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Grand Rapids morning telegram. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 188?-18??, April 30, 1885, Image 1

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Trie Cmmr iwy ! Must Coo
aatnt to tha Boundary Pro
powaHl by UuMia.
i 1 'j , t, u - j je Cam ria
-mui a. Uuui to th BriUati tfuvarn
UUt itatlU. ttuU lit, Utfld 44X911
Uto buattder in IfghauiaUii prupoaed by
'' 1 '-' "i .U..i..-a.,tU:i;
ti., IfJtS . Lrd hdu tujid r iu
Mttflc, I uOuf Sm-reUf) r UUr for r"tr
i ' "i U U.e iiouato if
laaae t-dv thai the tuveruti hd
rotd d reliable luforiualioii
mil 4ivb4-- to Uent. ii aUo an
of Um tXX'U
had bwcU
uty uhUm vjiith
b nvr. 1 n
Mt Opinion ot America Qiwen at Ban
SjMSl i-t N nhi.
Le, kprU J. A ha4i-t we ton
deratl UeU IfVlO to-ait at lUr t riWrRm
Tha kari uf VVruif0 prfcii Aaaom
the ufw .f ulhi tu ware tn lKae
.I W.irt, iJu ; ti Heno K
Rapids Morning Telegram.
- price a cm
I tiwtfu r
i h Oil
ananowa that the rwport
patum uf Mcruchak
Utr-uM MUM i , : M-i.viL,,!;
ii h lltttfUo a a tiOrMNd U BM-
IAm MbS ejaeweMtod rirt. tMaajewja
tUtf tha halief hut aueral that the am
HHMMII r .H i. ,,, , tt
clijlUOi. lu fw0lU to th
hut heallh the d.
tuaked that tt was caay t
and U linru. while rr.t
Umrtftiu rfoni iJrtiofi ii,: i.l
that tto ha, been br.J He in
-tea, it true, hut only to ku
KiiUud oil trie other side. He ria
t vt-it to our eotu, who have
i-tortc 4-lone of -tr i ul
t.'iellL- hr.t.-t for , . ,, r r... ll
lieved I u"le Sum would t fouini er cio
to the ide f hi (frttQti old rebttive. Mr.
Irviurf'-. remark were reatl .'heere.
A Newr Capital.
W .liu. W. . Vonl jy. The work of
iiutarkiUrf Ute property of the Sute. j re
liiniuary U reuiotUrf the neat of overu
UirUl to Char lew ton, wv hekUll cKterdcl
uU will he ooiUinued uulll KriJa at the
eloee of hu-llieen, ou which tiny thin oeei to
he the State capital. I u St.tU ,tuth. .ritier.
have leeu laleti t. re t-u nr-. ,H
fuiying free of cont a hmidrtODM
erecttxi for the
Troopw Orderod Out at JoUiet A
coiuaioQ expected To-da.v Hix
Thouaaud Men Out in Mtsaouri.
I !... Ill 1 .1 . '!.
, -lyri .J - l i.e loe .jUarr)
! -tnke Ij rowiu jiore eicitiu. 1 root
have heeu ortieievi out (Uid the local battery
ud Luf ilr are read) at the nrmory tuiti
awaitluj ortlen. 1 he I .einotit -trjkcr are
i o'ted lu to-.. (, .now to rout the Uieu
ti'-w Ht work, wheu a txlluioti U eiexte.
Ihe idicri? ' v .i.l i "irljot;- fioii. li.t. d.v.
eruof to call on the troop to carry out hi
order .
Miners Have to Yield or Starve.
PfeffTwat .. April .".. I he hfteeii hundred
Ullller- at Vuti lluil; f . t..i,- U- t. U a
'tnko the pa.it tie tuoutho, for a advance
from a ' t to a t ivut rate for miuiu and
for i heck Welshmen, thin evening iiued a
contract two work for a i.r at two aid one
half ceuti per bushel oU the coal milted,
with n.i ii-vk Welshmen, work to lie rwuun i
at all mine to morrow '1 hey hae U en r
dui-ed to the uiost il.joct pvvrty. incredible
ulTerinif and dlttre, with no vi-ible mtvrn'
oi n li. f o: Mi-uurtinv, and were ixmipclled
to 'Urunit or die of itarvatiou.
na era
lu IHT9
A Big Strike
Si. I.i is, April .f.
'i Missouri.
I n hundred ftrik
Ja Vote of th MO- 1U tXal-UJlUer- trim Mmiiohi.mi iiiimh liuv..
pie wa liad on the que-tiou of removiu tlte !, nii rvw. - ,.
r.- kl t . ...v viuuouur aim t-iie Liu lu
. ft. --e-, itate that dei.ite
loijian Troops to the Front.
