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Highest Honors—World's Pair.
pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.
change in the system, I have for
the present year's crop es follows: Wheat,
75 acres oats, 58 acres barley, CO acres
flax, 75 acres corn, 70 acres buckwheat,
•.- acres millet, -i.j acres rye, 35 acres
peas, 55 acres potatoes, 35 acres beans, (10
acres onions, 2 acres mangel, wurzel,
beets, etc., 3 acres sweet corn, 1 ucre
total, C19 acres balance to hay.
"I supplement this cropping with hogs.
The plan is to market the most saleable
products and make pork from the poorer
und less saleable stuff. The hog, if he has
proper care and attention, plays very Im
portant part in diversied farming, and it
is a great mistake to attempt to get along
•without him. All of the crops, except
onions, named in this list can be used to
advantage In hog raising. It is an error to
claim corn as the king of hog food. If
space permitted I would demonstrate this
assertion. We have all the elements re
quired for successful hog raising, and 1
hope to see our farmers give serious and
practical attention to the subject."
Editorial Note—Having called the atten
tion of Gen. Flower, president of the St.
Paul Union Stock Yards company (who Is
recognized authority on proper hog feed
ing), to the foregoing, he remarked: "Mr.
Benuott's position Is correct, that while
corn is excellent hog food, it will not pro
duce as good meat
a mixed ground ra­
tion of small grains, especially wheat', bar
ley and oats, and that more profitable re
sults were attainable from the latter.
Tobacco-Stinking Breath.
Not pleasant to always carry around, tint It
don't compare with the nerve-destroying powei
that tobacco keeps at work night and day to
make vou weak and impotent. Dull eyes, ios?
of interest in sweet words and looks tell the
story. .Brace up—quit No-To llac Is a sure,
Quick euro. Guaranteed by Druggists every
where. Book, titled "Don't Tobacco Spit or
Smoke Your Life Away," free. Address Ster
ling Ilcmedy Cc^ Now York City or Chicago.
Tlie Latest Book Fad,
Jewels galore! Gems real °.url gems
artificial but so cunningly construct
ed that they defy detection, sparlile
on countless devices for ornamenting
tlie hair and corsage. There are jew
eled laces and passementaries, and
nets for sleeves and plastrons, but
quite the newest costly fad is !o own
a line leather pocketbook or card case
bearing a large silver monogram glit
tering with tiny diamonds and colored
stones. These rich books are made of
mottled liazzard or wafer snake skins,
or of rare cassowary or suede leather,
and the monogram, often surmounted
by a crest, Is cut artistically out of
silver or gold. At times colored en
amel is used Instead of jewels.
Piso's Cure is a wonderful cough medi
cine.—Mrs. W. Pickert, Van Sicleh and
Blake avenues, Brooklyn, N. Y„ Oct. 20, "J4.
Tlie Place for Him.
"Say," said the senior partner, "the
silent partner's son has come back
from his dramatic tour and wants a
place in the store."
"Better put him in the furnishing
goods department," suggested the jun
ior partner. "I guess he has had more
experience with ties than anything
else."—Indianapolis Journal.
The most lonesome man In town Is ilie
one that has made liberal loans to his ac
i. A recovering from
the illness at
tending cliild
birth, or who suf
'/fer from the ef-
I fects of disorders,
and displace
ments of tlie wo
manly organs,
will find relief
and a permanent cure in Dr. Pierce's
.Favorite Prescription. Taken during
'pregnancy, the "Prescription"
by preparing the system for parturition,
thus assisting Nature and shortening
"labor." The painful ordeal of child
birth is robbed of its terrors, and the
dangers thereof greatly lessened, to both
mother and child. The period of con
finement is also greatly shortened, the
mother strengthened and built up, and
an abundant secretion of nourishment
for the child promoted.
Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
Fourteen Varieties of Crops In tlie
Place of Wheat.
C.oneral Freight A»?» iit Moore, of the
Northern I'uelQc, has been searching many
years for an ideal Western farm, and
thinks he has found It* lie has maile a
deep study of the diversified farming ques
tion, mid his Ideal farm is cultivated on me
broadest diversilied plan. It belongs to
George M. Bennett of Westport, Minn., on
the Little Falls & Dakota branch of the
Northern I'aciflc. Mr. Moore has recently
•ent letters to various prominent farmers
Dn the line, nsking them to what extent
their crops and products are dlversliied.
