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Turner County Herald.
PUBLISHED BY .:••}•-:^'
$1.50 P*Jt VKAS. Iu AUvr.nce.
HURLEY LODOK XO. "5, t. O. O. K.
Meets every Saturday evening at R:30 o'clock,
ta Allen's hall. Visiting brothers arc most cam
•rtly r*qa««ted to attend.
B.S. M'COOK POST, X0.31, a. A. It,
M««t flrst and third Saturdaj of each month
•t p. m„ in Q. A. U. hall.
VfcUa«o and Nertliwentern Railway Time
Faittngtr, No, 6
6:07 p. Ill,
2:34 p, 111.
jenc _,
10 54 :l. in.
12:13 a. ni.
rrtlcht, 25
Make through connection for Chicago and
»l«ox City.
Yaakton trains connect nt Centreville with
h«tk morning and evening passenger.
W. A. TKHALL. (len'l Ticket Agent.
F. l'HINNY, Agent.
Bring in your job work.
Try Kellar's new Java coffee.
Sewing machine needles at Kellar's.
Death to gophers at Allen's Agcncy.
Orer one million acorn stoves in use.
Tomlinson's Quick Relief Oil cures
croup, colds, asthma and lironchitis.
Sold by £. Brauch.
Water set of five pieces given with
•ach pound of Berkley's baking powder,
price SO cents, at Kellar's.
If you want to buy a line organ
cheap call at the Herald office, and
sec what a bargain we have to offer.
Take a bottle of Quick Belief Oil and
Dead Shot home with you and if thev
don't cure come and get your money.
Sold by JB. Brauch.
Tomlinson's Dead Shot cures colic,
neuralgia of stomach, diarrhoea and
all bowel troubles. Guaranteed to cure
colic in horsos. Sold by E. Brauch.
Service will be held regularly each
Sunday in the Protestant Episcopal
church at the following hours: Sun
day school, 10:00 a. morning service
11:00 a. m. evening service, 8:00 p. m.
.E. T. Simpson will officiate.
J. H. Queal & Co. wish to say to the
public that they are now receiving a
new invoice of lumber, lath, shingles,
etc., which they propose to sell at prices
lower than ever before known in Tur
ner county. Call and see them and get
prices before buying elsewhere.
jNV| -As time rolls on will
driye all other sewing
machines from first-class homes and
dress-making establishments.
186 and 187 Wabash Ave., Chicago.
Wells Thoroughly Cleaned.
And satisfaction guaranteed, or no pay.
Come any day but Saturday, or leave
orders at John Kellar's.
4th of July.
Tho Chicago & North-Western Hail
way Co. will sell excursion tickets be
tween all stations on July 3d-and 4th,
Rood returning until July 7th inclusive,
at one fare for the round trip. Tickets
and full information can be obtained
of agents C. & N.-W. Railway Co.
The Pulpit and the Stage.
Rev. F. M. Shrout, Pastor United
.Brethren Church, Blue Mound, Kan.,
says: "Ifee it my duty to tell what
wonders Dr. King's New Discovery has
done for me. My lungs were badly
diseased, and my parishers thought I
could only live a few weeks. I took
five bottles of Dr. King's New Dis
covery and am sound and well, gaining
88 pounds in weight."
Arthur Lore, manager Love's funny
Folks Combination, writes "After a
thorough trial and convincining evi
dence, I am confident Dr. King's .New
Discoyery for consumption, beats 'em
all, and cures when everything else
fails. The greatest kindness 1 can do
my many thousand friends is to urge
them to try it." Free trial bottle at
Pioneer Drug Store. Regular sizes 50c.
and 81. 3
The figure 9 in our dates will make along stay.
Bo BUB or woman sow living -will ever data a
Soarawnt without using the figure 0. It stands
In the third plaoe In 1890, where It will remain ten
yean and then more up to teoond plaoo In 1000,
where it will rest for ono hundred years.