Loxl-.w. Apru jx Twlairraiua from India
Indian tvmuiiaary de-
U day tate Uiat th
partu. .-Ht - w
the traawportation
the northern frui
tlV.- t.-.joi "., '1.I
hoc and ,
tAW native troops
UM) Sorvw and
Supphen tutflciell
rl to KaWUl I'
and three mouth.
wid arranrfemenU for
of two army eorpa to
r. The flrnt W will
ritini trooiH, l.,uia u t
oavmp roiiowerM. ,m)
' iii-i r annua. . I ,.
I : HnUsh and l.V,
. u:.. followr. '..
im trmprt inimaU.
or ,ue month will U-
h ilia and Abdulla.
ip plies to Viuetta.
The Cir Determined on War.
l"Xi- . V, il .-. -Ieapatchea from St.
Fwtorbuifc' say it u learned on wmi-uf-
n,M '') that .inlers tv. reu sex-retly
inven for tlie mohslu.uiou of the entire
Km-iiau army and that the Car m now de
termined on war.
Kusa Buy ng Coal.
.., lpnl.-It m learned ti-niifht
that Kiisman aavnU in England. Belum
an.! .ther : ,v, order. d t.i
i -a; for immediate deliver, at the
sr owu pri.-e.
A Loan to Russia.
V, nl lupatch from St
Utew that the Imperial Bank of
Mnr baa advanced the (PNVft
.1 ri-ubiea i a loan Ut carry u
St, 1
ment '
war prepai
....I 1 KL ..I i
.ro.a4. ao iMnesuiu reCelVeU a lliajorilv
vote, lu 175 the State bekn buildiu' a
capitol buildma at (Tiarleetou. which is n ,t
Mt Ht U ted. lliere has eeu some talk
hereof enjoininrf the government from re
at 'Mn:. hut the niatter w thought to have
leeu dropped. The prern nt State Houowill
now be used as a City Hall.
A Big Fire at Rahvvay.
Khwat. N. J., April The oiera houie.
Freeman's carriage f:u.Ury and other build
in."s wtre burned at I o'clack this moniinjr.
Muet of the prtirty would have beeu saved
but for the burtiua of the water main-.
wmcn prevented the nrerueu from doiujf
effective work. The principal looses Hie the
pern. ceuery. piariue, etc.. belonunj to
e:don, the pnutina press m tnufiu tur. r
aho.u f ut.lM); .((fltl Freemen's buildn
machinery. $J.U. and carnages 1(,ijii
u Ti.Vj.jij wui o i nr. i-neti siook w,i
iv d. John Helm's dwelling WHfi burned:
1""" There is lUsuranoe ou all the
The Visit to Gettysburg.
WAHHixoniN. April . -The program for
the htstoncal visit of veterans to the battle
held ot Getty sburg- wa completed to-night.
President Cleveland, accompanied by his
sister. Mis Cleveland, and most of the mem
hers of the Cabinet, will o with th.. t. .r.
The train convey ing the excursionists will
h ive Was! mgton at o'clock next Monday
morning. May 4. returning Tncadar night
I he program contemplates an address" of
welcome r. !.- i r..-. . n. r ,,f I'.-i.n-.v lv .-mi i
POa the arrival of the party at (ietty-burg.
1 to the principal K)inu of interest am
the battlefield and a general camp-tire at
tn.-town hall Monday night, presided over
by ex roT. Cnrtin.
t nets, and b earnest solicitations have in
duced all the miners working therein to
come out on a strike. About six thousand
men are out now. Unless the -trike is
-Issdily -ettl.sl a coal famine i- bound to
Mill in this city .
Striking Coopers.
l aa H t ik, lud., April -.. Nearly two
hundred journey men coopers are ou a strike
here, ftr an advance of two tv.nts per barrel
and the abolition of the grocery -order sys
tem. Should the -irike continue twenty
four hour- longer all the louring mills of
this district will be -hut down for want of
A Short Strike at Marquette.
M ahoi k nK, April !".. The men employed
en ti... drive- along the lin- of the Detroit,
Marquette A Mackinac railroad, w ho have
been recehing from l.L'o to $1.;) per day ,
went on a -trii,e ye-i. rday for and re-
I vi d it. A year ago these men were getting
:.' a day.
Good for the Operators.
Chicago, April If.. It is stated to-night
that the oilioers of the Wi.-tern I'niun Twa
graph Compauy, at this paint, have received
orders from New York to grant the re.jue.-t
made by the committee of telegraphers, of
tin- city, to allow them compensation for
etr;i time on and after May 1.
Second Battle a Fact.
April LJ.-haal despatches
from ladi-t conSrm the report of the re4"nt
'h Ruaaians m ,,u.i , n ,-Kt.r
meut with the fgtiAti on tlv f-,.i.ti-r.
Another Batch.
w h:w.ti. Vpr., Hk President
to-day matle the f"i!owtn appantments:
Char-. - i He.itr. ,t v. t' ta.i. Minister rest.
I M- t,..! t olis-,1 1 I.er l. of the I mt.d
-tstos to Vemwuela, Warren (i"een. of Ken
I n:-. 1 Sf.it. -K.
