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Turner County herald. (Hurley, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-19??, March 13, 1890, Image 3

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.,, CHOIB BgKRtEWce.
Ihe basso'a craokfd voice had been, set with a
That drove it poll-moll through tho midst of the
The voice of. the people escaped through tho
keynote, *...••••
•Ihe ftlr'sprotty tomehttd gono up a note higher
The tenor's great mouth had boon sotat on
So one xould aoe whether his lnhgs orodis
gJvvhen^^peJ rer#" ijiorsel of gum toward
tfA"•*0,,a taae gave thblatr nlto a squeeze.
fe^Unkempt was tho quid as it whitherward
:-y£'"4 wended,
K^tta-WMliBa tho haro feot of tho boy pnmplac
f.,' '..,s 'wind,
tvAs 'mid thoir fair branches th* Kuin-chowera
JPoniid much that lookod much Ilk© tho gam of
Sr its kind
•5#j!rho tooa of 1
.^.Tho tooa of ^ihD boy thought a moalof watm
Jl viotuuis

to their portion, so went for its gore,
wlion rollod tho raro morsel away from its
fcSdlv.- lodging,
And Bweiit up tho dirt that lav thick on the
Here, in lt« dilemma, the nwcot alto.found it
A* como tho grand ant*i$m nigh unto its eloso,
wnou viped she its pieces upon her white
And dropped it into its place under her noso.
5JUco moro tho rich voico was attuuotl to tho
on *»vo of rich molody foil
^ngjOnoo liioto Bho could moke other voices seem
««, whlspera,
cl0a.0?1M10 8"".d
anthem. "il woU, all is
Diamond Out Diamond.
ly, find con
nmusod ex
Tho case
those two
now, on one
assumed a
changed as
pect. Jas-
ly in Bon-
1 riendship,
though, had
known of the re
lations existing be
tween young Nool
Marlowe and the
gambler's sister—of
which lie was as yet
ignorant—his tus
picio would,
doubtless, linve
bpon excited for he
was notfjuito a fool.
But, as it was, while
still foolishly be
lieving in tbe other's
in toreBtedness,
he merely refused to
exhibit the paper on
general principles
of precaution.
W th Boncourt,
however, tho case
.was wholly differ
ent. Ho had recog-
sized from the first that his interests,
and taoee of his visitor, had suddenly be
oomo directly antagonistic and, before
the present interview had lasted live liiin
utes, he had secretly determined that the
coveted document should pass from Jas
per's into his own possession, by fair
means or foul, before thai interview
should end.
"You cannot surely doubt toy honesty,
Vtfasper?" continued Boneourt, with liis
hand still half-playfully extended. "Re
v-member how. you confided to me the
knowledge of this paper's existence, away
off yonder in the San Francisco hospital,
BO many years ago."
"True and you were kind to mo then.
.. But—but I cannot do what you aBk."
A look that was not good to see came
for an instant into the adventurer's face,
but it was almost instantly replaced by
the former good-natured expression.
"You say I was once kind to you," he
persisted, skillfully throwing a tinge of
emotion into his soft viioe. "How mag
•s nanimouBly you are repaying me now!"
"But what can you possibly want (o see
the writing for?" exclaimed Josper, puz
zled and softening.
"I will tell you. Jasper." An^ Boncourt
simulated fresh earnestness. "Your enemy
ga»—Gilbert Mario we—is sccrotly my enemy,
®||too, To glance- at it with my own eyes,
^Hto feast them on the written words that
spfexculpate you and criminate him in the
5§g||6yU8 of all men arid tho law—this would
-fjhfoecaBion mo" intense' gratification. That
••®^is all. Not wholly all, either. I should
.: :,'be able to use tho knowledge Bgainst him,
jWithout forestalling you. It would en
,blo me hereafter to'l'aol a sort of part
nership in your powor."
"Will not my word of possessing the
paper suffice?" said Jasper, at the same
time beginning to unbutton his coat.
.=:'?{ "Not as would an actual glance at the
-'•1'writing itself, Jasper," said the other,
and, while still strotohin'g out his right
hand expectantly, with an unsuspicious
movement of the other he touched the
agsjpocket-pistol with which he intendod, if
jnocoasary. to compel'th'e'surrendor of the
[anticipated document, sooner or later.
'Ah, Ikilew' the kindness of your nature,
"I must yield to your porsuasions,
Boncourt," said he, reluctantly bo
ning to, unfold the "outor wrapping,
it you must be very sure—"
.What—what! waB that?" interrupted
j^the other, with a glance through tho open
viwindow. "Thero was a movement out
i'jlthero in tho garden."
"Doubtless, my little guard shifting
*%iis position."
"Nevertheless, it won't do to accept any
chances of being Bpied upon."
Boncourt went to the window, and,
after .looking out without seeing any
fione, took the precaution to close the our
As he turned, H6. was astonished by tho
startling change th'atkhed suddenly come
over his companion. In tho brief mo
mont of. his,back being turnod, Jasper
had taken the paper out of its envelpi)0,
unfolded it, and
.was now gazing at its
'contents in indescribable alarm. Tho pa
per trembled in his clutch, his eyes scorned
starting out of his liead, and he had grpwn
The. adventurer sprang forward and
-itore the paper from his" grasp. A glance
Itit its signiticance was lfkowise' sufficioiit
|for liimr. *....,. ..
"Fool! misiirable, seli-duped fooll"he
exclaimeif, with an oath, as ne flung back
Ihe paper. "Tis worthless—a mere jum
ble of haSinesB msmorinda!^
so I* pefceivo," murmured Jasper,
sinking tiack itito hia s'eat, and still glar
fe- |ing at the paper, which, however, ho me.
W& chanioally wrapped up .again, and re
st turned-.to hi*
"Ilow cqtild I haye lieeii so deluded? I
plgi—I really thouglit I recognized it upon
|)Mmy release but the light was uncertain
ft "wholly different
paper that "was thrown into the vault with
K. m#!" -i '1
fe' "Totally different from the papor, of
""couwo, you .fool!" ,orio4 .Boncourt, who
& 'beomed with difficulty to abstain from
-gnashing his teeth, though ho speedily
resumed his' self-control. "Dolt! you
have frittored with me as well as with
yourself. Your power over the enemy has
vanished into mist!".
Jasper now seemed to first become
aware of the adventurer's change of tone
and attitude, and it served to restore his
own self-command.
"Yon forgot that I myself may, in tell
ing my history to the world,: be still a
power, independent-of .the lost writing,
Bait! he.
Boncourt laughed contemptuously.
'And, as for the pnpor—tha real paper,i
continued Jiisper, nettled, "I shall get
that, too, never doubt. I have aii idea as
to what has become of it."
"Bo have I."
•At all events," sr/id Jasper, rising to
^o, "tt.is affair has tven me fin insight
Into your true motivos, which shall not
06 lost upon m©.n
at once
saw the neces­
sity fresh dissimulation.
Xvome," said he, with a return of his
anger expressions of my
He extended his hand, with an appear*
ance of contntipn and- franknesis, and
continued in the
same strain, until Jasper
seemed mollified at last, though lie
moved again toward the door,
"Wait yet a moment," said Boncourt,
after a moment's reflection.