There another "9" whloh ha*
also corao to
It la unlike the figureS in our dates In the respect
that It ha* already moved up to first plaoe, where
It will pennaiMUtly remain. It It called tho "No.
High Arm Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machine.
The "No. B" was endorsed lor Drat plaoe by the
experts of Europe at tbo Paris Exposition of 1889,
where, after a seTereoonteet with the leading ma
chines of the world, it was awarded the only
Grand Prix* given to family sewing machines, all
•then OB exhibit having received lotrer awards
of gold Btedals, etc. The French Government
aleo reoogalxed Its
superiority by the decoration of
Mr. Nathaniel Wheeler, Prestdcntof the company,
with the Cross of the Legion of Honor.
The "No. 9" Is not an old machine Improved
upon, but an entirely new machine, and tho
WandPrixe at Parts was awarded It as the grand
•etadvaDce In sewing machine mcchanlsm of the
age. Thoee who buy It oan rest assured, there
(•re, ot having the very latest and but.
H§: :v
.'Li itJl
183 aad 187 Wabash Av«., Chicago.
Who's afraid of who.
Johnnie get your gun.
Who wants to be a martyr
Ilail insurance at Allen's Agency.
The best in the world—Acorn stoves.
The plasterers are at work in Mr.
Robertson's house.
Make it as pleasant as possible for
the visiting teachers.
Brauch has got another parrot, and
it is a line looking bird.
More new crockery and glass sets
just arrived at Kellar's.
Congressman Pickler has tho Herald's
thanks for public documents.
J. C. Murphy is agent for the world
renowned Crystal Witsh Board.
Geo. Palmer has moved into his new
house on his Center avenue lot.
Try gold dust washing powder, 4
pounds for 25 cents—at Kellar's.
J. T. Hogan has the addition to his
store building nearly completed.
Through the kindness of Bishop
Hare, Grace church is made the recipi
ent of a fine communion service.
II. II, Rundell shipped two cars of
cattle to the Chicago market Saturday.
Fire, lightning, windstorm, cyclone
and hail insurance at Allen's Agency,
Look out for fresh fruits Friday or
Saturday this week at Pioneer Drug
Come to stay—J. P. Kristiensen, at
Pioneer Drug Store, watch maker and
For Sale, cheap as dirt," an im
proved farm near Hurley—Allen's
100 photographs for 81. at Locke's
gallery, Hurley, S. D„ July 22nd. Stays
one week.
A rush of job work this week has
somewhat interfered with the collect
ing of local news.
Ole Shager is back to his post of duty,
having been absent several days on
account of his asthma.
Mowing weeds is a pastime which
has been indulged in by a number of
Hurley citizens this week.
Don't l'orget that we keep a few
watches at Pioneer drug store that we
are not afraid to warrant.
Pictures taken very cheap at II. R.
Locke's gallery, in Hurley for one
week, commencing July 22nd.
That was a fine rain which fell Sat
urday, and tho amount of good it done
is almost beyond comprehension.
O. C. Kingery has rented Mrs. Jen
sen's house on Park Boulevard and will
take possession of same August 1st.
One hundred dollars given away in
prizes at Locke's gallery in Hurley,
uiy 22nd. Gallery open one week.
Keep a 50 foot lire break around your
farm buildings, your insurance policy
requires it and your safety demands it.
House for sale or rent on reasonable
terms after August 1st. Enquire of
Mrs. Emma Judson, or at Herald office.
The Parker "Kids" and the Hurley
nine will play a game of base ball this
(Thursday) afternoon on the grounds
in Hurley.
Building and Loan association dues
are payable Saturday. Call at the bank
and leave your money, unless you pre
fer to wait a few days and pay a line.
If there is anything in this paper you
don't like, jump the deyil the editor
has gone to Pierre to try to convince
the residents of that village that it is
not in the capital light.
Ye editor is off on a time for a few
day, and if you want to pay a year or
two's subscription now is the time to
call and give theaevil a chance to carry
the money for a short time.