Haoou, of
Affuim of the
n -. .1 s.ates to nawaaf and Uruguay: K
bert Vaw u t . York. Consul at Bre
'iien i ., i- M H ighes, ,,f Ohio, at
H ' - fomm HL Pntnaat, of
' ' l"n ' '. i.-tor V. Sarton. of
Pennsylvania, at Leghorn: Robert E.
W.ther-. of v ugima. at Hwg Kong.
A Fatal Boler Eplosion
Kv4Wvu t p. lad . Vprd Tle hoiler in
the nw mill of hj l Benuchamp. three
auks north of akland C.ty. exploded t II
'olaek thi morning, instantly killing the
eugmeer I hn Cauthorn. and unuiy in
1 S4 ..T.n ntl J Collins. U-s.
ton s tn htion is -ganfeil as critical. Tha
engiser wis new man who had been on
otct only twf days. It is rwltevsl that ih
ti l.ion .-arn-.!
jf two hundred yards
ipnl y.t i n Monday
livew on farm with
Port Creaoent.
r with
Sho H
!t Ftau'w. Mich . April .
-v. n i Kii Clark. w live
fat her. threw :niU from
q arreiad with Ma rtvpmocher ab
Work he AikMi hlltl ' ' o if.,i t
a rweoteer fiv 'inllfts famk f7
! i t'i i i e -er brain. I
wnaan tnaumtlj Tha manlnioi
mi, but ww onBtnred ysatardi
irl taken Sari u Prt Crwai
Mtaowdad the dead. Clark u
yar- old. nd he has not been
WMMr a m probably invine.
-v-ce Sttlaa w.th Eajypt
V April A -Thw Jvnrnmi 4m Wtt
J JwapAui1 yprV affair has been
-ironifh -.a intai aieillai iy(Hcrm of
on following Nasi- Kg t ,s
. M Tailaodir Knch
drarwa, mm aiUw of hw Bmm Am Emmmm
The Amalgamated Association.
taMMj April -jy. A long statetueut
was issued by the otiicers of the Amalgam.it
1 Association to-day in answer to the argu
ments of manufacturers for a reduction of
wages, the principal of which is that i-t-a
maunfactnrers hare a great advantage
over thse of the West in the matter of co-t
f production. This is di-posed of bj rtg
'ires, whichshow.au a matter of fact, that
ost of producing iron here is par
ton lens tlian in the Hast This -. t- ill pre
viously accepted theories, of the oe-t of pro
duction. The workmen will rest their hht
ou these figures.
Canada Financially Embarrassed.
i rTTAWA, Annl - n Julv 1 the ! II lM
ment will rspuire iL'.".,x).(Ji)0 to meet the
per cent. lan of Win, falling due at that
time in Jmdon. A Sir lonard THMj ii
' i-ly ill. the government will -
' Minister of Finance Courtney to
I md next week, to -ee what he can do
towr. boating f. l .-.. r.v .. vr.. ..
l-ay off the loan of Wi). Courtney will have
to raise A.W.i M).i 00 hi meet the rejuiremeut
?' tr t'-.v- .
President Tyler Coming.
!.:. April . - Sir Henry Tyler. Presi.
lent of the (irand Trunk railway, will -ail
f .r Canada at a very early day. possibly Sat
urday next It is stated that the main canse
f - ;..irnr is to . r,d- ivor to rearrang-MMP-
MPM With tuierenn lines of railway
on a rtter basis. It is ii'iderstnl that
ome matter now the uhject of naffOttMfoa
between the Orand Trunk Company and the
Dominion foT.rn Iient will occupy his at
tention during his visit to Canada.
Items of Interest Gathered by a "Tele
gram"' Correspondent.
' rr-'-poridence of Tha I klBoUau.
ayla.ni, April H. SL ii. Smith h.i
MMMMi and i-iiint-ovit.i.' tJ m hon of
-on He ulley. Mr. H. in :uru has purcha-ed
the rt-id.nce of Lewis Smith. Jerome
Valentine has sold his forti adjoining the
village to Junius Milliand, of Indiana; price
$1,780. Mr-. Clan Mo-her has buminad
her farm of eighty acres to Peter Ikuce, of
uignton, h. h. ieut is putting intra
sue repair-on in-new tarm ami preparing
n DIM a t.aru. )ur always watclnngaud
good on th. long chase Constable Stanton
succeeded last Sunday moruin. alxiut dav
light, in capturing Nel-ou Shook, at the
nonaa ot hi- fattier m LaigMo who Mm
haan wantad itw -ome months on a char
oi ii lar.i, i.v in.- o ,c,t-. ot itraiich count v.
He baa toveraJ Uniaa -Sh-Kik" off the Bherifl
and others from ( oldwateL- wno have at
Mmptad h ntiaat, but Stanton ferreted out
hi- ludlii ' n! ice and dronned in ut an nn
looked for moment. I he Coldwater otBocz
t.N.k him in charge this morning and he has
gone to I nion ( ity to lay to meet the
wrungad mot bar aud innocent daughter.
