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Hanging Lamps,
Beautiful Vase and Stand Lamps,
And the Most Gorgeous Banquet Lamps Ever Shown in Mitchell,
-A.t Prices A.ston.iBtiin.gly Low.
On© Door South, of P. O.
The Furniture Man,
Has Received His
-You are Invited to call
and See Them.
The anti-subtreasury Alliance men
will meet to organize in Memphis on
December 15. Then the fight will be
on. .V
If Minneapolis can show sufficient
hotel accommodations she is said to be
sure of the National Convention. If
that be the test, Omaha will not be in it
at all.
Both the Republicans and Democrats
of Sioux City have organized clubs for
political work. There is a good exam
ple for the Republicans of Mitchell and
Davison county. The coming winter
offers the best possible opportunity for
the study and dissemination of Republi
can principles which were never so vital
to the bes-t interests of the county and
particularly of the northwest as now.
Ye that have thanks to give prepare
to give them now. There never was
more occasion for genuine thankful
ness to the Giver of all good gifts than
in this year of our Lord 1891. Not an
individual of us but can look back
and see for himself what his blessings
have been in the past year, and as a
community and a state the reasons for
gratitude are large and varied. There
fore, after several years of comparative
hardship and of uncertain prospects for
the future, we can
indulge our feel­
ings of gratitude for past favors receiv
ed and allow our hopes for the future
to take on a most roseate hue
The opposition press is making
great howl over the fact that the Re
publican papers of this state are talk
ing plainly about some of the minor
matters within the party which seem to
need correcting, and try to make them
selves believe that these criticisms are
indications of a quarrel within the
ranks. This is not only an entirely
wrong conclusion to draw but it is
confession that neither of the other
parties has any well defined principles
upon which to win but must needs rely
entirely upon Republican disaffection
to give it a ghost of a show. And right
here is where both will find themselyes
most gloriously left next fall.
About all that the much talked
Alliance gathering in Indianapolis has
done so far is to quarrel over the third
party proposition, consider charges
against its prominent members, and dis
cuss the advisability of cutting down
the representation to conform to the re
duced revenues from the sub-alliances
The sub-treasury question is also liable
to cause a split as a large proportion
the delegates oppose it and threaten
bolt and form a new organization if it
made a test of fealty to the Alliance
Meanwhile the third party organs in I York
this state continue to stuff such of their
followers as will swallow the lies wilh
the claim that the body as a political
ganization is growing all oyer the
country. And now comes ex-Senator
VanWyck of Nebraska with the asser
tion that the sub-treasury plan and the
land loan scheme are the only things
that threaten the stability of the new
party, with which he haa recently cast
his lot wholly ignoring the fact that
upon these two propositions rest fully
two-thirds of the structure which these
modern iconoclastic reformers have
builded: &
THE REPUBLICAN force will endeavor
observe Thanksgiving Day in
fitting manner, and as labor will not be
consistent with such observance there
will be no paper issued tomorrow
Gov. Hill of New York shows his
real calibre by including the recent
Democratic victory in that state in his
reasons for issuing a Thanksgiving
proclamation. And yet he is actually
talked of as a presidential possibility,
Argus-Leader: The Aberdeen News
is still fighting the last campaign.
But the esteemed A.-L. is trying hard
to forget its own part in it, and
struggling to regain its pristine
state of purity in the following fashion
The growth of party bossism has dur
ing the present generation attained
threatening proportions. Political
methods have reached the point where
the individual citizen can exercise no
real control over municipal, state or
national measures.
We should think our Democrstic con
temporary, when it recalls its own ab
ject servility to its party bosses imme
diately following its late conversion,
would indeed feel like moralizing
great deal.
The movement to oust Senator-elect
Brice of Ohio on the ground that he
was not a resident of the state at the
time of his election and is not now will
not down. It even has some pretty
good Democratic backing among the
friends of Gov. Campbell, who feel that
their alien Senator did not render the
assistance he should have in the recent
campaign. Just the same it would be
good politics for the Republicans to let
the Democrats lie on the senatorial bed
they have made for themselves, though
there are several strong precedents for
just such action as has been proposed in
this instance. But itfn't it a striking
commentary upon Democratic hypocrisy
in its claims to be the party of the
people when we recall the circumstances
the election of two success
ive Buckeye senators, Standard Oil
Payne and millionaire Brice of New
The new firm says they do not want to take a dollar's
worth of old goods so in order to close out in so short a
•time we must make some great sacrifices. We begin
Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day,
and Cfose Out Everything.
