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Grand Rapids
Distorted at gngUnfl'n Ventilating
Pu y Anxiety begmmiig to
.- - iitn..rit ' ,r
i 1 . lUUtlea, vhu Q
ial la legartliug a
li .'esibdltuU. It In
ii ruvd taat Mr
lit tU ttt HoUMi jf
U UMte had bea
U uUfV,
ni II i Ui
Ftnt T fetaasst Has aa oi Sir Peter
I.uiuWu - staff, ha- urnird t I i fits, and i
ipers relative to
re the debate ou
de Staai had
tu! ,tiuiu u hn'lish protectorate m
Denmark'- King Consents.
IxBUo.v May 6. A djapafteh from Copen
hagen stale tuat the hu.g of iH-umirk ruia
definitely vre-i to act a arbitrator on the
-Uou a.- to which power
r -; ousibie
d of March
, by which
of the i
A Br't;sh V ory 10 Egypt
H tiw, M ty Iftachtueut of British
- .-f.-at.-d the rebel.-
. lg nu n and caiturintf
Dm oAbm of the attacking
r' ' - ! 111,1 !,"u WwoaJd- j
The Heport Reiterated.
Ixii" - May ' 1 .-, atcie from India
to -ev.-'tl ii .rmn j.ai r. iterate tne i
tntoaent that S. - Peter Luin-Hl-n ha- re
Mup kr at Un.oo City.
I ito Tin. Mich.. May While both
were ntuimr the indrjenee of liquor yesterday
aftem.sm. tMer Miller inJ Kuene Sahs
bury, bcothf a-m-Iaw. quarreletl and fought
in a livery barn, Salisbury beiti worsted in
thr- . u,-. - -.n. t threatening to khl
Miller if l.e came to tne Salisbury s
home, in the wen tern part of thr
nl .;.'. 1 i-t evsnin. while Eufen
Salistur a- tlone m th- hou.
Miller ind old nin Salistury ap
proachd, tnd. as Miller nternl. HfHM
LMMnfanl a rtrte at him from a rear ruotu.
Thold man -eied Miller to pull him out of
the wt . r s nek -nouti. a- ht-
aoa fired promptly and Millar fell mortally
Owad il the tal! entering just leow the
heart, aud pas thronh the luns. He
liei tf.o'it tif: en icmut. Voun; Salis-i-.
v . irr -te! in 1 . u ! He admits the
kiliin. -iv it wv premeditated.
A Guowdfr Explosion.
Nbw V rk Wiy ". Thin mornintf aboat
two hand . - .f ti e St.-inway li
ano 1 it .' u'f irinrf Co. went on board the
t.- i i : ; ;-; .-eof eon
eeying Mr. W'tlliatn Stein way who left on
thw ste - r'.Iiie." for a trip throTijh K i
rope. v hile the icuriontsh were tiring a
ante from a small cannon off the pier at
Htfbofceo, a kerf f p-wder tecame init. 1
fade burn
eph Be-i,
and rjawJt:
of left j: Jo-
"''it the face
slightly burned.
Tht Latr Appointments.
V4MMM May .". P" -f-y "f
nhe Trwa'ury has reimted it - n
of' J Nimmo, .' f of the Bureau of
Ulalwfiiw. aad appointed OoL W m. F. Swit-
UiWOnri. to 4 ,-.., m him. Col.
r naval
- Birth
1 1
The Arm Arbor Assault.
Aawa. Mtah, May . Mr. Qbmmb,
C!uverus on Ti
Rnaaanaayv Va.. May 1
aartrr'l rih trw mnr.ier of
M d.-on ie niht of mar
- . e v , 1 1 thi
twken taw aaaatofla auaut I
ed v guilty of murder I
nr.r J l r r, I ,
an w .wnsL turnaNe at 5
V I-
P .i-,.t
re of
t ' twKaseaa. aad saht w rawahV
THrea YearR or rtejrpannJkM
. . . vt t . May John H Fntek
ee t t' es 1 avelapas Ionia rw three fear
H.tesi .tai -ot gntlty svnr
Oration Defend. rig to.
041 :
PuraueJ Of McC'ellin.
Bi.rm A, - At the reunion of th
Aruj of Ukat FotoiuoC to Jaj iwA. tiraat
fM lUUBtNaiy re elected prtwideut u.id
Ibm grualttWl U iilMBi A UeiegraU. aa
theu Mttt informing hun of hi reelection
lh ' .leuef ai reputed, thaakiug tbe uiwuibers
b..r ttictr kaftialltv Lb eieCtlUV hiUl a MSCOild
tag, Il
-houid tie
the MMI
forming tl
,ut c -. .-; It .1
hi Weil. ILiU
r liioi -. v-
next NmioAi
elottned U lite
i Hoii.r.
hour t, pointed
i- i-'ed, th audience ruea to
rt. Uld HUtied III Uir Cf.o 1-. i! ta
iled, ha La thrown LB the air, and m$
went wild. When quiet wait re
Savor Istlf .e. in ts-half .f the city,
d Wie member of tie SiH'ielv to the
I ud he retretted It . .L-HC.-..f
Wreetof the -ca-i on. Maj. lieu .H.J Hint
responded briedy in trrhalf of the Army of
the Potomac, and the ;et, I. Am C.
