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1jA8T summer tho Queon of Italy at
'Nined the loftiest point ever readied
by a European sovereign by the ascent
of tho Brcitiiorn, 13,785 feet.
A PENNSYLVANIA country editor i8
liaving a lively discussion with liis cor
respondents about a phrase he used in
writing up a wedding. Ho spoke of
"the muniage obsequies."
A UALF-DEMKNTED hermit, who is'
bupposod to be a viotim of tho Johns
town flood, has been found living in a
hovel in a gulch near the Carbon Hill
blinkers not far from Tacoma, Wash.
His name is Jasper Milton, and he de
clares that soft coal is all that ho eats.
J'OMBOLANO is the name of a plant
found in Mexico, tho root of which is
said to contain a substance analngous
to but more powerful than qninine in
its antiperiodic aotion. It has been
found to cure rebellious intermittent
fevers that had resisted tho action of
Mit. OMAR THOMAS, of North Haven,
Me., has invented a mortar and a bomb
for shooting' ahead of a vessel aud
spreading oil on the wavos during a
gale of ind. It is a very ingenious
contrivauco with which life-saving
crews can smooth the waters around a
stranded wreck.
GREAT banks of marino sponge3,
including all tho kinds most valued
in commerco, have been discovered on
tho southeast coast of Sicily. They
extend liom fifteen to eighteen marino
leagues in length, and are from twenty
to thirty-one ells in depth. Greeks
Italians are hastening to the spot.
FICIIDINAND WARD, whoso financial
Napoleonism landed him at last in Sing
Sing prison, looks like a physioal
i\roek. He is bout and lifeless, find
his cheeks aro sunken. His face has
become white, and he looks ten years
oldei that when he entered the prison.
Ho lias bocoine an export type-setter.
IT doesn't take many names to go
mound among the Norwegians. Nearly
all of them are named Ole Olson, Erick
Erickson, or Nels- Nelson. In Minne
apolis alone there are 2,000 of the first,
.1,010 of the second, and 1,215 of the
last. Any one of theso names exists
in greater numbers than does tho Eng
lish John Smith.
THE last Sultan of Turkey was ac
customed to shut himself up with a
negro slave and his favorite wife in a
secret room of his palaco and thero
gloat over his treasures. Plugging liis
arms into a heap of gold-dust and let
ting it slip through his fingers soemed
to give him more satisfaction than gaz
ing on his pile of jewels.
TILE title of doctor was invented in
the twelfth century. The first person
upon hom. it was conferred. was
Iruenus, a learned professor of law,
at tho University of Bologna. William
Gordenio was the first person upon
whom the title of doctor of medicine
•was conferred. He received it from
tho College of Asti in 1320.
SINCE the establishment of the "Vien
na free kitchens, the number of druuk
aids is said to havo greatly diminished.
The medical profession testify to enor
mous improvement in the health of the
lower dlasses. Derangements of the
stomach, formerly tho most frequent
cases in Vienna hospitals, havo de
creased to one-third of the number of
ten years ago.
IN Georgetown, D. C., in a humble
cottage which rents for $20 a month,
lives the only-surviving grandchild of
Thomas Jefferson. Her name is Mrs.
Septimia .Randolph Miekleliam, widow
of David S, Meikleliam, long since
dead. She is now in her 7fith j'ear,
a cultured, amiable, venerable old
lady, with two difiighters and one son
in her household.- Z-
A ORKAT discovery of zinc ore lias
been made near Field, in Manitoba'.- A
Canadian Pacific- Railway tunnel is
driven right through the lode, which is
simply one solid liody of ore. The ore
has always been mistaken for red gtan
ite, but it turns out to be a very rich
body of zinc. It is at least 100 feet
wide. Tho ore assays GO per cent, of
zinc, 10 per cent, iron, $250 in gold,
and $100 in silver to tho ton
A RECENT letter from London says tuo
Princo and Princess of Wales, although
most hospitablo and kiud toward their
guests at Sandringham, aro as capri
cious as other mortals, and it is often
difficult even for the best-bred people
to estimato to a nicoty tho exact point
at which intimucy may become dis
tasteful. Conduct which in the even
ing may be deemed very charming and
amusing may be resented pre
sumptuous the next morning.
IT may not be known to many peo
ple that Queen Victoria is an ardent
atudent of Afrioan geography, and.
could pass a very .creditable examina
tion in that, mibjoct with Mr. Stanley
as tho interrogator. Her Majesty has
qarofully watchef! the Portuguese en
croachments, and when the news of
the outrage on the British flag readied
London it wus tho Queen herself who
insisted on Lord Silisbury compelling
Portugal to come to a definite under
standing without delay.
LOVE plays strango pranks with some
people. "Gen." George C. Sliuer,
Aged is the handsomest man in the
lumber regions of Pennsylvania. He
lias a ton who is worth several thous
and dollars and is proprietor of a store.
'I lie son was engaged to bo marrivd to
Anna Swilzcr, who is tho belloof 'tho
village," *GeU." 81ieer mode his sopj-a
"visit, v.aa int-roiiuced to Anna, eim in
t»o eeks •«on her affections .'and
•"iiii He ne"ei -earssd
-. BM:e thsn $35 a mcSith during hii fiity-
Mr j-eare exj6teny§ ftud has jaot $1 to
his name. Anna will have $10,000
when she is of age and young Slicer
will have a broken heart when lie gets
old enough to .vote
MEXICO has a uglit, of wursu, to
subsidize a lirjo of steamers for the im*
portation of coolies from China. Labor
does not seem to have much to do with
politics in Mexico, and foreigners have
no business to interfere. But barbed
wire is rat her costly, aud the Mexican
Government may as well take notice
before it commits itsolf any further
that it will be oxpecte5 to keei up a
good and sufficient rabbit-proof fence
thirty feet high along the 1,500 miles
of the American boundary.
A MISSOURI farmer with a turn for
statistics has furnished a communica
tion to his county paper on the subject
of official salaries, in which ho states
that an official who receives $4,000 per
year salary absorbs tho price of 2G,G6fi
bushels of com at 15 cents per bushel,
or of 0,600 bushels of wheat at GO oeuts
per bushel, or 33,333 bushels of oats
at 12 cents, or the price of fifty good
farm horses. He also estimates that
a farm hand at $13 per month would
havo to work tho year round for a
quarter of a century to earn tho same
amount, aud adds that in 18G6-'67-'(S8
about 5,000 to 8,000 bushels of corn
would havo footed the bill, or 3,000
bushels of wheat.
IN Germany a railway flagman at the
crossing at a small station thought he
had the grip when all the other employes
of tho road were getting leave of ab
sence from the- same cause, and applied
to the company's doctor to bo exam
ined. The doctor could not spare tlio
time to fjlop at such a small place, so
ho telegraphed the flagman to bo
standing beside the track when tho
train went past, with his tongue out,
and ho would examine liim on tho fly.
