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Bapids Morning Telegram,
vJI 1 OullL
:A Phrenologist Says Cleveland is
Made oi the Proper Stuff.
Am: an t, l) 1. Cleveland wa? besieged
; by caller- to-d.iy, especially by autojraph
: s-w ker, b LrlieYu th.it the few remaining
dij will b the K-t opportunity to secure
hi RittT:;itur r. In the afternoon a phreuoio
; k'i-it t.)k iM!--ioa of an otliee ehnir, and
; for one hour studied Cleveland intently from
! a remote torner of the room. Afterwards
5 l.ecxprew.-d hi conclusion.- that Cleveland
IM-.-d marked exeeatie abilities, hU irt?-
' dii;iinitin traiU of character btin will
ax; 1 rr.-iitin iower. "Qualitie:," he added,
' "which tha politician of Wa.-;hin'tou will
try p;iekly nd out to their chagrin and
divippointinent." Cleveland, between the
turnr of 12 ami - o'clock, will receive call-
ri at the Fxecutive. chamber. He will be
i nMted by hi -j military itaff in full uniform.
I After tho executive chamber leTee, the
Governor will entertain the taT at dinner
in tiie executive mansion.
Narrow Escape of a Large Number of
' tu.-tcT Cut, N. J., Dec, What mitfht
hnve been a riou di.ater occurred this
morning 1tx the New York division of the
Ftunsylvaiiu railroad upon Hackensnck
meadow. There wa a deiic fo at the
time, and the lVhih Valley train which
left Jersey City at $?2 wa stopped by a
black signal shortly after crodnj; at Hack
enack. The track were cleared and the
train liad ju.it started aain when the Phila-
ddphia etpre., which left J-)rey City at
suddenly loomed up through the fo
aud crashed into the rear car of the Iii'hih
i Valley train. The ia.s.-eri:erH of both trains
j were thrown from their seat, but none euf
; fered seriou. injury. Charles a Snyder, tire-
man of expres train, wa badly cut by
f broken ,'la, but wa able to proceed to hU
; home in Philadelphia. 1 he engine of renn
; sjlvania train wa badly wrecked.
i One of the Flint & Pere Marquette
Boats Nearly Wrecked.
Milwaukee, Dec. 31. A i-cial from Lud
inon, Mich., say: The Flint fc Pere Mar-
juttte steamer No. 1 ran into Harbor 8 thw
morning while a heavy utile wa. prevailing,
and h ink in water fourteen feet deep. A
lariM hole wa stove in the side of the -team
er and the caro i entirely under writer. The
carro wa from Milwaukee for the t,a.t and
; i a valuable one. When the hole whs itove
in a st earn piie burst, instantly killing Jo-
aeph Slicer and a man named Crist Le. Oth
er were badly scalded. The explosion caused
great confusion. The gale i beating the
boat badly, and he may prove a loss. Ihe
: tn).it i the projK-rty of the Flint it Pere Mar
Strangers Driven Out of Town and
Threatened with Lynching.
Fulton, V. Va., Dec. 31.- Excitement
continues over the recent robberies and out
rages. Late last night after the vigilance
committee visited the liquor tore and
escorted all supiciou and unknown persons
out of town, with orders not to retain under
penalty of death, an attempt was made to
enter the resilience of Charles Kraft. About
midnight the old man was held up, severely
injured and robbed of everything he had.
H veral rnall thefts are reported to-day.
Fifty armed men are now guarding Fulton
and lynching awaits the first man caught
Australia. Alarmed.
' Mr.LDouKNr, Dec. 31. The Premier of
tori a, in a letter to tho Governor of the
$ny beseech.1- the Latter to join in the
( d protest of the Australian colonies
p ?t allowing Germany to seize portion?
$v Guinea. He warns the Governor that
reported action of Germany prove to
Virtually been taken he does not care to
r for the course of the ictoria ieop!e.
uest the Governor to telegraph at
the home governor for authority to
?very other available island of Ans
1u The Government of Now South
t refused to join in the protest.
VThe Courtesy of the Pope.
yYouK, Deo. 31. A cablegram from
laj: The Pope intend. to confer a
Lrk of distinction upon Miss Mary
fo!t f.f hor ofYVr of fi fl trt
'atholic University in this country.
inn said to-day: "There raut be
r in the reported action of His
The church know of no signal
Utinction which can ha conferred
Th Pope may, perhaps, end
o graph letter as a t)kcn of his ap-
of her offer.
