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Grand Rapids morning telegram. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 188?-18??, June 29, 1885, Image 4

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Secon t Keiment M S. T Valley City Light Artillery. Springfield Guard I. S. T., ami Independent j
inpaiiy, fr.ui Muskton. will parade on the 4th. Also G. A. K. Posts, . Of Y. l amps, tt. II. industrial
s V (i U Druiiinu-rs in Uniform. Mounted Knights,
BPatfHGFBLD OUABD BAND, 2 strong, one of the hest in the State of Illinois, the ST. JOHNS
KAI.U M N ASCKNSION under Prof. E. D. Hogan, of Jackson, afternoon of .July 8d. WBB WORKS
hoth evenings SHAM BATTLE. Mounted Armored gOB-bost Barrett.) The Decoy. The Attack.
Heroic Defense. MAY THE BEST M AN WIN. Playing by the Lacrosse Club. All on the afternoon
of .lulv L PYROTECHNIC DISPLAY in the evening, at an expense of $1,000.
1 mm -n all roads will not leave till display is over. Tickets good from July 8 to 6th, one fare round
trip Ample accommodations. No raise in prices.
President of the day, Hon. K. F. Uhl, Orator, Judge-elect A. 13. Mo km-:, Bsd( t Hon M v k.m
tlsrshal, H. P. Bismras, chaplain, Rev. Sjjuoxd H. Cos.
Exception Committee, Grso. W. Thompson, W. J. Barnhaht, 1. 1. Cuiy. ( 'apt 11 N sfoOH C Q
Bwbnsbebo, Capt. W. A.. GlVETT, Major O. B. WlKfflT.
The following will be the line of march: West on Fulton to Jefferson street, north
on Jefferson street to Shawmut avenue, east on Shawmut avenue to Summer street,
north on Summer to Bridge street, east on Bridge to Canal street, south on Canal,
Monroe and Sheldon to Maple street, east on Maple street to Jefferson avenue, and
north on Jefferson aveuue to the Fulton street park, where the oration and other
exercises will begin.
SMs. V httt B'Jd.fltS i.
I Wmma Wk M i v.
f. M.t It (! lr
"YMI ha ri mi Ujf ta a
liv r ifvr Alin h ."ol (
lMva t ihr llir. "I lav lauu
br U, a
Yn' m "
l i ban.
Hv u a,im n her fr six
"Abo! I va been wattia' on h m for
tb tn Ifnjfth ot tiiae - wun fur
bim u marry ear "
Jtur n nVaai "
Ii i ' i para
SjeS, thai SeeeaaVi It onif
Safta a kmc tiaaa to aiaac uu thir
"laa't thr yniin
I houNI 'h nk 9o-"
an 1 I rum it
n "' f.T 1 rnvf.1T for Iart
f' ami finally lt nitr I
not hM in aar leMtf I wrr
eNa irlor an t u rr wn.
air yaar . rhr ws
an-l .rklin and act
ing Tk th am fool alln v
' If ma' A fai ran r -
h i , i f .. H
gat'iffv rirrv m hr. T d.ln t f:
No ra
N WH. I Hr4 t
krjf a I HMri '. nl hen I wni tnto
" W I i M v a ant aal oC aa4
it t ai v la y . iher to knw f yon
i ' - nl WiU
y rtd. bat sajt I
v 1 n von marry
araaad bar u y
i ' ' ' ' l -
naiaiV. a I aid h
aia aa. ia low '
bn Ma
r f '
y I. rWi'n
Mabba yoa
fl. nl lh ' n
t wkSa
hTin m ftr a mothar
i th yrlona br4 kmai.
- j iaa t v r '. r
I 4 ' t f.i -r ru i ;tK
aal tba ftaw anf bra
s. i - r tm h r fci
nf I hnl fo -I? that
jr-nn for th AMnit
; ; 1 o n ''
n he 4r IM th.ji"
'WalU : 'i nn
a i .;! I mi h, or nnr
. ti t mil JaVSj aaaa m
f faavaftpfftt bti"
baal a ba wft an ara how
1 p Man o hr nf him
a braak -bow it eaat aa
artol baai tit tbatalL
Tien -h-v x . - '
aa tail
a4 aat f
at pot
'Tin -.-t
mrhia at
tfat .
si ni f
tn?r' n ti- !f nut up and the
cha n to ni.M I m l ,r W, I n ;t tii
wrran I 11 lt yo I kaow. Hit aat in
fo va' I 11 Irt him know th it me
I a tf9M ma in DatfaS i aliv :ml k k
;iol all m (u l k'' l-!r U b'rtt
The v - i i taaa c ri.
