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.1 L i L . 1 L, -J 1. i
A New York Worn in Sends ji Man to
Whip Her Hubby.
Niw V(ii.s, Feb. J Ch.iries Jirkson,Mho
sii he i ca-hi.-r in t!.n P.irk Theater, Chi
c.i.'o, h id !.m jij'i:i' and pretty wife arrested
i thi.i city tod.iy for Jocrtui him. Jaek
n U a w 11 tlrt vl and t,'eit!eMianly look
in.; jcunn' in an. Hu tuld l'olice Justice
Duffy tl.it he f.iin 1 his ife iu .1 direpu
la'Iv; house iix 15!e . CacT trt tt ami that the
ft f ;w 1 ti him when ho eul'ed for her,
fif.fi tiitr'il .- fit it m in d-.jwn to lick him."
.Mix. J.it k'Oii 1 thai she mirried the man
in t tttl, b tt foantl out th tt he wjw n
en nui tl, an I ab'i it tin tir-t act of her mar
ried lift- mth t.j h. Ip 1 tin out of t forgery
,f r.tf . J u'kwm admitted that ht had rt-c-i-utJy
t- ii released from j.ul but aid that
he lov-d hi- if, anil that he wanted her to
;.' I tc to (!hic;i'. '. villi fiiiri. She told the
JnAj twit !h darted Jackson t caue tdie
vul la't life with him and d.-ciared that che
m ed nothing for him. Mr. Jacon vi
ducfi irl im1 Iff 5 the court-room without
speaking to ie!:uti.
Strong Opposition to Voting Gov
ernment Aid to the Show.
VAsiii.soroNt t-b.lJ. Th-.'M is very strong
oppodtiou ia Congress to voting more
money ia aid of tl.t- New Orlenn KxjoMtion.
'Hit United S:-ttf- Commis-ionr now here
ct-kin further nid are a representative tody
of men, coming from Sta! in all part of
th L'ntcti. Thtir argument in favor of
oTi-runiiiiital i-i-i mo- in order to prevent
the cifMio of tl e Ftpo-itim and const iUi nt
ji-titiiMo ilj- iti-facti n ff twenty cnld
f)r'iu'ti ii!ti)UH that have Ti-ndd lar'e
ftirn in t'(diri t-ihibit" to St' Orh'iitniH
j !t uiK -tii I h t4 rn id c )n-i.!ci ;d'e i in
r i:in, b it the rt-u!l thin far at New Or
iv If i created in th miad of vr tn ui'
m -niber- atron o'0iiioii to thevotinjof
k' vrnm -at ail eiihier to th ? Nw Orhsiti'i or
a ly r.fh.r m (position. Mnrnbr rn y be
h ard o:i evry !i ind eTclaimin : "It in a
It'll'? t i rail a h ilt in tlitM-iiMj-itioiibu-in.
I Will iir'Vir vt f r ati it'.er exposition bill
o. any kind wh I'.vrr."
f -
Strong Evidence that the Ballot Box
w.t TamprrocJ Vith.
Caicr;o. IVb. It). Iho trial of the elec
tion ti:.H.iratoM w n continued to-day. S.
A. Kalli , a w ! I en r iver, fully identifiel
thib ii b!l)t- ,n printed from an cn
ijr tvin4 ho jiin tn iftl to m iko. 11 sep
arated thern froui the ' .'nuino by tneatn of
KCn'oh-. and m irk-t caused by hi tools
!ippin. J!ci V un testified t liii vot
in uuinb r t. n. il votdfor Irnaii and
i.fio-d hi name on the back. Ticket num
br b n wa prenl icd in court, Wynne pro
rio lr.c d it a forry. It contatTied the
li i:n? of Itud i! h Hr ind for Senator, wher
hf voted for Liuan, and th name John
Wynnw on itn hack va not iu tii- hanl
writini,'. Mix i bookkrept r for Han-,
c vn t (-'o.. te-titl d that b heard the d
fen !.nt Markiu ry to S. 1. Wright hi
would liro to h ive ltrand name sulMtitntcd
on the ticket to b? printed for that of 1.
m;:n. , IN POftT AT LAST.
The Steamer Oneida Released From
the Ice Condition of the Crew.
Grand Havtm, Feb. 10. The Oneida broke
frt e from the ice of her own nccord with the
aid of an eat wind nt - o'clock this morn
in and started jut!i. She met the Arctic
ror:h f Mukeo:i. Wti'-ti they paed Ma?,
keon people on hore heard the crew talk
ing onboard but could not nee anyone on ac
count of tf f revadin torm. The Arctic
towed the Oneida into tlie harbor from th
pi 1 he Y. t 1'. M. t earner No. - worked
a whihi Suud iy a.-.itbi the Arctic. Capt.
S nallmin. of the steamer Oneida, n mioh
a I t in the ir shut otlthcnhiu and pnt
up a ?tov, to hfat the nom. The crew and
p i.-'nf m had plenty to at and fael enough
to ke p tlieni warm during the three weeks
An Operation for Abdominal Tumor
Develops a Remarkable Birth.