"Ihatotld little fellow—your mosscn
R6i" of this morning—did yon not speak Of
having 110 further use for him?"
"Yes .,
What is ho good for?"
"He is precociously clever and wide
awake, with no worse habits than those
of profanity and the excessive use of to
bacco, that I have discovered. He is a
waif of tho American Pacific coast civili
zation, add yet. oddly enough, 1 have ever
found him truthful and Honest."
||How do you,design'aV-o him?"
"When he first drifted under my care
he rojoiccd in the scbriijuet of 'The Dip
F6r,' and seethed to have no other name.
have oallod him Dip, or ppor, evor
Boncourt laughed,
"I can probably make use of him," said
). "Bond tho lad to ino to-morrow."
Jasper promised to do so, and then
took his dopartnre.
It was a late hour, but, nevertheless,
Boncourt was no sooner alone then he
looked out into the hall-way, and called
up the darkened stairs.
"Adole!"ho c^JUd.
Ho was responded to. Then thero was
a-rustling on the stairs, and Adelo entered
the room, looking somewhat palo, but
very lovely in the negligo oC half-bound
tresses and a rich dressing-robe.
"Havo I disturbed you? a*ked Adele's
brother, with a gentleness that was now,
at lo.iBt. all genuine. "If so, I must crave
partfon, and doi'er what I was going to
"No," she replied, sinking into a
foutouil. "Jly headache left mo with a
norvousness that kept mo from sleeping.
I have long been lying awake, wondering
as to tho rosult of your anticipated intor
viow with that toturned wandorer."
"It has resulted miserably—just in
nothing at all!" said ho, poovis'hly.
He had baforo this given her a'running
account of the dinner at Marlowe's,- and'
ho now recounted succinctly tho features
of tho interview that had just onded.
"This is most unfortunate," said Adelo,
when ho had finished. "However, I am
perfectly sure of Nool, comb what may,
and the banker must still imagine the
tell-tale document in your'- possession,
which is all the same thing."
"Not exactly," said Boncourt, uneasily.
"You speak of taking into your sorvice
That odd little lad who wus hero this
morning," said Adele," after a pause.
"What is yeur object in that?"
"Chiefly to oblige yon, my dear. Ho is
represented as suoh a prodigy of alert
ness, and all that, as to make me think ho
may bo of service in sundry ways—espe
cially London. This would enable me
to disembarrass myself of that Itolling
stone, whom you BO detest."
"And with reason but this forethought
in my behalf is vory kind of you, Al
phonse. That fellow's want of spirit
and deconoy in venturing- to attach him-
Be'.f to you, hero in England, still
amazes mo."
"Drink and continued hard luck can
debase a weak man wonderfully, Adele.
But no moro of him I shall speedily
dispense .with him. Now about that
missing paper, I must get hold of it be
fore JaBper, and ho, undoubtedly, has
also tracked its whereabouts. You muy
be able to aid me materially in this quest,
"I? Why, where is it hidden?"
"In Noel Marlowe's insido breast
pocket, I have now not the slightest
doubt," he replied, with eagerness. And
then, after setting before her his imag
inary picture of the banker's oflice at the
time of Noel's entrance on tho heels of
tho attempted murder, he added:
"Don't you see that tho young man may
have picked up tho piece of. writing inad
vertently? He doubtlessly inclosed it
unawares in tho newspaper ho was cook
ing, and put them both together in his
pocket. You afterward decidod capri
cioiously not to listen to the extract he
was desirous of reading otherwise the
prscious document must at once have
come to light."
Adele slightly yawned.
"Dreadful responsibility! Woman's
caprice^ as usual, she murmured. "Well,
Alphonso, what does it all amount to? If
Nool really pocketed the instrument of
his own father's ruin, in accordance with
this theory—which strikes me as laugh
ably absurd—it is probable that it is at
last missing beyond recovery. He mUBt
before this have thrown away tho news
paper and whatever it might have inclosed
as worthless."
"You mistake the probability is that
ho has not:' He has some eccentric habits
for BO young a man. One of soveral that
I have noted is bis custom of carrying
newspapers of no particular significance
for a long time."
"I believe I have remarked it, too, and
wondered at such a commercial habit in
one like Noel," said Adele, indifferently.
"Bnt still I cannot sharo your improssion
that be is still bearing the writing about
with him."
"Jasper Marlowe shares it, at all events,
depend upon it. The recovery of the pa
por is oven moro important io him than
to me. He will dog Noel, like his shad
ow, to get it again into his hands. Ho
must bo forestalled at any cost."
"You exaggerate its importance,
Alphonse, I am Buro. But what would
you havo mo do?"
"Noel, of course, must remain in ig
norance of-posBOssing it.' To call his at
tention to it would entail the risk of his
mastering the contents—of discovering
his own fathor's villainy. That would
upset my plans at once. I rely upon
you, Adelo, to obtain it of him without
exciting his suspicions."
"You, a pretty woman, and to ask that?
Are thero not tender moments when yon
are alone with him—would tho oppor
tunity bo lacking?"
Adele's face flushed indignantly.
"So you think me capable of picking
my lover's pocket, even while in his
arms? Oh, Alphone!"
"Not. that exactly. Pray don't bo
angry, Adole! But might you not ask
him for the newspaper, and then snatch
it from him playfully, with tho remark
that you would read it at your leisure?"
"And perhaps leave the missing docu
ment still in his pocket? It wonld pos
sibly havo become loose, if there at all,
and then tho risk of his reading it would
bo all the greater."
"True that is well taken. But wait I
gee how we'll manage. Day after to
morrow, as you know, I am to entertain
Noel hero, with his friends, Sfpianderall,
Sir Harry Wilding, and some others.
Don't look alarmed it is not the same
party of profligates that you ule to aid
me in trapping a day later in London."
Adele again colored.
"You misinterpreted my gesture—do
you think I don't know that?" sho ex
claimed, with an expression.' _,of shame
flitting aoroas her face. "You know the
absoluteness of my passion for this
youth—how I ^ould die sooner th»u lose
him? And how long would his love, or
even his slightest esteem, survive a
knowledge of my being tho siren of your
London gambling Bchemes—of an infer
ence that I always have been such from
earliest girlhood?"
"Tush, tush! Adele! You have merely
gilded my nets with your beautiful smil^,
no more. Of course, he shall never
know and, after your marriage with him,
I shall no" longer require your association
with my schemes. The more fact of that
marriage will constitute my 'open sesame'
to suoh a treasure-house as will enrich me
indefinitely. But let nie go on. Noel
will be here with these young bloods on
Tuesday. You can secure the news
paper from him before us all, and sign
to me as to whether or not it con
tains the coveted slip of writing within
its folds.
"If not—well, then I shall devise
some means of baying his pockets
searched boforo. ho can, ohaiico upon the
^•^MBhall do just nothing of tho kind,"
said Adele, composedly.
"You surprise me! What—not merely
to ask bim for the newspaper, and then
tantoringly keep it from him?"
