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tt II --NUMBER 101.
Grand Rapids
Kowxarorr faprMMd Disgust At te
C. a.maof British Hurrying
trie Cadet and Mannee
Immw he (HM4 hfsraaBnr, twenty
nadwa 'Utn af Tm)d-e., on Ik Mntn
Mnw to SB ft of PmjJU, alwej at
United great m. rUniO ID MsrnaBBl The
SYxfTirtitr-' alee received from l lrpul, under
:i, a iiniraiT tatiug that ou
aha dar" nmw to the bettht on Kuan, river
K ,, . -.-. ord la in. Caer thai then
JBJ til. liolbl . point oCCUpled
hf Ml Afgnnn. vim in K"uaia ternur
Tan mft also ii;rt9wtl Jiwut at the
mm n ih ouutrai
IfcMft of mciling the Afghan to
ii uldeU trie ! Of
m lira ea plainly vtetble in the
Em -i.
eoohu 1 -im t-i'.ii Willi which the Af
pJhBBe ami taruit to treat the RuiAil office r.
Ruii Decline to Yield.
Uan-a, Vpni J It lit learned that le
(jOBOn. Kuian r .u.n.Uer very re
omit I) pcotd truu the Imperial Council of
I nana huakl m.ile uch diarat eonoosion
M would r.:. gland honorably to
Uuiandtt, and thu avert war for
the preaent. 1 '- ,rpel ffU rejected, an
h'e Uwu al! f Dm Iner t endeavor to cuu
irut the war party.
Tkw Rhrv to Command th Cruiacrt
, , rh .t.'t tni tmv-
received order tu prepare to join the ofwww
of lk hip now Dttin out for active wr
Aoer of the naval rwaerve, who
hava bwao -erviu in th men-hant marine
rut - heao akel to take oouiinand of the
hn 4 tied at t the ifoveruuieut a
er liner.
About Taktnfr, Troopa from Ireland.
L. , s s It it hUUh! that rirl
lird Lteotenant of Ireland, wan
eatnmoned to attend uda cabinet ooou
: !iitni-ter im.'ht Nn-u;t
u the subject of reduiMU the Irtth
.. i- o! ir
Murrymg the Cadets.
!. i i.v v r-ler hav-Ie.n n'tvt-n
irtrii the term of Mtndy of the adviuiivd
eaaeawM of cadet at the artillery choul., tu
ird. r that the 'nurf uieU Uia join the
butlertet now rfettm reatfy for ervioe.'
Gladstone Praised in Germany.
Hai.iM. April . -4ild.U)ne' speech in
iht-H. uf f Common la.t niifht en Cie
v it- ,if rrmlit d highly priuaed by the ller-
u. pre, both for it- conservatism and
Getting the Hospitals Ready.
i!. April The military hopitaU
at TlaUaand Baku are wmtf rapidly prepared
. ..ii .f it rit-.
The Marine Mat Hustle.
Ij)i. Vpnl ."M. The marines at Suakim
i - i. :. r-l .- thf utui.H'. ha-tte
lu prepar;;... . tnat t.kUiu.
- a
Sound for Italy.
Nw Y hk. pnl Minnter KiHey. to
Italy . waa interviewed here laet eraning rela
Bwe to the ailetretl rhanjfe of In appoint
nii-ut. H- nd that all ranir of a ch.iot'
re aatrno, und that he a" no reason why
ne 4honid not start to Italy in a frw dry.
-sed ktevelf a think that what
ri- ...I ..r believed - i : 'iv i'(. ifMlivninji!
eoold hav no effect oa hi official action a
the r. ' : I :ii'si S'vt-) fciv
anaaent in Ital .
Contrary to the Above. .
. s, V; - m BMMiBr )f Stit'
Bayard, to-aiifht, in an interview, stated
th,i M K.-iley, of Kirhmond. Va.. had
ned the Italian mawioaj. Whether
Keiley wouhl he aMeined to another foreign
un-s on, l- Rayard refused t say.
A So'? for Slander.
DwrraoiT. April -The trial of the snit
libel : - mrfhl 'U-iiiisf P B.
Ihokeraoa & Ok, f iVtmit, for 'A.OOO
.s hy J oka 8. Willey. proprietor of
tka Maaaiard publishing booee. of New
1 n'Hfi tn the I nite.1 Httet Cir
enit Conrt tkal morniruj. There u no di.
piite akoaa tl mmt of the aliened
hhel by Jalarienrs. I !-:.-arion : plead
m I ft Dwakeeawa is .-harmed with telhna
- : the pablishinjj house men
i..r...i v. i.d 4windis i Bamber of
i . ;-d i-ing letter in proof of hi
vr r.ioo. Hotne of these letter ar rlaimei
to ' f hiifhiy lihelon natnre. It is x
e se ;' v. r 1 Week.
There rn twenty Ave witneeiee to be ex-
1 thI the same nnndter of depositions
to be read.
The French at Panama.
I m pril speenal frni
Kr-nrh inrlrienre ie snpreme
The Fr-nrT people living nt Panama
fiat mm proteet fnro Pan ransed the
'u mM
rwei jrio Defeated.
