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The Mitchell capital. (Mitchell, Dakota [S.D.]) 1879-1918, August 22, 1890, Image 1

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[itchell is gettiuflr herself in reaili
88 to extend a hoispituble greeting
the visitors who will enter lier
tes next week.
he iuiiepei.ile.iit movement in Ne
ska rnUst be geUiutr in preit shsiky
dition when old Vail VVyck leels
veiled to dtive it the go-by.
tie disability pension act,'the silver
nage law, the original package law,
1 the anti-lottery bill, oujrht to eom
utl the republican majority ia con
8S to he ppoplp.
he independents placed equal suf
~e and prohibition in their plat
at the Huron convention, but
seem to be keeping those features
he same ifrthe background.
don't think much of this Aber
man's scheme to tip the Missouri
_r up so that its waters will irrigate
ern Dakota. It would not be giv
the west side of the river a fair
uth Dakota senators have secured
attachment of a clause to the de
ncy bill appropriating 615.000 for
ng to the state of South Dakota
expenses ot the cunsu,utional
S uth Dakota District Fair As
tion will give its first annual ex
ton at Oejiterville, froui October
10th inclusive... The
acknowledges receipt of premium
nd other courtesies.
'ging from an editorial paragraph
Sioux Falls Press, Editor Cald-
not ex{ ec*. I oat tend the meet
,f the Volapukisis at JJogton next
As he is out of politics we
Id think he mvht go.
fusion scheme worked more
thly in Minnehaha county titan
here, and democratic ex judge
nd heads tiie legislative ticket,
is expect nd to help put Hartlett
jj into the United .States senate.
heral Weaver of Iowa, having ad
I his prophetic goggles, predicts
South Dakota ''will go independ-
But the general is not accepted
jpflse prophet in his own state
6'he has made prophesies before.
Iherecent original package act of
oigreaB, giving state legislation on
'fijjir questions full force, was framed
•^championed by some pretty good
"jiitu:ional lawyers, in whose judg
•it probably ia nut unconttitu-
is one thing more than
which tends to prejudice
jhds of the public against the
ids in this strike businessitjis the
ijfineut by the hitter of the gang
aized toughs known as "Pink-
gMj^rtiless of whose interist. the
jfetoireyd capital scheme ia supposed
it will cut littl
ipi result. 'L'h". of this state
lithe capital location to be set
*|ior good,this fall, and they will
it, too.
siouiug the liurses and other
en who gaVe their lives to charit
and public service during the
,wou!d be a tardy recognition of
of the most heroic, patriotic ami
lacrillcing service that, wab given
that struggle.
republican congress has added
to its list of creditable acts
present session by passing the
lottery bill. llepiesentative
sbrotigh, who was rceent'y dKieat
•r reiiominntion by the lottery
in North Dakota, made» strong
cli in fuvor of the bill on Saturday.
dge Clifford will tear himself swiij
|iMs congressional duties long
gn to put in a little ante-conven
•work at home. Meanwhile John
ble's friends say he has a sure
g, while Messrs'. A'y sand Lucas
aying low ana sajiny notniug. In
bumble opinion it is anybody's
up to date.
seed is worth $1.15- per bushel
itchell today ana our government
seu a duty of 20 per cent, upon
gn importations of same. This
feature of protection which the
era of the northwest would ap
ate, should some such measure us
"ills bill, of last congress, become
which proposed putting lUx
on the free list. There are for
countlies which are heavy nro
rs ot
and this protective duty
uts such countries (i che ip labor
'being our coinpetitoys.
Dou't read! Don't think! Don't
believe! Now, are you beett.er? You
women who think that patent medi
cines area humbug, and Dr. Pierce's
I' averite Prescription the biggest hum
''utr of the whole (because it's best
known of all)—does your laclc of-faith
cure come?
It is yery easy to "donV' in this
world, '-uspicion always comes nioie
easily than confidence. Jiut doubt
little faith—uever made a sick woman
well—and the "Favorite Prescription"
lias cured thousands of delicate, weak
women, winch makes us think that our
Prescription" is better than your
"don't believe." We're both honest.
Let us come together. You try Dr.
