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Grand Rapids morning telegram. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 188?-18??, August 14, 1885, Image 1

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Vol. ;: V MHKK h;-
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fviUHHtllb kato kk ahaea ahaaeJ
pimir ilMMa Um im Mteaaeai Park
a... PWiaa aeeal Marry di
...! Mai I- aaM haaaaaMaj
eAto m Unt 11 1- ilk titwa faaedeel Waav uoC
Dim, Ma brti m ' ' UU lUt
PVwiaaa eat Mar UAea. J wtoai tie..
Hjl Llln t to kto IMf) oees utraeU-J 11 trot
aaaj eae auu Ui -aaa Ue reaa. TW raw alt
M, ttoitHinf1iT PfcaJtae m bo k.ur
HMIJ .( Um lurf l!e beared having
! m rmlil feuea total aad Irate-ferred to
it n i fMN MM ef ft t
Pbaltaa Tim hi eawily via ! dw ' rtx
toet M out pertuilUed to Jo . t tie bet
aa- Wae Ui, -v...U l f '.
With PheeiA a l-t fsVUtks V tiiu Ums
hnr uwaI auti that are PbaJU.- Mi
fceaartilj i)tiMrxl by ahe eeuwd u the rfraud
Ptaet reeel SMH MlkMlty waa etprri
Meed IB jfllliui Umj ieoraea away Harry
Ai.im mXjfiUti !hII I he j rtu-ii t off
lr WiJkea. wr. had th ude,
iibii ui tne load, both hum dew
tine tliue uailhrr li.. it b:oa-it
aad the rac on the dowu -utrh
bfoaa, toad WilkM ." iu wtniMr by tu
Wood rixti ir imHm tw m tb borrt
pi y m good hi. WilkM hrfhtl iu
ta ImuL Hm Unt hi fwrt. bowt r. m MBN
4 MM ') iai ib . - auil bnti iiuot
rwwfced tbo I'MiUr pi bfor b w rr
4Mtotl ID trot. Phalla boin tweuty U
iri irJ. ilkr ttl-l Jowu, and
whan Ihm ltrw , 'lurte r jMt wm rtrnru bul
utrt i'Uw - . -'.r.ii:
u. .-ui' "tr-tcll n?HHi rtwtllj. The rcr
M Um Joo trwt-b wim rluM ou. bat
i iu tbi iiuttaao imi w mmcti I'tiallan
4tiU bnk iu thr n rt bent. ut V il kt
a wtniiy hint-. ! AK
inl bMt Btb burM got r7 in tine
tyito, J'haJI. UKmtf thr Und. Harry VVdkm
brk lf..r rNU'httig tb jurtr but
mu Mrrii. rti.-til'V. borvr, iuaiu
taiiMml ifi- imi won tb hrnt vivuly.
IxMwing aiiUr tb ;r igbt Wtotfthn tohcad
- I'h hor- jfot off With Phal
Icugtb or two, which fi
ltd tht bnlf iiiiU' (iiMt n
A ilkt began to reei n and
larter ,Hde the hore were
VNtlkt made a tpurt aad.
bw lead id
t tb thr
uenrty v
4 hooting kbead, enuif ! :: u.f "tref rh
in tine 4lylf. MMMto the wire ii lengths
aba of 1'haHt iml vanning the bent nl
thw racw easily . I i mt- ' i .
Hwmamry Sterjal rcr i i'-e f4.'. i!!
nied to n r-t. !.iM to ecood.
darry Wilkee. I I J I .'balla. J I . Tune
Mi Francis Confesses,
l-aix". ig. Kranci, in au n
terview i.hniU illicit relatiotu with Mr.
I'aaree. fm! rT n rntee hnn from tbe ctiar get
f having -Ji:fd ber. Stie !)-' -lie he.- n it
fn him for threr month. She ha lxen
trying to earn an bouet living -ine tin
oiaration nl fi-ul -; r j -.iti ! i
M'1111 tn ''' (f a well known mer
chant when the unfortnnat encofiutr le
tw ber father and Prarcw gave publicity
to her history She atcii-ee ber fat.lver of
il in( to blackmail Tea rce. who. the .
never irealetl ber .ink.u.lly.
A Mystery Solved.
n. ig. 15. -The boJy of I. lent.
Kdwsr-1 WaIImcw Keiney . of thr 1 ntted State
Navy, who baa been mining ince February
im fivnod U day floating in tbe North
Kiv.r The htdy w ter'ltily tleroni.-oed,
anl m it wan lifted from the water the head
rll iff
Pearce"s and Francis.
h-ai-'H. :K- 1 '.. Mr I'.nnv Mtt. that
kee if. .t intend t. n.''i - t.'.e nitj f . r
,;h. 1 - -igbt gaint hun ty Krann- 'n
ennnt if Kearee' aceoeAtion of blackmail.
He ffect- o ctnidr Franci s cranli.