A Daby-Killing Crank.
r Col., Dee. 31. A coroner's
has bepti invrstigiting the mys
1 nth of two infants at t .- "Taber-
m-h1" Fo'iudiings Homo, kept !y
William', have condemned the
recommend th-At the remaining
takpn frtm W'illiain. Tlve thirtl
today. William i a crank who
i i Chicago and etahlihtHl a pi icf
babies. Ihree of thim died
yV-fftk. Hi rpi-,t for burial per-
r.u'ted Vo attention of the anthor-
(rorninj; the Uid Tear Uut.
'$ ''enx, Dec. 31. Tlie lower part or
;wry. usually deserted after dark, wa
1hI at midnight as it evr was at
y Nearly ev ry pletaria had a tin
T din made by th intrimfnts
ir.'ling. When iruvity cl hk toih-tj
,i ti chimr i'ia to onnl grpat
Wa rai'l by t?je ptpl. Nm aftrr
tirn'Vl homeward, aivd t:; econvl
tf t! Nevv Year f.und th trt as
aid q-iiet as nJ.d.
Tir Coriir to Michi.in.
r v-o. M., I..c. :U.n, v. i (K Ni-
a Finnish prt.t f th Hforml
.srrird hr n lK pol)T5o-i.ri y
I'!.' ob;vt f hi viU to t.is tMi?i-
e,ia ?ia a CiUnjf of r nroh
I A Urti? rjrircir.
V. .it,- ll.e J.t:r4 f:.1tts
Two Thousand Persons Killed Fifty
Five Towns Destroyed Great Suf
fering and No Medicine.
Maikii, Dec. 31. Reports received thii
morning from the ditricU in which the
earthquakes were inot severe further in
crea. the number of fatalititts and the
amount of damage done. Albuquerque, a
town of h,00U inhabitants in ltremadura,
ha. been completely destroyed, and 15J0
bodies have been taken $roin the ruin. At
Nerja, a town of 5,0m) people, 27 miles east
of Malaga, the earthquake was followed by
a hurriciine which completed the destruc
tion of many houses. At Malaga the
patient in the hospital were so terrified they
forgot their maladies and tied
to the open air. The couvicts in
ihe prisoner refused to enter their celL and
remained all night in the court yard. The
wall of every church in the city were cracked.
Many persons were killed at Cauillas. Ihe
old Moorish town of Alhama, of the "warm
baths," in Andalusia, twenty-six miles sooth
west of Granada, and which had a popula
tion of 7,0tA) people, and the adjoining town
of Santa Cruz, are completely destroyed.
Soldiers are clearing up the ruins in search
of corpses, over 1U0 of which have been
found, many of them horribly disfigured.
The numln-r of persons killed is unknown.
The search for bodies in the ruins
of Alhama is proceeding slow
ly, owing to fresh earthquake
shocks, which cause the men to fieo from
their work and seek open spaces. Other
joints report earthquake shocks, and the the
telegraph service has been reieatedly inter
rupted by them, causing the news to come in
very slowly. At Albunuelas 200 persons were
injured. From the ruined houses 100 bodies
have been recovered. Sixteen houses were
destroyed at Laujaron, Granada, and numer
ous houses demolished and lives lost in other
villages. Fifty corpses have been found at
Ventas de Tain Arranza. At Zatfaraya fifty
jKLTSons perished. At the old Roman
town of Loja (lf,000 pop.) twenty-six miles
from Granada the barracks were ruined.
At the ancient Roman and Moorish town
of Pri ego, 30 miles from Cordova, the shock
came while the theater was crowded with
people. A terrible panic followed. Many
persons jumped from, the galleries and
from windows upon the crowd below. Two
were killed and forty more or less seriously
injured. King Alfonso has subscribed $4,000
for the relief of the sufferers. The -Madrid
newspapers have opened relief subscriptions.
Dispatches received this aftsrnoon from
many points in Spain report that earthquake
shocks are still felt at intervals. The indi
cations now are that 2,000 persons perished.
People who fled from the towns to the coun
try upon tho reenrrance of the earthquake
shocks, 6till refuse to go back to their homes.
A very distressing feature of the calamity is
the Jest ruction of almost all medicines,
making it impossible to give proper treat
ment to the sick and wounded. For this
reason and for lack of food the mortality
among the sufferers is frightful. The total
number of towns reported nearly or wholly
destroyed is fifty-five. The university,
prison and hospital are greatly damaged.
The river Jorbena has disappeared from its
Concerning His Experience at Hol
comb's House.
