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rner County Herald
IURLEY, S. D., MARCH 5, 1856.
TERMS Si.50 PKK YKAR. In Advauco.
Wheat—No. 1 Northern—18c.
Wheat—No. 2 Northern—47c
Oats—No. I! White—12c.
Flax seed—70c.
Kepublicun Count}' Convention.
A 'delegate convention of tlie republicans of
Tunior county is hereby called to meet- at the
opera house ill the cilv of rentci ville on Friday.
March 13th. I8D0, at 2 o'clock ]'. M. for the pur
pose of selecting twentv-one (21) delegates to
represent the said county in the republican state
convention called to meet in Huron March 25th,
lS'JU, to elect eight delegates to represent the
state of South Dakota in the national republican
convention to bo held in St. Louis June lGth,
1890. and to transact such other business as may
regularly come before said convention.
The basis of representation will be one dele
gate for each township and one for each twenty
live (25) votes or major traction thereof cast for
the lion. Charles 11. Sheldon for governor at the
general election held Nov. 0.1894.
The several townships will be entitled to
representation as follows:
Centerville, OG-52.
Turner, !)7-r2.
Middleton. as-r.2,
l'inlay, sw-r.2,
lloinc, 100-52.
Daneville. iiu-f.8.
Swan I.ake, 97-53,
Hurlev, 98-53,
Parker, 99-53, Parker precinct,
99-53, Parker city
l-'irst ward.
Second ward,
.Third ward,
Brotherslleld, 100-53,
Spring Valley, 97-54,
Norwav, 98-54,
Marlon. 99-54,
Monroe, 100-54.
(dylwilde, 97-55,
Clilidstown. 98-55,
Jiosellcld, ny-55\
Dalton, 100-55,
Vote Del.
194 9
87 4
70 4
57 Ii
01 3
37 1
45 'j
71 4
52 3
70 4
04 4
70 4
82 4
55 3
The several township con.mittfiemeu will
please take notice and see that the caucuses are
regularly called and due notice of the same giv
en. It is recommended by the central commit
tee that said caucuses be held Tucsdav, March
Bv order of the Turner county republican cen
tral committee.
Dated at Hurlev, l'cb.28, isftfi.
llepulri'iui Township Canoes.
A republican caucus of Hurley Township,
township 98. range 53, will be held in the town of
Hurley Tuesday, March 10, at 2 p. in. in opera
hall to elect 7 driegates to attend county con
vention to be held at Centerville Friday. March
13th to elect 21 delegates to attend state conven
tion to be held at Huntn March 25tli. 189c, bv
order of KMUCI. I'.KALTII,
Haas Noystrup has 20 good shoats for
Oysters and fresh fish at Hurley meat
Hand saws 25 cents each at P. C.
Sleighing' was pretty fair Tuesday
Commissioners adjourned Tuesday to
meet again next Monday.
MONEY to loan on land at Turner
County Bank. Money always on hand.
Felloes 15 cts., spokes 2 for 25 cts.,
wagons cut down and tires set 87.50.
Basye & Gorton.
You aro invited to call at the Hurley
Art Gallery when in town, and inspect
our work and get prices.
First mortgage farm loans wanted.
We can save you money if you want to
borrow. Allen's Agency.
Remember, you get the Inter OCean
free for one year when you pay a y.-ai
in advance for the Herald.
There will be a meeting of the Ladies
Aid society or the Baptist church, Fri
day, March (ith, at Mrs. F., S.
The ice went out of the Missouri
river at Sioux City Feb. 20, which is
claimed by the local papers to be the
earliest opening on record.
Parlies wishing to purcases horses
will be offered a line opportunity at the
au3ticm sale to be held at the farm ol
Jas. Audrew, near Swan Lake, next
The meat market is now located in
its now quarters, the Palmer building,
and Mr. Skinner is again in command.
He intends to carry a large line of salt
fish of all kinds.
Farmers are securing their hired
help for the coming spring work, and
from present indications there will be
no necessity for any one remaining
idle who desires to work.
The city of Centerville has purchased
the electric light plant of J. E. Tom
linson. paying $8,500 for the same, pay
ment to be made in monthly install
The members of the" L. T. L. had a
pleasant time at their supper last Fri
day evening but the Oregon Medicine
Co. entertainment drew most of the
adults who were out that evening.
