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volution Shoe Store.
FRIDAY, NOV. 5,1886.
M. and 8:30 p. M. NO malls east Saturday.
M.and 10:00
A. it. Tlie latter a pouch mall
FlHuklntou, White Lake, Kimball and
amberlain only.''
"or Ft. Randall, Grand View and interme
poluts closes dally at 8:80 p. M. except
lor Hazelton, Bedstone etc., closes at 8:30
Monday and Thursday.
GEO. A. 8ILSBY. Postmaster
C. M. & BT P. TIME TABLE. ,,
ger 1:00 r. M., except Saturday.
inger I0:30P. K. except Sat'day.
lit. 0:30 A. H. exceptSunday.
8:00 p. M.except Sunday.
4:10 p. M. except Monday.
8:00 A.M.except Sunday.
-nger... 4:15P.M. dally.
lit 8:40 A. M. dally
nger 12:50 except Sunday.
sengers to connect for south must go on
m. freight.
enger..'. 3:50 P.M. except Monday.
-nger 6:30 A. Jt.
except Monday.
ht 7:30 A. M. except Monday.
ht 7:40 p. M. except Sunday.
nger 12:20 P.M.exceptSaturday
ht. 0:46 p. M. except Sunday
-nger 11:45 A. M. dally.
ht. 8:00 p. M. daily.
eniter 4:00 m. except Sunday.
nd Openiug of WEIL BROS.,
Leaders of Low Priees.
have receiyed our fall stock of 1 misre^esented the state of his affairs
and winter goods which isthelarg
finest and the best assorted of any
in Dakota, and will be sold at
es that will prove to all that WEIL
OS. are the leaders and always will
Don't fail to attend the opening I
tember 14th. Come and examine
and get prices. WEIL BROS,
Leaders of Low Prices.
very visitor presented with a souv-
was a pitiful sight to see those
-one horses burning as did those
were on the spot first.
ans Hilgerson, the victim of thel
railroad accident west of town,
taken to his home yesterday. He
proving rapidly.
snew Swedish Lutheran church,]
south of Mitchell, Rev. Ran-| oiint Mers
pastor, was dedieated yesterday Bugs
imposing ceremonies. (jeo. Hunter
T. Crary will sell at public auction I
[a crowd went up to the
rceptaole damage being done to him I
the wagon.
There was a pleasant social party on I
esday evening at the residence of
r. Reagan, two miles south of town, I
easant feature of the return trip was I
los and recitations. It will be given
A small
But Ha Has L«ft Many Reminder* of
His Presenoe Among Us.
Further inquiry into the transactions
of S. Brown develops a bad state of
affairs. He has from all indications
gone to work in a systematic manner
to swindle and defraud all parties
whom he has had business transactions
with. In the first place he purchased
his Main street business lot after the
fire, and did not pay for it. He built
the building upon it and paid as little
aS he could on that and get through,
and now there turns up some $900 in
mechanics liens on it. He purchased
his machinery and stock and paid as
little as possible on that, and then
hoodwinked his bookkeeper and clerk
by reporting to him that he had paid
this man and that man's accounts
owing them, and told him to fix the
books as directed. He sent his clerk
W. H. Lindsey to Farkston to
sell a liveryman there a stock
of buggies, to get rid of him
that he might steal away during his
absence, taking with him every scrap
of evidence, including the books, of his
nefarious transactions. He was owing
Lindsey $200 for services rendered dur
ing the summer, and when Lindsey ask
ed him for the money put him off until
he returned from his trip to Farkston,
well knowing he would be gone by that
time, and that he would beat him out
of the wages justly due him. Brown
has contracted debts all ever town,
while at the same time he had $3,000
the in the bank—and he left the town with
over $5,000 in cash in his pockets. He
to M. H. Rowley when he disposed of
the balance of his stock to him, mak
ing the statement that he did not owe
a dollar on his stock—all of which
transactions indicate a preconcerted
plan to down every man he could get a
chance at. Following is a partial list
hastily gathered of his creditors:
Henney Buggy Co.,
St. Paul Binder Co.