I'terce's Favorite Prescription. If it
dosti't do as represented, you get your
money again.
Where proof's so easy, can you afford
to doubt.
Little but active—are Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets.
Best Liver Pills made gentle, yet
thorough, They regulate and invigor
ate the liver, stomach and bowels.
Dr. A. Doll, who has been iii the
practice of medicine at North English,
[owa, since 1863, sa.vs he often pre
scribes Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Ciarrhoea Remedy, because he
knows it to be reliable. For sale by
L. O. Gale.
One of Duncan's dray teams came
up Main street Sautrday afternoon on
the run without a driver. The street
was full of vehicles of one sort and
another and serious trouble was
threatened when Dau McDermaid
pluckily climbed into the dray from be
hind and pulled t.he ruuawajstoa
staud still iu about ten seconds
Mathew Armstrong, of Orultou, Ky
now in his seventieth year, says he has
been troubled with diarrhoea every
summer as far back as he can recollect.
He has in his time used many medi
cines, but none equal to Chamberlain's
Colic. Choleia aud Diarrhoea Uemedy.
This runedy is prompt in its eil'ect,
can always be depended upon and
when reduced with water, i& pleasant
to take. Children do not object to
taking it. For sale by L. O. Gale.
Alexandria Herald: Diphtheria has
broken out four miles west of the Jim
river at the house of Andrew Hroek
man, in liosedale township. The case
is under the care of Dr. Warne, of
Mitchell. The county board of health
has taken prompt action iu quarantin
ing the same. There is also supposed
to be a case at the house of Mr. Olson
in Worthen township.
Wm. Hutchinson, of Benton, Illinois
while dealing in cattle and horses in
Texas last September, was taken with
a very severe attaok of cholera morbus
and diarrhoea, cominc, he supposed
from a ohange of drinking water. A
local druggist advised him to take
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Dirrhoea Cemedy. The second dose,
he says, effected a complete cure, and
he now takes pleasure iu recommend
ing to others. For sa'e at 25 and SO
cents per bottle by L. O. Gale.
A 1'ltasing
no re
Ot health and strength renewed and
of ease and comfort follows the use of
Syrup of Figs, as it acts in harmony
with nattue to effectually cleanse the
system when costive or bilious. For
sale in §0o or ©1.00 bottles by ail iead
ing druggists.
liradllcld's Female Regulator
Should be used by the young woman
she wlio suiters from any disorder pe
culiar to her sex, and
the change of
life is a powerful
who use it. Write the Hr.aulield Ueg.
Co. Atlanta, Ga. for particulars. Sold
by S. 11. Seallin and L. Gale.
When Ilaby was sick, wo gavo her Castoria.
lien Khc was .a Child, slit! cried for Castoria.
When she beca:ne JtisH, she clung to Castoria.
When she liad Children, she gave them Castoria.
A Lady in South Carolina Writes:
My labor was shorter and less pain
ful than on two former occasions phys
i( ians astonis. ed 1 thank you for
"Morther's Friend." Its worth its
weight in gold. Address the Brad
lielp Regulator Co.. Atlanta, (ia., for
particulars. Sold by S. II. Scallin and
L. O Gale.
gMCkleu'8 Arnica Sulv^.
Vhe salve in ttie world f-r cutE,
nines. ulc.ern, ritilt. rtiMurxi, fevtsi
•lv*. UfUer. crtupped hrttdn, chllbl&iuq.
urns, and All BtlD eruptions, and P*
!|ve!) "ores piles, or ot» pay required
to giv perfect eatls
,'fCiuL. miHitsy refiiiwied. Ptl'Jf
,'uOi yet ^i ante bj !J. H-
xAiS?* a?'-
A Sound Legal Opinion.
£. Bainbridge Munday Esq., County
Atty., Clay Co., Tex., says: "Have
used Electric Bitters with most
results. My brother also was very low
with malarial fevet and jaundice, but
was cured by timely use of this medi
cine. Am satisfied Electric Bitters
saved his life."
Mr. D. I. "Wilcoxson, of Horse Cave,
Ky., adds alike testimony, saying: He
positively believes he would have died,
had it not been for Electric Bitters.
