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Turner County Herald.
TEHMS $1.50 Peh Ykar. In Attvhllce.
Louis K, Church
M. L. McCorinack
Chief Justice Hnrtlott'Trhm
JudCe Fourth Judicial District .. s. Vuhner
Marshal j) \y
Attorney....-.. ./.ibhi K.Carlaml
Aulstant Prosecuting Attorney...
funfeyor general Marls Tavidr
jolleetor Internal Revenue
Ugl»ter Land OlDce, Yankton Hughes Hast
,iec«lver ... K. M. Zlebac'i
Delegat* la Oonp-ess. ns GiUord
ji1urar ltaynionit
Auditor j.
Attorney General K. F. Teninleton
Bupt Public Instruction Eiigotie A Dve
Cam. *t Immigration -..»....
1\ F. McOlurc
—M il Hogan
KM Smith
I. H.Nnwbv
Register of Deeds....
Judge of Probate
Assessor........................... Xhos Fsitiv
Superintendent of Schools Cort. Salmon
Coroner Hamilton
\H"k,y?ri SJiurlllff
-lark-at Court Vale P. Thiclman
County Attorney Jones
ijammlssloners—Joseph Allen, cliairnian And
r.lw^fiitel80n» S®™11 Nelson. A W Bacon. .1
O.O. Stuart
K. CDKCH—Itev. I. A. Sparks, pastor. Sit
Tic* at Presbyterian church every Snmlsiyat
11 a. m., and 7:30 p. m. at Buchanan school,
house. Spring Valley, and Milks school house
Mlddleton, each alternate Sabbath at
p. m.
CATHOLICC urcii—Corner Centre avenue and
Adams street, ltev Kdward Power, pastor.
High mass at 11 o'clock a. m.. to be followed
with catechism vespers at 7 pin alternating
«Mh third Sunday with Parker and Lennox,
Baptist Cmmcn—Corner Park Boulevard and
Dakota street. Kev.F. II. Newton.pastor. Ser
vices every Sunday at 11 a. m. Sunday school
at 12 m. Prayer meeting every Thursday cve
nlng&t I p. m. Young people's prayer meeting
Sunday evening at 8 p. m.
K. I. M'COOK TORT, NO. 31, CI. A. It,
Meet first and third Saturday ol each month
at p. m., In Allen's hall.
I. O. «. T.
Meets every Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock
Tlslting members cordially Invited to attend.
Cklw(t Hd Northwestern Itullwny Time
Passenger, No,« 4:53 p. m.
freight, 45 2:05 p, m.
Passenger, No. 41 :3a a. m.
Freight, 45 12-30 p.m.
Make through connection for Chicago and
Yaakton trains connect at Ceutrevllle with
~*£baUi morning and evening passenger.
W. A. Til ball. Oen'l Ticket Agent.
W. K. WoiiTMAjf. Agent
Wheat—No. 2—55c.
Wheat—.No. 3—&0c.
Flax seed—1.00
Barley—20 to 40c.
Jos. Allen loans money. ',
Mirrors—from 10 cents to 65.00—
Coma in and join the North Dakota
Farmer club.
W. Elliott loans money" at lovf"' rates.
Ko commission.
For best quality of ammunition in
the city, call at Murphy's.
Hocking valley, Jackson hill and
best grades of soft coal at Queal & Co.'s.
If you hare land you wish to sell
Itaye description and price at the Her
ald office.
l)o not put off securing that premium
—The North Dakota Farmer—until, it
is too late. ..
Boys, now is the time, and Murphy's
is the place to get your skutes. l'nces
from 36 cents to 81.25.
If you want to borrow money on real
estate call at the Herald office and have
an application made out.
They went like hot cakes! and Mur
phy has just received afresh supply of
those popular 10 cent goods. I
Insure in the Dakota Mutual. Jos,
Allen will make out your papers, and
give you all necessary information.