Tho flagman dutifully stood with his
tongue out all the time tho train was
slowly passing his station, aud tho
next day the company received from
passengers a dozen complaints of tho
impertinent conduct of one of its em
ployes at the station.
THE names of groat men live after
them. Any ono who mounts tho stair
case of a certain Dearborn street office
building map see near the foot of tho
stairs a rusty little tin sign tacked to
the wall, says tho Chicago Herald.
This littlo sign measures about 12x3
inches, and all it bears is "M. W. Ful
ler" in letters which were once gilt, but
wliich are now nearly effaced by time.
Near the top of the stairs is its dupli
to, and on the door of a lawyer's
office near the end of an .upper hall
appears the same name. It is the
name of. tho man who is now the Chief
Justice of tho United States. His
office used to be in this building, and
no ono has over disturbed his signs.
The sign of an ordinary man who had
moved or absconded or died would
havo been quickly effaced, but the
Chief Justice's old neighbors are evi
dently proud of his name, and .will
allow it to stand until time wipes it
===, ..
The Compass.
The compass needle points to the
north because practically the earth is a
magnet, not difforing essentially in its
magnetic properties from a bar of mag
netized steel. It has two poles of
greatest intensity, and, like most largo
steel magnots, there are several sup
plemental poles of lesser intensity.
Just as the pole of ono.bar magnet at
tracts the end of: another, so the mag
netic poles of the earth behave toward
poles of the compass needle, unlike
poles attracting and like poles repelling
each other.
It is well to modify the sta'ement
that the needle points north and south.
As a matter of fact, there are but few
localities on the earth where it does
point due north and south, and these
are constantly changing. __ An irregular
line diawn from the mouth of the
Orinoco Iliver, through the' east coast
of Hay Li, Charleston', S. C., and De
troit, Mich., represents very nearly the
line in which there is no variation at
the present timo. In all the place's
cast of this line the north end 5f the"
needle swings slightly to tho west
ward in all places west of it, to the
eastward. At the north of tho Colum
bia River the variation of the compass
is about twenty-two degrees, east. in
Alaska it is from forty to sixty degrees
east midway between New York and
Liverpool.it is about thirty-five degrees
Tho reason is that tho compass
needle points, not to tho geographical
but to tho magnetic poles, and these
do not coincide in position. The mag
netic north pole is at present! on or'
near the south western :sbore of Boothia
Peninsula,in the northern part of North
Its position is constantly changing,
and in the last live hundred years it
lias moved about half the distance
round tho geographical polo. During
the three hundred years in which ob
servations have been carefully made
at tho Magnetic Observatory in Paris,
the variations have changed from eleven
degreos tweuty minutes east of north to
twenty-two degrees ten minutes west.
In the United Slates tho rate of the
change in variation differs much in dif
ferent parts of the country. In Wash
ington State it changes at the rate of
about seven minutes a year in Arizona
aud Now Mexico it is stationary in the
New England States it i§ frgm r»r»A fr*
three minutes ppr year,
%Jjike His: (jlynnUfathefj
Many persons who never 'heard the
w-ord heredity havo a very just and
vivid idea of the truth which that word
was intended to convey. They know
-perfectly wjill'that physical and intel
lectual traits are handed down from
father to son, and from son to. grand
Congressman Allen of Mississippi
was lately telling stories .at a, Washing
ton hotel, according to a repqrter for
the Now York Star.
"I had just returned from making a
political speech," he Baid, "when I was
niet at the door by old 'Aunty' Allison,
tiii_ aged 'negro woman "who nursed me
in childhood. With her big black, good
natured face all wreathed in smiles,
she said, 'Bless ma 60ul, Mass'r John,
but how yo don' remiti* me o' jo' deah
ole gfrau'far! Yo'wnlk like him, talk
like him, act like'hira, an' am jus'like
him in politiks too.'
'Why, aunty, I never know that my
grandfather had been active in poli
tics,' said I.
'Oli. 'deed an''deed lie waji, Mass'r
John. Ho .wall jest like.yo'eclfiu fiat
a a
'In what way, aunty ...
all de .time
'What office did grandfather hold',
.'Jes' t})9 Bfimf as yo'—oandidate.'"
Tito Kojmbllcan Senators Likely to Win at
Schemes for Robber
Which Falloil—News of All Sorts Frbm
Many Places.
The Montana Senatorial Contest.
The senate committeo on privileges and
elections, after a long session Saturday,
deoided tb recommend to the senate that
Powers and Sounders, the republican sena
tors from Montana, be seated. The ground
upon which the majority of the oommittee
lakes its stand as a ba^is for its recom
mendation is that the Republican house of
Montana was the legal house, as its mem*
bera hold certificates of election from the
election officers and was recognized as the
legal house by the sonate. The report of
the committee ttill not be made for several
days, as it will be a long' document, dis
cussing both the law and the facts in tho
Senator Gray, it is expected, 'will prepare
a report of the minority. The presenta
tion of the reportBwill be the signal for an
extended debate, and it tnny be several
Weeks beforo the senate Will reaoh a vote
on tho subject.
Senator Tnrpie is of the opinion that no
election has been accomplished, and that
the-case should be remitted to the state of
Montana for action. He may make an in
dependent report to that effect.
Schemes of Express Kobber# That (Failed*
George W. Gregory and John K. Ewing
were arrested Saturday aft'.rnoon for rob
bing the Wells Fargo box on an an Oak
land boat a couple of months ngo. Thoy
confessed to a plan for an extensive sys
tem of robberies. Gregory was formerly a
messenger for tho Wells Fargo company,
but resiguod In Deoembor after securing
the key with which to unlock the treasuro
boxDB aud another for express oars. He
took Ewing into partnership, and on Jan.
5 robbod the box on the ferry boat between
San Francisco and Oakland. Gregory had
also learned, the combiuatiotis of the safos
in many country offices, and they next
tried to rob several of those. Unfortu
nately for their schemes, the combinations
were changed after Gregory resigned.
They then planned to hold up the express
messenger on tho overland train, but
while they hesitated throagh lack of cour
age were nabbed by detectives.
Purchasing I*adl)cltailroml Binklng ITIIIU!
Acting under an opiuion by the attorney
general that the secretary of the treasury
has discretionary power in the matter, .Sec
retary Windom has commenced tho -pur
chase of Pacific railroad sinking fund
bonds, and the investmont of tho proceeds
in first mortgago bonds of tho: subsidized:
roads. Purchase for the present will bo
confined to government 4 per cents, of
which thero is now available about $4,5(10,
000. Tho amount of those already pur
chased is $700,000 aud tho proceeds aro
well invested in mortgage bonds of the
Union Pacific and Cential-Pacific roads.
I'o'rlsliett in Flam# and Smoke.
Mrs. Oollerette, the wife of a wealthy
farmer, and her" seven ohildron,' were
burned to death in their home, a large
stone house, near Goto St. Michael, live
miles from Montreal. The bnilding took
tire .and befoie assistance conld be given it
was burned to the ground.' Collerelte
tried to rescue his family, but was over
come and fainted. He was terribly tturuod
and may dio. The fire is supposed to have
been caused by the explosion of. a can of
kerosene oil.