Faarre waa preeent to day t the nrt fitting
held by th- I mi inieeion of Trade Itoprr-
M. f which he r a uiemtier. He looked
igarl nl worneo.
SrrM-Po Epidemic it Montreal.
N4 V H;. V i I he p ret; dent of the
local beard of health tfeaiarea that aaaaU-noa
14 ! epitienoe 'ere. The civic hospital I
rrowlel th SK pattwtote. Uid I nt wing I
in irv- ' nore. H w many re
Con-molore 8ig r Retired
VwniK.T"i, '5g I ' 'omrrmdor haa
fen nlaaaa apM the Mitred hit f the navy.
I ..turT'.Mi.ir.. iU.ljf. VI- n i;!v v , :
MBydant of 'he Hoeton navy ynrd until a
' -w montfr ef -ih retirement.. He h
been in the navd ru inee 141. nd haa
een more than .'I yar f I'-ti t e er
. .e
A Cbo'ta Scaee at To'edo.
rlllKl. X 'if l''' MTeV. ewr
UMtrnito'- wae taken emtolealy ill laet night,
v. lot.! i'ii v f-T.ng H i-na -xhibite!
,, -he r'nij f 'iaHi Ik WtkJ)ki Ml
uie are jratly aiarmeil ko1 die Roitrl f
e, hotild
hoera in
A r 0d Ch.ef C'k Removd.
IMMJ he. 1:1 William D Hayn e.
ef I Mtnoe. wee fcn JnT pptvinretl hef "lerk
".te'if the Fin wiotant Pet
meetoni leneei. v - v farr trane
ferrtr-l n ..erk-eu M -re .1 Se
tal ai iie ia HV7. and w" appointed Herk
in the F'iat I nflee I Vpartmeat ha 14A
V.a hJ H.s ItaMhl
I tmaeter -enet
t toa day hie hia Man
. : e j v i
al I lee left Wa
Me O" v M a --id
-a ' drtr-nas T
aht a ftuflhNiait againet lalpM
. A , IU H
f tttm mill utttari
rp4l the aroyi
Ajr t bo Itutifi
ig i ttlvwaa huae
a - .. :
awaAi vlart at tea boan if tawtr uo deeireo.
1 1 wm thjewaed to aa aataart aaaattaoae jie
, v- t '" I rie crew- of lit uilIU
.. wfk I 'irw or to af taitt-awuci
rtvftoveu to go to work uou nay but liter old
nnadrr It i th'gi i it u - Hon u
Mf Me heMwa lb txre'k boae of lb inte
hwrv. ead toany r ttte irtMim of
k icaeure b-re.
1 Death ot a Vounu Man on Ihe
Hailroad Near Wayland
. , t I ui. 1 Ki u t m a
vn 4 1 l axis Aag. IX A yoMtf otaa, aged
.11 ty trie uauie of bar ten A. I borne,
ruirrl from Atitou. t hHoia t'ouu
t,. wtierta hi pareuU reetde. wae
run over by the Ho'cha'k pannruger tram, on
I iieeday eveuiug at Sprague crueetng thrtxj
iuarter of a mile ulb of thie village. A
ft uuiiutee Itefore be wae -eru lying be
i arru tfir rail - u tbe eroding b two mall
-. Who trnd t aroti-e bun but did Uot
, , .! um- ( ttiriii thu went and iu
vd bH father, who immediate!) urot-e
uLii .lreernrd b to --e to him. but Iteiug
at roda away did uot have time before the
i U -Hiiie ril. .ug Ai the el.gllleer ahlrttle-l
twice iitd rang the lell. he ooppotHrd tbe
id off and the train did not -top.
I v.i.- r,-e -o horribly mullltttrd hj
I.) rte beyond recognition. By letten on bis
i-rt.u lui friend; were fouud and notified.
Ibrougb btyiug and harvest he
had worked fvr Mr. Welly in Martlu,
ho aid him $'J. on !. :. lt . N moue)
1m lUg found oil his er-ou lead- -Hiiue to
.-t ful lla. a hi father and tbe -phl
where tie worked in Ma rtiu claim that
he ws- a -otter, industrious young man.
It ls announced that the Kev. Geo. Caiideeis
toy irt a weekl) Prohibition uew-paper at
MH the art tsaue to be on unlucky
Friday, the 'JNt of August, rtahecriplion
'Ht J.', cents n year; terms and sie of the
., hi te in keeping With tbe strength of
the party it uportji.
What " The Telegram" Correspondent
Finds to Interest the Public
i ..rrtt'Mtl-n-e f I'liK I ki kouaM.
Byron ( "e.n r k a, Aug. 1:5. - -Prentiss Weaver
and family leave to-dny for a four weeks
rMI in Nebraska. Mr. Win. Hender-on
returned home from California im Monday
last. Miaa Inec T bom peon, of (rand
K.ipids. will teach the Fail term of school in
the McKinney district. Fditor H.tllack.
of the s itimt i Ai t oiw f nt, is in town to-
i ill tireeu and wife are CHinping at
ataWW during the present month.
