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Grand Rapids morning telegram. (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 188?-18??, August 22, 1885, Image 3

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Miotf Telegram. '
pMI . i' .
la a to uv- ,,. .: :u
ctit.' Oa l'JM.iAJU liiutNi y'
1 , ..... ttors ,t ILm Ui M.m n A
ba. v . rjr umi wat. .aed .uUj IJQMfh
Mr. W n. Boliuwav -A YaruMjat
oaa atovere rwi fcg a oi W duoa-ia
lua Ha'soiarr rr OH Clmum-hI lab
voUal M l,A) fur uiui-.vlusUtM tijf Ilka
spaJl iu Hart ucj j
- ara at Lfetroit
WaS Ui.t
t? bllilt at
fsr t.Sa rj irate, 1 the ."Mate
I ; N n . i.bju lo aaaiat
the mirULi)U f aiuailpfl
Tan w ii ill it Bjfto anMUnl at Easft
tVli the table Slid oft out
it tut tlMtr victim rLAtgiu in in
with a
u. -..
and I'hu
1 VV
Mill, CI
ta It-oft! fur at the lie
iera aud aail r' niuuuiii
I ueit Wltfi itijr
of Hm.. baa. it is
v war siuoa the n rat uim
OOlUed ill 1
purchase uf 1
..uaTU to laat
. s
Sail' 1 '
MM aa it
ait puetoiaater at 1 1 rand
VV -d:.-.; i Hh will r
duties of tiiM orKcm till Spt. 1.
Fhmmjmi Fa, a wll-U 1 fariur. liv
in; tllatar, M,.urw ouiitv, ha.1 f ur
.i - -.-!. 1 - traiu Lwhw bunwl
tbut tuoruuirf. Um twtwwu $5,i M) ami
Tba gun tf ! ' if Frru'Ut on TtirH
day balfi tha Fraiuiit uul MoutiiM
UiMM ratilttMl iu a acorv oi H t 15 m
tevor f Frauioiit. H. Mei'arty uti as
Tha ratKrTy, klMltkiJf ctrry
.r p in 'liu lfHiity w?r littU tn-tt.T
thai) a total failure. Karl;
itr rdati .ir a yar or
Urn Cttek Jmr nU.
Wr. ..MUatt iuhaliU:iria
apple ure
p,tt. hlf-
ihj aim -nil i miiilr hn Saa! "
nvwr front I k 1 .1': that
waa hD thr wrre no lumtwtr wharrvs.
I .'- riiorary ifr of Master of Arts
waa tmfrril upon Statw Sentr C.J.
Monro,of St.titli Hav.'ti, AMMMJ tftM
NBCQint iHmri nt th AnculturHl
Coiled on WHlnHlay.
lUl)h StaUktr, of N York, had twnt
to J H. 1'nHHaif, of IVtoskey, a pi
of ttiM t'vtlar tioarth from wbih thn fma
kwt for iirral irunt wm matle, and
vh'ife for it itu-:. ...".
It ia ri-rtl that Mrs. ObltlW. wlm
lopad from M.'fitar" with Ir. ( arr
I tin' '' "'"1 StlKMtU at
iiiilgflilil. 1 .. Uut Saturtlay. by taking
twuty-Tu k'raina of morphine.
Th Hoant of K'lucatton at trwovill.
htm mad no provision for teachta vmh1
rniiair iu t)H w-houln. wtuoh ; "tTe't is
alxliHhina nal musn m th whools.