If any subscriber of the Herald
wishes to purchase a sewing machine
they can And a bargain at this office.
Any person wanting to purchase one
of the best quarter sections In Turner
county will find that they can get a
bargain by calling at this office soon.
If any of the Herald readers wish to
purchase an organ or piano cheap for
cash, or on time, they will find it to
their advantage to call at this office
and see what we have to oiler.
Have you beard of the new party—it
Is named Jb\, D. F. & D. ltobinson has
knocked another peg out of the boot
and Bhoe trade. One dollar buys the
best pair of women's shoes In the mar
ket, and 82.50 the best men's boots, at
the Cheapest Flace on Earth!
No farmer should neglect the oppor
tunity offered by which he can obtain
a first class farm journal one year free.
The North Dakota Farmer will be
given for one year to every new sub
scriber who pays one year in advance
f»r the llerald, and to every old sub
scriber who pays all arearages 'and one
year in advance. Call and get a speci
men copy.
Beggi' Cherry Cough Syrup.
Is the only medicine that acts directly
on the IungSy 1
flood and Bowels, it re
lieves cough instantly and in time
•fleets permanont Cure. E. JJnvucb,
The spvefity of yesterday's storm pre
vented the Herald trom going to press,
and this morning we are called Upon to
chronicle the sad news of the death of
Lizzie Dwyre, aged 17, who became be
wildered and lost while coming from
school.. II er body was found this morn
ing, about ten rods southeast of Stout's
blacksmith shop.
Bring in your job wofk.
iiiird coal at Queal & Co.'s.
Lamps at Kellars from 25 cts to 87.50.
Glass sets reduced from SI.00 to 60c
at Kellar's.
Large stock of child's tea and dinner
sets at Kellar's.
The Hurley public schools contain
about 100 pupils.
Kellur sells teas at prices that can
not bn undersold.
Thirty bars of paris laundry soap for
81.00, at Kellar's.
Murphy sells the world renowned
CJlidden barb wire.
New steck of jewelry at Kellar's. at
away down prices.
'Entire new stock of cook and heat
ing stoves at Murphy's.
A word to the barker dramatic club:
Come again but don't telegraph.
The Yan|ton and Vermillion stages
have made only one trip each during
the past week.
The passenger train due Wednesday
evening is at last accounts stuck in a
snow drift near Vilas.
Sargent has just received a tine as
sortment of silk Handkerchiefs, Gent's
Mufflers, Scarfs, &c., &c.
Finest and largest stock of china,
glass and crockery ware ever brought
to Turner county, at Kellar's.
Attorney Goddard spent the greater
portion oflas week at Marion and Par
ker, attending to legal business.
if plenty of snow insures good crops,
the Manitoba will have an immense
amount to haul from this section next
Mrs. Laura A. Alderman has been
making substantial improvements on
her place east of town during the past
If you waat a nice pair of cuff but
tons or a breast pin, or a sewing ma
chine l'or §1.50, call at Pier & Fergu
The county board wound up their
business in five days, making it an ex
traordinary short session for a January
S.C.Nelson, of the CentrevilW dis
trict was elected chairman of the board
of county commissioners for the
ensuing year.
Miss Hose J. Lanaghan, who teaches
the as. Lease school, is voted the best
teacher they have ever had. She is a
cousin of Prof. McMullen.
Poor insurance is dear at any price.
If you need insurance, call at Allen's
Agency, they write for the best and
most reliable companies.
A. II. Kroll, Hurley's enterprising
vender of meet, has just received a car
load of sawdust, which will bo used for
packing ico in his new ice house.
Engineer Darling says the grade te
tween Yankton and Sioux Falls can be
made ready for the track layers in
sixty days, after the frost leaves the
The regular meeting of the Hurley
school township board was held Tues
day, and it was the unanimous opinion
that the schqols were never in a better
Denver & Duluth is the grand ulti
matum. Work for it. talk for it, dream
of it and it will soon be a reality.