A star-chamber investigation was
held this week by County Attorney
Jones, who was endeavoring to gain
some information in regard to original
packages, and matters pertaining there
The young members of the Grace
church Sunday school organized a
Children's guild Tuesday afternoon,
and elected the following officers:
President, Vera Brown vice-president,
Claud Hill secretary and treasurer,
Guerden Bach.
J. S. Marshall & Son, of Atwood, 111.,
say their sales on Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy exceed those ot all other cough
medicines put together. It has been
sold there for several years and their
customers have learned its true value.
For sale by Emiel Brauch.
Mr. F. O. Parker, who represented
Lord & Powell in the grain business at
Hurley last year, goes to Ireton, Iowa,
to live, and Mr. Otto Kingery will
mount the wagons and wrestle with
the golden grain this year for J. B.
Powell &Co., who succeed the old firm.
Insure your property always with the
local resident agent of some good com
pany. llo knows what you want, and
will see that you get it if be knows his
business. The traveling solicitor
neither knows nor cares what you
want. Insure with Allen's Agency.
Let traveling men alone.
"Godey's Lady's Book" tor August
is is here, it presents a gala appearance
with two to beautiful frontispiece illus
trations, and various other attractions.
The number ot fashion illustrations,
the design for fancy work, the choice
of a cut paper pattern, and all the liter
ary features render It very attractive
and useful to the ladies. Godey Pub
lishing. Company, Phila., Pa. Price, 82
per year.
From ono of our exchanges we learn
that "Ole Anderson" drew a prize in
the Louisiana lottery. Wonder if it is
the same Ole Anderson who helped
Parker out so nobly on election day
when they were offering their 810,000
bogus bonus to the Turner county tax
pays Ole" was quite numerous that
day under his multitude of aliases, If
it Is the same party we wonder if his
manager haa a defect in one of his
optics. 3
-»r «-.
Alcester has a newspaper.
Harvesting is in full blast. ,.f
Ginghams and summer dress goods,
cheaper than ever before, at Allen Bros.
Look out for fresh fruits Friday or
Saturday this week at Pioneer Drug
The receipts at tho social Tuesday
evening /-.mounted to about twelve
Stoye repairs for any stove in the
United States or Canada for sale at
Keep in mind that lawn social which
is to be given by the ladies ot Grace
church soon.
Sunday morning's shower was a fine
one, and tho ground is now in fine con
dition for corn and late flax.
Now is tho best time to insure
against Lightning, Windstorms and
Tornadoes. Allen's Agency.
A carload of the best brick ever
brought to Hurley just received at J.
II Queal & Co.'s lumber yard.
The finest line of fancy ginghams and
summer dress goods ever brought to
Hurley, just received at Allen Bros.
Miss Vera Brown went to Kedfield
to-day, where she will visit for a couple
ot weeks with her aunt, Miss Emma
C. G.Pratt is tho agent in Parker for
the D. M. Osborne & Co. harvesting
machinery. He has a stock of extras
on hand for all who may desire to keep
their machines in first class working
Tho office building at the Hurley ele
vator was entered Monday night and
five sacks of Hour appropriated. An
attempt was also made to open the
safe, but as theburglars weredoubtless
new hands at the business, their olforts
in this direction proved futile.
Mr. Jas. Wilson of Aliens Springs,
111., who is over sixty years of age.
says: I have in my time tried a great
many medicincs, some of excellent
quality but never before did 1 find any
that would so completely do all that is
claimed for it as Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It is
truly a wonderful medicine." For sale
by Emiel Brauch.
O. B. Allen spent Sunday in Hurley.
Mrs. T. J. Hill and daughter Isa
start soon for a three month's visit- in
Joe Fisher was in town Friday look
ing after customers for musical instru
ments. He reports trade lively.
Connty Attorney Jones was down
from the county seat Tuesday doing
preliminary work looking to the re
duction of the surplus in the county
treasurer's vaults.
Mr. Richard Barnett and son, of
Valley Springs, S. D., have been visit
ing friends in Hurley and vicinity.