What the ideal farm, Ideally diversilied,
really Is can be best learned by reading Mr.
Bennett's reply, which Is as follows:
"Answering your inquiry as to what I am
doing by way of diversifying my crops on
Westport fnrrn, I wish to say: In the place
of 8f0 acres I usually sowed wheat previ
ous to
A Steam Valve E*plo«le» "Willie tho
Stonmrr IS HIM-IIIK Wltli Another
Ve.Hnel—Two Men Killed und Trlr
tecu Otlieru Injured.
Chicago, June 25.—By the explosion
of a steam valve in the whaleback
steamer Christopher Columbus, off
Waukegata, two men were killed and
thirteen, all boatmen, were danger
ously or painfully injured.
The dead are Frank Wilson, coal
man, and E. .1. Steit, lireman.
It was the homeward run of the
whaleback in its opening summer ex
cursion to Milwaukee. About .$0
souls were aboard. Flying Hags, with
music and dancing was the order of
the evening. Half a mile in the boat's
wake plowed the rival excursion
steamer Virginia, which cleared the
harbor some fifteen minutes after, and
had on every pound of stefim possible
to overtake her competitor. On the
oiltward trip the Virginia had not only
held the advantage, but doubled it.
and the crew of the whaleback wye
determined that they should not be
passed. And the Virginia was gain
ing. As the sun went (town the boats
pushed ahead neck and neck not more
than 300 yards apart. The decks and
promenades of both steamers were
blackened with passengers. Shouts
and waving garments told the same
interest in the outcome that attended
the race course. The Virginia forged
Word was passed from the engine
room that the Christopher Columbus
was resolved on a little more speed.
Scores went below to watch the ma
chinery. The vibrations of tlie craft
from stem to stern and the unusual
plowing of water told that the Colum
bus was under a gigantic strain and
would win if it was in her. Some
grew anxious. Judge Grosscup and
his party, who were sitting aft. de
serted their seats and stood fore under
the bridge. Those watching the gauge
said the pressure was exceeding the
limit, to which the boilers were ad
justed. From 132 pounds of steam the
pressure had run up to 177 and was
still rising. Suddenly ihere was a
shock of explosion. The steam valve
in a six-inch connecting pipe over the
starboard battery of three boilers had
blown out. Down in the hold six
liremen and a waterman found them
selves in a scalding mist so thick
one could not see his hand. When
they tried to make the ladder they
jammed against heated oven doors in
their frenzy, and fell over one anoth
er and delayed embracing the slight
chance of escape offered. The blinding
vapor made help impossible. The
steam was instantly in every compart
ment oi the vessel. In tlie main sa
loon 1.10 passengers seated about or
reclining were suddenly seized with
panic. It was increased by all lights
going out. The passengers rushed
from the saloon to the decks. Several
women fainted. The men did all in
their power to quiet the frightened.
Many believed the ship was sinking.
Then the steam reached the passen
gers. A score or more of women who
had inhaled steam swooned, and in
the excitement their friends feared
they had been overcome by breathing
the deadly vapor. And yet with the
suspense of not knowing what was go
ing to happen there were numbers of
women who kept composed and stood
ready to take the life boats if neces
For three hours the whaleback lay
getting up steam for resuming the
journey. It was found (hat one bat
of three boilers had been made
useless, but the other was cut off
fi om it. and at 11 o'clock there was
enough pressure to start the engines
Ihe boat finally reached her dock in
Chicago at .1:1.» a. m.. with a pretty
badly pealed lot of passengers, and ail
bad a story to tell of the scenes on
To Endow the Proponed Miocene of
Northern Minnesota.
St. I':]ill, .tune -The committee
having in charge the division of tlie
diocese of Minnesota has issued a cir
cular asking for contributions in order
to raise $30,000 to be invested and the
merest used in paying tlie salarv of
the bishop for the newly created'dio
cese. The dividing line is to be the
southern boundary of Big Stone
Stevens. Pope. Stearns. Benton. Millo
Lacs, Kanabec and Pinb counties. The
new jurisdiction would be known us
the jurisdiction of Northern Minneso
ta or Dulutli. It will contain about
5,700 square miles of territory, with a
population of about 300.000, 7.000
church members, church propertv to
the extent of 170.000, fortv-six "par
ishes and missions. The members of
the committee are T. II. M. V. Apple
by, Kev. Albert V. Ryan. Rev. C.