D. M. Orsborn & Co.,
Winona Plow Co.,
St. Paul Plow Co.,
C. W. Adams
Fred Gillespie
IL. O. Gale
W. H. Lindsey
E. F. Bond
Wm. Bell
lexandria on Wednesday Nov. 10, Mitchell Printing Co.,
y-five graded cows and twenty
three year old heifers, all with calf.
he grading and the pile driving on
Firesteel and on the west side of
.Tim is said to be completed. The
ders and pile driving outfits have
ved to the east side. A party living
r®scue- itentirely
horse was gotten out without any
of our town people. One not very I
by its manufacturers to make
pure, uniform in quality^
highest leavening power,
Northwestern, were runn, ng & ine
southwesterly directi
itchell they were south of the Mil-
aukee track about two miles
knowledge, care and
attained by twenty years practi-
cal eXperience
are contributed towards
tlljs end an(j n0
was attended by quite a num-1
pharmaceutical prep-
can be dispensed with a greater
precision and exactness. Ev-
ery articie
used is absolutely pure,
of chemists are employed to
upsetting of the vehicle in which I ^est the strength of each ingredient, so
Mr. P. H. Kinney and family. No
that it8 exactpower
was hurt, however. I bination with its co-ingredlents, is defi
The Methodist Sunday School is pre- nitely known. Nothing is trusted to
ring a cantata entitled "Autumn,"
of songs, choruses,quartettes,
and effect in com-
and no person is employed in
the preparation of the materials used
the manufacture of the powder,
uesday evening the 9th inst. at the I who is not an expert in his particular
admission fee will be branch of the business.
.rged for the benefit of tUe library I quence, the Royal Baking Powder is of
nd. Arrange to attend and enjoy a
a conse-
highest grade of excellence, always
entertainment and aid a good I pure, wholesome and uniform in qua}i-
ty. Each box is exactly like every
other, and will retain its powers and
A manwKeSrthe west produce the same and the highest leav
esterday reported that a party•
surveyors, supposed to bei of
yin anaiyzed
me to announce through the colurons
of your paper that beginning wit
Saturday evening, November
Chanka Lodge, No. 21,1. O. O. F.
meet every Saturday evening.
At the
in Montrose,
Dak., by
all the principal
brands ln the market,in
their .reports
thg Baking
powder at the
of for strength( purlty and
town when seen. 'all over the country have further dem
Lodge Nleht Changed. onstrated the fact that its qualities
ED. REPUBLICAN:—You will permit)
and thousands of tests
in every respect, unrivaled
Their Annual Ball.
The annual ball given by the Broth
erhood of Locomotive Firemen will be
held this year at the Rink Opera house,
on Thursday evening November 25th,
Thanksgiving day. The boys are
making preparations to have tliis
Marrled Ision surpass all previous efforts, and
residence of the brides' brother the affair will be a very elaborate o|e
resiaence I
this year.
and Shoes bought of H. M. MONTELIUS will have all Rips Sewed up Free of Charge.
candid way of telling you what you are buying our generous method of repairing all rips free of charge
^funding money if goods are not satisfactory and buying direct of the manufacturer, saying you from
I 15 to 20 per cent from what you can buy them of Bag, Cambric & Calico, who cannot tell you of
sitf what the goods are made. Such competition makes us laugh, See prices to the right,
jaf V*
Some Grand Specimens.
Mrs. Kline and Mrs. Hyde, who
attended the National Convention of
the W. C. T. U., at Minneapolis, as
delegates, returned yesterday. They
were highly pleased with their trip and
report a general good time at the con
vention. There were two hundred and
ninety-seven delegates present, repre
senting every state and territory in the
Union, as well as Canada and England.
One feature of the affair was a fine
exhibit of apples, wheat and other
products from Washington territory,
sent there by the territorial union,
and distributed among the delegates.
The specimens brought home by Mrs.
Kline and Mrs. Hyde are worthy of
notice. An apple, which was one of
the smallest ones in the exhibition,
weighed one pound and five and one
half ounces, and measured fifteen
and one-half inches in circumference.
The one presented to Miss Francis JS.