W it is looking well in tin- section and
farm, r-a . A nting for the Kuroia au war
cloud with interaat. Tha cannonading at
the wapiqi yaatatdai was tiard at tin-point
and more than on.! old soldier hit the blood
quicken in his veins at the thought of the
OOOaaioa and the ld Commander.'' V.
W. Paul, who has baaa -pending the winter
m Uorth county, Iowa, with his son, arrived
h re y.-terday. Hedos not retort the sea--on
out there as any in advHUce of our back
ward Spring.
A Naal Officer a V.t ut the General
Mi. J H Ulobuue. of Ute I Ulted hUUv
! Nay who is spending a rhort vaoaUtMi ui
! Uu cit, was aeavn by a repreeeniati .t fj
lu lXAAa o.-U-ida and ked his
opinion ol tne imoioglio in the arl. Mr.
Iribbons ha- be on nalt water for a uuu.
ber ot year and h toiti,od alinoet every
irt kuowu to MviarUon. He h- given
twptsiual atUntioL. to Hit quarrel letwe tha
l .! of II. bl-l al.,! -oli.t .les'ldevl
. - running to the MtuaUou. "It will
require," said Mr. ttibbun.-, "some exlraoi
dinry diplomatic engineering on the pait
of hngland to avert war. I he English oidiei y
and the j .i ulaoe are clamoring for war
and Hie same may be ud aj liusfia. Be
side tfil, iuigland ha o iolig dictated the
policic and rhajKjd tia dentiuiee of Eateru
nationt.. that she will not lamely lay down
her preetige. hngland ha decland war in
time la-t on lee provocation than has faen
offereO by KuMa. In older lo maintain her
record, a- well a- to protect her territory, I
tan nut -ei now -h.r can do es- tJ.aii to de
elate war. Tlu. rank and tile of Hu.-sia is
starving, and ready and auiiou- tor any
chauge. In the event of a conte-I between
these power- I believe that Turkey andi. i
many will, directly or indir t ctly . aid Ifefl
land, while Pnuice, if mt neutral, will lend
her -ympathies to Ku.sria. b rviu my know
ledge at the foroea of Knglaud and Russia
-of the skill and intelligence uf the
resiactive aruuea I would say that
one Knghsii soldier would off t-et at least
three Kuo-iaus, uuleaa ail the European
powers took a hand m the tight. I do not
believe the war could 1mi nvr A ... .
wv riii-.nilll
would end mot disitrou-ly to the IW.
W ithout doubt Kugland has the largest and
mo-t effective navy in the world, and is now
engaged in building thirty more craft- of
the best design- and materials known to
modern science-. It is a fHct which all naval
officer would reluctantly admit, that Bf
land could plant one of her mammoth
enn-ers off Coney Island and be in pad
lion lo .I..,. ...... I ai nu l ... .
me t iiiieu oiates a ran
som of a billion dollars or more, or in de
IMM shell New York City into
shreds. Our naval re-i-taiuv would
be as chaff blowing against the rock of Gib
ralt. r. America la the strongest yet the
weakest nation on earth. I he Westi rn Con
gressman, fresh from the prairie- aud his
Texan herds, will vote for an appropriation
tJ improve a creek in his district, but as he
n ver saw salt water he can conceive of no
pres-mg uecesity for a strong nav. the
.uiitUUiUK uKiii ugianti tuts a line naval
ilc. t, money and credit aud a formidable
army of well trained ofteni aud -oldiei-.
while Kussia l- lacking in ail.
BOTH HUU6tb .N tOMM-fllt
Tt.e I 6 e:. 6toppeJ Ht c
Uptimes the 6eceta vt-p ot tt.e
Board of Correct iO"
bpet-ia) lii.-t. 1. J U 1 Aia.M
1-asiNo Ai.fii l: tki.nu xwal Uw
entire afu rixocui in i-onimil tee of u whoit
dlcusmg the bih regulating l ieigl.t .
1 he dicMiion will last through to morrow
The House iu-ed tin enure afttnioon in
commute- ..f ihe Wt.ol. h;-, ,,l(
Nclaon declines tiie Secretary siuy oi the
Mate lkaril of Correction and hantie.and
H. M. I liey, Secretary of the lartn.it lioaij
f Education, will tn- apisunU-d to it.,
I '.. Stn,i, eon- u.e : ile nominatioi.
Clutrle 1 lwton to e ( on, m ial aj , (
mineral -tatistitv, and Jvi,h 1.. hawyci.
of Pontiac, to he Trustee ,,t
ttie Ea-lern A-yluin foi liu lu
vuv MH onneil. deceased. Hot! h, .
pa-ssi and the dovt nior appiovtd Hm
resolution directing the Auditoi (.
suspend tla sale of lands fui
taie advtrti-.-o l , Ma i
Ihe iioard ot State Aud I ton. unit, , -i
uiMte of ilie vt of a plant for lightiti
parts of the cai.ihjj buiidmu ,...o..i.