This great remedy will ward o£E. as
well as cure all malaria diseases, and
for all kidney, liyer and stomach dis
orders stands unequaled. Price 50c
%nd $1. at Scallln's.
Modern Discoverer
"What Bell and Edison are to the
telephone and elestriclty, says the
Pittsburg News, Dr. Franklin Miles,
the well-known specialist in nervous
diseases, is to the nervous system and
nerve fluid. Among his numerous dis
coveries his Restorative Nervine is
undoubtedly one of the greatest. It
is unsurpassed in nervousness, dyspep
sia, headache, epilepsy, neuralgia,back
ache, melancholy, sleeplessness, change
of life, etc. Free trial bottles of it
may be had of L. O. Gale, druggist,
and also Dr. Miles' new book on "New
and Startling Facts" for the afflicted.
Every one should read this yery inter
esting, instructive, and finely illustra
ted book.
The New Discovery.
You have heard your friends and
neighbors talking about it. Tou may
yourself be one of the many who know
from personal experience just how
good a thing it is. If you have ever
tried it. you are one of its staunch
friends, because the wonderful thing
about it is, that when once given a
trial, Dr. King's New Discovery ever
after holds a place in the house. If
you have never used it and should be
afflicted with a cough, cold or any
th roat, lung or chest trouble, secure a
'ttle at once and gi /e it a fair trial.
It ia guaranteed every time, or money
refunded. Trial bottles free at S. H.
Scallin's drug store.
Tlie Old Made Young.
Dr. Brown
Sequard's elixir of youth
maybe an important discovery, but
every one knows that Dr. Franklin
Miles'New Heart Cure certainly is.
It has given thousands afflicted with
serious heart disease a new lease of
life. Druggists who can observe its
effects on many customers everywhere
speak very highly of it. Mr. John
Weaver ot ICnightstown, Ind, sf.ys:"I
haye sold much of Dr. Miles' New Cure
and have received many good reports.
I sold some to one of the leading Ma
sonic state officers and it did him a
great deal of good." Sold and guaran
teed by L. O. Gale.
.L'ojMervous, Debilitated Men.
If you will send us your address, we
will mail you our illustrated pamphlet
explaining all about Dr. Dye's Cele
brated Electro-Voltaic Belt and Ap
pliances, and their charming effects
upon the nervous, debilitated system
and how they will quickly restore you
to vigor and manhood. Pamphlet
free. If you are thus afllicted, we wiif
Bend you a Belt and Appliance on a
Voltaio Beit Co.. Marshall. Mlcfr
Beware of imitations.
heneli's all
Advice To Mothers
has been used by mothers for children
teething for over fifty years with per
fect success. It relives the little suf
ferer at once, produces natural, quiet
sleep by freeing the child from pain,
and the little cherub awakes as
"bright as a button." It Is very pleas
ant to taste, soothes the child, softens
the gums, allays pain, relieves wind,
regulates the bowels, and is the beBt
known remedy for diarrhoea, whether
arising from teething or other causes.
Twenty-five cents a bottle.
JLutnbago, Headache,
Bore Throat, Swellings, Frost-bites,
Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Scalds.
The rain which steadily tell today
from six o.clock a. m. till three p. m.
is the first of any notice that has fall
en since the begining of harvest. The
dry weather of the past three weeks
has been favorable for harvesting,
stacking and threshing, but in the
mean time corn has suffered some in
spots for want of rain. It is consider
ed by farmers that this rain will be a
positive benulit to many of corn
and the wild hay crop generally. The
young trees, which were suffering
some for want of moisture will now
be greatly revived.
A''Frank" Marriage.
Clerk of court Mollride
marriage license i'riday to Frank
Lown and Frank Lewis. Similarity in
given names led tta to inquire if both
of these were not tu n, but John in
forms us the latter F.-ank is a woman.
Be Sure
you liave made up your mind to buy
Hood's Sarsaparilln, do not be induced to tako
any other. Hood's Sarsaparilla is a peculiar
mcdicinc, possessing, by virtue of its peculiar
combination, proportion, and preparation,
curative power superior to any other article.