"No, It would bo practicing a decep
tion, and I have deoided never to deoeive
where I love so purely and HO utterly.
Js not the seprct Qf your
"You rove.
career—your association with me—^con
stant deception?"
She bit her lip. 'i
"No not praoticall/—that bWotigs to
the miserable past," she mnrmuredT aftef
a troubled tafi»e. "I havb nevet aided
J-Our schemes in any ttay siiice Siy learn
ing to love Noel And Jrou haVe hrom
ised that my prBsonce at this next feast tb
Londen fcp'en'dtnrifta shall Bignollze
my future freedom from all suoh partici
"Granted, but bo consislent, Ade'e!
"by, isn't the fact of our both passing
under assumed names, in London, a de
beption? You strain rt a gnat. But I
won't bore you with a biblioism, even on
"I maintain my ground. I shall not de
ceive the only man I havo evor loved,"
said Adole, wiih Eome sullenneBS. "I have
novcr assumed my alias since coming here
—sinco knowing him. Thero is no spe
cial inconsistency."
He burst into a bitter laugh, for he wag
Jittlo used to being thwarted, even bv
"You atnaze me!" he sneered. "Of
course, you are going to make an open
confes?ioii to Noel before tho ntiptials?
Your early inarringe, your divorco, your
baby that" was stolen
"Stop!" exclaimed Adtle, with &• sud
den fierceness that mado him regret his
words. "Alphonse, how dnre yon? Al
lude to anything but my lost child—tho
one groaning secret of my post—recall
not that to me, if—if you would not make
me hate yon!"
He mutterod something unintelligible,
und begun to paoj tho floor with uneasv
"I could not help the allusion, Adelo—
by my faith, I could not!" ho continued
in a calmer tone. "The child was
strangely enough brought back to my
memory to-day. I saw a face that re
minded me of the woman wo once sus
peoted of having stolen it."
"Oiel! When—how—where?"
"It is no matter, sinco, of courso, it
could not have belonged to her."
Ah, that stands to roason, indeed!
You traoked her at the time, yon hunted
her down, only to find her ubout to ex
piate ovei^a worse crime on the soaiTold.
Bnt no not a worse one! .^Vugoauce of
heaven! Could thero havo been a crime
moro heinous tliau tho robbing me of
my child—my b.autiful babe— my stnr
ejed boy? Ah! that wild, passionate
wretch hud long threatened me with her
vengeance, but I gave no heed—oh, mis
ery, that I gavo no heel!"
Sho had grown greatly excited, and
waB pressing her ehiBped liandB to her
"Think no more of it, Adele," said her
brother, with a roturn of his sympathetic
tone. "I wus a bruto to havo" alluded to
it. Shall I get you a gloss of wine?"
No patience, I shall bo mysolf again
in a moment."
But Boncourt, in spite of his love for
her, was not going to relinquish his origi
nal object. He waited until she had grown
calm, and then raid:
"Adele, it is absolutely necossarv that
you should assist ino in tho way havo
intimated. I must havo the piece of
writing that puts'Gilbert Marlowe in my
She shook her hoad.
"But suppose I prove it to bo indispen
sable to both you and me?"
"I repeat, you exaggerate its importance
to us, Alphonse. I am already sure of
Nool, como what may."
He- gave a strnnge'laugh, which caused
her to look up unoaBily.
"Whore ignorance iB bliss, 'tis folly
But, pshaw! What! Am I going maxim
"What do you moan, Alphonse?"
"Simply that you would not bo BO con
fident of your power had you seen what
has como undor my observation to-day."
"Toll me everything, quick!"
"You have a rival, Adele at all events,
there is one who might, if she chose,
cause your proux chevalier to totally for
get you, when not absolutely in your
"Parbleu! It cannot be."
"Would I jost with your heiirt?"
"Whom do you mean?"
"The little mademoiselle over yonder
at tho banker's—Miss Alworth. He sat
beside her at dinner, and I was directly
opposite. Why, tho boy had his heart in
his face, and ner indifference cut him to
tho quick?"
"He was even jealous of the old chim
panzee of a lawyer, who is panting to
marry hor, th'oy B.iy. If you had been
there, it might have been difforent, but,
outside of your spell, he palpitated in hor
atmosphere liko a troe-toad in tho sun
shine. Ho iB only a year or two hor
senior. She has beauty and high quali
ties. They have been brought up under
tho same roof."
Adele drew a long breath.
"This is too ridiculous for anything,
Alphonso," said she, with a forced laugh.
"However, I will no longer subject you to
my silly capricos. I will see what can
be done towards obtaining that Bcrap of
paper from Jfoel—that iB, if ho really pos
sesses it."
Boncourt thanked and kissod hor.
"You can manage it in somo way when
tlioy are oil here together on Tuesday,"
saia he, with his suavity fully restored.
"In tho meantime I will myself look nfter
Noel. Who knows but that I might ren
der your co-oporaiion unnecessary. But,
at all events, Jasper must bo forestalled."
CllAl'TKR XVI. fi- ..
Boncourt, howovor, was fated to a dis
Adelo and he wore yet at their breakfast
on tho following morning when tho for
mer received a note from Noel by messen
"This is too bad, Alphonse!" said she,
after reading it.
"What does he say?"
"He rogrots that he cannot be with me
at all to-day, but says he will come to
morrow, with the other guests. That
provoking Sir Harry's cousin or some
one hus broken an arm, and nothing will
do but Nool must rnn out to Tho Beeches
consolo the aiHicted household. If I
thought it possible that Miss Alworth
was to acoompany him-—"
"Don't bo a fool, Adolo. Fortunately,
my breakfast is finished. I may yet be
able to seo Noel before he gets off."
With bnt littlo coremony Boncourt
quitted tho table and tho house.
Upon'reaching tho Marlowe mansion,
however, it was only to bo informed by
tho coachman that the young master had
driven away in his dog-cart holf an hour
"He went off alone, and in something
of a hurry, I suppose?" said Boncourt,
concealing his chugrin.
"Not in such a great hurry, sir," replied
the man, looking tip tho lone for tho
other had found him at the stables, at tho
rear of whioh thoy wore bolh standing.
"For Master Noel had no sooner reached
the lop of tho lano yonder when ho drew
up to speak to a man on foot—an odd
looking man, and a perfect str.inger, I
bolieve. So there couldn't have been any
great hurry, sir, though the young man
was alone in tho cart and behind our best
"What sort of a man did he rein up to
speak to, joy good man?"
An instant later, and, from the coach
man's description, he had not a doabt
that he was none other than Jasper
His suspicions and alarm took fire like
"It isn't possible that tho man you no
ticed could have accompanied your youne
mastor in the dog-cart? he exclaimed.
"Not probable, but still possible, sir,"
said the coaohman, scratching his head.
"You see, Master Nool is different from
any other young gentleman as I evor saw,
I don't know how he made out with that
particular stranger he was talking to this
morning, for they made the turn yonder,
with the Btranger talking up, and the
young master replying back over the
wheels. But I have known him afore
now to give a lift of ten miles to tho com
monest sort of road-peddler what he'B
never seen before in his life. Indood—
But Boncourt waited to hear no moro.