U ; rin. ij al mills within th
liniitw of Saginaw City, wtr.rh wr shut
M " mnkMra on th KNk of July.
thn KM nw 70 men at work, whose
"; " -a.- ,r.s uiio-r.' ' 't ' .i
T ... .1 ... I Hkan.an . J II
hip. h
that is
i -itf'it
oti stalk only
id Mm upper wir
f tba gr 'Utitl. W
' HI.. 1 it i ; t
- II tri
a. savs: (eo. K.
i) foun.J K' ''l hw
IL nour this villa
( 'arr un
? - . -. -f . u
and h has lately intvHrKl th prmnona
matal n w nt in Iwheran to he a "pnyiog'
iiianttty He will .-ontinue inTeatirfa-
1' u:- i i ' f fli aTirvjv-.rs of
the Tw-nty th ml raiment Mu-hitfan m
fantrv Tolunters, will heM this year
I IS I f.rwtee oonntv. sTen
milna north f Klitit. M the F'lint V lre
Maroiate llatlroad. n T ielav, Heptem
bsr VL
I'h" .frkr
City was i Iu il
generally --.-riv
gnsnasoe hal
it was n
Leva,! and l-SH r
apti! a.- -
rhaf at n at Saginaw
r iealav. the men having
d work the nei-eaa!' ' r
wer r-
ibnted hi
w what he was do
a to atr..it .n tha
in t
at T
' T Ce -
ten v
r.' -ti.
the M
:"r -trwk
at the
Trifc TGftr AND 'IS BUSiNkSa
Tha NMMrCMOl tae Tin ad 8Mst
&atcrt ut Hr buinM -
Qrst iwttant in iaHMaad luourporalvU lu 17 L
ad ui iaa a is a Lata la ot atKut jl wo-
'uu 4i aiMrai Lu.latriVAj al pru
paruaa. trie i tiara tad jU tha LlUav
Maiiiwn rir. wtuato tunuafeca auias
po ' m I'Mriai-mg purA. It u
jiiita a roiiiioeuc lUiinu jo taa It. H. A 1.
&alrul, afU-Mi uulon t rail froiu Big
a)tik VtiU tte roaUi ot ti. wu aaa
sat hawa rapid M liaa Umii ol a peruiiicut
curactr f rotu Iba tact that it tut aeit paoa
tUi ti of ties ouuiilr surrounding)
aaU. mawmiaantlj- huataaa u uot aw baJiy
verUou aa a is in ixiaiiy uormam Martu
au lowna. Tha oounlry ahuut Murl u
... i r trie tjt-st t iilit uf farLLiiug lands, but
it tvci-He fnirl acll and a It becomea
luora full daviood Ctte vloiutae uf tfc
Inantfean ara better apirn-i tU-d a.c t
tha beat far ma he about two and a halt anion
uortn. (Liougfi Uire are tair faruiing Land
tu 1 .! rw aonatrj m Uluag
ui ad it will be but a fw year
irt uf .ViaiMm-a county will be Oiled
ai wilti au inteiiigent and enterprising
MaaonM laraaaara.
1 be business men are fully awake to the
interests uf their town, and if Morle falls
hualail lite demands of tha surruundiug
country, it atll not be through lack of ener
ur attention on trieir part. I he tiuniuens
inea of Morley compare favorably With
thrwn f other iiiuUr town in Mictugau,
and many of them carry stock of good
that indicate they are doing a flourishing
tuotiif the prosperous and live tminess
men of the town may In mentioned Mr. lu
V fi Uju, trai. r in tiardware, tinware and
agnoolfenral implements, Lou M a genial,
a hoie souled fellow and makes tasts of
friends tnd hi trade grow accordingly. He
been iu business in the town four years,
S it lrea.l M well known that he is cou
- : nln pioneer.
1 he firm of I'uiler A. Wright, dealer in
hardware, MjMI and agricultural imple
ments, carry, (sr r haps, tlie largest stock of
goods IU their luie 1U the town. The firm Is
.! r M 1 '-itler, of ttraud
la, and J. H. V right who lias charge of
the hu-uueaa. The firm of Cutler A Wright
are the ucc . .? "f h . ;it!-r A 'o., and
ttie !iu-iiies ha. t.eeii established for the past
eleven year. Their store is centrally locat
ed and they carry a l'Ur of gooN that would
to i-'edit to a town ot much greater preteu
ti - than Vlorley.