Willard, president of the convention
was twice as large as the specimen
mentioned, and' grander apples were
never seen in any country. Each dele
gate was also presented with an
artistically gotten up sack of wheat
raised in the celebrated Walla Walla
Valley which is No. 1 hard, and makes
our Davison county wheat look a little
behind the times.
Dakota Delegates.
The following Dakotans were in at
tendance at the National W. C. T. U.
convention held last week at Minne
Total $3,710.35
This list does not include the $1,700
Ion the building and lot. Other debts
will come to light later on, and it would
seem as if some action should be taken
to bring Brown back to make a more
... satisfactory settlement, or else put him
by says the company will have a I yje jjar8 -where to judge from
road bed. his exploits here, he more properly be
im. Gilfillan, while driving along I
th street shortly after dark last p«rf«et Baklna Powder
t, suddenly found his horse in the
The great success o£ the
"h. Lanterns and help were lm-1. pow(jer j8 ,jue (,0 the extreme care
diately sent for from down
p0yal Bak-
Mrs. H. M. Barker, Chamberlain.
Mrs. D. E. Hyde, Mitchell.
Mrs. D. W. Myers, Vermillion.'
Mrs. and Rev. C. E. Hager, Yankton.
Mrs. J. S. Campbell, Fargo. Si
Mrs. L. H. Hole, Huron.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Highmore.
Maj. and Mrs. Pickler, Faulkton.
Miss Emma L. Swartz, Dakota City.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Evans, Milbank.
Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs.
Gage, Bismarck.
Mrs. Mouser, and Mrs. Searles, Al
Mrs. Lillick, Watertown.
Rev. and Mrs. Cressy, Centerville.
Mrs. Conright, Milbank.
Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence, Rea Heights,
Mrs. Hetta Douglas, Faulkton.
Rev. E. O. Murry, Watertown.
Made an Assignment.
Henry Koch, who for the past year
has been embarassed, made an assign
ment yesterday morning to A. M.
Has Accepted the Call.
A few weeks since, Prof. I. A. Shan
ton received an unanimous call coupled
with a very inviting offer from the
Congregational church at Plankinton,
to become their pastor. Mr. Shanton
has been studying for the ministry for
sometime and the offer came in a very
opportune time, and he has accepted
the call and left yesterday for his new
field of labor. Our Plankinton neigh
bors will find that they have made a
very suitable selection, as Prof. Shan
ton is a young man of considerable
ability, and has always been considered
one of the rising young men of Mitch
ell. He leaves us with the best wishes
of a host of friends for his future
chosen calling, who are glad of the
fact that he is to be a near neighbor, if
he has left up for the time being.
Excursion Rates.
piye hundred invitations
will be issued. The railroad company
Rev. M. E. this year. Five
Chapin, Dana E. Sherrill, of Hope
Chapel to Miss H. Jennie Chapin, of
iorthlleld, Ohio.
have kindly offered free transportation
to all wishing to' attend.
Excursion tickets will be sold by the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway
company for the Ninth American Fat
Stock Show, the Second American
Dairy Show and the First American
Horse Show, to be held in Chicago,
November 8th to 18th, for $24.00, round
trip. Actual exhibitors may be sold
tickets on November 5th good to return
until November 22d. Others will be
sold tickets November 8th and
15th, good until Monday following,
November 22d. H. H, MoMASTER.
Attempted 8uiclde.
A party who came down from Letch
er last night related that a woman liv
ing near there named Cavanaugh had
attempted suicide by trying to cut her
throat with a razor, but was unsuccess
ful. There was considerable excite
ment over the matter, but as to the
particulars leading to the affair our
informer left to soon to find out,
other than that the woman had been
sick and was-undoubtedly despondent.
nV il
4 A
Henry C. Thorp 6377 8WM18-101
55 must furnish pre-emption hd affida
vit. "C" Oct. 26.
