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Grand Rapids morning telegram. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 188?-18??, April 27, 1885, Image 4

Image and text provided by Central Michigan University, Clark Historical Library

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Murmur I W-iTi'iuii
job 1'iti.N i iv.
Tha- 1 IU-BwB B) auOJ pTwyajW Wo
ul BlBaJa d jufi) OfaPaPhJ Bltii liafcNI
in oBor oaf ntMMi t ma Ti
rictriy rtaafBJ w4 yWT a
twr i BVp 'AM ftp V
r u mlmbtKtum aaiaawf m Ml.
Tha tot Ai Circulation of the ' PJorn
A TtKrim' tap waa waa Id, 9 7.
TKi morAtnf'i apptipn co4an 3, 1 00
M4tnr frVadtct.ooa.
a -fUWN
. t i . ... JU& NorUi
nrU pHUtd bO.
oeliti . ;. ( 'uuiatub
, t Jw: ri.Wl j fUi.
f tw treot tor pwVHfc.
aad br liitt ar IB Sew
hapB uUi blttc Iti in
I l . -r. t .-.! x,t
th rwiJrcr ja Henry
m r
art M W
r. w.
Jaaa. wtf '
r fU ru-
ueo la riihfIBg tM
. i ..1 icert to b
t . UM t' bat
i I hr- wa arraatod in Ihi aiay
Btarda.t ad taken U Muaktvu n?wer
to tha riiarv of Ureru
' ,t H. r't will b piroa for tha
Via ilt- " Mm nuu ttllr mmm cum ia
TW HiMh lit ''! nni ii ti fi ritril the Urmxu
. - t t aoure I V to ill a
if baae bail t the Fair Orouu swtt
lb Water waa raefurw JoaUoe W eetf all.
flafnntaj rh inrnl with emi. ctuldrwa
l ' a 0M
Mi atU awWbrwte tha aurty
iu!.nt .f
011 in the
Robe it Hr-.wD. of SU North lunta trwt.
h mm rvcwutly JjorhargHl from the
r . . i n, u fttfmiu io.taa and ww
titfteu to iftil turdy CUfc-ht.
(Wr.iv Inrfc. VftO a few weok arfo do
OB rWu Ll4XM hLatit Hi thi Otty , hf beeu
bmrtl from id Sob Fraocioeo. Lixov in
with her t.rate at SaaJ Lakft
H 4i H r -uder K. reeuwitive from
i. oon Hiuty in the Ilatare. uxU Mr
. . - :.. I j :. rie City, Uw tfUentA
f Mr and lr. W. B. Lorolnoa.
id Street Metb.xnt
unteJ to lir.. and
ti; the chore h.
damainntf a nil oat
ap Sherman atrawt
aaaii.-t the
w Hokumb
Jwahorgrd by J
la M M
oty on H m
ifbiP f-nter
4tule t,ri ri
(jatd vrit f
a yoar.
Thn are
ran ftum try
t the i
Hre t, i.
0 fflAfiy Ul
aWv. S. H
tbe Ar.tu.n
tsaj. "Taw
itidiiii. an
akel to hoc
O I.'.-. i
with '.
tvi utm jmt oatnide of the
. ,rr ei, rsfiSfOl Hatf "ir
Hi hou-e Friday nuht nnd
kind he ha rror-ttd withiu
w 7JI telephones in oj us
:. r i:.-t : t-
rVioe t.U iUrW. -tr'
aaaooa and Ij ut-
my with the not work made b)
bl if fi.mun. prrhed v
r l'rby terian ch urb hhu.
BWO for :LUe Um- ::. WB
t te to hold a meeting th;
. - 'Tweeted that he will be
toawr poator permanently.
who m thommrhly familuir
a a- that the demand
C froiu .'hioawo ano other
mu m lJt MaOBBjatft bav
r rbly dnnnir Iftet ek wi
r if Iry lumber are frm.
w$" oxeoifUl'.
path if i hoaln b witn riiUif
U" ' 1 Manutacturw ButJif Material
Another to Mik L?tle Wions
TaoraiMi Kapoia MaMfaataraaw mi afaild
'''mpn flle. Artu'l. ..f i t- ,n
t,- 1 IMBftt) ; t. ; '., (tte iM, lt..
t, U l V - I -o, V ,fcr
New. ! H KiM,: .,r.l. I H.
er. W ! Herne. Wijon H.-.i-.
r i' ' -""i; any will uinti-
tro aailaHofT aaatenal. ami will do aoav
or ' aaaaMal in the way of bftfkttacaml
Maaafl aowae rvl other t nirtnriw.
a Priavily Bxprem Warin nd Sleigh
. ' -iwi.it k n f r
a M i'-,.tiT. a. H.