Ho had oome from Jasmine Lodge on
foot, by a short cut back over tho cliffs,
as was hiB custom, and now ho returned
thither as he bad come, though almost on
the run.
"Saddle tho roan, and be quick about
it!" he cnlled out to hiB groom, as he
again approaohed the lodge, whose stable
was closely hdjoiniDg and then, hearing
Adele's voice at the front of tho house,
he hurried in that direction.
"I'm off afer Noel, Adele," he began
saying, as aoon as he had turned into the
piazzOj^wliere fih? was standing. "It'g
.dfe ,.....
juat as I feared it would be, curse it all!
.He suddenly atopned upon perceiving
that his sister *.is not alone.
A ragged littlo toy, whfi was standing
bfefore htsr, CfUne tip to hitn, and doffed
his clip to him, tlibugh with an ttmtiAing
assumption 8f independence in his mon
"I'm Dip, sir," said the boy.
"The deuce yon are?" said Boncourt, not
in tne best of humors. "Ah, 1 remember
now. But I've no time to attend to you
"But see hero, Mr. Boncourt, I can't be
engaged to come here, and then submit to
being fired out off-hand, you know," Baid
the youth. "I've severed my connection
altogether with my former employer, Mr,
Hob Bontly, at your request, end with tho
primo understanding that I -m to outer
your sorvice in a miscellaneous capacity."
Boncourt stared at bim, while Adolo
began lo laugh,
Why. AlphonBe," said she, "young Mr.
Dipper h&re was even more preciso in liis
explanation to me beforo vout- appear
"Fin older than I look, ina'am, besides
being a free and enlightened citizen of
tho United States of Amorica," said the
little fellow, turning to her, with o.bow.
Madam, I trust to remain your ever
faithful and obodient servant."
Boncourt burst into a laugh.
"All right, my man, consider yourself
in my service from this moment," said
lie and then, calling through tho open
hall to a man-Servant, who was descend
ing the stairs, he addod: "Maurice, this
is Mastor Dipper, who is honceforlli in
my sorvice. Give him a good broakfant,
and thon take him to the village clothier,
and fit him out with a baug-up peppor
and-salt suit. My sister may have some
further instructions concerning him dur
ing my absence."
.Tho newly engaged youth was led
away, apparently much satisfied with h's
opening prospects, and just thon Boil
court's favorite saddle-horse was lod
around tho corner of tho house.
"Will you not chango your- clothes for
riding? asked Adelo, as ber brother
mounted, after a fow words of explana
"No, there is"no time and, fortunately,
I am dressed in gray. By tho wrty,
Adolo," in a lower tone, while bonding
over the Baddlo-bow, "if van trv to nmuso
yourself with that wonde'rful child when
I am gono, find out if he can possibly
have como hero as Jasper's spy!"
She nodded her head, and ho set off at a
rapid pace.
Tho Beeches, as Sir Harvoy Wilding's
so.it was called, was aboutnino mil'esfrom
Highcombe, nnd, though Boncourt had
never as yet visited there, ho chancod to
bo familiar with tho road.
His anxiety, lest Jasper should have
succeeded in anticipating hia designs up
on tho contonts of a certain one of Noel
Marlowo's pockots, was presently re
When about mid-way to The Beeohes,
he encountered a way-far-er who proved
to bo Jaspor Marlowo himself, and who
seemed to bo trudging back 'to High
combe, in a rather dispirited mood.
"Hallo!" said Boncourt, nffoctiug bolh
Burfriso and cordiality. "You seom to
havo been making a long stroll, Jasper."
"Yes, Mr. Boncourt, and I moreover
had a jaunt in a dog-c it, at the invita
tion of just the ploar-nnteBt and most
democratic young outleman I over saw
on this side o£ the water," said Jaspe.r, in
a despondent tono.
Boncourt eyed him liko an eagle. If
that scrutiny had caused him to suspect
that this man had anticipated him, and
was even then in possession of the covet
ed document, his action as well as his
glance would, doubtless, have simulated
that of tho same rapacious and falsoly
emblematic bird of prey.
The inventor of gaslights is said to
have been a Frenchman, Philippe Le
Bon, nil engineer of roads aiul ln-idges,
who in 1782 adopted tbe idea of using,
for the purpose of illumination, tho
gases distilled during the combustion
of wood. He labored for a long tiino
in the attempt to perfect liis crude in
vention, und it was not until 179!) tliat
lie confided liis discovery to the Insti
tute. In September, 1800, ho trolc out
a patent, and in 1801 ho published a
memoir containing the result of his re
Le Bon commenced by- distilling
wood in order to got from it gas, oil,
pitch, and pyroligneous acid bnt liis
work indicated tlie possibility of ob
taining gas by distillation from fattv
or oily substances. From 1799 to 1S02
Le Bon mado numerous experiments.
He established at Havre his first
tliermo-lamps bnt the gas which he
obtained—being a mixture of car
buretted hydrogen nnd exido of car
bon, and but imperfectly freed from
its impurities—gave only a feeble light,,
and involved an insupportable odor
and tho result was that but little favor
was shown to tlie new discovery. Tlie
inventor eventually died, ruined by
liis exporiments.
Tho English soon put in prnctice Ihe
crude ideas of I.-e lion. In 1.S01 one
Wiusor patented, and claimed the
credit of inventing, the pioee?s of
lighting by gas. In 1805 several Miops
in Birmingham were illuminated bv
gas manufactured by tho process of
Wiiisor and Murdock among those
who used this new light was Watt, tlie
inventor of the steam-engine. In 1811!
tlie first use was made of gas in Lon
don and it was not until 1818 that.tliis
invention, really of French origin, was
applied in France.
After all, the joy of suoces does noi
equal that which attends the patient
Nothing sharpens the arrow of a
casm so keenly as the courtesy ili.it
polishes it. No reproach is like that we
clothe with a smile and present with
bow.—('hosier field.
A man who is not ashamed of liim -elf
need not be afraid of his early condi
Happiness is a perfume wliich one
can not shed over another without a
few drops falling on «r e's self.— I la
tely h.
Thero are certain ignoble factsinlife
which we can best combat by ignoring
tliem. A slight, of almost" any tort
ceases to be when yon cease to consiile.
it. llon-ellx.
Praiso never gives us much picas ire
unless it concurs with our own opini or,,
and extol us for those qualities in which
we chiellv e^cel.—Hwne.
Get a habit, a passion for reading
not tiying from book to book,• villi- tlie
squeamish caprice of a literary o.
cure but read .systematically, closely,
thoughtfully, analysing every subjel
as you go aloug and layi :g it iv eare
fully and safely in yo.ir memory. It
ia only bv this mode that your infor
mation will be at the samo time oxtons
ivo, accurate and nsefal.— Wirt.
Coolness aud ab-ieiice of heat and
haste indicate lino qualities. A gentio
man makes no noiso a lady is serene,
It is one of tlie worst of errors fo
suppose that there is any oilier path of
safety except that of duty.—heo.nn.