Ooirvti' 4 1 1 x i r : The Senate rmv-
m. '-.-J ri :nv-st.irf ition .f a
aaaaariai aaaadal. n which Senator Payne
r. e'-'e.l n 'he Honse o
day by ve of 46 to 1A Rfforte were
... .,,( i,. -.-. s-M-iro-i;u uid : r-v
iso ile-
Pendleton 0ned
Nr ?.m - V Pnrer .. 'ender
.1 ,. H ajl BjMj t lelmonieo
fkaweweatkajr by eeakaaaa dk,n mrindinn
' 'Sti.l 'trendorr
.' x i ok- antl
Coal Scarce in St. Petersburg.
r'w-wweeruM, prl JrV TeeJ in et
traaaaiy eaiee here, and bring fabaloae
4 v.s eer
M war ofaee Meoday from RoeaaraaT.
The Rnwi sailor ha hynn to iaeata
hi , , . Vih1 n uiie f -Wir
Mother and Cb'd Drowned
, ir, len! Tie wife
id tnnghrer -vf H. C Swffka wre iowned
i a etotwam to Jay The noSher aw tka
, it... ie -tm n atawmaSasg
Crucc G-i"i EvK -j
rxeratti. pril M A aumher of Kmpv
ana aad aarpwrhw which formei part af
n -w
ill qal PtNs.oNs pa b
ConurnMioncr rilac Finda trial ruJ
Mae Been CV'iinii!eJ.
v taauaoroB, April A. - in ounvtrsaUui
itn rwmmi I r tuJi tlua aJWnoon. a
rrwuUU of UiO I xuted fro in
met he hoe uwul ordr directing
lUittm of pajuient from i be fttuia
PmwIuU Agenc) of Ltifl pension, til
origin recipient of vCtich nave been 1 J
LU - .ii..: 1
of WhutU
r rishTBBB
mow Um
I I,- ( i .in
i 171, but the namce
ili Uie fill-, n.l U,e
tu b olhrr latrwon
the original recipient.
w u. of M-ven pruetHaf Wkieh t rertuit
nl la widow a Tbc pculotiera, it ha
. i i-c. t ti(i.-d. uotwiUiotandui their re
UAnrnafe. have . . . d to on
awfwJ years ..el. CoUiUiierlouer Black
haa laid theee matter before the VlUrur
truer til, ud reoaeettal him to take tepa to
boudemeu. the uui Unlawfully disbursed.
1 he Bgurea to be laeUed at the uluU
thc on May 1, it la said, will ahow the j
work of the bureau durin the paat moutu,
to have been coiiidrabl greater than Uiat
of uy previoua monthm iu history.
Dedication at Chicago ot the New
Board ot Trade Budding.
Chi. iimi, V j, rit if. TLi afteruoou tiio '
member of the Board of Trade abandoned
their old huilding for one of the hnont struc
ture rvtr ereted in this country for com
mercial purpoaei. At the clone of the after
uoou call the tuember formed in line, headed
hy the gray ha red veteran, and liatn
wert- dotTed and liandi joined in hand- ,
a all united in singing "Auld lingSyne. '
VJdreaaea were then made b) M iyor
Harrtsjn. Keene. the actor, aud Cougreee
man lhiuham. Then "(hjod bye, sweet
heart,'1 waa sung. The band played a dirge
aid the prooeealou moved around the door,
thence to the -treet. Many of the older
menders were visibly affected as they left
the nuarter which had known them long.
hen the door of the new building was ,
reached tneail-rrs i'aiu formed iu a circle
vnd "Home, sweet home" and other patriotic
song were rendered.
A Mob Denounce the New Board of
Trade Building.
Cknt'Auo, Aprils. An advertisement-' in
in evening paiT to-day annouuccsl that
to uitfht the workmen of this city would
elehrate the dedication of the new Bond of
Trade huildrug. Pursuant to the cad about
J' Socialists held a meeting ou Market
Siuare at o clcak this evening. The
p iaer denounced the New ltard of T rade
building a "The grand temple of u-iiry,
guiublmg and cut-throatism," -aying it had
ta-en paid for out of the earnings of the
workmen. At I o'clock a procession wa
Conned, headed hy two women, oue tearing
a black and the other a red dag. When with
in a block of the new Board of Trade, they
were met by a s.uad of one hundred police,
who bad been stationed there and at all
corner of die s.iunre to prevent a neurer
apprOeek, 1 he ptOOJakkai then march d t
the corner of Washinghiu street and Fifth
avenue, where an indignation meeting was
held and the mob disred.
" -
The Troops m the Northwest.
IfHBfMk April Wk The thirty transport
wagons which took the wrong trail from j
Huniholdt to Batouche, have been reacued I
by Bon 1 toll's couls. There is a rumor that
the steamer Northeote." with supplies for
lien. Middleton, is agrouud.
The total force now in the Northwe-t t-r
ntory is over .. men and about 'J.HIMl
Viiirvi,- Siiiits rei, i.-t I'M ri-lels cii c-i . 1 1 ,, ii
three nule- north in a ravine similar to tn it j
it flak creek. ! ka wounded are doing well, j
except Lieut. Swinford. who must die. j
Keltels are fortified V Kitourt.e.
The Strike at Johet.
