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Turner County herald. (Hurley, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-19??, September 20, 1883, Image 3

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T™" iS?'(
sr ici
"f :*x. *U?*V f-
T^turtotjg in t^suoimfr i£r£ii
The HreUett locomotive ti the whole M'eourl Hne
Yet, nowu' then I Jllcbed a train or killed a oolt
or cow,
How dl
An orn
There OndetfW a'
Blxby'e Hill,
That a hundred Umw, I reckon,
stand still.
HsM alwuz stop an' turn around ez tbo train w&f
whterin' by,
"f &
Wo BOOB backedSupto th
tnafiMooked ftraQnd^ ...
Thar wnxn't a bone or splinter o' his ^^g|rln, to be
Did it pulverize that granger? Not much ho wuxn't
tip out o' a b!
He shook*his Ant at'thtf brakefeftn-^rfe7 tfa^fc ft
mood for fun—
the bolt^,.of tircjricr^iinicolored droaeef.
The clmftjhMh.y irHT Maftm plftee^atKl
the market women stood iu groups about
tho door. Young Dr. Brown, catching
a glimpse of their smilingfaces, thought
tho nearest woman,fsaid in a voice that
broke a'little:
"Spend it among you you are ull
Margery's friends.
The Royal London Circus, on its juui
tPPfi waB advertised., tp pec/orm if
Bristol. 1 The m'aifagir iiud previouuly
sent to that city Timothy TwycrasH
"world renowned:- qlowii" and Kim bier,'J
to lind and to hiro liulf a dozen little
gidp. '^imcjthy Twycraas hated the
cpwmiSsjio'n.^ Under the red and white
Btjripcd* jadlfet beat a tender heart. This
hejitt hid often aohod for the neglectcd
cllildren, who for one evening wore
transformed from the rags of ,.lheit
wretched garrets into the glory 9f 'liR
fseled Imries. Tho first performance fiT
Bristol was ovem tUa.^ressing-maid was
go with them in a cat» to tTSoir respec
live'homos. "Isn't she a pretty^littlo
dear?" said the maid to Tiin6tby,jrrap/
piug the shawl around the youngest of
the group. Timothy 'came nearer. ,Hia
hideous costume and painted face di.t
^QtirighttiETtho child, andsh'e stretched
Our her Jittle arm to touch his belt of
v, r-y
Merciful-heavaisl'.' 'cried Timothy
for there were bruises on the arm and
shoulder. The 4\eaf ,t)i\der (he rod, and
whito BtripeB-beat kngrilyj arid tho voice
so used to utteripg, V^uie nothings
sounded strange adJn& 'asked 2n oldiori
girl if this little chikl bad a mother.
No," she answered. Hetdon't. be
long to nobody. Missus treats her
dreadful, and theff flie master ifeats mil-,
rfui./ Hols sis whlnf he'taimt
.driJkJ-T! 1.1
"Sis?" and Sukey looked inquir
Hei ain't got no najno. Missus al
ways oalla her Sii. Master calla h^Xiit
tle Un."
"Yon can take the others home, S'l-j
key. I shall carry this baby."' And"
wrapping his traveling rug about the
little waif, Timothy, forgetful of his at
tire, strode outmtoihe flight.
fpw'words lie
likfe a strom
r|X|i w*jrnni^i»
Accident* ain't uncommon, ^he any.
1 've cnt off the legs o'
killed a man,
try sucker, lived uear
Whenever be wcjl jgto c^min' be^ruz ateup bot^id to
1 mnCl141,0111
iullW up bis
bim'an'he koP,'»o»ta lob
Tbo boys all got to cmllln' me the haunted engl
D| wlth
ln^a raenffrway, e* I ticked
bis wagon tire,
when yuu fool your Uncle Ichabod, you muAt
oome a leetlo ntgher."
knew the reckonlu' time would ood&e to^a fel}4^
with Blob cheek, Ji Jr
That some one wus bound lo knodk blin to the mid*'
die o' ncx' week.
But jlst ex I seed the smokestack o* Blxby'a Mill an.
Au' glanced at the highway cro«sln* to see ef the
road wut clear,
I seed that greennp cotnln', with his ole hoes on the
An' (yiiobsr'D blue-tail blazes around me every
War^lrock^-iBSWan'TBplinfcii afffl'^nhro' T|o
I tu«m« V^llti»*6uNtti^aWKWith iHA*
might an* main,
Bnt we went a half a mile or more afore we slopped
filch smartlei,ftheQTi -aloftf «iln6ommon they show
the'r lack e* brains
By thlnkin* tbo'r bob-tail bosses can distance our
railroad train.
An' when one gits rim over the newsboys holler
here: I
"Anothor ratfriVxlp^iair bj AarltBe enrfinMr 1»
I reckon, wjiiauy lnlifcretl al6U'c*E6« fa' JuaUl
The rule will
bo with the angols—" a verdict o'
-u u:*'i+x
(11. B. W. in tho Independent.J.
The church of the Holy Threo Kings
in Heidplljerg was fair aiijl ffi^fant with
branci»ea.bf appje and £hbr^'JuossomW
Garlands "t5{ spring flowers twined the
3 Mine
bride's feot. Ona. faring
fallen on the velvot cushion
"Margery will kneel
iaUi^ ruB "rar:C^me?
And a nice stnin it will make on her
wedding dress," reRbedviv,C}irroan-ma
tron. Bee, she h»H pnt Th«
boautiful fraulein has much sense."
Fraulein., JKjrgep'., kfieeling^ 9)iQ
taken up tlie oluBter of daisies. TKdy
were still in her hand when slio came
down the aisle,
Margery Sherman was an rophani
JiQ* tgifjyjMrj sh% had .been at the school
ftl Heiuelborg, TEe^Iaat 'few "mouP.iH
Uncle Jack had taken rooms in tlie'
town, iu an old house with a b|ilcony
looking toward the oastlo. Oa the lloor
above livml ltobort Brown, a young
Amejiqan ph^ioian and from this( ar
conie al^oat the Amorican
wedding at the church of the Holy Three
—Kings. Tlio three bridesmaids wore
fanoy wreaths about theie^dainty^straw
hats, and bMketa
A ctawd.
lingered'itwrffc' the^boblbM #be«P tW
two-headed women .held ,a, soiree and
the Albino children' winked' th6ir very
pink eyes. Timothy madft his way
through the people. It was but a few
.steps to. the 'old tenement, house from
.wb\6h Itha ibilci had' bedn brought: A
"Missus" had never seen a clown,
and-when Timothy-tbrew-open-the door
and, oried, "E|p ypn call yaurself a
woman?''-^he ^reamtdJiy^ricoUV:
'W lfafSV^oiie?J £3Wno jgfv'
Brit pohieiyiag. the UtucigM, «he.#e«
ized that the strange appearance was no
avenging fiend and began to seold.
"I hate the child,"she said. "She's
naught.. Her atherw^s my brother.
He's wuuyii.
yon J»1
IkHtoy lLep4he&
with you bfcth 1" The little cheek was
laid close against Timothy's face a
faint, frightened voice said, I will be-
ood." And the man knew as he drew
trembling txirdon elqeeir
takenlfe aMire©r.U .:
stood at the door of St. Paul's rectory.
*J?b« world-renownev I plown, and, tum-
g*ing to furrin parts ii^t week, I'd
like it done.
itt Eogland. I don't know
snitch ^nyaieiK^fcut I want to bring her
up right I've mostly tumbled np."