, I'lTTsnrr.o, Feb. 10. On Friday last a lady
pitieut in the U'tst IVnnsjlvnni.i Hospital,
of this city, nrvl thirty-three, and the mother
cf four children, vias operated upon for ab
dominal tun or. When the abnormal
er.i.vth was removed it w ts found to be a
tut y lit v- loped idy of a female, a foot or
inore in length, with a full set of teeth, hair
tix or eiii'it inehi h Kn and of an a'e cor
rej'ondtu to th ae ot the lady her lf, im
plj in, of course. t!iat it pruu into nit
ci re at t!t iir.e of th birth of the lady. It
-1 a i t e-m tmrturvdjiy her up to the time of
its rein v vl wi; f the kt. ft' m other words U
w is n twin "i t r, u hidi b came an unknown
part of le-rst If. I he ho-pital pliician who
has the " lemoi I ( i-t" ltl his po-sesiou,
claim th -re is ti it oih other similar ra-e on
n cor I. The lady h in a f ur way to recover.
dut toe the bae ot Appearance.
U" s.uiNo ro. Feb. 10. At a meeting cf
Iho Ftoentive Committee of tlie In a uum ra
tion (.'ommitfee to niht. it was dridfd to j
b add a A h ton wiHiden riof over the lYn
sjoi! building nt a cost of .0. Iecaus
of th s un! 'Otied-ftir et j en-e it wisaNode-cjd-
d t atandou all attempt. nt stret h co
riti u. J he nv rxf t mad necMary
fn.ai t!e f u t d.mion-t rattd to d ly that the
c iuv i rf now on will not withstand the
heavy wind to whieh thi action is subject.
G.ve Up a Cold Uay.
Nr.T YoMf, IVb. I!'.lter Sim ,t Son,
ir.o'U'Vi u; .auf.ic?ur,rs if Salem. Ma-.f
ra I . ii :t.;?rre it to. 1 ty, wiih prfri nee.
I.tiouiNK r-pT'o-d at over .1.ojh. Th,
(I. Art l!f'Mi' C.mm Mi), if N ihintoti,
1. ty., iii i ! an f iniii nt tod). I h
CO ms- Kiy i' I a e J it '1 5. ek of itoi,U) l-,,t
v.ry blUe -Jl n'X i i aid in.
Maurnir for Gordon. j
I.'":''"-, F b- l' V V II t.md.-n p-urr sp j
I ir m n.o-j' tv.e f r od n. I he tttj
.V -ft, tu it -d. o ;-!, j-, tie ' of - t'f y j
ti i" '. i l-i'o'$. '1 h ' :
n--ld f , . ; I'.r .1 .,f t'-i'-'ot zr. f Ml!-;
C i.-iitU if?;r t. i:e. '1 . 'mlift'
t 'i i - t i ! le- e I ! o i !.
fr ( if Cii"ii W f
S' t S 4 t !4 r . 0. 1 '. f f i' ' i' '.' K -r ' ! r3
(? t I. ';' ' j- r a;, t' ' M MU- ' - ;
Tjains Snow-Bound Mails Out
Time and a General Frigidness
Chicago. Feb. 10. Although it ce.ved
iuo-inj about midnight the weather to-day
Lxi been even more dLa'reeibIe than jes
terduy. At that hour the puow itorm which
had rajed unabated for thirty hours iu Iowa,
Wi-cou.-in, Miunwobi, Michigan and Illi
nois, waj succeeded by a bitter cold wave
and the mercury took a drop of DL
decrees, rejiteriu' this during the day,
and with no ius of moderati:. and to
night it i.s trout nftet-u to thirty Octrees be
low in the state named. The railroad are
almost helpless aud report. of paseiier
trains fclowiy dijui' them'lves out of liujy
riiow drttU couiiuuo to be received from ad
?;des. On the Illinois Central and Balti
more .t Ohio no trains except suburban have
arrived or dei.irtfcd iuce Monday moruiu.
At Fdtinoor, rix mile from South Chicago,
the latter ro.id ha MX trains blockaded, but
the work of removing the miow drift is pro
i;re.sinj rapidly and i' is thought they will be
itlca.-ca lo-ni.'ht. 'Ihe lmuoi-i Central
trams are tuio.ted in all alou the line ex
tending houih I'i) miles. The company has
over live thousand men shoveling huow. The
Michigan Central is blockadtd at Nile,
Mich. Only two truius managed to jjet into
Chicago to-day, each fifteen hour late, 'lhe
Chicago it Alton is moving kIowJj. The
trains wete ient out on time to-day, but are
uol i,rcttiu to their diminution, and will not
until the wind abates and ceases to pile up
dritLs u- fa-t as they ure bhovelled out. The
liiaiU to day are very liht, only two
mail trains reaching the city up to noon.
