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Grand Rapids morning telegram. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 188?-18??, February 19, 1885, Image 2

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Morning Telegram.
GilAND KAJ'IDri, FEB. VJ, IbrS."
i'ublUfud Lcory Day Except Huruiay,
hi TH
ii. McDowell, iFliLra
0U: J 7 UAui 5 J PEAliL XT. Up Stain.)
( faah 1 la AJ?&&C4.)
imily, rr year, pta-tae prepaid.. 5 00
Daily, i:r quarter 1 4
Lfculy, tsr wrek 10
t?i ecixiiea Coitst snt f nr.
Atklrea.-! nil couitaaiiicauoa to Tu x Tiut
OJixH Grand Kaud Mirh
Eatermi At thj ixjntUce iu Uui city of
Grind lLiiiid.1 ka ccond-ciaa matter.
Republican State Convention.
A lU-ouhhcaa tit.! ('oQVKXitioa to nominate
rru JljsUoj of th har-mj Court ia of
'lLouiiut M.ttH.lery. wLiwi trria will exoir 1)
cait;r J 1. l-v-3, aal two lUv-nU of thw Univr
miy ia Ihe of (i'rg bu&eM and J. J. Van
hiPf, ho teroX4 Will telJUfW Dec. 31, lvvi. will
t held at liurk' Ui:r iuu, in th City of
Jiuirf. on WdLatMLty. th 11th day of March,
l v , at 11 o'clock a. an.
(Jountir-a will be entitled to on d- lrvt) for
tMch lA totm rant fur ioruor at th last "elec
tion, antl atLUtionai dtdt-tfaU for every frac
tion f'f axj vote. ki:L organized County will bj
nritind to at lcut uu) doWte.
Luilr-r a rtolulioii hort-tofort adopted no dl
u will t entidwl to a t ia tha contention
Lo io not rtiiij ia th county hn finI' to
r-t-r--nt. I. T. VAN ZILrJ, Chairman.
M. 8. initio
W. II. t ool .
iJartou lUrktr,
11. 11. lluwUon
I). 11. Ainer,
Z. U. CM-orn,
T. K. luMir:s.
Williaai ( na:nhriaLa,
(1. W. UclJrid.
John I'att'ju, Jr.,
C . l. Iorf.
L. l Waite,
It. V llUKst,
8. J. loinlinn.
W. M. KUwtrkk.
C. M. Martin,
K. Ik traj.
K. J. M'jwch,
Grtn l'uck,
Kri HWuia,
T. T.
t;. L. Holland.
A. W, aniTU, Hvtretary.
Detroit, Feb. 1,
(hi t.L abov naml trfwiifl of rvpnntation
Kent ooanty will -nd 3'J deii-KaU-n. Ionia H, All
gjui 17, tntuwa II Meota W, Moskon U, New
ajtfu ltarry 12. (K.-ana tt, 51aoa 5, Mani9ttt7,
ltkt 3, L)m t-oia V.
Tue Lenten fu.it la.st8 forty dayw; the
DomcxTutio finst only thirteen days more.
The txlitora of eonio of our exchanges
have evidently been trying to learn to
bkato on fullers. Now they eit down on
the whole business.
Onk of the pleasures which the coun
try editor Heenia never willing to give up
in that of reviving the oltj pun alnait the
umbrella and Lent.
Joe Mackin uncd to mix drinks behind
a bar in Philadelphia before Carter Har
rison knew him. It looka now a3 if he
might be at work again 6oon behind sev
eral bars.
We have learned the source of this ter
rible rage, Ilichmond, IndM has twenty
seven roller-skate factotum. Let Gen.
Grant cocao forth and sack the city ! On
to Richmond !
Hon. Samuel J. IUndall is proving
himself to be about tho beet Democrat
Cleveland could select for a Cabinet place,
but that may be the very reAsou for his
not being chosen.
Daniel Manning) evidently wants to
keep closo enough to tho throtlo to dtrett
tho scepter, but he'd rather be the power
behind tho throno out of sight than a
power beside it in tho Cabinet.
. 4
Gladstone's policy was at tho mercy
of tho Arab who slow Gordon. Had
Gordon lived he might have been suc
cessful; had ho been successful, Glad
stone's policy would hayo been vindi
cated. Hut ahu for Gladstone's policy
with Gordon dead!
