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Morning Telegram.
GHAN'D IUPIDS, JAN. 14, lbc3.
1'uJtluiUr.ti Kcery Lxvj Exceyl Hurulay,
at th
ii. McDowell,
W. M. li.Mtl.OKD. LdituTU
ia A'ivfcc4.)
D tily, year, iHL.i0'e prepaid CO
Daily, ir 4U.irU:r 1 -5
Daily, y:T wet k 1U
h; cCllUrli Coaled etrlit free.
Addrt- nil emmutucutioi: to Tux Tel
o&avi Oralid Kacid.
Entered at the j oioiice in the city of
(iruad ilaida a.- rccoud-cLuM matter.
iJAYiiti), with the Statu of Dt hiwure iu
tho packet of hla llonrlxia swallow-tail,
du: not Uar a btrikin' rea.tuulhiuc4 to a
political reformer.
. --4
The trial of Daniel Holcomb probably
the etTortn to becuro conviction of
miy person who i.s now charged with the
murder of the Crouch family. Tho crime
i.s (jno of tho mot atrocious iu the history
of our Htate and the auotvcdiutf fatalities
anions those couiuvtetl with the murderel
family unnarrallelod. Conviction hiw not
x.'n wvurtxl but susoiciou has not been
rouiovu!. Th talk alxnit roblery as a
motive is nonsense. The only jioonle on
earth who could have any motive to com
mit tlu) murder will be held resjK)nsible
by public opinion as the instigators if not
th'i actual iKrpetrators. This cloud hans
over them and will not clear away.
A KKrour made by the medical officer
of the London Hoard of Health proves by
facts and figures the salutary effects of
vaccination. The report shows that
twenty times as many children were sub
mitted to the operation as refused to take
the precaution, and that the deaths from
small-pox were as ten to one in favor of
the children vaccinated. The operation
has l'tn resisted to some extent
by a society organized for
that purpose, whoso memlers poso
as martyrs after paying the fines imposed
by the corporation for refusing to comply
with the cornoulsory law. The same
spirit is manifested once in a whilo in
Montreal, where a few years ago there
was a riot as the result of precautionary
notion of the councihneu. The City Hall
was mobbed by the irate iopulaco, and
the shop of a joor little apothecary who
hail advocated vaccination was sackei
and demolished.
The death of Schuyler Colfax removes
another of the men who occupied high
official station during the war. Elected
to Congress in 1R."4 he served continuously
until 1H73, tho last four years as President
of the Senate. These years wero tho
most momentous in tho history of the
country, embracing as they did tho pre
liminary movements which led up to se
cession, the period of tho civil war, and
nearly tho entire history of reconstruc
tion. Mr. Colfax is entitled to tho grate
ful remembrance of his countrymen. In
Congress he rendered valuable service to
his country in those dark days, and was a
clone friend of President Lincoln. Not
many of those with whom ho was then
intimately arso'iated survivo him.
Of tho memters of Congress James O.
Illume served with him the longest time.
Hail he beon so disposed Mr. Colfax could
have ma le valuable contributions to tho
history of tie times and of his contem
poraries in tho administration of public
affairs. It is worthy of remark that
nearly all of the men who filled tho
prominent places in tho civil departments
have passed away, while tho great mili
tary leaders nearly all survive. The
greatest part of the history of Mr. Colfax's
life is interwoven with tho history of tho
country and must be told when that is
Tiik question as to whether St. John
offered to sell out to the Kepublicans
during the late campaign for a cash con
sideration, and failing to secure his price
sold out to the DemiK'rats, now bids fair
to reach a solution, if all parties who
claim to knor nlut it tell what they
rrornie. The St. Louis ( '-Democrat
rvently published a racy letter which it
claimed was written by James F. Legate
to IL ( Karen, of St. Iouis. Th
iK'mtH-ritt supplied some omissions in the
letter th.it were evidently made to mis
lead any outsiders into whose hands it
luu'ht fail, ami suvtHded in making it
plare St. John in the position of bidding
for his price through Iegte, as hi con
fidential agent. It fallowed up the fetter ;
b;. auditorial in which it says: "Mr. St. '
John eenred early in the campaign, from ;
SenaVr Plumb, a letter introducing Mr.