Sr-jw, then rf.u! t .k ih tie ootni-o'ed for
N-c.iAton. ;n which he reft-rto Warren,
"fi r; 1 tn." I iiconiiui tftl Surreuder;" (trnut
and Mclel!an. I he or itor of the evening
wan 1 tjor (ieocrai L. I'rtlt. ot Brooklyn,
S n oration wa a mant-rly handling
of the a-hieveirietit of the Army of the FotO-i.t.-.
h wa-. in mam. a uefeun,. ,(f that
if warrior- rti:d f (ten. McClellau.
Ell fi.titu-! thai Mi- i'-llan'- removal from
tfie army m wa- d M h iolitical in-
- President lan'olu'n nurcr intention!
yielded to the clear, powtrful,
iTf.r, jer--.-t.-nt influence that
at varioiw time hu MKIgbt t interfere
with the organization. diMiplilM and move
- .t the i: !n . S..-ch w.-re al-o
made by QfMMf l.loyd anJ other-.
Searching for the Dead in
the Ruins
in Brooklyn.
Sh -i oaa. May . Fourteen .oditn luive
teeL recovered uj' to 7 o cl.x-k this t veninn
the rumn of the fallen bujldlflf in
Krookl)tl. The -treet IU the Uel't horhood
Were tilled all day with t-xcited ia-ole, who
loudly denounced the enreh s.ne which led
to the di-a.-ter. V can- of workmen di;-
tfidtf in the ruin- during the later hour of
the afternoon took nine laxliert in quick suc-
ce-,.,u from one s,H,t. Not a -inle one of
the ImhIks would have be n recouized by
the ordinary obaeitei as that of a human
hem.;. 1 h.- were charred to such an ei
t. t.t ti to tle-troy ai. emblauceof humanity.
I ha hr-t 'emams brought out were in a
id, nhapeleM ma--. adbartBg together.
I hi BOfoner. after examination, pronouueed
I the 111 iss . b. the !Klies of two j-r- m. It
1- o-v-Mbl. to aaj u: n or women, youiirf
or old. Shortly -tfterward auother tiolid
was turned up. The workmen thought
it was a iece of charn d beam, but phy-i-
! cian by cuttiutf into it witu a jsn knife.
fiuud it part of a iHaly. People in td crowd
' uttered cries of horror as they witnessed this
prooaadteg' Batata! panoM who had
! m mlaliliB 111 ilm ruins and were 111
i the crowd and many women beau to weep
iiotid, the a-ople, ijrew nervous, and the
throng h.-;nTi to sway slowly back and forrh.
The policemen redoubled their exertions
'. aaaf them iuiet, but to vain.
It was a scene of rare excitement.
9 idd-nly a well-dreesed man walked through
he police hue. S)IIle one cried it wa Mil
ler, thr DOatraetOV, "Lynch him." 'T.vnt-h
the hound." suddenly shouted another voice.
I An aiijjry roar followed thi- cry . women
-l . tnH backward jrew pale, the llfaBgM
glaBOsd appreh. -n-i v.-'y ro'iinl at the mt-n-K
people. Hharp cries of "no. no." and
"H9 not the man." MM .juickly from
i in m men. ami a moment later the siht of
irotier Itendinrf over an other charred
I . L-" distracted the attention of the crowd
, aadtba threatened dauber wa- averted.
A Plan for the Choice of Delegates
to Stat' Conventions.
Wahhiwton. May . Senator Warner
Miller, of New York, has carefnlly revised
and prepared his proposed new plan for the
tiou of delegates t fature tate conven
tions of the Empire State, which was orijfi
n illy aatMUlai to the t'ttca oonventiou lat
tnd by that body referred to a com
f . v.-n members of the convention,
with M iliac as chairman for consideration.
and to report to the State Committee. Millar
left for New York City to-night, where he
h i- called a meeting of hi eomnntt u
the ."th insf. I h nt-nibers f the commit
ted with Miller are. Qeorga Hli-s,
s i 'irti-s. SiU Dvtcaar, Carroll F..
- Wrn. It Sir-e-t. n I Theodore Bapaa
The difference Ufjeen ! il.er's plan
and the one now in operation, is that all the
delegates are to be !ected by a direct vote
of the people, and not by county or delegate
"invention. I nder it the number of dele
aatai M 'i' "tafe canvrntiou will be about
ne thousand Ave ISnndred. Thi j.lan is
substantially the same a now prevail in
Kagl tad tnd a few other statee.