Apacho Murderers Captured.
The five renegade. Apaches, who mur
dered George Herberts a freighter, a week
ngo, were overtaken' Saturday on Salt
river, thirty miles north of Globe, by a
detachment ot tropps.under command of
Lieut. Watson, Tenth cavalry, and Lieut.
Clarke. TBo troops had sharp fight
with the Indians, resultingia the killing of
two of the renogados and the capturo of
the othsr three, one of whom was wonnded.
The troops had traveled over 300 miles of
the roughest country in the territory, and
in the skirmish witb .lhe Indians escaped
without a scratch.. The men were buried
whore they fell and the prisoners were
taken to Globe, Ariz. They will be turned
over to the authorities of Graham county
for trial.
Wyoming Cattlo LOSHCH Are Slight.
Reports from Carbon county nnd vi
cinity, where the storm was so severe last
week, are to the effect that cattlo have
weathered it with small loss, tho snow
havincr been, deepest near the towns. The
loss l/j sheep in many localities is not
over 6 per cent., which is below the aver
age, aud throughout that portion of Wyo
ming it will not aveiiige over 10 por nonK
This is far telow 'anticipations.
IjBko Shore Victim*.
The patients in Fitch hospital who wore
injured in the Lake Shore wreck are all
doing nicely. Mr. Baucus is suffering in
tensely from the nervous Bhock, but will
recover. Coroner Tucker and tho jury
visited the scene of the wreck Friday after
noon and an inquest will bo held Tuosday
afternoon.' As additional facts are learned
it becomes clearer that the responsibility
for the jiiccidont l-osts with Conductor
Com! not or Houghtaling has made a
statement that he puiled the ball rope to
stop the engine, but he thought at tbe
time tho rear section had Btopfod. When
he sawit hnid not U&'jumped to the "ground'
anl signaled the. engineer to go aheaJ.
Tbe engineer tried to do so, but could not,
as the brakes on one end of ti.o cars were
Crdiiln- lllll,''of Kxcopllonn.
Attorney. Forrest ^appeared fefora. Ju Ige
McCohneU'Snl'uiday morning aud.-'argued
a motion for a rule on States Attorney
Longenocker compelling him to look over
tho bill of exceptions in the Croniri case
and approve it before Wednesday. Mr.
Longenecker said lie had not yot had time
to look over tho bill of exceptions. Tbe
court said he had ,no authority to issuo
such a rule, bnt if the states attorney did
not comply with Mr. Forrest's, request be
would look over and certify to tho record
Valuo the American Market.
The Frenoh expert chambor has passed
a resolution thanking' Spuller, miuister of
foreign affairs,-for the attitude of tho'gov
ermont in respect to tho bill introduced in
the American congress, the provisions of
which, tbe resolution says, will tond to ex
clude importation into tbe United States
of'foreign dry goods.
Burncd tho Dishes
Fire dhstroyed the warehouse and (ini
tents belonging to tbo B.'C. CI •nk Crvuh
cry Company, of Kansas City. Loss,
$100,000 fully insured.
Entombed in the llowuls of the *Eurtli.
A terrific explosion oocutred in Morba
colliery in Glamorganshire, Wdlpv which
it is feared will be attended by much loss
of life. One hundred miuera lire entombed
and communication with them is impossi
ble'for the present. It js fearo.l all of
them have perished. 1
.V Crlolft itl Koine.
A ministerial crisis is imminent because
of a disBgreemeut which has arisen be
tween Sifenor Brahchier, president' of tho
chamber of deputies, anil Signor Orisnia,
tho prime minister.
Clilcajio Swltchinfln Strike.
The switchman employed in the yards of
the .Chicago 4 Nottbwe«tern railroad at
ObiWgf\ betwten 200 Bntt '40U in number.
Tani sut o- 4 ttriUe, iitid as result th-3
yitis- are bl-.rie.l er-.d ail- trains delayed.
The men cliim that Yur.-itnaster N- L.
Brooks ip unbearably ovc-j-liearing in bis
-actions toward them. They made A de'
mand for his removal and as. the demand
was not complied with they quit work. A
squad of forty police has be
tin sent to the
scene of the trouble to prevent ail out
Ghastly Tragedy In Moscow—Gory Gift to
a Russian Prince.
A ghastly tragedy has come to light in
Moscow.. A parcel was left at the residence
of Princo Dolgoroukoff which, upon exam
ination, was found to contain the head of
a woman.' With the parcel was left a note,
bearing no signature, saying: "This is our
first exploit. We will soon outdo 'Jack
the Hipper.' The remainder of the body
was found to be out in pieces and packed
in two sacks. The corpse is believed to be
that of a nihilist traitress. A large num
ber of arrests have been rnadl, many per
sous suspected of nihilism being instantly
taken into cuBtodv wherever found.
Resignation of Hungary's l*rlme Minister.
The dissensions between Hcrr von
Tisza, the prime minister, and the other
members of the Hungarian oabiuot in re
gard to the naturalization of Louis Kos
suth has finally resulted in the withdrawal
from the'ministry of Herr von Tisza, the
emperor having accepted his resignation.
Count von Szaparry, at present miuister
of agriculture, will succecd him. Har
mony prevails among the other members
of the oabiaet and thoy will retain their
portfolios. Herr von lisza will continue
to bo the leader of tho liberals.
Crofters Froparlng for Trouble.
Dispatches from Stornoway, on the
Island of Lewes, state that the croftors
are in a desperate oouditiou. They have
resolved to repossess the Park Deer forest,
of which they were dispossessed, and to
portion out tho land in crofts, which they
moan to cultivato without delay. They aro
organized aud providod with tents and
baggage for a long campaign. Serious
trouble is autioipatod.
UiiionlutH to Support GiaUtftono.
The London Chronicle loams that Lord
llandolph, Churchill, Mr. Jennings, Mr.
Hnnbury, member for ProBton, and several
other conservatives, will alBtain from
voting on Mr. Gladstone's amendment to
the government's motion to adopt tho Par.
noli commission's roport. Mr. Caine, the
prominent unionist, the paper sa.vs, will
support Mr. Gladstones amondment.
General Foreign News.
IT is reported that tho pope is again in
been eleoted grand master of tho Free Ma
sons in Prussia.
FoKTi writs of ejectment against ten
ants on the PonBonby ostato have been
granted at Youshal, Ireland.
SEVERE earthquake shocks have oc
curred in the government of Kutais, Asiatic
Itussia. Three villages wero destroyed.
THE French government will ask the
chamber of deputies for a special credit for
the purpose Of carrying on tho operations
against Dahomey.