7))en be told the child's story, un-
hia ownr Timothy
ill fit, eafo, bob/the
cataa to tfyo sniidister
irtrd at mtisio tendo'rly
sustaining the song of a little child.
"To morrow will be Easter day.
ffhore^ilMjo baptism at Bt. PuulV.
®ring jot# litge daughter at 3."
HTimotlw hatred. He knew veiy little
"ffi I-J' ^S^rjJexoeP''inB that in Eastor
hang j^Wuaya^tha audiences were always
But IVe come about ei
don't go much on rpl
round here
Hey got In the habit o* callln' me the haunted en
What are you going to oall her?"
asked Snkey, as she dressed the child
it^white and puton«tha.lilti6 shoes and
^Marggjg joftify tqotlicthP said Tim
SukoJ went to tho church with Mile
Elise Viviani, tho famous rope dancer
andihe lpvolieitjgdy in.the land."]
2They sat in' one of thfe front. Slips.
Neither of thom had seen a christening
before. Mile Elise held the prayer
book upsidp^down. She
ilfla^aetj to r6adi: Mid amen when
ie' taiirtstoi'B-'ivife difl 4)iit-'Timothy,
who had in some way stained quite a
high degree of culture in reading, writ
ing and cipheritig, was able to take an
appreciative interest.
".The vait pomp and glory of the
wffld*' saal hi iklowing the sendee.
Chat means %lie 'circus. The ofiild
mustn't have auything to do with it.
I'll send her to sohool, and when she
Mlntttah? with lier books I'll linish with
•Jho^MisineBs. I'll have a good bit in the
For tho lirst time iu hiH life Timothy
felt ashamed of his profession.
Zip's shady garden. Frau Zip
«the luu^ady of a very quiet and respect
able pension, and here John Sherman
jaiad£ wbenever his business arrange
ments allowed him a few hoars in Hei
John Sherman was a reserved, rather
sad looking man of about 12. Ho paid
his bills promptly, made the servants
suitable presents, and eent Fran Zip a
rmnembrance evofy-Christmas. Ho im
prpsaod his^CJqrmpn landlady as a mys
terious dun'.
For two longyears she had.been invis-
tion but at tlie end of all her conjec
tures and theories slife was not wiser than
iu the beginning.
Margery had known no rolativo but
Unolo Jaok.' She could-lemembor no
but d^ys at 6oli0ql, sometimes in
sbhietimes. in- Germany, now
and then a week of holidays or an after
noou with her uncle. It was an old
fashioned garden full of shadows that
seemed to come down from the vino
covered hills. The' zoses grew redder as
the shadows fell on them.
Uncle Jack," said Margdryjsnddenly,
".a circus is coming tp Heidelberg, 1
wish you would stay and take mo. I
fhave^noyer se®i ft cireng.''/
Impossible. eaniofe bo back hero
for throe months at least."
What a pity," said Margory.
.'The sh&dows:'. whioh darkened the
roses seemed to have fallen on Mr. John
Sherman's face, and he looked unusually
grave as he left, tlie young girlthat night
In FraU'Moigenstem's' purlol-J
Grand combination circus—English,
-^renph and. American." Throe weeks
-TjefortS uioii Came to put up the build
ings. Three days before others came to
bngage rooms, anc one excitihg evening
an bxtra train: brought the men, women
and children, tents, animals and mon
gtrositiesT .Oi"
It is'most marvblousl" said Frau
J3ip returning from market. It is liko
tbe emperor's birthday. So mwny peo
An American, French and English
circus yras an pyent in Heidelberg, .Every
one1 wont ovdn thelittld croWu p'rinco of
Sweden with his tutor. Frau Morgen
storn saw no impropriety in taking her
young Indies.
There were the usual feats of strength
and agility, the usual marvelous leaps
ithvonglji tho ^irftl^trittujitl hornes who
pxig buv-yr y-*
jdiiifoed^a uaadrille, Jheg"el|phantB, the
'gmiita.- muiio spttngleg, fflWdust, and
lemonade sold in the corners.
A iitaange feeling ceme to Margery
that night—a feeling of something fam
iliar aud of something forgotten. Sho
could not understand it but wlien Tim
othy Twvcrass made his grand flourish
Margery- ltiosenecl a liQot of ^ibb:n from'
her hair, 'tied' it around W white
w^re in hor drois, and threw tbo rose at
tjie fclowu's feet. He picked it up and
stood quite Vtill.' It was just thou that
Frau Zip's daUKhter Sophie said to her
f.liar KnrrtAhniD lin IAAItx filnv
ther. Humolio.w Jio. looks likef Jlr.
Sherman." TKe'-rusemlilance Aas%one
in armament, and Frau Zip, looking in
tho jlireotiou of .Ohio's eyes, said:
"Ofiild, what nonsenee, you are near
sighted you should wear glasses."
Frau Morgenstern fortunately did not
observe Miss Margery's act'iiu.
As the orowd passed out, two womon
with shawls over their heads Blood at
Jthe door. They looked ciuiously at
Margery. "She's grown a beautiful
young lady, Sukey," said Mademoiselle
(E14ao Viviani. "It's betterfoi hcyjey
erSo haye knpwa41iu-UJios.jf iw.g"
Ani^t(#thiqk- Bbc^B^pidd haiettoWvu
nothy-the"roee, tfti(Wiftr--neVer lrt'ev
him said Sukey. And lier looking
scjrpretty with her eyes all afire. It was
lucky' for tym he did not have lo go out
again. He couldn't have done a tliiug,
I never did see.a man so overcome."
When Uncle Jack was again in Hei-,
delbeiy Margerj tol(l,^)iltf the stqig'^f
the cirous manaiia theirb»8. -J
I coiildn'tkeep it," said Margery.'
I knpw Ilrau'MorgenBtern would have
scolded, but just then I wanted to give
that clown everything I had in the
•world Wh&t tnfcde me feel so, Uncle
Jaqk If didn't--know him. You are
,no!rangry 4sked Margery for Uncle
Jaok had turned away his head but
probably that was only to look at the
yellow kitten playing in tbe grass.
Then came more happy school flajs,
the bappyf six montli'i^inftffopiouBe -with
tho baloony/ looking Ww4rJ piojcaBtjo,
and the liappy wedding with the spring
blossoms and the pansy-decked brides
maids at the church ^of the Holy Three
Robert Brown' lives sdmetimcs in one
European city, BometimeB in another,
woifking in the hospitals and advancing
in his profession. When Margery fin
ished with her books,"Uncle Jack"fin•
•jahed.wijJi his- business," as«he had
.proliniedi himsfelf thatEoiter, afternoon
at St.. Paul's. Neither Margery, nor
Frau Zip, nor Sophia, nor even Robert
flrowu-ever knew that John Sherman,
professor'of gymnastics in one of the
English colleges, was once Timothy
Twyorasp, wpjld-reno wned clown and
tumbler of the Royal London Circus.
French-y». Chinese Soldier.s.
.(Fromkho New Ypfk. IJerald.l
(lyre Fr&bl&nan v\fo proposes to fight
him, ou tfie oiher. hiind^-is'uttired-viry
much the same' way as at home. A
good, thick, blue uniform, with solid
red trousers, and, of course, a strong/

[o3n$ke upfBtt OMtnni^ /AjDllinaman
aintiiAuWwa dfeal. Ua'itat all
surprising if the nnacclimatized French
men feel tbe heat Europeans general
)ly in these dimes recognize the fact that
only the lightest clothing is at oil bear
jblft and 9P4form-*homselyf8t«j a couple
«f tb^xhii&Mt pbssitile ^^armohti, wear
double helmets, carry
and only go out into the sun when abso
lutely obliged, venturing upon no se
ver^ labors except la the morning a^d
eight, and, being-.pprt^alarly careful
pot to rnn any'unnecessary risk from
'the climate. Even then the results of
the beat are not pleasant to dwell ffijon,
and a very few years /ees* tl erq. obl.fted
to return home to reoruit heif Strength.