Joljkt, ll!., April 2. The conference be
tween the stone compauie and the striking
loarrymeu, to day . terminated m a failure
Uj agree, the men refusing to accent le than
fl.T.'i per day for the rest of the fleasou, and
', . aoni mies refu.-iug ti pay more than
f the companies gave the men until
asm M -nd.iy morning to return to work at
their i rii"e. The men say they will not allow
-.;. I.- o worfe tlii ifU-T the 1 ,i Iliollt -trike
is settled, and then will go to work for what
is agreed upon there.
S'osson Wins.
New York. April 'J. There was an excel
lent attendance at Irving Hall to-night,
when reorge 1. Moou and Joseph DatWJ
played the etgh : .n, i toe U inch balk
line tournament. .so-v,n made eicellent
runs of j. it. t. :.l. id and It-s. tinally
beating h.- ',:'.,' ui . poiuu. The
aasas was btoaaaa, lareet run. IP;
average. ".! -ll. Ihon, VM: largest run, M;
average. ." -'1 .
Levees Breaking Away.
Lim a Roa. Ark.. April 2H. The levee
aa reportexl breaking al! along the lower
Arkanaas levee, and many valuable laTtM
rv being inundated. The nih of the water
will cause an overdow in many other ptaeea,
and reault in a great los to proerty. The
is -ishing thro-;rfh in ome place
with sufficient force to Up rod Iarg trees.
Fear f a cut-off are entertained.
Illinois Miners Strike
Btxvtli.b.I11., April JK. All the minr of
thi liadriat danertad the pita to-day nd
have gone on a trike for tetter pay. Thi
morning they paraded t ie street f the city
and thi sfternon held a larire meeting. A
greai dral of bittern e towarde die BUBC
owner waa manife-Uni. Tronlile tmilar to
that of two year ago u anticipated.
Closing Theatres on Sunday.
CkaoanMTi. ' .. April . movement ha
een set on foot by the Iw and rdr
I-eagae to clowe the theatre and saloon n
ttajadayw aad kaa t fexi pi Us a commotion.
ti iinaig the liertnan spniatiai.
rning the ite-man papers strongly
Sossakr $ Last,
laana. Mich.. 4pril I
assaker who ha Sn working
ma. skiprs.j with about
new aad aim a tot af bono aad
eeeswtrw h trawked him a
kjabs i
foe John
he SHI '
f ar a "h
TS? Honje Saie at Lewington.
LeaiwoToa. y , Aanl JF.-W. T. ood
wani! snm hi nation sal vf hore he,ran
hee to'tay wrth gmi arwndance and fair
-e- N'-etr two xv. I ,--e.i - C
ee Mrt a head.
WVatHee ewdCttOns.
pnl tor the Tpaee
SMIt warmer: fair: wind htft
.ng to armtk al weat. krwer taniwwetoi
r-e A . H-u ' L t. Ha ' bo-J,
So-d AuJreae Of Ret i A J
Ifmen Ott vers anj Mayor.
The annual meeUug of the Common
Council wa held laet evning, die Mayor
presiding 1 tie joint annual retort of the
Mayor and City Clerk wv adopted, without
reading, and .ordered prinUd. ll showed
Uic ouletandiug ludtbledlieaw of the city U
be, exclusive of school taiuda, $tu7,UUU: the
total tun if in n'- made for general and
special purpoeen, a-iift, l'Ai jJ
ltie Committee on ay and Mean. Uj
whom wa referred the matter of theexaiui
cation of the City I reaurer' annual rejiort,
ubmitted the same reporting they had been
correctly kept. The rejort was adopted
without reading and ordered printed. It
showed the balance on hand in the city
treasury. April JO. lvv, to be tl&,'i40.5t.
I he annual report of the Board of Health
was ue it submitted, and ou motion wa
adopted and ordered to be priuted. The re
port shows that the total number of uuia
ancee abated during the pait year, under the
order of the Board were lJo; the number
of contagious diseases reported during the
year were with "J death. Of these
nuudars there were . caaea of diphtheria,
with 11 death-; '.l cases f scarlet fever, with
i, i'.l - 1 . t- - .f tj phoid fever, with 11
deaths, and 1 1 4 cases of measlee. with one
death. T here were thirty deaths from cholera
in.. The total number of deatli dur
ie year from all cause were X7. The
Iviwird e-tiiuating the rate of increase of
population at the same rate as for the past
four years, -how- the prers-ut population of
ika atty tO kw akOwl 44,.rjUl, and the death
rate for the year to be I MM Iht oue thou
s;md, which is lower than that of any other city
of the same i- - i which the Board has nny
knowledge. Thai rate is Hg tiU-t that of
B pel thoii-aud for i-ir ending April, Uttf;
11 j er thousand for year ending same time,
ls.s.5: s gvM per thousand for lM.
The annual report of the Ihrector of the
Poor was aOOpkad without reading and
o.dered printed. It shows that the amount
expended for the relief of the city poor for
the past year w:t lL',!4.'; :f-': of this amount
226.82 wai refunded by townships aud by
pSOpai who became able to pay it back to
the citv. leaving the uet amount (12,717, I he
total number of persons relieved is 1 1 1 in
BH different families. '1 he number of peo
ple receiving aid is almost double that of last
year and the amount expended is about IS
per cent, greater than in the previous year.