The A.lventists hold S-ibtmth seho. pic
nic in Sharp's grove U day. There will be a
lower) dunce in the -ame grove this even
itu'. B. McNeill has on exhibition at his
store a hen's egg which is omehat of a
-ity. It consist of a double, or rather
of two egg. It measures nine inches in
circumference, weighs ". 4 ounces, and en
rioted in this mammoth anal another
compit v . i the -;e .if (in ordmury
.-i.'- egg lbi.se ti.-ill i- booming. The
H oily UM played a match gmie with the
DatrMM on M Saturday which resulted
in a s"ire of ." to '. in favor of Dorr. The
Hanly Club will play the Byrou Center Clnb
it tins place on t'.'l'. V'i' 1". Mr-.
S U e;iver. who w is Im mnd over to appear
if the next term -if cmirt to MM b the
charge .f bigamy, h i skipped.
Burns Not Identified as the Gentle
manly Burglar.
I Iu- morning the famdiea of James I),
lae. iren Scotten and W. K. Heame came
b p.!ice MjfMtM and were given a
to- 'ip "Biily" Burn, the supsted
""g ntlem inly l"irgl-ir" iir-e-t.-.l by a po-e
f paMetnen nad detectives on Crogh m
street. The victims of the gentlemanly bnrg
I r were poieI on one -wle of the aseembly
room in the eeutral station, and Billy wa
hown to them in half a dozen different co
tntiim - ftrt in the suit of clothes be wore on
I ti. .1. . i. r. i. ... . ii..n ...,i
n a long r'it't'r coat in it wa lonnu witri
bis vulise t Mr. 'Oannoo't MMI on Brews
t r street: then with a mask partially hiding
his fare, after the style of the i 'hetertield
tan rotder. then with a rnbtter cap pmlet
"vt r his eye, nd finally with two or three
different coats belonging to him. "Billy"
submitted to the ga.e of the visitors without
deigmnr to notice them, and never ske a
ad. . None of the 10 or 1.' in the room who
had seen the ht;-g!r were able to itively
ify Billy, but they were almost unan:
BMJa that Billy and the burglar look very
milch alike. e'roir .Wire.
The Reed City Re-Un.on
i ,.r --.ndeev- f Inr rrintme.
Kai ' " t tt . Aug 1.5. Preparations for
ie .in i-, Sohliers nd Sailors He union
m iel i to tie held her Septernber '. ' in I
Id. rm progreweing 'spi ' y H t nntativea
f'om ail poets in the district are tpeted.
The Miskegon. M'j i. I- and Manistee
i ' lartis ail dsn he preaMl TIM : r aj
drill at - a. m . the b-th will be hotly en
i pnee ire given. ". ?."
:.! 1 1 -' et g p"Mt use
any iar of t K K. tactics.
Foot-Pads m Antrim County.
' K HPTTO. Mel . g K I
have recent 1 y been operating between this
iiaeeand Torch Ik. a viila? 12 mi lea
neth. Several e--,ria have been held ip
and eearehed, and n prominent physician
a l-stl ir th-ee 'nieti wh le ;v -
- m . tr . f eiml. and followed
' ui lie or more.
Bur'ara at A.-le,a
AMfaWt Ifknh.. A eg IX Abargla
ig H fMM leb.
week since
fneyk Ra C - ; - -
R i aanv Aaj. IS. Laet Mgfht CheMMl
rinh a art M Oemnaa. evwaaiitted
j waaeate taking --wtgh M rata.
- .
L . a .t.i.a
rill I Dropping Dead by Scores m the
S'et Hi Pruiriiiii M.'M'ild
and Madrid
MtuaiK, Aag IS. I toe MnsiuU of U
rttiw of etooiera u tireaaoa.are horrtble.
MJ of l-lllO arte ad to drop dex.d
dail) in lte etrento. their bodlee often re
uiaiuiug uutur.ed and etpoeed to tlte
tchorvbiug hat. 1 tie re la uo attempts at a
eefwaaoaj of burial I toe oorpete are bur
. gs tier red up at night and throw u.
n ah -l r clottie-d a lit ce may be, into a
coiuuiou treucti
Uien iu, Aug. IX l tmre were thirty
fie deft the from ohotera here to day
Mi ail.. Aug 1.5 I he Director of Public
V orks and wife, and auotber government
ofhctal. died of ctiolera U day.
A Loss of S70.OO0 Lightning Ihe
Ci a tuM., 0 , Aug. 1 5. Karl) this morn
tug the Sturtevant Lumber ...pauy' mill
mi the "Flat" caught fire and tbe dry house
aud lumber pilen were soon in flame,
twelve steamers proved of little avail in
checking the flame, hut a rain storm came
up and tins supplemented the firenieuV ef
fort so much that the flames were soou got
under oontrol. It is uow ioitively kuowu
trial the tire wa caused b) the plauiug mill
of the 1 iiu ber company being rtruck by
lightning. The tire wa practically out about
4 o'chs'k this morning. The lues is T;',,.,IIJ .
baaaraaea i..ij. I lie atilli will be rebuilt
at once.