Santiago l Cuba i a v-rv 'trau'
city. Th' hoiiH- anl -tois :ire so
built that th wall? cm be aim t n
tiiIy tlmwn opf n. whilf the iit rior
have aaartt that at aata aM aad un
obatrurted !o '.h -ikv Th; monej t
the at mtry w slriin-. arni nothing
about the city it faruiii;ir to an Ain r
; A r-al Ynk'- ' v 1 I -k
a follows
Sini' h;tow I can't U ll ii-n I'm a
doors a n I whfn I'm aout. I've got a
roru. or "iomthin', in a h -wl hTv. and
Yrrn ben into it, MM I iryinj: ar.iound.
but I -o M not tll .vh- ii I as in the
par!r or whn 1 m in the nitch'-n or
back yard, -o I'm ttandin' aout h r- in
tba park ant to make any nustak. I
tarul il i"wn th trrt a minut' ago.
Iut I ot ifra d I m sflit mk arm- k'
ant I 2it rre I f I bein' fo in I ia "om'
bodv4 bi k parlor
'l ve got a 2t ti fhe mrifv if th
place, b' t I in t makf hea-N nor taU
of it I : -s - 4 it birk har I jfot
it. ani pa-'d it ov-'f th- am- c Mitr
I rec k n ' j niiiiie
'I o uM wnt the hit r) dthepli I
alrea-ly All I r-.-.-l i- rh tlit. It
wa ev il'itlv built ih r ift-r th
flod. it' book d Wi) by toeartBr
juak. burnHl up by a volt ano, reaat
tl.tj. w I ft jimI aa 'tw found Thf
ahle eoun' rr w but rv it K.en
lar l n VVh"reTer the people h v
touehwj it they ha ma le a m tl M
faf Tr m rft
Tba by win o- parlor ear f ifTr
frrim h M .v p . r! - r ir n man
n oitant i U N lb hay window
featurw n the mot vrkn: f ' f
di,v re, to aW i m iaal ob Tr. In
til d the ord nary flat window.
thee -r are Atbai with a r ea of rive
bay windowa. aaeb about wren ft
wi) sni a tr rt hi r "hn u-ual
rS"v ara aimpwwl of a m -
tbrea fet wnie. fnm h h tw
hta aVSaet ai aoatr r
"pere hi ao amjaetinn h'y -.'r
1 ar but th w . :
fall with n th ia'tHor br
)!'. and tbe deattfiaiaf tba iaffn be
rd i
tie n r
o Ten n bey-n I
inmi r mmly
Itjfa br H r a
and aat
'Derailed by a Swa Kmk a h
aaabaraaaa aaad:n aa
nag empmrier aaaa for aa at1 iaoat at
ear briajT (kfnag a tbe track by lb
aiiaamna -4 tb raiU frwai taw at
l.irl r. li llir I it
aab v i t Hat Peat
4 Pr Orphan
f th I
n night, after she bad crept to her
bed of rai:-. braittd and -r' froiu Old
N:vn's laily i'eatmg. she iukI heard the
biiiith Siad - -ft I v blowiag mi the
win low. anil h whispere l.
"Oh! South W'inl. have pity oh me' I
am beaten tad WOfkad and starved' lie
kind to a poir orphan girl!'
"But I can not aoflaa ld Nan'-,
heart,' a WW ail Iht biefe. "nor tun I
bring yon fofid."
Vo i can tike a jaaaaga for ma"
"To whom3"'
"M ajabatC n Heaven."
"What i the BMJtaafaf1
le!l li.-r tint in 'li ar full of
jiaaty, and Bay nights are long with
aorrow I want to I? with lier in
! t p. oMM, and I will bear yfur
BH4SHgc'" whipoied tlie wind; ai d iba
forgot her wrctcio dne-s and. Ie j ng.
d, e i:i,'d of y, n'li v iI'ck m-l -m h U-.tH
tiful laaran iaal aba triad out in ummj
of nd awoke Old Nan
"llow dara vou!" growled the hag;
and -he teat U- iiill itjfHin ami i n
lot h T d e .m
Th taxi nijrht the South W.ii 1 whis
p r -1 -V t e window, and "h. hil l rose
up an i aafcad:
J) d o i ' ad ' Baotberf1
"Ti" a long way to Hea- en'" an
4wei.t the nd. "Have ;a enre tad
le. a ia n. "
The i biM lept. nd n her dream
he -at benea'h irreen treen an I I .TeneJ
to aa Kwa ( aaajit tha' 'iii Nm was
afja n awnk' ! i by Iter umik
U i J r I e ,,
In h r fun . ind -he heat IS rluld a- if
h nient to k II her.