Rollit, Archdeacon J. A. nil Allan and
William C. Sargent.
Shipping: IJIve Stock.
Fessenden, N. D., June 25—The Soo
road has begun preparations for the
shipment of live stock to the East
from North Dakota and Northwest
territory points. Full trains of empty
cattle cars are being sent north daily.
At Kenmire. N. D., thirty miles south
of the Canadian line, there are over
3,000 head already in sight for im
mediate shipment, and over 10.000 re
ported coming in from the back coun
Severe Storm.
St. Johns, N. F„ .Tune 25.—A serious
storm occurred at Logy bay. near here
to-day. Several fishing craft were
sunk with all their equipment and
fishing premises near AVaterside were
swept away.
Fnror BlmeialliMtn.
London. Jun 25.—A bimetallic me
morial has been signed by numbers of
leading bankers, merchants and man
ufacturers doing business la the East
end. It first refers to the recent anti
bimetallic memorial, in which it says
bimetallism is justly desirable as "a
growing agitation.
Eugene V. Deb^ having been sen
tenced to six months' imprisonment in
each of two cases, his attorneys are
trying to have the sentences made
concurrent instead of cumulative.
It IN Said That \'o One Can lleenll
the SeiiHiition.
If an ordinary person, who litis iit
some time in his career experienced
the miseries of toothache, were asked
if he remembers the pain in question,
there is very little doubt as to what
Ills response would be. Unquestion
ably he would say he remembered it.
But this incautious iwlmission might
lead itt once to controversial ditlicul
ties, for it appears that psychologists
are in doubt as to whether any one
can. under any circumstances, remem
ber a toothache or any other pain.
It seems desirable to follow this
statement at once with the assurance
that it is not a joke. Psychologists, as
a rule, are not humorists, and they
have no thought of being funny when
they assert that pains and other sen
sations cannot bo remembered. Those
of them who hold this view are strict
ly in earnest, and mean exactly what
the Avonls imply in their most sober
sense. They are perfectly aware that
we commonly speak of remembering
pains, and suppose that we do re
memlier tliein. But they contend that
in such a case we remember not the
pain itself, but the ideas that were as
sociated with the pain. We remember,
for example, that we were unable to
work because we had a toothache
that we applied remedies to it unsuc
cessfully that finally
To the person not accustomed to
looking sharply into tlie darker cor
ners o? his own. mind this
Use of Kites In War.
Tests in kite flying for military pur
poses have established the following
facts: That a properly constructed kite
can be made to fly in the very lightest
breezes that by fitting "side lines
to the kite It can be steered out of the
wind course to an extent of at least
45 degrees that in an average wind,
say twelve miles an hour, a kite can
lift off the ground a Aveight equal to
three pounds per square foot area,
so that a kite of 500 square feet could
lift a man that if the strink of a kite
earryiug a Aveight breaks the kite
forms a parachute, and descends gent
ly that the length of the string is
practically unlimited, since, when a
kite has taken out all of the string it
Is able to lift.tlie eud of the string,
may be affixed to a second kite, and
so on that by suitable arrangements of
cords, etc., a kite may be made to fly
quite steadily without any possibility
of its capsizing that on a perfectly
calm day a kite can be made to float
In the air so long as it is towed along
at the rate of, at least, four miles an
lour. It is believed that in actual war
fare kites may serve as a means of
communicating between bodies of
troops when the usual method can not
be conveniently employed. Excellent
pictures of Important strategic posi
tions and movements have already
been taken by making a camera-car
rying kite hover over a given spot.
A kite may be used for carrying a tor
pedo over the heads of an enemy, for
communicating with a besieged place,
or for raising a man. and in the last
respect a large kite might be employed
Instead of a captive balloon. Kites, In
deed, should be an Indispensable aux
iliary to a baloon equipment but the
advantages in their favor are so enor
mous that in course of time they will
probably entirely supersede balloons.
The only serious objection to the em
ployment of kites in war is the possi
bility of lack of wind force but, prac
tically, this is not so great a difficulty
as might be Imagined.