If any proof of tbe difficulties which tho
Frepeh are about to tpeet wete, bowev-
er, wanting, one has only to cast his eye
across to the northern end of Sumatra,
where, in a much ppoler because hi!lier
country than in which the French are
about to operate, tho Dutch have year
after year found themselves absolutely
unablo to make any headway against
the Ashinese.. Shut up in a really very
small traot of land, bounded by the sea,
nnable to obtain succwfrom any source,
tbo Achin people have managed without
much difficulty to hold back all the
foroes which the experienced Dutchmen
have been able to bring against them.
Thousands o( Dutch bpnos whiten on
the soil of Achin, thousands of Dutch
men have been buried from thfe effects
of fever and exposure to the sun, but
yet the Achiueae are as free as ever.
Tho Fronoli would have probably done
well taid they studied this problem be
fort beginning war in Tonquin.
WOMAN'S sphere: A ball of yaru.
..A_.PHIXABBIJPHIA girl dropped her
shoe oj)t of a window and killed a mule.
WOMAN'S love for ribbon is pardona
Wo,.since she owes her existence to a
FASHIONAMIB ladies like to get a "now
wrinkle," but they don't want to show it
on the forehead.
KATB CIIAXTON will play this winter
in the "Sea of Ice." There is no dan
gex.of.that catching fire.
..IIQSXON girls nevor giggle. They
merely express their delight by a dreamy,
far.-.ajyay, north-polo smile.
THE Vassar girls talk of getting up a
rowing club. Tho Vassarty eight would
prove an attractive feature of a college
boat racc.
JENKINB says that when he asked the
girl who is now his wife to marry him,
she said: "I don't mind," and she
never haB minded.
"YES," said Miss Squigglehorn, pa
was a professional man, as you have
heard ho used to draw very large
houses." [N. B. "Pa" was a building
"TriE Boston high school girl condemns
the phrase tumble to the racket" aB
vile slang. Sho says "precipitate in
tho^direction of the olamor is a more
elegant expression.
THE poet who wrote the child 1B fa
thef to the man was somewhat discon
certed when a practical friend asked him
how tho caso would bo in the event of
the child being a girl.
is a young lady in Now York
City who makes, it is said, about 360
calls nearly every day of her life. Ob,
yojvneed not look disconcerted, Miss,
she works in a telephone oflice.
A YOUNG man urged, as one of tho
reasons why a girl fchould marry him,
tlianici hail a collection of over 400 dif
ferent kinds of wood. Sho said if it was
kiudling wood slio'd think of it.
miss of
Six lovely school-ma'ms were out
rowing on the placid Monongabela. A
bold, wicked man on shore, who wnB a
bad boy a few yours ago, instead of
taking oil' his hat as the boat went ly,
simply remarked, "Behold the whaling
fleet 1"
A totjua lady who recently started out
as a "fashion writer has determined to
quit journalism. She mentioned in on
article on ladies' lash ions that "skirts
are worn very much Shorter this year
tliau UHjial." The young lady is certain
ly justified iu being angry with tho care
less compositor who changed the "k"
in. skirts to au h."
A TRAV*J3IINA.mau, noticing a pretty
girl alone in the err, went over in her
direction andsmilingly asked: "Is this
seat engaged?" "No, sir but I am,
and bo's going to got on at the next sta
tion." *'"Oh—ah—indeed—thanks—beg
pardon— and ho pioked np his feet
after stumbling over them, and went into
the smoking car to be alone awhile.
AN American lady who had readied an
old inn iu Normandy, could hot make
tho clork understand her French, nor
could she understand the clcrk's. At
last in desperation
Birmingham Idols.
'l'he^tatement which was made some
tinid ago as to England furnishing imag
es for Hindpp idolators is now reiterated
with increased emphasis. It is said tbat
those false geds are made in great quan
liiito -zt Birmingham, and supplied as
ordinary merchandise. They are mostly
smaU affuirB, intended for household nee.
The larger images for the temples, some
of wjhitib are of the size of wopden Indians,
an^somo larger, are made by the natives.
In cfcatly temples these larger
asks what is tbe
proper thing for her to do when sho is
serenaded by a party of gentlemen at a
late hour. Wo are glad to bo ablo to
answer this question. Steal softly down
stairs and untie the dog.
IN reply to the czar's query of ono of
the maids of honor as to how sho en
joyed the coronation, her reply was:
'Kb-, ever so much, your majesty. I
hope we
soon havo anothor.'' Tho
maid is summering iu Siberia.
WnAT is that you are wearing?"
asked" Farmer John of his fair city
boarder. Oh, that is my red jersey 1"
"All right," was the reply "but don't
go near my brown Jotsey over in that
field, unless you are good at climbing
A'BADY speaker was thus introduced
to her waiting audience by a hasty pre
siding officer: I have tlie pleasure of
presenting to you Mrs. who will
glTjg you an account of the reminiscences
of her past lite, which I am sure will
interest you all."
OHAWLES she lisped to her new
beau irom Boston, "have you seen
Rogers' now group?" "No," here
plied, but 1 knew Billy Rogers' old
gang, who backod John L. Snllivnu."
Tho.v arc estranged. Boston "culchah
was too much for her.
said with great
distinctness: Do—you—speak—Eng
lish?" Ho brightened at once, and said:
"Xi(irid sakes! I guess I do I was
breiiglit up ten miles from Bangor,
IT was at Nantasket. The mother of
a yomig lady who was much addicted to
bathing stood on tbe piazza of the hotel,
gazing toward the beach. Presently
she^exqlaimed with a most distressed
aii( "Oh, my child, my child! What
shallJL, do with her?" Au elderly
woman? rather hard of hearing, observ
ing hef Anxiety, asked: "What ails
yon, madam Nothing ails me,"
she sulci, but Lizzie's so tanned I'm
positively ashamed of her." Tanned
tanned? Sakcs alive!" returned the
venerable female, exhibiting no little
agitation. "Anothor human being
tanned 1 And, i. dare say, that wicked
Butler hos got the skin,"
are sometimes richly ornamented, even
if rudely carved It is by no means rare
to find meir eyes mado of diamonds .or
other precious stones. The names of
the Birmingham manufacturers of small
idols have not been mado public, al
though there has been considerable in.
quiry for them on tbe port of persons in
terested in missionary affairs.
Two Families Just Alike.
(From tbe Oalnesville Southm.]
There are living in the north end of
this eouuty two yonng men named John
and Sam Peeco, who are twins and look
and dress exactly alike. Two or three
years ago they married twin sisters, who
look and drees cxaotly alike.' The boys
bnilt two cottages that look exactly alike,
and each lady hasa child about the same
age, who look very nearly exactly alike.
All are in excellent health, and last week
tbe whole party came to this city behind
a span of beautiful mules that were near
ly exaet matches. The boys are partners
in tbe mercantile busin^pe {Uid are proe
pwous^nUem en.
.by on
Now is a gppd time tp sow tirn
wheat and pat stubble.
THERE has been prebably less hog
ohclera this year, than any previpus year
fpr twenty.