There ha also been more sickness among
the jsjor tin- . ar than la.-t, there beiug an
increase in the coat of medicine used of over
Duritig the Had year the City Physi
cian BOB made over L'.IHti fjaikl to people
dependent upon the city for support.
The Committee on Way and Mean, to
whom was referred the bids received for the
balance of the City Hall loan ($U6y0Q0) re
ported recommending the awarding of the
entire amount to Messrs: K. 8. Day A' Co., of
Boeton, Ma-s.. at SIM ."L1DU and accrued bv
tat aft, payable in installments from time to
time, as the money may be demanded by the
Common Council. This bid would net a
premium of MMB.flO to the citj. The bids
f Me r. enner ,V Co., of Boston, were
0 vi ral. All but two of t BOOB Were boloO
the other bids received. The com
mittee considered these two as peculiar,
being in the nature of au auction bid.
They offer to gttS one-half of one per cent,
premium more than any other bid up to a
specified sum. Tin- would have given the
city an additional sum of 7.". as premium,
but the committee did not consider the bid
1 1 Ultimate one, and so rejected it. The
committee also recommended that the parti--
to whom the bond have leeu awarded
be required to deposit with the City Treas
urer f 10.6m) of the first issue of the same, to
be held as a continuous security that the
bond will be taken and paid for according
u the terms of the bid. Aid. Oflkatt BBOWad
the report be accepted and adopted, which
carried after several amendments and sub
stitute had been offered and voted down, by
a vote of 11 to 4. Aids. Killean, Nester,
Saunder aud Whitney voted in the negative.
The Committee on Buildings reported
favorably upon the repair, ioe water and
stationery for Police Court. The report of
th Committee on Poor was read, showing
the total amount of supplies bought during
the paat year, $7,li.2C: stock on hand.
ft4-4.l;C total amonut of upplie delivered,
I i7. The report was adopted and
ordered printed. I he Mayor appointed as a
-pia -.itnaoMJOi Aid. ktM PVbtoi tm4
svanuders. to inve.tijjnu the math r of the
repair being made to a building by A.
Bradford, the committee to hold over aud
report to the new Council.
The bonds of the city officers elect, which
were referred to the City Attorney aad tie
Committee of Ways and Mean, were re
ported correct in form and the sureties
1 h.," which wa approved by the Coun
cil. The aldermen, who occupied their seat
for the last time, were nailed upon for
-... V . More led off ayiug he had
enjoyed his relations with the Council, had
endeavored to perform hi whole duty, and
left his chair with some reart. Aid. Brn
ner, tfood old oul. in resigning hi chair.
: spoke of the msny improvements he had ai
i way favofd and had eni pawned through.
h- -wi.t. ., - ... -her improve
I SOeoU to the eoQsioeration of the
: new Oowacil. Among them was
trnf..rminii of the First
; Ward market into a beautiful park, with a
haodeome pedestal m the center, surmounted
with statute of the fioddW of I?
virtee . He akw adiawsl the
of a raty nr. rket. and wanted to
see a bridge aero urve nor u I. yon tret
He then drew a manuwenpt fmm h pocket
and read a well worded veJedjcSory. wruch.
m kid iate. wa ordered ac
f noted This pleaeed the ad
dad ae add ka felt like nffenng
Aid. N
awaawhwr terau u ... . uj ei but iu
j . U.. oo . t
gaaooar aatsafaeti u w imueatt
Aid VLitney took occasion d'-r
remark, to bow sou. teeOndL and p
the aiuali recogniUou of kte tsussUt be
tfionght he tiad received at tkf LuUids o!
.d atee inrvde a moel ka, 1 ?xi.
noting the favorite hobble and eooe.t. t j . I
tie of the variou mwuitieng lie hesirtiiy i
thanked the Mayor, members of the Council ,
and representative of the PftW tot the UU1
form court) he had always feceivid from
them He said, and will pajBouabiie pridr,
that during Id two yearn of Service he had
s-4- .j od ' -.'lAlr evolW :..t t both
regular and special, and had a. t v0t com
initUe apinntment wiUi thft exception of
Mayor Belknap war called pr and -aid in
perforuaiig Uir duties a Mafor he had tried
to do right, had eodeavowkd to lie nou
partisan, especially in Uie mooter of choo-mg
his oommitteee. He tradyudnavortad u
uianage t:.. affair- -d I he cit the siune as if ;
were the his own. Coti-iderefl t;.. otiice a :
hlirh one and the honor of holding it
greaL He had felt pride in oeiug the Mayor
of such a city as Grand Kapat-. and einpi.a j
-ized the fact of the friendshj- . . .
i-Usl Ijetween himself, lie city officers and
the Council. He left the office with lannj
reluctamv, but knew the clauige would be
for the city's good new life and m w blil
would be iufussj into the ot&oe, which would
have an inspiring and beuetici il Soflk. He
paid the various committee a high compli
in nt for Uie manner in which the) have dis .
charged their dutn -City
Mar-hal Cireetie made a short ad .
and -aid he wished to inaugurate something
new just about as he was b retm , and
passed a Ihix of fine cigars.