With either incandescent or areelaet
and the maintenance of the aamc
Death at Saranac.
Hs ial disn h t., in lr.i.ata
SAhiNAc, April Miss Claude H
ag.' JO e.o-. daughter of pheu Haight. a
prominent busines- man ...... m,
last evening after a short nlnaaa, Sue was
weil-knowu and much reapecUsi.
Hotel Registers
Ai BU Momov- g Ii. lapp. Chicago;
. Morgan (,. o. M.i-.. It. n Fletcher.
! in.it ,r.;n,i Haven and Milwaukee Hmi
road: W. H. Ford. ToUio v r w. ......
it ,'nHo:,J- M V,h"U"1' N, w Vork; John
Dell St. Unda; J Korta, PMladelLhia: W
i i UiM' Cadillac; J. M l)odK,t, St
... ii. , .timiirciie. St. 1,.;. ,Jo. M
mt HAtcHOAU man
,n 1 Ura.io Tr, . Ofticinu.nc.
W M thaCn Veatorda,
Am ti. tn, railroad me m tbe city y
iiy MM j iora.a uJl'
Han raaatm Ali aj j,,, mm JJ
.. r .fo( ,UJ ,,( Ujt
oe. n ma t.y
ui, aud
o- t.Oi. ,,i
Uo.t .tiand
sooAl U go
lact. !iU t
N . -nu-l
Havtai A
Oraua lra
u. t,
' tt- the lu,e M
no ti., , in
i. n. a i ,.m
ta a ho
is , sh p a
- A dinba I ruuk
i - i i . .t
tUOUk " -ill couUutti u
uck .aid lack up miw u,k,
th. gieal
tu ou-i rm,u I luuk M J Mi
ix'gfcl. J,m,i, i
pMf 1
M a he
v ,i. ,-l..
atD. vie4orud thai tu,
.1 mf
ttxan and ha UtUe ay
. "'" WO- ,aiJ U tlttl Uieu. l,ke
iKi knows how u. a in u,ri,
haarta and a lan of their atoafc ut fcMf
rtis i.. j ., tan , villi
arm t,t! an re(sjrt r and give
I hi o..o. i,
' ant, a i
i k tiruiid 1'iduic ta uii kto
mort I pea U lf ,voiitn.iii
.iTUieau, the flnBt
is'Wei laughing
ic ilgfit
pai -n
i I u vt . i .
a- i.oj
Amateur Oarvmen.
" ' 1 ' "iig meji met in Uir
i Morton last evening and oou
o.c ruoeci oi orgalil.lUg
i - n;.an, i I organisation
. m
womxi. out a committee U. aso, Main .,w
1 Uipmeui and the location of a
s " i ; .i n i oouMstiug of .h
Ihta. f and i . lj he young men
v- '"in. a permanent a
aoaMttoa on Pnday evening. May , at the
saii.t plac .
1 1 May "Century."
' ' 1 the ( rt,y will la-
aMBjaU t mor row. SixUsen pages are added
t'Umts i m order to give
gjaoe to uk Mitrn npaee devoted to Uie War
" "" ''- h- felt u, (,!,
.uieaii - Huecdoted paper on "Gen. Grant"
H- a so m i ( ,,. tiad.-au's article covers
in. w no i
iK-rnai of ien. (trxi.t'. .ii.t..
Oavatt, Jackou; s. s. Miner, Comno ., uUiant aarvMaa ia thl
P. Gala and wife, Big Raptde; C. D K, , s ' 0 Ut the surrender of U at
Mu-kegmi; K. (i. stone and wife. N.-w Y-.r. I! idadinc vith an ioUmmUMui
Robbers a Pennsylvania.
I.A sri. Pa.. Apnl m -Thre ma-ketl
mn broke into the residence of Samuel
Krmer. nar Howmanviiie, Ph., late laat
night, bound and gaggel the entire family
Hid beat thni unmercifully until, to ve
their liTe. thay told whr thir money and
valuable wr secretel. The the robber
wured and ltt for the mountains i
robber were memNr of the Huanl gang.
Grant's Gratitude
eat M Iftl ?J. -In the Hone of Repre
ntativa u? morning the follow. ; g
an rad
New Y an . . .
Will Se sw
aajfiear fr
le'. ,
aeeibly ",
inerlrwAe 1
;aay. orgam
eieiuify wth
a Factory
TSe I H free ax ry Ooa
a fwainsl r it
" ' mWmm ft
M Mil iheCrtniiti i r.,
HUifaai of the tyei?Afion oinaf
laaaaarj aataar vn i ehN..
and r-cai! FH vnn T
BJM ri
Troop. st to trie Casr -I
nwa. tpril J. -The Hle-aa divis,on of
the Raian srmy. nnmSnnrf DJM men.
hae iWfi t proceed st onra to tha
Cawpian. Th tr-mp fnvm the mUnor ajM
ha ent to tha ar-ion pvt hi.i he
dWaton. Tha dSeeraaekvi T!
half a nilhon -onMe- - -
I h 1 fin i in tMa etty. rf
Ic ad S"ow t rh3au't.