Farmers, study well your own best in
terests and help on the grand project.
A sleigh load of young folks visited
the residence of Geo. Wormwood
Wednesday evening, and owing to the
storm which came up in the night did
not reach home until Thursday morn-
Some of the enterprising young
ladies of Hurley, are inaugurating a
leap year dance. Elaborate prepara
tions are being made and something
grand may be expected. The ladies,
you know, never do anything by
J. Francis lluggles, the wise biblipole
will be in town, and call on all lovers
of good books, soon, so he says. He is
the celebrated, "out of print" old
rarities, wholesale and retail dealer, of
Bronson, Mich, and it Is a rare treat
just to hear him converse.
Don't insure in any company which
offers insurance for less than cost,
Such insurance is usually worse than
none at all. There is no reliable com
pany which can afford to carry your
insurance for one-half the rate which
all other insurance companies ask. A1
ways take good insurance or none at
all. ALLEN'S AGENCY handles no
wild cat" insurance.
Wm= Parks is visiting at Dell Rapids
B. B. Allen contemplates a visit to
Iowa soon.
E. Brauch returned from his Chicago
trip Tuesday morning.
J. Fitch and wife returned to Yank
ton on Tuesday evenings train.
Jos, Allen attended the constitutional
convention at Huron this week.
J. H. Farnswoath and Edward May
spent Saturday and Sunday in Parker,
Judge Elliott made the round trip to
Parker and return, on legal business
J, ,T. Mclntire, Frank Hamblin and
Gus Bach went to Centreville Saturday
evening and took part in the installa
tion ceremonies of the I. O. O. F.
F. M. Brown, a former employe in the
Herald office, spent
Sunday and Monday
visiting friends in Hurley—and vicin
ity. He returned to Sioux Falls Tues
day. where he holds cases on the .Daily.
1 Press and is doing well. ^.J
Tho Cuuse of Hard Times.
O. II.
11." in I»es Moines (Iowa) News.
That times are hard," is not dis
puted, but the cause is not so evident
and some ascribe it to one thing, others
to another,
AVhen peace and plenty reign times
are good. We have peace but not
plenty. There is plenty of cattle in
the country, plenty of corn, plenty of
oats and plenty of wheat. Wo mean
by plenty enough to lijeet all the
demands of the country. Cattle and
horses nave not been so cheap for
twenty or. thirty yeurs as now. Woolen
goods, cotton goods, silks and shoes
were perhaps, never cheaper. Of all
these things there is plenty, and still
times are hard for want of plenty.
The abundance we sec is not distri
buted. There is bread stuff enough for
every man, woman and child in
America, but much of it is stored in
mills and warehouses. There is ma
terial for clothing sufficient to cloth
everybody, but the merchants hold the
most of it in store. Because people
want food and clothing and fuel and
comfortable houses and luxuries which
they cannot get, they sav the times are
If there is abundance of everything,
why are times hard
Simply because that abundance is not
distributed. Why is it not distributed
Will not those wtio have moro than
they can use part with the surplus?
Certainly they are anxious to sell, but
those who are in need have not the
money to buy. Why hayent they the
money haven't they anything to sell?
Yes, they have property of various
Kinds, but the people, who would buy it
also lack money.
So there seems to be plenty of every
thing but money?
Yes, there is not money enough
among the people to move the surplus
products of the country from those who
do not need it to those who do. There
is plenty of everything but money.
But there is plenty of money in the
Possibly but the rate charged for the
use of money by the banks is so oppres
sive that but few persons can afford to
go to them for it. If you have a big
crop of corn but no horses and wagons
to take it to market with, and your
neighbor has a corner on all the means
of transportation in the country, he
can charge you what he pleases for
If he asks you halt the value of your
crop lor the use of his wagons, you
would hesitate, would you not before
going to him
Well money is a means of tranapor
ation of the surplus products from
one place to another, or from one man
to another, and nothing more and
there should be enough of it to effect
this without increasing debt.