This will be your chance to get a Cloak if you have not
got one yet. You had better take advantage of this
Change of Business Sale and get anew dress as you
know we always keep the finest in the dress goods city.
Reported Heavy Wind Storm in Wash
ington, D. C.—Several People
All Telegraph Wires Down and No
Communication Possible with
the Capital City.
Pittsburg Visited by a Destructive
Rain and Wind Storm—Build
ings Demolished.
BALTIMORE, Md., Nov. 24.—This city
has been without communication with
Washington since early in tHe morning
The last intelligence received from that
city was a telephone message stating
that a terrific hurricane was raging and
that several people had been killed. It
was also said that great destruction to
buildings had been caused by the tor
nado, many being unroofed. Immedi
ately after the receipt of this communi
cation the wire went down and nothing
further has been heard. All the tele
graph wires are also interrupted giving
evidence of the fury of the gale. It is
evident that the havoc wrought must
have been great, as even at this dis
tance the wind blew at the rate of
Fifty Miles Per Hour
and signs, chimneys and everything
movable was sent flying. Advices from
neighboring cities show that the hurri
cane is general in this section,
being accompanied in many
instances by furious rain
storms amounting almost to cloudbursts.
It will be some little time before com
munication can be re-established with
Washington, and then it will have to be
by railroad, as it will be almost an im
possibility to get the wires into shape in
a day. Floods have resulted from the
heavy rains in Maryland and Southeast
ern Pennsylvania, and it is believed that
reports of great damage and perhaps loss
of life will be received as soon as any
means can be had of conveying intelli
gence. The gale on Chesapeake bay is
one of the hardest known for years. The
oyster smacks have run for shelter when
possible, but it is not deemed probable
that all have escaped.
Heard at New York.
NEW YORK, Nov. 24.—Telephone ad
vices from Washington state that sev
eral persons have been killed by the cy
clone and several buildings wrecked.
Heavy Wind and Kain Cuusos a Vast
Amount of Damage*
PITTSBURG, NOV. 34.—Heavy rains
and cyclone in this vicinity. Several
houses in this city were demolished and
A Change In Business.
The firm of C. C. Champeny is going to change hands the first of
the year and everything in the way of
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
and Millinery
Must Go Prior to that Time.
one at Temperanceville, burying a
woman beneath it. In the east end of
the city great damages is reported. Fin
ley's run,, which flows into the Alle
gheny river at Brilliant Station, was
transformed from an insignificant
stream into a raging torrent and several
houses near its mouth were either car
ried away bodily or shifted from their
foundations. At Shady Side, in the
Twentieth ward, the water came down
from the hills covering the streets sev
eral feet deep with mud and water and
bursting the sewers in several instances.
At Soho the water rushed down Second
avenue in such volumes as to stop the
electric cars, and in the lower part of
the city, near th? point,
Business Was Entirely Suspended.
Over in Allegheny City great alarm was
felt, and persons living in the vicinity
of Betchers run—the scene of the disas
ter of 1874, when twenty or more per
sons were drowned—began moving their
household effects. Up to 2 o'clock,
however, no great damage had been
caused in that vicinty, although in the
district along the river cellars were
flooded and communication was only
possible along River street in boats.
The neighborhood of Woods run was
also partly under water and cellars on
the south side were deluged by torrents
from Washington heights. It is impos
sible, as yet, to get the exact damage,
but it will unquestionably be very
Burglar Killed in a Trap.
WALNUT, Kan., Nov. 24.—Just before
daylight a burglar entered the store of
W. McLain at this place. McLain had
been robbed several times before and
had set a trap for the thieves. The
burglar entered the building by the
rear door and sprung the trap, receiving
in his body below the left arm a double
charge of buckshot, from the effects of
which he died in four hours. Before he
expired he said he lived in Peoria, Ills.,
and had a brotlier living there.
Died After a Drunk.
RHINELANDEK, Wis., Nov. 21.—Two
men, who had finished up a long drunk
by going to their homes and emptying a
pint bottle of whisky, which cotained
two grains of morphine, died from the
dose during the morning. They were
William Houston and William Brown.
Bled from Want and Exposure.