If Thurman gets a place in tho Cabi
net, a. tho last reports indicate ho will,
the South wijl have a representative. He
is a Virginian of Virginians, having leeii
born in Lynchburg in tho sixtfi genera
tion of Virginia-born stock. So much of
a Southerner as he ought to satify the
most exacting.
4 . . .
Gen. CfTCHEON is not likely to bo able
to do any more work in tho House dur
ing the sSfiion. H id reported as being
sri)usly ill from nervous prostration,
brought vi by his arduous Libora. Hh
has Unn iri bsl vinco making his speech
on tho appropriation bill last Saturday.
Although he has somewhat improved
sinr, Dr. Bliss, his physician, says his
recovery will bo slow. Gen. Cutcheon
h.is devoted himself earnestly and cn
mend.tbly to his public duties, and great
regret will ny folt at his atlliction.
Jckos Win'ans, th.e most persistent
worker of the Michigan delegation fr a
Cabinet ptice fir Hon. O. M. Iarne, now
acknowleils that there is no hoj for a
Michigan man. a fart which, with half an
eje, ho ought to have ron long ;igo. The
Judgo is reprtel a.-? aying that he has it
'on the most unquestioned authority'
tii.it the Cabinet tiJ be ctmp.I as fol
Li; Se'retary of State, Bayard; Secre
tary of the Treasury, Manning; lst-ma-iter
General, Lntr.ar or Mclnall;
Atioriev General, Garland; Secretary of
the Interior, Thurman; Seretary of th.e
Nary, a Nexv Kngland man, probably Ab
Utt; S.'rrtarr rf War, Vilns. The
Jti.lgo snys that ho kr.oTY t h i t N au
thentic, and if the ,Iadg q iy it, hr, of
Course, it'- ?o.
An fvifeeruod eouteTnir: rr p,rfjiT
d clares that 1,'U:1 cat annually are
uM f.r their skins. The pr!it. r,f fl,..
industry are -ai I to l lat t-'-tii
the polls ott thern nofhiM' bjt th - r
f tvung. slaying and sH pptng th-e nn.
i:::a!s. It wiu!d K a mor linl pf
c-hire, nfi?r tl; Tsl'-'iei wh:-- h ar r-n-mn
property h t b n dtH ';'. f'-'f
r;;-f.i:riri to n: H.eif tv:t. fi;af-ria!
B"iS sfi'vdy, th tir; f r tv t I f f
th f j -i r h'-o th I r-dog f f'Jf
ri:;g rru!-ir bo f'lW 1
V - ;i It j r;r TJpphr"d t
tcciticaliy breslijg the fo?ls that pro
dace the feathers, asd ostrich iaras aro
b-omii-g quite common in South .Vf
rica. In the simo way, beaver and ottrr
farms may be realizable conceptions.
While Cleveland has be?n seeking the
advice of the multitude of his party's
reprtit'ntatht s, why has he not iu?ked
couiiccl of the greatest stuttbinau thnt
party "contains, Horatio Seymour? It is
no excu.se to say that Symour is too old
or too ferblw to come to Albany. Sey
mour is but two or three years older than
Tiiden, and Utica is nearer to Albany
than is New York, ytd Cleveland went to
t -e Tildcn. If tho I'rebident-elect t-eks
wisilom, kt'him ak S.y mour; if he de
sires to learn fthrewd political schemes,
let him ask Tiiden.
- -4
That was a high tribute, considering
its source, which Edmund Gosse paid to
James G. Blaine, upon the former's re
turn to England lately: 4T had the ad
vantage of meeting Mr. Blaine, and of
having a long talk with him alnjut iK)li
tics. Ho wus very entertaining. He left
mo wjth the impression that he was the
most versatile and magnetic man I had
ever known; and I could but wonder
whether history would concur with that
persuasive tongue or with its critics."
Mr. Gosse has had the advantage of
knowing most Englishmen who are dis
tinguished in literature or politics, and
during his visit in this country met many
of our representative men. He need not
fear for Blaino's place in history. It will
be lesido that of Seward and Clay, whoso
names will bo household words when
those of some of our Presidents will bo
Tiiekk is seen exhibited, occasionally,
a disposition to belittle tho battles fought
by tho British in Egypt, in view of the
small number of the killed and wounded.
