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Turner County Herald.
TERMS $1.50 PKR VKAK. In Advance.
CATHOLC—Services on the 1st and 3rd Sundays
of each mouth at 10:30 a. m. Christian doc
trine class at
m., and Vespers and
Benediction at 7:30 p. in., daily Mass at
m. Services are held at Centreville on theand
Sundrv of each month and at Beresford on the
•tth Sunday. Very Kev. Dean Sheelian, pastor.
METHODIST EPISCOPAL.- Services every Sun
day at H:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. in. Sunday
.school after inornina services: prayer meeting
HULTLEV LODGE X0. 75,1. O. O. F.
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock
In I. O. O, F. hall. Visit inc brothers are most
earnestly requested to attend.
Passenger No. 0
Dr. J. V. Elliot of Beresford was in
town Tuesday.
Miss Ken
a Newton will arrive today
from Alt. Carroll, 111.
Kev. Hopkins is at Vermillion this
week attending campmeeting.
Miss Edith Welch is expected home
today from an extended visit at Spen
Miss Blanch JJeeken returned Tues
day from a visit with friends at
Albert Bredberg and wife returned
home Wednesday from a visit at Cen
Judge Elliott and Auditor Fancher
were agreeable callers at the Herald
office Tuesday.
Miss Evelyn Savage went to Mitchell
today, being called home by the sick
ness of her sister.
John Welch went to Sioux Falls
Tuesday, where he expects to remain
for several weeks.
Mrs. Robert Martin was down Irom
Parker Tuesday, it being her first visit
to Hurley in two years.
J. F. Robinson was down from Par
ker, shaking hands with his many
Hurley friends yesterday.
State Supt. Salmon was a pleasant
caller at the Herald office Monday. Ho
expects to go to Florida about the 1st",
of October.
Peter Dahman of Spring Valley has
an uncle from Marshalltown, Iowa,
visiting him. He took his place in
line with the veterans on Decoration
Wm. Andrews went to Madison
Monday to attend the commencement
exercises at the Normal school, Miss
Lola Jenks being a member of the
graduating class.
Q. S. Conklin and wife of Parker,
and Mrs. Porter Peck and mother, Mrs.
Cornue, of Sioux Falls, were visiting
with A. J. Allen and family Tuesday.
Mrs. Cornue will remain until Satur
Charles Brown, three miles west of
town, "is receiving a visit from his
father. lie was in line with the old
soldiers on Decoration day. He is
much pleased with the country, and
sees for it a bright and prosperous
A New Offer.
We arc pleased to be able announce
that the publisher of the Inter Ocean
has made a special offer on the weekly
edition of that paper during the pres
ent political campaign. He will send
the Weekly Inter Ocean for six months
to any subscriber on receipt of thirty
cents. This is a very low price for one
of the best and ablest republican news*
papers in the country, Good republi
cans should try to increase Its circula
tion. Subscriptions will be received at
this price from June 1st to August 1st.
After that the regular prices will be
Parties paying one year's subscrip
tions to, the Herald will receive the
INTER OCEAN FREE for six months.
If dull, spiritless and stupid if your
blood is thick and sluggish if your
appetite is capricious and uncertain.
You need a Sarsaparilla. For best re
sults take De Witt's. It recommends
itself. E, licauctu
Thursday evening at 7 JO. Geo. P. Hopkins,
E. S. M'COOK TOST, XO. 31, O. A. R.
Meet Saturday evening preceding the full
tuooii in each uioiith&t 7 p. in., in G. A. It. hall.
1*. M.
Freight No. 24 2:00 P.
Passenger No. 5 12:47 P. M.
Freight No. 25 11:06 A.M.
Make through connection for Chicago and
Sioux City.
Yankton trains connect at Centreville with
both morning and evening passenger.
W. A. THRALL. Geu'l Ticket Agent.
F. PHINNY. Agent.
Wheat—No. 1 Northern—45c.