The following claimants must show
why they did not establish residence
within the statutory period:
F. C. 6349 Stephen Flynn 4-102-53.
F. C. 6306 Knudt Strand 15-102-60.
F. C. 6321 Fletcher B. Rowell 11-103
F. C. 6332 Fat M. Hagan 20-107-60.
F. C. 5325 John Wright 1-106-51.
F. C. 6348 Chas. Smith 29-108-64.
F. C. 6350 Michael Manning 19-103
F. C. 6352 Miles Mullay 33-103-53.
F. C. 6318 Pat H. McDonald 26-102
53. "C" Oct. 26.
Martha Evans 6279 SE& 24-106-58
must furnish record proof of citizen
The same is called for from Francis
E. Brain 6298 SEi£ 9-108-47. "C"
Oct. 26.
Papers in Cassidy vs
the same time. He must relinquish
one or the other. If a settler cannot
die. As far as can be ascertained Mr.
Koch's floating indebtedness is in the
neighborhood of $10,000. The imme
diate cause of his being embarrassed
is the building of the large Opera
House block which he put up last year.
He put nearly all of his capital into
the building and then was obliged to
mortgage it back to secure the indebt
edness he had incurred in the purchase
of goods to fill the shelves of his mam
moth double store. Mr. Koch estimates
that the building has cost him $17,000
and it is mortgaged and incumbered
by mechanics' liens to the amount of
$13,500. At present no definite state
ment can be made as to Mr. Koch's
assets, but they are probably much less
than his liabilities.
have been
sent to hon. sec'y. "G" Oct. 29.
Henry Mayer,
c. 6344, SW 25-105-52,
must furnish pre-emption Hd. affidavit.
Samuel R. Pettijohn, c. e. 14661, SE&
6-107-48, is held for cancellation, for
failure to comply with law. "A man
of limited means cannot work at his
trade several miles distant from his
J. J. Atkins, Chief of Police Knox
ville, Tenn., writes: "My family and I
are beneficiaries of your most excellent
medicine. Dr. Kings New Discovery
for consumption having found it to be
all that you claim for it, desire to testi
fy to its virtue. My friends to whom
I have recommended it, praise it at
every opportunity." Dr King's New
Discovery for consumption is guarant
ed to cure Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis,
Asthma, Croup and every affection of
Throat, Chest and Lungs. Trial Bot
lles Free at Hammer & at Hammer's
Drug Store. Large Size $1.00.
You are feeling depressed your ap
bothered with
you are fidgety, nervous,
but of sorts, and want to
•ace up. Brace up, but not with stim
ulahts, spring medicines, or bitters,
which have for their basis very cheap
bad whisky, and which stimulate you
for an hour, and then leave you in
worse condition than before. What
you want is an alterative that will
purify your blood, start healthy action
of Liver and Kidneys, restore your vi
tality, and give renewed health and
strength. Such a medicine you will
find in Electric Bitters, only 50 cents a
bottle at Hammer & Hammer's Drug
Store. 3
petite is poor, you are
The best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores. Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
claim, and improve his Hd., reside up-1 pay required. It is guaranteed to give
on and cultivate his land properly at °r
make his living by cultivating a quar-1 Hundreds of persons who have used
ter section of land, then he should try 4?er'? Hair attest its value, as a
'. stimulant and tonic, for preventing and
some other profession or trade that I
will support him. .The plea to excuse I and restoring the youthful color to
absences that is put forward by many faded and gray hair.
entrymen that they have to work regu-
residence." As no 1bold
a city or village
bad faith is shown further time is id
lowed claimant to perfect residence.
Richard Windsor, f. c. 6334, SEj^ 52
103-58, must furnish pre-emption Hd.
affidavit. "C" Oct. 25.
The following are canceled with pref
erance right:
Bussey vs. Newbury, NE. 20-104-66.
Bobs vs. Nichols, SE. 30-108-62.
Owen vs. Smith, NW. 11-105-67.
Marlow vs. Grapes, NW. 24-108-50.
McElwain vs. Case, SW. 32-108-66.
Bassett vs. Batchilder, SW. 31-107-64.
Yangsuns vs.Brugman.NE^ 9-108-70.
Donahue vs. Hudson, SW. 12-107-68.
"C" Oct. 25.
Contestants have 30 days in which to
enter said tracts.