Hiwuess is nta'inited, and with no mail et
tiiifc' out or coming in there is a discouraging
lul: In mercantile circles. liatiues.s men be
s.ijed the potollice to-day to yet tidings, of
their mail, and were uWeii is much h jpe as
c ould reasonably be expected. When trains
do commence to come iu, however, there
will hi n ru"h, and letter carries will have
th.ur hands full. Twenty car-loads of pas-.M-ner?.
enroute to the New Orleans Kxpo-i-liou
are uuablo to yet out of tlie city. The
co u ins of the Fullman company are scat
tered, snovi.bjund, in all directions. Mercury
at nine to-niht is fifteen below zjro, aud
Particulars That Are Officially An
nounced by the War Department.
London, Feb. 10. It is officially an
nounced that the following particulars have
been learned concerning tho fall of Khartoum:
The rebels having gained access to the city
by treachery, their entry caused a tumult m
the street. Gordon, while h aving the pal
ace to learn the- cause of the disturbance,
was stabbed dead. A fearful massacre of
the Chr.stian population ensued; the barbar
ities perpetrated by the Arabs exceeding even
the Bulgarian attrocities of the Uusso-Tuik-ish
war. Kl Mahdi caused the fortifications
to be so strengthened that the English mili
tary authorities consider it almost impreg
nable. The Arabs brought with them into
the city tons upon tons of arms and ammun
ition, beside a full fighting equipment.
They are Arrested by the Police in
Memphis Upon Suspicion.
MFMrnis, Tenn., Feb. 10. Several days
ago, two negroes were arrested by the police
as suspicious characters, on them being
found a pair of diamond ear-rings, the
negroes refusing to give any satisfactory
explanation as to how they came in their
loessiou. Inquiry was immediately insti
tuted as to who had lost jewelry. The io!ice
were rewarded this morning by a telegram
from Plaque Mine, La., making inquiries
about two negroes the descriptions of whom
answered thoe of tho two suspicions char
acters. The telegram stalethat they are the
murderers of n wealthy lady, from whom a
large q icntityof valuable Jewelry was stolen.
A reward of $1,100 has been offered for their
The Storm at Detroit.
I)rrnoiT, Feb. 10. The railroads in all
directions suffered great inconvenienco from
the storm. The morning train on the Can
ada division of the Michigan Central was
three and one-half hours behind time in
reaching here, partly because of tho snow
and partly on account of a wrecked freight
train which went through a hiidgo some
distance east of St. Thomas. The night ex
press from Chicago was over two hours late
and other train were more or le. detuned
by the snow. The New York express which
leave Chicago at 4 p. m. was canceled, as
were nlo all the freight train. The Detroit,
(band Haven A Milwaukee trains did not
ufTer a badly n some others, as the cut are
Ies frequent on it line. Through buines.
however, on thi line i already paralyzed by
the ice blooade on Lake Michigan.
Passengers Escape With Bruises.
Alton. III., Feb. 10. The eat-ltound t-
priws train on the Vabah wa thrown from
the track by a broken rail between Mitch 11
Kttd KdwardsvilJe this morning. The bag-
i-v.r moking and pasngT conrht were
thrown from the track. The mokf r and th
oter c';teti were filled with paetiger,
m my of whom rcived rTrre bruie, but
jm rions injurif. 1h l-vli'-V roarli,
thn4 n on it k1p, took fire, butthetl tme
were oon extingnishetl.
Eif;htepn Cadets Resign.
AvNtrot.rs, Md.,Fb. 10. Th resignation
nf ncldrn cadet, who faill nt t? Natl
Academy etamination, wer arcrpted to d-ty.
Cad 't I) htll.flfho wn plavd on tfi prjfOi
ship "Siutre" )eWdi for enterin- th
tatn tm.'iner" dta tnunt , n nllowrd
t rein with lh ntlir. Ihry wri psid
ofT and lft to !it fe-r thHr h.mt. II
tro't-r of (v!t l-hilf, wSo i n i-nl;u
ia tot navy. Is to I niirrud hr to morrow.
Lac:; Tire at RAr.ine, Wii. j
Cut too, Kd. I ) --I'rivitrt tlij. i! ! t nt i
. i
t f"'oil Itteiio, W i , f i i i Hftt i
ft' Mi i ("j'e
. ;-- a ((-t ftd)-t!0t ft-tiM.fi,." At twttii:i
ri Hi,- t'.t i!rr j j f.,-t t
4 it J:-l tlio- t"Sf -t tt Irir-f t ii t-r I i
M 1 4 -1 " . t-ftlrif e lt "'If
r t
ViHlj l.t.'iMirl (ii M :F f'i 111!!
ft V'-ee, "ct.. I'l. - t l. imi.ft? i f !!,c
tir.:,?Llv "f.e iKUl.-t 1 f.!.r tt ..
s I -.'t ttt:4rti f :.- "ieniin ll.id
A!i4 Oi l .inJ' hf f' tl?I i --,t 1 1
Introduced and Bills Passed by
the Lower Houses.
Sieiu 1 Iipu!th to TtfE TELfcOUAM.
Lansio, Feb. 10. There was no quorum
iu the Senate th;s afternoon. In the House
bills were introduced by Mr. Ford, to amend
the charter of Grand II ipids. By Mr. Park
huit. to amend -ectiou 0S;J of Howell's
statute, relitive to trials' of issues of fact,
ulso to prohibit the taxation of attorney fet
in certain cases.