Wheat—No. '2 Northern—i3c.
Oats—No. 2 White—25.
Oats—No. 3 White—23c.
Flax seed—-S1.20
Top hogs bring 84.00 today.
Cattle bring from S1.50 to S3.50
Committee Meeting.
The republican county committee
met in Hurley Tuesday to fix dates,
etc., for county conventions. The con
ventions will consist of 60 delegates,
the representation being one from each
township and one for each 25 votes or
major fractions thereof cast for Gov.
Sheldon. The convention to elect dele
gates to attend the state convention
will be held at Hurley, Aug. 15 pri
maries to be held Aug. 9. Convention
to nominate county officers will be
held at Hurley. Sept. 25iprimaries to
be hel^ Sept. 18th.
Anew top buggy for sale cheap.
Call and "e:S amine our bulk seeds at
Pioneer drug store.
Fine Millokt seed 50 cents per bushel
at Aldermaa nursery.
Hurley and. Parker play baseball at
Parker this afternoon.
The assessors are abroad in the land
finding out how poor we all are.
Children's day exercises at Presby
terian church Sunday at 12 o'clock.
Monday's shower was a small one,
but it was a little better than none.
Best assortment of corsets and corset
covers in town at Mrs. It. N. Coffield's.
It has been suggested that a dance
and picnic t»3 held at Welch's picnic
grounds on the fourth of uly.
A 10-pound daughter arrived Mon
day evening to gladden the hearts of
Charles Amberg and wife.
Creates health, creates strength, cre
ates vigor De
Witt's Sarsaparilla. It
recommends itself. E. Brauch.
In Saturday's game of ball between
Hurley and Spring Valley the score
stood 13 to 28 in favor of Hurley.
Call at Ferguson's and see that fine
line of decorated china and glassware
which he has just added to his stock
Good pasturage for 150 head of stock.
Plenty of water, and grass the best.
Enquire of J„ T. Hogan or II. II. Hun
Two cars oi: lumber for the Catholic
church at Davis arrived Tuesday, and
work on the building will now be
Bishop Maity has returned to Sioux
Falls after si two month's stay in
Michigan City, lnd., much improved in
A number of Hurley fish catchers
went to Swan Lake Monday afternoon.
Have not heard them say how many
they caught.
We are prepared to furnish an un
limited amount of money for first
mortgage farm loans, at reasonable
rates. Allen's Agency.
C. M. Pool was down to Centerville
Friday and Saturday repairing the
bank building, the brick veneering of
which had become loosened.
Hurley seems to be the convention
town, which is eminently right and
proper as it is centrally located as re
gards area, population and represen
A fine line of carpet samples—from
two-plys to velvets—can be found at
Ira G. Ferguson's, and carpets are so
cheap this year that you will miss it if
you do not buy that new one you have
wanted so lon&.
It cures blood and skin disorders. It
does this quickly and permanently. Is
there any good reason why you should
not use De Witt's Sarsaparilla? It
recommends itself. E. Brauch.
Pure blood tneans good health. Re
inforce it with De Witt's Sarsaparilla.
It purifies the blood, cures Eruptions,
Eczema, Scrofula and all diseases aris
ing from impure blood. It recom
mends itself. E. Brauch.
It is rumored that Charlie Howard
is about to dispose of his cattle ranch
west of the river, and that he will re
turn to Sioux Falls to reside. Many of
the old settlers of Turner county will
be glad to again grasp Charlie by the
Hurley lodge No. 75.1. 0. O. F. elect
ed officers last Saturday night tor the
ensuing term, as follows: A. M. Itas
mussen, N.G. J. II. Farnsworth, V.
G. C. M. Pier, secretary S. D. White,
treasurer 1. G. Ferguson, member of
board of trustees. The installation
will probably take place first meeting
in uly.