In 1GC9 Soliman Agu, Ambassador
from the Sul'an, Mahomet IV., ar
rived in Paris, and established the cus
tom of drinking coffee. A
named Pasco, had already opcnul a
coffee-houso in London in
'i ha
iirt fe mention: of coffee in the Knglbh
statute-books occurs in 1G 0 when a
duty of foarpence was laid, upon overv
gallon made and sold.
A SMART Columbus ('('ia.) shoe dealer
had a drawer full of faded old slippers.
He hung out a viign. "Old slippers lo
throw at brides," and they all went
tea-tree was first taken to En­
gland from China, about the year 1768.
'Tie vanishod, 'tis lost, aud Ivory njucli loar
Tint its ravishing voice I shall novsr more
That 1 nev&r agr id shali/eH flash of ltd wing.
Kor get any trace of the noauiftil thliig 1
D!4 you over, dear tiiend, ci a sed, dincal d»y,
By your windo*- Bit idling ttiontoznents away
Imposiivo, unthinking, yea, only apart
Of tlie gloom that enwrapped yoa, Invaded your
Ah, how aw?04 ht touch moments to Buddenly
Ecnii ijUtho little songster dnrt out of the sky 1
.Just a dun, tiny bundlo of. feathers, mayhap,
Juat a trembling, ecstatic and crazy madcap?
So small in this great world of sorrow, end yet,
As he lights Boiuewhero near yoa and flirts oil
tho wet,
As ho ahoutB a wild yodol of hopo anil of gleo,
All the chill seems' to vani-.h, the darkness to
tlee I
And my bountiful thought like' a bird Outterod
JWoin tha gray, intsty space of dimness and
But it paused but a trice my soul's wiildow bo-
Then it darted away and I saw It no more I t-
Oh, this bird of my fancy was timM, I west
For it stayed not to slug mo its song new and
And it vaninhod so quiclt in tho sides or no
That I knew nothing more than It is, and is
For 'Us now in tliomidut of an Infinlto throng
Of fancies forgotten, fai'it echoes of song.
Dim melodies oft by tho oar almost caught,
Aud thoughts of which poeta have vor yet
but If ever again I see flash of its wing, i.
Or get any trace of tlig beautiful thing,
I will pnueo ilot a moment, but quick as a wink
I will fetter it fast with a drop t.f ink!
Twill rise, if noed bo, In tho mldBt of- tho night.
To capture this thought by the dim candlo
And long ero tho wirters of darkness shall ebb,
'lVUl be safe In u. fine chlrogruphical wob I
—George UorUm.
Ho lfantod Uijy Monoy,
A representative of the Call interviewed
Mr. William Edward Ii!astlako last Thurs
day at tho extenslvo stove works of Messrs.
Culter & Prootor in roforenoe to a prize
that he had drawn In the Louisiana State
Lottery. Mr. Eastlako said! "I hold ond
twentieth of ticket No. 01301, that drow tho
Third Capital prize of $50,000, and collected
tho amount due mo, $2,500. very promptly
throueh tho American Expross Com
pany. I have bought tlckots for tha
last thirtoeu months, investing during
that time a total of $15. I sold one of two
tlclicts I had for the October drawing to a
triond and.the one sold drew $50 butldldn
kick—I was after bigger money. I havo al
ways thought that tho drawings were fair
and square and intond to contlnuo to pur
ohaso tickets as long as I havo a dollar to
spare. I havo investod my mouoy In the
preferred stock of a building and loan as
sociation whoro It will doublo itself In eight
years." Mr. Enstlako Is a woll-informed
and intelligent Gentleman, a moldor by
trade, and has been a widower for a number
of yonrs. One ot his mates says that ho is
contemplating matrimony again.—Peoria
{III.) Saturday livening Vail. February 1.
Acquisitions of Importance.
The department of Greek and Itoman
antiquities at tho British museum has re
cently received several acquisitions of im
portance. Among'them is a fine seal of
banded agate in the form of a soarab set in
gold, with a silver hoop fitting it for a
ring. "It is described as a vory choice
specimen and was found in Cyprus. Its
date is about 520 B. C. It represents,
neirly in profile nnd at full length, with
tho characteristic disproportions of tho
period to which it bolongs, Athene, clad
in semi-transparent robes, both wings,
of an extremely early type, being ex
tended behind the figure. Tho goddess,
who holds a spoar, wears a helmet with a
prodigious crest. Apart from its technical
merits the extreme historical interest of
this relic will be manifest to students of
Euripides who romtmber that tho turning
point of the plot of the 'Ion' is concerned
with tho blood of tho slain Gorgon. Over
the shoulder of the goddess the head of
Medusa is seen dropping blood, clots of
which fall f~"m it behind tho figure and
close to licr teet. This is supposed to he
the only known representation of the sub
If A nrc to tho sound of humanity's walls 1
Million:! of people with achos ana with ails.
Hcodaches aud humors, a morciloss flood.
Weakness of lungs and disorders of bloou.
Yet thero's a holper that oortainlv savoa
Thousands of people from ireniaturo graves
Tho remedy is Dr. Pierco's Golden Slod
lcal Dlscovory. It euros coughs, relioves
asthma, chocks bronchitis,- purines tho
blood, lieals sores, oruptlons and unsightly
pimples, aud is without a rival for all tho
ills that spring from a disordered livor.
All druggists.
hawk, and blow, and spit, but tiso
Dr. Bago's Catarrh ltomedy. Of druggists.
Two Professors..
A case where Greek met Greek is record
ed by tho Camden (Me.) Herald. In tho
early days of that town a doctor had occa
sion to go to law and employed a neigh
bor, a lawyer, t^ take charge of his case.
Somehow the case nover gat ahead any.
At the clo&e of each term of court tho doc
tor would ask tho lawyer how it was pro
gressing, only to receive the answer: "It is
continued the other side got it continued."
the costs also continuod—to increase—
tho doctor got uneasy, but bided his time.
In the course of years tho lawyer called in
tho doctor to cure a sore finger, which
failed to heal and remained a source of an
noyance. At last the lawyer, while away
from home, called in another doctor, who
happoued to hit the case just right, and
when ho returned homo his finger was well.
soon as ho saw liis old client, the doctor,
he told him what tho other doctor had doho
for him, winding up with tho question
"Doctor, why didn't you cure my linger as
quick aB this other doctor?" The old phy
sioian, with a merry twinkle in his oye,
stuttered a prompt reply: "G-G-Gad,
squiro, I was j-just c-c-con-continuing it."
A T.aUy In South Carolina Writes:
My labor was- shorter and loss painful
than on two forrnor occasions physicians
astonished. I thank you for "Mother's
Frlond." It. Is worth Its weight In gold. Ad
dress tho Bradlleld Regulator Co.. Atlanta,
Ga.. for particulars. Bold by all druggists.