Sidney K -rarne.
Caaa M (eaev SI.
K J'Maawoa ami f M. PijaaHaf.
a -
tit the ramody wjoaaaaae -rf the pvrt
two aMieoaa. Hktprwd br hV Lajfit of the
JaVwa' taavM ae aawaeded a the 'wt and
av-t mt ftaukat y famnciaily aad arti ayaaUy.
fet J (hiarlay. and tha aaaaa
wrwlrowt nwipaay that awtwr-d with them
whea the piay had inatfjr awjataia N-w
fort. wi aaawwr at rwr nort Pmiay
ad Palai da araaaap and at a iafda
ajgr w ncrniBti at Hail .
Too p
A (hjaBaaawBwS of taw Hafwatteai Araay was
oarMtep r ' ttBwaj aftraaft yaatarday fore
awi, aad m wba wBarws 'lanaa Low
wwewt Chjaitut" was at tte hitfhswt trsin. a
rteaaaf th abb aaA pa way aad rh
. fv Ps aabBwr waraaahaed awt of
oi withoap aay esr cart Sr"1
ajuiii wMh TWe a load
i Po.C 0ttcf Arrt Wni -s '
H ! ft" 4imp4 to EaCBpO,
1 tl
f r
tfte rea Lntrt of L aaa
ft. Bvifaf aftaafaV ' -tie., a&bd
wsawd diaft of aW aV aat.
Waaa aatd aaoaii rf.a Tha aaTair way at
ai aaada kaiem u tiultaa daaojrkai i.
and tn hardaMotd yau of fakir 4m"'
abuoft taw daat of tha AttJ faou tftau
ta ply fJkfjt hvtu enured oii i
it bwoftcaw known lb ..
attin' Pataatt and VVi4aar. aad uanr
acre tb-el Oy irlior
hahwf mat tay wouid ai r
ara to that uy . Wdaoaday aaorn
foot al ti ir haaa hare at onanataairnre i
- r ' i -e r . ir, a vr
rant w be laaad tor the nrroot of Bart.
1 he warrant ehartid kuti with iuuliiDw in
palatum of the my ordinance. a Halar
L faftroiman Herman Seoby . who waa
perforUBtttf rwtxf duty, infortued tilef
Ferry he waa .uite certain be Ud eeti
Hart enter a BOwau upon Month (JvialM
ircH, j tat beyond the intjraecticHi of
Voiltb aveuuw. Mr. ferry IbeU ofdervd
PaarOiioaa !oby u.d LNrpu'.y M.eriff C'hae.
Moran, who hae, aurin the tllne of hi
father, ben working with the detective
r j. , i t tb- polit-- department, to try to
dad Hart nd imike Uie arrant. Hie two
oaaOer- tfien -di-ted iu tlie direction 1 the
hoqe wbere Mr. Sonby bad lately mmu Hart.
1 hey were paaia4 t.'te k.damazoo Houe ou
Hoath LbvMiou -treet. when they uotu 1
tWu tueli - Hid -t tf.e opptjnitr -treet
onier ruard Hi t con vernation.
( Ue Of t.'e' tfie reOnie.i
a the man Hart. Ihey arretted him
and at Hart - roajaaat allowed hint Id walk
.in retrained tetwen liataft, tnU nl- .irted
in round about way to hendtju irtt-r-. At
the corner of Ionia and Lyon -treeb. H;irt.
by a qoiek movement, got away from the
ofaVeors turned and ran up l.yon street U
ward Lhvi?toa. the othce punsutug Seeing
ha waa getting the better of them in the
rnoe each officer drew ail WjaoHai tnd tired,
u- they inptaieed. one m the air and the
other in the ground. Hurt ran north on
LhvtMon 4treri and ih' ottior- here mi-eil
him. Deteotire Moran Wetit Is polnv head
quarter, reported the affair to Superintend
ent I'erry and t ft-r ward to Detective ;wt.