Prof. C. W. Drew, Chemist to the
Minnesota State Food and Dairy Com
mission, says that the "Royal" being
of greater strength than any other,
and possessing better keeping quali
ties, it is the natural conclusion that
it is the best baking powder made.
An Electric Incubator.
The idea of hatching eggs by elec
tricity may appear somewhat far
fetched, but electric incubation is not
only being carried on in German
CIAMH in Ethnolof7«
Teacher—Who were the three sons
of Noah?
The Class—Shem. Ham and Japheth.
Teacher—Where did the descendants
of Shem settle?
The Cass—In Asia.
Teacher—Where did the children of
Japheth settle?
The Class—In Europe.
Teacher—Where did the children of
Ham settle?
Bright Boy (after a pause)—My fath
er say8 they're all on the stage!—Boa
ton Trauscrlpt.
Latent Quotation* From Gritln and
Live Mode Content.
Chicago. June 2.1. Wheat June,
70 1-Je July, 70 7-Sc September,
72:i-5sc December, 7-1 .'i-Se. Corn
June, -IS ,'!-Se July. *LS 7-Se Septem
ber, -IS) 7-Sa50e December, 42 1-4c
May. 421-lc. Oats—June, 2S l-4c
July, 2S 1-1 September, 27 7-Rc May,
31'Me. Pork June. 511.72: July,
$1.1.77 September, $12.07. Lard
June. 2 July. SO.47 September,
50.07. Short ribs—June. $(i.lO July,
$0.15: September. $C). ?5a0.37.
Chicago. June 23.—Hogs Market
fairlv active and generally steady at
yesterday's close light, $-l. U)a4.00
mixed. .V4.40a-1.70 heavy. $4.85al.S0
rough. S4.I55a4.50. Cattle Steers.
$,{.75ii().05 covs and bulls, ?1.50a4
Texans. S2.25a."..
Minneapolis. June 2".—Wheat—Juno
closed at 71 .1-4c: Julv opened at
71 5-8c and closed at 71 3-4e: Septem
ber opened at t!) 1-lc and closed at
5-Se. track—No. 1 hard. 73c
No. 1 Nortrern, 72 l-4c No. 2 North
ern. 71 1-lc.
Milwaukee. June 23. Flour quiet.
Wheat lower: No. 2 spring. 71 3-4c
wont to a
dentist and had the tooth extracted,
and at once gained relief. All this
remember very vividly, as everv one
admits. But, it is said, we do not re
tain in our minds the slightest, truce
of the pain itself as a memory, or of
the sensation of relief that came when
the pain ceased.
doubt seem a very unnecessary split
ting of hairs. But the psyelmlogists
do not so regard it. They are discuss
ing the matter pro and con Avitli a
good deal of vigor, this being, indeed,
one of the controversies that go to
make up the current history of that
world apart in Avliich the philosophers
live.—1 iarper's Weekly.
iSorthern, 77 l-2c JU1A\ 72 l-4e.
Corn easv: No. 3. 49 l-2c. Oots dull
No. 2
IfsOit. and became a leading lawyer
of the state. From lts78 to lbis7 he
was nidge of the superior court of
Cincinnati. He resigned the ottioe to
become a member o! the Cincinnati
law firm of llarmon. -Colston, Gold
smith fc Iloadlv. He enjoys a large
and lucrative practice, and
is growing into a large industry. A
Strasburg electrician. Avho has been
experimenting for three years, proves
that with the electrical incubator 90
chickens can ordinarily be counted on
gut of every 100 eggs incubated. His
apparatus is made for 50, 100 or 200
eggs, and not only obviates many of
the difficulties connected with the or
dinary form of incubator, but makes
the process of hatching surer and
quicker than It has ever been. The
manipulation of the apparatus is
brought down to a very simple phase,
the main feature being the mainte
nance of a carefully regulated and un
interrupted supply of current. An au
tomatic attachment keeps the tempera
ture within one-tenth of a degree of
the normal heat of incubation. The
degree of saturation of the air is sim
ilarly maintained. The quantity of
current required is very small. After
the chickens are hatched they are
turned Into an "electric mother," the
upper part of which is devoted to the
freshly hatched birds only, while the
lower part is arranged so that the
chicks can run around on the ground,
and at the same time find heat and
protection when they desire it. Tha
electric Incubator has been found of
great service for winter work.
