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In another place in this Issue we
jrint the republican and tne independ
ent county tickets side by side, and
Kubmit them to the consideration of
Irie voters of Davison county without
iomment. The independent organ has
attempted to throw discredit on the
lepublican ticket by intimating that
It was the reBult of a slate deal and
Ihat the farmers themselves had little
pr no voice in the matter. The pro
feedings of the convention that put
•p this ticke.t, to which proceedings
oth the candidate-editors of the Gta
ptte were eye-witnesses, give the lie
this insinuation, and the character
nd location of the men on the ticket
pinches that lie emphatically. The
ppublicans of Davison county are
erfectly willing to stand by their
Jieord clear through, whether the
gunpaign be one of principle or plug
fiat prejudice
There is a prospect that congress
lay adjourn by the 23a of this month,
BnU then again, it may not.'
The Mitchell conundrum:
J(T/»o is running the KEPUBLICAN
••Never mind about that. You just
lye your attention totheconinntrums
Jfcputs at you.
Ifhere will be serious trouble in
IllfiSrapaperdom if the Sioux City Jour
'Ifcf doesn't quit classing the Sioux
(frills Argus-Leader as a democratic
^^°n. Hugh J. Campbell has cast his
with the independent party
|n'd we would advise both ,J udge Tripp
jtid Mr. Wardall to keep an eye on
lis future movements.
|The proceedings and outcome of the
|te republican convention having re
lived the hearty condemnation of the
Iberdeen democratic Kepublican the
pmpaign may be considered as most
njspiciously opened.
The convention has adjourned anid
obligations of hospitality being
noved. the REPUBLICAN begs leave
Jfremark that it is back into politics
pee more. But perhaps this announce
leut is not really needed.
iXJazette: Yesterday's issue of the
Kphan sheet—
|®here is nothing dishonorable in be
ing an orphan but bow about a waif
"Vhose multiplicity of fathers leaves
honest parentage in doubt f§H
The comments of the Gazette on the
lepublicau couuty ticket go far to indi
cate that the independent campaign
if principle is to be one of race preju
dice and local jealousies. Else why
does it bear aown on the fact that the
Scandinavians were recognized and
(that all the candidates were not far
The late republican convention has
:left some sore spots in several locali
ties, which may not affect the result
on the state ticket, but will possibly
cut a figure in the senatorial fight.
Joe Bailey is said to have his war
paint on and Judge Gifford seems to
feel that he did not have a fair show.
Just the same the state of South
Dakota will continue to be represented
in the United States senate by two
i| republicans.
The State Democrat comes to hand
from Aberdeen edited by Harry T.
1 Crag. The Democrat is born of the
emergency which arose in the party
when Major Barrett refused to hoist
the county ticket because it contained
the name of a man who once slapped
the major on the jaw in an unseemly
manner. The newspaper headstones
scattered over the field at Aberdeen
don'i seem to have alarmed the Demo
crat, which is an eight-page, neat-ap
pearing sheet.
The republicans in congress have
got together on the reciprocity matter
and thus another hope of the opposi
tion collapses. President Harrison is
given credit for this happy outcome.
When he came to Washington from
Cape May after his celebrated inter
view with Secretary Blaine, he was
half inclined to issue a proclamation
urging congress to support Seoretary
Blaine's reciprocity plan, but he soon
came to the conclusion that he could
do more in his personal capaoity than
through an official document. He
therefore set about missionary work
and urged individual representatives
and senators, as they came from day
today to the white house, to come to
an understanding on the proposition
and they have finally done so in a way
that will prove very satisfactory to
the republicans at large and the peo
ple of the country generally.
Young Men's Kepublican Club
Last Saturday evening, at a meeting
of numerous young men of the repub
lican party, preliminary steps were
taken to organize a young men's re
publican club, and Monday evening
'here was a large and enthusiastic at
tendance and the organization was
The following officers were elecfed:
President— II. C. Gordon Vice-Pres
ident— 11. L. Bras Secretary—W. J.
Healey Treasurer—H. R. Kibbe!
Executive committee—Messrs.Gordon,
chairman Rew, Beattie, Clemaus, Hel
WiST, Scott,C.J.Johnson,Wells,C.O.Bras.