Debt is the direct evidence of a want
of money the amount of debt worth
its face and collectable measures ap
proximately the amount of money
needed more than is in circulation to
do the business ot' the country.
Some people talk of over-production
as the cause of hard times. That is
sheer nonsonce. Could a man have so
many provisions about' his home that
the surplus would starve his family?
Can you have so many cloths that you
will freeze to death for want of them
How then can the world have so much
afrto make hard times? It is absurd,
because impossible.
It-is the want of money to effect ex
changes with that to-day is making
hard times. We have plenty of almost
everything else. The fact that there
is money in the banks to be had by pay
ing for it is no answer any more than
to say there is gold in the mountains
to be had by paying for it. The price
isked for the use of money is more
than the country can afford, it is simply
uin to those who continue long to bor.
Mr. Editor:—
We see the righteous soul of Well
Wisher is stirred to its lowest depths.
We assume the billiard hall at the
Tremont is meant by our friend, as
that is the only one in town.
Can not our well wisher" allow the
house referred to one pleasure, at least
to those who have a taste for that kind
of pleasure? If the laws of the territory
remain unbroken by the frequenters
or the billiard palace, and the traveling
public get clean food, soft clean beds
and neat rooms with kind treatment,
and are smitten about the heart with
no sort of homesickness while tarrying
there, and rejoice that they have their
money's worth, at departure, why
should "Well Wisher" vex himself
about the matter of a paltry game of
billiards? Why, did our friend never
play fox and geese'. Does he think
it a greater sin to roll a marble ball on
a table as dexterously as a kitten would
a ball of yarn, than to have all manner
of gambling operations, morally con
sid-red, for the support of the gospel,
such as grab bags, church lotteries,
being compelled to buy things at many
times their value, or be considered
stingy, and numerous other thingsjthat
will readily recur to the minds of those
who frequent church fairs and socials?
If the church and its various meetings,
or the W. C. T. U. library are not as
attractive as a billiard hall, whose
fault is it? Citizen.
Buoklen's Arnlcu Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by E,
Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup
Is warranted for all that the label calls
for, so if it does not relieve vour cough
you can call at our store and the money
will be refunded to you. It acts simul
taneously on all parts of the system
thereby leaving no bad results.
JBkauoii, Drawfist,
Iledfield lias organized a company to
engage in the manufacture ot plows.
A majority of the farmers of Minne
haha county are now dehorning their"
The editor of the Huron Lake News
offers his paper until a republican presf
dent is elected for 81.50.
In sinking a well at Elkton,in Brook
ings county, the drill at a depth of
seventy feet struck a lake seventeen
feet deep.
E. T. Ironsides dealer in general
merchandise, of Salem, has failed.
Liabilities 83,300 assets in the neighbor
hood of S2.500.
B. S. Holland, of Bachelor's Grove, in
the western part of Grand Forks
county, was frozen to death in the
storm of Monday last. He had gone to
Larimore to procure medicine for his
sick wife, and when returning on foot
was lost in the stonn and died.
L. G. Johnson, who has just returned
to Aberdeen from the east, will begin
immediately two suits against John
11. Drake, of the Pioneer, for criminal
libel and damages to the extent of
8100,000. The action grows out of an
editorial in Drake's paper last week
charging Johnson with perjury.
George Dayis, living near Worthing
had both feet amputated by Dr.s. Smith
and Lew is, of Canton. On November
27 Day is indulged in too much Lennox
prohibition water, and started for home
in a blinding snow-storm, but lost his
way and crawled into a hay stack.
His feet stuck out too far and froze,
causing an amputation of them on
Monday. He is now a county charge.