Jackson, Mich., Dec. 31. Jud. Crouch
took the stand yesterday afternoon. Wit
ness slept with Foy at Dan Holcomb's house
on the night of the murder. All went to bed
early. About half-pa.it 9 o'clock he and Foy
were disturbed by a cat,, which they drove
down stairs and out of doors, hav
ing nothing on but their shirts.
When the boy Bolles came and told
of the murder he insisted on Dan
Holroinb going to town with Hutchins.
Picked up two shells at the Crouch hoase,
but did not know anything about the mat
ter of calibre. Neither did he know anything
about bloody clothing behind a chest, as
sworn to by Klla Shannon. He denied all
the conversation sworn to by Harrison
Snow, when the latter was on the stand, as
to the ill feeling between witness and his
fathe and White and wife. Everything was
entirely friendly all around.
Daniel S. Holcorab sworn: Am fifty-one
years old; am a farmer and own fiOO acres;
bought a revolver in Lansing October 2;
took it to William's and lost it in the woods;
I didn't know what calibre the revolver was:
shot it up there where Baker and William
found the shell; never saw the witness
Frank Mason till on the stand here; was up
to investigate a noise at e o'clock that niht;
Mrs. Holcomb heard the news of the murdar
from Nettie Snyder; I came to the city at
Hutchins' solicitation, and supposed the vic
tim had their throat cut and didn't want
my wife to go there.
A Dry Goods Store and Other Build
ings Destroyed.
Evavwille. Ind., Dec. 31. At 7 o'clock
this evening fire broke out in the rear of
Miller Hrr. store, the largest dry goods es
tablishment in Southern Indiana. The
tlime soon spread to C. C. Fennev's store.
denier in hats and cap; Charles F. Schmidt'
mnsic house. Geo. o. Sonntair t Co. s hard
ware, totally dr-trovinsr tho buildinir and
contents, and also damaging Herman Fend
rick, tobacconist, Mr. Deochet, milliner,
and the roaJ-olUca of John Ingl i Co. The
total loss will reach $'.X0.0ro. Joe Roe, of
the fire department, ffll through an ojpen
hatchway into Geo. S. Smntag's store, badly
injuring himself.
A Tug Boiler Bursts and Kills All on
Cntcuw, Dee. 31. At half-past six to-night
th toilrr of the tug Admiral of the Union
Towing Company exploded in th river near
ITalsteriJ strrt bridge, killing all on Imrd.
They ?r H. W. H-al, Stqnnen lnt of
th company; Andrew Orrn. rrbair; Jo(iqh
ll.an, engineer, and W. M. llowman, fi re
man. Ilowman' rnntdatrd llr was found
ttfro hundred fret from th scr.e. The rther
lbs are not jrt recovered. C'liptairi 4.
Grant, if th -h'ifief ri'inri, which wa
Trvo, nar by, va tirnrtl the fif.
h' IwmIt was thrift fivehnndred frf ntrf
nT7i'vr pile f ?t y fpt MiS
Tb-ef Mo to trvf With.
f,s?i-:. Mrh., i-, i..-lh fJ.Tfjvf
hn paf'b nJ fro't? f ! Hi 4 t ifTl t A.
f'-ukf, enl fmm ltty rrT!f jr
l-f rt'r T-r3 fr b-ifj'a-;: p.t'rlrV
3, !.;!, ac7lt frTa H iff r '; x 't55
ll, f.r Ur f" f.-lf (1-s; If- r-ja f, ?!-iM.
fr, f Yi vfeniar yrft Af Tl! 1. 1
ilr. IMs is 'd pTj-eIr f?t ho fi l,x?
nf i.' 1. ,
a t6utonicdi8turbance.
Charles Engelhardt and George Stein-
bracher Have Trouble.
Charles Fngelliardt is a youthful Teuton,
fetill in his teeiu,and works at Kusterer's brew
ery. So did George Steinbracher, another
German, until Tuesday, when for some suf I
ticient caue he was given the grand bounce.