Every one present manifested deep
interest in the club, and the result is
going to be some effective work for ihe
Tlie Central Committee.
The slate central committee met at
the rink at 7:30 last evening, After
electing Hon. P. C. Shannon, of Lin
coln county, temporary chairman, and
W. C. Allan, of Brown, becretary, the
committee elected Dr. A. E. dough, of
Madison, chairman for the ensuing
year. The committee is as follows
First District—P. L. Gilmore, Elk
Second district—J. A. Bardsback,
Third district—W. S. Goodwin,
Fourth distsict—L. Turner, Spring
Fifth district—P. C. Shannon, Can
Sixth district— Wm. Elliott, Hurley.
Seventh district—F. D. Simmons,
Eighth district—David Smith, Cas
Ninth district—C. E. McKlnney,
Sioux Falls, John Thomson, Baltic.
Tenth district—To on named later.
Eleventh district—J. C. Gregory,
Twelfth district—Geo. A. Silsby,
Thirteenth district—C. J. Anderson,
Fourteenth district—J. L. McKay,
Fifteenth district—Geo. AT Petti
itrew. Flandrau.
Sixteenth district—C. B. Kennedy,
Seventeenth district—L. W. Aldrich,
Eighteenth district—J. B. Cameron,
Nineteenth district—J. R. Miilikin,
Twentieth district—J. E. Diamond
Twenty-first district—J. F. Holla
day, Iroquois.
Twenty-second district—C. N.Coo
per, Wessington.
Twenty-third district—J. H. Bald
win, St. Lawrence.
Twent-fourth district—Gershom
Jones, Pierre.
Twenty-fifth district—To be named
Twenty-sixth district—Thos. C. Pe
terson, Gary.
Twenty-seventh district—R. J. Tay
lor, Castlewood.
Twenty-eighth district--Alexander
Mclntyre, Watertown.
Twenty-ninth—K. F. Conkllu,Clarfe.
Thirtieth—M. L. Reed, Ashton, and
S. B. Milton. Redfield.
Thirty-first-J. A. Rickert, Corona.
Thirty-second—Charles B. Knott,
Thirty-third—W. C. Allen, Groton,
and J. C. Simmons, Frederick.
Thirty-fourth—J. W. Banbury, Brit
Thirty-fifth—J. II. Bottum, Faulk
Thirty sixth—George C. Knicker
bocker, Eureka.
Thirlj -seventh—No selection.
Thirty-eighth—Walter E. Smead,
Lead City, and R. E. Grimshaw, Dead
Thirty-ninth—D. W. Clark, Rapid
Fortieth—I. R. Crow, Sturgis.
Forty-first—D. W.McFadden, Custer
Stanley County—C. J. Lavery, Fort
Unorganised counties—VV. H, Tre
A Horse Injured.
While out to his farm Saturday
evening, Geo, A. SUsby hitched his
horse to the drive wheel of a mower.
The horse was of an adventurous dis
position and placed his foot over the
cutter bar, catching it above the hoof
on the sharp end of one of the guards,
and of course pulled back, running it
into his foot two or three inches. The
horse, in consequence, is greatly disa
bled, though he was able to be driven
8120 will paint and paprr a room 12
xlfl feet., 8 feet high.
W. F, Ilarnden.the democratic tariff
reformer, who is now stumping the
state, was
among the recent s,visitors.
He said he had no us9 for "ipe inde
pendent party but preferred 'straight
goods always.
Dr. A. T. Doll, who has been' in the
practice of medlcinn at North English,
Iowa, since 1863, says he often pre
scribes Chamberlain's, Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy, because he
knows it to be reliable. For sale by
L. O. Gale. -i,
We are informed that many ,*ofl the
popular musicians of Mitchell fiave
consented to assist, iu a grand concert
September Oth, 1860. Those who have
the management promise one of the
moat enjoyable entertainments of the
of the season.