THE Germnu government will form fifty
more battorios of artillery in order to oom
pleto the two new army corps, the com
pletion of which was sanctioned by tho last
THE London Board of Trade returns
for tbe mouth of February show a decrease
in imports ot £1,320,000, and an in
crease in exports of JES,410,000, as com
pared with the corresponding mouth last
MWANGA, tho Africau king of Uganda,
after being deposed aud banished, has -re
tailed to his country aud embraced Chris
tianity. Dangerous jealousy exists be
tweeu Catholics nnd ProtestantB iu|that
SERIOUS difficulty exists between tho
Portuguese officials at Mozambique and
a body of 400 imported Goa soldiers. The
soldiers. Who are British subjects, refuse
to drill or to perform any military service
for tbo Portuguese.
IN the case of Abingdon, alios the Baird,
the noted patron of tbe prize ring and turf,
who siiol the Pelican club for illegal ex
pulsion, a London judge has decided that
the action of tho olub committee was irreg
ular, but refused to give the plaintiff dam
ages. Abingdon took an appeal.
Itevolt of a Ship's Crew llceuuse Thoy
Wero Served with 1'oor Food.
A story of mutiny has been told by
Capt. Win. Pratloy, of tho ship Biela,
which. arrived in New York from Rio
Jaueiro. The disturbance occurred on the
Beina, an English rice ship from Calcutta,
which put into Bio commanded by the
second mato and with nine sailors before
tho mast. The captnin, first mate and
threo seamen woro in irons.
"The mutiny on tbe Beina was an ex
citing affair," said Capt. Piatloy. "Sev
eral days out from Calcutta some bod pork
was given to the sailors, aud during the
night nine of them mutinied. When they
complained of the poor food tbe captain
trouted them harshly and Baid lie would
starve them into submission. The men
who rebelled armed them with pistols and
old 6Words, and, headed by the bocoud
mate, commanded the captain to give tbem
tbo key to tho store-room. This
tbo captain refused to do, and
ho summoned to his aid the
first mate nnd fivO seamen. They,
too, armed themselves, but thoy could only
find two pistols and a musket. The fight
was evidently of short duration, for two of
the sailors who stood by the captain wore
shot down. Tho captain, hist mato and
three of his sailors wero placed in irons by
tho mutineers, who by tho aid of tho second
mate brought tho ship to ltio, Tho Brit
ish consul was informed of the"fnctr, and
a naval court convened which sont tho um
tiiieors to jfiil for an indefinite term. Thoy
will probably be shipped to England at
some future day." r-
A Fatal Calling.
Postoffice distributors McDeavill, Wicd
mann and Kolson died at Chicago from the
effecss of la grippe, having contracted the
disease, it is said, in tho handling of BUB
Ei,in. mail.
.Lincoln Will Not Keslgn.
Mr. Lincoln, tho American minister, has
authorized the denial of the roport that ho
intoudB to resigu bia position iu conse
quence of the death of his son.
$200,000 forger of deedB and mortgages
captured in New Orleans, has been re*
turned to Pontiac, 111., for trial.
THE jury in the case of Capt. Cate
AbrnmH, charged with tho murder of Hon.
J. M. Bowell at Uniontown, Pa., brought
in a verdict of not guilty.
GEOHOE HAKDISG, ex-captain of police,
shot Michael Began, a local politician, at
Hamilton, O. Tbe shooting was provoked
by Reagan, who is thought to be mortally
Al.1. of the twenty.ouo students of Kal
nmazoo, Mich., college who kidnapped
Prof. Ferry and Trowbridge, have been
suspended.for a year, leaving the college
without a seniot class.
JOHN-N. HODGSON, of Cincinnati, mar
ried MiBs Addie Bishop, to whom ho had
been engaged seven years, and immedi
ately nftor the. marriage committed Buiclde.
No cause assigned.
THE Amorii'iin Wire, Bod and Nail mills
of Anderson, Ind., have been burned. The
institution was tbo lavs^'st of the kiud in
the United States, nud the Io*s, will reach
$100,000, partly insured.
... AT Lebanon, p., ei-Treasurer Coleman,
who had-, been convicted of embezzling
$12,500, sentenced tu pay double the
ttmounfenbJKled, 'the costs of the prcse
cution and to'bs im-sriKaacid in the parji
tentiary two sud one-halt years.
Funeral or the I.ute Geurgo II. Pomlloton—
Other News of All Sorts from Varlo is
Points of tlie Compass.
A big financial institution which has no
counterpart in the country is soon to be
organized in New York. It will have for
its principal the'capitalization of indus
trial enterprises in such shape that they
will bo available for general investment.
Iu fact, it is the intention to reproduco
one of the great industrial corporations
which have within teu or fifteen years
opened nn enormous field for investment
in England. The new institution will
have a capital of $5,000,000, and it
will be a joint English and Ameri
can company, with headquarters in
New York and London. The plan of or
ganization, entirely unlike that of any
American corporation, is well worth study-'
ing. The capital of tbo company will bo
made up of 99,825 ordinary shares^ of $500
cach, and 175 so-called founders' shares,
each of $500. Tho founders' shares are to
be divided among twouty-five subscribers,
each of whom must pay in addition to $50C
por share $5 cash per share, to be used
in mcotitiglhe expense of organization. The
founders' sharos aro to be retained in the
treasury of the company, and the earnings
on tboso Bhares are to bo constitute
the entire compensation of the direc
tors of tho corporation. J3nch of the
fouuders will be requested* in addition to
subscribe or guarantee a subscription of
200 ordinary sbareB, thus securing $1,250,
000 of capital stock before the books are
opt-ned for publio subscription. These ar
rangements apply to ouo-half tho total
capital stock, which will be placed in this
country and tho remaining half will be
disposed of in prccisoly the samo manner
iu England. The relations of the foun
ders' shares to the ordinary shares will be
that they shall bs entitled to one-half tho
profits of the company after a dividend of
7 per cent, has been paid on ordinary
shares. Tbo company will carry on all
sorts of enterprises.
An Appeal for Moral Support Tor tho
Colonization Sohoino.
Tho Oklahoma Immigration association,
which has its headquarters in Topeka,
Kit's., aud which has already induced sev
eial thousand negroes to settlo in the now
conntr$\ has issued the following addiess
regarding the reported disturbances be
tween wliit03 and blacks in Oklahoma:
"Realizing the. gravity of tho problem
\yhich to-day confronts the American peo
ple and fully conscious of the strained and
distorted condition of affairs between tho
races by reason of inherent radical differ
ences, and lieving further that all good
men desire a bloodless and speody solu
tion of that problem, we issue this address
to the American people.
Wo believe that our cause is jnst, hence
we are doubly armed. We believe that
your Bober second sense and your maturer
judgment will persuade your belief, if it is
not already so formed, that our solution is
the only just and practicable one. Okla
homa territory offers us the only oppor
tuuity to work out our destiny. It is pe
culiarly adopted by reasou of location and
ciimuto'. With, 20,000 colored people
already there, and this number daily aug
mented by new arrivals, we are warranted
in believing that we are justified in this
appeal. The dispatches sent out by irre
sponsible parties are calculated to do us as
a raco great harm, and in view of all such
disparaging reports we are compelled at
this time,'iu self dofense, to beg .of you
that moral ictluenco which all good
A Ifemnlo Mining Comimny Organized In
The Littlo Nuggot Mining company lias
filed articles with the county recorder at
Webb City, Mo. Tho capital Btock is
$25,000, one-hnlf of which is paid up.