Th? two detective- then aaked Mr. Ferry's
advioe nboiit - ring rig to drive to th
D.. i H. t ML Junction, thinking Hart
might uaae good hu escape by that way .
Veatrrda morning the fact wa made known
that Hart hid been seriously wounded by a
bullet tired from a revolver in the hands of
Mther ffi r Seoby or Moran, and that he
war lying in a critical condition it the home
of Maurice Houseman. A repn-entati f
Tbk TaxaiiaaM vnited the home of Mr.
Hooaetnan, 'JO Waverlv Flaoe, last evening,
md found Hart re-ting as comfortably as a
man can with a bullet buried de-ply in his
fleeh. iKartors Wood and llfirtfi were in nt
tendance. and reirtl that the crmce-i v rt
not the mot favorable for Hart recovery.
The bullet entered the Ixidy Ut-nr the spinal
column in the lower portion of the back, and
lodged in th .thdomeu. The diM'tor proliwd
the wound several times and located the
ball, hot were unable to extricate it yester
day. Maurice Uooaeman aid that about 9
o'chick Saturday evening H.irt c.ime U hi
house. entered the hall panting ind almoet
br. ath'esr. 1 Mw he wft about to fall to tin
floor and gra-ped him in my arm . Hart
aid he "done up." I askel him what
wh the matter and h? id the otflcers ha I
arretted rum, he luui broken away from them
and was -hot. I then heipd him to a lei
and -ent for a physwian. I then Oli . . I
law wound myaatf and also his clothing. I
fotmd two ballot holes through his coat, one
of them, 1 trunk, waa made by the ball which
entered the body and the Other ball mot
har passed very Mo-e to bin. He has booa
'omewhat deJiriou during the day and doe
not eem to recollact much iwaitaaililij lha
lap Jl atteiu4 to attapa and th -hoot
baj. H- trunks two or thr h'tv were fire.l
' v r an 1 -a; - r r -t mibieil and f-ll
on the sidewalk while running by the Church
of Christ on l.yon street: that he regameii
his touting, ran north on Division street,
turned off aud by a circuituou- route ran
very tep of the way to rny tionse.
The repjrter next went to police head
, la-V -. - r. he foui.-l Ih-J Ut) Sheriff
Moran, from wtnrn he received the fol
lowing account of the affair: Saturday even
ing I ayajg in-'tractel by Bajpyiiadattdi nt Ferr j
t' Mwompany Fatroimao Herman Sroby u.
rtfort t find and irrft MTaft Hart. Mr.
Seoby and wyelf tarted oat, and while Wi'
wara watkincr down South Drriakai Kraat,
mid w-rv just in front of the Kalatnay.
Hoase. w- aw two men conv.-riar; upm
the opposite coiner. Mr. Scby -a-d. "'I
think that'- Hart over there." pointing 0i
the JirectiqD of the mn. W passed aiou,;
I m i irti -trest to the t.rvt o .river, rn o -
ar .
want as to taas
L aa tha bnv wo1
doVa. North I
we wwAfte"
to rowftflk and
W had Jna ronn.te, tn-
trewt wn Hsrt naiel
-y ani i
tartad m
and .hsn
my rweorv' -
my ptisk d ne 4 t atO
hina, op at fnphtea Mtn. Snoa after ( fli
Patroiai an cT. who was a rod or -aaNaaii
n nm iap aWji
affy aeroaa l.yon atraet toward tha nor
aad araer of I wa aad North Dtrbaoo
bd tail see him frnahfo appostte h Can
of rurtat. Mr. floors aad I f odow al I
riraa dtetare aorth oa Dnava 'sae. m
of Mw. I wVa wrai so p
aad trfo-rr.rtd thorn of alaV
at ; i . avj ajaaaaad
Patmknsr Hiaaiapj aaubj was nsr .