L'Vl-e to the National Ivepnblican Com- I
mtttee u i p.rwn authoned to act H'id
.pak for him; that fate stated to the i
Ue ubiiean I VnmsitN-i that St. John' j
o-iu a! Mu wa thnt ougfd to t i
; ? I' con !d'rale 'f of ths
;r:iejtit St. John a to ar in h: j
(p-H'is ti'.At it WA- tvtii'f,t ti l. r
W i f. t "'J lilM lii'l i '.h-lriAit t. ftfal
1 1 ;.-.' f ;
n: 1 :b
' bs
! 1 s y
Li u
.' r of a'.t o i th
Utrf in which proaoonc the whole
thin j a "cold-blooded forgery" and taja
Le never wrote anything of the kind to
Karen or unyone. He gajtj ha never
knew Karen and never met him but
once, and that St. John had never offered
to make any term with the IWpublicans.
Hearing of Mr. Legate' denial, Mr.
Clarkson of the D?moins lieyisttr, and
member of the llepublicau National Com
mittee now fcaya tliat he tan prove by
Senator Plumb, Karens and others that
Legato did make bueh proiOals as he is
charged w ith, and that his letter will bo
photographed, engraved and printed, and
as his writing is characteristic and well
known the identity of the letter and its
authorship will boon be proved. Tho
controversy has now assumed a rather
intere&ting shape, and we shall -await
further development with curiosity.
Somdxxly has evidently told a very big
lie or St. John was in the market for
aiih, unless, as may bo posiblefeoineone
played a game at his expense.
Chicago Inter Ocean: If Cleveland
wants to keep up his reputation for
brevity his inaugural will simply be:
'Hero we are again:" swear in, call the
roll, and proceed to business.
Philadelphia lrexs: In the midst of
tho clatter and hurry of Cabinet making,
tlu name and availabilty of Roswell P.
Flower, of New York, seems to have leen
entirely forgotten. Appearances indicate
that this particular Flower is a littlo
Cincinnati Enquirer: Tho Senatorial
situation in Illinois presents somo excit
ing phases and great dangers. An extra
ordinary value will bo placed on tho
health of each member of the Legislature.
We trust nobody would bo willing to pay
a member to get sick.
Detroit Times: Advice to the Legis
lature: Either remove all restriction
upon the hours and days upon which
liquor may be sold or make that back
door and side door business so plain that
the law can be enforced, and the invita
tion to perjury bo withdrawn.
Chicago ' Inter Ocean: It is intended
by tho committee of arrangements for tho
inauguration ball to have tho room nearly
as wide as it is long. This will enable
Democratic statesmen, regardless of pres
ent or "previous" condition, to answer to
tho call, "Chassez all," without bumping
their heads against tho wall.
Kalamazoo Telegraph : Tho State has
had an extraordinary growth the past
four years. Tho means taken to extend a
knowledge of its advantages have con
tributed directly to that end. If tho
commissioner charged with this business
has exercised even a small influence in
this direction the stato has been well re
warded for tho outlay by its increased
New York Sun: Wo merely wish to
remark that Mr. Payne is a Democrat of
a good many years standing, while the
mugwumps aro not Democrats at all. It
seem to us that tho mugwumps aro
"decidedly cool." They spend their days
and their nights in Irving down the
Democratic policy, and then kick liko a
bav steer when an eminent Democrat liko
tho Senator elect from Ohio ventures to
give his views.
New Y'ork Sun: Senator Palmer's bill
providing for tho establishment of a
Bureau of Public Health is a bad mca
sure. It implies an unhealthy tendency
toward too much government, and pre
sumes to undertake public functions
which tho State Governments aro entirely
competent to perform, and which lio
strictly within tho lino of their duty. It
is bad in principle, and it is equally bad
in detail, offering, as it does, a premium
for tho establishment of tho worst and
most oppressive evils of bureaucracy.
M ttle I1U I'ilc.
San Fram-isco Call.