A &rtmf Sketch of His Long a"d Hon
orable Miotary Career.
Bas Faaacaajo, May & Brig. -Gen. Irvin
Melinwll. who ha- been in a cntical condi
tion here for the past two week. did at a
viry early hour here, thi morning of pylon""
h tiwn(ch. aged?T year
owll was a nMv of 1 I
ra brrn in MML When 'pnite a
1 he was sen t to a military intita
ince. and -eturning to this runn
,j -t Foiaa, from which msti
radoated when IB raaraoU n-
u u;n s' K-ier. i Vita. and in
of '
v i-
. He
f-ran spsvit
Bk The title
Tfi Afternoou Paaaed by the Senate
111 Couaiiiilteo of the Whole In
tereatwi Pertoiial Atluaioaa.
tts-w lnta to Tk l sxaofcox
1 n .-, ! t . ' I tie Senate pt-"ed the
eiiti.c atlrm-'oLi in committer of Uir wtiole
on thr regi-lraiion and eitction t tli-. 1 he
ll .-. . t r J i. iU t.iii making an appro
priation for the d.-af tnd dumb institute;
amending the taw relative to cutting and
mrrying away timbrr: and amending thr
law relative to thr taking of depo
ltiotin; alao the llottae bills prohlb
ltuig u.n resident alien from
1 ring land-in this State and prohibiting
the manufacture aud sale of buttrrine and
oleomarganu. . almi ttie Senate Joint Keaola
tiou j roviding f r an index to th. name- of
Michigan aaidafM iu the late war. I he iui
mitter rertal that 'JX ' l.OUU would be re
juired t carry out thr provisions of the
MBath r- Bounty Bill."
I he House CoillUlltter of ttie W hole a.--, il
the bill ite tiding the time for the comple
tion of the Mar.piettr. Houghtaat aadOaloo.
ago Kailw iy. During the di-cu.-ion of the
la-t bill Kepasentative A. C. l) i-. of thr
Upper Penineula, informed Keprr-entative
Hainiiton, of Harbor Springs, that he
Ilami'tou 1 w i- an in-ignincant bag of wind
who-e talk had already tin- -e--im lrt the
j eojde -ev. ral thousand d.llar- and it was
ajpafaj thousand dollars and it was time he
wa- -at down ujsm.
The Contest at New York Last Evening
Won by Sexton.
New York. May ". Irving Hall was
crowded to-night by an enthu-ia-tie audleli 3e
to witnes- the match game of cushion carom
billiard- between Co. F. Slo on and Wil
liam Sexton. The game whs troni .! potota
ilj, the total anOBtlta of -takes tor the win
ner was $-MA. Sexton had the "spot" ball,
but -cored nothing from the lay-off; in fact
no count was made till the fourth inning,
wheti Sexton rolled fourtten point-together.
Whan once fairly settled down to work
Sexton el.ctritied every one by hi- grand
all-arooad playing. Slos.-endid not seem to
at the game at all antil the nineteenth in
ning when by the aid of fourteen he ran to
th. front, but lost it again in the twenty
ninth round. He a tneaJn to th- front to
the thirty-fifth inning, but immediately
dropped back. Then they ee-eawed until
the forty-second inning, when Sexton drew
right away by his fine playing and was at
one time ISS points ahead. The -cor.- wa-:
Bextoa SOU, average 8 W1-18S; tSoaeen 4v;.
average ;'. 4."-4.K.
lnnimrs 1 I 4 7 8 9
N.w ..rk 0 2 0 0 L 0 0 05
ieetaa .... I 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 s
IW" hit. New York Ml Bout on ti Krr.r-,
New York 12, Bitot on Pttehara, Welch ami Itof
laejtan; I'mpin-. Daohar.
Inniniw 1 2 4 5 6 7 8
Nh:i..nal 0 1 1 2 0 0 0 S (17
atroaaUtani 1 II I 1 I t 0 hi
lta.-.- hits. Nationals l'J. Meto. ti. Error. Nh
tii-nal k Meta. 7 Pitchers, liirr and Hucannon.
Umpire Stearns.
m tananaaj
Inniwrs 1 SI 5 7 I 9
Philadelphia. 2 0S10030O 9
Provident m. . 1 0 0 1 0 0 I (I ft
Base aha, Phila 8. Pavel 7 Krr..r-. Phiav p..
Provi.22 Pi'i-ners, IMily, Met 'orinuK. DaipUW,
lt 'lo-rt FurtcutMin.
t ;ti' .e May ft. N. Hutlalo or Detroit tram.-to-ila
: rain.
A New Bill for Ireland.