37c No. 3 white nominal.
Barlev nominal: No. 2, 50e sample,
48c. Rye dull: No. 1. C2e. Provisions
lower: pork. $11.75: lard, $0.40.
St. Paul, June 23.—Ilogs 5a 10c IOAV
enqualitv not so good lor the bulk
one fancv load on the market sold at
$4.45. Caltle firm and active for good
butcher cattle others steady.
Skctcli of the Itecentlv Appointed
Attorney Genernl.
Washington, June 23.—lion. .Tudson
Harmon, recently appointed Attorney
General of the United States, to lill
the vacruicA- caused by the transfer of
Richard Olnev lroni the department
of justice to the department of state,
is a native of Hamilton county, Ohio.
JntiHon Harmon.
lie Avas born Feb. 3, 1S40. attended
the public schools and finished his
education* at Dennisou university,
Granville, Ohio, graduating ISbO.
lie studied IBAV at tlie Cincinnati
main member of the firm.
JDII^C Harmon Honored.
Cincinnati, June 2,?.—One hundred
and twenty-six guests partook of the
dinner given by the Cincinnati Bar
association last night to Hon. Judsou
Harmon, attorney general of the
United States. Judge A. H. Taft was
toast master. Mr. Harmon sat at the
head of the table
ex-Gov. For-
aker on his right and Judge Taft on
his left." At this table
the judges and ex-iudgcs of superior
and common pleas court. Judge
Taft opened the after dinner speaking
an address to "Our Guest." On
his speaking in complimentary terms
of tlie good judgment of President
Cleveland in making this choice for
attorney general a voice shouted
"Hurrah for Cleveland." The shout
was taken up and continued for half
a minute.
At roiiK Side of the Line.
St. Paul. June 23.—The citizens com
mittee enumerator in the eleventh
ward yesterday reported a case Avhere
nine people were counted bA' a Minne
apolis enumerator. Andrew Savage
lives at the corner of Emerald and
Franklin streets. Emerald street is
the dividing line between the cities,
and the other town Is entitled to all
the inhabitants Avho reside on the
Avest side of that thoroughfare, but
Mr. Savage lives on this side.
Breeze Milt Mlttnlnfc.
San Francisco, June 23.—Eugene A.
Breeze, the partner of L. W. McGlauf
lin, the grain speculator who engi
neered the big Fair Avlieat deal, Is
still missing Breeze disappeared last
Monday after AvnbdraAving all the
firm's funds from the bank, and has
not since been seen.
Died of ller AVonndn.
New Albany, Ind., June 23. Mrs.
Carrie Holzher died this morning in
this city from the effects of wounds
alleged to have been inflicted by her
husband. Holzher claims she was in
toxicated and fell off if horse.
Private letters received in San Fran
cisco state that Japan'B trouble in
Formosa have been settled.
Henry, II. Houston, a director of the
Pennsylvania railroad, died of heart
failure to-day.
Wiiitlirop Will Retire.
Washington, June 23.—Col. William
Winthrop, assistant Judge advocate
general of the army, will retire in
August. His retirement will promote
Lieut. Col. Thomas Barr to be colonel
general and Maj. George Davis to be
lieutenant colonel.
Bolln'a Sliortnge.
Omalia. June 23.—The full amout
of City Treasurer Bollin's shortage is
not yet known, and will not be be
fore next week. It will be something
5 2 5 0 0 0
',-fea fC Jta*"*
W Vt-s
\H.^ '*'J
A Honeymoon In Italy,
A day or tAA'o after his marriage
Barlcolettl met his friend Gelsominl
on the English promenade at Nice, ,-w
"What, you here?"
"Yes I am on my wedding tour."
"And your Avife?" A
"She has staid at Milan to mind the
house."—11 Carlino.
He AVns.
Jones—Are you serious in your at
tention to Miss Hulks?
Bones—Well, I guess so? Her father
did me out of forty thousand on one
Wall street deal last month and I'll
got that back if I have to inarry the
whole family.
The Gunmaker of llion.
His Health Was Too Poor to Admit At
tcntion to liuslnoss.
(From the Springfield, Mass., Union.)