On the steamer San Paid , that sails for
China to-d.iy, is the fa nily of Ah Ti, a
resident of Li Porte, Plumas County. Ti
nrrive.1 in California th rty-llve years ago,
and so m ainnsso l a fortune in Miming. At
pr. ent he owns, a general store in La
Porte nnd interests in several tuinoj, and
is estimated to l worth ,). Tho
family which embarks to-day consists of
his wife and six children live irls and a
lxy, the names of which at e Kmma, Annie,
Charlotte. Aho, f'essio and Kd lie, rang
in in years from seventeen to two. Tho
elder two speak Kn;lish fluently, and ar
apparently well educated. Tho other als
speak Knlish. They were all born in C il
itornia, and nu of them si ak tho Chi-
n"s language. Ah Ti is s uidin his fani
lly to tne n wery Kmlom to remain
i.erm oi f t y, and wi.i lolow tUetn ia a
few months, just as .soon as he ma aim a
sttl'in4nt f his property. The family
wr. - nij-tid to a tut '-room u'on-
c'in rising five In-ft-n, their passajo cost
ing them 7.V.
ToilMn't M.umI thr-
(N. V. dnpirc
Mr. S is an hahh'-ii! church -svr, nnd
Char- h in hi th avf-n i fnrsereriil no :Vu.
F.x-S. r 'inry of t h Ti e n.iry iri;w
rti; i l tli" p-w .lit . v y bin I it of Mr.
ia.,. Hill le as vv I us ir,n r-:, lu o
1'TT i that M.. S4 s invalid, le cm u
w ns to .'r p t a t-ui y -Jiv cnti i:ith. o i
tril nti i box. On- Smlw thir chr
inn I - sn 'in.js i.illy r.r;i " as: 1 -'fee: jr
j p ni r .lid ;.r o-t. !i I y I "'s l i . l
mi I mviy in 'in!, t . tli -" ii"-
into Mr.
t ;.- (
!i -1 - in, to "Ii'ii tl v i in ut
'it in r : I ; i i C I n "f I .
i? . ti 1 i u-d Ii ,r 1
' 1 1 ;
I u ,
i o
1 I
to . i
r f.i
it i i "
I ... if
n ...
i. , ,i t
r 1 1
. t .i:
,, . if
.1 m ('
t r o It
t t
Matchod Between Mongolian and
TU t'hlurte liti ut vt Yrlt'ow Mm Who
WrJ With Whit Woiurii-Tlie CoiMit-c.
tlou h-rioul lut-ri.'rtii? With
th I'oruier' Cr.lit.
$hxi t "r:incico ChrunifJe.
The majority of the px-ople of this city
ft id oa lha coast, and mure e.-p- i illy the
rentier rx, look with contempt upon J jhn
Chinmuen, and can only tolerate hi.n a a
servant or a 4 a lauulrymau. There are,
however, thosa of the feminiuo end r who
regard the muieuline Asiatic in a diifcreut
liht, and havo even gone sj far as to en
tirely disregard ublic opiuionan I em-ral
customs, and have beenunitel in marriage
to the Mongolians. The account i;ivrn in
this journal teveral months ao of tho
San Joit girl n1kj became infatuated with
a Chinese houe-s rvant, with whom he
came to this city and utter ward married, is
by no mra'is the only case on record, beveral
uch ill-aborted couples have been uuitil
in thi) Kastern States. For the purpose of
asevrtainiug whether there are any such
midallied in this city a Chroh'ulr reporter
made a tour of the Chinese quurter yes
terday, and discovered several such cases.
One of those persons who frequently "hit
the pipe" was tirst interrogated, and in re
ply to the leading question, said:
"O yes; I know of a number of China
men who have white women for wives.
There was a merchant named Jim Ki,
whose place of business was at No. ! til)u
pont street, who hud i;u American w ife.
This woman was a fat, pood-looking
blonde, ami she seemed to be content with
her pig-tailed husband. Ki closed his
business somo time ago and went to China.
Mrs. Ki went with him. What made him
leave here? The reason is, and it is nearly
always the case, that w hen a Chinese mar
ries a woman of any other nationality he
loses the confidence of his friends and ii
refused credit by merchants of his own
nationality. The merchants say that it
spoils a Chinese to marry a white woman.