LuaiMM, May '. The flhndawvl states
that a new bill tlealing with the htcal gov
eminent in Ireland has been drafted con
taining the following points: The establish
ment of councils elected by popular vote in
the place of rand juries; the creation of a
Central Council at Dublin replacing the
prenent boards of works and education and
perhaps the abolition of Karl Spencer -othce:
the duti. - nOW .-rformed by the Lord
Lieutenant being transferred to the Secre
tary of State for Ireland.
A Valuable Catch.
Jjunehvii.i.k, Tel.. May ". A large poam
of cituen who left Saturday for l,ee ranch,
the scene of the murder of Andy and J ir I -Kobb,
and James Guy, May 1, returned with
Jim and John Bourland. Tom Gulf and Ar
thur James, who had been turned over to
the Tutted States authorities. Reward to
the amount of 17500 had been offered for
the capture of Stein, and Jim and Pink Lea,
The ranch was destroyed by the poeae.
For "Extreme Partisanship."
WortiNurti.N. May . Poetmater-(Jen-eral
Yilao to .i i xpiainel to a Unit, d Pens
rej rentative tliat P .-tm aster Palmer, of
Chicago, was suspended from office becaus.
of xtretne partisanship during the ( ktobei
and Pr--ulential campaigns last fall, ib
is charged by hi political opponents with
levying assess tne nts upon his employes and
lsing government lurulter and wftrktuen to
constructing platforms for political Baei
The Baron Again.
Io-trx -n.Msy '. Baron Tenny on has writ
ten the following epitaph which i to be suit
ably placed in Westminster ALttey in mem
ory of tren. Gordon.
her blow.
an hart
Th No'-thweafern Expeibd.
e. My The rhi'rur. .'
uls ?he t ttns of th Northwtm ria.1 in
he V"trn Trunk T,r vciition. met
tn-dy. nd Widel that th Vorthw "tern
Lo"' Btt- But Not vV(l.
W iwiiiTn. May . -"oi. lamoot. th
IVashfaajSi i r-.rxa aeftretary. is aorw a-dar
An Eatimata ot His Character and :
Ability oy a Leading Law Journal
k rvau Uur tk lioui I titttu Law Jottirusl
The Aaaer can bar ttave iearnrd aith pain '
!..'. L.r ? tf, gleaU-ft .Ur.-U l .v!. .!..-
oootitry r pnsiucwd Ua ja, ' - : fealed i
l a rr election U tti upirate HhtUc4, of taa
on Slc-.tr, li.oiig'. in the tui strcoigth of ' -01
1 l tt.e r he lgW at too useful -
-- I anas M Coo4ey a a uiiltionl :
lawyer Laker I auk by the old of Story ano
MarhiL A a writer up coaaUtuuunal
. -.w 1- -jerior to Btory boaaee j
:.r 1- more a.x-urale. lea diffuse (tnd
not a? vain of a display of learning Hi
legal jui.nruto ourpaoo tUuor of blory in :
hrrvity and diction. T'hej espial thuer ot
Mar-iiad m dicu n and in uim-iu raeeoa i.g
.1.1 ".' - them in lea in yig. No
. . 1. hal ever lord in thlo coon:?., laeooing ;
I more rnlightrtird -pint of Ju-to.v or a inoie -
rVelily balnllCed JudlClid UllLUl. Hl-WOfkoU i
lorts 10 Kit tiueot epitome of tht law uith it
oubject wnicli haev.r ! t-ii written m the
Kuglnth language. Hi- latsyr- a lecturer in
the law -chuolo of thr Univeffdtj of Michigan
have given ban a per-oual aeuuaintaui'r aiih
'r ot the bar in eVeOj oeclion of the
I uion. Through hi- laborta.san m-t-m-! r,
an author and a judge ha two- . juire.t 1
hold on thr goal opinion of hie profee
ssonal bsathian ouch a$ i- ptohahiy
eajOed by no other living lawyer. And yet
thio great lawyer, after haviag occupied for
soun twenty continuous y. tr- a -e.it .. t.'..
Supreme bench of his State, was defeated of
re election the otht r day iy a politiaal eotS
buiation having at thr head of their ticket a
man unknown to the legal Iprofeaaloo out
ssdeof Michigan. We do isot wish to oay
any thing m di-paragemeut M him, for w.
haoai nothing of him. He Bay tar a goad
lawyer aud may make an celleut iadjj
But that the people of MlcoLfau should havt
In-eti willing t put aside a law er of the
pre eminent learning, experience an J probi
ty .1 Mr. luotice Cooley for new and un
tried man is a striking illustration of the
Impolioj of electing judgeajby the popular
vote. It al-o points to the faft that the policy
of electing judges mi --.itT year-," when no
political otlicer- are to be elected, 1- not a
safe remedy for the bail results which fre
quently tlow from the -y-tem of electing
judge- by the opular vote. We find that
here, on an "off year." h. well a- on a pohti
eal y-ar, the opposing politiaal partie- meet
111 the conventions and noinicate their candi
dates, and their party followers march up to
the rack aud vot th-ir party ticket as blindly
as they do on year- when pr -nl ntiul el.-c
tors and rnensbers of Congnras are elected.