In tho action at Kerbekan, for instance,
where Gen. Earlo was killed, there was a
loss of only twelve men, all told, on the
British side. But it should bo borno in
mind that the losses in some of thesb con
flicts are such as a simplo count of tho
killed by no means indicate. Tho character
of tho men lost must bo taken into account.
At Kerbekan, besides Gen. Earlo, Lieut.
Cols. Earlo and Coveney were killed, and
four other oilicers wounded. In such
men as those already stricken down the
British Government loses more than
so many human lives; it loses great mili
tary genius and ability, and suffers tel
ling blows to tho discipline of its army.
Tho immense disproportion between tho
loss of privato soldiers and that of the
officers, whoso dress and whose move
ments distinguish them, indicates that the
Arabs are making very successful uso of
that destructive instrument of modern
warfare, the sharp-shooter.
The discussion anticipated by some on
the joint resolution in the Legislature to
submit the prohibition question did not
occur on Tuesday. Yesterday tho bill
passed tho House by exactly a two-thirds
vote. Tho United Prss dispatch pub
lished on tho first page of The Tele
gram adds that 4Tt will probably 'fail in
tho Senate." This is doubtful, however.
It is more probable that it will pass, as it
ia understood that tho Republicans to a
man will vote for submission. The Prohibi
tionists will discover, if tho question shall
be submitted to tho peopfe, how loyal to
them their now allies, the Democrats,
are. Thoy will discover, too, that Ilepub
cans, whoso support they might have had
but for their action in the lato campaign,
will vote against them just for tho sake
of tho little salve it will furnish for their
still raw sores.. The town elections in
some of the counties in New Y'ork have
already disclosed this disposition. In
ono county, Tioga, where last year tho
non-license ticket was elected in every
township but two, this year but one
township in the whole county, voted for
prohibition. A spirit of revenge ought
not to le entertained, but thero are Re
publicans just human enough to enter
tain a litth of it.
Albany Fl.rnrrss: If England would do
by Jrolaml what she has done for Canada
and Australia, everything would bo well.
Chicngo Inter dentil : The presence
of Mr. Thurman in Mr. Cleveland's Cab
inet might do much to prevent it from
being contemptible, and would certainly
save it from being ridiculous.
Detroit Pn.if: The New York Sun
fears that, if Col. Morrison should lw
elected United States Senator from Illi
nois, "in losing him the House would
lose a g'od deal of its interest." It is
true th.e House might h se omo interest;
but tho Houo tvould not lose any prin
ciple. Cleveland l.r-ivlrr: The Demrcratie
majority in the Legislature propose to
present to the people for their adoption
ft license amendment to the r it-tit ton
of the State. Let them do it. Th Pro-habitionist.-
desire the prml g of voting
npn a prohibitory nmendnvnt. t th-m
gxt it, if they ran, from, the I r.iorrr.t-e
member f the L-egi-'lnture. The Ih -pubbean,
wht'ti int'ontrol of th Igi-!a-tfi-e.
gav th pM p nn opportunity f
Voting Mp-'U t' e rp.;ef j, ,n of prohibition,
and for tl,- thy tf defeated u ti-e en.
'img rh rt! n.
IIomt m Young Wife Cught oaM to ft
So, old Sorupetill U dead &t last,'
observed David, from the interior of his
evening pPr; ' oceans of money,
"What did ha do with it?' queried
Oh, left it hero and there," said
David; 4that scapegrace son gtts a
quarter of a million. If he doesn't
paint the town red, now, then Pia a
I should think,' mued Dora, soft
ly, as he helped herself to another
needleful of feilk. I should think that
an v body with a quart of vermilion might
paint a "town very red indeed."
And David was so astounded that he
put bis paper in the lire and laid afresh
stick of wood in the very center of the
plush -cove red table. Rockland Courier
The Faculty at Y'ale have unani
mously voted to have semi-annual in
stead of uunual examinations.
Powers's Opera House.
W. II. Powers, - - Manar.
Thursday and Friday Evenings,
Grand Dramatic Company,
In tho Greatest of all Modern Melodrama,
Will be irodnced by
Marie Prescott,
Chas. C. Maubury,
Charles Overton,
And a Powerful Supporting Cast.