MTlT t Mtaia. M.ch . , ni Ther
- t !gn f the Hwnma of navigttoa here.
The tew h muU flm in midwintar nd
a enear torm in proa i ttvdar
I ia raamer Minnie M." which ran be
De Gi. rs Tries to Hesign.
MMMBBj April ".. TTe IMlajaaMMiM
t to-day contain- a dispatch dated at St.
r tershurir m which it is stated that le
r . r-, the huian Minister of To,. ,g:,
v ' irs, had offered hi- resignation to the
i. tr and that His Majetj; had refu-ed to
accept it.
Sexton and Daly.
Nkw Yoaa, April !..-Irving Hall waa
MjM well tilled to night to witnes the
billiard tournament. TTie player were
Hilly Helton and Maurice Ialy. The game
wa keenly contented throughout, Settori
eventually winning by ;j,,inb. Tlie cre
wm SexUin, .". Iy. i .
Open Sea at Cheboygan
I MMVMM Mich.. April mr-k heavy
outhwent wind ha broken up the ice ao that
tne gram neat can get through b nvotding
the ire field. Thi- hore i antirely olar. i
ano tug are in commiaion. Tt.e other
hore in atill full of running ice.
Lowell to Unveil a Bust.
MMMi ifl P I r; i T.i state Minktter
liowell will unveil the bnt of Samuel Tay lor
Coleridar. the poH, at. the poet corner,
Wetmmter AM. Ma ,
- -
ictor Pnn' execution at Ha7iehart.
mmm., hae heaa pnetpoaed to May VL
The w fart Senate Tn.iay pa-el
hill filing s tainp taa at I-Aef 1 per aeat
: ' - baling irk, grain, pro
Vlo... -. -Vf... C -.-
aaoa to Mnry b. Po
i e. i'.-iatu r iu,i
. i'ox l.urt
otewarl A Iv.s. - dd
Real Estate Transfers.
Furnished daily from the office of W.R
Scribner. real e-mt. d.-al.-r.
a r
part of hlk y
Hmr,H. K,.x to fmak W. Cetita par. ,.f
hlk IS Htewarl Jt Iveaa add
i Kfi 1 V"'"'- "' to vv.-i-j H. Lane lot I
'Ik i A. ( aiapau'd ;c ald
.lu-T.n m Stanley to Adeline Brewei pari
,r lt 3 A. ampauV Bah
Mariana Hmiih t.. Wu . . Kdd ... lj
lotflblk 1 Av-y'saddlywell
M?rr..ItrhiM to ,hr P' H lot
i t.ik V' ( .i,o Spring
DoahvOTIeiU to Arm Jan bvfcaeii aari
W n e ,t of MH. a; Walk.T.
t has ( . ( oMi-toek to Frank BoatUa n
'iiV,l -' S Tvrone.
James . .!,-
i SuiV-J. V. lungwort ,:
Haute; S. ( . Church. New York P J
Sprague, Woodland. Cab; H. I. Sn,,).,'.,,
Milwaukee. fJ.R Hail. Louwville, Ky.: Robt!
W. l urnh.iii. Minneapolis; 8am H Hai
New iork: (,eo. L. 8am peon, Detroit; (
I). Ooa, ( hioaso; Robt ,. Iloon and wifi
Big Ksmds; K. Kuian. Greenville; s i
Urry, Cinc.unati; li. ftood, tHagMliiij
At xn Koo.k.-C. M. Wiseman, Ch.,- K
Stean.-, Big ' Rapid-: p. P. Hazard, Detroit!
t. U. Hand. Milwaukee. J.J. Ihmn, IVav
erse , ,,y;.K Waltluid, 8outh H. iid. L h
ihb-. Mavhe d: J 1 II i it
- s oiuierly charater
" , : ' ' 'I-, ;,-,-, of th, numliei ir. r.
.cu. MtTellan en
grared from a phutograj h taken eeicndl
ei. a grap .ic account ol Tbt PeumsnU,
Wa, the MM) AfwaM Imajay u. tU m
the in. t Moaa4na low pnaaa
Taj-tan, Hai aaai 66c. 5c, 71a.
9mm Haiuaa, Mo,tljQfi, 1.10, L
I W hue avajejtMai the laaat uuuliUea
' found u. an.v market
fmm daa r Hfajaj
V ' v" " i l U, La
w et.ld ho mant of fui iuakw m ,
OoUldof lb,. ,.xfr4Uit. ! (rj
Mtav. 1-1 IK- On, ,,nf fMfU
rcimted with a bug. . . ,lf
ii-Uve patte-na, l)Hl k.,Hli -t
U4N fi.2o. $j.r.. ti.it.