A Boston lady wlio knew what she wanted,
and whose example is worthy imitation, tells
her experience below:
To Get
In one store where I went to buy Hood'*
Sarsaparilla the clerk tried to induce mo buy
their own instead of Hood's lie told mo their's
would last longer that I miglit take it on ton
days' trial that if I did not liko it I need not
pay anything, etc. But he could not prevail
on me to change. I told liim I knew what
Hood's Sarsaparilla was. I had taken it, was
satisfied with It, and did not want any other.
•When I began taking Hood's Sarsaparilla
I was feeling real miserable, suffering
a great deal with dyspepsia, and so weak
that at times I could hardly stand. I looked,
and had for some time, like a person in con
sumption. Hood's Sarsaparilla did mo so
much good
that I wonder at myself sometimes,
and my
friends frequently speak of it." Mits.
Cl Tcrraco Street, Boston.
i—wwwBi P«mijwMi.iunmuBBw
Soldby all druggists, gl six for £-5. Prepared only
by C. I. HOOD
& CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass.
IOO Doses One Dollar
I paid 31 dollars doctor's bill for my wife
one year, and one bottle of Bradfield's
imale Regulator did her more good
van all the medicine she had taken before.
JAMES T. GOTT, Carmi, 111.
Have suffered periodically for years
been treated by tn? best physicians with
out relief—Bradfield's Female Regulator
did me more good than all the other
remedies. Mrs. ELIZA DAVIS, Charlotte, N.C.
Have used Bradfteld's Female Regulator
and can recommend it to all my friends.
Hiss C. S. WIEMEYER, Denver, Col*
Co., Atlanta, Ga.
Sold by all Druggists. Pricc $1.00 per bottle.
—L. E. STAIR,-"
Office Over First Ni:Uon». Hank.
Careful attention given
to the preservation of
teeth. Crown and
Bridgework a Special
ty. Lost teeth replaced
by artificial dentures
of gold, rubber and cel
luloid. Call at the First
National bank block
Swift's Specific has cured my little niec.^ ot
wlUio swelling of the worst type. More than
twenty pieces of bono came cat of her leg. She
wr.s not able to walk for eight months, and was
on crutches a year. The doctors advised ampu
tation, hut I refused, and put her on S. S. S.
is now as well and playful as any child.
Mas. ANNIE GEKSLING, Columbus, Ga.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
SVIFT SPECIFIC Co.. Drawers. Atlantis (?£.
Name of Mortgagors, George Lowell and
Nancy E, Lowell.
iN. nm ul'iUorigugee, Fidelity Loan & Trust
Conipu. y.
Date of morlga e, July 13th, 18WJ.
i^eewrdc'd Jui loth. lbtiO, in tho ollicc of the
register of deeds of Davison county, state of
Suutn Dakota, in book 01 of mortgages on
pUffH ZA,
l-'oiaiut liavii.g been made in the payment of
the iuieics. on uie note secured by sunt mort
gage due Januarj tsi,lb!»j, and July 1st, 1MU,
and Lb»- said mo, tgagors having uUu failed aud
ucfclec'.ed to pay the taxes levied upon the
premies described in said mortgage, whieh
nave been paid by th-) mortgagee, the niort
aagOd bus eio-lfd io and does hereby de
clare the whole principal ai.d intcrcit
secured by said mortgage immediately
due and payable, as provided in said
mortgage, and the amount claimed to be due
at the date hereof is tfaTti.Uo, principal and in
terest, and the further and additional sum of
S&5.S7 taxes, and interest thereon, paid by
said mortgagee, and the aggregate amouut
claimed to be due at the date hereof is $4.io 52.
iliat no action or proceedings at law, or
otherwise have been Instituted to recover the
debt secured said mortgage or anv nari
Now Therefore, notice is hereby given that
by virtue of the power of sale contained ia
said mortgage, and the statutes in such eases
made HUM provided, the said mortgage 'will be
loreeiosed bv sale at public auction, by the
rhcriiTof taid Davison county, or his deputy,
on the ^t day »»f September a, D. 18D0,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon ot that day, at the
frontdoor of the court house in the city oi
Mitchell, and county of Davison, ol the lauds
and premises situated iu said luivison count
aud state of South Dakota, and de-oribed in
said mortgage hubstaiuially jisfol.owr, tu-nit:
LoislOaml 11, UlocR~, ilowlev's Addition to
Daud atrioux City, Fowa, July lOth.A.D.LSUO,
& TituST Co., iviortgauee.
ji, t-LfciiuusT. .vtto. ncy for Mortgagee.