Win. Hutchinson, of Benton, Illi
nois while dealing iu cattle and horses
in Texas last September, was taken
with a very severe attack of cholera
morbus ana diarrhoea, coming, he sup
posed from a change of drinking wat
er. A local druggist advised him to
take Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. The second dose,
he says, effected a complete cure, and
he now takes pleasure in recommend
ing it to others. For sale at 2Cand 50
cents per bottle by L. O. Gale.,|||i£'4
Presiding Elder Burdickof tMp^er
deen district, who was one ^F the
Brown county delegates to the state
convention, told the REPUBLICAN that
the Dakota University would receive
quite a number of students from his
section this fall.
MuhewArmstsoiig, of Crofton.Ky.
now bis seventieth year, says he has
been troubled with diarrhoea every
summer as far back as he can recollect.
He has in his time used many medi
cines, but none equal to Chamberlaiu's
Colic. Choleia and Diarrhoea Remedy.
This remedy Is prompt in its effect,
can always be depended upon and
when reduced with water, is pleasant
to take. Children do not object to
taking it. For sale bv L. O. Gale.,•
Says the Southern Medical World:
"Mother's Fnend" is growing in fa
vor throughout the south and is high
ly recommended by physiciaus. We
consider it indispensable to those who
know they must pass through the or
deal of childbirth. ..Write Bradfleld's
Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars.
Sold by S. II. Scallin and L. O. Gale.
James T. Uott,CariuI, 111., Says:
He paid thtrty-one dollars doctor's
bill for his wife in oue year, and ose
bottle of Bradfleld's Female regula
tor did her more good than all the
medicine she had taken before.
II. DALK,Druggist. Carmi, 111.
Write Bradfield's Itegl. Co., Atlanta
Ga., for particulars. Sold by S. H.
Scallin and L. O. Gale.
'••'•A Remarkable Letter.
The following letter from W. A.
Thomson of Columbus. Wis., is pecu
liarly interesting: "My wife." says he,
has been treated for her head, stom
ach and nervous prostration by three
doctors in New York, two in Chicago,
one in Philadelphia, one in Cincinnati,
and at the large institute in Buffalo
for sixteen months. They all failed.
But one bottle of Dr. Miles' Restora
tive Nervine helped her wonderfully."
This should be used in all headaches,
backaches, changes of life, nervous
disturbances, fits, rheumatism, etc.
Ask at L. O. Gale's drug store for a
free trial bottle and Dr. Miles' new
book on the nerve and heart.
When Baby was sick, we garo her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
Bncblen'a Arnica MM, Y,
The best salve in the world f«r «uU.
oroiiM. iom, ulcers, salt rheum, fevei
•orea, tetter, chapped hands. «hnhi»i«^
curat, and all akin eruption, and pt
llively onraa piles, or no pay required.
It la guaranteed to give perfect eaNa
itction, or money refunded. Prior SI
cents per bex For aal* by 8. ft. 8-«l|
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Modorn Miracles.
A singer for breath was distressed.
And the doctors all said she must rest,
ut she took G. M. D.
1 or her weak lungs, you see,
And now she can sing with the best.
An athlete gave out, on a run.
And he feared his career was quite
G. M. D., pray observe,
Gave J)aek his lost nerve,
And now he can lift half a ton.
A writer, who wrote tor a priZ'1,
Had headaches and pain In the eje?
G. M. D. was the spell
.Thai mide hitn quite well.
And glory tieior -tnm now lies.
lust* nre mill inp!es oft he daily
iruiiiphs .if Ur. 1',ic-'s Golden Medi
cal Discovery, in re.-i .riiiR health aid
reviving wasted .vitality. Sold by all
Miles' Serve and Liver Pills.
An important discovery. They act
tn the liver, stomach and bowels
through the nerves. A new principle.
They speedily cure biliousness, bad
taste, torpid liver, piles and constipa
tion. Splendid for men, women and
shlldren. Smallest, mildest, aurest, 30
loses for S5 cents. Samples free at
O. Gale'a the druggist.
Tlie Verdict Unanimous.