Their Requests Have Been Neglected
The fire company of this city are
seriously put out with the council be
cause they have failed to funiish them W
rubber suits for the nozzlemen and |t{jov rates of interest for long time
leaders to wear at times of fire. They on brick or stone business blocks.
take the ground that at every fire that PaTimw Hnw.. Hankers,
has occurred several of them have ruin- West's Liver Pills, the world's best
ed their clothes by not having the pro- remedy for liver complaint, sick head
tection of rubber suits and as their ®phe, indigestion and dyspepsia,
services are of a purely voluntary na
ture, they cfnuot stand it—and are
unwilling to go down into their pockets
for new suits after each fire. They
would seem justified in taking this
stand, and this explanation accounts I Their effect is pleasant and thorough
for the backwardness of the leaders in I Sold by Hammer & Hammer.
coming forward to give orders at the CHRONIC DIARRHCEA.
fire Sunday morning. The council Many cases of chronic diarrhcea have
will probably consider their request at yielded to Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
their next meeting. and Diarrhoea Remedy that have re
'sisted all other treatment. Every
Xhfl PrmlJAnt nfthr Morn York State
The President cf the Hew York State
Senate. Hammer.
suffering with weak and lame backs,
and they liave invariably afforded cer
tain and speedy relief. They cannot be
too highly commended.
for their children. During the process
of teething its value is incalculable.
It relieves the child from pain, cures
dysentery and diarrhoea, griping in the
bowels, and wind-colic, By giving
health to the child it rests the mother
Price 86c. a bottle.
m2ney r-efunded-
For sale by
baldness, cleansing the scalp,
.. .. ... T, ME. F. HOOOKER, wholesale jeweler,
larly at their trade to earn a livelihood, I j)es j^0jnes, ia., says Chamberlain's
will in no case be allowed. A govern- Colic, Cholera and Diarrhcea Remedy
ment Hd. is intended for husbandmen, is one of the best medicines in the
and not as a rural retreat or adjunct to 5r°1^J(J- §e
1138 and
by Hammer & Hamraer
Consumptives, do not despair. There
is hope. Try West's Cough Syrup. It
will always cure in early stages. Pro
cure a dollar bottle of your druggist
and be cured. Sold by L. O. Gale.
Studebaker Wagons, Climax Two
Seated Buggies and fine Carriages, for
sale by L. W. Adams, lower main street
Mitchell Dak.
Skin diseases cannot be successfully
treated by external applications. The
proper way to cure such complaints is
to purify t'he blood with Ayer's Sarsa
parilla. Under the vitalizing influen
ces of this medicine all the functions'
of the body are brought into healthy
Wonderful is the effect of West's
World's Wonder or Family Liniment
in rheumatism, sprains, cuts, bruises,
burns, scalds and all diseases requiring
external application. It stands with
out a rival. 25 and 50c. per bottle. All
druggists. Sold by L. O. Gale.
Purely vegetable, sugar coated, 30
pills, 25c. All druggists. Sold by
O. Gale.
St. Patrick's Pills not only physic,
but cleanse the stomach and remove
all morbid matter from the intestines,
I »ER8ON SO afflicted should give the
me,ijcjne a
For expediting legislative business,
Pitts th« nrMi.iont of the Thousands ot testimonials and an in
Edmund L. Pitts, the president or tne
New York state senate, stands almost
trial. Sold by Hammer
creaaing. demand
BEIT, ALBANY, March 11,1886. '.I each liottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy.
I have used Allcock's Porous Plaster&price^SO cents. Sold by L. O. GALE.
in my family for the past five years, -"HACKMETACK" a lasting and
and can truthfully say they area valu- fragrant perfume. Price 25 and 50 cts,
able remedy and effect great cures. II —rr.
would not be without tnem. I have in SHILOHSCTOE will immediately
... 1 relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and
several instances given some to friends Tj-on-i,!*:-
attest the popularity
\\rest's Cough Syrup, the popular
without a peer. Such a place as. he. remedy for all throat and lung dis
holds is a most trying one and requires' eases. Try a 25c. bottle. All drug
great powers of endurance. One of *,sts- Sold by L. O. Gale.