G. C. Gehon has built a first-class
bake oven,and has employed a number
one baker, Mr. Staessieger, of Cedar
Kapids, Iowa, and will keep on hand at
all times the finest of :"resh bread, buns,
pies, cakes, etc., and will give careful
and prompt attention to special orders
for parties ox picnics. Satisfaction
The Sioux fills Press says that Geo.
Kramer a 60 year old farmer living
near Lennox was recently "taken in"
in that city to the tune of §100 by three
card monte sharps, lc is strange that
men will allow themselves to be tleeced
by these games, Never bet against an
other man's game and you will have
more money.
The Irene News appears this week,
printed at home—in either Clay, Yank
ton or Turner county—and from the
eight columns of advertising matter to
be found therein it is evident that the
business men of the town propose to
stay by it. Irene is situated in a good
and prosperous section, and we miss
our guess if it does not make a thriv
ing town.
An Iowa philosopher, who of course
is a newspaper man discourses as fol
lows: Don't make fun of a boy whose
clothes don't fit. In five years his
clothes may be talylor made, while
yours are second hand. Don't make
fun of a poor girl, tor in a short time
she may be the happy wife of some
man with brains and a bank account,
while you may be glad to clerk for her
husband and sleep in the attic.—Bridge
water Tribune.
Peter Dahman got tired of having
his hogs all get into the trough after
water* so he invented a watering
trough, which is made by placing a
barrel in a tub about one foot larger in
diameter than the barrel ana the right
height tor the swine to drink from
comfortably. He thee, bored a hole in
the barrel a little below the level of the
top of the outer tub. After placing
the barrel in position he tills it at a hole
in the top, which is afterwards tightly
corked. The water in the tub is kept
at a levei with the hole in the side of
the barrel. We understand a patent
has been applied far.,
Window shades from 25 cents up at
Jos. Frick's.
Money to loan on land at Turner
County Bank.
School is now over and the children
are numerous at every turn.
Centerville is to have a $3,000 cream
ery. What's the matter with Hurley?
Elmer Itees is now clerking at E.
Brauch's while Harry Pier takes a va
This week and next are commence
ment weeks at the state university at
The Parker Democrat seems to be
somewhat demoralized of late, and ap
pears to be going democratic.
The annual commencement exercises
of the Mitchell university commence
June 15, and ,end on the 21st.
Mrs. Lease, Senator Piatt and Con
gressman Bryan will do the orating
for the 4th of July celebration at Sioux
Although crops are looking well a
good rain would push them ahead and
add greatly to prospects of a successful
Lincoln county has a town named
Tea, it being about midway between
Lennox and. Sioux Falls on the Great
Let us remind you that now is the
time to take DeWitt's Sarsaparilla, it
will do you good. It recommends itself.
E. Brauch.
The Baptist Sunday School will cele
brate Children's Day at 2 o'clock, Sun
day, June 10th, 1894. All are cordially
invited to be present.
The town board at Centreville has
ordered all dogs muzzled, and it is
claimed that some are using rubber
muzzles—soft rubber at that.
A neat little booklet, entitled "What
the Present Congress has Done," is cir
culating these days.-It does not take
long to read the contents, as the leaves
are all blank.
If you wish to buy a carpet don't fail
to call on Mrs. Anderson and see sam
ple of a new kind of carpet which she
will weave to order. This carpet is
handsome, cheap and very durable.
What makes a house a home? The
mother well, the children rosy, the
father in good heath and humor. All
brought about by the use of De Witt's
Sarsaparilla. It recommends itself. E.
The indications are that there will
be no general celebration ot the 4th of
July iu Hurley this year, and conse
quently the citizens of Parker propose
to lead out the old bird and let her
De Witt's Sarsaparilla is prepared
for cleansing the blood from impurities
and disease. It does this and more. It
does this and more. It builds up and
strengthens constitutions impaired by
disease. It recommends itself. E
Business is dull even at the postoffice
and Postmaster Kasmussen has reduc
ed expenses by making a change in the
force. F. 11. Newton now occupies
the place made vacant by the retire
ment of A. B. Smith.