.T. V. Mann has bills out for an auc
tion sale, to lake place at his residence
in Hurlev one week from today, Thurs
day, March 12. Mr. Mann has decided
to go to Illinois this spring, and con
sequently will sell everything.
J. A. Rasmussen of Viborg says that
he has patronized tlie creamery near
that place ever since it started, and
thinks it just what every farming com
munity needs. He gave instauces
where cows paid their owners over $5
a lioad during the month of December.
J. & P. Allen loan money on good
Don't forget the danco at Opera hall
tomorrow evening.
Satisfaction of mortgage Dlanks for
sale at this office.
Get your fish at Sargent & Son's,
they have a fine line.
The snow which came yesterday is
rapidly disappearing today.
Try Sargent & Son's four pounds for
a quarter California prunes.
Wanted.—Girl to do general house
work. Mrs. W, H. Robertson.
John A. Sargent lias rented and
moved to the Skinner farm, northeast
of town.
More sleighs out yesterday than
there has been at any previous time
this year.
Mrs. G. S. Conklin of Parker who
has been quite sick is reported as be
ing some better.
Eggs will be taken at highest mar
ket price by Mrs. Slocum for millinery
and dressmaking.
Well, we appear to be having our
winter. About two feet of snow would
be greatly appreciated.
The school is taking a week's vaca
tion on account of so many of the pu
pils having severe colds.
Three, 5, 10 and 15 cent counters,
and numerous other bargains, at P. C.
Fawrup's, next to postoffice.
The Carthage News says that Mr.
Ed. Gotthelf has concluded to come to
Hurley with a stock of goods.
There is to be asociaidance at Opera
hall Friday evening after the close of
the Medicine Co. entertainment.
S. D. White yesterday moved his
barn from Dakota street to the lot
west of J. H. Farnsworth's residence.
Wo have not heard the returns from
the election in Turner township Tues
day, but understand the war is still on.
Walter Benson marketed .'!0 head of
swine last Saturday which were eight
months and two days old and averaged
275 pounds.
W. H. Robertsou has the material
on the ground for the bank vault in
the building recently vacated by the
meat market.
It was expected that the new bridge
at Centerville would be completed
Tuesday. There is considerable grad
ing to do, however.
There is to be a "Married Men's So
cial Party'' at Parker tomorrow even
ing, and the Herald editor acknowl
edges the receipt of an invitation to
the same.
Miss Royal, a returned missionary
from Africa, will speak in the Baptist
church on Friday evening, March 0, at
8 o'clock, Admittance free. All arts
cordially invited to attend.
Father Sheehan will continue in
charge of the Plurley congregation un
til a resident pastor is appointed by
the new bishop and next Sunday will
Jiohl services here at 11 o'clock without,
II. L. Burgcrmeister, who has been
assisting F. S. Vaughan at the lumber
yard of J. H. Queal & Co., has gone to
Davis to take charge of the company's
business at that place. He will prob
ably visit Hurley occasionally, how
Large and well pleased audiences are
attending the Oregon Medicine Co's.
concerts, and the sale of their popular
medicine is increasing rapidly as their
merils become better known. The
company give their farewell entertain
ment Monday night.
Last Thursday evening a double-head
freight train was going through the
maneuvers incident to switching, at
the Hurley depot, and four froight cars
were thrown from the track and badly
demoralized. Several hours were oc
cupied in clearing the track.
An experienced specialist in the
cure of chronic and complicated dis
eases has charge or the Oregon Medi
cine Co. at Opera hall. Free daily con
sultations are given from 9 a. m. until
5 p. m. All sufferers are cordially in
vited to call. Monday will be the last,
Hurley is now connected with the
outside world by telephone, the instru
ment having been placed in Brauch's
drug store, where it can be used by all
subscribers free of charge. Other per
sons can use the same upon payment of
a small fee for each time the instru
ment is used.
A pleasant and surprising featuro of
the entertainment at Opera hail Sat
urday evening, Feb. 29, was the presen
tation to Jas. Bavis of a fine silk um'
brella. As he will not have another
birthday anniversary for eight years
he will have to rely on Christmas pres
ents for a while.