By Mr. Itichardsou, to amend the act au
thorizing the sale of the Michigan Central
By Mr. Hodge, to authorize the issuing of
a patent to Kra J one.
By Mr. Post, to detach certain territory
from Kostvirnmon township and uttaching
the same to Netor towiu-hip.
Bills were passed to amend act relative to
the division and distribution of estates of
dt ceased ia;rsons. Also prohibiting tho
hhooting of quail in any mouth bat Novem
ber. Long's bill to repeal tlie act prohibiting
nny perron from obstructing tlie regular
operation of the business of railroads or
other coriorations, lirms or individuals, was
A resolution was adopted calling on the
Swamp Land Commissioner for information
relative to the cash sales of swamp lands
aud the amounts belonging lo each county.
Pursuant to a resolution of the House,
Adjutant-General Robertson reports sixty
three thousand ex-soldiers entitled to recog
nition under the provisions of the bill to
equalize bounties. It would require- nearly
seven millions of dollars to carry out the pro
visions of the measure.
A School House Food For Flames.
Siei.l tu The Tklecium.
Wolcotville, Ind., Feb. 10, rUr p. in.
The two-story frame school house here is in
li mits. It caught lire near the stove iu the
upper story. The fire department can do
nothing to check tha Cie, but it is thought
t lere are no other buildings near enough to
be in danger. Only a few books have been
saved. The loss will bo about $3,000, par
tially covered by insurance.
Killed in a Lumber Camp.
Special Dispatch to Tin: Telegkam.
Walton, Mich., Jan. 10. Michael Car
niody, a workman employed at the lumber
camp of llietz Bros., fifteen miles northea-t
of this place, was killed t o-day on a roll way.
He is supposed to have been killed almost
instantly, as he was quite dead when taken
from und'. r the logs.
Frozen to Death.
Special Di? patch t The Tei ir,aM.
Cadillac, Mich., Feb. 10. A man by the
name of Thomas Grove? was found frozen
to death four miles north of this place, to
day. 4V-
Michigan Inventions.
Tlie following patents were granted lo
citizens of Michigan, bearing date of Feb. 2:
A. A. Adams and V. Lee, McBrides, pack
ing for steam joints; E. It. Annable, Paw
Paw, fence post; W. S. Bange, Alma, Swing
ing gate; Ja. Dalgarno, Detroit, device for
moulding propeller w heels: I). P. Edgar,
Jackson, car coupling: M. W. Gardner, De
troit, stove; Win. Gold ui, Port Huron, saw
tiling tool; F. A. Hubel and F. Keinhold,
Detroit, machine for greasing capsule-mold
pins; same as above, capsule machine: C. M.
Lake, Jackson, locomotive ash-pan (re-issue):
C. E. Mark, Flint, elastic joint for tho
planking of vessel; W. J. Perkins, Grand
Kapidshaft hanger; Jno. Skinner, Flint,
hay-tender; F. O. Lusenmihl, Detroit, car
bearing; II. II. Taylor, Detroit, capsule ma
chine; A. F. Ward. Detroit; pill machine;
E. K. Warren, Three Oaks, RtilTening-trip
and producing tho same.
A Deserted Village.
Jackson, Feb. 10. The snow stopped this
morning. There are about three feet of the
beautiful on the level. Trains are all late
and no mails havo arrived on any of tho rail
roads to-day. The weather is growing colder,
wilh a sharp wind. The. roads in the country
are fearful to traverse, being blocked with
drift of snow. Tlie business jortton of the
city is very quiet as no t rangers are in
Kalamazoo Isolated.
Kalamazoo. Feb. 10. This morning we
were practically isolated from the outside.
The Michigan Central trains last night were
tailed nt Battle Creek and Michigan City:
the Lake Shore at Elkhart; the G. lb t I. at
Stwrgi: M. t O. at Marshall and Montieth.
The drifts and blockades are the worst of
the season.
Spain's Unemployed Men.
MAnrui), Feb. 10. Thf nnmhor of unem
ployed workmen in Spain has now become
mormon. In Madrid alone are fi.on), nnd
th ir manifetntion a-nme a threatening
aspect. To-day ixty were arretted lefore
th p-dcr. In con q'n nce, the nuthoritie
have d-termincd to art rnrgetically in deal
big with those new trouble.
A Jilted Lover's Revenge.
WoosTFn, (., Feb. 10. Lat night nt
Tlit-m, nin mil. wr-t of hre, just ft
Lan d Cliesfer. a d .mebr nt t!j Central
Ibtel. Ift the rol't r rii-l. f r hrtn, h
hot in the hn.l nnd hick by 'A ilbnr iVl-r, !
her jiltetl 1 v, r. Vur.g V. fr r tl U hot S
himt If thr om the hi ,l Neither can re- i
Dill Not Voir for ) 1J .'ifn.iior j
brtoxi.rir t t, 111., IV JO. - Om nrts ant of ;
tint n- lo m 1 Irnili h ti..ef. ws, -tt
ent to tl!ft for I rote d ,s nit S t,.b.f ( dA) ,
Vld lte- I'i't l! in f f toll r fnv (;
t! if, ill,' !!; ,- r t:. ll f ft ovst :
t.fl nt.lfl l.t'rt ill tt i- H.r 'o.- t K , j
lof )riU.