On the t hit d night 0 South Wind
wv lite in com in r- I he rh I was
alone m th r loo my rrxim. anl t
fer was at hat tint I h ti -I ;ind
m . ,n I. .' ! fir I rv r.- ! .
It wor t raata it wont om
the. Kept eall nj. b'i! by and In aVt
heard t', riisth of t' e v. I U mi
d i 'i i I e ; i ! f t .' o lh-
w;ndoA n t rn e tip
T)ii aaa Sad my aaatl tr?1
Aye' an t she t- ' aj
" Wait a I ttle w; le and alerp
An l fie rhdd - I -Ir- am- d of
a path w n th "ii.h 'irk n
trm' n.
tftti! 1 '
n m r d win
Ilfaron ai be
' -
the :.-
aBa tf aatae i it
aa1 more than
fait ; ed had aat 1
pered .
Be if braea
Hy and hv th- i
pe'-ed. a"d it her
waar if a jTa river. )a tbe
abaaa were gataa af pearl and f t
"d i thay oaaned to the tram A
i . - v, , m angfel tnd f -h
and er ed out to the eowr ehdd
He ait afraid' I am thv n r , "
tnd aa tba eaatb Wiad aarad ia
w up and bore the abtU aeiaat tba
ailver water St ; v wa nten b
he M
hag. who had jut tatumad: and ant
knelt baaiSt the bed of lags to btai b
child " Too iate!" -aid the South Wiad,
with Is f.tee nt the wiinlow.
Aye! it wu too lata. Ihlrud Free
KtpltMiMtiun Thai Preretd it l-
taefcaitM Ta RallrMMli
"Will you be kind ttXlllflfc to take
that crip-wk aat that e;tt. 1 s:ud a
counti iimiQ. who got on a Haiti at l.ul
ii g. Tax
"No. sir. I don't pfopott W do any
thing of the s.,rt." replieil the druilolier.
who a.s sitting on the Otfceff aMi oftht
o VOa any th il yoV are fOiat to let
thai grip aiei ataa right there?
"Yea, sir. I do'
"In ease ou don t remove thai
sack I shall le under the painful n i -litj
of calling Ihe ; ondurtor. N
"You can tall in the condutto-, Iht
engine m. and the brak -mrn. if ou
wsut te Terhapi you had better o;
at the next -.tat on. ami send a spe i.il
to old Jaj GaaM bimttll aboal it.
"The conductor will put you ofl ihe
train. "
"I tlon t care if he does. I am not
o ng to take that grip nek from that
plae. v. i r- it i-
The indignant passenger went
through the Iram. and on lata aad
w in rhe toadactot
So .,u refine w laatota that
laaka do yaaf1 ;i-ke.i the cam Naotoi
"I ia
treat sfii-tition.
"Why lo u p r- -t ii ren-mg to
remov. that irr -m- kf1
I'. . 'is- it's not mine .
'Wiiv ltdn t vou uny so at once1'
wte i n ked aaaM Ti
Crn.hatm o F'tbea.
A few avtlu aj" I oened the stomaeh
af a eolnih weighing nine an 1 a feartet
pound I found m it two full growii
hrr ' one large whit n. one !
ling, seven rtoundera. ne -mall aola.
and one -onall skate. j!1 newly sws!
wel. fion th mouth of th wbit
n h .'n i ---'i I H .tde
the the r half l jeted r. in
of ot "i tih. rh rly a'ir "a AR Mia
large m 'if ed fishes re mr
roraf i- n an I ni'iallT ea n;bl
have aen a mM eei wtl!nw a ttil!
smaller ei. ba 1 r-' .e tail half of
tbe aw! lowed hsh pio.- tnfr frtro the
ajeath if tbe aw-tilower an I mo. ng f
-roe ho lira The wMow ing thtaaa
forth proeded Ten I . I I ntlv
aerrtrdtag to th- rite of d t on of tha
pan that h1 f te tto'H"h. aa
oiae dai lait d h
ta) of tH waowd
To h' w t -..
babes tula two h
f th-
i Ti.m
tirb ta
i- it?
a h cd one to rta faH
a VI r o Um
-Tbe ae
. rr'n may be good violin player
and aat not bt able to draw a beau.
.V. )'. fount .
Good old Mi- Way back think it
awful -tr.nige that itf ntany trl that thrn
Reader family up to Boat n ihooJd be
aaaaad Constant, ffttf ta Qaaa.