John K. l hurkow is the leading dealer in
dry gssJs and clothing. He also does hu
eiteusive business in wood, shingles and
produce, and is the only grain dealer in the
town. Hi- - Urge, well stocked and
neatly kept, ami his trade is lar'e and m-
i-uig. Mr. Thurkow does more shipping
than any other dealer iu Morley. liHSt year
he -tnpisrd BOO car loads of produce, etc.
He ships from Morley. Bill's C'ros-iug and
I nr.
S encer Nickms keeps the high toned ton
sonal parlors of the town, and he keeps a
v-r neat and well ordered shop, and can
give a nrt -cla-- - . 1 i i- m- of Mor
ie's pioneer, having beeu a resident for It
r irs past.
(i. H. Force conducts a general tore. and
has been eng ig- d in the business in Morley
for four year past. He carries a fine stock
of dry tjoods. groceries, too!s and shoes,
and has n trade that yearly swells the dimen
sions of his pocket book.
W, H. Hick :s the propn. tor of the drug
storeof the town, and a cy one it is. He
carries a full line of drugs, patent BMmH
ciues, notious, books, stationery, etc., anil
the fulluees of his stock indicates that trad
I -.sk with him. He has been a resident
of MorU for -n years, and is pro-iTiug.
William Hill is proprietor of the leading
furniture and undertaking tatlishment of
ttie town. He ha txen a re-ideut of Mor
ley for -even years past, though lis 1 is been
engaged in the furniture tr id my -mce
l i-t Kail. He has a large otaolfl of :u?piaint
ances and his trade is growing.
W . J. Arnett. dealer in gro"eries. provis
' .or?-, door v feed, etc., has been in tusm. -s
: ;n the town for atraut one y ear, and is mak
j in in fn- n.ls. He appears well sati
Rei with hi- trade.
K. J. I.iddy M the gi ir.il general man at
'; I. R u road offices. He acts as
ticket, eipress and freight agent, aud is
performing his various duties so well that
I thapnbliceipr itself well atisfied with
I him srvies. lb has he ri in charge of the
Morle) otce smce June 1.
1 he S tion il Hotel affords ample accom
iiihJ nttOM for the traveling public. It has
d rooms and feeds r- patrons well, a
Hung which cauuot fe -md of many north
ern Michigan hotels m hrg..r towns.
The Morley Hour mill has just been
thoroughly overhauled and remodelled, and
is again rea.! for tuinee. It now has two
1 mi "f roll, purifiers and nil the ma
chinery of the intent proce. It also has
two run of ton. I's ra uuty is ibsmt
seventy fire barrels of flour per day.
Ta Title no Good.
Judge Rue-ell rendered a decision yester
day in the Circuit Court at Hart to the ef
feet that th tai t'tles p-irchased m 1-.-4 are
no god. The rase on trial was that of W'm.
v a Unf and Fre I Neilson vs. Kred and
Krank Cortun. The Corbini claimed cer
ta;n property throrjgh tax titles of the sales
of I M for the taxes of WBl. Judge Rusell
h tax law of l"".1 uncntitutional
and tav dee. W s-cnrHl thereby invalid. F.
W Cbok anponra.1 for the defendant. This
decision will i-ause a good deal of juirtn
ing in this n?y a a large number of Mu
-'n:'iw peerjlatl a gon dal in tat titles
at the sale held in 114. Mknjr n .
r i BM nii iiki i rn
K-m March 1 to late the total number of
og packed ?n tho W st amounteu to t..tt
ti krfa i-t f - ' aame nime list
igrants landed at
. sine January
ling penod last
j -co try
py It is
r Fain, al
t in the
tsn of w1
I -w fotl Stat.
Wiwueti. all for mnr
i Us Uft Mat
L.a kitftti vmmi waa a
K1sm i It si. Iu Mi Uwi
ptoav Vara t elagraam.