Dick owns a valuable quarter section
of land north of town, south of the
Phillip's place.
Miss Carrio Allen, of Mason City,
Iowa, is visiting in Hurley with her
brothers 'Lon, Walter and Bert. Sho
is greatly surprised at tho improve
ment in the country since her visit of
three years ago.
Household Furniture for Sale.
As I am about to move away from
Hurley, I offer my household furniture
of all kinds for sale cheap.
Parker Pondering*.
Purker, July 21, 1890.
Pcace, with her 'Hvhite wings"hovers
gently over poor, old, faction-rent
Turner county.
Tho ad interem editor's occupation is
gone, as he is of no use except to throw
dirt and use vitrol.
The boss calls a halt in the interest
of success, and the New Era will, until
after election, attend strictly to the
work of bridging over the bloody
chasm, caused by its unwarranted and
unjustified attact on the county officials
since "the ides of November," when
Hackett losr hisjob. As proof of this
see New Era of July 19,1890.
The county commissioners, at their
last meeting in allowing the assessor's
bill, are derelict and should be called
upon to explain. In the meantime, get
the names of the assessors, and when
any of them in the future ask your
suffrage, inquire how much time it
takes to assess a township. Keep "the
rascals out."
The Parker base ballists received a
royal welcome on their return from the
Madison campaign, in which they were
victorious, They are, no doubt, en
titled to be called champions.
State Senator George Johnston, of
Mitchell, candidate for governor, was
in town a few minutes Saturday. He
seems to have got rid of the grippe,"
and thinks he has it on the nomination.
There are lots of worse men than Geo.
Come up and look over the new
county offices—be sure you keep
straight as the cells are handy. You
are at liberty to still call for that 810,
000, but we would like you to admit
that the addition to the old school
building wga a necessity at tho
One splendid way to kill a town, at
least to check its growth, is for property
owners to permit their cupidity to get
away with their discretion. In some
instances property holders have been
known to fix a price—which usually is
more than It is worth—and then when
a buyer comes and offers the price, to
back clear down, believing that five
hundred or a thousand dollars more is
perhaps in sight.—Pierre Press.
Look ont for fresh fruits Friday or
Saturday this week at Pioneer Drug
Remember we guarantee to save you
money on anything you want in the
dry goods, clothing or shoe line.
Partial List of Real Estate for Sale by
No. 3—8325—15 acres adjoining Hur
ley. A splendid opportunity for a sub
urban residence or a market garden.
Terms liberal.
No 15—83,000—180 acres 2 miles
north of Hurley. 80 acres cultivated,
00 acres fenced pasture, 20 acres trees,
ijood house, good barn and cattle sheds,
2 wells good water, lots of shrubbery
and truit trees, Terms liberal
No. 33—81,000—A good residence and
3 lots in Hurley. Part cash, balance on
easy payments.
No. 35-83,000—100 acres adjoining
Hurley. No better land on earth. No
No. 40—82,100—320 acres wild land,
12 miles from Hurley, good farm land.
One-third cash, balance in 1 or 2 years,
8 per cent.
No. 42
82,500—100 acrcs. Improved
farm 3 miles southwest of Hurley, 115
acres cultivated, 14 acres of 10-year-old
timber, No. 1 frame house and barn,
good well and other improvements.
Terms, 8500 or more cash, balance on
easy payments.
No. 43—83,2(X)—160 acres one mile
from Hurley, good house, good stables
and sheds, 00 acres under cultivation, 5
acres trees and fruits, 40 acres fenced
pasture, terms easy, or will trade for
wild land.
No. 44—8350—One story dwelling
and lot in Hurley, terms to suit pur
No. 40—Sl,700—100 across miles northwest of
Centrevillo, 25 acres under cultivation.
No. 49—§3,000—153 acres adjoining Hurley. 00
acres fenced pasture, 85 acres under cultivation,
8 acres trees, new 2-story house 24x31 feet, good
stables, granary, ctc., artesian well.