Name of Mortgagors, George Easterly and
Louise Easterly.
isame of Mortgagee, F. W. Little.
Da of morigdge, .November iw.ii, 18c'U.
Recorded bccember tsr, ISiM, iu tneuili ef
the legister of drcds of Davison county, south
Dakota, iu bo jk (Jl of mortgages, on page G&>
Defami having been made in the payment
ot the installments of the note secured by saiu
moitgage due October 1st, lSsu and April 1st,
181K, uie morigaKee has elected to, and does
hereby declare, the v/aole principal and int r
ost secured by feaitl mortgage, immediately due
and payable as provided by said mortgage, anu
the mount claimed to be due at the'date here
of is tfLUi.Ufj principal ana interest.
Tuat uo action nor proceeding at law, or
otherwise, has beeu instituted to recover the
debt secured by said mortgage, or any part
Is'ow, iherefore, notice is hereby given that
by virtue ol' the power of sale contained in said
mortgage, and duly recorded as aforesaid and
in pursuance of the statutes iu such case
uiuuo and provided, the sain mortgage will be
foreclosed by a sale at public auction, by the
Sheriff of said Davison county, or his deianv,
on the 1st cay of Sept, A. o.,i8uo, at lo o'clock
a m. at the front door ofth.i court house iu the
City of Mitchell, and county of Davison, South
DaKota, of the iands and premises sitinited in
said Davison county and state of South ini
aota, land described In said murtsjage sub
stantially as follows, to-wit:
The west half of the northwest quarto'*, of
section and the northeast quarter, and the
north oii'.-haif of the southeast quarter of sec
tion z\ in wy. 10-1, uorLh.of raime 0, we^t 5.h
at Sioux City, Iowa, July 10th,
itibT. At'iv fur Morua^te.
jVotice i'or Publication.
Landoilico at Mitchell, South Dak., August
Notice is herebj given that the following
named settlor has liled notice of h.s intention
to make iinal uroof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be ma before the ltegU
ter and Iteoeiver, at Mitchell, South Dakota,
on October 3rd, 1WU. viz
for th* N W of NW sec. 15, twp. 104 N, Bg.
60, VV. (lid entry
He names the following tness. to prove
his iiont.inuous resUlence tipon aud cultivation
of said lauo, Jamvs Leslie, Johu b\ lierry,
Oliarlos 1. Morris, anu A, 11. Hubbard, all of
Mitchell, S, D.
KHATZ, Hcglster.
Land OlIL'e at Mitchell, S. D„ July 22d,lHCO.
Nonce is hereby given that «ho lotiowing
nameil set'ler has hied nnticeof his intention
to ni:ike Una! proof in support ot his claim, and
that said proof will be uiaue b-toiv the Kegis
ter and Koceiver.at Mitch li, S:)Ut,h Dakota, on
Septemberftth, iy:)0. vizi
Jame^ Sc.str, Ltobart Sevtt, Peter Christcn^ou
and wjiiianM lara, allot Mitchell post ollice,
South DaKota.
under his lioniesteaa entry o. 2W»ld, tor the
southeast hi of^Scc. ai, Twp 101, north, range
55). ,*.th m.
Jle names the following vittnssea to prove
his continuous *'«sidence up and cultivation
of. s-iiil lamJ, viz:
K. N.
)3$ a General Banking Bus
iness. Pays Interest
on Tiw.e Deposits.
JOHN D. LAWLER, President.
J. E. GILBERT, Cashier
A. M. BOWDLE. Vice Pres't.
Caveats, and Trado-MarkB obtained,
and all Fat-
n13 n£?a
for Moderate Fees.
Our Office is Opposite U.S.Patent Office,
secure patent in
less time than ttose
remoto from Washington.