Tho incorporators are ladies. They are
Mrs. M. C. Proudfoot, Mrs. Julia Grant
aud Mrs. Lola Herron, of Joplin, and Mrs.
Alice Pool, of St. Louis. The company
owns'tbe Littlo Nugget mine, on the Star
ling Mining company's laud,'aud it is a fine
producer. These ladies have made a vent
ure that will mako them wealth. Mrs.
Proudfoot, who has been for a year past
superintendent of tho Sterling Mining
company, of Joplin, and who is also one of
the principal stockholders iu the Little
Nnjiget, infoimod your correspondent-Unit
they woro going to operate four shafts,
and Hint the ore on their land is found at
a depth of from 80 to 90 feet. She states
Ibat they are going to list on tho Kansas
City, board, and will commence at once.
Sbo Bayn that there is no qiiestiou but
what they will have success, as all lands
being operated adjoining aro good pro
ducing lands. Th-y will put in now ma
chinery and everything necessary to de
velop the ground. She thinks they will bo
able to declare dividends aftor the first
month's work. The officers are Mrs. Her
ron, president Mrs. Grant, vice-presi
dent, and Mrs, M. C. Proudfoot, secretary
and treasurer.
AT a special, meeting of the board of
directors ot the Nicaragua Canal Constiuc
tion company in New.York. Hou. Warner
Miller was elected president.
Sleps Down nnd Out-
A special to tho Kansas City Journal
from Jefferson City says: State Troasnror
Nolatid haude-1 a written resignation to
Gov. Francis, but the governor has not
decjd-d wbethei to will accept it. Noland's
bondsmen say his deficit is $32,718.
Killed Hctwcen Two Care.
L. Payne, a car repairer in the omploy of
ilio St Louis, Keokuk it Nortbwostcm
railway, was killed by being i^n^hl +e
tweeu two ears. He leaves a wife .and two
childreo, who live at Hamilton, opposito
Tho Frenoh In Africa.
Advices from the west coast of Africa
bt.ite that Ihe position of tbe French iu
Dabomev is ciitical.. Tbo French agent
demands that 4,000 men be sont to defeud
the French pott aud declares that if the
expedition to 'Aghotce, the capital of Da
hoiuey, is undertaken a further foreo of
*1,000 men wiil be necessary. lie considors
that the attempt to conquer Dahomey
would prove futilo and hold.-i that it would
be preferable to secure French in'e ou the
It is reported at Paris that the trouble
between Franco and Dahomey is settled.
if~r 'At\:v*
Aali-op with a Corpse.' i-J--'
A bartender at the Bond of Trade sa
loon. Butte, Mont., awoke" and was Half
paralyzed lo'fiud liihjsc'f t-leeping with p.
corpse: lie had lethvd in rcom til, Iron
block, with Bessie Welsh, an attractive
voung gul of 1?, vtho c.ims from Denver a
fe-v weeks ago, aud his en employed as
a wniurin a bser b.ill. XJagiunis 6lept
scuodly through' ihe night, av.d when he
woke nn tto si'ins of" tbe/ corpse wt'js
araiir.' his asck. TUe iu1." i!s& oi heiit
disease, ard had 1 ''ti-ad several houva
when the fast wjs d-fco^v
Numbers of Them Saift to: Be tn Alttericii
Masking SB lecturers
Tho recect putragbs Committed by the
Ku8s5Sh~6mcinif in Siberia npon helpless
male and female prisoners have led.to in
quiry on the jjart of various correspond
ents and others into some of the methods
employed by the Russian government to
tbe end of suppressing facts and creating
favorable impressions, with the result of
ascertaining that a.vast number of persons
of the higher clnssc-B aro engaged in the
work of representing the Russian empire
as a veritable paradise and the war as nn
angel of meroy. The articles written by
George Ivennan, and published in tbo Cen
tury, depicting.the horrors of the Russian
prison Byslem, obtained a wide circulation
in Russia, until the censors Kucceedod in
preventing copies of the magizino contain
ing the articles from passing through
the postofflces but tho seed had been sown
and the government found it necessary to
take steps to destroy tbe crop, aud at the
time rende"- tho effects of tho articles
in America as nearly as possible nugatory.
With this objoct in view the government
lately sent to the United States fifty spios,
or agents, thirty-five women and fifteen
men, charged with the duty of endeavoring
to modify tho impression made by tho
articles on the American people, and also
secure the passago of au extr.itition
treaty looking to the"return to Russia of
fugitive political offenders. Tboso emis
saries are under assumed names, nud are
kuowu only to tho secret police at St.'
Petersburg. Thoy are well supplied with
money and aro instructed to hold no opon
communication with one another.
Tho ostensible objoct of their visit to
America is to lecture on Russian Riibj:cU,
which discourses will bo supplemented by
the publication of articles iu the vari
ous newspapers laudatory of tho czar aud
his government. Ten of tho fifty arc directed
to go to Washington to ingratiate them
selves with members of both houses of
coug'css, and to ultimately gain an en
trance into tho best Amorieau society.
Already throe of these emissarioi havo ar
rived in America—two ladies of high birlh
and a gentlomau ot equally high social
position, an officer in the Rnssiau army.
One of tho ladies is delivering lectures
end giving readings On Russia in the west
ern 8tatos, and the other is similarly* on
gaged in the sotithern states, whilo the
gentleman is sojourning in Washington
cultivating desirable acquaintance^ wilt
ing occasional neWHpoper artfclo^pertinent
to his mission and takiug a general survey
of the field pending tho arrival cf his col
Tlio Olilo Staturiman'K -Uemains Consigned
to tlio Gvavo.
The funeral services over the remains of
tho lato lion. Georgo H, Pendleton woro
held in Chiist church, Cincinnati, and
wore conducted by Rev. Dr. Gibson and
Rov. Dr. Forrost. They were attended by
tho family nnd friends only. Meantime
a most imposing cortege formed to cscort
the remains to Music hall. It was .headed
by a detachment of police then camo tbe
First rogiment, Ohio National guard, Gov.
Campbell and staff then the hearse, sur
rounded iu a hollow square by members of
tho old Woodward club. After tho hearss
camo curriagos containing tho family aud
friends, aud following them cama J'ayor
Mosby Gov, Buckuor, of. Kentucky ex
President Hayes and ex-Gov.' Foraker,
ex-Gov. Cox, ox-Gov. Nuyes, c-x-Uov.