There Isn't a gun manufacturer in the
United States, who does not know Jef
ferson M. Clough. He has been Intimate
ly associated all hla life with the de
velopment of the Remington and
Winchester rifles. For years he was su
perintendent of the E. Remington &
Sons' great factory at llion, N. T.
After leaving there he refused a tempt
ing offer of the Chinese government to
go to China to superintend their gov
ernment factories,—and accepted In
stead the superlntendency of the Win
chester Arms Co., at New Haven, at a
salary of J7.500 a year.
It was after this long term of active
labor as a business man that he found
himself Incapacitated for further service
by the embargo which rheumatism had
laid upon him and resigned his position
more thnn two years ago, and returned
to Belchert-own, Mass., where he now
lives and owns the Phelps farm.
Being a man of means he did not
spare the cost and was treated by lead
ing physicians and by baths of cele
brated springs without receiving any
benefit worth notice. During the sum
mer of 1S93 and the winter of 1894 Mr.
Clough was confined to his house In
Belcliertown, being unable to rise from
his bed without assistance, and suffer
ing continually with acute pains and
with no taste or desire for food, nor was
he able to obtain sufiiclent sleep.
Early In the year 1S94 Mr. Clough
heard of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People. He began taking these
pills about the first of March, 1894, and
continued to do so until the first part of
September following. The first effect
noticed was a better appetite and he
began to note more ability to help him
self oft the bed and to be better gen
erally. Last August (1894) he was able
to go alone to his summer residence and
farm of 163 acres on Grenadl.fr island,
among the Thousand islands, in the
River St. Lawrence, where from the
highest land of his farm he commands a
view for thirteen miles down the river,
and sixty of the Thousand islands can
be seen.
-tead of being confined to his bed
admitted to the bar in
Clough Is now and has been for
ne time able to be about the form to
direct the men employed there and he is
thankful for what Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills have done for him.
These pills are manufactured by the
Dr. Williams' Medicine company, Sche
nectady, N. Y., and are sold only in
boxes bearing the firm's trade mark"and
wrapper, at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 and are never sold in bulk
They may be had of all druggists or
direct by mall from Dr. Williams' Medi
cine comDany.
Wnen a miui gets too worthless for any
thing eise. ho Is just worthless enough for
a sentimental woman to make a iitru of
and marry.
you feasted your
eyes upon the beauty
and grace of the 1895
Columbias? Have you
tested and compared
them with ali others?
Only by such testing can
you know how fully the
Columbia justifies its
proud title of the Stand
ard for the World. And
the price is but
Hartford, Conn.
An Art
of these famous wheels
and of Ilartfords, %&>
l6o,freeat any
ha Agency, or mailed
for tvio a-cent stamps.
for your
Anj size you
want, SO to 56
Inches 1
ff h.
Tiros lto ID
be a
hubs to fltanr
ftxle. 8avos
it a
times In a Ma*
•on to hara (*et
of low wheels
to flt your wagon
a in
ffra!n,foi(ler, man
ure, hogs, &c. Xo.
resetting of tire*
Catl'tsJrec. Address
Ktnplro JIfc. Co..
P* O. Box S3, Qulncy 111*
Health Depends^
Upon pure, rich, healthy blood. There
fore, see that your blood is made pure by
The only true blood purifier promi
nently in the public eye today.
Hood's Pills
net harmoniously with
llood's Bursapurilla. 35a.
Heard nt tlie Camera Exhibit.
lie (nil enthusiastic member of th»
club)—What Is the difference between
an amateur photographer and a pro
fesssionnl one?
She (an artless visitor)—I never
knew unless it Is that amateurs al
ways charge so much for their work.
—Washington Capitol.
I'm All Ctiintrmii
Is the remark of a-.unv a nervous Indl
vldunl. He or she will soon cease to talk
that way after beginning aud persisting Is
course of llostettcr's Stomach Hitters.
I^othlug like It to renew strength anil ai
petlto anil a gooil digestion. It clieck»
the inroatls of malaria, anil remedies liver
ctmplulnt. constipation, dyspepsia, rhou
matlsm und kidney disorder. It Is In every
sense a great household
The Ladles.