Fifty cents is a small doctor bill, but
that is all it will cost you to cure any
ordinary case of rheumatism if you use
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Try it and
you will be surprised at the prompt re
lief it affords. The first application
will quite the pain. .50 cent bottles for
sale by E. Brauch, druggist.
In response to a request from Mrs.
W. A. Burleigh, state regent of the
Daughters of the American Revolu
tion" an attempt will be made to form
a chapter of the order at Hurley. All
women are eligible to membership
whose ancestry rendered material aid
to the cause of Independence during
the Revolutionary war. It is request
ed that those interested in this order
meet at the residence of Mrs. W. C.
Brown, Wednesday, June 13, at three
o'clock p. m.
Last Friday the members of the
Hurley schools, with parents and
friends, gathered at the grove of Sibley
Welch north of town, for a picnic. Mr.
Welch had the grounds prepared in fine
shape with platform, swings, seats,
and tables. The exercises by the child
ren were entertaining and satisfactory.
The long tables, at which over 130
could be seated at one time was filled
twice and nearly so the third time, and
if provender ever disappeared it was
when the first table, containing the
younger members got to work. They
had been running, swinging and en
joying themselves to their utmost capa
city, and consequently were having a
regular picnic with the supplies set be
fore them. Atter the feast of the 400
there was still a surplus. The occasion
was enjoyed by all, and will live.in the
memory of the children through their
The School Journal wisely says:
When a teacher has served a communi
ty a year, it is perfectly easy to know
whether or not he is efilciont. If he is
not, he should be dismissed in a quite,
manly way if he is, he should be allow
ed to go on with his work without an
noyance. A youth of eighteen l'resb
from his studies, with the habit of ans
wering all kinds of questions in writ
ing. can pass a technical examination
infinitely better than a man from thir
ty to fifty who is out of practice in ans
wering with the pen questions of fact.
But entirely aside from the injustice,
it advertises the weakness and stupidity
of the authorities who think that a
technical examination indicates any
thing of the qualifications to teach, so
tar as it applies to teachers in the ser
vice. A school director is a coward
who dares not pass honest judgement
on the work of teachers whose work
is open to his inspection. His coward
ice becomes well nigh criminal when
he professionally slaughters more than
thirty first-class teachers in order to
entrap the few whose ability he ques
tions. There is no other profession on
earth upon which such an outrage
could be perpetrated^
Tlie Clans of *94—First Annual Gradu
ating Exercises.
The first annual graduating exer
cises ot the Hurley public schools took
place at Opera hall Tuesday evening,
and drew an audience which filled the
hall to Its full capacity. The gradu
ating class numbered nine, six boys and
three girls, and they all acquitted them
selves in a very creditable manner,
showing that they had given thought
and research to the various subjects
which they had chosen. The motto of
the class is: "Stop by Step the llighe.-t
Round is Reached," and it is hoped
and believed by the people of Hurley
that each member of this, the first
graduating class from our public
school, will advance step by step, until
they attain a prominent place in the
profession which they may choose for
their life-work. At the close of the
exercises each member of the class re
ceived handsome boquets and baskets
of flowers. Following is the programme
of the evening.
Muslo, Grand March.
Kinx Solomon's Death,
The Flood of Years,
Homes ol the Dead,
A Rhymed Lesson,
Holding the Bridge,
The Elements of Success.
"Home, Sweet Home,"
The hall was tastefully decorated,
and a profussion of plants and flowers
tended to make the stage more pleasant
and home like.
During the past ear the Hurley
schools have made considerable ad
vancement- as regards classification and
course of study, and Prof. Smith and
the teachers under him have studied
faithfully to advance the standing of
the school, until it now ranks as one
of the best of its class in the state.