Though Cliarles is tili a callow youth, he
has learned enough to know that there is
nothing in life half to aweet as love's young
dream. Consequently he called for Katarina,
who helps to manage the kitchen depart
ment at the Bridge Street Houe, la?t night,
and with her took a walk over to No. JQ
West Broadway, where her mother and "sec
ond father" live. Now, it ho happens that
George Steinbracher and his bride., whom
he made las own by permission of the Police
Court a short time eince, reside in the
rear part of the same building. Dur
ing the course of the evening jCharlee and
George got to talking brewery matters over,
and it is presumable tliat George in some
way connected Charles with the grand bounce
he got the day before. At all everfts, the
meeting of these two Teutons, came very
near bringing on the tug of war. Charles
said, the more be talked with Steinbracher
the madder he got, until he finally drew a
revolver and threatened to shoot him
(Engelhart.) As that wasn't what Charles
had taken Katharina walking for, he jumped
out of the back window and ran to police
headquarters for an officer to arrest Stein
bracher. He told Clerk Hurley all about it,
how he had taken his girl out for a pleasant
time, was disappointed and how as he ran
when a quarter of a block away, Stein
bracher fired his revolver. When told he
would have to come in the morning and get
a warrant, he declared he woald have to go
back for his girl anyway. It is to be hoped
he got safely through the dangers of the
night, win his Katarina and teach Stein
bracher better manners than to spoil an
evening's entertainment.
Real Estate Transfers,
Furnished daily from the office of W. R.
Scribner, real estate dealer. J
Samuel White to James Scholz, lots 11, 12
and 13, blk 2, White's 2i add
Estate of Adam Frey to Magdalina Frey. s
.$ 925
50 ft w lot W2, Kent plat 1,700
Emerson li. Roe to Henry 11. liobinson.
lot 84. Silas Hall's sub 400
Polish Nat'l Benevolent Society to Polish
Nat'l Ben. Society, pee land on sec 26.
Walker 200
Henry R. Emmons to Christopher Em
mons, pt ofnwHswH of feec 18, Al
gonia 175
Charles A. Renwick to Charles BronsoD, . ,
pt of e t s w hi of nee 29, Uowne 125
Lawson A. Paine to Wm. M. La Barr, lot
14, Paine t Anderson's add, Snarta 800
ItusRcll P. Hibbard to Barbara Bvlell, lot
25, sec 33, Kent City 200
A Shipwreck.
Philadelphia, Dec. 31. A dispatch from
Bird's Nest, Va.. says: "The bark Lena
(Norwegian), from .South America, for.
Philadelphia, with a cargo of sugar, strand
ed, December 27, on Hog Island bar, during
ji ' i n rT' 1 l t t i
iniCK weatner. ine vessel oroxe up oeiore
assistance could be rendered. Eight lives
were lost and two saved. The vessel and
cargo are a total loss."
The Orphans Proyided For.
Rbookltn, Dec. 31. Four hundred orphan
boys, driven from St. John's Home by the
recent fire, moved into the east wing to-day,
that part of the building having been fitted
up for them.
Orrici or F. V. Taylob, Sweet's Hotel, )
Grand Bapids, Dec. 31, 1884. J
Cables on wheat to-day quoted a much stronger
feeling and an advance of Is per quarter on red
winter wheat. Corn strong at former quotations.
Yesterday's exports in wheat and flour from three
seaboard ports foot np a total of 131,500 bu wheat.
The year of l&l winds up with considerable
better tone to the general markets than we had
reason fifteen days ago to expect, and although
extreme figures of to-day were not maintained,
the general feeling is firm and prophets are for
higher pricee.
Chicago receipts to-day include 152 cars wheet,
262 cars corn, 73 cars oats, 19,000 hogs.
Wheat Open. High. Low. Cloeed.
January 76 76 75S 76
February.... 77 77 H 76 76 S
May 83V4 83V 82 W Pl
January 8RS 85 Vi 34 S 344
May.. 3U 38Vi 37 J 37 H
May 28 , 23 . 28i 28?4
February.... $11 12V4 $11 25 $11 10 $11 20
February.... $6 72 $6 72l,i $6 70 $6 72' i
New York.
New York. Dec. 31.
Floub Was very dull and closed without
chang: miperfine, $2 fW2 90; round rump Ohio,
H5i 5 K; Minnesota extra, H3 25.
Whet Options unsptttal. chicg ahont
steady at rest erdAy's figure. Sit lota dull and
a trirl lo-vrer. Srt saI of nntmvlM winter
rd a 121 Me; ungraded white at Mc: No. 2 red
winter H6Ie; No. 2 red winter January, 85fcc:
An February. 87 l4r: do Mai-cIu 3'4c.
(Vrs Options irregular; IWembor hicher.
Othr months lower, the cl boing firm. Hiot
lots 'iffle lower. Spotalesof nntrn.leil mlxol
ati,i52e, and nnsrraded yellow at No. 2
mixeil Jannary, 4Sii43Sc, anl do Fmary,
Oat -Opt Inns irrcnlar, define hatyand dnll
and S!4e lo-wrr. Hivt lots heavy bnt nnctantiri.