W. D. Suit, Druggist, Blppus, Ind.,
testifies "I can recommend Electric
Bitters as the very best remedy. Every
bottle sold has given relief in every
case. One man took six bottles, and
was cured of rheumatism of ten years'
standing," Abraham Hare, druggist,
BelIville,Ohio, affirms: "The best sell
ing medicine I have ever handled In
twenty years experience, is Electric
Bitters." Thousands of others have
added their testimony, so that the ver
dict is unanimous that Electric Bitters
do cure all diseases of the liver, kid
neys or blood, Only a half dollar
bottle at Scallin's drug store.
A Woman's Discovery.
*Auumer wonderful discovery has
been made and that too by a lady in
this county. Disease fastened it clutch
es upon her and for seven years she
withstood its severest test, but her vi
tal organs were undermined and death
seemed imminent. For three months
she coughed incessantly and could not
sleep. She bought of us a bottle oi
Dr. King's New Discoyery for con
sumption and was so much relieved on
taking first do3e that she slept all nicht
and with one bottle has teen miracu
lously cured. Her name is Mrs,Luther
Lutz." Thus write W. O. Hamrick &
Co., of Shelby, N. C.—Get a free trial
bottle at Scallin's drug store.
Itujervoua, Debilitated Men.
If you will send us your addrc-ks, we
will mail you our illustrated pamphlet
explaining all about Dr. Dye's Cele
brated Electro-Voltaic Belt and Ap
pliances, and their charming effects
upon the nervous, debilitated system
and how they will quickly restore you
to vigor and manhood. Pamphlet
free. If you are thus afflicted, we wltf
send yon a Belt and Appliance on a
Voltaic Belt Co, Marshall. Mlcfc
Sh SI1£
Beware of Imitations.
Children Cryfot
Pitcher's Castoria.
/fr rn AND GET
Advice To Motbersi
has been used by mothers for children
teething for over fifty years with per
fect success. It relives the little suf
ferer at once, produces natural, quiet
ileep by freeing the child from pain
and the little cherub awakea aa
"bright as a button." It is very pleas
ant to taste, soothes the child, softens
the gums, allays pain, relieves wind,
regulates the bowels, and ia the beat
known remedy for diarrl)«ea, whether
arising from teething or other cBuaea.
Twenty-five cents a bottle.
Maywood, Kara.,
Aug. 10., 1888.
I suffered two years
with pain In mj side
doctors failed to help
me 8t JacobsOll cured
tne no return of pain.
Carlisle, Pa., February
nd tried
I was hurt in tho' left' hip
•rat physicians without obtaining
than a half-bottle of St. Jacobs Oil cured me.
relief. Lea
comber 31, A.D.
1889,of the condition and affairs
of the
American Fire Insurance Co.,
Of PhtladeJptiJa. omanleed under tUo laws ot the
I*1® Auditor of
£fd State
Dakota, In pursuance of tlie laws of
H.~ Montgomery, Secretary, Richard
Maris, Vice-President, Cba& P. Perot. Princinol Office.
308 and 310 Walnut sk, PhiladolphlSr
rru":, xu
f0r 8ervico ot
tbo State of South
First.......E, T. White...Yankton........ Yankton
SSft"?* Hills Sioux Falls.
Kw&h 'nF1?'J*oor© Watertown... .Codington
Fourth....W. L. Warren Mitchell Davison
Rf£»h •BoUcsBroa Aberdeen Brown
Pierre Hughes
urgonizcd or Incorporated Feb. 28. 1810. Com
menced business, March 12.1810.
Amount of Capital
Stock actually paid in cash 9 600,000.00
The value of its real estate is: 230.100.00
The cash on hand in its office is 9M3&24
The cash on deposit in bank is 103498.85
Tho cash in bands of agents and in course
or transmission is 81,707.79
Iioans on bonds and mortgages, being the
lien on Real Estato worth double the
amount of tho sum loaned thereon 998,70110
Stocks and bonds owned by the company
carried out at market value 1,090.119^9
Stocks held as collateral security for loans.