Parker Press, 2nd inst: Dr, Martin
sold a 17 months old bull forS50Thurs
day. Good blooded stock pays the best.
Postmaster 11 urd secured his
commission Monday and took full pos
session of the postoffice Thursday
Rev. Father Jeram has received a
call by a parish in San Francisco, Cal.,
and will leave next Monday to take
charge of that congregation. The
Catholic society here regret his depart
ure as he has been an earnest and
efficient worker in the church and
awakened interest and enthusiasm in
his congregation that had inspired the
society with new life. The Kev.
Fathers from Mitchell, Tyndall, How
ard and Hurley were up Tuesday to
bid him good-by Monday as Ed
Robbins was cleaning out the show
window at Gott's, he hung his coat up
beside a bunch of bananas and finally
when he went to put it on was inform
ed that a tarantula was hanging to the
bpttom of it. He naturally got his
coat at a respectful distance as quickly
as possible, but with the help of sever
al others managed to get his enemy
into a big bottle. The tarantula was
quite lively considering the cold
weather. Tuesday morning they ex
amined the bunch of bananas where
the tarantula had been' and found a
nest of young ones. It was a close call
and should prove a lesson in careful
ness to all who handle bananas.
Something wrong when you tire too
easily. Something wrong when the
skin is not clear and smooth. Some
thing wrong when the blood is im
pure. Everything right when you
take DeWitt's Sarsaparilla. It recom
mends itself. E. Brauch.
Sioux City Journal: There are to be
no more rushes for land in the remain
ing Indian reseryations which will in
time be opened if a bill agreed on by
the house committee on public lands
becomes a law. It provides for selling
the right to entry to eligible home
steaders to the highest bidger, the bids
to be written and sealed. Lots in
townsites shall be disposed of in the
same way and if any land or lots re
main unsold after the bidding they will
be subject to entry in the usual way.
Dr. M. J. Davis is a prominent phy
sician of Lewis, Cass county, Iowa, and
has been actively engaged in the prac
tice of medicine at that place for the
past 35 years. On the 26th of May,
while in Des Moines, en route to Chi
cago, he was suddenly taken with an at
tack ot diarrhtea. Having sold Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy for the past 17 years, and
knowing its reliability, he procured a
25 cent bottle, two doses of which com
pletely cured him. The excitement and
change of water and diet incident to
traveling often produce a diarihoea.
Every one should procure a bottle of
this jemedy before leaving home. For
sale by E. Brauch, druggist.
Are you insured? If not, now is the
time to provide yourself and family
with a bottle ot Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy as an
insurance against any serious results
from an attack of bowel complaint
during the summer months. It is al
most certain to be heeded and should
be procured at once. No other remedy
can take its place or do its work. 25
and 50 cent bottles for sale by Iv Brauch^
Miss Gertie Conklin
Music, Duet,
Misses Pier.
Jean F. Sargent
David A. Murphy,
Stella Near,
Song, Quartette,
Leila rier,May Bach, Ethel Rundell,
Isalllll, Vera Brown.
Progress of Commerce,
Glenn W. Robertson.
Krnest L. Rees.
Charlotte C. Sumner.
ustc— May-day Sehottlsi-he.
Hie Industrial Army.
Ciriine Hogati.
Tonus Hansen.
Marion A. Bacon.
Winnie L. Stout.
Presentation of Diplomas.
A S it in pa of S
Advice to Class,
A. J. Smith, Principal of Schools.
Address on Part ot School Board,
Rev. F. H. Newton.
Music—Clayton's Grand March,
Gertie Conklin
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment
A certain cure for Chronic Sore lyes,
Tetter, Salt Kheum, Scald Head, Old
Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples
and Piles. It Is cooling and soothing.
Hundreds of cases have been cured by
after all other treatment had failed.
It is put up in 25 and 50 cent boxes.
LOST—Sniall pacKage containing two pairs of
mitts. Please leave at Herald office.