Bishop, ox-Mini6ter Taft aud ox-Lieut.-"
Gov. Lyon. After theso camo carriages con
taining the municipal officors of Covington
and Newport and foreign consuls, aud then
followed in procession a long lino of civic
associations with which deceased had some
connection. In the procession wero all
political clubs of both parties.
On arrival at Music hall the casket was
borne to a catafalque in front of tbe stage
whilo tho audience remained standing.
The hall was beautifully draped with na
tional emblems and palms.
Conspicuous among the flowers was a
wreath in tho German colors, placed thero
by U. Pollier, German consul at Cincin
nati, as a token of tho love of the German
people for Pendleton.
After the services were ended tho casket
was placed iu the hearso, aud followed by
tife family aud frionds was borno to the
Springrove Cemetery whero the final inter
ment was mado. Fully 6,000 persons were
at MuBic hall.
AccldelitK by Fire, Flood, Klc. ,'
A special from lOvausville,-Ind., to''the
Indianapolis Scnlinel says: An explosion
occurred in tho shaving or dust room of
tho Armstrong furniture factory aud re
sulted iu a fire which completed the wreck.
Threo boys, Frod Sahs, Willio Choathem
and George Crawford, wore iu the room
eating dinner and wero burned to death.
Charles Shelby, engineer, had both legs
broken and was badly cruBliod.
Four young ohildron of Moses'Ffcldman,
a Russiuu Jew peddler of Boston, wore left
alone in the house and started a fire play
ing with matohos. Three of them were
unconscious from smoko before the firo
men could get at thorn and will not re
cover. Tho .other ono escaped into tbo
Two laborers at Noviu's E.iglo rock
qnarry, at Orange, N. J., woro killed by a
premature blast.
While two sous of William Maples and
tbo sou of William Baker wore trying to
cross tho river sixtoon miles above Kuox
villi?, Tenn., the boat capsized and all
were drowned.
Two colored men were killed and one
fatnlly injured by tho enving in of a sand
bunk on tho Norfolk and Western road
near Petersburg, Vo.
A Seyt'ro Qmtko.
bc\ eral earthquake shocks have occurred
at Kutais, Asiatio Russia. 'I'liree villages
were destroyed.
TOLD IN A MIKUTI-:.,.,1 .*}
IHE Wost Jersey presby:ery, after sev
eral meetings at which tlio question was
discussed, finally decided in favor of revis
ing tho confessiou cf faith by a vote of 32
to 1G.
AT Petersburg, Vn., ThornoB Bi6hop, a
Mexican war veteran and pensioner, about
8!l years old, was arrested oh suspicion of
having murdered his wife, who was found
ilo.ul in bod..
THE strike at tho rubber works at
•Stcfiigktoii, Mass., has been compromised.
The strike of mill operatives at Nashua, N.
H., has been amicably settled.
THE Ohio seuato has PASSED the Ryan
bill amending tho Owen Sunday olosing
law so as to give councils of cities Sod
vjllnees the light to decide whether saloons
•fchull be ke open on that day.
DAN'IF.ITDAIIY, N policeman who wag
was struck in the head bv a piece of shell
at the Haimarket anarchist riot in Chi
cago, has become insane frrm tie effects
of the wound and been sent' to a miv&ta
THE Ballimore annual caof»ionce. of tho
Methodist Epfceopn! .-huwh met in -Cum.
bsrland, Md., in l"!th ennmi session,
gisfcop Men ill, of VUiaio,
Bill* ami Rosolutlonn introduced ami Top*
loa Discusiiod by tUo National uouy o»
Law Makers.
Ill the house on the 5tli tif tor a wanr dobftto
theFoathor-tono-Cato olootion caso from Ar
kaDBaa Teas disposed of by tbo seating of Fontb*
eratono. republican, by ?uto of Hr to 5.
Tbo oath of oflico was adiniiiistefed to aud
tbo liouee adjourned.
In tlio sonato tho bill increasing the
nonaion of tho ^vidow of Gen. VVarrtra was
tafcenup and ooa question of passago tho vote
wua—yeaB, 19 naja, 0—no quorum. By tlio
time a quorum was soourod tlio hour for taking
up the lUair educftt onal bill bad arrived. It
was diBCaaacd until tbo sonato Tveut into ex
ecutive Besnion. Adjourned,
Tn tbo senate on tha 6th tho bill to increase
tbo ofllcioncy and reduce tbe expenses of the
signal corps of tho army and for tho transfer of
the weather buroau to the deportment of agri*
culture waB reported and plaoed on tho c«ion
dar. Among the bills Introduced and referred
wero the following: For a monument to
John Ericasou for the puniehmont of offi
cers and bthcrfl selecting jurors with reforenoo
to politioal affiliation to ameud'thorevinod
statutes so as to permit tho purchase and rog
iBtryof foroign-built vessolB by cittaons of the
United Btatos for employment lu foreign trade
Among tho bills taken from the calendar and
passed was tho following: Giving- a pension of
675 per month to the daughter of Maj.-(ion. W,
passed was tho following: Giving- a pension of
675 per month to the daughter of Maj.-(ion. W.
Fitch nnd lnoreaslng to §100 a month tho pen
sion of the widow of Maj.-Gou. Warren. Tho
senate w.ent into oxocutivo session aud then
The speaker laid boforo tho house a measago
from tho presidont, transmitting tho roport of
tlio Chippowa Indian commission. Uefonvd.
A potit'on of tho Women's Industrial league
was presented, asking that two women bo ap
pointed on tho world's fair committee of 1892.
lioforred. Mr. Lawler, of Illinois, presented v.
petition signed by 000 railway poBtal clerks,
praying for an iooivaso erf salaries. Tho house
went into committeo of tho NNIIOIO and pro
ceeded to tho consideration of public building
bills. The following bills wero laid aside with
favorable rocommondation: For a public
builditg at Galesburg, 111, to cost $75,0C0:
for a public building fct Ashland, Wis., to cost
£75,000. Tho bill called up appropriating $200,•
000 for a publio building at San Jose, Cal., was
the objoot of a vigorous attack from Mr. Cau
tion, of. Illinois. After a sharp debate th) bill
was favorably rocommonded, and it, with tho
other bilis mentioned, was passed aftor tho
committoo rose. Tho Washington postofllco
bill also passod. Adjourned
In tho sot ato on tho 7th the following public
building bills passed For Sterling, Ui., $50,
000 Helena, Mont., §400,000. Tho bill appro
priating $500,00C for Salt Lake City, Utah, came
up, aud Senator l'lumb mov^d to roducoit to
S10 »,0C0. Whilo tho discussion was going ou,
tho hour of 'i o'clock having arrived, tho bill
went over without action, and the illair ed
ucational bill camo up unfinished btisinoae.