The Boston Regatta.
Boston, Aug. 1:1. - The national amateur
Ml cl aed to day with a race betweeu
eight oared crews, the oonteetantts U-ing the
Columbias of Washington and the Crescents
of Boahoa. The OolimtMi kaowad great
uperiority in form and rowing and won by
two length- in T P . lenting, by four miu
lUil tiftet li 01 Hid-, the l--t record,
ti nt of the Metropolitan Club of Newark,
N. J., made Aug. I, 1:5.
The Kaiser's Reception.
Bmi is. Aug. Id. Kmperor W illutin's re
tvptioii at Potsdam, to-day, wa touching.
Mauds of little children -ang patriotie by inns
M ke tpfM ared. The town wa- prettily d 00
ratid with flags, aud the path- were -tn wn
with 'lower-. There whs much eiitfiu-ia-in.
After a Precious Cargo.
Nkw Yohk, Aug. 1.'5. Secretary VNhitney
fdared the "Swatam" and "Vantic" to
go to New ( hrlMM and bring to W aatliHgtotl
the surplus -iler dollar- in the New Or
- r: f int. about lfs000,000 fak all.
The Sultan Submits
Ban no. Aug. Ul priraik telegram
from .tu.ibar state that the dispute
between the Siilbtn and QatMMJ lias la en
adjusted. The Sultan admit OoratMJ
-upreiiiKcy in the disputed ternUiriea.
The Czar's Review.
Sm. Pn Kusin uo. Aug. 1!5. - The C.ar will
hold a grand review of troop- to morrow at
Kriumoe-Selo, where they are MMSttpadl for
annual m.iueuvres.
On Account ot the Floods.
New Yokk. Aug. 1:5. -The New York ('en
tral K. K. Company are selling Chicago
tickebdo night, but do not guarantee prompt
Secretary for Scotland.
IiNImin, Aug. 1.5. The Duke of Rich
mond ami (Jordeii has been apsiinte
S cr. tary of Stab for Scotland with a it
in the cabinet. The otlice is a tu wly created
Wires Must be Underground.
Ham Youk. Aug. Id. The nnder-ground
wire bill went into effect today. Anyone
may cut wire off his house uow at pleasure.
Many Fan dies Made Homeless
J Maa9 CiTt. Aug. 1.5. Fire- in hjM
menfs to day made 7'J families homeless.
No one wa- -eriously injured.
Mr. Armour Gets a Seat.
Nkw York, Aug. la. P. D. Armour, of
t 'hieago. to da) purchasetl a seat m the
Stis-k Fxchange.
Gould Goes Yachting Again.
Nkw Vokk. Aug. IS Jy fh-nld startetl
on another ten days y acht cruise to-day.
it i BQ it rait it it I 1 1 1 1
A stnd or twelve California horse, the
property of I eland Stanford, has arrived
at K'ichester. N. Y.. for the race.
! , . it n f Mi--iel.i-. tt. based
on returns received for the census of !.-,
H 1. Ml a gain of MOyHt inee li.
V if'y ronng Isdiea from ilifferent purts of
the country hik the veil at the (reru. n
Catholic Convent at Wilkesbarre. Pa.,
Vt etlneeday.
Ib S. Hamburgber'e tanne y. at wego
Fall. V Y . wa burned early Weilneaxlay
. ntaihng a loa of ftVt.ni) on sbsk
and building.
Tbe encampment of the ii. A. R. porta of
Coattai and Southern Illinois will open at
Hillstmro Thnraday Governor gleaby will
be on- of the spanker.
Advicee from ;h tdirondack Wineaday
risirteI Praaidnt Cleveland had reach-1
' -. in the north wd and begi;n
Mi saon ' recreation.
The official announcement is now mail
that the Wiaennsin Central Railroad Com
pany will build sn :n bt-n lent ! ne to ' '
cago. using th- W nikeeha route.
Tu family of iMnial Abagh. Jr.. near
New Phi la. b pni'T'd
Wsineeday t) eating toad atorg. ' ma l- ,
bd mul f.nr ther praon ar in a critieiil
M-. Mary C Hargin will institute nit f.r
the ieoeary of a large trnri of real
ahieh ae fern a pert of Syeaue. N
TN land wa hoaght mora than forty yaers
ago by her late hnalerd
The mystery attar-bed toy tbe merrier of
! Hsreti n Brooklyn. N , Monday, haw
ben eiearad ar by the ennfawaWwi of TrV-m s
J Tinetr ig his etetwrn. that he del t e
heottag, eiaiiwiag to Sara aetedi to eetf-
, fa fan ae.