To M.i,t f 4t t I loo if,
i 'till ti M r Mil. t'rt, t 1 I -ti k, t!,
'Vfti i I ln 'iiot.itt'i U- t,
o if
ill t-ri O ? ( r
t.-iiHtd lo It.fA
- ) It Vli'-j 1 t
j rss
il I it . - I I 1 , . tt (H.:
f- -i-ilf i h .11 I'.y. I.i" .
I t it -t m j t r-;-c t . i i rf . r i !
f hinlitt )e.r ftc
l.r- t tU a il i .m
t o o 4 1 o I
Henry George's Ideas Upon the Radi
cal Movement He Strongly De
nounces the Dynamiters.
New Yobk, Feb. 10. Henry George, the
land reformer, was a jjasenger on the dtorm
beaten "Alaska." At hi home in Brookljn
last night Mr. George sjKjkn freely of his ie
forin tour in England and Scotland, and
smiled significantly when told that the cable
had reported him as having converted Mr.
Chain berlainand theGladstout Cabinet to his
view, besidr-s enroliiug a large unmUr of
Radicals in the reform ranks. "Well," eaid
Mr. George, "the Kadicai movement his
gained great headway, more in England and
Scotland than in Ireland. Dynamite is
damaging the Irinh cause. In th lowlands
of Scotland I found the eople enthusiastic
in advocacy of the principle of lands for the
people; the membership of the Scottish
Restoration Society has increased two-fold
idnce my visit a year ago. One peculiarity
was that the ideas advanced by my party
have taken root among the letter clas of
jeoT)le in Scotland.
"in England," continued Mr. George,
"among the mase there is a decided leaning
toward laud leagueim, and several of the
leading Uadical members of Parliament are
friendly to me. At the meeting at Guild
Hall the mayor made objection to using the
building, and an impromptu meetiug was
held in the open air. A table was utilized as
a platform, and Mr. Chamberlain And Prof.
Stewart were present. The audience num
bered folly 10,000, and the utmost enthusiasm
prevailed. Iu Belfast my reception was most
cordial aud the people seemed enthusiastic in
their allegiance to the league." "Is the
country ripe for legislation on the land law?"
"Hardly; although considerable progress
has been made, ( dou't think the present
government will do anything. You ee it is
only a coalition Ministry. They have Glad
stone, Hartington, Derby and others as the
Liberals, and Chamberlain and Dilke as
Radicals. I anticipate that the next govern
ment will be Radical, with Chamberlain at
the head, and he will have large reform? to
put through." "Will there be three parties,
then?" "I think not. The Conservatives
will die out, and a party be formed of the
present Conservative-Liberal."
"Do you interest yourself in Egyptian af.
fairs?" "I have my opinion of them, of
course, and think that it was a groat mistake
on England's part to go there." "What is
your position on the dynamite question?'
"We were at Queenstown when the news of
the explosion reached us," said Mr. George,
"and in common with all well-thinking men,
I am utterly opposed to any such demon
stration. 1 consider such attempts as not
only suicidal to the settlement of the Irish
questiou, but simply horrible in a humani
tarian sense. While I do not agree with Mr.
Parnell in his doctrine, I prefer his methods
to any such diabolical acts as committed by
the dynamiters."
- . -
No More Cash from Candidates.
Colvmbus, 0., Feb. 10. In the lower
branch of the State Legislature to-day a bill
was passed by unanimous vote, which pro
vii?f whoever asks, or makes demand for
money or other things of value upon a can
didate for any political position shall, upon
conviction, be fined not less than $100 nor
more than $"i00, or imprisoned from one to
two years.
Found Guilty.
St. Louis, Feb. 10. George A. Vincent,
alias Charlos Perriu, noted bond forger, ar
rested in this city last Match, while trying to
obtain $0,500 from the St. Louis National
Bank by means of a forged letter in credit,
was fouud guilty of forgery and sentenced to
ten years in the peuiteutiary. Vincent,
while in Sing Sing in 1&77. set fire to the
prison and escajed to England.
A Way They Have in Mexico.
Bbownsville, Tel., Feb. 10. A mexican
special says that a mob at Tenotepic had a
fight with the troops, but was dispersed after
two men had been killed and several
wounded. Fifteen rioters were arrested.
The Primate of Ireland Dead.
Dublis, Feb. 10. Edward McCabe, Arch
Bishop of Dublin, Primate of Ireland, is
dead. He was born Feb. 14, 1S1U, and wa
created Cardinal in 1N?'J.
The Weather.
Washinoton, Feb. 10. For tho npper lake
region, fair weather and slowly rising tem
perature with west to south winds.