No, 51—S3,200—100 acrcs mile northeast of
Hurley, 50 acrcs under cultrvation, CO acres
fanceel pasture, 14 acres timber, good house,
good barn, granary, slieds, etc., good well, terms
No. 57—8475—1-story 4 room dwelling 24x20 and
lot 50x140. Terms, monthly Installments or will
trade for wild land.
No. GO—S2,GOO—100 art res Improved farm in
Swan Lake township miles suutli west of Hur
ley. 150 acres fenced, GO acres cultivated, good
frame house, frame barn, granaries and slieds,
plenty water and grass, a splendid farm for
stock or grain raising. Terms to suit purchaser.
No. 01—85,000—240 acre farm mile north of
Hurley, 80 acres cultivated, 70 acres fenced
pasture, about 5 acres shade and fruit trees,
larse 2-story frame house, 2 large barns, good
sheds, etc., for stock, 2 drive wells with pumps.
Terms to suit purchaser.
No. 02—$1,700—142 acres Smiles southeast of
Parker, 7 miles northeast ot Hurley, 50 acres
cultivated, 35 acrcs fenced, 5 acrcs timber,
adapted to corn and stock raising, watered by
Vermillion river. A rare bargain, easy terms.
No. 63—31,700—100 acres 1! nii'es northeast of
Ilurley, 130 acres fenced pasture. 15 acres tim
ber. good well, good water, good stock farm.
No, 04—2 lots in Sill's add to Hurley and 5
acres adjoining, 2-story house 2tx20 with add
10x20 (a well made house, good cellar) 50 barrel
cistern, 2 good wells, frame barn 22x30.5 acrcs
fenccd pasture. Terms and prices will be made
known ou application. A bargain for Eoineone.
No, 71—91,200—too acres 2 miles northeast of
Hurley, 40 acres cultivated land frame house
tcx20, frame barn, few shade trees. Terms to
suit purchaser watered by well and pond good
stock farm.
No. 75—$2,100—100 acrcs 2!i miles west of Hur
ley. 00 acres cultivated small house good
barn and slieds 0 acres of trees deep rich soil.
2 wells. Terms to suit purchaser.
acres miles southwest of
acres under cultivation
acres of
large timber. S1W mortgage to be assumed,
balance cash or deferred payments.
No. 77—$2,350—1(10 acrc improved farm 2 miles
south of Hurley. Frame, house, barn and gra
nary. 2 wells, 40 acrcs cultivated, 40 acres fenced
pasture, 5 acres trees soil, deep clay loam.
No. 78- ?2,200—100 acre farm 3 miles from Hur
ley. 40 acres- cultivated 3 acrcs shade trees, 5(1
fruit trees, 2 wells, good frame house and barn,
granary, cattle slieds, etc. Terms, cash.
No. 80—81,700—100 acres 2!i miles north ot
nurlev 30 acrcs cultivated 10 acrcs trees Hi
story frame house frame stable: good well.
No. 81—§1,200—100 acres 5 miles noitheastof
Hurley, 40 acrcs cultivated 15 acres tame liay
land good frame house and barn good well
and a few shade trees soil rich Bandy loam.
Mortgage S250,8 per cent, to be assumed. Bal
ance on easy payments,
mile from school.
No. 83—$3,000—320 acres 5!i miles northwest of
Hurley In Norway township two farm dwellings,
granary, stables, etc. good well and spring 3
acrcs shade and fruit trees 200 acres cultivated
75 acres fenend. Mortgage S2.000 to be assumed,
balance cash. Tills is a splendid farm for grain
and stock falsing.
No. 84—$1,000—1 stnrv 4 room frame house anil
lot in Hurley, 50X140 feet desirably located:
largo cistern, cellar, fcnce, etc., everything
finished tlrst-class throughout.
No. 85—$000—l!i story 4-room house 14x24,
nearly new lot 50x140 feet 83-barrcl cistern.
Terms liberal.