- " 1 ' r g
HI Company sgamt the ttiee Reining
Ceaapany Bf f ta-r,ngs f ir a fiaade
ieiiT ieiirarv nf aa mfarior arle nf nsi pro
(it N UHANT b I UM b
ei rtort Aivty te ti I'lgattl AiJ
tll Wo'-" r
Se aji k lum hae - -
Urowu ovf thaaaaal tiraat oea-t
ia Ua outtagw at Ml M ""a '
wee toots toed over Um toetub at
Kieraide Park l rev .e I .- luoitoitg and
Hie flag eUitWi I .ad taeea deal) raised tlea-r
-iu U fuurral Wr relumed to U. I'aik
C-LMnmi L--" by wteoMi it wee i.ai.e-i li
ttadonga at Ue tailtovry It war U large f n
M -iff on 1'ie hivenade PUlau and had to
be eoots-tl ui wtam bste-d Ittere.
A innfereiW of tlie Pr.aluve 1 vcUauge
( oililliillee to CO ola?rat With the llleli
( UIUIIIIIU Ui rala tllUdr tor tbt rrts-tltill if
monument to ti rant will Isr held tavakM
row. Mem bent of tbe Couaohdated Petio
leuin F.icbauge. Maritime AMtciation and
( lottos i ti bange are ala airtr-ling arrange
u. elite t a--ist in ttie Wrk. I lie Chan. 1st
ot Commerce men will lke art ion in Wit
matter at their neit meeting.
Lightning and Ram Play Havoc In Ni
York State.
Sauahsia, Aug. 13. A aevere rain, ac
companied by thunder and lightning, occur
red here today. Several mineral spring
were flooded, tree were uprooted, and ".tu
water maius burated. Several house Were
flooded to a depth of four and five f.-. t.
A laudshde covered the track of the H..a
T unnel for over fifty feet. leter Chatter
ton. aged l waa instantly killed by an
electric ; hck, a were aki the horses
he wa driving. A hoeM on tranite -treet.
...- .; led by stveral taiuillee, was -tru.-k MQ
the chimney and several rafters shivered.
1 he U. It descended into the house, tore the
plastering from the ceiliug. pa ed through
the stove and entered the floor underneath,
splintering the boards. Several tenant- had
narrow eecape.
Dr. Green Says the B & O. Was Made
to Speculate With.
Nkw Yohk, Aug. 1:5 -In an interview t
day Dr. Norvin Creu,"'re-ident of the
Western I inon I . N graph Company, - i -from
his jK'rsonal knowledge the Baltimore
4 Ohio Telegraph Company was orgatned
with the objeol :if selling out ata profit to
the We-tern I n ion Ci in pan , but later the
railway MUBMd the stia-k and the affair
took the shaa of hotiert coinpetitn. He
says the tir-t apsaraiiCe toward a comprom
M wa- made by the Baltimore A Ohio
through a lawyer who had done work for
lajth companies. He would not doal with
this party, considering the attempted MgO
tiation its iinotVuual anJ the terms too high.
later . Dr. Qreea ailegi there oama
proposition for an interview through Mr.
Pender, which al-o originated with the 15.il
timort) A hio jicople.
An Important Case Decided.
Pi i iMiu ho, Aug. ML-Judges McKeiinean
and Ate!, in -on. of the I nifed States iM-tnct
Court, have tiled an opinion hi tM MM A
Mi'ilmr) vs. the New Viirk, Peim-y Kama i
Ohio Railroad m opposition to tt.. laaHenr
factum. Tbe decision is hostile toeveiy i 0
ntlOO taken by the Mellenry party . It not
only refused b remand the case- to Crawford
county court, but it rescinds the order of
that court appointing S. B. Daoh receiver,
and a'so refuse- to entertain a motion t..
appoint a receiver by the I Failed State
Dilke and His Shame.
Lonimin. Aug. 1:5. Sir Charier Dilke ha
engaged Charles Russell a- leading and Mr.
S-arle as junior counsel. The plaintiff's ra-t
ha leui strengthened by the attendance of
a physician called to Sir Charles Dilke'
hOMB when Mrs. Crawford MOKaad to b
sinking under hysteria an-ing from an alter
cation with the mi-tre-- of St Charles. The
council of the Liberal eUAOCtatiotl W divide.)
a to wl.ether to a-k Sir Charles to retire
from public life uutil after the trial of the
divorce case.
Saratoga Races Postponed
Nkw Youk. tug. 1.5. The ran - at Sara
toga have len poatpOMd until tomorrow
on account of the bad condition of the track.
rww 0
.. S 0 II 0
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Ht. I -
1 li 14
0 O- S
Itaae hite. Buflalo b. Hf. I.ins k Krn.r.
Buffalo ".. Ht. Is.iiis 12 Pitcher. W.nnI and
Hweoney. I'mpin-, BaMf.
rhHaiiiiikhi 2 I I I I I I ' t
Ho-n.n ii n ii 1 ii u 0 ii u- 3
Itaaehits. Ptdladelphia !. B.sm.n 7
l-irr. .r
Philadalnhie t Ba-nm 7. Pltehere
and Whitney. If m pin. Kergus-.n.
I n-ar-
i Mhera.