OrncY or P. V. Tatlor, Sweet's Hotl. )
Grand lUriDs. Feb. 10, lHss. (
Cables qnotM wheat and corn fttvdv. Chiraco
receipt Jwore lijrht. owinr to the blizzard. Thj
weie: Wheat, td car; corn, 179 cam; mts, M csrs;
hokr, about 2VX Th viihl anpply of ffrain, n
compaml with one wvk as-o. show Lncrw
follow: Whit, 177,00bn; corn, SU.n)bn; vN,
311.U0 bn. The Morrn tended to restrict buin
and in the idnce of ktij uw of hnportAnee
market rubl vprytmdjr and xtrt-mlj dnlh but
firm. riATortblt.
March. .
MAy.. ..
Maj "ITS'
ItS 3 f 13 ! US 07H tlS 2T.
: 27S i 7 ai t 7 23
New York.
nw yok. rh. n
Mnr r'lloet, P t t'i p.r rnf. Ftehitrs-
c i-t'l tla'l And l wr; t.t.l rst., 4.'ftl7.
.-'ti rs't-. 4.:iitt,Nl for inj. rnl t
4.vrt' f-T 1"sr fn l.
titirfrv.iT, rJM frrn, mrrrnr 1-
J. V rij-n t;.- hu; 112 1 vt.
Fi.-ifti"' rni!nsd !e.- r!w fl !. t'Ti.'-r
f.V. til U?, brl arU. 1 hvl. fA):ik;-h-.tf
fand. Its !.j. (VpIt, It-', lo II
it a a i v,n -,,t
erc h r It. Nv
1 1 I'M i Y
l.o-r. f ,v.f .-if
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I w,
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i 1 e, r .(, I
, f,. .. i ? ..a
i . . i ... i. t. .i . M.v v.-
i l
A Rational Explanation of the Lead
erV Newly-Discovered Wonder.
The Grange malady of the boy over the
river who was reported to have ben cuea
to knapping, growliug, bhrkiiig, end other
canine accoinplUbrne-rit, when properly iu
iuired into, do. not iwin lo le o m)fter
iou or puwiiug to diagnose as when fitt
reported. The fact of the child recovering
on two occasions after being ent to Ann
Arbor, is thus explained by an eip riencd
searcher among the affairs jtertaiuing to the
city's health: The father of the boy, & tall,
cadaverous, uenoos man, is, and has bea
for years, a regular and heavy gnzrJer of
rum, and at times given to harh conduct
towards hi family. His condition, undr
the laws of nature, would niturally result
during the period of parturition in transmit
ting certain hereditary tffertA, among which
are .'r fluently to be found j iUisy, idiocy,
and various forms of tendencies to nervous
complaint. With these nointi in vitar the
case was looke! into, End it vai learned
that the toy, though k oung
and with en exceedingly nerrous
temperament, wa frequently given Urge
draughts of liqaor as an antidote for certain
"i-pells" which would come over him and
which were probably firt inducetd by the
liquor habit. Then the lad, learning what
the remedy was, improved on the symptom
of the disease, and when he wanted a "nip"
knew how to make it materialize most cop.
The informant related that he had en a
bartender iu the saloon of the father
pour a drink down the kid that would have
been a "tot" for a pme toper, and was told
on inquiry that the doctor had advised that
that was all that could be done to allay the
"sttell." The result of a temirate life at
Aun Arbor in the hospital prove the maxim
of cei tain doctors that "Similia, iirxilihMJ,
cvrvntur" is true with a ttngKines. He
sides thi?, it proved that the boy liked what
he liked and knew how to get it. The cauie
of the dath of the other child is believed to
have bven traceable to like cane, raid some
still further investigations would natumlly
be suggested.
CincriT. Joseph Wright et al. v. Justine
Wright. In chancery. Ordered that the bill
be revived in tho name of Levi Nash, admin
ictrator: such amended bill to be filed in
twenty days. The People v. Frank Hex
ford. Larceny and embezzlement. Motion
to quah information denied. Otto H..
Soil aw v. Stephen Cool et al. Trepas. On
trial. Ilezin S. Maynr.rd and Edwin 8.
Bradford, proponents, v. Porter Vinton,
conte-.tant. Ordered that time to prepare
and settle bill of exceptions be extended
fifteen days.
lViLicc. lfred Cheman? drunk; John
Paiker, same; twelve days m jail. Wm.
Ko-tra. breach of the peace; paid Jfl.Jtt.
Theo Iemoiid, larceny from the person;
adjourned to Feb. VJ at 0 a. in.
Unitfd States. Thoa. IT. Mason et nb
The Pewabic Mining Company. In chano-ry.
Hearina of argument on application for in
junction adjourned until Feb. 11. at 10 a. m.