Sjiot sals of N'o;2 whitts1e at S'f;Wl4c: and
No. 2 mlxM do at 3V; No 2 mlxol January, 3tSe
bid: do Fehmsry, 8it4He.
Hnt-Dull: Western 59i62r.
Pobk-IMI; new n. $t2 '.
liinn-Kirm at a liht adrancc; $7 t rAh;
95.rannrr; $19.M-ti 02 Fbmar .
BrTTTii-Firm bnt quiet; State, 1V'2C"; Wr.
em. PfitlV.
HmAR-Dnll; fir to pnn. rf,ning. Ifil'jr.
Firm: HatA. Western. .T2.
Nttw York. lw. si.
The Ut diy ff the )mf mm rlrAtel on the
rodfl.- -trl flrigby a ri tt srvm, rnetc snd
incin. nr-dr te n(ipjr of th mmbr.
Frrrr t W to !" r"ciUf hrxif ft rlirg tl r tnt
no !nln whtrcr d-n. t Intoft-n tir?rf
entirijr drotnl to p?nTe.
MoTiy rliM t n t'-i tt ctit. FxrKri(r
r d ill nt l.tf I.6; -etr rU l.&H
for ST? iUt; nd 4 4't t.sji f, trand.
IV M, t't'a'di U bvt. pn.
irt H; tl U-.. bid; do ,--
Jr-st f nv, 10 M WHi ( .ntnU. jir-4 to lit.
- -
f. r-tn! r"t i t?-' -.1r ht r Va
mitt h'j'n e"fjre, ft-V-t." t ".v ! Cit
th tyif rr!i-?y -- !..- j-n?ftf h a i
if r t r r:?: it C - jnrt trf ;: it !
!frt '.'." t ? C . ftl-4. rr-i'1""'"
i i r. ? i . "cc " i
Record of Notable Occurrences, In
cluding Deaths of Prominent Men
- Ghastly Catalogue of Crimes.
Another leaf in the book cf Time lias b-tu
turned, another whirl of the wheel of Pate
has been made, the old year is dead and a
new one born. The old year wits one of
Ieace within our borders and with other na
tions. Houutiful harvests blessed tlii land
with abundance, and although speculators
were not specially prospered, the year
lM will be calendared in the
Book of Ages, as one of plenty. The -newborn
year come freighted with brighter
hoiies and fonder anticipation of greater
advancement and blessings, than 'has been
realized during the existence of any of its
predecessors. Hut befo the battle of life
is renewed it is well to pause and cast a short
retrospective glance at some of the events
the past twelve months brought to the sons
of men. Many sad dieters by fire, Hood,
storm and earthquake, make up the mishaps
and misfotunes of the year, and tho benefits
and blessings realized, it is fair to suppose
were proportionately greater. Of the long
chapter of the year's events ome of the
leading and striking ones occurred in the
month's named, as follows:
The od, 4th and Tth days of the first month
were noted for the coldest weather ever ex
perienced, especially in the Northwest.
Twenty-seven men were killed by a railway
collision at Toronto, Canada. The Egyptian
Ministry resigned, because of the advice
given the Khedive by England in relation to
the Soudan rebellion. The Spanish Minis
try resiirned. Henry B. Payne and E. K.
Wilson elected United States Senators
Irom Umo and Alarylanu. James iutt ac
quitted of the murder of N. L. Dukes, at
Uniontown, Pa. "W. H. Allison re-elected
U. S. Senator from Iowa. Fred Douglass
married to a white woman. Thirty-two
nuns and pupils in the Roman Catholic Con
vent at Belleville, 111., burned to death. Two
hundred Chinese lost by the wreck of a
steamer. Railway train caught fire from
oil on the track, near Bradford, Pa., and
eight persons fatally burned. Steamer City
of Columbus, from Boston to Savannah,
wrecked in Vineyard Sound; 100 lives lost.
Judge Nelson Poe, a cousin of the late Edgar
Allen Poe died, also the following: Mary,
seventeenth wife of the late Brigham Young.