Hb roaatfts ho ftawaaay arpewr aad eaeap
Hart daawt word w wwrt as PV '
way that whsa ho dbpar hps rowof rr hs dr
: S - -rsnd
A Lactora aa thw tkiOyact Voataeday
AMernon Ow t. V Mg-UQfl
Thara Pa a arg Lajgpjapajpa i u s
ita givea by L v Mvukw at to Jdettv
. lla. jvaisiOaU aXWi-tauvM:. U-c -Ol.
ya i-eiud Maulluu Ui Ft ou Frcaaaav
Iter ifii inr dwt for wjaa tiane oa ttw
caw, uf ta triwoQafl of taw Koaaaw aaapua,
cm. mi ug ut m nttyahvi m uft a aaap ob
ia awaii. aai a ttm ftiulai utto- aaaat
i aoaaa.t uv oi ii i ar 1 o uau4
uaiigaUi pj x vtate aia Jit Bte ifiaal
ajbpll of aha worhl. hirrl- ry , mt that he may
tltxr t tjc nif, A oi iUXalK4t IB aafe Water.
are in iuieal daaaaadanu of n V iwnt ho
lUu -.141 ion. and the bort gUivJe that ae
cwn et im t IXi Iter tut - r v '. . r fall of the
kwuii empire, wtucn now a that the
h.otL,ju were at vMie Uum like teadt-ra of
the world in agrtcuitare aad art.
and -out of the hu-l Hwcuuais of art at
tbc lreant ty are tboee hanOrU doW from
ttte htnaBr. r.at m the caBM of lhU
downfah' Not theu povert. . but Hieir
mili. -t.i.'l. tia- been Itic ol Iht
downfall of all ancient citiliAed uaUoas.
live ri-h had no need for eUTting them
awlvw aad Maighl only plea.-i atalet.he
pM. beA'Aiii -!..ttir.-- v- t'.r -v I-
ward for the Use of their euergu. Thru
catue wtiat l.- known m tunr) a the a.ak
i'e Mr M - iilon thei. -i ike oU the rvo
Uon ! vuviiixaUou trou. iiu -avage or nat
Ural ?tale u the feudal or arim-ciwlued.
and ti.ence to tlie CiV.liAed state .l the pres
eut. I tie lecture an- !i-tened to very attentive
1) throughout, and ..uite a number of our
Wealthy c;t!i-n- t-r, .:: the audleUCe. 1 he
lectures r. t- t .ntmued r Sunday
atterutiou at ' o'clock.
A Coot Rid.; on the Steamr Barrett"
About one hundred and fifty people all
but ten of thelu were liieU and Imyr. aent
down tin- river yeaterday, ou the first eicur
sioii of tl reason. on the -teimer "Barrett."
It waa a beautiful afternoon, but the air MM
a little too cool to make the trip idtoK'itlier
aajojahJau A -trong southwtst wind made
the down trip rather unplea-ant. 1 he boat
ran down to the clay banks about four miles
lielow J nisonville, and the return trip,
though a little slower wai more enjoy able ou
aceouht uf the wind leing for tin- mo-t part
from tie rear. 1 he country a- -eeti trom
the river lias a ery dreary appearance. The
buds have started but very little, and very
ft w pajahai Ol greeu grars are to be e'n on
t!i- liottom laud-, whicn were recently cov
ered with water. Many people were -eeti in
row boat-. -om -imply out for a ride, while
othl rs were trying their luck with the hook
and line. Going down, the scow "Dr. Han
ly " loaded with wood from Ka-tnianrille.
waii met at the Lake Shore btUpP. With
warmer weather these excur-ions undoubt
edly will be popular, if properly managed.
; A good view of the city is obtained from the
river at a point opposite Eagle Mills.
I miei St atks. Alono l'utnam v-j. Fred
F. l ay lor. motion for new trial: order that
all proceedings be stayed.
ClBcriT. In the matter of the estate of
Jeremiah Grady , deceased. Appeal of Fat
riek 0 Grady at al. V peal from Probata
Court. Trial resunn d. Adjourned to Mou
day. Win. Qifford at al. vs. John R.
Davis. Garnishee of Mas Sj. ingeiibt rg,
. garni hment. ( m trial.
StTKKioa. Fetipie v. Win. Van iiobling.
Kmliezlement. Withdraws plea of not
guilty and bouudover to appaai when railed
for in the sum nfMQDL Anna FobsoDierat,
complainant v-. QoOTga Feh-eiifehlt. In
chancery. Decree of divorce granted com
phuuaut. ' Pimu vi K-tate of John Fji gel. deceased
Bpooial admim-t r ator'- tina! ai-count Uad
and allowed. Ordar appoiBtinfl Ida EayaJ
general administnitrix. Boodnlod and let
Ian isued. K-tate of Jo-eph F. Hird.
d'Hvased. Administrator's tond fllad and
U tters issued to Curti- Huck. E-tate of
Eliza Woodward, decea-ed. irder emiow
arTBB executrix to pay the iagaai of Cornelia
A. Oorheis. E-t ate of lsvi Curran, de
ceased. Bond and oath on sale of real
-tate Bad.