The Oregon Medicine Co. have been
giving enteltainmonts at Opera hall
for the pust week, and the character
of the same have been such that they
have satisfied their audiences on all
occasions. The actors are, in their
several specialties, some of the best we
have ever seen, and their gentlemanly
conduct has made them many friends
during their stay here. They havo
special programs for tonight and Mon
day night, and tomorrow night is
"tooth-powder" night. Dr. Jones, the
gentleman in charge, is a pleasant man
to do business with.
Tlie Rebekah Lodge*
Miriam Rebekali lodge No. 411. O.
O. P. was instituted Friday evening,
Feb. 28, by Hattie B. Borland, presi
dent of Rebekah Assembly of South
Dakota. The lodge starts with a good
working membership and many new
members will be added in the near
The following officers were elected
for current term:
Mis. J. A. Scott, N. G.
Mrs. A. M. Rasmussen, V. G.
Peter Allen, Secretary.
Mrs. A. J. Allen, Treasurer.
Minor officers were appointed and
all duly installed and all necessary
committees appointed.
Through the energy and efficiency of
Mrs. Borland, who is a whole team and
a little more at such work, the lodge
was placed in good working trim.
The Rebekah constitution provides
that "all Odd Eellows in good standing
and their wives and all unmarried
while women who have attained the
age of 18 years, who believe in a su
preme intelligent being, the Creator
and ruler of the univerie and who aro
of good moral character," are clhgible
to membership in the Rebekah lodge.
This takes in a wide field and it is
hoped that thoso who are eligible and
interested in the good work will not be
slow to come forward and help make
the new lodge a success.
An exchange says "e" is the most un
fortunate lelter in the English lan
guage, because it is neyer in cash, al
ways in debt and never out of danger.
Our exchange forgets that the afore
said letter is never in war and always
in peace. It is the beginning of exist
ence, the commencement of ease and
the end of trouble. Without it there
would be no bread, no meat, no life,
no love, no gospel, no heaven.—Char
iton Democrat.
Committee Meeting.
Pursuant to call of the chairman, E.
Branch, the republican central com
mittee met in Hurley Friday, Feb. 28,
at 2 p. m.
There were present, E. Brauch,
chairman, F. S. Danforth, B. C. Foss,
Jas. E. Palmer, J. Albreclit, Tobias
Kaufman, James Bradberry. R. O.
Pinney, Albert Apland, Joel Fry, W.
E. Egc (proxy for J. E. Tomlinson.)
The chairman stated that the object
of the meeting was to fix the time and
place for holding the several county
conventions for the coming elections,
which resulted as follows:
The one to elect delegates to the
Huron convention, which elects dele
gates to the St. Louis convention, is to
be held at Centerville, March 13, cau
cuses to be held on the 10th.
Convention to select delegates to
Aberdeen convention to nominate
state officers, to be held at Parker June
19, caucuses to be held 11th.
Convention to nominate county ticket
to be held at Hurley, Sept. 25, caucuses
to be held on 18th.
The basis of representation was fixed
at one delegate at large for each town
ship, and one delegate for
each 25 votes
or major fraction thereofeast for C. H.
Sheldon for governor in 1894, which
gives each convention 7( members.
You can order school furniture and
other school supplies at Allen's
,T. A. Rasmussen of Viborg was in
town Monday.
Dean Sheehan was in town between
trains on Wednesday.
Fred Bolerman. tlie Davis stock buy
er, was in town Monday.
C. M. Pool is at Centerville plaster
ing Judge Dwyer's now house.
A. E. Rundell returned home Thurs
day of last week from his Chicago trip.
Mrs. A. .1. Allen and children went
to Parker Saturday, returning yester
J. E. Tomlinson was up from Center
ville Monday looking after telephone
Mr. Steninger. the popular North
western agent at Parker was in Hurley
Friday forenoon.
Hon. W. E. Ege of Centerville was
in town Friday, and made a pleasant
call at the Herald office.
Hon. Joel Fry was up from Irene Fri
day attending the meeting of the re
publican county committee.
Jas. E. Hazlitt carne down from Par
ker Friday with the politicians, just to
see how things aro done.
Albert Martin, the Ourtown post
master, was in town Monday and was a
pleasant caller at the Herald office.