No, 87—$1,500—100 acres wild land 3!£ miles
east of Hurley. Terms $400 cash balance long
time at 8 per cent. Public school on kind.
No. 01—81,700—100 acres \i mile from Hurley
good hay or farm land. S800 mortgage to be
assumed balance cash or time.
No. 00—$1,050—80 acres, 2!1 miles southwest of
Hurley. 4-rooni frame house 2-story frame
barn 15 acres ciTltivatcd 40 acres fenced pas
ture 3 acrcs fruit and shade trees rich soil and
good water. Terms liberal.
No. 02—$375—to acres 3 miles southwest of
Hurley good hay or pasture land.
No. 05-8-1,400—152 aeies 7 miles southeast ot
Hurley In the coal belt a good, cheap farm.
No. 97—Frame store building on Center Ave.,
Hurley, to sell cheap, or trafe for laud near
No. loo—$2,050—liiO acre farm In Yankton Co.,
II miles southwest of Hurley, and 12 miles north
west of Ccntreville, l!i story briek veneered
dwelling 5 rooms and stoiw cellar stouo barn
25x70 feet frame barn and sheds 14x60 feet 20
acre fenccd pasture 100 acres cultivated 10
acres tame grass aeirs timber 2 good wells^
This farm would be cheap at $3,000.
No. 101—$1,000—li» acres wild land Iu Idyl
wilde township 15 inllcs from llurlty.
We have, as agents for the Western Town Lot
Co.', arid, other parties, a munlier of recant lots
In all parts.ot Hurley, which we are prepared to
olftr at very low. rales and oil reasonable times.
?*••$&&"*» "-I
5Cf ^Vri\lvf
This space belongs to ''Jim." Of
course you know him, and you "will
find him rustling Dry Goods, No
tions and Boots and Shoes at his
new store
At this season of the year,
Challies, Rood last colors,
Standard Prints,
Good Bleached Muslin,
are more cussed and discussed than any
other line of merchandise. My old custo
mers know where to get just what they
want, and from new consumers I would re
spectfully ask a fair trial. Without fear of
successful contradiction, I can safely say
that I carry the heaviest stock and most
complete line of these goods in Turner Co.
Prices from 30 cents to $1.75 per gallon.
If oils are not as represented as to price
and quality, return same and have money
E. BRAUCH, Proprietor.
And you will find it to your interest to buy
at ALLEN BIIO'S, where you will find a
good assortment, consisting of
All-over and Skirting Embroideries
and Laces.
We have a good line for Ladies. Children
and Men. Remember that on anything in
the shoe line we guarantee to save you 15
to 20 per cent.
Doa't forget that we pay as much for Eggs and Butter as any »ae. and vf«r#ill
save you from 5 to 15 cents on ttvci-y dollar's
•worth of goods you buy.
Yours for trade,
from 0 cents up.
Hurley, S. D.
If You Should Happen to Want a
Why not buy one that you eari get Repairs for?
is all Steel—no Wood to rot.
How about the J. I. Case
Threshing Machines?
We have got theni.-
Lime, Cement,, Bt\icco and.
Fence ^Posts'.
If you want to buy a J5IXDER, \Vhy not buy thc:
Lightest Draft Binder Made,
The Walter A. Wood
Kepairs Always on' hand.
Standard Mowers Raked
Hurley Meat Marked
Fresh and Smoked Meat Always on Hand.
Highest Pricts raid for Live Stock, Hides and Fur*
E. S. IIENRTOIIS, Manager,
I N E & S O N
Staple and Fancy
Flour, Salt, Tobacco^ etc.
We will sell our goods for"
CASH or farm produce or
will not be undersold by any
one. Buy of us a Coupon
Credit Book and keep your
own accounts.
We deal in Groceries,- Flouiy
Salt, Crockery, Glassware, No
tions and jewelry.
Good goods sold cheats
New Stock and Prices to Suit tfie TrMe&
Coffins and Undertaker's Furnishing'
.:* Gr. L. PALMEK, Pi'opV
.. R.Y.

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