Ponicr. Thos. (tillian. Drunk and di
orderly. Committed '. day - in jail.
Th3 Comedians.
Me-sr-. K'b.-on A Crane are very favor -!
ably known to a larrc nninber of theat r
coer in (Jrand Kapids, and their annual
vfedl means a lacked honse and a "fat take"
at tln box office. Tliose who intend toata
then, in "Ch.-rub-" at 1'owfrs'a Ui-murrow
night should :'and nave their seats -ec I
at B llF new-tand. "Cherub ." their haw
play, l aid to be -upremely funny, and
cive tha "jitara" -uch opportunities a- make
perform r c ; rons f i i
fovernor M' l.ane. of Maryland, eertifiri
publiclfl that from personal aaperience, h
'i-. e- tiM eOdor-.-riii nt to Red Star Cooyfa
"'ire i- a afe pnmipt. -nre rem -d
Tha Grand Rapid" S-wer Pipe and I:
inn Sgale Co.. offire 46rVmth Divinioti
-trtj have jut fim-hed a ridewalkfor
-J .hnfcrtaeh. 117 Mt rnon trc
For a clean bath o to the Arcade Itatti
i Rooms.
Trade i Pretty Good.
Ve had to ngnge another cutter in oor
merohan? tailoring ! partment. not wiming
! to kill the one wr have with too much work.
the sales on the " worsted uita and fT.-j'
' pan ta mail. ' b-r has Ik en o great that
we ar- now taking order for niib U ba d
, Urarod in two we-k -.
Sria Ol Tniv tlorjaa.
Mineral and Plain Rath at the Arcade
Rath Rorm.
1-4 Oft Until May .
i . w England Furniture ComjaBj
1 -aH at one-.
Five hath for 1
Arcade Bath Room-.
The rheops pla. t. bay garatah seed in
b at irMn'. Monroe street.
The finest aaaoftrnent nt hnpwiaa, phwtnn.
urrsys are! -pring wagons in the cit a;
,.rn for the Summer Season.
? nar Rao.. IT Bo, Ihriion.
4 O Unt.' May I.
Entrlarsl Firnitnr Coanpay (
New Goods tor this Week
We ban ja t ie,-;oi aiti liase! u isu xiuii
ier, aa wteftaal aaauftatMOi of frraucft lajppaal
-.t- ' : :.,; i- !
to UlaUMi.
Oviaoli Ali-aooi ( aMUiiueru. Ikrk, luM.
M . i
npapJI ol SatUt Berber. u- iW
tuiet Null lif. bitt mtuUkU.
biMk.lt .i:u.- u- iil t.ruit4iiuiii .JiatK
hlA'k Br.Hwi ."(Ul nit joL
V aaataj bj H. Nadu Kliailnana, "all
tir-at Htooun in iiUjk and 1 'iluel Un-
raiii Mtk-
J.. !..:. l-.r Ituoda ! hntcle l-i it o
freh -t nain-nl .-f ... klid tlm defcUflli- ill
1 U klsh l'owwkal PV. Worth H e
Shaw Knit Hosiery.
A tall aort ui etn t .s.i!iitow ht.n hint Half
t Kir lr lilr and Silk Ntok haH ti-ii
. - adpwi to, and we uoite spi'tial in-
aaaatiaa -f tti.- :.!.
atdoasa Men - Wliitel'ulaumlried St.-.rt. al .
I'lieWp at iSc
Brarytttina strictly ae repnnent.L
NtH'fei Wlieu ad ri i -.-.i bj us are
clor..l out hi uiH-e withdraw our aJsaHBW
Boston Store.
i 'nr. Monroe I iviion St.
Our Special Ellort is the
2,000 PER MONTH,
A Number exceeded b but f w I)ruK' Store
ill the Dattad Stnb-s.
i Meet llriUH and Mtolicims used. Our
prioM ).re mot ten te. Every prerantion tuhipted
apaiBwl errors.
We forward jireei-ri prions hyexprws to travel.
inpaMaaad person uviap oat af the city, the
hmiii" day the nM reaches nn.
Our IV'fMTi.ion lrurri-t devote his entire
time to .r-rcri.ti-iii work, and if not n - ii- -inun
in th stop-.