THOSE who want a large flpw of milk
are new lucky if they have a plenty of
sweet cern fpr the eowe.
wise ones say you must cut your
timber for posts and poles im August if
you want them desirable. Root Bprouls
will not come np if cut now.
Con. KINO has sold his cattle ranch
and cattle, near Sau Antonio, Texas,-for'
$4,000,000 to an Eoglish syndicate. This
is said to be the largest ranch in the
calves which have to be Kept
confined should be kept in dark stables,
to keep off tbe swarms of flies, whioh
greatly annoy and retard tho growth of
THE Amerioan Pomological Sodety
meets in Philadelphia September 12th,
at which Prof. J. L. Budd will read a
prepared paper on "Experimental Hor
ticulture West of the Lakes."
AN Indiauapolis fruit grower plants
twolvo moles in a strawberry patch of
five aores to catoh the grubs, and he
nevor has any trouble with his plants by
gruba or moles. We would prefer ono
molo first as an experimout.
man near Urbana, 111., this year
raised from cleau seed, on clean' land,
twelve hundred bushels of winter wheat.
After it was threshed he cleaned out of
it 400 bushels of cheat, leaving 800
bushels of poor whoat. A clear case of
spontaneous generation.
become* of all the oleomargar­
ine? The factories continue to work
right along, producing the artiolo but
not a pound of the output 1B ever sold
to consumers. Tlwt is to say, it is not
sold under tbo name of oleomargarine.
That it is sold as butter is evident.
allew a not tp bo cast in ycur
fish pond. Teach your boys and girls
to take their fish in the corroct manner
with a rod and line." If the. fish in
creaso too rapidly, then have
picnic invite your frionds and neigh
bors, and havo a grand, good time cook
ing yOur fish near the pond, and have
one good day's sport beside this best
acre on your farm.
A SUCCESSFUL dairyman. Bays: Tho
length of timo thatayoung heifer keopB
in milk, after her first calf, is likely to
measure hor staying qualities for all
after life. For this reason young heif
ers should havo their first'calf in tho
fall. By good care and ensilngo food in
winter, an abundant flow can more easi
ly be kept up thenoxt summer. If heif
ers calvo iu tho spring, they aro very
liable to go dry eurly in the next fall.
ANY one who has noticed how weak,
pale, and puuy will be the thistles that
grow up in a darkened shed can well
believe that this weed can bo best killed
by smotberiug. The shado need not be
very donee to greatly ltolp tho work of
keeping the shoots below the surface.
After being hoed, cropB, like corn and
potatoes, completely shade the surfaoo.
If scattering thistles aro carofully re
moved by hand, they will bo completely
destroyed. Too many furmers do the
work early in the season, and finally fail
for lack of a very little labor.
ACCOKDINO to the census bulletin, the
number of farms in tho United Statos
waa 2,000,000 in 1870, and 4,000,OilO in
1880. Much of this increase is in tho
now territories, some of which were bnt
sparsely settled teu years ago, but tho
fact that Alabama Florida and Texas
have more tlinu doubled tho numbor of
their farms in the time, while Georgia.
Arkansas, South Carolina aud North
Carolina havo nearly doubled, and Mis
sissippi, Virgiuia aud Louisiana havo in
creased from fifty to seventy per cent,
show that there has been a cutting up
of large plantations into smaller hold
A GENTLEMAN of Medina, N.
dently an enthusiast on the merits of
the Holsteins, has been testiug them in
regard to their bntter production. He
giveB a statement ot tho yield of 12
forseven days in which one give's 20
pounds, three nineteen and'a fraction,
two 17} pounds, and tho lowest 14
pounds 11} ounces. The daily butter
yield of five cows .was also tested, the
greatest yield being 3 pounds, 4 ouueos,
the lowest 2 pounds, 8j ounce.". He
thinks a list of Holsteins can bo made
up that will rival the -best Jersey -list,
and that it can bo shown that the
Holsteins ore the very best for milk,
butter, or beef, or for all combined.
grape vinos iB a process to
increase size and earliuoss. It is done
by cuttiug a circle nroiind tho old wood,
preventing tbe return of sap to tho root.
If the bark is entirely cut through, an
enlargement of the vine will occur on
tho side next tho new growth. Tho vine
is not injured by this process, for only
the parts to be out away in the fall pruu
iug aro subjected lo the process pf ring
ing. The grapos, however are not as
good in quality as whore ripened natur
ally. It is a trick of fruit growors to
make the fruit look better than it real
ly is.
THE potato beetle is also liable to at
tack the tomato plant, as many garden
ers have found tp their cost. The nae pf
Paris grceu is npt advisable en this fruit,
which, as it grows above the ground, is
not SP certainly freed frOm the peison as
is the underground potato. Wlion pota
toes are plenty in the vicinity, few of tho
bugs will attack tho tomato. It in a
question of interest, however, whether
potatp bugs bred on tomato vines would
not inherit tho tendency to attack tho
tomatoes by preference. Some experi
ments accidentally havo induced, ,us
to think this is the fact.
THE spring tppth steel rako is au im
portant labor and grain-saving imple
ment in the harvest field. By its ute
many million bushels of grain are saved.
Perhaps tho harvesters are not quite so
careful in gleaning as they draw in their
loads as they would be were the stub
bles npt to be raked but if they are less
careful it is a saving pf time when time
is mpot valuable. It is a mistake tp Bup
ppse that raking the stubbles will npt
pay after a self-binding reaper. A man
and horse with a steel rake can save
worth pf grain in a day's wprk,
which pught to pay even in harvest.
REMOVING the suckers frcm cprn is a
process mere often talked about than
performed on a large scale. It involves
a gopd deal ef labpr and is pf dpubtful
benefit. Breaking pff the suckor often
injures the stalk, sometimes almost up
rooting it. If an effort is made to se
cure tho largest possible yield, regard
less of cost, removing the suckers may
be advisable. Otherwise it is dcubtful.
Occasionally a good nnbbin is produced
on the suckers, and in such cases the
main staik probably would npt have
produced eneugh increase to ccmpensato
fpr its rempval. The suckers make
finer fedder than the main stalks, and
will be eaten up olean, while the cparser
parts will be wasted.
owned in Baltimore, Md., has just earn
ed the repntatien pf being the best but
ter producing cow. in .the United States,
having, in a seven dajs' test, given
pounds pf milk, which made
ounces of butter, being 1 pound pf
butter irom a little LEBS than IS peunds
or 6} quarts of milk. Some Jersey cows
have. made a pound of butter from a
smaller quantity of milk, but they did
not give near as many quarts per day.