City Attorney Kau-oin was called for. He
'poke highly of his association- with the
Mayor ami Council, and of the kindi.
shown him by iiieinlHir of the DrOJB;
said the couusel he hud alway-
given wa- the best counsel he could give :
his opinions were never biased, but were his
careful interpretation- of law and hi- be-t
judgment. He hud endeavored to con-ult
the city 's interests aud the interests of the
citizen. He spoke of the belieit of
"hobbies," and said by their con-hint pre
sentation cities are made: -aid he had one
hobby him-elf the building of a market
bridge, that should cross the river and
the entire space ladween l.)ou and Pearl
The Mayor then submitt-d bin Written
valedictory , which was accepted and ordered
printed without reading. It is a- follow-:
( f KN II. KM EN OK IHK I'olS' li With tt.i-
ineeting we end our otfiinal daties of the
year. I do not think it kOOSBt BTJ to enter
into any detailed statement of the pnsl year,
but, refer you to the r. port- of the rarionfl
officers and boards, which Brill be BnbtB
to you this evening. I call your special at
tention to the present financial condition ol
the city. The proposition for the City Hall
bonds is a clear proof of the good standing
we have, and I would urge upon all future
Council the importance of maintaining t Lis
standim; and it can be done by
the prompt collection of the revenue-,
the careful exiciiditure of the fund
aud a determination ne.er to an N d
the estimates, or, in other words, by living
within our income. I here would thank your
efficient Committee of Ways and Mean- for
the care they have shown in keeping the
Council informed on all matters oonOW Otod
with their duties. Their intelligent work is
worthy of careful consideration. Although
the past year ha- been oii. ,,f g-e.d lu-m
depression and many people have Ikm'U with
out work, our city has steadily increa-ed m
every way. and now, with every indication of
Utter trade throughout the country, we
may look forward to n season of great PfOS
perity. The past year ha- brought forward
many very perplexing subjects, matters that
have calltd for a great deal of thought
and study, and in my duties oj
your Mayor I may have made
some mistake. My desire has been a prompt
collection of the revenue, a fearle-- . uforce
ment of the laws of the State and city, pro
tection in every way 03 the people and their
business interest, a determination that we
shall ! governed for the good of the poonli
as a Issly and not for any act. creed or po
litical party, and how well this ha- been
done I leave for you to say. The IbV that
the Common Conucil is re-pon-ihle to a
great extent for the lawlessness and crime
and for the suffering that we see at time- in
our city has somehow got into the heads of
many of our citizens, and to remove thi
idea I would suggt to the
new Council that they carefully consider the
applications for -alooii liceii-e-; that men
who keep their place- in compliant with
the law shall not la-cla-ssl with those who.
under the cloak of a saloon business, run a
school of crime and destroy the value of all
proerty, tsith residence and bu-ii e--. as
well a the ace of the citizens. They will
also help to remove the belief by giving as
sistance to the police and court by ansfaia
ing them in their work. I OnonsnV I it unfair
for any one department of the city govern
ment to imio-e it duties ujsm another, but
we do believe that the very I rest of good
government can be had by each and every
department doing it duty fearlessly. The
harmony with which the different Imanls
and the Council has worked this past year
has given me great satisfaction and I earniet
1) hot- the said feeling will prevail for the
year to come. The kind ossiotsnce I have
received from eer o'Tce' .,;j,l ,,:;, . verv
department and bi'd the courtesies and
good will of all the iope has placed me
under lasting obligations. This may be my
last official connection with the cit) govern
ment, but I will never forget that I am a
c-,ti n. and a such shall ever strive for its
Vary re-rfuily.
h ARi.r K. Bai km. r
A Trust Deed Executed.
Mrs. pnwr and other stockholder- of J
the Northern Mannfaciunru? Oaonnanja t j
Itoyne Falls, have executed a trust deed of I
all the property teknging to the rorj -oration
al that place to iter J Hmdire. ff this r-ity.
and Charle Root, of letrr,it. wU. will r.f.
out the pmperty an1 bu"ine as fast as pn
nd distribute the ;rr--et- 00 rOna
among the creditor The total liabilities of
the con i an) .r i ''nhnted among
creditor m this city. Itroit and Chw-affr
Ip conewxt of
indi fscto-v
saw rr
NWr Row -g Cl'lh
erai ynnra even oi th ntj will meet st
the eartor of The Mortoa thi eveadaaT far
tsei ' ' nf a rowing erob
TH aim Tf 0ns ppnanj awen hi the
a An.
i t
. n Aonp.
The Lm Jell Attacked this Tieie The
P lame Confined to the Base
ment The Loss S20.O00
hi is ate. Mo., Apnl 2. -At b o'caook
thi afternoon tire broke out in the baa
men I of the landell Hotel, m this city Ttve
hisi intimation of It preacmc war the
sii.okt . which injured Up fiom the Cellar into
tund... Uieuce reaching tle flairwhyr.
ai.d finding egrtsM ihrougl the wnni .w- of
the up-r ri.wiri- of the hoe Kv r rooui
IU the house Wao take!. I til nil the KX-upaut
itfi Wtrnedand ee-.tp-d wdl.-.t accident
B hard work the hie was confined to the
basement, and was under control in about
fifteen iniiuiu - from Uie sounding of thr
lar iu. At : o'clock to night tie gueU- w re
ion iciling iheiueJve in the rooms the)
bail vacated a few hour before, aud supper
War beiug served. Nowhere except in tfie
lotunda iviuld aii) evidence of the tire ta
found. 'The work of the tire depa tmeut.
led b) the hotel people Hi preentlllg
'!.. f'.iine- fr .in reaching Uie elevator rhafte
saved the hotel. The losn ir comparati v !
