.
'2U and F. A. M. elected the following offic?rs
for the ensuing term at their last regular
meeting: G. C. McConnell, W. M.; E. M.
Friant, S. W.; C. N. Cranson, J. W.; S. F.
Bykert, Secy.; Jame Iockeray, Treas.; W.
W. Wier, S. D.; J. W. Baker, J. D.: Geo. T.
Blunder. Tyler.
Pardoned Because Innocent.
SupL Joe Nicholson, of the House of
Correction at Detroit, received a pardon on
Monday from President Arthur for Eli ha
Given, who wa snt from Arizona a yf ar
ago for a term of five years ijr stage-rol-bin?.
Executive clemency wa rendered for
the reason that it wa shown that Giver was
innocent of th crime and that the offene
was committed by another man. As -on as
fnnds for him, which th Superintendent ha
telegraphed for, arrive, hre will be t at lib
erty and sent home.
Conkling at Washington.
Washtxoto, Dec, 30. Ex-Senator Conk
ling, in behalf of Thomas Edion, made an
argument to-day before Patent Commission
er Bnttf nrorth in t.V telephone interference
case of pTawbangh B!eake r Edison.
. , .
Twain and His Publishers.
Rostov. Dec. Mark Tain Km applied for
an injunction to prevent Este V I.ureat
from selling "Hncklfberry Finn" at Ir.
th.-.n his ptic?, 2.75 Tctnm.
The Usual Routine Business and Little
Else Performed.
The Police and Fire Commissioner held a
regular meeting yesterday afternoon. Pres
ident Powers and all of the Commissioners
being present except lloe and Wesson.
Supt. Perry, as usual, appeared lefore the
Board and made a report of various affairs
pertaining to his department. What he said
cannot be told, a this report is made up from
an indefinite outline of the proceedings made
up by Secretary Reynolds of the Board.
Marshall Lemoin appeared before the Board
upon the request of the Commissioner and
explained the accident which befell Mr.
Matthews through her sleigh colliding with
one of the Fire Department team. The
Marshall reiorted tlwit the men had been
properly reprimanded and the affair amica
bly Kittled. The following account were
approved : Hazeltiue, Perkin t Co.; $13.00;
Same, $7,00; M. A., True Printing Co.,
$12.14; Widdicomb Furniture Co., $78.00:
Secretary' disbursements, $HVU8; Union
Broom Co., .$2.30; E. A. Munsou, $3.40;
T. Kiniment, $0.30.
'The Secretary submitted the bill of ex
penses for witnesses fees in the Cogswell
case. Supt. Perry asked for necessary sup
plies, and reiortedthe condition of the street
lamp for the week ending Dv?c. 2U. Mar
shall Leinoin formally reported fires on Dec.
10-20-23 and 28, and W. C. Cunninglmm
tendered his resignation as a member of the
fire department. The Committee on Rule
asked for further time to consider the revis
ion of rules governing the departments.
Little Ferret" To-Night.
To-night, at Redmond's Opera House,
dates Louise Sylvester's first appearance in
this city as a star. She is sprightly, viva
cious, full of vigor, and possessed of such
other qualities as have placed her, by the
critics of thejarger cities, one of tho best
soubrettes in the country. She is supiorted
by a first-class company, and her play, "Lit
tle Ferrett," gives her opportunity for seven
character personations. She will repea
"Little Ferret" to-morrow afternoon, and
in the evening will present the laughable
burlesque " Freaks."
Minnie. .Maddern.
This season will doubtless establish Min
nie Maddern as one of the leading actresses
in the country. With her new play, "Ca
price," she has conquered popular favor
everywhere. The piece gives her scope for
the display of peculiar emotional power,
which with a sparkle of humor, gives her
acting a charming effect. With a good com
pany and a good play there is no reason why
she should not play to good houses at
Powers' Friday and Saturday evenings.
Real Estate Transfers,
Furnished daily from the office of W. R.
Scribner, real estate dealer.
Mary W. Colton to David Totter, lot 1 of
( 'olton's sub, city $ 725
Belle Colton to David Potter, lot 7 of Col
ton's sub 575
Jackson T. Heniman to Rodney A. Hast
ings, lot 3 and part lot 2, hlk 1, Ilinman's
add. Sparta 200
BeUey llinraan to Rodney A. Hpstinpuot
1 (except 8 4 r) hlk 1, liinman's add 200
Delana J. Reckley to Alfred (iiddines.loh
4, 5, 6 and 13, blk 3, Vill Sand Lake 70
Alvin S. Watson to Eugenia Watson, s e U
n w ?4 of sec 11, town Spencer 490
Oeortje W. Sharer to Rryon L. Hill, s l n
w'i offHMjJ, town Court land 2,500
Frank U. Oorhnm:o The Town of Cas
cade, pee out of n e cor lot 2, hoc 16, Cas
cade.., 103
A Decided Decline.