PaonATK. Estate of Ester Wilson, de
ceased. Order appointing Agnee Conroy
administratrix. Estate of John Duncan.
deceased. Order Allowing anthenticatd
copy of foreign will to probate, and ap
pointing Amelia Kerr, administratrix in
Michigan. Estate of Hirnm Moore, men
tally incompetent. Order allowing finAl ac
count of Wm. Drown, guardian. Order ap
pointing Henry E. Kowley guardian. Bond
filed, letters i-ned. Estate of Anthony
II? mink, deceased. Anwer to petition of
Grietje Van den Velde. filed and order ad
journing henring to Feb. 17. Etate of
Chas. M. Watts, deceased. Partial rronfs
on probate of will taken and order adjourn
ing further hearing to Feb. 18. Etate of
Emory P. Diamond, ct al., minor. Pa
tition by guardian for ati allowance for the
support of minors. Citation ined retnrn-
able March 10. Etatoof John C. ErdJy.
deceased. Order allowing tardy claim of
Wm. Harrison at $10.77. Etate of
Michael Flannigsn. deceAl. Bond on sale
of real estate filed. Estate of Gracia A.
Randall, minor. Petition for appointment
of guardian filed. Order appointing Lyd
Watkin. gunrdiftn. Estate of Elia
Lampher, dfna.rd. Report of sale of real
ct ate filed and order confirming same.
Surr.Bioa. Tlie People t. Wm. D. Man.
field, ixrjary. Trial rosnmrd. The City
of Grand Rapid r. Ed. J. Fredick, Appeftl.
Order etreating bail vacated nnd -t aide.
Fine And cot paid and cae dimined.
Jo.ejh Glowe7ynki r. The Polih National
Benevolent Society, In chancery. Defend
ant given fire day further time to demtir or
nnwer to said bill.
Jt stick Ranuwra. Daniel C. Dodg .
Chnrle Dahlem. AnmpiL Cae settled.
Simrv. Grand Rapid Furniture Com
pany, garnishee of Chn. Dahlm. Ca
s"t? J. lohanne Kooman v. John Lnjen.
djk. Aurnpib AdionrnM to Feb. 24 at ?
. rn. Sietke Tmrnrtter v. John P.
Dmhoff. Anrr,pit. Suit r-tt'ed. Mot-
timer limmerv. John Enel. Anmpit.
Jntlcmr'jt fir j laintifT fllOV, and $10vtA
of nit.
JrsiTcv Hoi-oma Mihel fwrarrAk v.
Ji'ilm Mn'ir.owki. Ar;!rr:t Jndgmer.t
forplainti.T for ft.". andrvt..
Jrnc Srxrri. TlimA Fryrr v.
Voitht Herpr,lSpitnrr. Trep on th
cae. Adj onrned to Fh. 2 at 9 a. m.
Pter Doran v. Chr-tr R. HindMl ar d IL
Tompkins. Jr lgmnt fo? plirti.T f 177Jr7
and rot. Jm Yor.nrbVd r. MA-sih
Dattoa. Rrplerin. On trial. JnryoTJt.
Scbool-Hou Bids.
Th Nahvill .Wi yt: "TT r'nilding
Crr.Trjtte cijr. proposal for tb
b-.i!bg cf or rew cS'vl-h'ce rm'VHip.
ihr renins J;L Thre wre f;rd to
b a f -'lit; p. (. S's-v-r. G d Rap
lU. ill 'V;; W. SK fil. NA-ri!l.
St1.?'t.M: Hr Vir; A itr r. Grand Rej.
i I, f lM S, W. Wai, OnrWi.
f Frl. K;-r-,-rr:r ,? 3 T'. Inr-
k'y, N t.T;M-, V4tf r.'Titt , (Hfrn.
Omrd Kril. -72 t' ;io;in.
ti n i .). ..tj. t-. bf r
?nrw? t;l. t.'it lb -S.--d l-..ij ?st r-it-l a
t' fr r
I 'f'f f f
r t ' ti fvm-
, t f t (
1 v I
?,r of
t'-t 7
1 - L S
; isl 1
, t
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r .
!:;- . 15
' ; 5 . t f v.
ruopiiLcn:s m:isu rvi
Thoutittt ami Thoustml
Jktlhtr IU hiy Sttvtri hit Citiztn
Who J'atnotizt Sjuuhij l Ci-u-
luinyA Quart rr of a Million
nha ntlizr Selling
at tfw Mtut Attmishiajly lttr
r:n tiui tn wr Aiiv-rtii t'- to ti.t
pjtj 4 tf tt.i iou jt ti." h-.e'r . voli lo
eerjtilj wttoriMLt futtkr IU o pi.ri trf- X uT
-UMft t:hiy lhtuf.0 Is if iK, Jt.r, i.i j 1 1 j t.U
lite jti.(H:hiTid vil.o iit ur ut iai u Kt-.y ii
ww at ina carriK out a. i tiu .f po iu
itk t'rtm to tM-Stii Ui-.:hM:tj p.Mj i- nn.-'y
iit oar trt io iiu. tnt-; u 4.Miiii-u
U-Atketerin li.eir tn r .ei Iu.ee ;l.ej Li.umc
t frtCl. 444oviii?
low prit.
r oftva tnk1 br loi. t!ii 1 u oo
RnciK. Idhj-w we iu uij ty n i i!;:t
in for u Ut deterudbs UJltl wiUi uj.