-liirht. beiuc esiimatesl by Mr.
( l:as-n,i.g
the lessee, at $3j,HsJ; ln-ured.
The Storm at Traverse City
i .rrestHindtWice of law I WJJCoaAH.
'Taav KJtsx Ci , pn: M IMl region was
visiteil by it snow storui last evemng, wlucli
lasted all night and is at this writing, i a.
in., -till raging. The snow is very heavy
and, though drifted some, is eight inches
on a level. Kunuers liave again token
the place of wheels. The report that the
ice had left Grand 'Traverse Bay wa without
foundation, as it i- all here yet. and, though
-.in. u li it i i ickeni by the wind Of last week.
howt- no signs of leaving us for vera
pat, rhj ',,.. i , iaid at all othe points
on the ba) .
Gen. Grant's Thanks.
i oaA, April en. Grant received
iMiignitulations from all over the country
..-tenia). He -end-the following for pub-
he ition " I o the v irion- army posts. -o-ie.
ties, public M-hools, cities, -tates, OorKua
tlonfl and individuals, North and South, who
nave been so kind as to -end me congratulation-on
my ifc'.rd birthday, 1 atsk to offer
my grateful acknowledgment. Dispatches
have Ix-eii numerous and touching m tone
lhat it Would have IkhH imHssible to ails
.?er them if I had been in perfect health.
I . S. Ghant."
Chicago Markets.
Or rice, oh F. V. TaiUMw, Pnaii B1k. I
(iuvNU Kapiim. Auril in. 1HH&. J
Cables Wheat i it (jnarter hiirher
lik'htlv higher. Coiisoln stendv. There
l Son
ill he
if the ('hiclttfu lioanl of
I'ta.i.. U'
tn n
lw. Clnssd,
TThist May
J line
orn June .
11 BB
I .
ft K.
j Oat -June...
Pork Mine.
Ijard J une.. .
u 874
New York.
Nkw Yobk. April 2k
Wall ntris't rloin Money cloned hs nt IS
BB! cent. KxchiuiKe chsxsl hrrn- posted
rate, it sTiui sV. actual rater. $4(rtl4i4W , for
-ixt) davr, l iU s', f.,r demand.
(lovernnient closed firm; enrrency fl's 127
bid; 4' conponsl2JS hid; 4'4'sdo 1129a bid.
I'acihc railroml lnlr cloi asfolluws: Unhai
tirsts. lim11IHi lmd(irantB. lOT.S bid:
Mnkinafuuds. Uti 12S bid; ('entral. 112112l.
Nkw Yokk. April PJ,
Kl)t'B-Iull but firm, holders asking klnbar
price; bue (2 IsfJI BJ BiislBI $3 ViSlt 00:
round hoop Ohio. $j T.'sUH UH; southern flour
tinn and in ruoderati- demand, common to choice
. xtra. 4VI i '.
WHXT -Options were unsettled and irretrular.
closirar after heav da 's hnsiues firm at a frac
tional advance. Spot lot clotted hrra and un
chaAaed. Spot kh1si of No. 3 nl winter. Ma
(101 No. J sprinx. $1 "': unaradejl winter id.
s7nW)and No. 2 red stole, ah". No. i. rl winter
gay, 1 UOVi; do June. $1 ojSOjiOKva; do July.
Si oasni
( ORB Options were moderately active and ir
regular. alosUni anadj and at ytrdH 's fijrarMK.
sMt lots ehand 'eed and nnchanired. ixit
al"s of utiKTaded miX'l. ri.'Si 7c; tamer,
mix-!. 5A'tttViic and No. J f.Tc: No. i nnxeii
May, .".7( 7 i . do .June. ;,( do July. Sc.
I iT )ptins w-re onset t).d and fairlj ti v.
. lioiuK turn ami i S- hiirhi-r. si-t lot . i.--..t
stmuly and uncliangsd. Spot salsa of No. 'I white
tateal Met N. mixed M OsttllVc. June,
Itvi Dall. western. 74x7r. -; State. Tsl so.
Bvanrv Hull.
1'obk DaJl; "i. u no.
hHl 'losed dull and weak. $7 12S cash: $7 10
HtovB ltill. fair to to.1 rer.nina. I SUV
HtTTWB hhsnly Stat. 144 2k-. VVWtern.
hH-Dull; state, lift 14c; western. Il0ll4c
I wtboit. April 2. Flour T-d ' t-ric are
Michuran wiiiter wi .-Ht. S4r-."sU'. Mi urnii winter
whwt. roilr pro... SttlB; Michiaan winter
vri . patent-, f. V Mmr. ti, n.s.-r
n ' '. Hinxtasota patent. Sft U. rj. 44X4 25.
n 1 hicairo urain nirket a-nel half T,t I
higher than Monday rlim thi morron. and .
price were Hdn .l hen-. Har-inee whs very I
litftiU l)notMtiorif wmt.. V het 1 w
not, 1 bii. April. I S asked. M) I 00) i
st I IMS: June. I.fXtf m at I 4's. July. 1 f- bid,
I ins akd: No 2 red. 1 'l bid. t OlSaslo-l Vs .