2 0 1 0 0 0
u f 3
. 4 I ii n 0 1 0 - !
(rettean ml BeOeradek. Dapire
I Hot 1 1 o s r
...0 0 0 0 0
U 0 II ii 0
I ii u 0 1
Be dita. New Virk PtUlidMea 1 Frr .-a,
N"vr York 4. Providanra ft. I n , r- h-- ' h
KlbMirne. Umpire nrry.
TnR.iT'i. On Au. IS. Th r.,nin'esl il Inek
f tr.t Toronto tst. hall rhih tin ei.t Mtapteiiai
on the mana,puint of it An attempt will ts
ma.lt. to rtnrr- ' h" old intarnaM' .nal leri-.
takina in . biha from bUn KettfRr. Buffalo. !
i Inadna. Hamilton. TWoMa, MMtal ihuw
..r I IfietnalKire.
Chicago Markets.
omnr F. f.TashM PmM Meak, 1
taan HAnia. Ana it ier. t
nfgaa Ke-i-.rtail Wheat nd Cora ataedy.
H-n Hitv leM .1
Whmf Ana Ml - M fgu
Hp Whl N 5
i nrr, S i fS t 4' , t. ,
Oet tH s 44 , 4
(lata S.f 24 M 4 H M
p-rk Hep tr. r s i ( r
tw v an to I ft an
leard faat A I Him i
Na .
N mi ie M afweey r
A "Stay at 1-
pr ' llsnr r1.-rl e'r-tr. Td higher,
reetat nf- $4 , . -a,
, tt i - ' ' svf 4 vx4
t .vBTn-nt.ta -!..( -'rl "n r t ae "e 1
h4d 4 a, rtn-p.m. l2 bid 4- it, Ptharl
IV hV Waitrieart Konrta etaarl aa fo'lnwa
UnoB ftraa. lt&a)lt&H uvrel erJes ''tl
iMkeM fwada liT bwt. Ceaatialn. 1IS41-
Oef eo-t
lu Ui.! ot 1 brre C - ty bope neO'l In
In. ret I I e tf.r Louil
btiouid Maee tr.t He a
A tepreea-ntal. of li.( i txauaiel civlied
1. 1- x i rini..i rat riuertarn. of iter
tlvvwaUi V at d. ) elt tvla . and aeked ba opin
ion of ihe at Hon. .f ii.. i nuui'il ia aoffrfhag
Ut r ullon itlit . I . i to . a-, im ;t., ,oi iur
t 'our lie Mild "I tteiv rel tier decision
of u. Council and the opinion of Cit Allot
Ue Kam. m. on the f.is . hut I have not
given it NU) etrsual thought. 1 war at oue
time in favor of locating Uee 4Vurl Hoiim-
there, but 1 am not no much in favor of it
linn, although it inh) tie htcalod lliere, ae a
matter of roouoiu), of we ma) chuiene a ell
rint'Where and b l lt.,il oue go M pltwxUI
I'lulU'f Would In- IU thr VlCllill) of the
Uovt rnmrnt building and City Hall. 1
would not object to loct ng it wliere tlte old
building now plan 1-. a- the lot now owned
by ttie count) I one hundred t et Mjtiare
and additional pro-rty to the north can be
bought V f) t i-olialue I l.e count) Up-r
riaan are in favor of tbe park, but vet) few
of the city meudier are We cannot do
au)thing Hi the matter until get l .. d
omm m tka Mj imm OMri1
Supervi?sr ls.M)inlr, of tbe SeOoUil NXard,
War Iu lt iteli aad elpfea-ed hlr opinion ae
follow- "If the deaudon of J udge Parrtah,
athrmlug the title of the County tu
tfie park, le -icdaiurd by the
Supreme Court, then the cit.ir.eus wiU le
confronted with the ijueetioii iu about this
ahllpe the ti!l to the projell) it. in the
county, tor the pnrjsa.- of a Court House
and foruoother ; thecnmt) i debarre! from
si lling it to the l it) for a park, or to an)
one for an) purpose. If the count) builds
a Court House elaewhere, theE I lie title to the
Btetath halt revert- to j it partial, the I il
erton heir-, et al. and the n rth half to the
tit), by virtue of a ipnt cla. in from luis
'amplill to the city. I o eriM-t a ( oiirt lloue
will require an appropriation to te voted on
by the citieiii of the entire county. A
propo-ition to build el-ewbcse would proba
ably la- voted down bj votern outaide
ot the city and would al-o be OpaaMd b)
mail) in the aMffi tot the MM that to
locate or build el-. wln re wc uld lie to re
lniipjlsh all title to the Paik tote. So that
practically the -pie-lion will l.e m er-t. in the
near future, a Court llou-e on the Park, or
no kaarf EIdmi at nil.'