Anaoag m atraa-filtnary iwu-eeriae
r;jcd aa .uUuua wa.ch uc-ourrad ua
i to a gwn llama a whale engaged la
the ohaae of aiap4iaa U ul hlca, w ap
preiotud. baa f (.awaiiaie iu matttca a
pOplWavl ' L.eUWauit Garard Krwta. tae
I awioa Hi he Regiment, weiie h.sHuag ah
aa eiepaaat la the viclu.iv t rt Mo
luaid, la Oovah, waa wouaded la tne
tm Oy lti bvirat.ng uf hie fowl. - piaoe
tfa JanuArr rt Ue waa fchett about
thiriy-twu y NU- A aga Ou raiautg hi u
it waa fcwaad that par. A tuo Ufw L jt itxm
guu au 1 mXfJul two iionea of tne barrel
aad bowu Uriveu thxougn the frwulai
aluiaa, at ttte juactloa oi tha i oaa
avad forehead. It had iuuk almoat
perpebdtcij ax. y, t 1 the irou plate,
called tha tad ptn,' by which the bar
rel u made faat to in stock by a acrew,
Lad -leacwuded through the pa-ata, car
ryiug with it the acrew, uae extremity ot
which had peueUatcsi the right noeirtl.
where It waa dlaeerulblerXterua.lv, while
the headel end by In contact with hie
tongua, To extract th Jagged maaa uf
trua thoa auuk iu the elbm ldal aad
aphen dl .ila was f uud hopaltataijr
Impracticable, but, atrauge to tell, after
ILo iirtuumuou auhaidel M.r Frets re -covered
rapid. y bia general health was
unimpaired, and he returned to hia regi
auexH with thla amular appentage firmly
emtsat let U-hiud the bouea of hia face.
Ho t sjk hU turuat duty a uaual, attained
the command of h a company, partici
pated in all the enj lyra-m' of the meaa
r - in aud died e.g it year afterward, on
the lt of April, ls not from any cou
seviuencea uf thia fearful wound, but from
fever aud infi immatton brought n b
other causes So Ut tie was h apparently
i uc nveuieui-ed by the influence of the
strange body in hia palate, that he wan
customed with bia tluger partially ttouu
dofjths acrew, whicti, but for ita extreme
length, he might hUhghl h'-r have with
drawn. To euabU th a to be done, an i
possibly to aasiat by thia means the ex
traction of the tireech itaelf through the
original orifice (which never entirely
cloaeU) au attempt was male in 1S15 to
take oft a portion of th acrew with a file,
(ul, after having cut it three fparta
through, the operation was interrupted,
chiefly owing lo the careleaanea and in
d.tT -rnce of Captain Kreta, whoa de
i ease occurred before the attempt could
li resumed. The piece of ir n, on being
removed after death, was found to meas
ure two and three-quarter imhea in
length, anl vveihe 1 two McrupUs more
than two OOJOJOM and three-quarters. A
cast of the brech and acrew now forms
.No. jT'.i i ni .ug the deposits in the mod
ica: muaeum at Chatham."
Iftei ''
i're ji-otn 0piwssSj BaweSiea aaag l'uisons.
Vur Concha, Srr Throat. Hour, i, Influenza,
Cohls. Itroni hltls. i roup. 1 iiooplnir ougk,
Afthmit. (Julnsi . I'ulns In I, st, ' -r
- I ti rout I. line.
Prior aa rrnti a Softie. SaH by Iirnirzlrts and IVal
er. Iiriif i Hassfi (a fNaaw tinr AeaUsr lo ;ir'm;,y
Q't ilfitr th'nx ill r. rt t K.,!t! s.kxpi i mm fmrye
patXby . n,tir"j aaa f iMar la
Tilt I 11 K ' Is . TtH.tlTR llliriM,
lata awaata an aaaSaSarwa.