Ex-Governor Pierce, it is understood,
will make his permanent residence in
Jamestown. His re-election as presi
dent of the north Dakota loan and trust
company, of Jamestown, is said to be
practically assured, and it is believed
that the Mattering financial prospects
and successes of that institution will
prove an important consideration in
his final decision as regards a resi
The correspondent of the Minneapolis
Star and Chicago Herald, who tele
graphed the report of skeletons being
found in LaPlani's cellar, near Pierre,
was met Thursday by LaPlant and
made to swallow the lie. Interference
of citizens saved iiim from a severe
chastisement. He acknowledged that
there was not the slightest foundation
to the report, and that he manufac
tured it out of whole cloth.
In the way of new buildings Water
town has prospered during the past
year. She has secured a 830,000 opera
house, a 860.000 building erected by the
Dakota Loan & Trust company, a
850,000 hotel, a three story, fully
equipped lead, oil and paint factory,
many minor business buildings and 278
new residence. Contracts have been
let to construct before Sept. 1, 1888, a
system ot waterworks to cost 8100,000,
ind to another coibpany to construct a
street railway and motor line to the
Getting iu His Work.
I'ressand Dakotalnn Ctli Inst.
On Wednesday of this week Delegate
Gifford introduced in the house bills as
follows: For the admission of the
state of South Dakota for the admis
sion of' the. state of North Dakota
allowing the Duluth*& Manitoba road
right of way through the Fort Pembina
military reservation throwing open to
settlement abandoned and uselesz
military reservations providing for a
commission to negotiate with the Sisse
ton and Wahpeton Sioux Indians for a
modification of present treaties and
agreements granting section 16, near
Rapid City, to that town granting
certain sections of land near Grand
Forks to the north Dakota university
granting the Yankton & Missouri \ral
ley railroad right of way through the
Yankton Indian reservation. Mr. Gif
ford also introduced a bill providing tor
the opening of the great Sioux reserva
tion. It is practically the old Dawes
bill with the tribal patent clause strick
en out. He also offered bills granting
the Duluth, Watertown & Pacific road
the right to build a bridge across the
Missouri river at some available point
in Charlas Mix county, Dakota to es
tablish two new land districts with the
land offices at Pierre and Chamberlain
contingent upon the opening of the
great Sioux reservation granting a
section of land to Aurora county Dako
ta, for the establishment of a reform
school, and providing for an inquiry
into the losses sustained by settlers
who had been deprived of their rights
on the Crow Creek and Winnebago res
ervations by the summary closing of
the reservations by order of President
Cleveland. These bills were all re
ferred to the committee on territories,
on the demand of Mr. Springer, who is
the chairman of that committee.
I. O. O. F.
At a special meeting held Monday.
Jan. 9, the following officers were in
stalled by Frank'E Hamblin D. D. G. M.
N. G.-C. J. Bach.
V. G.~O. O. Snyder.
Rec. Sec.—Peter Allen.
Per. Sec.—C. M. Pier.
Treasurer—0. M. Pool.
W.—A. J. Allen.
C.—J.A. §cott.
It. S. N. G.—J. J. Mclntire.
L. S. N. G.—D. C. Ward.
0. G.—.lames Stout.
1. G.—Chas. Withee.
It. S. S.—Ed. Heberling.
L. S. S.—J. A. Swan.
R. S. V. G.—Ira G. Ferguson
L. S. V.G.-T. J. Hill.
Farin«rt)II(i Itlood Maker
No remedy in the world has gained
the popularity that ttiis medicine lias,
as a household or family medicine, no
one 6hould be without it. It has
no ealomel or quinine in its compo
sition, consequently no bad cffccts can
arise-from it. We keep a full supply pt
it at all times. E, Brauch, druggist.
Read Our Great Ofier Open to Every
Reader of The Herald,
The Yankee Blade is a most charm
ing weekly family story paper publish
ed at Boston, Mass.. at 82.00 per year.