HINCKLEY, Minn., Nov. 21. Miss
CJostigan, aged 60, living with her
brother in the outskirts of town, died
during the morning from want and ex
posure. The coroner's inquest charges
inhuman treatment.
Lodged in tlie !•«'.
steamer Abner O'Neal, belonging to the
Mandan Milling company, is lodged in
the ice twenty-five miles above Bis
marck, with a cargo of wheat. It is
not likely that the boat can be floated
again this fall. The cargo will be
saved during the winter and an effort
made to land the boat safely at the
spring rise,
OllUtJfc. Closing Sale.
LOXDOX, NOV. 24.—Intelligence lias
just been received here that a revolu
tion broke
Now is the time to buy them at this Great
IlanriVowhiflfQ We can show you the finest line in Da
ntLuU&ululliulu. lcota and this will be the greatest op
portunity for you to buy a dozen or two for little money.
We wil1
in Rio de Janeiro The
object is to overthrow Da
insurrection seems to have been well
planned and
tiave many adherents
The streets are filled with armed mobs,
and the military are deserting the gov
ernment All is tumult and confusion
Foreign residents are endeavoring tc
leave the city. Xo particular* are ret
The Dictator of Brazil Said Have
LONDON1, NOV. ?I.—A gispatch .mst
received rrnsa ft-. (U- Janeiro says Da
Fonseca ha resigned in favor ot V.on
ano Peixotte.
Reccut Liberal Victories in Great Hrltaln
Rousing'the Tories
JLONDON, NOV. 24.—The Conservatives
re up in arms from one end of the
Jnited Kingdom to the other, and its
.eading representatives to the nunifce
of about 3.000 commenced at Birming
ham what is justly looked upon as a
most important meeting in the history
of Toryism in England. The recent
Liberal victories at the polls have in the
popular mind been the shadows of a
coming event which the Liberals declare
will sweep the Conservatives from power
and inaugurate a reign of democracy,
etc. the vesting of the power of lincens-
AB Insurrection Against r£.K
to Have Broken Out in Uio de
The Streets Filled with Arms Mobs
mid the Military Deserting the
Government. -J
Foreign Residents Endeavoring
greatest bar-.,.
gains in this line you ever had.
Mliolino flllii alil'AC ^'e still have a lot of these
llllunillu (LilU vKLiiuVD. goods at the same cheap prices.
perything goes from a Silk
Dress to a bunch of print.
I deprived of their licenses and the intro
dustion of a bill providing for
to tbe planks already referred to, the
old Tory war cry as to opposition to
church disestablishment, the mainten
ance of denominational schools, the
preservation of the house of lords, will
be released and every effort will be
made to outbid the Liberals for the
workmen's votes. It is understood,
however, that the Conservatives have
definitely decided upon the rejection of
local option in the matter of an eight
hours of work per day. On the other
hand the conference will be asked to
declare in favor of increased Liberal
representation and the creation of a
labor department under a cabinet min
ister whose title will be labor minister.
City—Resignation of
Ponseca Reported. ||3
Diphtheria. Epidemic.
ST.LOUIS, Nov. 24.—Diphtheria is rag
ing in Bell ville, Ills.
,and amounts almost
to an epidemic. It broke out in Sep
tember and since that time its ravages
have been very severe and a large num
ber of deaths have occurred. It has as
sumed such alarming proportions that
large number of citizens have with
drawn their children from the public
and private schools. It is estimated
that in its various stages there are be
tween 200 and 800 cases in Belleville and
vicinity. The citizens are very much
excited and a meeting will probably be
called to take action toward checking
the spread of the terrible disease.
Suicided While Insane.
CHICAGO, NOV. 24.—Rev. Ezra Marsh
Boring, while temporarily insane com
mitted suicide by hanging himself at
the residence of his son, Charles O
Boring, 142 Maple avenue. Evanston.
He was 78 years old, and a superannu
ated minister of the Methodist Episco
pal church. Dr. Boring had been in
poor health for some time and was
possessed of a morbid suicide mania.
Became Suddenly Insane. •,v
KALAMAZOO, Mich., Nov. 24.—Judge
Josiah L. Hawes, a well known lawyer,
and for many years circuit judge, be
came a raving maniac suddenly, and
had to be removed to the state asylum.
He could recognize no one and could be
controlled only by force. Physicians
state that it may be only temporary.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.— -%T S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17,1889,

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