Charles Delmonico, famous New York res
taurateur. Ex-Cong? essman S. Bridges, of
Allentown, Pa. Mrs. Valeria Stone, of Mai
den, Mass., who had distributed $1,600,000
in educational endowments. Wm. G. Weed,
a prominent lawyer and politician of Albany,
N. Y. In London, Earl Grosvenor. aged 31.
In Lexington, Va., ex-Gov. John Letcher,
aged 71. In WTashington, 1). C, Hon. E. W
M. Mackey, representative from South Caro
lina, aged 38. In $ ew York, Dr. Edward
Lasker, member of jfie Genr.au Parliament,
'in his 5Tit h year.
Died: 'l'homas Kinsella, editor of the
Brooklyn Eagle and ex-member of Congress.
Hans Larson Martensen, famous Danish
preacher and theologian. Mrs. Dix. widow
of the late Gen. John A. Dix. Thomas
Chenery, for seven years editor of the Lon
don Times, A cyclone sweeps over Georgia,
Mississippi and the Carolinas, killing up
ward of 400 f people. Floods in the Ohio
River. At Cincinnati the water was over
seventy feet deep.
The bill to restore Gen. Fitz-John Porter
to the army passed tho National House. Mr.
Morrison introduced his tariff bill. British
Parliament meets. Mr. Bradlaugh excluded
from the House of Commons. A horrible
massacre in Tonnuin: one Driest, twenty-
two catechists, and f15 Christians put to
death, and 108 mission houses destroyed.
J. C. S. Blackburn elected United
States Senator from Kentucky. Gen.
W. T. Sherman placed on the retired list.
England dispatches reinforcements to Esrypt,
The mysterious murder of Mr. and Mrs.
Willson, an aged and wealthy couple, near
Chicago. The Laskcr sympathy resolutions
returned by Bismarck to the German Minis
ter at Washington. A negro family mur
dered near Cincinnati, and their bodies sold
to a medical college. The McPherson bank
circulation bill passes the United States Sen
ate. MAIiCU.
Died: At Washington, Hon. Kenneth
eighty-three. In Santo Domingo, General
Baez, ex-President of that island. At Rock-
ford, 111., Colonel Norman Curtis, tho oldest
Freemason in Illinois. At Boston. Dr. Ezra
Abbott, noted for his great Biblical and hi
torical learning. Napoleon Joseph Perche.
Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese
of New Orleans. George W. Iane, President
of the New York Chamber of Commerce.
Wendell Bollman, a famous bridge bnildtr
of Baltimore, Md. Dr. L. P. Yandell, of
Louisville, Ky., who had a national reputa
tion as a physician and medical writer.
Richard H. Home, English ioet and essayist.
Henry Brown, of Niagara I alK formerly a
slave in Virginia, aged 121. Mrs. Annie
Key Turner, of California, daughter of the
anthor of the "Star Spangled Banner' In
Omaha. Neb., Right Rev. R. H. Clarkson,
Bihop of Nebraska, agedf8. George Crairin.
of Utica, N. Y., one of the founders of the
Oneida Community in l'.
Onehnndred and fifty-four hrelot by an
explosion in a colliery at i'ocahonta, a.
Thirteen ieople buried by a snow avalanche
in Utah. 1 uteen people killed, by a similar
accident in (V)lorado. The Supreme C-ourt
of the UniUd States affirmed the conven
tionality of the legal Under act of l7a.
The British (Government presented to the
United States for the nse of the Orr-rle y re
lief ett-editinn, the steamer Alert. The des
perado, Frank Rande, makes a murd front
aAnlt npon the otTWrs of the Jolkt Peni
tentiary, A bnt of the toet Ionff llor -un
veiled in Vf"stminter Abte , Ixm Jen. New
lOTk enacts a l.w prohibiting th mak
ing of contracts for the la?or of
contict in the Stile irijnt.
Frank Rande. th rotd deperndo, cvn,rmi
uicide in theJolift Prion. Vn -rlfli-m of
the f rt rAi!"fty line connecting the Arcn-
enn ritie with the Cjtj ,f Mftitv. n
Thmrpnn and King Fih r, two noted oV
prd. killed in a nJrr st Sn Afdrr,jo
Trt. The Frrnrh defeat th Chinese in
Tonnuin nd cftptnn lUc-Ninh, Orr;n A.