Mr. Pitts'ablest supporters will be seen. Pumps, Wood or Iron, Double and
in his letter given below: 'j Single acting for sale by L. W. Adams.
plaint, you have a printed guarantee
on every bottle of Shiloh's Vitalizer.
It never fails to cure.
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup for
children teething, is the prescription of yard' and
one of the best female nurses and pby? when yo
sicians in the United States, and has age upon
been used tot forty vears with never-1diarrhcea or dvsentery try Dr, Riggers'
failing success by millions of mothers Huckleberry Cordial. Mold by u,
A Worn Out Qcirpet,
What is that which is bought by the
..' worn by the feet A carpet,
you are worn put by the drain
age upon your system from chronic
A Double Door.
When is a door more than itself
When it is too (two). Taylor's Premi
um Cologne is too utterly too too. For
sale by all druggists. Send two cent
stamp for Riddle Book. Walter A.
Taylor, Atlanta, Ga. Sold by L. O.
Why are good resolutions like faint- Gale.
ing ladies? They should be carried
out, and parents should not forget the I Farm iOanB
resolutions that would never suffer We alwars have money on hand to
them to be without that cough and loan upon improved farms, at low rates
croup cure, Taylor's Cherokee Remedy of interest. Call and see us, if in want
of Sweet Gum $nd Mullqip. Sold by I of a loan.
L. O. Gale. 1 Davison Bros.. Bankers.
These prices are quoted for the protection of
I the public from overcharges by
inexperienced dealers:
Ladies Ludlow Pebble Goat Button,
Ladies Ludlow Curasoa Kid Button
Ladies Oil Grain Button,
Ladies Grain Button
Men's Calf Boots, solid,
Men's Veal Calf Baf.top'd
Men's Wool Boots
Men's Wool Boots Overs
Men's Bkl Arct.
Ladies Wool Alaska's
Buying direct from the ^manufacturers in cace lots does
Montelius, the shoe man..
Don't Fail to visit the Mammoth
West's World's Wonder or Family
Liniment is a remedy that no well
regulated household should be without,
as it is a positive cure for rehumatism.
It is invaluable for sprains, cuts,
bruises, burns, scalds and all diseases
requiring external application. 25 and
50c. per bottle. All druggists. Sold
by L. O. Gale.
with all its alarming sywptons, pain
and suffering, is promptly cured
by taking Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and ^Diarrhoea Remedy. It gives im
mediate relief. Sold by Hammer &
West's World's Wonder, the magic
cure for rheumatism, neuralgia, cuts,
burns, bruises, wounds and all dis
eases requiring an external remedy.
25 and 50c. Sold by L. O. Gale.
Thousands of tests have proven
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera ana Diar
rhoea Remedy to be without an equal
for curing summer complaint, diar
licea and cholera morbus. Sold by
& Hammer.
Beware of calomel and mineral poi
sons. West's Liver Pills are purely
vegetable. Always reliable and effec
tual. All liver diseases readily yield to
tins magic power. Sold by L. O. Gale.
O. Gr -A. I_i 133
)ccupies a Store covering an area of Three
Thousand Five Hundred Square Feet,
Filled to its Utmost with
Olioice G-ootf.su
He Sells at Prices That Defy Competition,
His Prices has Made his Business which Talks for Itself.
It you don't believe, go and see.
West's Cough syrup is pleasant to take
and always gives satisfaction. Do
not be put off with any other but insist
upon having West's Cough Syrup, gen
uine wrapped only in blue, three sizes.
Sold by L. O. Gale.
Domestic, AVhite, and New Home
Sewing Machine the best in the world
for sale by L. W. Adams, lower main
street, Mitchell Dak,
live, energetic man, to repre­
sent us, per month and expenses.
Goads staple every one buys outfit and par
ticulars fr»e-
DIES wanted to got up Tea Clubs tor our
Teas Coffees. A host of usefnl ar
ticles to from as premium". Send for II
lustrated Trice and Premium List. Special
Offer: to every tenth person that answers
this advertisement, we will send free one
pound or choice Tea. Address
Land Ofliee at MitclU'll, 1). T. Nov. 3,1888.