F. C. Danforth and wife of Parker
were in town Friday, Mr. D. attendin'g
the committee meeting and his wife
calling on friends.
Beresford Republic: The town au
thorities have issued an order to the
effect that no seats shall hereafter be
allowed in saloons that all card tables
shall be removod from the rooms, and
dice throwing and every species of
gambling is prohibited. It is also re
ported that the new orders from head
quarters will be strictly enforced, and
that the hour for closing will be earlier
than heretofore. Thwse are all needed
reforms and we trust that they will be
rigidly enforced without fear or favor.
From Our County Cor
respondents and
Prom Our Regular Correspondent.
Middleton, S. D., March. ,'!.
William Kortemeyer returned from
his Iowa visit last Tuesday.
Township election today. Can't most
always tell which way she will go.
Property at F. J. Meier's sale went
off in good shape last week Wednes
Charles Bergners little six year old
son has been very sick but is improv
ing now.
The entertainment given bv the
school in the VanOosterloo district is
said to have been very good.
J. C. Bergner was called back from
Freeport, Illinois, bv a telegram, on
account of his sick child. Ho reports
lots of rain, snow and mud in Illinois.
From tlie Journal.
E. T. Forward bid his Centerville
friends goodby and departed yesterday
for his new position at Sheldon, Iowa.
Extra creamery butter is selling in
Chicago at 21 cents, per pound. Dairy
butter brings from 8 to 10 cents at the
stores in this city. It pays to patron
ize the creamery.
Judge Dwyer's new residence is now
ready for plastering, and when com
pleted will make a very neat and com
modious structure, the comforts of
which friend Daniel have long de
From tne New Era.
W. S. Branch & Co's. show window
has been a scene of attraction this
week. A live alligator, expressed
from Florida by Mr. Branch, has been
on exhibition there.
Doc. Tenny has traded his Marion
farm to A. S. Hale for a house and six
lots in Lennox, and some other col
lateral. We understand that Tenny
will move to Lennox soon.
Married, at the home of the bride's
parents, on Wednesday, February 26,
1890, by Justice B. Ii. Hurd, Perrin T.
Milburu and Vinnie V. Berry, all of
Parker. The New Era wishes the
happy young couple a long life of bliss
and prosperity.
Arthur, aged about two and a half
years, sou of Mr. and Mrs. Neils John
son of Bremer was drowned in a water
tank, on Monday morning last. The
tank was left open for the stock to get
water, and while the men were doing
the morning chores, the little fellow
fell in and was drowned.
Don't Tobacco spit or Miiolce your lifeaway
is the truthful, startling title ol! a book
about No-to-bac, the only harmless,
guaranteed tobacco-habit cure that
braces up nicotinized nerves, elimi
nates the nicotine poison, makes weak
men gain strength* vigor and manhood.
You run no physical or financial risk,
as No-To-Bac is sold by Emiel Branch
under a guaiantee to cure or money
refunded. Book free. Address Sterling
Remedy Co., New York or Chicago.
What a man can do is his greatest
ornament, and he always consults his
dignity by doing it.—Carlyle.
Happiness is a sunbeam which may
pass through a thousand bosoms with
out losing a particle of its original ray:
tiny, when it strikes a kindred heart,
1:!- the converged light od a mirror,
it reflects itself with redoubled bright
ness. It is not perfected until it is
shared.—Jane Porter.
Vacation Notice.
There being so much sickness and
consequently a low per cent of attend
ance that it has been thought best to
have a week's vacation. Therefore
there will be no school until Thursday
of next week. A. J. SMITH,
We will insure your farm property
and take your note due next fall. Call
and see us. Allen's Agency.
At the election held in Swan Lake
township Tuesday the following officers
were elected for the ensuing year:
Supervisors, R. A. Steadman, C. S.
Goodhope, L. P. Flyger clerk, N. N.
Kier treasurer, Chris Buckstad assess
or, S. M. Goodhope justice of the
peace, F. L. Larsen, N. A. Jensen con
stables, P. C. Andersen, Marion Fred
ericksen poundmasters, J. Andrew, L.
Larsen: road-masters, N. A. Jensen, J.
Andrew, Nils Miller, J. M. Hansen.