"a patent is sec
"How to Obtain Patents," with
names of actual clients in your State, county, or
town, sent free. Address
•v Opposite Patent Office, Washington, 0. C.
Great Northern Railway L'«e.
Hume seekers will flud
1 ol the public domain ol
cultural and grazing value along
the Ureut Northern By. iu North
Dakota and Montana
100 or more, along*tK VMM
Northern railway line. taAloesa
dunces. Write to F. I. vnicrsir
St. Paul, for books, mays, eu.
Write now.
Settlers on free tcovoruiuent
lands alon4. the Great Northeru
Ky. Une in North Dakota and
Montana get low rates and tiue
ruarkots for their prod nets.
Fiue resort in Atrierica aiom?
*caw*- AmerjuH ttioiil?
TTTT^TT"M,i.c,T(iat Northern Hallway Line in
i.r/8snnnos')tu' lako^aand
Hftnltli I
xXb il-iitD'U'si climate for health seeker*.
Montana produces tile ilnest'f
HofSe.sand t'ajtic. l-'rce
yet in fdi.k sina *u\\ Ulvorl^^^
Vallj} 8 iUtd Sweet Grass Hills.
9 In Montana. Free Lands, Ne
Now liailways,Ne1w Mine
w. ui r»'tl Low Kates. Laritesr area of
Wealtil. I good vacant land.
Sweet (xra^s Mills.Milk and *un
River Valleys, Moutana, reach'-tl
only by the G•-.sit Northern Hall
way Line. 'J ho Sioeic KaiaerV
Th« region tribiU^ry to Great
North rn H^ihvuvL'nei Monta
na |»n du"e nil the pr- oous and
jbiMcr mota's. New t«v.ns an«t
I railways are '-eltiy Inillr
Gotcj the ^r.-at liMSH'-vjitl 3
Montana and^t a «ood t'reehom. S lUI.Tl.ir
stead. I i:.t.stir(Mrce^h—-—* J.-4!•***•..
on Ureut N them l.i
'1 hes li v«« made Montana tin»
I i-hes: shtt* capita iu the 1J
ii *"u I'^t.v of room for more ml
Minua 5 iit-rt* iini -toirk r. ii*i rs.
the me.
Ions 'ho (iioi.r North-rn ltv.
in ll-.nia'sa a-c fn-e r«»i.eh»rs I
pasturage, mines of erioiiKa
als. iron jn ioai. ciiU*sl Mnn!
towna No*v is your vhatn m,
The v...i'1-y^ of R('tl. Mouse, Mis-1
souri, Milk ai'l Sun rivt-rsreach I
by Giva! North'"'!!. ll.tlf ralet-x I r?'
enrsinn« ~i'p .!).23.' ct i-t,!)0. Write I lv. Li
F. I. WiimiKY, St p,iul. Minn. I
Why 'Should Everybody
sends Pills? lieotuse Ihfjr AL- ...
WAYS CUIUS liiliouaness!
Sold by Drutfijiats (lenerallv and by
Gen. Agents for U. K.
f* A TfPTAHI W. J,. Doufflan Shoea trs
vaU 1 lUll warranted, anil every pair
has Ins name and price stamped on bottom.
Fine Cnif nnd Laccd Waterproof Grain.
Tho cxcctlonco aud wearing qualities of this shoo
cauuot be better tUiowu thau by the strong endorse*
meats of its thousands of constant woarcrs.
Sc-.OO Ocnuiuc IlamUsowedi an elegant and
9 stylish dress Shoe -which commends Itself.
$4*00 Iland-sewed Welt* A fine calf Shoe
uucqualled for stylo and durability.
I *ohdyeur Welt Is the standard
Ktioe, at a popular'price.
$9i50 Policeiiinn'H tshoo Is especially Adapted
for railroad mou, farmers, etc.
All made In Congress, Button and Laoe.
$3&$2 SHOES ..m,
have been most favorabl}" received since introduced
and tho rcccnt improvements mako them superior
to any shoes sold at these prices.
Ask your Dealer, and if ho cannot supply you send
direct to factory, enclosing advertised price, or a
postal fur order blanks.
W. LI DOUGl- ASi Brockton* MAM*
t' ft
~'i ('A

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