The defeat of Mr. .1 11-ticH Cooley . though
a great shame to Michigan, is no lo-s to him
nor to the country. He had far outgrown
the office which he Iliad He will be able,
as a chamber eouu-elor, to take, ill a single
fee, as much as the State of Michigan paid
him for two y.-ars of toil iijam her beach of
last resort. He will have, and will no doubt
improve, th- opportunity of devoting tin
lei-ure of his ripe years t the literature of
the law: and we may expebt from thi- cir
cumstance results as beneficial to Am-jiiri-prudeiice
as those which flown! from
the narrow policy of the f trsni r c institution
of New York, which retiredtOhanoellor Kent
from the bench at the - of 00.
Loyd Brezee Comi g to Grand Rapids
to Start a Paper.
Krotn the Pies Pt'-f-
Lepd Braaae, of Grand Hap ids, was at the
Raeaell House l.iot evening.
"What's this rumor about your propoatog
U start 11 new daily at (iraJtui K;.j .ds.-" he
was askesl. 1
'Mine will be started there soon."
"How soon?"
"A soou as some of the necessary ar
rangements can la- completed. This
morning I bought the plant of the old
trrnt Tunrs for the companv that will -tart
the paper. It will be forwarded toOiand
Rapid- directly."
"But the pre-- hal gone back to New
I expeet thai it will be shipped to Grand
Rapids IU about two week-: as - on as it can !
dm v. rhaaled
"What sort of a daily will you have?"
"In dei eiidetit and morning."
Tl H rVai I 'ress representative hiut-d at
"I will be backed by a man worth a mil
lion dollars, a journalist and I food friend
of mine."
" I he papers have sugg. -t d I M. Weston
as interested it the spinal column of then, w
'T wi-h my friends would know thai much
they sea in the papers about me is not true:
in fact that mtst of it is untrue. Some Grand
Kapids and Detroit papers have seen Jit to
-ay that I was digesting a daily newspaper
at Grand Kapid- and that I. If. P7eetoa wa
baohing me in it. That all came about be
eanas 1 happened to be driven out by Mr.
tVeetoa whits to Grand Bapsda, Mr. Iveatoa
1- not the gaathwnan I refer to."
"How do you like Grand Rapsnsr"'
am entranced with it. It is a splendid,
groaing. lively city."
"W hat alstut your New York scheme?"
"I atas offer.-d a good po-iu !i by M m ifcr
inc Fditor Ooafceriu, of the New York Wo id,
nt I r-gard thai as a tetter thing."
nd the bandwagon journalist hnrrisl
away to .--iteh a Jack-on tram.
The RsaSS plant w purchased by Mr.
Brezee yesterday as he states. The journal
l-tic capitalist, whom he mentions a b;ifk
ing him. is understood to t D, K. Icke.
Ol the TottdO fifniif.
The News at Spring Lake.
1 ,.rr. p. .fidn-e if Tub I ri,Eoa.
Si-kino Lkk. May 1. --Report say th r.
is to b. a radaafaai in wage, at the ( ;t ;. ' V
Savi 'ge mill. VY. C. Baker is aipaahaj
laiiy frn tne South, wh re he ha- been
P-nding the winter. M', Hunter Sav-
ldge and family left California for home
May 2. The Lizzie Walsh" has Iteen laid
up for repairs ince the fire on lat I'hur.
dayt bwt expeaai mon as make her regular
trip. Frank Fos move into hi- new res
ilience We-t of M- ' d d lie - m alsut
ix we k"s. Mr. A. BUS and family, with
. i-. ( tion of Mi Maggie, left on
Wednesday for Forest City. Dak., where
thev will remain till Fall . - -Mi Jeie
ai;ae left for -cho..! at Six Corner lat
sa- r lay . Martin W al-h ha resugnl is
; 1-: n n the school hoard. A rt R
f rly of thi place. was married
new ! r.
Phelaii Waa Drunk and Quart 1 .
aoiuo Kiaoa. PiHtois aud Diras
IU ltuasa's Challitajr
St ioa.it. M ay . 1 t.r defrait in tle eaer
of Dsok Short bagaa to-day. Walker J. KI- '
llott. a per dtiaU-r . and J F. Kearney.