carried out at market value 150,000.00
All other sums due the companyt 27,683.13
v. Total Assets '9 2,012,669.97
Amount of losses yet unpaid fi 138,009.86
Amount of claims for losses resisted by the
company 39.318.30
Whole amount of unearned premiums on
outstanding* rlRks 1^53J9L24
Amouut of all other existing claims 2,331.89
Total Liabilities $ 1,733^063.18
Whole amount of cash premiums received 1,613,379.11
Whole amount of cash premiums
received on policies written in
the Stoto of South Dakota 8,393.77
Whole amount of interest money received 101,801.30
Total Income. 1,772^73.19
Whole amount of losses paid during the
year 1889 W07J639J5
Amount of losses paid upon risks
taken iu the State of South Da*
kota 661.77
Amount of losses accrued subse*
quent to precedingstatement... 6(M,53
Amount of dividends paid during tho year
of 1889 f. 6035.00
Amount of commissions and fees paid to
officers and agents during the
year 1889... 209,227.24
Amount ot taxes paid during the
year 1889.. 86,113.46
Amountof taxes paid the territory
of Dakota during the year
1889.. 879.11
Amountof fees paid the Auditor
of the territory of Dakota and
tho Auditor of the
State of
Dakota during they
?ar 1889 (not
including itaaces). Certificates, $74,
other fees, $26. 100.00
Whole amount pafd fot' salaries of officers
and agents during the year 1889, and agency
expenses 7T.... 205.241.8#
whole amount ot all
other expenditures
ring the year 1889.7....... 23,466.19
Total Expenditures
Gross amount of risks taken dur
ing the year 1889 9 163,885,692.00
Gross amount of risks taken in
the State of South Dakota dur
ing the. year 1889.. 172,376.00
Whole amountof -risks outstand
^e amount of losses incurred*du.
year l889, including those claimed and not
Jfet due
Vhole amount of losseslncurred during the
year 1889, including those claimed ana not
yet due, in the
State ot South Dakota
kelng_dulyi sworn, depose
Thos. H. Montgomery, Pres. and Richard Marls, of
.. n^vwyfy.Pres. and .....— ,.Seo.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this' 17th day
ot February. 1890. 8AMUEL L. .TAYLOR.
Commissioner for So. Dak.
STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA—Auditor's Offlce.-Inaur
ance Department.
I. L.. C. TAYLOR, Auditor ot the State of South Da*
kota, do hereby certify that the above is atrue
copy ot
the original statement now on file in this office,
in witness-whereof, I have hereunto
set myhand, and
affixed the seal of this, oUoe, at Pierre,
iBEAL] 5th day of April, 1890.
Whereas, the American Fire Insurance .Company
acorporatlon oi^anized under the laws of Penn.,
has filed in this office a sworn statement exhibiting its
condition and business for the year ending December 31,
1889, conformable to the requirements of tne laws ot th«
State regulating the business ot insurance: and
Whereas, the.said company has
.filed in tbiB office-a.
duly certified eopy of its charter, with certificate of or*
ganisatlon, in compliance with tbe
requirements ot the
insurance laws
Now therefore,- I, I* a* TAYLOR .Auditor
ot the State ot South Dakota, pursuant to -the
provisions of said laws, do hereby certify-that the
named company is
fully empowered, through Its
ised agents, to transact its appropriate business of Fire
Insurance, in this 8tate, according to laws-thereof,
until the
Slst day ot Deoember,
A. D.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set .my hand
nAXj ana seal at Pierre, this 6th day of April
A. D, 1890 C. TAYLOR, Auditor.
State Fair at Aberdeen.
For the State Fair to be held i.t
Aberdeen September 15th to 19th, the
C. M, & St. P. Ry. Co. will sell excurs
ion tickets for fare one way for tlie
round trip. Will sell tickets Septem
ber 13th to 19th, and all good to re
turn until September 22(1.
Pitcher's Castoria.
Children Cry for
Cavon's, and Trade-MarkB obtained, andallFat
business conducted for Moderate Fee*.
Opposite U.S.Patent Office,
ln le8B
A r^°*
I®" Why Should Everybody use Town
sends Pills'{ Because they AL
WAYS CUBE Biliousness!
Sold by Druggists Generally and by
R. C. WARNE & Co.,
Gen. Agents for U-S.