Notice is hereby given that tlie following nam
ed settler has flled notice of his intention to
make linal proof in support of bis claim, and
that said proof will be made before United States
land olllee at Mitahell, 1). X., on December list.,
1886, viz: John E. (ireen, hd 2771. for the S'/i
NEK and SEJ4 Sec.
!!4, Iwp. 102, It. 61, under
liis honieatea 1 entry No.
lie names the following witnesses to prave
liis continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz: AliloS. Kern, Charles N.
Butterlield, A. Anuis, Thomas S. Jenner,
all of Mitchell, D.T.
GEO. B. EVKRITT, Hegister.
Land otllce at Mitel :!!, Dak.. Nov. 3,1886.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has flled notice of his intention to
make final proof In support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before register and
receiver at Mitchell, oil December nth, 1886,
vizr George A. Rogers, d, s.. No. 24089. for the
sw!4—1—1U3—61, llo names the following wit
nesses to prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of, said land, viz: Edward
A. Bliss, Samuel W. White, liillp Helwig, Wm,
Helwig, allot Mitchell, D. T.
GKO. B. EVKRITT. Register.
Land Office at Mitchell, Oak. Oct, 26.1886.
Notice Is hereby given that the following nam
ed settler has filed nis intention to malto final
proof in support of his claim, and that said
proof will be mode before register and receiver,
at Mitchell, D. T., on December, 14,1886, viz
Olive H. Blaokmon, for the sw 54 21—101—60, Hd
No. 17115. He names the following witnesses to
prove hiscontluuous residenoe upon and culti
vation of said land, viz: Adelbert L. Tibbetts,
Kit win L. Rugg, James Irving, Russell 1\ Sny
der, all of Rome, Dakota.
GKO. B..EVKBITT, Register.
K. N. Kratz. Attorney.
Does a General Banking Bus­
iness. Pays Interest
on Tme Deposits.
JOHN D.LA WLER, President,
West's Liver Pills, a never failing
remedy for all liver and stomach dis
eases. Purely vegetable. All druggists.
Sold by L. O. Gale.
See the La Crosse, Wis. Business
College Advertisement in another col
Real Estate & Loans
Mitchell, Dakota.
Particular Attention Paid to Eastern Corres
And the famous
From St. Paid and Minneapolis
®r* pi
$2 00
2 25
1 75
1 00
2 50
1 25
1 25
Maps and Documents sent on application
Established by a People's Convention.
Operates on Business Principles.
Approved by Business Men.
Publicly Endorsed by Territorial Farm
ers' Alliance.
Risks Limited tn Amount,
Insurance Well Distributed.
Collects Assessments Before Loss.
No Liability in Excess of Premium.
Does Business Everywhere in Dakota
-V- ...
J. C. KELSO. Agent.
Minneapolis & St Louis
Without change, connecting with the fast train*
of all lines for the
The direct and only line running through cars
between St. Paul Minneapolis and
via Albert Lee and Fort Dodge.
Also Direct line to Watertown, Dak
Between !_
una the principal cities of the Mississippi valley,
connecting in union depot for all points
south and southwest!
l57"Close connections made in Union Depot
with all trains of the St. Paul, Minneapolis iuui-H
Manitoba Northern Pacific St. l'aul awl Du
luth ltailways, from and to all points Noith and'%
•T. E. GILBERT, Cashier,
A.. M. BOWDLE. Vice Pres't.
nc.ivi tivi Dtn.oli,
& st LolJls Ka|Iway
composed of comfortable day coaches, magnifi!
cent Pulman Sleeping Cars, Horton Keclluini
S^justifclfebrat^Palace Dining Cars,
Two trains daily to l/AKICAQ {"MTV
making connection with tl\e Union PaoiSe and
Atchison, Tepeka & Sante Fe Railways.
J3ST50 lbs. of baggage checked free. Fare
always as low as the lowest! For Time Tables,
Through Tickets, etc., call upon the nearest'
Ticket Agent or write to
8.1". BOYD,

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