They think that the white 'she devils' be
come their husl amis' rulers. Come over
to that feller on the oth r corner. He
knows more about such people than I do."
The "feller" alluded to was sunning
himself on the corntr of Dupout and Jack
soq streets, and, having "run the town"
for many years, proved a good informant
when properly applied to in the back room
of a grocery a short distance up Jackson
street. Said he:
"A heathen merchant named Ah lien
Fook came here several years ago from
Australia and brought with him an English-Australian
woman whom he had
married several years before. He had
four children by her, and they all seemed
happy enough. IIo set himself up in tho
dry goods business, but no one would trust
him and he went back to China. About tho
same t.me a Chinese named Chin Tin came
here from Australia with a French woman,
whom ho married soon alter arriving here.
Tuey had several children. He, too, went
into tho dry goods business, at So. Wti Du
pout street, and his wife took caro of the
store. Atter awhile the business 'dwin
dled away' and they opened a saloon on
Pacific street, letween Dupont anol Stock
ton. Tho woman attended I ar, whilo tho
old man tried to act li!;. ;ui American ly
culting off his cue a:.d j tilting on Ameri
can clothes. A year or so a.;o they sold
out the saloon and went to Svw York and
I have been told they are now pretty well
off. They havo a variety store and saloon
somewhere near the docks."
"Ihit have all th Chinese with wives Kft
the city."
"Oh no. Come up tho street and I'll
show you a white woman with a Chiueso
husband. Il-re, let us wait on this corn r.
She wid bj out abo.it this time o. day.
There sho is now," point in to a woman
emerging lrom No. Washington street.
a Chinese teninent-hous . on tin- corner of
Dupout street. The woman appeared to
bo about forty 3' ears of ago and looked
like a servant. She carried a blight little
kicking yellow-i'acod 3'oun.ster in her
arms, of whi ;h s,ie seem d very fond.
Alter filling h.v beer can which was her
errand out, suo returned up the dirty,
rickety lhgiit of stairs to wuat she pr.b
abl' considers her home.
"Who is sh and who is her husband!'"
was next isked.
"I don't know their names. She is a
Scandinavian an 1 he is a regular c ol e.
He is a cook in ko ne djwn-pjwu plate and
he works hard. Mae too works hard, mak
ing cheap overalls and men's clothing, I
liolieve. They have four or live children
who sp.'uk Chinese an 1 liglish an 1 appear
to be bright enough. There are s.-veral
other Chinese with white wives in this
"Do 3ou know of any cas-s of white
men who have married Chimse women?"
"I have heard of a few, but thy are not
frequent. T 1 1 last ore I recoil, ct w.j that
of the China giri Seliua, who nnrriel th
F.ughsii dude several mouths ago. The
Chronicle had an account ok .1. "
"Where are Selina an I her dmle hus
band now?"
"He got brokrt so n after h. man ie 1 her,
nnd he lui nis.evl hmi with nou ij .i.-ur v
10 !ari ii'lf al'Mi on Ma.K ' itrref,
wh-r I h ar re- is doing pret.'y w, 11. Sun
att-r th ir marriage h took her out of
Chinatown an I thv k rooms in a pri
v.il inmily on l'w. ii stri -t. Th irl
di !. I np bke an A 1 r r m, -md piaye l
h r'll if as a SpauiH.i l.t:n ,lh, is
pietty, mi 1 ti" p' opj don, kit e.' tn dit
f rr'fic to t ! i ti l y . "
"How An th (xl-llv -matched pe jd
K'li-r.'liv n I tig t n r ? 1 they
!? h r 1 ; nil 1 ll :1a iiLo (iihrr 1 , , mi "
1 j - - - 1
J " I M V I I .1 th "ir I 'HI 4 .. I l, I,; M
I lt-y f t ill - 1 ; nli ri;ht. A i v .unfit
I 1 !i . nmr r i'd I'hili -t i.l
f4. thflll lo t It ir Ii ll. l 1 .
:t . I t 1 I -
. I III.!!