Great Norlhem Railway !«.
acekcrs will fltid
1'ist 01 the public tiiiiiitiiii of agrl-i TOTI
cuiturhl »nl Krnzlun vSluo alonri I
tlm HruutNoriliiTu Ity. ill Noilli EaWDS
uakoiu uinl Alomaim
100 or more, along CMBut:
Nurtbern railway imo. BaMnrBH
eh-.1101-8. Write to F.-l. ttBiTNBtf
St. P.uiI, (or books, inAJH, oli*
s*-tUoiH un free iro\eminent
liuida iiluii',' tin (ireal Nortlurn
H.V. Line in Nortii Dakota smd
Jloiitauaitet low rates anil Uue
tor tilclr prodnots-
l^ue resort in Au.erica alonK
EnSTIN'»Gl,:atNol,ti|er" Hallway Line hi
pm n7w/il"\ Ualso.a and Hontaiiit.
Jtia mnollJiifll climate tor houlth wekers-
Montana produces tlie finest
Hoises and Cattle. Kree ragues
yet In Mouse. Milk una aun Kiver.
Valleys and Sweet Grass Ilills. lOATii
SwcttL-Vim*** tiiilri.iMilk
Sf- Mil l.O
the American Fire Ins. Co., of Philadelphia, Penti.
sworn, depose 'and say that the
is a full, true and correct statement
of the- affairs of said company that the said
Insurance Company is the bona Ode owner of at
ual cash capital. Invested in the State and United States
stocks and Bonds, or in Bonds and Mortgages of Renl
Estate unincumbered, and worth double tne amount for
which- the same Is mortgaged, and they-are the above
described officers of said Insurance company.
L. C. TAYLOR, Auditor.
THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA-Office of 8tate Audi
tor—Department of Insurance—Company's Certificate
ot Authority.
"me than tiiose
remote from Washington.
drawing or photo., with dfeBferip.
i° ndviso, if patentable or not, free of
patent is seciired.
Pamphlet. Uow to Obtain-Patcnts," with.
names of actunl clients in your
State, county, or
town, eont free. Address,
Opposite Patent Office, Washington, D: C.
I for "WOMAN'S 8AF&
lnMo.itrtiia. Pr^e Lands. "Ne
New Hallways,New Miuo
dud Law UaW.s. areu oi
tf jud vacant laud.
UJvur Valleys, Moi.fiu:i. ivu h.
only h.v tue Gn-nt Northorn Kail*
way Line. Jb.s .S.OUK Itaisci
a «h.» rcniou it ibiit: iv to Gifat
FAonh rn H»llw:iy Lfiieii» llonta
Jt»a dii- Jill iitj pr- uious and
iiu-liiiB. Now tutwis aii«
j: nil »v».vs ar»* 1 ii?K builr..
0 to tii« »iivat, -n I
Montana aud a goodfrw.- honi'
r.it bJlllil ll'fC hlftJI""--
on iireat N fhri ii LI Go Aivee
i1:uk- Ji.ivc mie Momana the
nes siau capita in llie Ui
it«ii I lenty ot room for more mi
ners iiiid htoeK raisrrs. New is
lie ine.
Alonn tlie t.ie 1 Wort'M rn lty.
Line in ma a live rmieli. I
and pa-st'iraKi". iiii'n of |i vi ii»i.s
mutals. li'i:i.ai toal. (ii^eKf
E S iioiindcl by 11 find a^ri -ult
R.aof I ral unit fiiizn con try. clone lo
•n 11 fi
1"1" 8 l,f li eeioU!
ihi-tnis avii ir
.talis, Iiiiienii led water |'i»ir. it is »«oi..
|taiia ii dus n:il (Til!ie
The of Hcl. ,\lou-e. s
S' i. Milk IF
I »UII rivi-rsivai 1
bytimu Nnitlinni It.,If nitei*
eurs oils ,-ep .si.3:t.iict.M.U:i. Wrile
F. t. WIUTMKV. at Paul. Minn.
To the ronstiiutioii
Mutv of
Tntl.uuv to it fli srrt'i.r ojit'i hnkot
Tlie lii s* iftr.-U.nr id ll,«- fi.Mli
DaKuia 1 ih ••mrijdmeuiit
tO 'ie CO.i.
a joini.i* ut. on ent.a:cd *'J hit
resoiunou pn p.. uu mhoiiUiiki u» ii««
c-i*HHtMn» inii iu. uiu puhhc i»ideiud»
to$5IU1 '*t itim uvf .11 t'l-u iu*
JJ'i«t 11
Mi- \H)
Tlie pi op .f cil as .ji aitit'thin^nt'
totnetM iint 111ti 11.