I-MiaiKa Jc, 25c, dr. XV, ,., 45
w - 10. ,11, a
jtialiti, i. . .
the different
gtaals ulijeuiw4t and
Ml a aiir pnee t
Si I i . s,ai
' 1 I Johnsum '. 1 ,,i
' 1 ' .v i-'p. -:,tinin on hi-
the I .
Sabim" t
in detail
ly ai Qaa,
pajsr. in
arm, in n Mum i'
'JI:'l n , - vv of i.
BU W Salvia t. Sanaa! L I lorein pieee
land in w c..r n'.ir. of ;j ( U.
2 .Vjo
C. Ii. Imet. Chicago. W. H. I.ivv. I ,,,.,;,' !
ATTiiKluniiu N -(. fcPrindto.H,atajaa,
V ... YN alter s. Hicks. Ann trbor:C I.
Woodi Mdvauce Donaiaon i Kioh'i Circu-' i
"I interesting' tea
A Co.. Wkoeh, Wk, are
' ! 'Ih, carnrge and
'"' M frOCS ihe Alils work
Mr. Curtiss to Sell Out.
Th. Tnvi.smn,, has it on the beet of
authority that John Cnrtisa will retire
from the firm of Curtirw, Dunton A Co., he
fore many more dav- hv.. .i,,,...i ... ,
..... . . . ... i4j 1
ucceeded bfOaav, Ii. Duub-u ku.1 EH V
Harrington, each ot whom now own a one
quarter intereat in the estaUi-hment. aud
who will each aojnire a iialf of Mr. Curti's
interest, making them mbJ .artuers. The
-tyle of the new firm has not yet been de
cided upon. Michvjan Trl,.,u,.
A Valuable Burglar Lost.
On mo, Apnl 1 Ban Kaattna. i.Hn-
etpal in a aerie of burglariee in the city .
and under bonds for f.L-,.H fr hi- ; .
ance tn tore the criminal oonrl. ,-cai . d tin-
afternoon. n cusPaly of Detective Hani, v
VaM to the National theater for the i-ur
I of r. v.giliiu the hnlm
hi- H'""h"; While engag. in the search m
the fli- he leaped from the scenic -'ipinirt-and
hVl through the building. He wdbi
i-utI but lot siht of.
Floods m New Brunswick.
St. John.. N. H., April r.-A heavy rain
"form, witii high wind, ha- carried all their
out of the river and worked considerable
damage along the bank and in the harlior.
All the fUhing weir- were destroyed, entail
ing h heavy I,. to th. fi-h rmen. On the
Miramichi water-, which rrM to h,K
-- ... will J t
were obliged to mak. tt.eir aaaapa in Uiat.
A Chance tor a Foot-Race.
tori3raTi. April . ohailenge from
A. K. Kettleuan, f Harp-r Kana. who
ho tyle himlf tha champion fooiraoer
of the world. i qar.ptod bj H Johnaon
wim. backer nr.- r"ah ?rviT-r nv f..r,,,
n v . .1.. .. ..
Sentenced for Two Years.
Kkhmonii, a., April W. R, Smith.
charged with stealing "' win!, ci. rkm
the auditor's office, was thi- , v, n 1
guilty, and sentenced to two yean m th,
New York.
Maw y hk, Aj.ni a
Wall Nfreet cl,s,in Monet , .,, , f
per cn. Fxchang- ch.O hrai ' t.u
ratt. $4Krtt4 W; actual rate i .M -v
sixty days. $ vm f,,r k. ,
fovernmenr ui , nr-n.y mv
bid;4's coupons 1' hid. 4' jV.i,. H; ,j
Pacitic railr.t,i b.nds r,M( as follows I r.i. i,
tin.t. 114I14'4. lm.iirant. Ml KMBaMkMj
funds, Jlrt hid,( eufr... Iljrill.' ,.
Mm IMai
Knoca 1 ataana IMJU
ing wa mall, hn-- -i. fc;
"I 0U; round hoop Ohio, a.i 7:,r, o
flour, hrm and ino,lfratel BwiV 1
choirs exfnt. i l a, '. i
W UK VT Oi.t:,,! . er ,.. n.. ,.,,.1 f. . . .
ti mew d.wJina were chmct.Tie ,,,,i ...
,i',-ii..-nt. nricei alvanrl -
aewa, aadciBaad atreajcaadMMSr higher k.
lot. rl.Nwvi strona and ttoA . i,iii,,.r htJa u.
I unrHis wint' r .-tiii 1.1 v'
winter, $1 ('J ,wl ua urvoi.sl a
N. J rl Mta'. . tl ,,
1 01 Jun-, l 4-t4 I j
a Ontion. ,.r..
iniinrriiiiniiitjnj i inter. s,w,t lots , r4,
and "i.tK !,,..,. fH, of
irrH-l.sl tmntl, VWi .'a ; tean.r
Oat -i iptions vr.-rv f,irl kr j .
.!.ina Toritr ",i -v. i,i; , . v.
Mtronaand t i , ' SS
JunelV;," N" 1 -
Baaun v
Poaa - Dull, but tatv mn.