WeaoUeit a share of the public patronaire on
the I .-rn af "nr work.
A W N I n a s
(1 . ( n n i; i rus. - MICH.
laaaaaaaasaa ami
and Ieler in
And full Stork af !
Stripes and Ducks
on kaad.
Send for
Samuis and Prices
Building Stone (
Mnnfrtur'- ..f
Artificial Stone,
Sidewalks, Etc.
45 South Division Street
ill it OMM . fill
if f ;. t N I.
STORE, ill
waaafl MHftar 3 aaaw
If LC QlhRt
htanul .
Grand Kapids Refrigerator G
l uJTT Law - L,.
M. ISHb. lS.
VO0( h i iA tl-Mh iSDi VTMY,
Best Refrigerator in the World
II.. .Uj1r N.Hfht for la of, . ' Mr-
tel. lfu . f It., kir in l: . ii r 1 1 .i . ..t-i
la. cuarantei .-..r ttefi ierh.r d.h m wtt. 1
l n-uiaiiii nrv -i link i I
aaiteteoaaMwv thsloa m ki i umt fu.-
ener. .Old irtet, tlt BM lW ClBAMUWBaa.
A ltefriratoi vaiob oaa pot lie cUwnd .nii
t..a.. rnilatn r iaokwd ui breehi Tla
vovile l in lift riae!!' re letie . atile.
Baying a aud nofrnteratui ia hk imr,ten
ifiHtal rllOe. Jl runill f"! ItHrJf in I he fuel
i ! ' II f-orUld Itn -inJ.rU ll I.fovlJrw.
t$ .Won rot St i f t.
j y .
( ( f )( ( S.
t ' L llCa?8
It will ino oii tn call at Hie
U I nn Ol
W6W TOfK 99d OlOfe
New Aldrich Block,
and iiiBjM-t the larne i.nd ar i-1 aiwsirtmeut of
i IimkI- juM iil-llil
New Goods are i.rnviny iatl slach are
mat ki d at the ery iowst hnin. Visit 'I i
mtablishineiit i! is for yiair PaatwBl BO baj absB
you nui buy tha ehaaaaati
Vou can save monej .-.t time at the
New York 99c. Store,
76 Ottawa Strc :
New Aldrich Block.
i wo noons i ko.v monkok st
No 5 North Division St.
Si : n H h 8,
Itrtreat and tinet asortnient n the i?.
Iri""e beyaad Mnpetitioa. nteaal dteouoaf m
juantitus to rlnl- -irder h mail prom Ml j
if llHnmi.Tk- full Weieht bill LoBfti
Mexican UraM R and LPV
Ameiican Loan Oflice.
'atuti Oaxt.
. t
1 ii
ia ui v P
Iron Ma- al i
I aj "
Thj a ov cl
ar I 'ifV I i
an. Uates: Pai
PHT'T!. On I T
it t t r.
and A I an
- Hoik" All
V t
Nick'-l. Alar
: baa
American L;m I office,
h-miono1-. Wftt. , JoTAi-irv.
atnl all artn" of VtthM
Positivey the finest Assortment
' i I t SS ( 14 -i H 1
Strips in Silks and Satins.
Stripes in Matched Wk1
HrtK-ades in Silk
Everything else in Ladiee aud KhwO Jorasf Waiata
All tin ptylinil ipftttg Mum If nA) i W rn lenibnntlfitHi Sliawlp
ami Marf. Novs Man It's aud 1.
Be litre :t i m 1 see n Jerse) &
Merchant Tailoring !
Our Low Prices and Elegant W rK are keeping us
very busy in tin DepMro W : wUk
in saying that we do at good, if not belter
wTork than any hoi. I be i -1 v
eliable Ready -
-A.t XjOat
In nil sizes
Is the name of our new Kid (Hove for QenUatxieo,
All the new shades. EvTy Pair Warrant-Hi.
Call and have your UiA s Qttad by
our nwr method. We sell
"The Silver Unlaundried Shrit.
The besi shirl ever in;il' for 7
Some'er Ties and some 'er Scarls. A t'uU line of
-:-T H &-CLOS E P R 1 C E D :
Formerly at 31 Monroe Stn el
6 Beet Shirts mad" Id OUA I
Buy no more ready njai
- ana S..:.-
ui Man hi d V r Goods
Made Clothing
for all ajros.
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