Montreal, Dec 30. The Grand Trunk's
gross traffic receipts this year decreased $2,
Office of F. V. Tavlor, Sweet's Hotel, )
(lit and Rapids. Dec. 30, lsi. )
Yesterday's exirts from New York. Philadel
phia nnd Baltimore in wheat and flour foot up a
total of 420,000 bu wheat The visible supply of
wheat decreased in thelat week 3M.OO0 bu.
Chicago receipts for twodaya ported to-day, were
176 cars wheat, 010 cars corn, t3 cars oat, 3 1,(1 K)
bojjrs. The low joint on wheat was 69 He on Dec.
15, and the high ioint to-day 7Gc. an advance of
7l4cTin fifteen days, nnd the end i not yet To
day's cloin fiffures on wheat are lc above yes
terday, and all the other markets are firmer in
January. ..
Opn. Rich. Ixw. Closed.
75 S 7ft i 75? 7
764 76'i 77l 76?i
824 824 82?
S54 85i 354 854
384 3s 38 3S4
2s 31 28,' 2
February.... 10 W
$11 024 $10 874 $11 00
$6 70 $6 60 65
Ffbruary.... GO
New York.
New York. Dec. 30.
Flun8t rone and hade hiehr for pom
good: npeTf.n( 2 r,f 2 t0; No. 2, $2 fi3 40;
rnpnd hoop Ohio, 2 f-..Vi :5 P; MinnoMrta extra.
$2 8k;5 1 ; Southern tiotirin rr.flm1 demand
and firm: mmnn torhoic rutrn, lti 5 4:.
VintAT Option wvn onite artir to-day and
pric wliUf Mrong trrp ievTih. tbclj d
firm at a fractional advanc. Siotlot firm and
4tole higher. Sit sal nf nngradM winter
rfl at 7oii.-V; No. 2 red winter W , ?. and No.
2 rwl ftnte at 7o; No. 2 nl rint r Janoary. tlfi
5c;do February, H6fr i-74e,
( vRM Options only mWaNly active witb
prims very irnvnlar: IWvmr ftrrmg and
prim fidffinond fnlly lr nndf-r rrirrrir g rf
hort. From t.i ettff rrp'lrnm thnr a
rpad ion of ,V. Otbr rrvntM clo.l Ufj an-!
nnchansrfd. Hpot W firm rd 4f4c ir! er.
Hpt r- of nnirraded mixM at WnZ&c, (6tfrT
misl 5ir, Pn l No. S, iV' ir: No. 2 rr.5td
cemW. 7V;do Jannary, 4'.rt 4Hf rxi do Febru
ary. 47 4-
0T -i'tjor. qr.t rut firm. Sjy4
8pot of No. 2 whitn,a hi Uf ; r.r No. 2
mi.ti ! at $T4e;No2 nixfl Janiary.
do jVhmary. SI 4c.
RTK-Xut; Wtern Ti ?,Zc; f?r7r.
lURl.Fi Nominal.
Pork Qni-t tit firm; t? $T2 50.
LRT t irm lnf (r ; $ S5ch: lr H Jan-D-
Sf at". 1' 2"x.
Sr-R 1 h.ii: f ir ? cci rfnlne. A(Hc.
FaVK Firm: Stat a, Western. 2.
N'r" Yot,k. 1) X
Mon-y ci-Ki ay at 142 p'-r rrw lit
ehar.g f l l nrm:fM rat1. 4ir4A'; nrrnn)
ratf 4X 44.!'4 for f- days, t.Sl44,Q4.M4
f,r d-maiid-
4y'Tmrr.r.t. elfwx? lrttrsi enrrmcy 6" 14 f?d
4 vpys 122 bit 44do 1134 brL Ttx-l?
niirr tyads elai w fHov: Vnitt Crrtx.
izj f-r, ! 117 to 1174: Crr-! 1Z2 tU V.
Court Room Loungers The Law and
Order League at Work Filthy
Streets Good Resolutions.