. ....... , ea.r. U'17 t-
For th.. Ladies.
wm. .
I 1 ' wing macfiiue repainxl
I hut hi repnUiion a-a practical workman.
-Man ir., j would rather well you a new
"m - Ag mW aajaiMMMMti rule dcae not
Curtamv and Draperies
ever tne.tv h:J ,,,iaiitv in l
drap.ii o C. . ;i. , ...j,..,
I'. the van! ,,i ,v th.
t I...... . v
.w.., (iricwt- man .. I t.-nnd
hi ium. (oMl m.
We wiah it were pyeanbh- fiw ua la
enumerate hJ! the . , arU-Jew m wr
Ml S", til .
w. m. ui.'.ii
There are th, .iiaamh ,f
f Mart liaiidiNe nptiij
ill are Worth
' v.a
Apnl 2V.
. hut trad-
a, wen ae citleti. ,,f ,,,,, rlt. The eup
plv aeana euffiment for the inrtrawawi
;' ' h" ' . t, aer, uVm
aowteiJ auppliisj rinuNo a CoairavT.
give satisfaction. d, udiag i a trade. tu f ' "i:,, r" 1 " ' r---' Mttwa
" ' ' 1 I am prepairtsi to ,1.. I U'tU fr,,,Jj lehrtner n . v er j,e , .uutry
win give la-riKM -atffaction I
'i not aall aaW machine or work for any
lv. but one obfeet in view,
ihu; i- d., work that will build up for me a
' :' " "i M-wjng inachin,-
I will cali at y our hop or honaa, examine your
machiut . u 11 you vTtuU can he done, what it
WlU Mai Ma at BMMJ Ihen yon can
II ( ! MMHa I rOW will have it d.jne or BjaJ
Ml iird. rs r,H-eiv,xi by pa,tai will receive
prompt attention. I n build. readjut. dean
imd repair a.l kM4a, have pari., attachmeiit-
m.d aeaanei i... aJL shop at no Summit
Sewing Machine Repairer.
The Best Kind
flOW ,,J(
worth of American Art
Open kiilyfmni la. BLtolp.
i i -1 1 1 j i
Hut we
There are "lni (l
Ih'j,atlin Bti ifi town
'an't help thinking ani cafi'l
hel. sayiiij- that otii ih the
7 Z4i7 l .1
Hr.MH In bur deman I hi, i r r,
rhnm. 4 II Ife4 I .tin.
Hx-rrah Dull; Mtate
u I
fair t t"i
Waataru ins
amte. 1414r. weaiaru. it
Grand Rapids Markov
rvau r i.r. r ra-M r;
Taiaoaca f rrrux. A or
'.Hti W r.,j ,. flfc. ... .
Vi, N" 1 at.it.-Vge ( 4. , h..
ruin Mb4TR ivW .r J ....
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Evenings
n ;
ti for any amount from
Bavard i Robost.
Riao s , A tr-iHhaaheeo
DWhlll . urn 11 . K u r. . .
i wwrj rtayaro i
' aliffmia the wheat ' rnmc mralhl. and bj the wiree of has
d wmv, win phyman ovr dot mort. r M
Mr to trhraa iwarMit of for hon . iar to rB,j ,,k tZZZ
J '
at At. Iiome,
Hf oftoMMn
ft ( an h
' o . him!
irjaie at
j - f-if
... .
; i'lr- and .r,
it ckrvwr. J V
nut!. l'y, .,
a ' it . i
i'ura. aaa.
' iM a On, and BMJMJ
awaar. whe i now
M aor rrTR,
r- at th 'rt Ch.
Piaa April
hanhai that -
rwt ieM MMi iMaj '-r
aw ewMrw fraaa Ma waaa
Va t i
as aawr,
f a?
a at B'g Rap-da.
ma ttw ttmnal BsMh mai by Totwkl
eerawj hy fa T Rrau. n
ttr r wti the naehwa
hrmawad TV
III-- H-Ti-iaj- e
aaaaa ti wa
raianaai re Sa
v s I s hnff
famttar ara!l heioaMi off
Ml for Va. and they will be
at en en. Crmind i "ail, of aae
Segf4 ywateiat at r rieaaa
4 i Mmm Daej
MaorTrrrw, Mien,. April & High wMda
iawt rrnm hw 4rrn the ir wa4i of the
to? hwmed t-auk wBMaa, MawaMat Ma
aeat kW wail f the rTtw fUmr'm oAee
1 M MMMJM I I aawarhi i ,.
4 1 b
rj late
the h t nf it't-
hat i- that kind '
I'opulai i the
rtiiji-t aiir-vter.
N e inak' c or
th trio-t trio-), rat 4
th liewt rnfM Thniuh and
mrrKt Kleizant TaiUrirtf: "n
Nult u- on Suitings newest
Spring Light Weight nV4Sf
oatmg' auJ Troimorinrh.
Custom Departmetit,
' ' ' V'.r 'J ifV. t . ;(-a
Balk re

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