The pleasant effect and perfect safety
with which ladles may use the Call*
fornla liquid laxative. Syrup of Figs,
under all conditions, makes it their
favorite remedy. To get the true and
genuine article, look for the name of th»
California Fig Syrup Co., printed nea*
tne bottom of the package.
Crows have one virtue at least. They
are devotedly attached to their caws.
"Hanson's Magic com Salve."
Warranted to curn or money refunded. Auk yoof
drugtflut lor It. Price 1& cenu. -\y'
Abuse In one of the few things a mtk
can get without earning or deserving It.
If the Bull)' la Cutting Tfctll
Be Kiire and use that old and well-tried remedy, 11
WIHSLOWI SOOTHING SYHUF for Chlldrsn Tcothlnar.
Next to a beau there It* nothing a girt
la prouder of bossing than a bt. Bernard
Kvcrv mother should iilwuva liavo nt hand
a bottle of Marker Gingor Tonic. Nothing else
good for jmln. weakness. colUs and sleepleaanesa.
"When you need a friend don't pick oat
ha man whose dog never wants to follow/
Now 1H tho time to euro your Corn*
with Hlriilercorns. IttakeBthorn outperfcctly. girev
coxufort to tho feet. Ask. your druftglBt for it. 15a
A Martyr to tlie Cause®
Miss Amateur—Are you musicoJt,
Prof. Bisten
Prof, llisten—Yes but If you are go
inp to play anything, don't mind my
.feelings.—Sing Sing Courier.
Positively Cured with Vegetable Remedies
Have oiire1 thousands of cues. Cure cases pro
nounced hopeless by best physicians.From tlrstdus*
pymptomsdlsappear In ten days nt, least two-thirds
all symptoms removed. Send for'ree boon testimo
nials of miraculous cures. Ten days' treatment
free by mall, if you order trial send 10c In stamps
to pay pontage. DII.U H.UKEE.S & SONS.Atlanta,UA.
If you order trial return this udvordsemont to us.
Congli llnlanin
JR tlie oldest and best. It will break up uOold quicker
than anything else. It lu alwayu reliable. Try it.
We love the body for the soul's sake, but
never the soul for the Bake of the bodys
S K- COBUTtN, Mgr.. Clarte Bcott, write*!
"I find Hall's Catarrh Cure a valuable remedy."*"
Druggists sell it, 75o.
The Bookkeeper Not lie
Mr. Asker—They tell me that th®
bookkeeper of your firm is behind in
his accounts is that so?
Mr. Tasker—Far from It he cam®
out nlicad. It's the company that's be
hind.—reason's Weekly.
When the conehnian marries his employ
er's daughter he is a groom. The daughter
Is foolish.
I FcwrrsED AND pEErms
The strongut and purest LT®
made. Unlike ither Lye, It being
a flue ponder and packed In a can
with removable I'd, the contents
are always ready for use. Will
make the best porfumed Hard Soap
in 20 minutes without t-Hling. It la
the best tor cleansing waste pipes,
dlsinfectluK sinks, closets, washing
bottles, points,
trees, etc.
Gen. Aeenhu Phlla., Pa.
The most elegant Blood 1'uriller, Liver Invla
oriitor. Tonic aud Appetizer lenown. It builds
up and fortilles the whole system, invigorates
tlio liver, aids digestion and cures dyspepsia.
The lirst Iron Tonln Bitters ever advertised.
In. America Get the genuine.
i. P. ALLEN, Druggist and Chemist,
sr.-n. x. u.
Cle&mta &di1 be&rjtiilea the Iudr
Promote! a laxurant growth.
Nevor Falls to Bestore Gray
Hair to lt« Youthful Color.
Cures fc&lp tc
a tt hair lallise.
"Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
Late Principal Bx&minei U.S. Pension Bureau.
3\ reiulast war, ISa^iuuCcatiQjscloiiua, at siuofe.
Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use I
In tlmo. Sold by druggists.
No. 20—1S05.
No& 189,191 & 193 Michigan St.,
Goods Bought Outright or Sold on Commission. Quick Returns Guaranteed.
Gacks, Rope, Shipping Tags, Etc., Furnished on Application.
Refer by permission to Bankers' National Bank, Chicago Hide and Leather Natlorri Bank,
WUlUHgQ. V.V'.T ,v\' '•YVV'T -S"V'. •.

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