All last winter Mr. Geo. A. Mills, of
Lebanon, Conn., was badlv afflicted
with rheumatism. At times it was so
seyere that he could not stand up
straight, but was drawn over on one
side. "I tried different remedies with
out receiving relief," ho says, "until
about six months ago I bought a bottle
of Chamberlain's Pain Bain. After
using it for three days my rheumatism
was gone and has not returned since."
For sale by E. Brauch, Druggist.
M. A. Bacon visited the School Tues
Grace Skinner edits the high school
paper this week.
Teachers are busy with examination
papers this week.
Several of the boys have stopped
school lo begin farm work. •.
Thu questions have been received for
the rank in class examinations.
Bad cohis and whooping cough keep
a large number out ol school this week.
A class ol 4 little ones began school
Mouuuy. Wo expect more when the
weather moderates.
Owing to the weather Saturday but
a lew teachers from llurley ullended
the Parker meeting.
Touchers' examination will be held
in the school building Friday. A num
ber ol prospective teachers now
school intend lo lake the examination.
Papers were read at the Parker
meeting by R. Rees and A. J. bmilli.
The next county meeting will be held
in Hurlev the last Saturday in March.
i'roKi'iim ol ll(ii'k'.v leuchors' AKSocmtiou
For Saturday, March 11. Time of
meeting, 2 o'clock.
Primary Heading. Miss Sumner.
Language in the Lower Grades,
Report of County Meeting,
Mr. Bacon.
Current Events. Mr. Bartle.
Vertical Writing, Miss Fletcher.
Commercial Arithmetic,
Mr. Slocum.
Mr. Rees.
A Remarkable Cure.
Mrs. H. B. Adams, 1G09 Wabash ave.,
Chicago, says: "I had a scrofulous
taint of the blood from childhood, which
however, remained dormant. An ul
cer began on the side of the nose, hav
ing all the appearances of a most ma
lignant cancer. The agony of mind I
suffered cannot be described as I con
templated the progress of such a ma
lignant disease. Finally I was induced
to try Foley's Sarsaparilla. It appeared
to neutralize the poison in the blood.
The growth of the ulcer ceased. The
diseased tissues in tho bottom and
edges of tlie sore seemed to loosen and
tho natural flesh to take its place. No
part of the disease remains.'' B. F.
To men pressed by their wants
change is ever welcome.—Johnson.
Have You Had the Grip?
If you have, you probably need a re
liable medicine like Foley's Honey and
Tar to heal your lungs and stop the
racking cough incidental to this dis
ease. B. F. Vaughan.
All have the gift of speech, but few
are possessed of wisdom.—Cato.
Marvelous Results.
From a letter written by Rev.
(iunderman, ol Dirnondale, Mich., we
are permitted to make this extract: "I
have no hesitation in recommending
Dr. King's New Discovery, as the re
sults were almost marvelous in the
case of my wife. While 1 was pastor
of the Baptist Church at Rives .Jiinc
tion she was brought down with Pneu
ni ii ilia succeeding La Grippe. Terrible
paroxysms of coughing would last
hours with little interruption and it
seemed as if she could not survive
them. A friend recommended Dr.
King's New Discovery it was quick in
its work and highly satisfactory in re
sults." Trial Bottles tree at Pioneer
Drugstore. Regular size otic and £].
What you keep by you, you may
change and mend but words once
spoken can neyer be recalled.—Rod'
As an honest remedy Foley's Honey
and Tar does not hold out false hopes
in advanced stages, but truthfully
claims to give comfort and relief in the
very worst cases, and in the early
stages to effect a
cure. B. F. Vaughan.
In so far as you approach temptation
to a man, you do him an injury, and if
ho is overcome, you share his guilt.
Simon S. Hartman, of Tunnellou,
West Va., has been subject to attacks
of colic about once a year, and would
have to call a doctor and then suffer
for about twelve hours as much as some
do when they die. He was taken re
cently just the same way as at other
times, and concluded to try Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. He says: "I took one dose
of it and it gave me relief in five min
utes. That is more than anything else
has ever done for ine.': For sale by E.
Brauch, Druggist.
List of letters remaining in the post
office at Hurlev. South Dakota, March
1st, 189(5. If not called for in 30
days they will be sent to the Dead-Let
ter Office at Washington:
H. C. Jensen, H. Andrew Dahle,
O. D.Skiltoti, Miss Mary Hansen
When calling for these letters
please say advertised.