Senator Halo oppo:oi the bill. Senator ll»lr
addrossed the senutj. Ho insisted that the
republican party had pledged in its platform
tbo passage of the bill end ho predicted that
if that party failed to mako good its pledge that
fact would put an oud t) the party. no waa
not xnlBtakou as to tho sourco from whioh most
of the misrepresentation at tho north concern
ing tho bill had ooino. Tho jesuitioul power of
tho country had docided that iho way to got
control of tho sohcols wns to first got control of
the press. The press had received its
full share
of attontion nnd had manifested its full Bhar
of subs-rvienoy. Tho ow York papers were
monopolies of the worst ktnd and tno country
papers had been parvorted and poi oned by
them. Aftor executive session thesona ad
journed until Monday.
In the houso naugen, of Wisconsin, from tho
committee on *clections, reported a roso:utiou
in tho Alabama contested election case of
Throat vs. Clark. The resolution, which was
unanimously adopted, declares Clark eutitlo^ to'
his seat. Tho speaker laid beforo tho house
tho sonate bill referring to the court'of claims
tho claim of Woodbridgo for his invention *of
projoctitos for rifled cannon. It was defeated
after some dobato. Tho houeo went into com
mitteo of the whole on the private calendar.
Without transacting any business of import
ance tho committoo rose and tho house took a
rocess. At tho evening session tho house
passed fivo privat) pension tills and adjourned.
Senate not in session on tho 8th.
In the houso on tho bth numerous bills for
public buildings woro introduced, nono of whioh
were passed and in tho majority of instances
were all reduced from tho original amount
namod. Tho commissioner of the genoral land
otllce has ordered the chiefs of divisions to im
mediately re-examine all Busponded entrios,
relieving thorn-from susponsion if posBiblo.
Mr. Doiliver, for Mr. Strublo, presented a pe
tition of citizons of Munsficld praying for tho
passago of the depondent pulsion bill. Mr.
bollivor prosentod petitions of Taylor post Gh
A. JV, cf Laurens, Jo. Howland post. I.olir
villo (vilpatrick post, West Sido. and tho po*t
at Gliddon, praying an Increase of* pension leg
islation also petition of W. C. Crooks post,
Roone, and Homo post, favoring tho service
pension bill. Adjourned.
In tho sonato on the 10f among tho bills re*
ported from committees and placed on the cal
endar was one for tho construction of postofflco
buildings in towns aud oitios whero the post
office roccipts havo for tho lost throo years boon
$3,000, Th« committeo, on privileges and
oleotions reported anorder^or striking
from tho
Cpngrc88inuil Itccord Iho words inserted. by
Senator Call in tho roport of his remarks in
tho disouspion with Fenatct Chandler Fob,
iJO and for tho substitution of tho original ro
port mado by tho ollicial reporter. Keuator
btanford offered a preamble and rosolution in
structing tho oommittoo on iinanco to inquire
what reliof for existing agricultural depression
may be fnrnishnd by tho United States, and
particularly whether loans may not be made by
tho government on mortgages on real estate,
independent of improvements. Honator
riumb offorod a resolut on, whioh was
agr.ed to, calling on tho secretary of
the interior as to tho caue?s. ot with
holding tho patents of lands within tho limits
of the l*nion Pacific landgrants.
bill ap-
1 ropriating 55CO.OOJ for a jniblio building at
aalt Lake City, Utah, "nassod. On motion of
Senator Bhorinan the bill roiortod by from
the committee on foreign relations, providing
for tho inspection of meats for exportation,
prohibiting tho importation of adulterated
articles ot food, drink, and authorizing tho
president to mako a proclamation in certain
oasos and for other purposes, was takon from
tho calendar. Af er oxocutivo session tho
senato adjourned.
In tho houso on tlio 10th a resolution was
concurred in i^oWding that tho senato com*
mittee on immigration and tho house com
mittee on immigration and naturalization whall
jointly investigate tho working of tho varioua
lav^p of the United States and of tbo several
states.relative to immigration. Tho reF'olution
was' amended BO as to direct a joint com*
ruittoo to inTostigato tho oflect on
Amcricun workingmen which is likely to
follow tho-pmchato of .Amorican industries
by foreign capitalists, and also report to con
gross tho ollicial- corrospimdenco on tho pro
posal to mnko Bedloc'e island, in Now York bar.
bor, au immigrant depot, and whotlior, in the
opinion of tho committoo, such island is the
best and most suitable plaeo
*fdr such a depot.
A resolution was adopted calling on the sdcro.
tary of war for information relating to tho do
feotivo work on tho Washington acqueduct
tunny] and whothev the ntrnctor is
liable therefor. Tho senato bill was
passed with verbal amendments,
to prevent the introduction of
contagious disoasos from ono stato to another,
Hills wero introduced authorizing the construc
tion of .bridges at tho following points: Across
tho Missouri river at Pierre, 8. D., and across
tho Mississippi river at LyonB, la. An anienda.
tory bill was fcallod up removing the ofllce of
inspector of boilors and IIUIIB from Galena, 111,
toftubuquo, la. This was vigorously, opposed
hyMr.'Hitt, cf Illinois, and earnestly advocated
by Mr. Henderson, of Iowa and it was finally
recommitted with leavo for tho committoo ou
commerce to report at any- time. Mr,
Locoy, of lowd, from the committeo on
elections, reported & resolution for tho
appointment of a sub-committoo to mako a
tborougn investigation of tho contested olection
cueoof Clavton-Brockioridgo.'Mr, Lacey at
tbo roriuost of Mr. IJroc.kinridgo, offorod an
amendment directing tlio sub-committoo to in
vestigate thoovonta ielatingio tho contest or
arising therefrom aitor tho olection. This'.wns
agroed to after brief debuto and tho resolu
tion, was adopted. Tho houso then wont into
committee of' tho wholo on tho Oklahoma
territory bill. Without making much pro"
ress tho committoo IOSO and tho houso ad.
Soorotary Tracy Furious Over tlio MeOullH
Kovolattons—Truublo in tlio Navy.
Tho commotion made by the Commadei
McCalla episode has oreated great oxcite-'
ment in naval circles. The sworn Btato
ment of Fireman Walker, of tho Enterprise,
has beon received at the navy department,
and it is Buoh a olean-cat narrative of hor
rible brutality that Secretary Tracy is said
to be furious at these and other revela
lions. The pending court of inquiry, of
whioh Admiral Kimberly is head,.is but
preliminary to a conit ihartial in whioh, it
is believed, tho' entiro influence of the
navy department will bo directed to have
McCalla dismissed from the service.
Apropos of this, thero is, according to
naval gossip, a heap of trouble in Admiral
Walker's squadron. It is a half open
seoret, indeed, that the famous squadron
of evolution, or "White Squadron," as it
is called, is about to he ordered home Ad
miral Walker has cither a bad lot of officers
under him or he is a martinet. Lieut.