Kcd Hot Commonsenso,
Conklin's Dakotian.
The republican who Is filled with the
notion that there can be no political
good in any one man or party whose
political faith diiTecs from his own in
important particulars is an egotistical
ass. whose braying is as far from being
useful as it is from being musical, and
when we find a republican who will
deny some of the fundamental and lite
long principles of his party because
some later party has brought them to
the foreground, we feel that he ought
to be relegated to the rear among strag
glers, camp followers and cowards.
We are now pre
pared to present to
you the Largest and
Finest stock of Wall
Paper ever brought
to Turner Co. We
also claim that Ave
have same so arrang
ed that it will be no
trouble to show
goods, whether you
wish to purchase or
not. We therefore
earnestly invite your
early inspection of
our line of Wall Pa
per, Curtains, Kalso
mines, Etc. Satisfac
tion guaranteed or no
sale desired we only
ask your patronage
according to merit.
Yours for Business,
E. Brauch, Prop.
At M. E. Church June 3, 1894.
10 a. m.—Class meeting.
11 a. m.—Sermon by the Pastor, sub
ject. "Sabbath Observance."
12 m.—Sunday school.
7:15 p. m.—Praise service.
8 p. m—Preaching by the Pastor.
Geo. F. II OP KINS, Pastor.
See the World's Fair for Fifteen Cents.
Upon receipt of your address and 15
cents in postage stamps, we will mail
you prepaid our SOUVENIR PORTFOLIO
SITION, the regular price is 50 cents,
but as we want you to have one, we
make the price nominal. You will
find it a work of art and a thing to be
prized. It contains full page views of
the great buildings, with descriptions
of same, and is executed in highest
style of art. If not satisfied with it,
after you get it, we will refund the
stamps and let you keep the book. Ad
dress 11. E. BUCKLEN & Co,
Chicago, 111.
How to Kxtiuguish alrire»
Take twenty pounds of common salt
and ten pounds of sal ammoniac (muri
ate of ammonia, to be had of any drug
gist,) and dissolve in seven gallons of
water. When dissolved it can be
bottled and kept in each room in the
house, to be used in an emergency, in
case of afire occuring, one or two
bottles should be immediately thrown
with force into the burning place so as
to break them the fire will certainly
be extinguished. This is an exceeding
ly simple process and certainly worth a
"Tama Jim" Wilson says when a boy
he often went to the village nailer for
nails and had to wait for him to make
them. In 18(51 he drove corn fed cattle
from Tama county to Cedar liapids
and sold them for 23£cts per pound,
and hogs for Sl.80 per hundred. He
hauled wheat to Iowa City and sold it
for 38cts a bushel, and when he got
home he did" not know whether or not
the bank notes he received were worth
a penny. Taxes were paid in gold.
Now, nails are 1 cent a pound, and he
sells his cattle and hogs at home at
double the prices of 1861, the money
received is good as gold, family supplies
cost not cne-half as much, while every
acre of land will produce just as much
today as in 1861, with less manual la
Sioux City J'oujnaL,
J. & P. ALLEN,
Real Estate,
Farm Loans,
Steamship Tickets,
Abstracts furnished,
Taxes paid,
Farms for sale,
Notarial Business.
Bond for Deed,
Leases, -r
Satisfaction of mortgages,
Satisfaction of liens,
Satisfaction of judgments,
Mechanic's liens,
Thresher's liens,
Breeder's liens,
Bills of Sale,
Articles of Agreement,
Articles of Copartnership,
School Officer's Bonds,
Township Officer's Bonds,
And all other forms of
legal papers. We keep a
complete set of blanks for
this purpose.
Call and see us.
Charges reasonable
And all work
Correctly done.
J. fc P. ALLEN,
Hurley, S. D.
U. 3. Laml Otllco at Mitchell, S. P.,
May 28,1894.