The Observer occasionally et rolls into the
Iolioe court, the justice courts and the higher
courts, not to interest hiuitlf iu the pro.
ceexlings any further than to me np the
criminals and the audience. Yesterday he
hapiened into Justice Westf all's court.w hich
on Recount of the crowd, had be-n adjourned
temiorarily to Judge lrriUV court. The
room was packed with a singular, interest
ing crowd of ieople. Their appearance did
not indicate wealth or refinement, and to
judge from the week's growth of beard on
their faces nine-tentlis of the men did not
have the price of a idiave. All were appar
ently able-bodied men out of work. Here
and there could be Feen one who from a
doggish expression of countenance indicated
that his instincts w ere low and his only liter
ature recitals of crime and debauch
ery. Most ' of them were ill clad,
vcollarless and dirty. How bo many
people can idle away their time and
look fat and well fed is a mystery which
puzzled others in the room besides the Ob
server. A man, in a prominent iosition in
this city, remarked, "I can't understand for
the life of me how some of these fellows get
along. My business brings me into the dif
ferent courts every day, and I notice the
same siectators especially if there ia a crim
inal case on trial, and the smuttier the evi
dence the larger the attendance." I would
venture to swear that there are 2,000 men
out of employment in this city, who have
scarcely done a day's work in six months."
The Observer does not doubt this latter as
sertion, and believes the figures could be
placed a little higher, for scarcely a day
passes but his attention is called to the dis
charge of men from different concerns iu
the city. Verily, it is a hard winter, and the
bottom of suffering and want in this city
ha3 by no means been reached yet.
To mention the filthy condition of the
streets is to but remind the public of a gen
eral observation.. In some places, particu
larly at the crossings, the muddy water is
nearly a foot deep, and to preserve a patent
leather polish on one's shoes is beyond con
sideration. As a consequence the gentler sex
are obliged to remain in doors, thereby de
priving the sidewalks, especially in the
vicinity of the principal stores, of much
gaity and life. To the one who strolls up
and down the streets every day, of course on
business, it removes the monotony of pas
sing street cars, and the buildings, To have
attention diverted to a pretty face. But that
pleasure will be looked for only in memory
until the rain ceases to fall, and the mud
freezes up and the snow flies again.
The Law and Order League are doing
something more than going through the
formality of holding meetings. They have
commenced doing business, and the viola
tors of the laws are getting decidedly squ afi
ish. The agent of the League is at present
engaged in furnishing the liquor dealers with
copies of the law and ordinances regulating
that traffic, at the same time keeping his eye
open for violations of the same. Many of
the dealers in this city sell liquor to minors.
This is a crime, and no man with any taint
of manhood in him, will consent to do it.
There are plenty of nen in this city over
twenty-one years of age willing to sustain
the liquor traffic without reaching out for
the patronage of boys, and the Peripatetic
hopes Mr. Thornton will bo especially
vigorous in the prosecution of this offense.
To-morrow will dawn the beginning of a
new year. With it comes the resolve to
swear not to use -profane language but
swear to do or not to do some particular
thing. And in this swear is included tobac
co, whiskey and various other failings flesh
is heir to. Some will swear to get married,
others will noL But after that swear to
abstain from evil and Ftart out with the
hopes of becoming saintly good comes that
fearful after-thought to break. Aye here's
the rub, yet it is all a groat struggle between
will and habit. The man with strong will
6wears off with himself, while the person
who grasps liand with a friend and in the
grasp they mutually agTce under penalty of
a forfeit not to smoke or drink any more,
the chances are that they trilf catch each
other at it in less than a month, while the
man who swears by himself usually keeps
his resolution. The Peripatetic will resolve
to be more frisky and keener than ever, and
to keep his readers joted a to the minutest
detail of the inide working of the city. He
has noticed abues nnd short-cominr here
and there, which he will fully give vent to
as the development of time will justify.
Circttt. David T. Chadwirk v. George
W. Chad wick, chancery. On trial.
Omci Bn;iEis, -The Grand Rapid Fire
Insurance ComTany v. Rirr N. Ooodsell.
Foreclosure bill filed.
pEOfurr. Estate of Icaac IfonRrd, de
cessHL Executor's final Rryvrmt f led and
allowed. Etaie of Adelaide I). Bckwith,
minor. Guardian first account filed.
Folate of Isaac TM-rfilf-r, insane. Guar
dian's firft Recount filed.
V(yuct Joseph Orton, larceny ! than
S2.': adjourn to Dec. 1 at U A. tn. Henry
Intter, batardy; adjourned to Jan. 2 at 3
a. m.
Srrr.KioR. The Penile v. Wrn. .Murphy.
Robhf ry. Tf-n days time from Jsn. 1,
to settle bills of rxr-f-ption, In the msttT
of the opening and widening of First ftroet.
Appearance of the several rpoTKlfnts trer
ntend try tbir co-srrv l, a jzry strur and
venire ied return able J.n. g.nd
mstUr adjourned and continued until thr.t
J rnr r Su-irorns- TVrn. M- Kydr v.
Fredfc J. Blymer. ATm;?sit. Cn? M-ttld.
Vi Tlaihrri?.n v. Jf'hn Tl'm. Anrr"
s:t. Adjourned to Jf.n. .x FrO: W.
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