The above was a yield of about 23 quarts
per day. The cow was milked at inter
vals of eight houra, .which probably in
creased tbe ampunt of milk and possibly
of butter, as some claim tbat milking
three times a day makes the milk richer,
as if left leuger in the bag the fat is ab
sorbed inip tbe systeqj. to becomq
Con. D. S. CUBTIS8, iu the National
Farmer, gives thrco reasons why it is
best to obtain young pear (and presum
ably other fruit) trees from local or near
by nurseries: First, they are thereby
likely tp be better suited fpr tho climate
and soil pf their new home. Second,
the growers pf the nursery trees, being
near by, can more readily be callod to
an account if tho stock is not true to
representation and hence the buyers
will be mote sure to get what they de
sire and bargain for. Third, changing
fruit trees from north to south, and vice
y^rsa changes the character pf the frnit
in a great measure. Fpr instance, trees
fcr autumn fruit in Nviw Yprk, when
transplanted tp (be climate of the Pptp
mao region becomes a summer fruit and
winter fruit pf the north becomes au
tumn fruit when grown further south,
and so on, which must be taken into ac
AN old farmer says hand hay rakes
will stand it very well through the hay
ing and harvest, but they are hard
things to winter." The trouble is they
are suffered to lie around in tho barn, on
the mows or iu places never intended
for storing tppls, and they get thrown
dpwn iu tho track stepped upon by men
and beys run pver by cclts uacd for
something they are not intended for,
and genorally a half dozen rakes taken
to the barns in tlie fall will not have un
broken material enough in them to make
two good ones the aext, June, and it will
require some skill and patience to bring
handlo, bowB, head, and teeth togother
to do oven that. Havo a proper placo
to Btore thom, and put them up so so
curely that they will not be taken dewn
to knpek apples from the trees, tp nerve
as props for tlie clothes line, or for any
other purpose that auy one may happen
to wauta long light pole.
Parboil in salted water, cut in pieces
an inch squaro, dip in Indian meal or
fine cracker ciumbs, and fry crisp in hot
Mako a batter of milk, llour and two
eggs, in this put the fish which has been
picked in shreds drop from a large
spoon into hot lard.
Mash the berries and pour ono quart
of boiling water to each gallon. Let
tho mixture Btaud twenty-four hours,
stirring occasionally then strain and
measure into a clean keg, adding two
pounds of sngar and half pint of tho
best alcohol to each gallon. Cork tight,
aud in Octoberyou will have wine of tho
bust quality as a tonic.
Splendid footstools, equal to those
wo bny for sba]o and ease, may
bo made with the aid of old tin fruit
cauB. Take sevon of a uniform size,
set ono in tho middle with six arouud it
on. a picce of pasteboard, mark aud cut
exactly tho scallops made by the cans,
cnt a cloth top of the same shape, and a
strip for tho sides, sew on the paste
board bottpm, stuff the top and betwoen
the cans, then sew on the top, and cov
er with corpet or furniture cloth, and
put a oord around the edge. If caro is
taken to cover it neatly, you will be de
A correspondent of Household say's
the way to mako a husk bed is to put
the husks into plenty of water and spread
them on the grasB to dry, first spreading
Bhects on the grasp, to kcop away insects,
etc., if possible. When the huBkB aro
dry, draw them through a flax batchel,
or with a fork split them several jtimos
to mako them softer. Then fill into a
bed tick. Don't put iu enough to be
hard, but make a good, comfortable bed.
Have a slit iu tbo center of the bed tick,
and every day stir the husks up. A but
ton and buttou hole iu tho bed tick will
make all seouro, and if you wash or scald
tho husks every few years, they will keep
sweet, and you will havo a chtap and
comfortable bed.
Glass staining may be doue at home
by the following process: Spiead over
the glass a strong gum water, aud when
Iry lay it over the paper on which the
design is sketched, and trace with a line
hair pencil all ttio outlines. Dip the
tube-liko pencils iu the colors, and lot
them tlow out upon tbo glass havo a
caro und not touch tho pencil to the
glass. Tho lights and
Boil ono quart of pysters in their own
liquor two minutes, tlion strain cut
each oyster into threo or four pieces
put two spoonfuls of butter into a sauce
pgn wbou melted add a gill of cream
and sift iu vory slowly two spoonfuls of
sifted flour let thicken and season with
pepper and salt add the oysters, spoon
ful of minced parsley and a spoonful of
lemon juice turn out outo a plate,
leaviug it to get cold fprm the mixture
intp small balls, dip into beaten egg,
then intp cracker dust and fry a light
brown as ypu take them frum the fry
ing pan put upon a piece of kitchen pa
per for a moment to drain the grease
A Den of Sea Lions.
(From the Santa Barbara PreBS.)
In among the ragged rooks, over
which the waters lazily lashed them
selves into froth and foam, Larco rowed
us. We looked up in awe and wonder
at the dark black rocks, uppn whose
highest points could be distinctly seen
the nests and the maternal portion of
tlie eagle families who reside there.
Through a narrow pass between these
roukB and we are npw in a rock-enclosed
basin almost beneath tho precipitous
oliff of the main island. A pile of
«moothy-wasbed stono afforded a land
ing placo and we were at the mouth pf a
cavern and uear a tunnel wern by the
waters through amass pf rook. A rail
road train could pass through this tun
nel at low tide nt high tide it iB sacred
to the wild waves and breakers. TP the
right there is a den, and such a den, top.
Here were seen 200 littlo sea lion pups
pr cubs rolling or tumbling over the
rocks, whplly uncpnsoious pf our pres
ence. It was not nutii a shot had been
fired and rocks thrown at them that tho
large sea lions became alarmed. They
were not brave and made no attempt to
protect their ypuug. On tbe centrary,
as soon as they saw us looking in their
nurBery they gave lond barks, BUOHB or
roars and dived deep into the water, which
rose and fell in loamy breakers at tho
mouth of the cave. A hundred
could have been caught with oaso, so stu
pid did they appear tp be.
A second visit to the den by otbor
members of the party resulted in the
capture of two of the young sea lions or
Beals. A little boy, 10 years of age,
named Ernest Whitehead, ambitious to
own a sea lion cub, followed M- Seely,
of Goleta, into the deu. Ho at once
threw himself, npon a young cub, almost
as large as himself, wrestled with it in
an attemped to force it into a sack and,
as he relied into the water with his finny
antagonist, lie cried lustily for help ana
a larger suck. With tbe assistance pf
Mr. Seely the fellpw secured a captive
cub and breught it tp the slppp, where
he shod his wet clothes and lay basking
on the snnny deck until his clothes
dried. He bad got his sea lion pup.
Josr to avpid the charge pf pddity, we
ipin in the remark that blade came noaf
Rescued From Agonizing Death.
NEW YORK.—Mr. James White, 1,552
Broad way,' fefmcrl j.chief, inBtractor iu
Dicltolef' Ridhig Sdhpol. iu tliis city,
said to a no^spapea'reporter: "I broke
my slieulder, ahn and elbow, splitting
the speket in fenr parts. Rheumatism
set in and I employed the best physi
cian. He tried everything, but I grew
wcrse, and .at last bo said: "I have
cue more thing tp try and it that fails
npthing eau give ypu relief, and that iB
St. Jacpbs Oil.' I used this great pain
reliever, and am able to use my arm,
free from all rhenmatio trouble. I have
also recommended tbe remedy to a num
ber ef people, and in every case they
have been Bpeedily and effectually
Wouldn't be Satisfied.
(From tbe Boston Post.)
A man in Judge Qpddes' district in
Oliie was in tho habit ef visiting a neigh
bpring town and getting drunk. One
night pn his return heme, with several
sheets in tho wind, he approached his
hpuse, saw np light, and suspected tbat
his wife had gone to bod. Now, Mary
has gone to bed," ho said, "and hasn't
anything for me to eat. I'll make it
warm for her." But in a moment he saw
a light, and then said: I'll bo blessed
if the extravagant thing isn't sitting up
till this hour of night burning out my
oil. Now, durn me if I don't make it
hot for her."
OATAnRn.—Uesnra. Hool
Journal of Ifmlth.
are pro­
duced iu a variety of ways ono of the
easiest, and espi ciallv to beginners, is
to take a goose quill cut in the shape of
a pen, without tho slit, and with it caro
fully tako out the lights by
little dotB. This part of glass staining
is tho most exaoting and difficult, as
much of tho effect depends upon tbe
shading. The glass is then ready for
the kiln.