It is a mammoth paper, containing in
every issue eight large pages, lortv
eight columns, of the choisest reading
matter for the whole family circle, em
bracing serial and short stories,
sketches, poems, history, biography,
wit and humor, fashions, household re
ceipts, fancy work department, youths'
department, etc. Every member of the
family will be delighted with it. The
Yankee Blade has entertained millions
of readers within the past fifty years,
and to-day its publishers are more am
bitious than ever to increase its already
large circulation, which extends all
over the United States and Canada. To
help accomplish this, we now make the
following liberal offer: To every regu
.lar subseriber'~of The Turner County
Herald we will send the Yankee Blade
one year for one dollop just half the
publishers' regular subscription price,
which is 82.00 per year.
The Yankee Blade at 2.00 per year is
the cheapest family story paper in
America, but at the special price we of
fer It to our readers it is practically less
than cost, and we expect to receive a
large number of subscriptions from our
readers during the continuence of this
offer. Send for a sample copy to Pct
ter & Potter, Pubs., The Yankee Blade,
Boston, Mass., but send your subscrip
tion to this office.
Best quality of
it Co.'s.
I\ T. Itanium Writes a Story.
The opening chapters of a splendid
story for the young, by the famous
showman, l\ T. Barnum, appears this
week in the columns of The New
Youk Family Stouy Papku. The
story describes the adventures of an
American boy, whom Mr. Barnum calls
My PiucKy Boy Tom,,'anil whom lie
sent to India in searcli of wild, fierce,
and rare animals to replace those de
stroyed by the disastrous fire at Bridge
port last month. The reader is thrilled
by the hair-breadth escapes of this
dauntless American boy when captur
ing the fiercest and wildest animals
ever seen in any traveling show. Tiik
Mew Vohk Family Stouy Papku is
for sale at all news-stands.
An Ohio coal mine just received at
the Elevator. For the best quality and
lowest prices of Hocking coal, call on
J. II. Faknswohth.
Choice roasted coffee at Kellar's, 25c.
If you want to borrow money on real
estate, call on C. M. Pier.
That North Dakota Farmer premium
takes well. Come'in, if you haven't
seen a copy.
dry lumber at Queal
Now is the time to
burners at Murphy's.
order your hay
I have about 6 doz. common chairs
left, which I will sell cheap for cash.
Mr, N. 11. Frohlichstein, of Mobile,
Ala., writes: 1 take great pleasure in
recommending Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption, having used
it for a severe attak of Bronchitis and
Catarrh. It gave me instant relief and
entirely cured me and 1 have not been
aflicted since. I also beg to state that 1
had tried other remedies with no good
result. Have also used Electric Bitters
and Dr. King's New Life Pills, both of
which 1 can recommend.
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds, is sold on
a positive guarantee. Trial bottles free
at E. Brauch's Drug Store. 1
Our Huby.
In March last, our baby when six
months old, was taken down witli what
the physicians called "bronchitis" (an
ordinary cold) and was yery sick for
two weeks she seemed to be filled deep
in the chest with phlegm which we
were unable to loosen sho could not lie
down at all, but had to be held upright
else it caused her to cough severely
the physician did not give her any
relief, although the prescriptions were
changed every day and sometimes
twice a day this treatment was contin
ued about ten days and we finally de
termined to try a bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. We obtained
bottle and after giving a few doses sho
was relieved, breathing easier and
throwing off the phlegm and getting to
sleep, getting well in a few days, and
we believe we owe her life to the use
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Our
oldest girl is subject to croup and has
had several severe attacks but the
Cough Remedy has brought her out all
right with but two good doses and
would not go over night without
bottle in the house. We have great
faith in it." Signed, Wilbur E. Wells,
Lulie L. Wells, 1031 street, Lincoln.
Nebraska. Sold by E. Brauch.
Don't place your insurance witli any
company you do not know to be solid.
There is a good deal of wild cat" in
surance going on these days—look out
for it. Allen's Agency carries only
safe companies.
Twenty-five acres of land within the
corporate limits of llarley for side in
lots to suit purchaser. Prices and
terms reasonable.