Fopular Prices -73, 50, 3." and 23 cents. Re
served seats 75 cents at Hall'fe News Koom, com
mencing Tuesday Morning. Feb 17.
THURSDAY. Ft b.2f5th.-Lectnre, "Tho Tower of
London. (Illustrated whh S4 views.)
MONDAY, March 2d.-Reading9. EDNA CHAF
FE N011LE. (Detioit Training School.)
TUESDAY, March loth. Lecture: "The Terpe
tuiiy of Literary Enjoyments."
REV. E. L. REX FORD, D. D., Detroit.
FRIDAY, March 20th. Concert. Under direc
tion of MRS. E. S. N FILL.
THURSDAY. March 2th. l ecture: "A Day on
the Rhine." (Illustrated with 'JS view.)
Course Tickets, $1 00. Sinole Tickets, 25 Cts.
AT 4
Geo. A. Hall. A Co.'p. Arcade, and
E. S. Pierce, under Tower Clock.
8S25.00 I
Only ono Change of Care, via the
Chicago & West Michigan Railway.
Gen'l Paw. Agent.
General Manager.
Your Home Company.
CASH CAPITAL $100,000.
I. M. WESTON. Treasurer.
S. V. AMPIN WALL, rWretary.
E. (J. 1. HoLDhN. liberal Agent.
Jnlin IIrr,frnnn. A. R. Wfrn. Oorr W.
0f. Mnrtin Ij. Swe t, I. M. W'etnn. H. Wildi
CMnh. J.'W. ChsmpUin. I. A. HlmlfiTtt. Geo. C.
VviinKill. Jfph lIeM. Jatn Illair, Flwrd Y.
Kii.-lr. T. Stewart W!,iu. Grand Rapid"; A. J.
Hr'r., Ha.t inx; C T. Hill. Mnkegon: Kxl-n-Trl
lv.nfer, l'?rMt: Dwieht Cntlr. ()mnd
Il'it"n: IWry If v Trrre Citj O. E. (f rc
tenor. Jft!eTil!e; K. H. S kt kbrii itta, Kaiamaoo;
O. M. IUrn, Inin.
orricr. or.sMM.v iilock.
S f
r T ' -r
Piu'n. I - 5 hi i I it
d.;h.rrd t'h
'j M ; r h-.
1 n
! f r !
d a
hit '
!:c! r4 if f ;
- ii-, cv t , it
; f. f-r; If. j j ' f t
ttv.iT hi jf, h-.t
... i . r f , I r,., t? t- 'J n I.-;.
Th" I'.McT.n-sf !!: : . j Mt,
-it ? jr. ! o.l ed f n
, :-. i frv.d If !? r iM.-;(lt
Oil T flff V f ' ?T ? f ftM.
s- "jjiih iui mi m i
ff. ... Ar1 Cv ' Prd Wood
; - i v a i s rv , .r 4 si 4 r ; ;
1-2 OFF TO CLOSE 1-2
g Saturday Feb. 14
We shall inaugerate a Closing Out Sale of
Overcoats ! Overcoats !
On our front tables near the entrance we
have placed in four separate lots, our
entire stock of Overcoats.
11 11 2 - 11
" 4, - -
AT $4.00
Including .nil onr Finest Garments, selling in Season for 25 00. to35 00. Not hav
ing a full lino of sizes in each we decided to make this
This is a genuin'o closing out sale, you must remember we have no old stock,
(neither do wo want any) all our fifrckof cheap coats were closed out sorae time ago,
wo want to say tho samo of our finer ones, and tho prices put ujon them will enable
us to do so.
If in need of an Overcoat for next season it will not pay you to miss this great
This is no misrepresentation, tho best Overcoat in tho house goes for 13.50. In
Fur Beavers; Chinchillas, Meltons & Kerseys satin lined.
1-2 OFF 1-
Giant CSothin
fill ff'xM
We have beard of a man whose con
science was so tender that he put it aside
and did not uso it. If tho children's ttct
are so tender you need not put them
aside, but shoe them with genuine
SOLAR TIP shoes. Seven-eights of the
imitations will make
tender feet worse. Buy
no substitutes and you
will have no disappoint
ments, corns, or high
priced shoe bills.