& Co., of Lowoll,
believe that tho beat way to treat Cat&rrb, ana
the oulv wny to got permanent rolief, is tUrougl:
tbo blood. A constitutional diBcaeo requires a
constitutional remedy. Hood's Baraaparilla is
a blood purifier and constitutional medicine
tbat can be relied upon, and ban cured numer
ous 1608 of Catarrb. Wo tbink tbia claim a
reasonable ono aud gladly give it room in our
Yime Took Him on the Forelook.
(From the BlooinAeld Citizen.]
Mr. Young had been to the lodge.
On his roturn about midnight, his
spouse demanded if bo knew the time of
night. "No," said tho slightly mixed
partner of her jpys and sorrowB (in
Mrs. Ypung's thoughts that night, prin
cipally sorrows.) Then find out," re
marked tho amiable wife, as, with uner
ring aim, she tbrew the kitchen clock
at her beloved's head. "Ah!" said
Young, as he tenderly picked himself
up from tho floor, "the clock Btrikes
one. Wo tako no note of time save by
its flight."
Hollow Clicek*.
A pale, flabby skin and limbs ill ctothid with
flesb, indicate poverty of the blood. Tho speediest
and surest way to incrcaso its nullifying properties,
to impart vigor and comixmeate for undue waste of
bodily tissue, is to use, with pcrststenoe and regu
larity, tbo incomparable vitalizerand aid to diges
tion, liostctter'8 Stomach Bitten*. A winoglassful
of tbis agreeable medicinal elixir three times a day
noou manifests its bem-flcout hction in an improve
ment of appolite, 6lcep add spirits, inoreased
bodily etibetanco, aud tbe return of color and
roundiiess to baggsrd, wasted cheeks. This su
preme preventive counteracts tbo effects of severe
mental labor and bodily toil, anxiety of mind, ex
posure in rough weather, miasma in air or water,
and tropical heat. It is a reliable safeguard against
fever and ague and remittent febrile disease, and
overcotnss constipation,Indigestion, liver oompJaint,
rheumatism nnd other ailments.
MIIS. BDRNETT is writing a novol
called "Dolly." The title does not
suggest another Lass pf Lpwrie's."
LLEV. W. B. SMITH. Grafton, Mass., eavn:
I hove derived bunoflt from uxinK lirown'B
Iron Hitters for a loiv stat of blood."
CouitTNEi- might bo more successful
iu an attempt to beat his mother-in-law,
but tho chances are against him in that
Oil)/ Dcrrick.
FLORENCE, OA.—Dr. \V. B. I'ratber. save:
Brown's iron Bitters havo givfli satisfaction
iu livory instance
have known it used."
IN Engluud over 5,000 bicycles are
used iu the mail service.
Hlood-I'oivoiitnc— Ail Alarming IMt
Half tbe pooplo are suffering and many dio
from tbis fatal complaint. Diseases ot tbe kid
noya and liver are the principal causes. As a
cure, wo can rccommond German Hop Bittors.
I.nok Out for fraud*!
Tbo gennino "Rough on Corns" is made
only bv E. 8. Wells (I'l opnetoi-'of ltough on
Bats,") and has laughing Ineo of a man on
labels. 15c. & 25o. Bottles.
Mcunr.it will out, so will tho fact that Car
bolino, a deodorized extract of iwtroleiint, tbe
natnrat hair ronewer aud restorer, is the best
preparation over invented and oieeli all other
hair dressings, as thousands of genuine cer
tificates now in onr possesion abnndantly
FOR dyspepsia, indigestion, depression of spir
its aud goueral debility, in their various forniB
also as a preventive against fever and agnoand
other inlcrmittant fevers, the Ferro-Pliospho
rated ICIixir of Calisaya," uiade bv !a«well.
Hazaid A Co., New York, ani sold by all drug
gists, is the best tonic ami forpatientsrecover
ing from fever or otbor sickliest, it has DO equal.
DON I die in the house. "Bough on IUts."
Cloars out rats, mice, flics, roaches, bed-bugs.
COMPARE tlio dose and quantity of flood's
Sarsaparilla and you havo couclusivo proof ot
its superior Btrength and cheapness. Try it.
STICKIXO, irritation, inflammation, sit Kid
ney and Urinary Complaints, cured by Bttchu
Look Well to tlio Naniei'
The only genuine Germau Hop Siilers havo
tho word "Gorman" blown in tbe bottle.
ONF. pair of boots saved every yoar by,
Lyou's Patent Metallio Heel StifTcners.
Lilxib, Chicago, ill,. Postal OJerk.
For many years in succession, beginning so far back
I dou't remember when I had tbe catarrh in my head.
Hometlmes the hoarwg of my left ear was affected.
Fire yean ago,
about tbis season of the year, I began to
use Hood^ Sarsaparilla. I was helped right away, but
I oontinued to use it till I felt myself cured.—Una.
P.LIZA 1L OAUUriELD, towell, IAa*s.
Greatly Improved*
Having been a sufferer from catarrh for ai* or eight
years, I accidentally tried Hood's Barraparilla. After
lees than threo bottles I find myself greatly improved,
and write to lot sufferers know tbat Hood's Raraaparilla
will cure catarrh.—M. A. Annex Worcester, Mass.
Hood'* HarMnpnrlUa
Hold by Druggists. $1 six for $5. Prepared only by
O. I. HOOD & CO., Apothftcnnes, I«owall, Mass.
Henry9* Carbolic Nalvo*
The Best 8&l*e used in the world for Ontl, Bruises,
Piles, Sores. Ulo6rv,
Rbeatn, Tetter. Ghapoed
Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all kinds of Hkln Krup
t'ons, Freckles and Pimples. The salve is guaranteed
to give perfeot satisfaction in every case. Be sure yon
get Henry's Carbolic Salve, as all others are'but imi
tations and counterfeits. Pnoe lii cent*.
Dnrno's Catarrh Snuff cares Catarrh and a'l affec
tions of the mnoous membrane.
Denton's Balsam Cures Colds, Coughs, Rheumatism,
Kidney troubles, etc. Can be used externally as a p)as«
Relieves and cure*
Sciatica, Lumbago
Soreneti, Cuts, Brulut.
And ail other bodily ache*
And pains.
Sold by nil Druggists ano
Dealer*. Directions in 11
latigimges. 0 •,
The Charles A, Vofleter Co.
Last Census of Japan.
(From tbe Iiondou Titnea.]
Tho roturns of this census taken Janu
ary 1, 1883, far the empire' at Japajv
have justbeeu published, and BIIPW that
the whole country coutaios a total of
36,76ft)v110r made up pfl8,59S,998 males
and J8,101',112 fcmaliv .• l-'au number
p£ inhabited hpuses is 7,611,770, being
,,au average of about five persons to a
.ttjuae. The population of a few of* the
the best known citics is as follpws:
Osaka, 1,772,333, living iu 360,980
living in 277,655 houses Kioto, 835,
21G, living in 196,620 houses. The rate
of population to houses, however, seems
uncertain iu .the variouB towns,
instance,-in ^uagthla, yhero a popuja
tion of l,66lt"l(!8iuTinbit'8QG'98| liouseK
It is nnhsttnl to find in tbe censtis -of dH»
ferent countries such an equality in num
bers of the sexes, though there area few
towns in Japan where tho women out
number the men, such ae Saitaina,
where thore are 484,058 women io 47-8,
650 men Aitchi, 669,235 to 662,815
Yamanasohi, 205,531 to 204j315f Yam
agata, 340,505 to 252,855. A return pub
lished at tho same date states that the
Japautse army consists of thirty gen
erals, 9,335 officers of all ranks, 109,496
non-commissioned officers and men, 253
officers of administration, 62 military
workmen, aud 617 apprentices, of whom
twelve are studying military routine in
foreign countries.