Supervi-o- Bciijamain, of the 'Third Ward,
-aivl: "I have read the decision of the
Superior Court Judge anc. think it i all
right. When I was in the City Counnl I
advocated having the Cit Hall and Count)
Court building- under one roof, in the Park,
but a- another -Ite ha- been cho-ell for the
City Hall I think the count) building -hould
be erected oil the Park. It Will C,-t pro-
bibl) im ti bii) atiot In r -ite and then
we will have to give up the claim to the Park
altogether. 'The re-ldelits of the City have
to pay lift) four per cent of the entire
count) taxe, and I think the) will not wi-h
to bu) another -ite. when ti ey can have tlu
one gratis. If it i- decided that the county
ha- a title to that lot. I -hall In- in favor of
-ubinitting the uropoaitaM to the people at
the coining spring election f taxing the
county for the building of it Court House."
A Traveling Man Falls in With a Ni m
her of Momentary 'Friends "
Yer-terday morning K. H. Wherry, a tr
eling man who re-ih a at Mar-hall, uotitie!
the detective- ht had baM MlMd by a lixal
gang of fakin-and gamble--. He says that
about 11 rcTi5l note the hoar), the evening
before: he went into Hugln- - -al sin on
lottaai -tnf,. where he ii et -everal men.
Five of the niltllbt T followed hlin out of the
BollOM and ahM j i -t out-:de they relieved
him of haa pocket it.ok eootaiaiiig if.' m
money and -oine bank note-. He i- ijuite
B) rt.tiu Tom Connor- and Iaii Iteecber,
two looa d k lactam of fame, performed the
trick. He followed the-e partie- to the Ar-
better Hall, ahare ke m. t uoaatera and deaM
him a -i vere blow over 'lie head with a
loaded cane, mlhctiug a painful wound. He
afterward- entered a C' lnplamt against
the pair, but not being wi ling to lo-e time
in remaining hen- lotBOtlfj ajtatMl IM men.
uothing will lie done further. I heirfneer have
no ca-e without a witiu-. and the gambler
cm -mile it tin- piaOB of luck and tr) it
again on the in xt victim. The dear, lnno
ct nt little fakir- do not .piake much over
the Mayor! ptoaJanaliM that akaaj mut
go. at lea-t a large aataher yet remain iu the
The Hotel Register-.
AtT hk lloarroa ll Tiger, n- fork; K.
L. DetBfcagi WW York; A. IVyley. Ctucago;
Bennham. Milwaukee.; A. Archibald. N. w
York; 1. W. lormg. B- MM . . U .,
W.hhI. Toledo W. K. T-ird. Toledo C. W.
Baatar, BoatM; Na-t.. Lomnbmi 0 c.
Potter. Chatham; J. H. Ie-nng Sycrauae
S. A. W i-wt ll. Cbmago; 4a. ,1inrN-. Kala
ntaaoo; O, Hatch tnaoa, CiDOiaaati; IT M.
Mor-e. Iv.i-t.il). Tt T. Calver. Ibtrmt; J.
(ilenn, Jr.. Hetroit. IT Simon. New York.
S. H. Kw, l.aiiing.
At Hwirrr M. Bowman. Detroit; F L
Howling. New York; C. T. F.vans. New York;
H. Stern. Rochester; J. Koch. Cleveland; VV.
T Sehmit, Chicago. I. K'st nb rg. Sew
York K M. Vdier. St. Loaaa: EL P Ik
r. Chicago: I. MacI-!. Hetroit: .1 C.
Mclaughlin. New fore; W B.aby, A.
Webb. 0 II lurk. Potltlar; Lv i Simon.
iK-troit. . Ka-f. Il.tr .it. N miley Chi
rago. W. T French and wife. Itoeton.
K r Tin F...i t v 1 ncngo. .
C. Holli. Chirelow. T. Hall. KalamM xi.
F. W. Cragin. Cleveland. 4 S F .t. ltow.ll.
K. Warevilie. M ii.neaioh; J. C. Cainon.
Elkhart; C. B. HhtUeager, Big Itaaiaai H
M. Keny on. Battle Creek . K. K. Mrainger.
Winona; A. K OMaphaiL Middleville. . W .
W'altrhona, NilsTiti.
The Reporter's Last Resort.
The offtnera we. t t died yeatrday that
Jimmy Lynch, a aomewhat notonona yotilh.
t" we. t ; m. 1 ' - of age. had rt.t.fead
hie mother, alio reaidea at 111 TTiird avenoe,
of -i in 'w-ti nd b, i-ft for TinknowTi
Hylvaater 'M.eeka. lt bvaa tit V. 1
Piot. and th
wake. I
e Mary ( llarev
nt It i eiaimad
Tb Cortraf.f Renenwed.
Ve Y a. Kng M - The ranwal ref the
fSftn yar etn.'a-t bs4we.fi the PwaawyT
vanta Railroad Company and the PaOaaM
fMaaj n- Cka In te ran laahaa af
E.stiih!ished 1854.