Commander MoKenzie, of the Chicago, is
under suspension. Capt. John. A. Howell,
of tho Atlanta, has been relieved of his
shm and ordered homo. Chief Engineer
McEwap, of tno Boston, and throe other
otBoors of- the fleet ha\e been tried bv
oourt-uiaTtial, and sheol is to pay neuor
ally. Secretacy Tracy, alteadv bolSl
with his other troubles, has aroused him
Belf ana intends to make the fur flv. He
will undoubtedly out eho'rt Johdhv Wallri
er 0(CrulEe. Ho was not a warm advocate
of .tin thefirst place. Kamor has it that
the entire evolutionary" force abroad will
be ordered home before May and tho
equadron distributed.
Purely Miscellaneous,
IT 18 said that the Franofi govonlmfcl
has got to a paBS where it will soon W?
borrow largely.
THE house of commons is now lioh.,
D? electric light for the liret time.
AT Johnstown a Hungarian wan tW
headlong from a fast train, and, RalhSsJ
himself np, he started aftor the train
cure his diuner-pail.
IT is said that the English authoritk.
aro still pursuit of Juok the KinDe/Tr
that dhe of tho best Unowuof th«irdecl«?
ive inspectors devotes hiswholatime tntl
IN'the villages of Northampton,).!*,
fuud'has beeu started from which to m,\
peuco per dozen for the beads of pairo»,
whose damage to the crops has becoinft ni,
and johiers
18' M1: ot^aaltisl9
MEDDYDBMPH, ME., boasts of
year-old boy who spoiled over four W
tired words on examination clay ^thmi
missing one. Evidently tho &i)ol|is»
is not neglected iu that school.
Pmiiliip AVirsT broke iuto tu„ „I8.n,
Antonio Gillepi, at Wilkesbarro, on 6»'m
day night and stole $1(10. Gillepi jiimiJ
ont of tho window in his niRhtclothesMj
captured tuo thief throo miles away.
STBAM surface cars, or dummies, in
used by tho street railroad companies of
Birmingham, and last year they cariiej
19,000,G00 passengers with only t*o
and forty-one minor accidents.
THE themo of the Japanese national u,
them as recently rendered iuto Engliahi^
"Oh that tho leign of our emperor ttigtj
continue for thousands and thousands o(
yearB—until oyster 6holls become rodss.*
COMPLAINT is made that the crazs fa
natural flowers, ferns and rate plants g»j.
orally is leading to tho destruction of tbi
British hedge rows, and a law is proposej
to make it a misdemeanor to steal floven
or twigs.
on tho Atlantio
cilio railroad was run a long distauco »le»'
days ago without a smokestack, a band
boiug substituted. The engiieor saysill
he neods to pull train is a steam chest,,
pair of driving wheels and a fireman.
TJIEBK is a new Eiffel tower on thi
banks of the Neva, near St. I'etorsbm
constructed entirely of 10,000, blocks
ico, with restaurants, observation plu.
forms aud other attractions. It is lSOfed
A LARGE English railway company tn
increased its pay roll between £9,0(11) ani
£10,000 per year becauso it believed Hit
tho increased traffic of tho line justified
tho payment of Higher wagos to tho met.
IT is alleged that tho falsification O|
English coins by clipping and counterfeit,
ing has gone to a greater extent during tht
last few years than for a long time before,
and that things have come to such Bpass
that it isu't saie to accept certain coins
at all.
THE theater which the authorities oftl»
University of l'ennsylvania have decided
to erect will be used for all public lectntH.
given under the auspices of the university,
for concerts and for tho performances of
classical music. It will cost. $75,000, and*
the organ which will bo constructed about
IN Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri yen cat
bore a hole in a stick of firewood, pluu it
up after filling with powder and leave it
where a thief may get it and blow hit
house np. These are the only three states,
however. All tho others have laws making
such a thing misdemeanor.
Another Arden.
Iu 1857 William Parker, a Livorpoo!
sailor, aged iiG, accompanied by his younft
wifo nnd two children, took passage on the
packet ship William and Mary, bound foi
Montreal. A short tiiue aftor the steamet
left the Mersey, Parker, who was on thi
spar deck leauing over the rail, lost his
ba!auce and tumbled iuto the sea. Parltet
was swept astern and given up for lost.
Tho widow continufd her voyage, finallj
settling dowu in tho vicinity of Montreal,
and, soou findihsj an admirer, married
again. Tlie second marriage was disturbed
the other day by the siuUlon appearance ol
Parker, who, it seoms, had beeu picked up
by a Portuguese merchantman bound foi
South America, and, arriving in that
country, reno- —.(1 to seok his fortune before
joining his family.
FIVE CENTS saved on soap: live dollar
lost, on rotted doilies. J.i that econuynji:
There is not 0 con» dilToronco botweon the'
cost ot a bur of tlio pooivst soap mado ani
tho best, which is, us all know. Dobbius'
A MICHIGAN paper tells of -a farmei
catching a fellow going out of his paBtnre
ono night with a sheep on bis bock and
blazing away at him with a shotgun. The
paper naively adds that tho fellow dropped
the sheep, went to Ann Arbor tho next
day, and when he returned he had a glass
easlost to use and cheapest. Plso'i
Remedy for Catarrh. Br drusrsiBts. 50c.
A CANTON, Chiun, paper estimates that
750,000 people die every year iu China bj
fire and flood, bnt it is not satisfied. "The
fact is," it remarks with cold-blooded cyn
icism, "the great need of Chinamen is the
end. en removal of 2,(100,0000 or 000,0
inhabitants to make- elbow rooui for thp«
who nre left."
When Baby was siek, wc
save her Castorla. ia
Whoa she was aChlld. slio rrit.il for Castorla,
\V!:t'.li Bhe bocaino Miss. lio clung to Castorla,
wiioa elio had Cbtldren, she Ravo thorn Castorla
IN a rccont sale of old books and mantK
scripts in Now York a loiter written bj
hristopher Columbus told for $2,000. it
coasisted of 116 lines aud eighty-four
words, and very easy words at that, wen/,
spoiled tho most convenient wnv. Sir. I
Columbus was good at sailing but 'mighty
pO(.-r at spelling, though.iu his dnv it wal
jnst as proper to spoil cat with a "k" as tor
any other way.
,,Wo recommend •"PunsiiPs Punch" Cigar.1
THE umvDrsities'of Italy are complninod*
of for tlie inferior^ grade of, education to
which they allot diplomas.
JBoth tho method and results wten
Syrup of Figs is taken it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, wd noli
gently jet Jiromptly on UioKidneyJ,
Xiiver and Eowels, cleanses tlioBjB
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
sssonstipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of Its Kind ever pro
educed, pleasing to tho tailo anaio*
i. ceptahle to the stomach, prorapt in
jits action and truly beneficial mitt
|eflect8, prepared only from tliemwt
'flshealtliy and agreeable
tan cei,
A|rits many excellent qualities cos*
kernend it to all and have made
pstho most popular remedy kuown.
Syrpp of Figs is for sale in 6W
Expand 81 bottles hy all leading drop
"llfiyistg. Any reliable druggist w&O
^may not have it on hand will W®"
euro- it promptly for any one p®.
-^wishee to try it. Do not a^fP'
ipan'jrsubstitute, v.

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