! fo. t
At l . 1 ' I
, 111 I ll' lil l
Ii. It! v ; (II 1 1
I'l 11 Wit
ti t ! 1 1
t .1.
l .1 , ,
. ,l: M
hi it-,, t,,
t 1 .1 . !i ! ,
a , i tl
. i j . .ji t . it
A.i it.
U ti.
till t
ai .. ' .
A a 1 1 .t i e r i ?i a
- ( W a i r a '
t - a "
l tl.T! t..3 ... U s
1 1 i i . i . i i
i r j. 1 .-I t i . 1 I. .9 .....
.1. , . I
I I. to i i J t
k 1 1 I 1 : I r
II 'I!
It I
New Years
business Prospects are Brightening all over
the Country.
In anticipation of an increase
x every effort to
CoiToctnoss of St vies,
PiM'lVction of Fit,
Ilannonv in Triinminirs,
Combined with Cheapness in Price.
Our fciuvess which hns b-'ii rapid, decided, unquestionable and uthjii solid founda-
tion is no soorc t, wo aro simply conducting our busiuess in harmony with the ro
ress and hpiiit of tho times.
Wo manufacturo and buy dosirablo and salable foods only, never malJn "I
"piayeu out out htyjos hecause they can be
umlesirable, having nil grades of 'oods from
noting demand can be sup died.
To make room for tho magnificent Hue of
progress of mauufactute w) mut close out
eavy WeightSuits and Overcoats
To accomplish this
with still further reductions making positive bargains in every detartinenh hiVh
the wise will take advantage of
Tonder over the above and when in need
"Giant" a call
iant C
Vi'iRiifi - . ry.
111 JK?SV ' P
mm h-
iDEyL.iiirs; in
Hardvrood Lumber
Ilmtl ami S'ft Maple Voorm Matfr to Onlrr o tny icifWt.
California Red-Wood Lumber aod Shingles,
Ahsol tilt ! tj Ctfffr. Jit a at if ill Color. Will not ll'arji or Shrink.
CifdjH r than Pine, leasts fom er.
PATCHIN & ABBOTT. - - 41 Monroe Street. Grand Rapids.
Sign and Ornamental Painting.
j Imvsco ;ml I Iousr Painters.
j fro Ottawa Strt-tt, Grand Rnpids, Mich.
Nv St.rnm Dv Work:',
M t ....! Il M
I - ; !' .r - I
i . i i ' ,i . -
... ., ? ! 1 ,. I .... .
ti- ?- : I
i. , . . i ,.
Greetin!!8-15-11086' t
in spring trade we are making j
excel as usual in !
Durability of AVorkinanshipJ.;
louht cheap, nothing is cheap that )
the lowest to the highest the mot fi-
Spring and Summer ckxIs we have in
our remaining
we shall continue our
of anything in tho clothing line nc iho
We have beard of a man whose on
pcicnco wa s fo tender that be put it aside
and did not use it. If the children's feet
imitations will make
tender feet worse. Buy
no substitutes and von
will have no disappoint- '
mcnts, corns, or bih
priceil shoe bills.
SOLJi: TIP mul Joint Mimdcll A
Co. in the Traar Mark of rrcrtf
roii SALE HY
sr t.i :
Oi l Iff
V war
Ojjice. 71 Lout Si. n.il :U Id at St.
t1 uiv jvur li.i--- ju
UioUt'. i
Gran i a ilcil.
, 1:., i:.;,;. ti .v ii I 1. . . K'
1 ':-'
: Uic.i.J i..., . A .. :Oi.;v Av
j i iiH-zx.!.ui I . . v. . . 7( ta
1 M k-.iu.i.- X i .;.Nii....M I x... . 4?'. p.a 4..V.pu.
I Mui.'.i.uail;. Uiu.tl.....,i..;' ji -il urn
! A tiii-.n-i i., ..!.- Ai . 1 i.