Our National I Vlt'hratioi
topthci wit ht he low jinccts
wrt atp telling oar Drj Good
and Caafpoil for, lirouli t
tlii city I y far a LMt-.tt1.
ntmiKcTof pftfjple from cn
lOCtion of our iteVtO than c
before M an MXSMkttl thai
has vcr occuit'ii in the hir.
tory of i J rmnd l(ail-.
S P in .. CoKPAJTY,
Our entire stock f Siiihiim-
Dren Qooda, Silks, tteMolt
PaH8, Lace-. Im-1MV. Ii.-
Lawn-. White Orcss ii
fa. will poniiyely clomn
out .
Spkinh A: ( kaMPaJ .
Opm next alvertiiMiuetit will le otl
ititereet to every purcliiuer ttf J r (fait
and Cnrp4ta thau anv that ha ever aj
(tearel iti any piper in Hue ontintry. Jt
will HiiriineeevexyUi,aiji. will het.t,i-'
every dealer in tlna State. Mre thai
half a million ieiile will re.d it Kv t
ajajt in Hue city will read ihat rmi "-eaui
Kltra tvhtxitiM will lie ;.nntei riiittiintif
th HdvertiHen rtit. Kveryone getting h
OOpJ vffllDMp it, M it will contain imt
ters of hiird uitorHet th:d jnn will waid t.
ke p in niir faiaoilv and pn-ere f. .r fu
t lire giieratioua.
HrhiNu h C- m i ant
Jul anil Aufpud will lie cram! nxmthr
for everybody to trade. F.eei jthiriir aa
marked way dr wn. Man? ar''ela will It
fllMaai nt at nearly lialf their ralne j
re tic-e at k. we are mukuitf tbe nwel
tt'Tie.!ve p-..a-ati-iT,i- f a v
neaaa t. take plane alauit tbe firet f Sap
tvnlT, wbeii we eipev-4 t ..-- - t . .w
ailditi'rn to rirjff atom, maktritf it tle larir
ead eeiahiiabnieed of ite kind in H Htate.
Hraieo (V mr awt.
PENCILS, t t N v
jiiMih- of Mfiiii.t aiitlit,
Lettri Prptsfi I t Tt r files.
And levr outer t r
Sptial Blauk BiH)k Work,
Printing, or Fine Engraving.
. Goodman & Co,,
S ... t a- t - 1 1 ,
M .(.-... St..,
Bl MM. b Lgl IPait-NT Al TH at
Are You OH lor ft Lark ?
itriii; i at nt iy -1 1 mm.
lv i lit e m . m
wbt. bva il alt 1 ii. i.wlihleij aoMUed (
lapi.la thnre art tlKtuaau.tr let t toi ta-i
I ii.t" , -i f U.iua and we
Mlt aftettitioi -i i. i
uitii WaagaWia i . w.i..' i.
ii. Ki Ma it. I lie manei ,.f K itarei Irim. (Im Hue
the ii fail t 1 ..ft latti) . i. ti n. u. ; .ni .
kilt aktrte li tl- . ., .' kliHWier
ttnektr f.l Hiiial. tt. ;. ' .1 mule ftW
..Millie at.. i j.Mu-e Mei i tan. tetael emit fur
rtililii e-eerl eUe! I : i S hat '"it
I (j't.-r. .. I.ta ' ' i ' lteJ W
e;i l.lH' tl ii il - it-f . I . .!. Kia-
iurt ht a i i.v .in
S- ...; , , t a .M.tast
t. i 1 ft-- ettea
lia ..ii. for tin. It,. o Iravea a
raaai i. . , i .'a.-kt " er
I.. n tit. i .ii.itnt Hi.hii- e. i !,. i o.
a' tt-- t.e .: . , .
'III I hi. I
-! I I I I t V
a I i, ejitfl
Jeraeja. ot a ni.- ftoul-n e . i.iaiu e
plant H.I IP.tua. hun Tt.i ... ....
taikiiuet ait e(tm ur tw of Meter) or
peiiia. ae t - n n Im ' , aad M
mrt f..r-t1 tt. la) it i. . .. t U aite all tM
at.. ' . I- hi. , IWeaJaa
hlit t l.e...' a i.-f a . M . .. . i.l.l. taB
mail) tanaaiiw. btt f.tr a ramhtov er toaM. (to
hoya will want aa ef nmt amaler hwal lBMLjf
FUnnetJ Hbirt atoiat
I . i t i ... s-.i .. ivh. la
lit .''. tsrt4, afe
at) i nt, , . - w . leryeal .. himftan
t.trit ii i.g at naaaal
Nlnt-r. r e--, a ,t I I W
Under the TOWER CLOCK.
"Gentlemanly Burglar
Jt Bay!
Hnti nr. ttKi Mat
I T toT
Burglar - Proof Locks.
t t, t.ei
ee toM
i Map re
aa a aer
a i
feaaaMa f v- BMaaM navy eard te
n ami . a 3 ,.. -a f i
. t
r -. -
mr fwarw.
n pvn
Pee aaeaf ' J . r wee --e
W. 8. OUNN & -ON'fe
47. 4- an ) 4't Maaa

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