"tortliuim'ptwo isiy »*lniurdin iv
^xpe s«?b arm uiakin uh'i .... or
t'Miit ut a u« II- it.
f«iilni the
sta-e may. in addition p- d"Ui»,
contract d.'lus^n -. »•.
t- "icyr
gate to |u 1 i-11 sn
.rress incurr-r ti, or do «a.| Las *t r.o or
united 11 w?»' ,\:s
S?.CONi». Hy a join» 1 m- tit d,
joiul iHisnutt.uM pr ...oh. an am mime i*«
the'Onstiitn ot pn-luiini n* wlio nin
taiti trib :l relaiions. i-.-.-i v,-m
KO.ernmtMir.0 h. l.iiitt-ii N,ul,. .or hol'i un-"
taxable )and6 in srvci nl v. it »,t ury
election in d^r tht* .1 i-tt of ihn
BtHteot'MU'.li Uakot Appr y-. 8th
1*00. Tfaefall.Miiijrispn.pMKeiii.s au umeiid
ment?othecons.itui o« viy?
"olndian who si stuin.- CiUau u*latiuii-s
recoi'A^ atipporr i» wi o.i* .r.. ,«| iro -. the
l?ovornin lit' ilu- I'M .US alHK.orhoids m.
taxable land it seiontt'.. shs.li. hr ponni'trd
to vote sit any election h- Id nu e.- ilus conalU
tut ion." Also
TIIIKD: 14. an net mult cd An act to KUI
mlt the question at wi m* suffrafftt to a vote
^oople. Approved March oili. ibUU
Ihcftdlowiimb pi-uposod as an amendment
to the ttoiibth ution.viz:
e^halltliewoid uialc brvatneken fromBeo.
4 ol Art. 7 of.the constitution, rclarluu to eiec
tioos and right of suffrH^r 84W act pro
vldrs, that if majority of the voti 8 nr»» io fn
yororstrlkinif out tho word ••mule" it shall
be ^rlcken out and ilieio »haH tjeri'aft^r be
no diatlnctijii between male* and fem los in
the exerc:su of tUeritfht ol suftrauc ut any elec
tion in th state.
The form ot bai ot. to be u-ed in tlnp on
s-iid question siullbe print* i»n the re^ulur
5kei, ut b« nod in vot»n« for tnea at.* olHo-rs
co be elected ut that ine, and shall bo as fol-'
"Shall the word male bes r.cken from 8ec
oneuf Art. 8f3\Oil 01 the constitution?" YetfNn,
A 1 electors dcsirinif vote In Nvor of atrlk-'
ipgout ih« word mile ninyt erase (h )--word
A.'i ^i tors dvsiriiig to vote ugamgt ..
striking: out the word ina muse erase the1
word "V-eH."
ato»esaid proposed amendments are to
be voted
at ih^ ro UIhr eliction to be held
on the first Tuesday after the llrat ^JtoiidW
iu November. A. D-. lw»0
Dat a thi« 9 day of August.- 18(K-
fcecyot Mtate..
A Little Journey to the Sioux City
Corn Palace,
Is tho title of a beautlfti lltt'o book, contain*
ingamost .iiitoresting Btory of how a whole
nfilghborhood planned to attend tlie Corn Pal
ace. The farm scene is tiue to lite, and will
be heartily appreciated by lie occupants ot
every farm home in UlinoH an.1 Iowa. Tli*
passenger depart mint of tlie ILLINOIS CKN
TKAL RAILROAD have a supply ofthes*
books, and will take pleasure in mnilfnur a
copy FREK, to all who will address the under
signed. M.BS5
J. lp.MRH1IV.
1. B. liijws,
G. N. r. A..
191 riarkSt..
Manchester, Iowa..
Chto»f a, 111.

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