5 -j The Musical Tree. iv
A foreign traveler tells of seeing a mu
sical tree in tho West India islands and in
Nubia. It hns a peculiar shaped loaf and
pods with a split or open ^dgo. The wind
passing through those gives out the sound
which gives the tree its peculiar name. Ia
Barbadoes there is a valley filled with these
trees, and when the wind blows acroBB the
island a constant moaning, deop-toned
whistlo is heard from it, which in the still
hours of the night has a very weird and
unpleasant' effect. A species of acacia,
whioh grows very abundantly in tho Sou
dan is also called the "whistling tree" by
tho natives. Its shoots are frequently by
the agency of the" ]arvio of insects distorted
in shape and swollen into a globular blad
der from ono to two inches in diameter.
After tbo insect has emerged from a circu
lar hole in tho side of tkis swelling tho
opening played upon by tho wind becomes
a musical instrument equal in sound to a
sweet-toned flute.'
That Hood's Barsapnrllla docs possess curative
power Peculiar lo Itself Is conclusively shown by
tho wonderful cures it has effected, unsurpassed
in the liibtory of mcdicine. This absolute merit it
possesses byrenson of Uivfact tbatitis prepared by
a Combination, Proportion* nnd Process Pecu
liar to Hood's SoraapariUn, kuoxrn to no other medi
cine, anil bv which tho full medicinal power of all
tho intmdicuUi used is retained. UoQd'a Sarsapa
rilla is highly concentrated extract of SarBaparllla,
Dandelion, Mandrake, Dock, Juniper Borries aud
other well known vegetable rern?dlen. It has won
It* way to tho leading placo among medicines by
lt« own intriuslc. undisputed inorit, and ha?,now a
lamer fialu thsn any o^her similar preparation in,
tlie country. If you liuve nover taken Hood's Sarea
yicvilla. A fair trial will convince you of its e'^l
Ici^ce and merits. Takeittbi* season.
"Ihive for alonK time becu nsinc Hood's Sana
pari!!*, end brieve me. I would not bewlthonfcit*
As a spring medicine is invaluable." E. A.
KhoDks. 130
Outario Street,
Clilctgo, 111.
'•Hoad'a Siraapartlta pave me new llle, and re
stored me my ^wonted health and strength."
.OLOIXIH,Tiffoa, X.B.
Tho Ruccacoers'or Old
Flaunted the skull and crosBbonea, their en
sign, defiantly at l&o maBthead. Your modern
pirate, not on tho high BC&S, but upon .thehigh
reputation of standard remedies, skulks under
various disguises liis hole and corner traffic
has nover to Any degroo nffectod Hostotter'e
Stomach Blttors Although that standard invlg
orant and corrective has li nj been the nhinlng
mark at which hia shafta havo boon dir.-cted
Cheap local bitters, composed of fiery unrccti
fled stimulants,- with an Infusion, or extract
possibly, ot somo tonic bark, aro still some
times recommended aB Identical with, or sim
ilar to, or posaeashig virtues kindrod to those
of America's chosen family medicine. Those
polish speedily, vrhlle tho great aubduer and
preentivo ot disease pursues its successful
career, overcoming malaria,
dyapepsia, nervoua
ness, Kidney troubles, conatiputiou, and rheum
atic ailments, not only on this but on many
To Recover Sunken Treasure.
A company, it was stated, lately set out
from Sydney to New Zealand lb recover
Bunken treasure from some old wreck on
the west boast Of tho Middle island but so
far no returns havo been published the op
erations probably not being complete. The
subject of sunken treasure reminds one of
the heaps of gold carried in the galleons of
tho past. In 1769 a ship of war from Lis
bon had on board 9,000,000 of crusade3 in
diamonds and about 100,000 "crowns tur
nois" piastres, makingthe whole2U.050,000
livros turnois. So much for a singlo ship.
In 1774 two Spanish ships from Vera Cruz
and Havana arrived with 23,000,000 crowns,
exclusive of Merchandise valued roundly at
27,000,000 crowns. Such oxatnples could be
multiplied. Of the cargo of un English Iu
diaman in 1771, one item—a diamond in
the rough—was valned at £100,000.
Attacked by WolTes.
As two merchants were returning lately
in a carriage to Bartfeld from the Hungnr
ian-Gaiician frontier they were attacked by
a pack of nine wulvep, tho leader of which
was shot as soon as ho leaped on one of
the carriage horses. The remaining eight,
far from being frightened off furiously
pursued the travelers, who managed to
shoot two moro of tho howling animals.
Just as the horses began to slacken their
pace through loss of blood aud fatigue,
iivo hunters liuve in sight from a neighbor
ing field and quickly dispatched the rest of
tho pursuing pack.
Deafness Can't Bo Cured
By local applications, as thoy can not reach the
diseased portion of tho oar. Thero Is only one
-way to enre deafness, and that Is by constitu
tional remedies. Deafness is caused by an in
flamed condition of tho luucus lining of the
Eustachian 'fubo. When this tubegets inflamed
you havo a rnlnbllng sound or lmperfoct hear
ing, aud when it i.s entirely closed Deafness is
the rosult, and unless tho inflammation can be
taken*out and .this tubo restored to its normal
condition, hearing will bo destroyed forover
nlno rases out of ten aro caused by catarrh,
which is nothing but an', nilamcd condition of
the mucus surfaces.
We will givo Ono Hundred Dollars for any
case of DeafnoBS {caused by catarrh) that we can
not cure by taking Hall'B Catarrh Cure. Bend
for clroulars, freo.
I\ J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, prico 75 cents.
A Polaco i'iri'.
Apropos of the fire at Laokin it is Baid
that King.Leopold's furniture and objects
d'art wore insured for £120,000, but that
tho actual damage amounted to £200,000,
says the Studio. Among tho paintings
destroyed woro two famous poitraits by
Van Dyke and a landscapo by Hobbema.
This is (ho third royal castlo burned in
Belgium during the last three years, tho
two others being the castles of Amerois
and Terveron. King Leopold will now
take ap his residence in tho so-called Pa
vilion des Princos, situated near the late
Rockefeller's Live Stock.
William Rockefeller, of the StandarJ
Oil company.' kept a fine herd of deer at
his former homo, near Greenwich, Ooun.,
for a number of years until this winter.
HiB new homo at Tarrytown is now com
pleted, and one of his preparations for re
moval was tho solo of his herdiof deer.
Two of the finest of the herd, a pair of red
doer, as large as Anieri au elk, he has
given to the city of New York for the Cen
tral park menagerie. They aro tbo genu
ine European red door, not the misnamed
Virginia variety.
directors of tho Do Beers company
in tho Kimberly, South Africa, mines, gavo
a ChtiBtmas picnio to their 3,000 employes,
at which were eaten 1,200 fowls, 400 tur
keys, 150 geeso, 100 hams, 1,000 pounds
spiced, roast and boiled beef, nnd 1,800
pigeon, veal and ham, and chicken aud
ham pies', washed down with 5,000 bottles
of .English and German beer, 100 cases of
champagne, 200 caseB of claret, and 100
cases of Burgundy, besides brandy and
ANEW swindlo bns appeared in Europe.