Valley City Shoe Store
Will I Ipso Bp for huina at their SKW tfTOBI
All are invited to inspect n. A fine Km
biaaHt f'nnl new dePiifn. will be
jfivr-n to each pnrchaaer.
In irht jam fiffiro pmr
tir I ha rnal i.iit)
r ..f frr.ti. lai TaMh
om in allrrt of tha
ronntrt. Tnarar jriT 1 t
srnrrimnlr for th,ir
. 's
th nn-i hmtn'v irfart fjt warrantarl. I I
bn ist1 in rrn t llapiii for iht
"nl i.aT fifi'Ti nniTraal
irtion in ninotAo raaaa mit of
, w r r h or. fn- Jtih nt all
i anil -nif TBryn. innif or ld.
1 . to rtaaof T r m t- offirs.
I i a f Tah for
I tri ji a itnor arK-l for t or
fit rmnf( tofj tint. rolH n l ilrw
r'r.oa- ami to tima. for all
O H B K I, L. A Y ,
too W,mrn Mtrt.
tSww Steam Dye Works,
Ita Fmntnln at.. f,r.BH RafMa.
irswi rw1 Rararaad Sf Kait taw
Ma. Ilkl
a4..1t'a rUrtaa. ana
9otad fflaVr
For the
Malaria, Indigestion, Biliousness, aver
Complaint, Iinpmvncss ot the Rlood.
It is one of the best Remedies for Purifying the Blood known
These Hitters arc not Whisky ltittrr- sttcb BLS 8 larc major
ity of Bitters Are. M recipe for making thete Bitten iras
first ratarittodfor inspection to the HON. OREO H. KAl'M.
Commissioner of Interna Etevenne, at Washhigtoii, Did, mug
the result of said inspection has given the andersigned, and
all others, the right to sell these Hitters, anywhere and every
where within the United States, witootii paying a special
liquor tax therefor.
The Most Reliable Cure.
Scrofula. Diseases of the Skin. Weakness and Debility. Iy
peptia, LosBof Appetite, Liver Complaint, Bloating indi
gestion, Costivenees and many other Diseases which
arise from a bad Btate of the blood and digestive organs.
Too Good Not to Publish the Following Letter:
M ANTON. Miclu. Joa24. 18.
Mk. (HK). O. BTEAJETEI DaABBia: -For yean laafsbssn toooblsd arjth onootipoHcai or soa
tirpiiM. (iiuinfaa antl wanit'-rina of tba Blind. At tio&sa it - !i:"l tlionub tlisrs WSTS thaasaadl
of LtHsllis. piatat rating my arni. nriK'-rw hfkI 1.th, with hot in 1 Oold Bsshsa rtiimtna' r1! OVST m. bn'l
brosth and oaotod ttiifr I hava taksn one battle tA yoarStsAstoa'a HIikk) Mittra aa yon (hrvtl
wln-n 1 wiv Rt jroorphes. I esa aaj thut II sssdaM m' mum ko.1 tt.i.n anytbina tbai I hnw
v.t f baad bsCota. In fast I fas! liks s new man. Noon should ! witt 'it t hotlo f 8t.kte'i
Blood Btttars. M 7AMDKBCOOK
Mil. t. KO. STKKKTKK. - I wir!, pobliel tOsao, that m - IsaSSSal faat, wm'(mi Ullf
wollan tl at h- mld not woar anithinc OB hi MSt; ad fast tlm Mabad t.rribly . hot thankf to th
invi'iition of your lilood Bitten. aftT he nwl IhiIiI- bfl i- so fur liott.T that OS ht. aaani h. all
work, which he conld r,ot tfire tiwinK onr BtekMss'fl Blxid Hitter.
MRS. SIKNK Dl RUflJ. Township of Walker. K-t.- o . Mich.. July 21 1W.