SOLAR Tirana John Mtnulell X
Co. in the Traae Mark of every
g. e.
- 86 Monroe Street.
56 Ottawa Street,
Grand Rapids, Mich.
4 I1 f?NI:T r'-""rf lmr
Through which Collar, Cuffp. Shuts. rt(,
loTomp yellow nrid g t thnt grayich, or
dnrk std olorl hxk, aftr havng ln
laundril but a few tinifs,
is partly 1ija to net Imhc Un
nroperly wnphfMl find nT;4-!. BUT MOST
LY to the ext.r.ivf n:d rtsr.tiri'Kil of
ficil, ch'-ap alultr;.f4d rtc. Our
modo of laurnlr.ng i d?iT"r t;t fr--T7i thftt .
of nio-t nil othr-r, ?ii di d t in r-ii' h n
manner that the rf-irjtiin j rl'r
and whit whrjj t.""". ritl-r r i th
Any triors w--rr tith"nt' n !.-n 1ors
in th ordnury fd ) . :; . O ir c-o: k
is Mfty tiTif rr. a?.-. I .v;f rjrt. n i.:'ir
anteNl or'T V ro'r; ty
mil fif ond d-.vt r g - i fr'- .f rharg.
a.otu; IV p.
-,t f i ---? T'lt-. T 5 -, c, - g.
vf '- . n I- IV.-t , r-r r , j -. K.r r.5-
j 134 Monro St., Torttr Block.
Artistic Dress a mi Clrwik Making.
Ohas.D. Rose,
Office, 71 lA'Uis St. a mi 31 lvntt St.
v t"""TiA.tf ur nk li.r-r. lJ )uu will
Grand lipids & ivclkth.
Arrivn. 1 vi v
iiUi miiiiti A MwkiUai' i.i .J tiu J
It. Whvw l.s. l-l:. iii. :.?
GrttXkd ltid A ( Whiifcc Ac . .ii ra
CiliciEtiivtl 111 7'tn
Mbi-kiiiM' A iu-iiiiihli i'.x 4-i. j.m 4.:.' ii
Mut Liitic A It. hike i.x 1 . h.v. il L .ixi
C'liticA (iruiid liii-.A Ac l.iijm
Ail daii) if ;.i uL.ii.i.
hLi-tlINU L'AJi iUiNi.jV.JM..
l itj. Trii; iuu.g i.t -;. k. u.. i ir t'ij
ftr Trf nw n v,
NH'TU ;'lrkiXi I'VhVU4f at l'i Ia
rult bi-i'lu? i'ar Jv.r i itu a.iii.u.
'J'tjuu'ti tiikt-L (tvii li .tttt.iiird tt I r.iia
Ti. kft t:hon, ,Hruer MuLn' 1 ):. v.
Detroit, Grand Haven Milwaukee
A rri . J
MomhiK l'.ij rt 11 l ij u. 1. j.it
fj LnLurii Mhil j ni t JIj i ir
,fh!h.iiiuitt Lnrfs i-:u
tMixM 7.1 trt
.Nife'Lt llij'T-t l.l'J bin l:X u:
tHttifcbMt r.xin nr.
rl hrcUf.'ti Mui K' 1U Km 1 J j.u:
TUiiiiti !.xiih iitjiiu ; .i
Atlantic h.iir V 4: inu 1 4 i j il
tMixl, vith ciui ! ..! Kir!
l'at ii?f titkij.: U.f r 0 in. 1 xi !.- I..k
Ciw tXrfAliM tioll- Kf Uvk I -. f'Tl J.i;-il., t l 1 lit
l'tTit for N-w ioik, a.irii.' vi. it-it.-- . iu
tlia follow 'li-if jiiort.it
Mi't LXJ.W1 1 it. il hi, .!.: : (. I'm Uo.tU'
GihiitJ lti.j i. "
Tl.i i ti lin lunui';? A.U.i.ao J xj.'.t.
litviiit? Lt-n at l. 4'jj.. jil, vm .. .! u
I)-tro4t, makiui; iiiry t !. ' in-i..- J..i j..:-,r
Kat, arnLL ut ,Nt loik. '. j;. J. r ms. cnl
1'arW C-HTt; it umd tn.it.f- Ul. tv.-t iu..l v-tv
I'll train u;; .t J. .1 . o. ia ki
rouiiwtion W itii 3hl w HUk' Hniim-i r u....; .ijitj
'J'liriJiih 1ick-t MK'un! tt I)... 11... M. .lc
ili MorUa 11 ou f.i' k. J u : i-;.