AN mvalnnblo atrcngtlicner for the nerves,
niupcles aud digostiv" organn, producing
Btrongtli and apputite, ig Brown's Iron Bitters.
reports state that tho Brit­
ish census embraces 17,000,000 wpinen.
Who wouldn't bo "a'fetmsns.
I'onfcNttcdly tlio Best*
Valor ho* it bounds, which onco trauB^re^Hed
PANS into the domains of vice. Equally HO has
medical ecieuce itw bouud* boyoud wbicb lie tbo
torritoricB of quackery. But Alloa's Iron Tonic
Bitters (strikes tho golden mean aud is coEfefi
sedly lho bcet touic and blood purifier kuonm.
All Kemiino bear tho eignuaro of 3. p. "Allen,
St. raul, Mint).
Personal!—To JTleii Only!
The VOLTAIC JZLT CO., Marsha!!, Midi., will
send Dr. Dye's Celebrated Elecfro-voltaic Bolt*
and Elcctric Appliaucefi on trial for thirty days
to mon (young or old) who are afflicted with
nervous debility, lost vitality and kindrod
troubles, guaranteeing Bpeedy and complete
restoration of health and manly vigor. Ad
dress as abovo. N. 13.—No risk is incurred, as
thirty days* triaj is allowed.
THAT husband of mino is three times the
tnau ho was beforeAhe began using Wells'
Health Iienewcr.
In more prevalent than roan are aware of, and how
readily relief may be obtained by tbe use of Hood's
Permanent (!nre.
1 had been a sufferer with a catarrh in tho bead for
fifteen years. Never bannx found any benefit from
the well known remedies. I resolved to try a bottle of
Hood's Sarsaparilla for my catarrh. I would not take
any moneyed consideration for the good that one bottle
did mo.—I.
Point the First.—BROWN'S
Point the Second.—BROWN'S
Point the Third.—BROWN'S
For Yon,
wbitii Hadam,
Whose Complexion betrays
some^hnmiliating imperfec
tion, Trhoso mirror tells yon
that yon are Tanned, Sallow
and disfigured in counte
nance, or hayo Eruptions,
Bedness, Bonghness or un
wholesome tints of Complex
ion we say use Hagan's Mag
nolia Balm.
It is a delicate, harmless
and delightful article, pro
ducing the most natural and
entrancing tinte, the artifici
ality of 'which no Observer
can detect, and which soon
becomes permanent if tlie
Magnolia Balm is judiciously
A- VOQBUt »'*.'
flalttMM* MIL C. IF 4A
.Ma. llKNBY JlAJUtEi, tbe T*a and Coffee Merchant,
JiO.nouston Bfreet*. New UsHn, Obnn'., writes on May
16,1883: "It ft wtth.loelinefig gratitud^, and a desire to
my fe|pw-mai(tthAj|wtit«^oit these few lines
aa testimony to the vaSue of the giaa^it of ail medt
cinee. Bight years hare I been a sufferer fr«qn kidney
disorder and tnllammation of tbe bladder. Sometjmen
when passing water the pains were something terrible,
a scalding, burning sensation, with retention of urine,
with sharp pains in my side, loins, and baok, extending
clear to the back of my bead, tended to make life mis.
erable. I hare been treatMl by a number of oar best
physicians, and havo used any number of proprietary
medicines, all to no avail, obtaining no relief. How
long I would have continaed in this way I do sot know
1n fact I detpaire|g)f"iuuing relief, q^tl^nettg^b^-
highly of itsfcreat decided fw^flve it-a trial',
and it» use has been attended with tho wry best poas!»
b)t» results. Twelve hours after taking the first dose I
experienced relief. I continued on in its use until
had used fivebottlos, when all tlie pain* had vanished,
my otherwise good health returned, aud I am free from
^1 pains, and am a well man. I am oonfideot my enre
Bat resulted from the use of Hunt's Remedy, and that
•What it has done for me 1 am positive it will do for
others. You are at liberty to use ray uame or this letter
in any manner you see fit."
Wien only a boy MA# thirteen yoars old was hurt
.quit* badlyiby a|d afeferely injured my back and
kitutejs, ana itea wotQcpl by our bust physicians, and
.trto^j&tty'rttmt^ibs, failed, until Hunt's
Remedy was recommended'(o us by friends that had
used it here in Manchester with the greatest success.
We purchased a bottle from Foster Carapboll's drag
store, and found tbat I improved vary rapidly was re
lieved of the pains in back, and after using several bot
ties found that 1 was completely cured, and 1 cannot
overestimate the good Hunt's Remedy has done me.
and can most heartily recommend it
Wo will send tho WEEKLY WISCONSIN for Tea
Weoke, on trial, and ono of Uio Premium
Books below for Thirty Oeuta:
X" o'3f\ Eoos e. (ft
1. A TS*ATISEO*.THS-H6BSE.:b)r.B. J. Klndkll.
7. CnnnrxniE BROW^tIB*s OllDEAL, bjr Majy Pat
0. HONEK'R WOETII. by Meta OrnxO
1H. TBK BUBBLE REFUTATION,!)} Oathorinn Klne.
Jin. B.
Until you liavu HOCJI our New Book,
Soiling by tens of thouft&nds. Foil partlo
tilara nnd special tortus froc. Address A.
Take-i 1 k« wildfire. Any on»« con work it. Standard
TION, I'ort Waynn. Ind., or Grand Rapids, Micl.
fj it it it v.
OIIKIIH itnil Coltl*, or
I Warranted lo cure, -.._
money refunded- Sold by all DrugfmtA.
KfrM.claMM Fnrmer Wnitfcd to work a farm
nf 1.7C0 acres, near Aberdeen, Dakota, two hundred
acroa broken. Farm M-GII euppliod with stock and ma
chinery* AddrcssfliChamber of (Jonimcrco.^ilwan^eQ
Ovor 700 different kinds beftt stfret
music 6c copy by mail. Catalogue free
Address MooroIKwsth,Watortown,NY.
YflllNR MPM le*rn etoamtcncfcorhie, and earn
UUnU lvlbn jjj|(HI jtflrmonth, BondydutAnmo
and IDo in itaropwto F. KEITI', KngijkkQr.flridgQportjfit.
pound. It is a tonic medieine, not a drink. It is a skillfully compounded
preparation made to restore strength and health not a beverage to be sold
in bar-rooms and taverns.
those troubled
with kidney comnlaint and you can use this letter as
you choose. Ros|ectlu1ly yours,
99 Otangft St., Manchester. N II.. May 7,188.1AHHIIALL.M
And A HOC for
SO Cents.
youNG MEN Ssteia
tt Mam,
K. Trollops. I] I a
96. Tire MISTLETOK BODOH,edited bv M. K. Rraddon
81. R2.1MOB DBTDBN. hy Mrs. K, 8. McQuoid.
43. TCXEN, by M. R. uraddon.
53. UNDKB ONE ROOF, by James Parn.
70. THE GYPSY, by G. P. R. James.
73. PKAVSLY PARSONAGE, by Anthony Trolloiw.
74. THE AFGHAN'S KNIFE, by R. A.Steudalo.
78. THE TAIJBMAN, by Sir Walter Hoott. Raru Illus
86. THE REBTBAMB. by Anthony Trollope.
88. Hiqa HpiBiTfl,short stones, by amu Paj-n.
—. iery.