1 Ail ..-li.r On..' tJiit .-.
MJ 1 1 i,. (.Ai, A i.l. A i L'sl i i ?i.
i Not.j:; i ii..:. ' o.:..j.i s . i t,. VumI-
1 ruU i'"-i -1-; 1 1.1 l.-t 1
j Ti. Vet .t:t . e.i i.. r .v..:.! - t.v u Mrtt
! livlal U.i'Uin,..!;. 4 . 1, I.HtKli).
j i)i ti i i ...-. A.t
I Detroit, Grumi iL.vcn Milw aukee
j (iu!.', i J .
tl)rlt:u, ., kIiI lrSV'u
'I'm. ...:. . 4 .... i u.
j 4.44V4'jJ N .t l.ii'llC- t.-' .I ' p.-i
sil ri-,i('" r. nui, iX'ku:
: i;UL ; L.iz J .
ouuA-va i.';f.-.- -:z -.ir
t J . ; ' I mm 1.11
1 --- i i 1 .v J.:2. ..-' J II.
Ati.-Mif i -x j 1.-- I 4 . 1 ;.i i ptl.
1 I i 2. . J , V .!:. , I air
i i ..l. '-..ii 1 r ; . ,i.
j l'i.r!,rif !..(.;:.,. il l ,a. i .... . ! tM i..uk
' . . 1 11 1 vi 1-.-. . ..r i, .-..., t
i I ). Ii 1 1 Un N. w 1 ... .ri .t .:.fi a tl io-.j 44. iu
i i.'.s i.' ' -' l -t m i ftrt.st to
i.elf J.l i J . in., . 1 ,
, ( .1 to
JMioi!, r.i.ik.i.ti iii.", 1 ; ;. in--.. ... j.. 4i . .
I V.rJ.. ( itr t , .1.- o ,',. : i: ! v-.'.
'J in ti.Uii J -.o i t ; j.' j . , i .Ji ... ,! .;.
i ftU.l.fv! . 0. V. i.l. j, . ,V. ...... iv M ,. .t if a.,. t Xi i
j J ':i.tili tit k : f- , ; '.. i. !l. A M. t tl.c.
I R i 'i ll ii. t ,: 1 A.-..:.t.
Lake Si ore 6z Micbi:;:n Southern
j A i t . I ii t .
j KjtjT j : 1 ; ....
M.-.i , u... 4:a u,
Xi t r..i.,.-.:.
j I'. v' ol ' .'Vi ' j .".;'
n u, .
I ,v'i'' !,!ZV.i:. .: :.t k
j Pii..-n i '.. : !
!. W!
i. t .t 4
j 'i'l.re;... .. . S- 1 1
Mi.-, l. i.i.o ; . j -t .
Ail t:J;-.!:- Vkl.l f.i.i I
. W l.K 1
? ! J. . '' vl.N M.i . :i A.
la. IJ I t'.:t ,!.:! , I .... ' : , .
Miehiaii Central.
A r m '.
i O ! 4, Hi
letr..;t i:jt..
.N. l.i-Jj o-h
AtJ.-i'.ta I x
i i '..-- . i 1 J- I III
' ; -' ' 1 "i
..... : .1 J.. J l.lM 'J.., (. i
11 ',, I '! at 511,. - ,"- . - J .. . sUhi !.!.
I';.. ,1 i ij-i N vi : U 1 ; ;-.- o.v.. . 1 i-viui.t-
n.ili i...!t ...!;;.:.-.
! i.-,m... ... ;
"! J .:...), Is'-I ' 'I-4VI 1
a. :. . ..-a ) U I.! , c 1 L
t:i" Ij' Xt V- i !
AImi:!) ii.iV I ; t I .. t J'v; t Sin.
a , i . ' i j V . . J . m , , . . . j )'.?,, ( , ; t- 1 1 ,
ON.;..! I. . . -. i;
i !.t ; ; ; . ' j . ; . . . ,. i . ; i ; r --i.t
W . i ; i . r ' i i j ; : . . 1 i Ii
Iran.- ij s : ,- ' . I . i. .i . l.
nr. ty ::.
j i . : i J v ..;' i n. ,r,. I hi
h a .'. ,1 ' . ; ' . i '. i ".. . . : i .i. !... ...
ii. i t a. ;. o. i .. k. in
.'; i - i ..:;.' . .
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