Try a Bottle at 50 cents, Regular size, $1.50 or
Three Bottles for $2.50.
P. S. If your Druppist does
'Bitters on sale, then call
Monroe rt. Ti t t.
Cure ot
not, or will do! keep these
at my place of business.
Mortoti House, rdn'l Rapidi
Die Sinking, Stencil. Seal & Rubber Stamp Wort
T af aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaflaaaaaaaaaV
-lB i 'aQolav
Medical and Surgical
Tin (iraml lUpiil Mslifil an 1 SurKn-
ral Illhtllllt', llluier Hsl ataaaaWaatMBl pi
Pnf. C. W. I'hine. M. 1).. la U-Htsd m
th xrijer f Moiir.w and lK
Htraet., Mil,- f the filitsr-t 1 -H mlih Hi llje
ntv. The lUKlltllte WhK ethhllhhesi for
the mne(if furnish iijk' to the poiU at
lHrjre the IllesHIl of ohthiniiifc' iije-iK'al and
PUVlJal ailvKV uixl treatment at jim
within the reach of all, ainl the patioi,
h- it hii1 re4eivl afTni.lr- iiinj-li
that there Whh h Wide i-pread demhlid for
it in Western Mwhiran. 1'he MotataattiM
la thorough l eijiuppxl for 1 t .' , :
of nil forms of chronic and acute disea.--lliiderh
hew r-. - t-Ti ' t . t ...id ahich
effwtuallv eriwiicate. Ii1m1 mhwoIi,
cure tiervuos iiff-tioii(.. female mnu
plhiut, catarrh, o iiihiiiiitiOaaj "t rrma
tlfim. llee. eplles. at
OoTlIiertel With the fliolit llfp. h!id Uti
tler the diftfll mijt M of Pm l'.i
iBHBNHtem of mrxlicatgaJ '
thermal him! other hut hh to w hi A patiei.ti
huve h cvsHH, and which are louod of napo
cial lanetit iu the treatment of ditseaMMI
A sjaMMhl feature It- tin- to ' Ea
male oompluwits. rheumatinn. eti .. bg ti,'-ozo-tllrillifectaii:
t feat meiit.
Hie ItiHtltllte hlth a lar'e .iiiiuInt of
private apurtmeiitr. for the nctxAaMMMla
tlatioii of pa'ieiitu and fvr;a f on
petent and ekillesl lad at t-i;datit s I i,
tientr are funiudie! with r.rif-, i.
huthn. etc.
Prof. Plaint mm tonaarij oooiaaatod
with the 1 Miiiaih ij-hiM rjoivMaitj Boapi
tal. and for thn veur pMKt ,hh teii ;
prietor of the Tei its Msii.-hl and h
cul Institute, of la!i;c-. !
h has had M aSaWatlad 0XpaWiaOM lti
oonduciinp such institutions. All "
miiniratioris nhouUi leaddraHei to I '
C. W. Pame. M. .. (irai.d lUpklm, Mich
Steam Laundry!
24 South Division St
The Leading- and Most
Laundrv in the City.
A. OTTE, Proprietor.
T1h I N'l i 1 ( 'i niri egg
A Hi
AT -
aa ... .
A. F. DeVinny
Seals, Stencils, Rabin-! Suiiiiis
MOT AK Y 3 00
Mm l.iaMI,v -s
Uaaaar. aaaS ar liaatnaai -niTr. aal $S .SMS.
Under Fourth Nat. Bank. 19 Lyon tl
1 hsve never boeii ' j artxi
to meet your ai t- u : Miob ft
IT'bhI. t,C i-:i K.
Monroe SlreH
Big Muskalonge
ft Hoi aaa
Macatawa Park. Why ?
O i
Ktfv 1
T Art
1 m .
tJE LWj QfiaaaaaaaaaaMaW aaatfli
lib "jr"Ti-,
Sr. J5 fsn-'ain
WO aValati TO CUkm

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