Notice is hereby given that the following
nanied settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support, of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the clerk of
the circuit court, in and for Turner Co.. S. D.t
at Parker, S. O.. on Friday. July 13.1891, viz:
under his homestead entry No. 9021, for the
northeast quarter of section thirteeu. township
ninety-seven N., range tiftv-llve W. of fifth
1'. M."
He nam?s the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivatioh of,
said land, yix: Hans Larson, Jens Sorensen.
Anders Jensen and Hans Hansen, all of
.Spring Yallev 1'. ().. S. I).
Ar.it.wiAM lioY.vioN', Register.
Advertised Letters.
List of letters remaining in postofiice
at Hurley, S. D. June 1,1894. If not
called for in 30 days will be sent todead
letter office.
Alcott, Geo. F.
Chace, Miss Jilanch
Jensen, Mrs. Francis L.
Lundy, Miss Mildred
Nelson, Mrs. Laura
Smith, Mike
Whaley, C. F.
Weak, John O.
When calling for above please say
JJucklen's Arnica Salve.
The iiest Salve in the world for Cuts,
llruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter,. Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Files, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refund
ed. Price 25 cents per box. For sale
by E. Brauch, druggist.
For the next thirty days I will give
12 per cent ofT on all cash sales of all
goods in my stock. And I would most
earnestly request all knowing them
selves indebted to me to call and pay,
all, or a part of same, as I have large
bills to meet at this time and need
every cent due me. Respect fully:
Hurley, May 31, 1894.
That 850,000 color ress of the Chi
cago Inter Ocean is being utilized in a
unique and instrueluve manner by that
great newspaper. It is being used to
print a "Little Paper for Little Chil
dren" with four full pages in eolors,
and beginning with Sunday, April 29,
this paper will contain the lirst install
ment of a children's story, written es
pecially for it by a Chicago newspaper
man, Sam Clover. A unique featui
ot this story is that it is to be nann
by Chicago school children after read
This with the "Musical Supplement,"
a new art feature, makes The Sunday
Inter Ocean a most interesting and
welcome visitor for every member of
the family..
V. .•
Hurley, S.
is an arbitrary word used to designate the
only bow ^riug) which caaoot ba pulled oft
the watch'.
"Why don't you have your
Put up Now.
We are better prepared than ever to
do all kinds of Tin Work.
Yours for Business,
Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Fence Lath Adamant, aud all
Materia in their Line.
They have Prices that cad't be beat, and Grades to correspond with their Priom
Come and look at the lumber and get
ces, it will cost you nothing.
Lime, Cement. Stucco and
Fence 3?osts.
The bow has a groove
on each end. A collar
runs down inside the
pendant (sum) and
fits into the c'0°vesi
firmly la-ckine the
bow to the pendant,
so that it cannot be
pulled or twisted off.
It positively pravew^ tfie loss of the
watch by theft, and avoids-injury to if frotn
Jas. Boss Filled or other watch
cases bearing this trade mark
All watchdealers sell them without extra cost,
A watch case opener will be sent tree to any one
by the manufacturers.
KeystoneWatch Case Co.,
C. J. 1JACII, President.
E. UlvAUCll, Vice-president.
PETKli ALLK.V Cashier.
Livery, Feed, and Sale
(rood tc.im-i with, or without driv
at moderate prices.
•Stablii SOU I'll of Curnmercial Hotel.
A. W. llAltPKli, Ass't Cashiec.
E. S. HENIUOHS, Manager.
Hurley, S. D.,
Hio'liest Oasli [Price
Paid lor Live Stock.
D. C. WARD. Proprietor.
AH Orders Promptly At
attended to and
I Have JMow a Good
Force of Good Men,
AIKI AM prepared to Contract Had
Complete a job in shorter time
than- any other man
Now in the County^
I have afto the only First-cljV
ii ige and wagon maker tliis^
ritir» As I don't know
riagfr branch will pay b'
vise those having- 0"'
bri:ig it in. at one**

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