A. M. RASMUSSEN. Postmiyster
The talkative listen to no one.—Plu-.
A great fortune is a great slavery.—
Wit—tho pupil of the,.soul's cleaxv
eye.—Sir John Davies.
Only the base believe what the base,
onlv utter.—Boiler'
She neglects her heart who studies
her glass.—Layater,
The soul on earth is an immortal
guest.—Hannah More.
That man lives twice who lives the
first life well.—Herrick.
Tho heart's still rhetoric, disclosed
with eyes.—Shakspearc.
Time is the old Justice that examines,-'
all offenders.—Shakspearo.
Respect is better secured by exacting?^
than soliciting it.—Greville.
Constant thought will overflow iiv
words unconsciously.—Byron.
A sunny temper gilds the edges of
life's blackest cloud.—Guthrie.
Thou canst not toll how rich a dowry
sorrow gives tho soul.—A1
Men must*lovo the truth before they'
thoroughly believe it.—Smith.
Restrain thy mind and let, mildness
eyer attend thy tongue.—Thoognis.
Satan as a master is bad his work
much worse: his wages worst of all.—
1-Ie lialh riches sufficient who hath
enough to bo charitable.—Sir Thomas
If thou hast a loitering servant, Send
him on thy errand just before his din
Time obliterates the fictions of opin
ion and confirms the decisions of na
Vice stings us even in our pleasures,,
but virtue consoles us. even in oui
Silence is the safest course for any
man to adopt who distrusts himself.—
An idler is is a watch which wants,
both hands, as useless if it goes as if it,
Where lives the man that has not
tried how mirth can into folly glide,
and folly into sin':'—Scott.
Winged time flies on insensibly, and
decicvcs us: and there is nothing more
fleeting than years.—Oyid.
He travels safo. and not unpleasant-'
ly who is gaurded bv poverty and guid-^
ed by love.—Sir Philip Sidney.
Too many, through want of prudence
are golden apprentices, silver journey
men and copper masters.—Whitclield.
There are many diversities ot vice
but it is one never-failing effect of it to
live displeased and discontented.—
Wickedness may prosper for awhile,
but at the long run he who sets all
knaves at work will pay them.—L'
See what thy soul doth wear dare to
look into thy chest, for 'tis thine own,
and tumble up and down wnat thou:
findst there.—Wadswortli.
Though the sun scorches us some
times and giyes us tho headache, we do.
not refuse to acknowledge that we
stand in need of his warmth.—-De
This world is like a mint: wo are no
sooner cast into the lire, taken out
again, hammered stamped and made
current, but, presontly we aro changed.
—Decker and Webster. :.
Traverse the desert and then yo can
tell what treasures exist in the cold
deep well sink in despair on the red
parched earth and then yo may reckon
what water is worth.—Eliza Coolc.
He who calls in the aid of any eqaal
understanding doubles his own: and he
who profits of a superior understanding
rafses his powers to a level with the
height of the superior understanding
he unites ith.—Butkc.
All our progress is an unfolding like
the yegetable bud. You have first an
instinct, then un opinion, then a knowl
edge, as the plant lias* root, bud and
fruit. Trust the instinct to the end,
though you can render no reason.--.
Go not to a covetous old man with,
any request to soon in the morning, be
fore he hath taken in that day's prey
for his covetousness is up before him,
and he is in ill-humor but slay till the
afternoon, till he bo satiated upon some
He that kills himself, t'void mis'ry,
fears, and at the best shows but a bas
tard valor: this'life's a fort committed,
to my trust, which I must not give up,
till it be forced nor will 1 he's not val
iant that dares die but he that boldly
bears calamity.—MasBinger.
Literature has her quacks no less
than medicine, and they aro divided
into two classes those who lftive eru
dition without genius, and thoso who
haye volubility withou depth we get
second-hand sense from the one, and
original nonsense from the other.—Col
Nothing is more silly than the pleas
ure some people take in "speaking
their minds." A man of this make
will say a rude thing for the mere
pleasure of saying it, when an opposite
behayior, full as innocent, might havo
preserved his friend, or .made hie

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