1 01 S hid. 102 asked. Jnne. be I iaS.
H.0Utbn at 1 k. July. l.Otio bu at , . . rl.
lie bid. njeawksxl 0am No. 2. &isr kU Mh
ODHc bid-
Grand Rapids Markets.
firb rwoi.t . r rwow na7 nna.
TwxnoBa Omr-. April
llSM Wheat rd Intat berry S hei berry
V l whit. WU- orn. 44c Oet. XTsBSac
Fresh M?ts M, pr cwi r UI.
doll. t -O mutual firm, i" "tis p i.
I i
Bi Puarai Irri. iH'
Ih.11 at NBtlie.
I WV - p"wr. I
1 nil t 7Sdr$l s hw 4.
r fk
awtosj KMV rU. P.
V. (jaraiu HaSlto.
rrJl IVOfsV tnh d 14
awed It tax. Bar; torttm
k.-r , r u e, iinpjvi
Mr i t r.a rrad
t' I '-' I' ".' i
per nrrd.
fa trfsalaBda
SSWls $ 3 -e.
1 1"T
STT;'d y"4
H-i T
r - Waive vrhPja hy 'He h
kawe . Vs war nwi
i I ar tea fa V t
od JHsaJdi, J THE0.
to be
Slate buitsr oitendent.
r-pTTiM annpak I l ' 'as lai a. -a a
l-iksiku Apt i. "J 1 tr rvimU lxl U.r
Maea ask rvisUo U trials of uwue ot tiH
and StMiaUr bills t. protect hotel mi. and
Uveri. k-)sn axid maSing an appiariUia.
for the luduinal iiomr tor Girl, lne
Houn paenvd the llouac yulut reeoluUon for
t!. lr;lit t VI i, Churle U. v ni.U bill
Ui Udaili a muilug school in lit I ppa
1'an insula and ttnui ' .. i , ie.ei.i .x..
ik'Lif by lint sluxfung on fair ground, and
amending the law relative, to uuiuihi) pro
ctdii.p t " it i u- t of iai.l h
1 'tosalurt- Nelmm. its-ull) apjs lnicO hii'i
inUUideUt of fubbc llistn.cli .lif !.- 1..-.1.
elected tvauetery of thr Mate Board of t u
rwcUojis and ChariUe. vice Baxter, resigned
It this board 1- not abollslied. a It bid fail
to be Nelson will accept aud will be uootad
ed ar buiw-riUtondeUl by 11 li Talleliglt Of
the Orand hapid .Vaoal llodarnawr. kV
j-reseL lative- N Cane and ttee and Sen
aUir Carveth tiavr been added to thr ra-erial
Joint Cemmitl on taxation
The Wounded Fakit
1 lie condition of V ill Hart wa about the
aame Ut night a twenty four hour j
vion. The dtors pretendi-d Ui have di
tviverad s) lui Uuij-of pt iitonili- and made
arrangement to erform a surgical opera
tlou yesterday afteruoou for the purpose of
removing the ball, but It wa postponed,
owing to Uie unfavorable condition . d tht
A Cut in Rates.
Chi Aito. April 1. The St Taul road to
day reduced local rates to Itos Moine. Cedar
Rapid-. Clinton and Htuuiwa, Iowa, to a
Mat ran-of ten cents p r hundred uttu-i
road interetd followed the cut by a rebsto. '
It 1- -eported that both the Fort Vh)Iie ami
Chicago A Atlantic roads were making a
lif teen -cent rate on corn to eastern coast
Repairing the Cable.
hi. Ion xi v . Mich.. April VN ork began
till- lliornillg on th broken ;.!.;. acr.e- tt.t
-traits. Ti e ice interfere- con-ideraU) lut
Supt. Fl-ster think- the break can l ri
pai-ed in a f. w !a - I t.,- I 1 . :. -causod
no end of trouble to the rab road an
thoritn-s Ih-iihi. thev could not get proiir
ouunttiou with wire from below.
Death in a Storm.
M enomimlI. Mich., April 2K- Itt night
Joseph St. Clair, aged GM, while creasing
over the common- from the wood-, wa
overtaken by the storm and fell ciheustod.
He was found dead tins morning, he wa
father of Mrs. John A. Hobinwon. of Cleve
land. O.
For the Ladies.
The place to get M-wing machine rejiaired
l- where the r. pairer ha no lutereet at stake
but his reputation a a practical workman,
not where they would rather sell you a new
one. Agents' repairing as a rule doe not
give satisfaction. Adjusting i a trade. After
twelve years experience I am prepaired to do
work that will give perfi-ct sail-faction. I
do not sell new machine- or work for any
company, and have but one obfect in nn,
that is do work that will build up for me a
go. d tra : a . r. . ' - w .g machine.