69. THE GBEEN HAND, a yarn, by Geo. Oupules
113. A WAYWABD WOMAN, by A Griffiths.
114. Two WeiiKN, by Georgiana M. Craik.
116. FOB HEB DEAB SAKE, by Mary Geoil Hay.
IW. OLABA. VAUGHN, ny K. D.illaoiunoro.
1£& POE* AND PEKB, by UamittoD Aide.
141. JOBT AB I AM, by M. K. Braddon.
IBS. LOVE AND LIFE, by Charlotte M. Yonge.
155. Do. WOBTLE'S SCHOOL, by Anthony Trollope.
161. A8FH0DEL, by M. B. Bradden.
14L SUNBXBE, by William Black.
166. REMINIBOENOEB, by Thos. Carlyle, editod by
186. MY FIBBT OFFEB,etc.,Stories, by Mary Geoil Hay.
KM) ... L'l 'u.' ll._
190. AT THE SEASIDE, etc., Ktorievby Mary Ceoil Hay.
250. MABION RAY. by'AntHppy TroHope. Ill
Tv vi.
by W. Clark Russell,
M4 IIAi/A tMAV Mi Iu II wl
961. So THEV: Wr.NE MABBIED," by Walter Beeant
and James Riee^
371. SELF MADE, by Samuel Smiles.
374. WEIOHED AND WANTING, by George Maodonald.
fW Remit by postal notes when poesiblo. Name
tbe NUMBER or the book desired, and it will be
eeut if in stock if not, anothor will bo sabstitnted.
The WEEKLY Y(IBOQ}JBIN for one year is $1.00 and a
book to NEW aabscrlbeiiv.. Address
Milwaukee* Win.
fluu »f lUlHia, ter Ik* tdaaUft* ul
*f Baiilal, »irt— aa4 Cknalt iHicwt.
41WW la^llli, BM nwte, U4RI
S Cacsikal fw M*y kaiSMiaad hhnaMir to Aa
*My aa tintiuilefwdalted Chneta Wiwi, Uvflrli* Ma
Aiudu ^t
Ua7 taiiaj 1 •!wflt'c i.„*
thai !u4«fUka aai Ml W mm.
I» 111 FLY mail ILHL Oaflw
WILUAU, I#i a. Gbrk rtliHi, S
Chemical Company of Baltimore, a long-established house, whose reputa
tion is well-known to the business world and the general community.
There is no risk in buying such a medicine. 6
Has a Pad 4IIMarllM all
MMUpt, wiUi S«LF.Adi]UU»f Bal
la a4apu itMf toall pwliif
of IBO Milr, *UU A* I
tbe Ucrala li brld iKirtljdir and tifbUMj a radical ear*
UJa. 11 it fa«*. (tumble an1 cheap. Kent by mail. Clrealwv
Eflfllestoo Truss Co., Chicago,. IIL,
on the line ol tho
Adilra*. Foil parUcoluB
Land CommiBS'ner
lend 2 t'mpo for cir­
cular. Addresn C. UEOENHFKO, HO* 511, Chicago P. O.
IINTS A NTIiO for the Best and. t-se I
ing Pictorial Books and Bibles. Pricos reduced 8
Der cwnt. NATIONAL PunplBHTNu Co., QbicagQ. Hi
A WEEK in your own towu. Terms and $6 on
DOO frne. Address H. HAI.I.KIT AGQ PoitlsndfTy
I A|\ICfi provided for danns oonfinetnen
LAUIEO V. TilAYRR,M.D.tFuyayno|Tn
(I5OA per day at home, ttautpics worth fre»
$0 JZ(U Address SriKBOV A Uo.. Portland.Main*
CilPO PiiPptiF.pliepsyorFitsinS4honrs. Freetopoo (t17*? A ^,9
pure l»UrB£DH.KBUBF^g44 Arsenal St,.St.Louis.M
tncrrrad dnrinc ttMtr ssrvl
•r partial leas of siebt or b.
Uso.orany ether dUabllity
MONTH. Ageuts Wanted. fH) best
Jt /nil selling articles in Hie world. I sample FREE,
I^rer*. *l«1 H^arincn. H'hm TARE SEAM*
nr. PA\» THIS Fiti i»Hr.
r»ti| en trlnl. \V4Vr.»nl» fcfrcan. ASlkJtes
ror(f« 4
Why suffer from f'ANCER when Or. CiM^F#BY
has cured a vast number of cases, and is constantly per*
forming cures? Safe, permanent noarly or quite pain
less, wlthoht (tatting. Write for pampnlet and fasti*
moniala. F. B^GQLMty, M. Mtlgaokoe, WU.f
.m«'a *1 mM. l«l I'tf 4m«
r»k. _WHI M.«
aiOiOt. frw Ivl.i. .lih jifftlUi* MM
I,, A. |k KJIITfl A lt.» Aicmlo, t'alallae,
'J)Yi/£flTlrr$\ M.t ff.- Fxtll tU*c.ription
neetly'shcn T.iilor Kyslem of
Dress Oultin^ IOUDY aaelaaa^ O.
RRK, SIS a f^y at i\oraeeasily made. Uoft
free. AddrosaTfttlt ACo„AuRnsta. Ma'r
».Three Particuijir Pointsii N
is*not an intoxicating com-
injurious. The most delicate ladies and-the most" enfeebled ^infants rnay,
use it with perfect safety and with great advantage. VfaiiIc -it, i^?powerful
in its remcdial agency, it is gentle in its opera'tion, restoring wasted g.trengtl'^
and imparting robust health in tlie most efficient manner.
is free from everything
is made by the Brown
R. LIN0BL0M & CO., N. G. MILLER & CO.,
S & 7 Cnamber nf. N» Broadway,
Commerce, ,-Wew Bork.
Members of all prominent Produce Kxebanjces ia New
York, Chicago, St. bouts and Milwaukee
W* have exclusive private lele^rsph wire between
Chicago and New York. Will execute orders on oa
iudjonent whenlefiuested. Hend for circulars contain
log particular*. kOBT, MNDBTiOM A UO., Ohioaco
re all Seltflm «t»
are to any maastf
dtaabl»drky r»aita
0« er
nifflOnwh Kjrtup 'I'tuiti'np'Kvl
t!s( in iititi'. by
__ (imia
rvlML loss W
a 8U«rt er,
toe, Mttn
beaiiac, ptlea,
durrbcu, rWaas
lUty eatlUes yea. Wideva, rtiU
reo. er dependent panels eatitleil. Feneloa preosved
Where dlMhar^e la loet. Mew discharges obtained. Her
eblo dtichargee_and gonslees procsred fwi
stop* INC
tmi and penal
i. sacs pay an
I for deserters.
Rejected clatms •oceeasfettv
pay and boanty roUectod. EXPERT
.. jnpt alteatlon rives sll kJode of r»ver»
meat claims. Advice free, Ad*» with stamp,
Bex si.
ITaalitBCtea. p. 0.
JJ svplioaufc-
Send for It to
VAIiri4V llAn le«inTi!LtORArBTb«naoo
oung men wowillalveyon a'aitnatloo
Circular* freT* VALRNTINB BR03 .Jsncrri!ie, Wis
M. N. U., NO.
tlgESS pleane r«n taw
AdverUacpMQt UU« fftlW)

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