wnrd C'f two bmjdrti bu Ltiy il.ou.N,u.a Ui;.h.r
ortb of mrrSAUrti -f til ktn.it vl.ti
Ur ai tfcku-i oU fulJ) o: d n scoter lr'iii tit
rrww of tirf.Tr iu onier in (,jMtf ciUi u
fend Kiiintaiif Umi theu k h mil trua:.Meiu a
few djv fere lift lo t- i. ir euatu--n
thAt tbf Ad r.f 4U t uuj -.we v. ilj U- n,Ui-
If it is twt cn-xjitouiit for r0 t,f e'jr.- ti.i
wtk vm r?it v k. r 'Ui u ., -u it i t .n
i3t fr jtHj Wo clo t Vou tt-ne foi ll. Li 1
onr tor kiii LU- finl m il - ul m.ijf m- fouiid
eiitr tffta ti ofu buj ti. .a i i.t f, eei. if
oar otft.tor tii 41 , liAitt-r Ir-.iu i?.t it i-nc
reu ! A itvi'uM.
Oar AAlof ftrutroidetiw Aa-l l.Hir ftxnh i i i
tAlulf without pfWleM. tU- .jtiff in. L l ,.n.
ItlTlJj jXU dutal ittUl fc t.nif I .i t .
M UNii A. I 'om 1.M,
Vltit" Itlnckfit h f.f:y e !. tvu ii;
IlKtuT Qtudltj At ixTj-tvi. K-.i fa i.iJl e-i,l .liiCik
How Jk iLt "andr
tt M-t A (Vu'am
lUaitPt Lajax jeur t.r $':.( iin tKxt priiw .nJt
U4 rvr now for J1.V
4 Jfft) " I'm
" :;d " i z
lo tzsm&M klivli to t ff m.
si U m A f'oyrAM.
Upwfird 1V1.(IX jurdt li'l J V r t l (fti.tj nt t?.
Iwtft I'rinter lu'wii, )ioi!i I (o.t in jf.ni
h&l npArrt; M e Jjta tei I t i. :;, U. lt;it
J.riew wi-eirr knew. hi h: v. A 4 i an.
pAldc rril JD ClofAft vili h r.Jni t.l.ul
aU are eJtl int. TLotiKijuis l.;oe u 11 t y
Of Uilt HAIM1I1. n.tttUKiTi.1- t-f lnj.t., t.ui m'U
n-.A1s ttApp) ty tlie low pre nth. O 1 tl.n.h of )ti
AciHRiclohk for only .Oi. '.. a.
worth docbir tU ixuij .
bToinNl rw(-;.tl; n t-w mi .if
(joi tttAt enrxirMp us m u it ti" iuh '..us l.w
prir. foi-. hie f- )! (V.f.rr.f re. iti i.il t
ooly ISO. hpl.Tidid !im n-. e l....
flTiA, fr otilj Tlifs .) ej.n f.;iu.J
eWwher At Aiaj(tt u;y fm i ii!,! i!..-j.
WAkv. N'lilM Aixi im.
erxtil Prion ili T.w., I,:... j,.r .Zlj
rsrd irm VArd I tinj ( hA, l..t ,.:dj
One Dollar.
ia rtt CoM or: ri-r.TK-) f -r i.- T V.r-r.
Gol r.Tl(vi for only 4 t i.'.r jiit.j.
I? ywrtU rfililt.! Im.vsI" l"i Ot.-i). Ujt On
Good Whit riannel f..r t,1; t-ir. tr:. t,
Ht-AUtifnl HmwI. lrv. (;. nil rt ft
oTtlj M And J2S.
Nnrur "itl At iJiw. rr-nTv.-'. ei Jo i k-i..
hi kjo A ( '..vr m.
If ft))vidy ti-JI j oTi t K'.t n f ; ' 1 1 ' n i-r t
dT jdAOM tt twl(iUW U'l i .") !.' f.r ''li '-vi-jlie.
I Ki . i v, I M .
Cor -oiTM-titoT .l ti.' l on tj.t.t ji
WfrtJd t tn.IEI- jtt to Jt ,j l..f ;. f,,t I .'ry.
thi Ml tnrTakwd tJ t:r trfi. Vwi;i i l th ) raj
o Anj ro'ir hi i;is.. A mi a.
February 1st, 1&85,
And rery day for the ba!:.n?v if thli
month we will ufTcr th
Great Wardkoiu:
tm IX. I et'S i rr or-
Men's, Youths', h)i end
For tho Piirpoto of Hoiucinc; IStok.
-T Hvf.n- of O-
j V'ni j At rVrrr Vn H Vn r U te
i At Vw fVrt:r. r f-.-i
ft j f
I Trunks. Traveling Bans
it4 Tf". t n,r;i
U lid, 1;1m, UUuiiS
j, ' "5 t..L f-,vO
I5.it li e -.ii..sM n, t,
t. h,,;-tcd i
bc.kt 5
Utl.t i t
' l'i
(l.U-t Or. I fk.i.4W.tt
-1 r U .. l,;.;
Tho Great Wardrobe,
it I I .. t;1 Ko.
j lu.,.i wf iuit; i t.u4
i V.
t) i-x
t. i i .i.A iM,, Hj-

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