Promiiient persons reoeivo letters dated at
the military prison in Madrid purportiug
to come from the lato secretary of thd
Egyptian mahdi, who knows where 4,000,
000 of francs are concealed. Ho asks a
small sum to satisfy tho creditors who
keep him in prison, in roturn for which he
.will tell where the treasure is. This trans
parent trick makes many dupes.
BEiiOiAN farmers hnvs beoomo alarmed
at the way in which Ihe frogs are being ex
hausted by French pot hunters, and have
petitioned tho king to forbid killing frogs
during cortain months of tho year, as is
done with other gamo. Tho farmers re
gard the frogs as valuable slug and insect
the well known singer, who
died recently, bad but ono fault—he Bang
false, and he knew it. Tlie first time he
appeared in opera in Londdil with the
great basso, Carl Formes, he took Formes
aside after the performance and Baid: "Un
til this evening I have never been jealous
of anyone, but I am jealons of yon.".
"Why?". "Because yoil sing still more out
of tune than I do."
Ifool very much indebted to Hood's Sarsapanilla
for I believe it islo tho use of this medicine that I
owe my present health. In the spring I got so com*
plutely run down that I could not eat or sleep, and
all tho dreaded diseases of life seemed to have a
mortgage on my system. I was obliged to abandon
my work, and after seeking medical treatment and
spending over $50 for different preparations, I found
mybolt no better. Then my wife persuaded me to
try a bottle of Hood's SarsapariUa. Before the first
bottle wasgone I began to amend. I have now used
two bottles and havo gained 23 pounds. Caneat any.
The Spring
thing without it hurting me my dyspepsia and
biliousness have gone. I never telt better in my
life, am at work egain and consider mystif a well
man. Thive two bottles were worth $100 to me."
W. V, ECLOWS. Lincoln,
"Uood'ri Sarsap&riiU purified my blood, gave we
strength, and overcame the headache and dizziness,
so that now I am able to work again." Lirraxa
NA305, S3 Church 8t, Lowell, MaAs.
*Hy wife suffered from sick beadaehe and neural,
gia. After taking Hood's Sparsaparllla the vac
mucirreHeved." W. R. BABB, Wilmington, Ohio.
Qood'ftSarcaparilU is sold by druggists, fit six
fer &V Prepared by O.L Hoop 4 Co., Lowell, Mass
A Time-Honored Belief Shattered.
This is a time-honored belief, whioh haa
been shattered a number of times, but
certainly on no occasion more cffeolively
than by this story from a Hopkinnville,
Ky., papor: "Talking of quail, Col. S. M.
Stai ling, of this vicinity, now in his 84th
.year,- has broken into countless fragments
the ancient and hoary superstition that
to' ertt quail, however daintily
cooked, for thirty days successively,
will produce naueea worso than Boasick
ncBB. Oil the 1st day of lant October, bo
ing in ratter delicate health, ho began to
diet on quail flesh exclusively, eating one
bird dud sometimes two every day. Hi has
not hushed it bird for 125 days, and has not
tho slightest inclination to change his diet,
which rather improves in flavor."
A SENSATION was caused in London on
Tuesday by tbo fiudlng of tbo Countess
Carlotty, the Euglisb widow of a deceased
French nobleman, dead in her chair. Tbo
Unfortunate woman was hugging in her
arms a bag containing $10,001) in gold at
the very moment when she was dying of
insufficient nutrition, being too mi&erly to
pufchaso tho food that she needed to keep
her alive.
AN ambitious youug Englishman an
nounces that he is about to publish a key
to Browning's works.
]i or saoes
hR. PIYBce'S b-¥^
niSGOWFftV. Iftlfl, PJT*
which induces coughing Immediately re
lieved by use of "Jlrown's fjronchial Tro
ches." Sold only In boxes.
A Patriotic Consul.
Tho old Garibaldi homestead at Clifton,
L. X., which was presented to the Italian
government in-1882 by Mr. Bachnianu, is
likely to rovcrt to the latter. The Italian
consul in New York nnd the trustees ap
pointed to look after the property refuse to
pay a bill of $322 for taxes and repairs, tho
latter saying that the Italian goverument
should pay tho bill and the consul insist
ing that tho trustees must meet tho debt.
Mr. Baohmaun says ho will take the houde
.Excitement in Keiv Jersey.
Thero is considerable excitement at
North Piaiufiold, N. J., over tho discovery
of copper and silver ores in tho mountains
back of the town. The discovery was made
in excavating for water works, and it is
said that investigation has been mado to
warrant the assertion that, underlying the
outer layers of trap rock and red sandstone
in tho mountain, are mines from which
fortunes may bo developed. Copilalists
are negotiating for tho control of the
.0 ltALv
Frequent shipments of car-load lots
of Dr. Pierce's Medicines, to all the
principal, commercial centers of this
country, are necessary to supply tlie
unprecedented demand for these world
famed remedies. No other medicines
ever attained anything like the popu
larity which they enjoy. No other
medicines possess such superior and
positive curative properties as to war
rant their manufacturers in sailing
them, as the proprietors of Dr. Pierce's
Medicines ave doing-, through druggists,
under a positive giinrantoo of benetit
or cure ?n every case, on fair trial, or
money refunded.
There aro scores of sarsaparillas and
other blooil medicines advertised, hut
tho Golden Medical Discovery" of Dr.
Pierce is the only one ever backed up by
a positive guarantee from a well-known
nnd thoroughly responsible house. The
conditions are, that, given a fair trial, it
will do all that is claimed for it, or
money paid for it will be promptly re
funded. A Certificate of Guarantee
wraps every bottle.
To attempt the sale of an inferior, or
even a fairly good, blood-puriiier under
such trying conditions as these,, would
tnean bankruptcy to its proprietors.
To euro Biliousness. Kick Ilcmluclic. Constipation.
I.iver Complaints, take tlio safo
and certain romortv. .SMITH'S
Use tho SMALL SIZE (10 littlo bcnn3 to tho hot
tie). Thpy arc tho most convenient: stilt nil ARCS.
Trice of either Blze,
cents per bottlo.
7,* 17. 70: Photo-pravuro.
jmnol stxoof this picture for 4
cunts icoppers or stamp*).
J. F. SMITH & CO..
Makers of *13110 Beans. SL .Ixmis. Mo..
8UF72.1UKQ I'll024
Aparticlo is applied intoeacfl nostril and i« agree
able, PrieeSOccnt^atDrugttiHjs bymail.roKlstvred.
GO eta. MA BUOTHEILRT. 56 Warren Street, New York,
Big Package o! Photos
Alio MH written descriptions (lncln3«
lux residences) of rcipectablo toxica
nhs waut to cormpoad for fun of
luitrltaocy, icnt Su piala sealed envcl*
opo foronly 20cU« Many of our l*dy
Wftabcra nro bcaitifal and wealthy*
Olre rutl description ofyoaralfand a
clcar Idea of tbo ladtca with wtxosi
ran wish to correspond. .Addrco,
LOCK DRAWER 697. Ci!!C&QS« 111.
I prescribe and foMycn
dorse Big as the only
npeclfic for the certain cure
of this disease.
0.11.1NGRAHAM,U. D.,
BtansiMi M(
Amsterdam, N. T.