Crpp-rtf f j;r,i!TfHl ftt VUrJ-.r;rc. 1U.. f,r
the mnrdf r of ni Rnrnt. iMvid 4. n-rvr.
of fin, tv-.inll Jrj'l rf t e Fij-th 1
Fpter-!il Cirmu, to r,ir, Jrt McCrnrY
S-vtre rrth'jn,.5 tv: at rHn FrJ?.ri,rK I
ni.-ty trt in tV1 rif j- -f CmTi'!. in I
fit ilre.Tf U. l;irn.T,rt. C.f
tTl t-f Vi'T ) W tr Vi i
t : . . ) r V F rf r -
faiuous dsrntvr, Kged nj. At Ixiiidun, Ck-trlcs
liede, Uie popular Ijjgll-h liOVilt, age-i
70. M. Jean Baptise Dumas a French
litterattur and fr-tMc-man. Ei-Lieuu-Gov.
JhUz i-itclu of Ohio. Emanuel GtrbeL
(lerman it- Jem Ward, the oid-tiiue
Engli-h pugili?t. Alf. liuniett, a tiotcd hu
morist, of Cincinnati.
'Ihe British troops vitlidravn frojn F.it
John Jay Knox resigns the Comptrolk liip
of the rrefusury. Tiie Quten of Tahiti makes
a lour across the continent. Sjanish troop?
m i-una attacK a banu or lorty-tvo insure
ents and kill thirty of them. JVm- Lt
issues an encyclical letter denouncing secret
frocittieb. rranK james, tne bandit, &c-
The town of Oakrille, Ind., destroyed bv
a cvt lone. and five tersons Villb rf
the steamer Daniel Steinmann off Hidifax;
rJi people drowneil. Many jieople killed
and maimed by a fire and panic in a theater
at BachHreL Collision between steamer
State of Florida and bark Ponema. Both
vessels lost 13o pierons drowned. More Uiaii
forty-persons killed by the falling of a train
of cars into the river nesr Cindad Real.
Spain. Explosion of jowder magazine of
San Antonio, near Havana: tuvntv-onft rr-
hiuj Kiiteci and many wounded.
Diexl: At Bodon, (ieorge Mountfort, kou
of one of the celebrated "tea party" wtiich
was it prime c:.use f the revolutionary war,
niret eiL'hty-wveu. At Iondon. Kir Henrv
Bartle Frere. Governor of the Cane of Good
Hope. At Prague, ex-Empress Anna in her
fignty.nrst year, in Constantinople, Midhat
l'a-hi, agei rixty-two. At rsantuciet, Mass..
Charles O'Conor, aged eighty. In Chicago,
Cyrus H. McConuick, aged seventy-five.
in .New iork, Ci.-liop Benjamin Bosworth
Smith, of Kentucky, agtxl 10. Dr. Willard
l'arker, un eminent surgeon of New York.
Col. Thomas H. Hunt, treasurer of the
W orld s Exposition at New Orleans. Judah
1. Benjamin, formerly Senator from bmii.
iana and Confederate Secretary of War, at
l'ans. i wo tuousaud men, w omen and chil
dren, many of them refugees from Khar
toom; massacred by Arabs in Shendy.
The failure of the Grunts.
The Methodist General Conference elected
as Bishops Rev. . A.'Nmde. J. M. Walden,
imd I. Mallahen. The Greely relief ex
pedition saila; James It. Keene failed.
The French brig Senorine foundered off the
great banks of Newfoundland, the crew and
passengers, numbering sixty-two, perish
ing. The British ship Syria wrecked on the
Fiji Islands; seventy passengers, all coolies,
were drowned. ,
Died: Samuel S. Shoemaker, ex-Vice
President of the Adams Express company,
and a prominent citizen of Baltimore, aged
G3. Henry G. Vennor, the Canadian weather
prophet, at Montreal, in Ids 40th year.
The Republican National Convention was
held at Chicago, opening on the 3d. On the
(Hh, James G. Blaine, of Maine, was nomi
nated for President on the fourth ballot, and
John A. Logan of Illinois, for Vice-President,
without opposition. The cholera
made its appearance in France, many
deathsoocuring at Toulon and Marseilles.
General Iglesias decided constitu
tional the act of the Legislature
making it a felony to keep a gambling
house. . Emperor William laid the founda
tion of the new German Parliament build
ings at Berlin. News from Greenland of the
loss of the Danish brig Elena and ten of her
crew. Two Americans and twelve Mexicans
killed in a railroad accident at New Liredo.
Several persons fatally injured by the wreck
ing of a train on the- Burlington and Mis
souri railroad. Twenty-five persons killed
by the breaking of an engine axle on the
Manchester and Sheifield Railway, England.
Forty persons overwhelmed and drowned by
a waterspout in Russian Turkestan.
Died: At Cliioago, 111.. Allen Pinkerton,
head of the detective agency, aged tdxty-one.