-aloon kteper ot itus. city. leetlQed ttrtoir
foir iwvw that Phrtan had made tii real to
kill Kisa. toti. Itetorr and at lite meeting
1 K ' ofhee Uhr! -.'.!.. . - li -t 1 r;. '.
that Phrlau wa drunk and quarrrlHome 01
the day of the aftault. and W(t- threaU :. nfc
Sttiort wttelilltr latter ktegaii t!. etrugglr 1
witti him tt f retes- Kearney w.- rec-i '
and. tilled having told Pheian "ii l:.. way
to Basaa's office tlial Kmmi & fri. ndli 1
him. He admitted having oorrti.pouded
aitl Pbelan on Irish matters nndrr aa-;i m. .1
namaa. Geo. s. Bnuth lately hsetanaal 4
tn cap! Vol police at Waehiuglou ooutra
ib-'te 1 l",r I ii. - -t it. Il.t-Ut. Ph. 1.1U CUcd t
hi- runoval. He war runova d tor political j
n.i-.n-. ii.d not till two yi-arr- hfu-r Phehm
wa- removed. Pat Joyce, looking pale, t tok
the -tand and te-titiesj that knne-, patois. '
and Ja; ion -e il ik- w r kept lying around
It 1' office. He id. ntified the knife with
wh'ch Sh ; -tabtel Ptielau a- the uu tl.nt
Vat lying on ih- tab. in the otncr before l !i
puarrel. Siirt then tstk the r-uujd. and m '
a long, rambling aud confused statement (
raid Phelan tii-t attacked! turn, and that he
did the stabbing 111 - if ih-teU-e. I his . i. .- d
if., testimony in Ihe case, and Charier F.
Pi on he anensned up for Short. He w.ar ol
lowed by Ar-i-tant I h-ti id Attornei feflOwS
for the s-ple. After a brief, uupatt;al
ohaiM b Judge an Hrunt. the jury retired
at l:;k) p. ui. to consider their verdict.
Nkw Yohk. May h. In the Short trial the
jury to -night, alter some iieiit., i atioii,
brought in a verdict of ac.juittal.
A T rip to the Asylum.
Deputy Shariff Plalte took Coriu bus
Malloy I - K llama00 yesterday and left him
in the A-y lum. Mallity lr sUejfaM! toskM
and ha- been confined in jail for the past
feu weeks. The A-ylum is hi crowded that
in order to get one man m it is necessary to j
take another out, and Mr. Pl.dte brought j
back Peter Hughes, who ha- been then
about three years. Mr. Hughes's eondittOB
ha- greatly ;mprovd -nice he w. i.t lh. re
and he will hi taken care of at the County
Poor Farm for the pr-eut.
Chicago Markets.
OSTSOXOS f. V. 'I wioH. Pawesa's Hlak.
GUAM) liM-H-s. May ". Isn.',. s
( abh-- -Wheat dull, heavy . ( ourulM
Dpi. Uhrh, ii.
Wheat Mav. M4 h' WS MRS
June . -s .4 -v, K- HT,
July t w? aj4 ph
1 ota June 47 47 J4 47 47
Date June . U B H4' M
Pork I in-- til H II M II J , 11 ' 7 ,
lird June ti MM t '. a" sii ti sit
New York
Nkw long Ha
Wall sTr.t ei.tsirn: Hnasi aleeed asej ti
lo n tl all la at low rater ; ch.-iint nuotatioii war
m peretnA Kaahenew firn.. jhi.-.i rat.-s ii;-.
-1 1 BP! actual rate. $1 sii 4 4 ' , for sfatt
dayat $4 KSl444 SH'i for demand
ttoverrinientr rl.reo firn; cnrreric) 'r U7
tad; ii eaapansMM ktaV MPVae 112 aid.
Pacific ICailroH.1 bands cliesl: Uniou I
111 ill".; laud e-.. i . in', , tn,l; ninkinf fund-.
U14. Centrals. lh."4H2S.
Nkw Yohk May '.
Flora Ihill. wttftW. pri- - were wi 1 d.
ri.lcl chancre - U" itni'-. ! railt i: -en:, if !i.m..
Otxia, H 8S4C6 Vh Si. Iaii extra. k NMM (J
Miiiri'..ta extra. TOW IW: southern titiiir dull,
oumtauo tt ehoiee asttra, i( 'A ort .
VVio.m Optioaw w-r aMi' and uns.nl d
and .-li.HtMl Hft.-r fn-pient fln-tiations. h'm and
' jC'c. higher Hint lolaetased tina and Vtfilc
tmcher; rs.t -al ofN . L sj.riia.'. t V',r: tin
irrml il winter red. 'MiKi-;; No nil stint r.
'4l 0J; No 1 retl rtate, l lrf; N't. '2 r) win
ter. M o. t.trtl4,.; 4,, Jun... 5. ,ft i i ,1. ,
July. $1 nO'sttl Wa.
Coa-Optini were ssawanstsl aorive at I
fi-mer. -losiiif hurtier S t J.ittt
tir.terand 4c higher: pot nelai -f nnrrHii.il
mixil at .V"ri74f': tiamar niSMd, nt aaSAr;
Daaraded white. r-; V. J niixnd. May. Wr.
June. y ,a.VNc.
ts options tirm an I claaad allett,r bhthar.