1. 1'Ul'l i.K. t iii 1 a.. -. A. ..t
GLO. 11. 1LLK L, 'iiaii.o jiui-r,
4 )H J.Mi
Lako Shore & Michigan Southern.
Al t; t ,
Exrr 7 .- i . : ,
Mail : V..a;t
All tn.lr.fe uuv -z i.t Si.n l...
The tram l4-i ni nt 4 jii. :.rii-K t-- j-J W't.if
li)U with Atix.ne hJ" ', ,4 1.
vhicl; ha lJa-4 lM.i' l.
C'a.h from I hicij. to Jw- ii rk J (or
without cl.a!)t''.
Th Uhiu 1 nvin hi 7 ".i a. r::. ' f -! j
I'iMon (k'lviu oiit-h T)r (t .:;!.:.' wri: i-i.
IShw itrk Kxi'0i, !k:ii 1..;-.
Thrcaih fjrktt. ar-l U-r:h-
btret, iu.d Drj -ot.
All traa wui rur. h :i . J im w hcf
J. U. M J I..NM. i . , .VI A-i.
1 ; I
Michigan Central.
1 jitrt. A i ri i .
!Mnit Kx T f J,t i I'.'.".c i.i
la hxi-roc. i ;;i! M?wi t-,.
Atiaijtic lix... I'rJ'i in , 1 j,,,! t j
Wh 1 r'iclt . . fcT!t i d o J.;, i . i - i . j ... j n
I'Krlr ar attn i i,:t.-(
1'acibc Kiin. dHiI. iiai-.u. ti.M. tinijj-
A trail) l)'troit at 4 i. m.. x ; t Y...
tiny, with Drawii.iT li', mM 1 .-- i r rw 1r
(intiiil 1 Lti i !-. rtyu'liiiii! hrt- at ) i.'.' j.. u
linct aji.l pn'itjj t vhaii U:-it i: h i- i.j. ( i rwtt
Vtrn, (jr-aljJ i rur A .. ! "u?..'ia N'Ltin rti
trai&K, in harn ditht 1).-Tr'ii. tj u atoi.nt.c
' tranfr'r.
Th lVtroit Kxi'T-' vir. at iti a. c. tia h
iCK tlxjtt city at 11 A' a. n... , w m k Ij. a a. m
i aiii )i4t4n if 4 j.. m. ii t ih.
brth iijay .riK-unl ht I :.:, Jki-i
ornr Monro1 aul I :ta h'-n-;.. ki.i at L nio
J. T. K'Ul'LT. (m-u I At:?.. V7 M.r.r.a-St
Gi. V. Mvs.i. 1 i. k-t r ; !.(".:.
J. H. Haw 1 k l A !,, I
Chicago & West Michigan.
f Am,
("hicruro Fx ... ) ars: ! I; i t: m f,m
Mail arid l.x . I.'.r j it M t,:.. ) i 4 i T. j.ju
Ni:ht 1.x n . V-;:'. j n, 1 I' : i li .11 IK, j.-m
IKiJj. 11hi!j .; S-.-i .
I'motj Ij"t on ki,i,s-i!.
Through v.af ,- to ' ! i i I t Tr,n.V, rtl
t.l'K.m. tram. lLr. j v'j .r-,, . t.d t no
on J2 ! i. m train, li :.'. I " t V r an .).- j
tijsr-r an-1 i t a i' --. ,', v ; " . m. tram.
Txi'roa h-'. li'n ) lUio
lxirMi 4 J.' j .Mi 4f'jru
H.'lrl from Vt f- h- J ;-t.
7 h xjorthrr) it tt !' of t) i I)iiiorj U
1 la) twin, i.ti J.AI'.M.Kj.
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Michigan U Ohio Railroad.
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New Steain Dye Works,
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: removal!
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