In Syracuse, N. Y., ex-Attorney General
Daniel Pratt, aged seventy-eight. In Prince
ton, N. J., Rear Admiral George Emmon.
aged, seve-nty-five. At New Orleans, Paul
Morphy, the famous chess-player. At
Waterford, Me.. Mrs, Caroline E. Brown,
mother of the humorist, Artemus Ward"
(Charles F. Brown) aged seventy-eight.
The Democratic National Convention was
held at Chicago, opening on the 8th. W. ft
Vilas, of Wisconsin, was chosen immanent
chairman. On the 11th. Graver ClerrUnri.
of New York, was nominated for President
on the second ballot, and Thomas A. Hend
ricks, ol Indiana, for ice-President, with
out opposition. The Nat ional Prohibit inn
Convention met in Pittsburgh on the
Sid, and nominated for President
ex-Governor St. John, of Kansas, and
for Vice-President William Daniel, of
Maryland. Congress adjourned on the 7th
of the month. The President vetoed the
Fitz-John Porter bill. The Greelv rrliff
exfiedition returned from the artic regions
with Lieut. Greely and six of hit surviving
fellow explorers; Seventeen others of the
expedition perished from starvation, and
one was lost while hunting fieals. The
corpus of twelve of the party were brought
back, the remains of the other five having
ocen swept out to sea by me winds.
a r or st.
Died: At Brii'htom Knrland. Arthnr
Richard Wellesley, second Duke of Welling
ton. Arpd seventv-sevrn. At Altnn. Til.. In.
derson Riley, a former slave, aged 111. Rev.
Dr. John Brown, who delivered an address
of welcome to Lafayette at Newburgh, N. Y.f
in 124. Dr. J. J. Woodward, one of the
physicians who attended Ireident ( Jarfield
in his lat illness. At. Huntville, Ala., Gen.
I-tfroy Poje Walker, who gave the order for
firing on Fort Sumter.
Henry M. Stanley, (he African explorer,
returned to England, having completed the
work of establishing atisfactorT trading
stations filong the Congo river from its
mouth to Stanley Pool, 1,40 miles by river.
Utah county elections renlt in the fuot of
of the Mormon tickets all over the Terri
tory. Cnpt. Payne nd hi hand of invader
exe!Jed from the Indian Territory by United
States soldiers. A gale on the Ne-wfnundland
'exat caues con.iaVrble loss of life. pW ren
rrf n killed by an explosion in a coal-pit at
Paisley, Scotland. Ten men belonging to
rton's circus perish in a burning sleeping.
car near Ore ley, Col.
Died- Commodore Tboma S. Fille brown,
com merrier of the Brfwklyn Nnvy Yrd.
John W. Gin? tt, the veteran rul-ay man
arr. ftgd - RoVrt Hoe, knovrn throngb--tthe
world for hl il'TtlotTnent rf the
printing pre, ft.g'-sl 7. ("nited Stp.tee ;
S, nntor Henry R AntVmy, of RhMe Island. ;
Hon. Cl. 4. Folg r, Srf tsry of th-Tres. I
nrr, vgfy CX j
Jnd-e Grehnm, of Indiana, appointed i
Scret-iry d th Treer,rj. Grand Rnpids
MftiTi Tit rrRM f-ssMiihA!. rrom t
or; break of the cK 'e in Italy to S"pt. &
l.t-.X iTn re Jf.ttftekfvl ftud diel,
A rf rrnft grMM, in the rtsme frf the Gf r- '
rrir-n F,t pi rr pfcn of thtrp1 j
oistte-f Afno, lft-rfyri tSe flerenth .rvi
tM:ty-utK zt rlh Uti'-v:;, tr"t4
Wtrh F-np. A tk id riw in th j
TVt 41f .T-cl C-.Tpftr riTfTK ?ctoTifig I
ot-f !iHl.?n --nh cf f-TTiprrtj-. Ne j
tt'yrn Chr tht th t-.rrTirr of KUng f I
v-l Iwrv-rf itirr,i,iei, tnd ty tbfr-r3 i
f3Tf i, Vtff i .txrrp lve ,y iy; I
r-tri t.-rr,r.i kiTW t:. 1 Kit.::
S. T
c:, r
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Let U pi
P!rae Irt tip with thin Sn nat
ional ' Jhitinr. tht.f-iat Stmt'j.-
tcr Huntbtta. Hint. Mrn1rr rlrar
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tttst alt the ii h iff thr irhilr ihr
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AM) -
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