Sp it n.ts clirst-l nrin and 'iVc higher. s.t
i-hI"t of N-. I whit.- -'.' 4lr: N I n.;x-l
JatM 4"Vd.. lub l";v bM.
Hvi. Ouiet: wtstern. 7'.s . -tale. - t -l
H thi Bl Dull.
Pokk Dull: nil', $1'.' i al'S.
bviii. ( loaed aria, $7 nr.7 10 eaah; 47 04SJ
7 u7 May.
BrrmB QoiH. S'ate. lh r : W-tern. 1 .t.
si poab ihaady. Rat ioist. asftolng, i -i-
4T4 I imp.
r.tot. - Dull: Utate. Att l v4r. wet.trr.. 1 4r
I)V7 f , .1 I 1
Kl ot'R. r lay ' price an as follow, fcfieh
ikhi, winter wh"Ht "!' K: Miehitar wint r
wheat. rnllr p'oeeae. S-' 2?.: Miel Ujran winter
wh.SHt. ttenf. P
WllVtt lip Mm
Imii aacaass firm
i-K-.i;, I I WW ' I ' i.i 'l".'r.
f off -rings of grnin
Were w
ttfti i
r. an I th are the Mip(iitMtit
t.,.nr of tt.e mion 41 for No i ttiU . i
te.eral sar lof wr
Grnr) RapidS M,1ket.
rna rnoav raow nasi H.trt
iRii Wheal ro! mm wsrj l1
IfSe; No. t whit" fl ' m. N
lion Vt'T" H.t if
i ' '' i
It-,M1. Lie;;
FrnMi r..i I44t iSr . tnrw aad ar p
1 ' i
2W MONrtOt 61
te 1L. tbeU UeW Uld OUtULUiKiloUri 4U 1. r
and wiii tte I Ii iieml U aor ail t
t UteUuuoit aitd a iuait no a ouoe a iu
'I Hm in a ill ti i .
tl I HEW! NU.Kaill tMiiteii
ttie I trot of 1 . ... LllnlUtUie. aid Will
la impiovesi by addmg to tii aiH
from lor beat pariodjiejaji pubiutural and
w. - ..... .-, -re U- pttilte t- ll.i.hr t
bl iila'1. 1 T out I . '' --. tht in-.- ixiLupirtU
depaltmel.t o! Iht k.l.d i .r , I
Vb I'opule Liit tie 1 a f Standaid
I '. 1. W e ..I I10W ken J U.g '
..: tt.r i aasdj IJhjajfjr, by Ldi Uet adi
t f. und the Work of utrtd auttior of
toe world, at price all inh alLud-
tbir Pane) Btatannarj 1 K-isa.iment will
ixititam la die baud Log, puraca, card
i-..-iv . tio eatbi n w i.tj.l i i ua 11.
.. ui.d i 'ie We wi-,1. W I . i lent
so tiue anting pa para, regret and viait
i..j .-.ii is, Maicus vSaitir Lriah Unati
pa pert and ( ranr'b tiuttxi ajMMm.
Ofdl'lb for Cstppet ,...!. eogtiiXlt.g It
oaptiou aud r letting mi.u. trtirttiajyajaa.
errata, Oo tt of anna, titampilig.
ltv work gsMwajajleael
tieUtleLueUb' waiiets, letts-! ,int. b.i.
bistks, puiara. catd rueae, etc.. lu tint
leathef and cheas3i gi adea.
usjL1 PENH A v 1 M'hlllfc IV t PNi HA
I n. 111 Kdward 1hh1 A Co N
Thlb 'Uiet.f gisnir has laU I llttrollgLlj
teMtrsi m this ha-ality, and our eale- ate
vuetatit' increuMiig. as thr ar kljowu
to la- gir.dh of BjaJ merit,
We have a full line of Whattnnuh. ling
hawing paper. ile. . the cheaat Ameri
can. iruftiug bxtls and m if I rai inff
linen, t rai-ing paper, roll, u
( suniiietcial stain wn iuep1iug of
blank Ito. ks, inks, ps ns, a-n iis. tniti ilnge
ml a thousand and iue things m tlnn
hue that w cannot enumerate, a ill U
found in our shs-k and nt sight j n . -
Out eb.i-k of Nchoil lai iks anil eiipphos
will rinttraiv evert thing uii in out pub
lic KChoolf.
Wa will enydjaavxir to make otirai-lvee
uheful to this o.!iimtmit v aejd bofs hs i
rewardesl with a siiare of ..iir p .
Yotite truh.
Geo. A. Hall ft Co.
For 1 be Ladies.
Th. place to g i rt Wing u.act.ii.e. r--p- r.
is athees the repairer hs no interest M -tak
but his reputation a- a practical wtjrk n.i.n.
not when-they would rather w . ,t new
one. Agents' repairing a a rule uu ana
give sati-factiou. Adjusting is a trade, fn-r
twelve years exs nence I am prepursl 1 do
work that willgie js-rfeci snts-faction I
do not sell new machine or work for any
company, and have but on ohfeet in vn ,
that is do work that will build np br . a
good trade a- a repair r o' s-wing inactun.