Cohtkz Salmon,
Co. Snpt. ^f Schools
Farmers, Are You liiKured
If not you should call at the Herald
ofllce and learn rates in the Dakota
Mutual. You will find this to be the
cheapest responsible company in which
to insure, and you can,' carry tnree
fourths of the premium money in your
pocket until it is needed to pay losses
VtckV Floral Guhle.
A silver lining to every cloud! With
the short dull days of early winter come
the cheery holidays and Vick's beauti
rul annual, and lo! spring already ap
pears not far distant. We can almost
see the greening grass and the blooming
flowers. In the way of Catalogue,
Vick's Floral Guide is unequaled in
artistic appearance, and the edition of
each year that appears simply perfect
is surpassed the next. New and beau
tiful engravings, and three colored
plates of flowers, vegetables, and grain,
are features for the issue for 1888. Its
lavender tinted cover, with original
designs of most pleasing effects, will
ensure it a prominent place in the
household and library. It is in itself a
treatise on horticulture, and is adapted
to the wants of all who are interested in
the garden or house plants. It describes
the rarest flowers and choicest vegeta
bles, If you want to know anything
about the garden, see Vick's Floral
Guide, price only 10 cents, including a
Certificate good for 10 cents worth of
seeds. Published by James Viek, Seeds
man, Rochester, N. Y.
C. O. Gurnsey sells
Centreville Patent Flour,
Ceutreville Standard Flour.
Krosh bread, crmferttonery, nuts, sweet elder,
fruits, tobiuco and cigars always on band.
WiTi cry sales In any part ot Turner county.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Physician and Surgeon.
All calls promptly attended. Office and resi
dence in the llarid Fowler house, west
of the Klevator.
Flour and Feed.
Also a Choice Line of
Clioice Cigars.
One Door west of Pioneer Drug Store,
Very cordially in
vites you to call at
his store and ex:
ine the largest and
best selected stock of
Greneial Merchandise
ever opened in this
vicinity. The latest
styles and best quali
ty in Dry Gloods
Clothing, Hats, Caps
Fine Shoes, &c., &c
Freshest and Cheap
est line of
Everything at
down prices.
Yours for a fai
Miss. Emma udhon.
Notice Concerning- Discontinuance of Coun
ty Superintendent's Ofllce Days.
From the present time until further
notice the undersigned will be in Parker
on the first Monday, only, of each
month._ Respectfully,
book of 100 pages.
The best book for an
advertiser to eon*
salt, be bo experi
enced or otherwise.
Itcontaina llats
of newei
newspapers and estimates
of tho cost of advertising:.
The advertise rwho
Bpenrt one Uolla
formation he requires.
wants to su nrt one dollar, finds in it the In*
bile forhira who will
Invest one hundred thousand dollars In ari
vertlsing. a schcme la indicated which will
meet his every requirement, or can be matte
todoioby slight cbanptoeariiy arrived at bycor*
respondent. 149 editions have been tamed.
Sent, post-paid, to any address for cents.
Write to GEO. I*. KOWKLL A CO,,
(lOSpruceStFriotlngUouaoBQ.), New York.
Tin war e,Nails,
We sell the World Renowned
You Can't Beat Them for Beauty, Heat and
Economy of Fuel
Agricultural Implements and all kinds
of Machinery,
Highest market price paid for grain?
of all kinds.
F. M. SLAGLE fc CO.,
Lumber, Sash, Doors,
Blinds, Building Paper,
And all Kinds of Building Material, Including
Brick, Lime, Cement, Stucco, and Hair,
Cedar Posts, Hard and Soft Coal,
We are Still on Deck
Hats and Caps,
Gloves and Mittens,
3 NN
Hurley Meat Market.
Fresh and Bmoked Meat Alwuya oa
Highest Trices I'Kirt for
Htotk, Mldw xai
tj' few
ROBINSON'S Cash Store.

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