A uiichieous boy yelled "Rats!'
in the r nk in thi- city and nenrlv ere
tted a panic. It is Iraott haipoatibai
fr a -j: i I to Itttad ap in a chair with
roller -kales on. - btwari (Wl
A Maine farine: -.ty- that a cow
can be cured of kicking by catching
bold of her leg abl in the net. Jut
-o and a bee can be em. 1 of .-linking
bl tt ch ng hold of lier Itiag while S
the act. ( ' i'j Tr '
"N I at I kttingaiahed people did ou
see when i.iimviv abroad9" a-ked
of Mrs. j)b!s. on hat return Irott
Chi a a. " ih. lata of thai; bat the atai
that t k my faao) arat Wan liaag; the
heir con-umptii e to the throne . " Ax
rhnur. A Ik lie b y m Sarai i not laa)fj
'.me iii- i n ; in fiom ou lor- cry
,n beeaaaaha h d beaa aiHachf a bat
Man. ma. bt nob'. el. Id ju.t as
lit v - he beea'd walk a ma. but I
don t hw. to haaa eta tS down.'
O. V.i i 'arte.
Wboaa keep th ta apiary
the bet tra-le i-n t t
when he it betrayed Maatatt
tjizcltt. Wito-o k cot th an
l e i- n i b 1 1 - v . r. h t- only to be stii " .g
bt a ' 1 1 bacoata a haa laaaaral aw
',(, ii
-I irnat lhaaarraal f ary dataaataa
leal B inday waa not au'br iently fwr
n I ibla to bopeleaa y aajraH yti." jo-.-vi
ma- ke I a yoon' Detroit clergy
man to t lad) m nib- t of ht c .neren
t on. the other evening. " h. do' ll
wa 'pule shallow enough for . onafort
ab'e wading, thank ou' - iHlvil
'' 'reaa.
There i- a -tor of three Ynnkee
al ral wl . r mpared note One aid
"I was ta en ftr the Kneror of Rua--in
Quoth the con I "Anl Iain
! . atked if I am r t Ixm Na-
I up wpoke the third "I kin beat
th t l :la I w gotn' along tlie
i I Btpa K - -no a fedrw lapped
me on the vk in I hollered "tsatan i
tha j ta Y j ' atai
I'eiif rman of ihi city ha- a
amall Kv who aaitatof -orgt w
if i 'i culled recently the
' it 'him politely; T wiab I
h iarar to offer vou." hoi-
l- n ; ia
-urpr -e I
ajal n
an at v U
b w at mk-
I beff 'p ojvporta
they are. pa."
drawer aad
hor.e bra ad
w raawe ara the Hem a at.
t aeTteaa Saaatt
kae w th regret at trie
ing Now wa the mal
tit I know whe-e
-aid. dragging oj-en
hr r g ng out a boa of a
Ir4 prr, u mere aat 'fo wt yoa
abba k yew aaw eam to be-nawe aW
r, , V 'r Wrll, wtpToe
yon were ivng on - t an aad hi
v "I abowkl bold
np tlv- bei p oat rA f-e i the wtoek
a'r. i a- na d lfa t tb nk
bee"mirff to bw aa at, haira t a af
rteatr Wefi. what tlaaa" "Oh.
7 ( t a n w oadd take ' ae
f : f af wa I d'W t
waat yowfara erir I a aat yea fat
t perta"T - f mof Snm
Surprise. Amazement. Incredulity.
s depicts upon the couiiti'iiancr- of w t limtif w h lia
To see the Kxtraonlinary adswtnstlts, Bs BargSAIlS, s tal
Dli?6l t kttfl uiu k in
500 - SUITS - 500
Silu' fbUosring ledyctkwi from pmsi slrssaij Issi
Children'H Suits at 81.50, Actual Vain- HL60
Childn-n'M Suites $2.00, Actual Valu, $30
Children's Suits at $2.50, Actual Value. $4.50
Children's Suits at $3.00, Actual Value, $5.00
lVrcale anI KlaTin' l Wait. rorrojit,linjr in valu V. 1h
Boys' Suits at $3.00, Actual Value - - $5.00
Boys' Suits at $3.00, Actual Value - - p ( X )
Boys Suits at $5 00, Actual Value - - $P 00
Boys' Suits at $6.00, Actual Value - - $10.00
Now l your opfmrtomty r"w. Utyliftfe h
(ifKinV make, at PartK V
Wp arr liouru) t iJlijf Sta-k. i
pnw tilth thoe yrnj hav mwi j-nhere. They
r our
Giant Clothing Co.,

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