I will cail at yur sbap or ln-nse. examine your
machine, tell yon vshar can hi d me. what it
will cost free of charge. I I . n you can
d.-cide whether you will have it done or not
All orders ranaiead by p.ta) wdi rasaaat
promjit attention. I rebuild, readjust, cj in
and r pair all kind-, have pnrts. at ta tinaeate
arid n-dles for all. Sho, at 11"' Summil
stns-t. J. 11 Si un i.i v:
S wirig Machine h-pirer.
lara rat
rka tin f
fx.trjr warty 4
ri In awy tn
'1 -ir- isw-mtn.
itf t.. . t
T a jar lb. 'XV 4Ve- an )
h ftVJipi w.t eb.e r. 5r,
t gg. t.r i and warrsartad, 12,-T" rtwreV
o atmal. I MM hja T
Bohemian n rar. 'B
dt f,i!i I fepsji Sear k Po, and Keejipyadja
P.-.-Tl t Ht lr .-- pf -SV
M a a- : ' a ' -- v p-'
Onmmo isfatat, I
O .-I rt-tnsj C. ,". e 1-v
: L' -7' -
8 ik Dreas
JtV' pirstee n! i. t. 4.i..., .., 4.bi rv.ik
fattiev the grvait Auiitam rs.ie
. . - d .1 i t j, batt v lmpotie! are now
on aaie b ue at t.. i. w.n-t j v..r
t. i. u till b.bb ? th 1 t iimttM
trd th. ! rna ait lli.travd pnllaolly
Itk tit the pnoee
h....-k rv.k . woUi vk
I. in. k Silk tfck WttTtl HJi
liiat k N .k im t, ii.il
lilaca Silk Ml w.i lh 914(6.
Hlactk iMlk fl lb. worth 1 ffd
lh4-k Silk lUh, au I . r
i ... t, amia i ti, w...tL mm
Ii ..i. Silk i 76 ej
l . i Silk Itt-tai, w..'tt. fTXTft.
iC.d.k S.Ik t. . f
Su .. ,i ,ki . in
r I .. . rfN 'If
a . .Vkv hhn,
. tor
lo nil linn nao S k-
. . v I
hi .Made Satiiie fi.m T.a
fl.2. al.utj, 1 ay.ta
b'ocadr Velvets
In iltr and t la-'k .u. inning
lantifull w u i I....! .it.ira
hie tthadiv- in Satins M. t. i.-ux liliad
erne. Surralie. Satins, 1 hp4pnnja aha,
etc.. Si i. No A t -hum
Thete Lo P' ot h 'be blory.
I l.rtal Caln-i h-i . ni i
Gkmd ( tio-! lowehiig. :k" and 4c
(it tni xardwide br. w n C - i .i, 4c, 6a,
8t lej ppjl v
titasl Hleac! ( tt'.t. 4- 'n 7i lit
'M- and Kn-
(titigliams. fi, 7. . ward
Wide a I tin j-,rt.v; ( a , brn at An,
Klc ami 11.
Liiuui Liiwj.s J.'1 i Tr. . 'Jfk' m nil 2'
llailtifill Sht lies. 'S-
Wlm s.'..t-j, nigtfhgnaj M
lirtnai I'ro s f...i- .'. '.k-and
'1 ah! L.ii.-t 1'. 1 '. 2' hd
Lmen Tejejtsfi f.tt fk, lr, .. Up, l,l5r
1S- Mid Jhv
White 1 trees br. ts f... :;i ." t. Tc, la J .
tid upward.
We ar v out i luti.' M f ftna
plHid Cauibntw f .r 1J a..rth from Saw
to.'l'w. Tb-e a t m .- we have
ever s.s :.
Tin- Bes( Kind
'I lit re an f ( 'iihiin
Ih jiartriichts in town. Mut we
t au t belp 1 biDkitig ind rmm
h' ha nikT 1 i ;t ftji s i- tii
tl). beM of H'h kiud. And
w hat 1 1 that kind I
I'ojmlai i - tl4' 4-a- and
st rOHfJ6f1 answer.
f ),.iY i . prnAo at,
4 . nnKt ni'"i'-r;C j i - ff
t he IJe-t mo-1 'I hr t and
nifct Klf'trant TaiUniiti. crn
ult us nn vb'tiiigT fjfjWfjwi
Sinn Livijt 4'uM 1 n r
rmttinpi aiol TrouHerifig.
Custom Department,
T -
i esaahaaedT asPB Has flrwi tf aevt
.t - .- ...
issfass a Wane Wi
Naf iMtp-
wae rfid
1 1 '
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