We have sold Big for
many years, and it has
the best of salts-
D. K. DYCHE & CO..
Chicago, lib
Kirkltl.OOi Sold by Druggist*.
Throughout tho Northwest:
Delivered at your station. Thoy iu%ko special
prices to Mills, Factories aud Farmers' Alliances.
Bond for ol rculansf*^'
FATVCK OTAiaiLL, Atty.at Law/Washington, D.O.
violent Patns In Keek.
Friendship' Wis., June 14,1888.
My wife bad violent pains In her neck,
which was very sore and stiff. Sbewu cured
entirely by St. Jacobs Oil. JA11E3 6TOWE.
In Terrible Pnln.
Ame»M'fg.Co.,Chlcopcc,Mass.,Junel8, IKS'
Prom ovor-cxcrtlon every bone was mado
stiff and sore: in terrible pain. 1 was cured
pi mptly by et. Jacobs Oil.
[£0 Lpe,iy
J. C. BUCKLEY, Paymaster.
THE CHARLES *. VOCELEB CO., Baf.lmora, Md.
Quickly di«»olved and rtmoved
With the new accidentally
discovered solution
aud the growth forever destroyed
'without tbe SLIGHTEST injury.
Harmless a* water to the akin*
ward for failure, or the ellghteit
injury. Ibottlefree(condltionaUy)
Agent* wnuted. Fuil particulars (sealed) lent
MODENE M'F'Q CO.. Cincinnati, Ohio, U. 8tA.free.
liAbli. The only eertals
and easy curt. Dr. 5.
Steohone. Irebaaon. Ohio.
Only a medicine possessed of extraordi
nary- merits could sustain itself under
such a business policy. The "Golden
Medical Discovery is such a medicine,
and has proven its ability to sustain its
proprietors, even though sold .on such
extraordinary terms.
As a remedy for all Blood, Skin and
Scalp Diseases, it has won for itself
world-wide fame. Especially has it
manifested its potency in curing Salt
rheum, Eczema, Tetter, Pimples,
Blotches, Eruptions, old. Scrofulous
Pores, Ulcers, and kindred ailments.
As a remedy for the peculiar weak
nesses, distressing irregularities, and
painful derangements incident to
women, Dr. Picrce's Favorite Pre
scription stands alone as the only rem
edy guaranteed to give satisfaction in
every case, or money paid for it is
promptly refunded.
It is but natural that tho people
should bestow their patronage upon
these medicines, since none other are
sold on such fair and liboral terms.
They are manufactured by tho World's
Dispensary Medical Association, of Buf
falo, N. Y., a house whose financial
standing and reputation for fair dealing
is well-known to every publisher, as
well. as to every druggist^ throughout
the civilized world.
Wild March Music,
Gcntlo and sweet melodies, sacrod and eocular
Bongs, aud all oilier kinds of music are in
our thouBauds of books aud millions of
sheet music pioccs!
[Pap, $1. Bds. $1.25.)
N'evr, bright, and
ensy. 1W Piano Pieces.
WHn'NKVS rnds.2r Cloth $2.50), by 8. B.
OIWAN ALBUM Whitney. 23 line Ontan jpieceH
lor Manual -and Pedal, by 20 distinguished com
I A helpful, Bcfnl friend to pupil and teacher is
!. M/ SOTS'S riANO- by Wra. Mawon and
rOHTK TKCHNICS w. 8. B. MathoWB. This ad
inirr.blii fcyutcm o£ ncaloB, arpctfKiOB, and all other
needed technical exerciser, with good direction*},
holds a hiph place in tho esteem ot thorough teach*
erw, aiid should bo everywhere used.
Our thoroughly good, genial, and practical School
Mnsio Books are widely known and used. Do
SONG Book I, Primary (SDct*., |3do7..) Book
MANUAL 2, Medium (40et*., fi.Wdoz.): Books.
liicher Clashes S4.fi0doz.), by L. O. Emcrtson,
is Lin last and best hook, and a raro good book for
MOTION ctfi., $2.28 dor.), by Mrs. Boardman, Is
SONUS delight to teachers and children.
Any boclc inoiied promptly for retail price,
LYON & HEALY, Chicago,
"By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws
which govern tho operations of digestion and nutri
tion. and by a careful application of tbe line proper
ties of wcll-flclccted Cocoa, Mr. Kpps has provided
our breakfast tables with a delicately flavoured lev«
crago which may save us many heavy doctors' bill*.
enough to reaiKt every tendency to disease. Hun
dreds of subtlo maladies are floating around UB ready
to attack whorevev there is a weak point We mar
cscano many a fatal ahaft by keeping our,
eltes we/l
fortified with pure blood and a properly nourished
only in ha
It you-want your
pension* without
delay, put your
claluiin the hands
of JOSEPH IE. KVSitEB, Attorney,
Woaliiuvlou. 1. C.
tulag "Anll»Corpulcne
JMla'M®*# lalfea.a
i. Tatty cast# DO tickocu,
contain DO poUoa and *et*
Sold by PnijqcUtoa»flrT*o«r« or wot by mail.' Parlio
uia»(mUd) iiw Dr.Wilcox's Specific Ce., FhU., P».
I mall lo
.offerer., l)r. K. BCIUroUX.
S75 22 foS?ifl 22
Harness Mfg.Co.
Tor 16 Y«sra
bur* told
toa«u««r* at
nnwwiALK PKH EH, wrlair tfc»
dial Ft**' profit. Skip aajubrr* fores*
aalaattoa before bajlcf. r«* frtfsht
charm* lfaotaatUraetory* Warraaitd
hr '4 (4patt Catalogue
ran be made
WLUU., workingforus. l'ersonspnv
icjwd who ciiTurnlsh ahoweahd give their whole
time to the luiKiness. Hpare moments may bo prof
ltably L-iT'ployed also. A few vacancies in towns and
cities. B. Fi Johnsou 4
Co., 1003 Main St,niclunond,Va
Wuslilngton, t. .C.
Proeocutos Claims.
Examinor U. S. Pension Bureau.
I Successfully Proeoi
Late Principal Eiimir.or U.
^yrs in last urar,
is adj uatcatlns
^yw in last var,
19 adj
ucueatings cl&Unij,
atty jtlnco*
Best. Cough Medicine. Recoinraondcd by Phv£3icianB.
Cures Where all else fails. Pleashnt and aereeable to tlio
taste. Children take it without objection. By druggists.
«w», Catalogue, terms,
etc., seat ESS. Addro» II. IL Bit VAST AWN, ChlcoK^ijrinformarFull
WsMsewBsud ibia colics# to our ro^ ieri* Alcution this sspcrwbsa you write*
TiortU^ru arown. CtiaiogueFreo,
.]OH,N A. BALZKli. Lft
mail. Btowall t:
Bookkeonlag. Business Forms.
—T l.l'enmansWt»,Arithmetic3i:ort
hand el ., thoroughly taogbt by mo«. Circulars
I free, BittAxx^S BUSINESSCOLLEOR Buffalo, N.W
WU. S, O, N fNo. 11-00.'

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