I wdl cull at y our shop or house, examine y oar
machine. U 11 yon what can I done, what it
will cost free of charge. Then you cai.
decide whether you will have it done or not
All orders received by postal will receive
prompt attention. 1 rebuild, readjust, clean
aud repair all kiud. have parte, attachment
and needle for all. Shop at 110 Summit
street. T. H. HTaicanxwii,
Sewing Machine Hepairer.
Bq Sun ami Vwi
paVdHQ wo-tb of Ameincai) Art now tm
Open Iail vfioin '.la. in. toO p, ni j
Tuesday. Thursday & Saturday Evenings
p ftafww apj af Wrk for hoi Mte) tert
none rSwnJpOj and raakan thtan bvolr tav the
' Wk Tin tufiiBB hue l'nc i.n) win !,.
en rly and ertr. -gHi'. ,.. i
mr U. Mi ;-.rt . .' k t mmr.
T en pt lb. XV. Vw- a- i "
h .,',.V. Whit fp.VfT iv
e utr- Instil atll warrarited. 12'c pt dV
O Kim! I It fm 17c
B' hernia n 1 nel I'nm. 'Jftr
eVt foil htof Hewxr A Capj arel Kennedy
Bierurt at VSrwri .nv
M '.da arvl Java Viflee par lb
CI" (i nainory Badoar, arte
O '-si BjVt"l I IKr
o rar.ge 21V per dVejsai.
o d. wnser wrnawa. Me; & nJ- "r
oaji. Kirk Am. Fomi'1 . v
K i.K .r, )Vi rr, c -' J.V
strfc C Hns? . SH frrawnlasarl ft
; rj ew FxfW. 15sr.
'hf ayet lfm rTr ri'
, let" t '-W 1 tfvl.v I .-
SB 0J OBBSS as U-nr i"ie
tos g .amid all nAksj Mrt
naasaS-a rV Pkwart iMr e
a, o awiass
at awn
B at M . rrOSKI N
i tat
A Grand ftpfjidl Mat, Puawibly
or '-'
iTw aa), j W U -iaHa S
Ha totltr lme lea in. otupn ft
thev Bill '
N l. N A 1 . HI Ol
si arr tull.v
pie of Michigan khall tie OBfSnatty
d wbwtrw Iu pntvba. I'm u, und
tarjeu. hps! a moi
J in irand Ticim ..n all kindsofnar-
U be (xiutltiueal 1: lit li furl tiet nnUiB).
I'b oifg.iet ss ' ,ed ail
tern, tin t.ert g. i- i 1 : ,. ; i, t
lit uiiwl aetoundiiig i.-a pmw
I l Ks! hi hi. I s-l - . . ... n No
letter gikii- t- Ih 1 ni t
Jiw.i Hi. -i ; - Ufa, tl.tsl. 11.1(1, M&.
Till line comprie the bent ualitse to
U found hi anj martkni.
Velvktw fl. f l M fl II tl.'A flJftV
elvi-t an t... : i : ' . -...,
nevir hold . man of thi mak a
taojnjonjf the extreme loar prion.
M-v' kttks. Oka phoa oaiil farther
resluoexl with a laige invoice of 0707
cleave J.attertl II. n h .heap.
$LUk $Um flTi. IMl
Is .hMNs. 'JHk 25c ;ir, .'V-. 4 4.-.
,rv-. fiii,-, Ti., ,- ., iu.te all
tin difTef.-nt , .....C.v a W'eJJ ae Uie bead
gvHl manufiM't url and u , t-urprme t
all. NfiiiNo A ( oMiiKi.
Curiams and Draperies
lb ever) vnnt and uali1 L.!
Lace. Nottingtiam. ae well a banwy
drajienee in llul. Sat. I H t.;-riea.
b Uie yard or bj the , .io.
at lower njpjnnj than vm I- b hum! aina
w here Hratiao ( .ri A!nr.
We Wish it were jsiesible f..t to- U
en il Uie rate all the differ. .1 ...t
eU re woranj 1 oj awan u
There are Uxotisand of doll ar wroroh
of Mer -build IHe lipsili our st.. Hlid
coTititer that is commanding greai iiftosi-
tion from ciiHtiUiri all owes tlto ooninjnTjr
K Well K ritlX.e! ,..;f c;1 The lip-
plv M-m sufficient f-u Up) un-roaeud
(leuaiioi. a ur depart!.,. 1 w. i.. .o
ho well supplied rSphiSo A (M1 HWT.
The Ues1 K'uhI
Then an "lot-" of i iist4T)
I h'part mi-jit - in tiwn T.ut u
ran't help t h i tik i ;. j . nu'i
help .mij1: that our- i-the
the U'st nf it - Kiij! And
wliat ie that kind?
Popular i- thi- a- wtiH
-trofii-t aii-vM?
W i iiiae I BTJ jrntde at
the mo-t rnol'rat pri' - fM
t h P-t tno-t I htMiijjIi and
niM-t KlepiTit Tailormtz. eon
pult n 'ti Suiting newt-nut
Spring Light Weight Overcoating-
aii'l 'I rmjsi mjri.
AT THs. "
T nder t he rowr Ofr

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