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Turner County herald. (Hurley, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-19??, August 27, 1896, Image 2

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Now. by St. Paul, the work (of record
breaking) goes bravely on!
Let us all put on our Sunday clothes
nnd endeavor to make it pleasant lor
Li Ilung: Chang when ho calls en us.
Eleelrie motors are now Vicing used
quite extensively in the East for
switching purposes, and electricians
predict that the time is near when tl
steam locomotive will he out of date.
An insocthns made its appearance
In the east whose mission seems to bo
the destruction of the watermelon.
Great loss Is reported from I lie depre
dations of this iiibect.
The steamer St. I'aul now holds ilic
record for tlie trip between Southamp
ton and New York. It took just six
days and thirty-one minutes to mako
the run.
Oolf players are to have special priv
ileges on some of the English railway
lines. They will receive certificates
entitling them to a return ticket for a
single fare when the distance is over
thirty miles, and for a fare and a quar
ter when it is less.
A Frenchman lias discovered a new
treatment..for sen-sickness, which lie
says is preventive, curative and hy
gienic. If this treatment proves to be
a specific against, sea-sickness this
Frenchman will be a mighty popular
man among ocean voyagers.
Thomas A. Edison believes that in
the next three or four years'there will
be radical and immense changes in the
manner of heating and lighting. He
811.y8 there will be si decrease in tlie
cost of electric lighting. Electricity
will be made so cheaply that gas will
be entirely out of the race. Gas will
tnen be put through a chcaponfng pro
cess and used entirely for heating.
Ysnye. the violinist, who plays like
an angel and looks like a butcher, is
dimple in his tastes. "All I ask," said
i'e, "is a lishline and sonic water. The
less 11
sli 'lie belter. 1 can sit for hours
with a line in the water in perfect hap
piness. When a nibble conies my
dream is over. 1 also confess a weak
ness for the bicycle, but care nothing
for politics."'
Miss Antoinette Saumowski and Mr.
J. Adamowskl, both prominent, musi
cians, the former a pupil o£ Mr. Igmwe
l'aderewiski, are engaged to be mar
ried. The happy event is delayed only
by the inability of the high contract
ing parties to llud a minister willing to
risk a dislocation of his inferior max
illary in tying their names into a knot.
'A safe composed largely of cement,
having wire netting imbedded in it,
was tested recently in Germany, in or
.der to ascertain whether it is feasible
to build safety vaults of such material.
The safe was placed on blazing logs,
which had beeiivfjoaked in kerosene,
and kept exposed for half an hour to
a temperature of 3,800 degrees Fahren
heit. When the safe was opened the
contents were entirely uninjured.
All the coloroed people in South
Africa are treated alike by the white:?
as divided from themselves by a wide
and impassable gnlt. A native, what
ever his rank, would seldom be permit
ted, except as a domestic servant, to
outer a private house. When Khaina
was in England last autumn, and was
entertained at. lunch by the duke of
Westminster, the news excited general
annoyance and disgust among the
whites in South Africa.
Two West I'olnt cadcts who were
convtctcd by court-martial of brutally
tormenting and harrassing a "plebe."
have been denied executive clemency
by the president, who took occasion to
denounce the brutal practice in the fol
lowing terms: "The offense of mal
treating and abusing new cadets by
upper class men is so mean and cow
ardly, and so opposed to every trait
that should characterize a gentleman
and a true soldier, tlia severe punish
ment should not be necessary to its
prevention. If, taoweytr, punishment
must be resorted to, to *ffect a discon
tinuance of this disgraceful practice, 1
can do no less than to vist all appeals
Turner County Herald THE NEWS RESUME
W. C„ BKOWN, I'libllsher.-KV
The recent sunfest. visited all parts
of the country with equal vigor. There
Is reason- to believe that it is now at
nn end for the present year. At least
the ineterologists justify us in hoping
this much.
If we could only bear our own dis
appointments with a. Kuift.ll fraction of
the equanimity with which we bear
the disappointment of others, what a
sweet and delightful world this would
be to live in!
Mexico ought to make up her mind
to one thing. So long as those bandits
run things along the border to suit
themselves the nufnbcr of tourists who
visifthe land of the Montczuinas won't
lie too large to be accommodated.
A Compr clieiml v« Hevleir ot ttie
..Sniportiiiit Hit |pcn Iii of the
-Punt Wi'ek Culled From tlie Tel
.'KrniIi IleiiortH—Tlie .Nuliililo
Ii)vvntN nt Home iiml Alirond 'Hull
Have AtCi-uetcil AKeutlou.
The Niitlon'M C'miilill.
The controller of the currency has
declared a 5 per cent dividend in favor
of the creditors of 1 lie Livingston
(Mont.i National bank.
TIk. president has accepted I he resig
nation of l'nit States District Attor
ney Watts of West Virginia. who has
been nominated for governor of his
state by the Democrats.
The president lias approved the find
ings of th« court, martial sentencing
Capt. M. 10. .lamer, of the Fourteenth
infantry. He was stationed at Van
couver, Wash., and the charges against
him were the non-payment debts.
During the last six months II. II.
Moore, special agent ol the treasury
department, has heeii engaged in a sys
tematic investigation ol (he manage
ment of the custom house at San Fran
cisco. That he lias unearthed exten
sive- 1 rands upon ilie government is ev
ident by the fact that three or more
employees Have been dismissed trom
tlie service, while others have been in
People in Print
The chief diversion of Mine. Navarro
(Miss Mary Anderson) is chess playing.
Mrs. Allen Wales Harriet n. the old
est surviving descendant ol Thomas
Jefferson, died in Baltimore.
Henry (J. Ford, president of the l'enn
sylvania State Fish commission, is
Advices received from Bolivia an
nounce that ex-.1'resident t'ampero died
on Aug. 1".
Ainericus Synies, eighty-live years of
age, died in Louisville, lie was the
son of John ('.love Synies, who
as ail
Arctic explorer.
John F. Chnimiorlain, proprietor of
the hotel bearing his name at Wash
ington and Old I'omt Comlort. is crit
ically ill at the Grand Union hotel at
John G. Hrough. a well known mer
chant at Manchester. Conn., aged for
ty-live years, lias returned from a trip
around the world which consumed ex
actly a oar. Mr. Hrough traveled on
a bicycle when ver possible. (II t'u'
tiu.oun miles covered by him. -ln.ntM
were by water. 11',(Id!) on his wheel aid
the rest by railroad in dilterent coun
The announcement is made of the
marriage of Vaughn Waters and Eliza
beth L. Hlanc at New York. What
gives peculiar interest to this state
ment. is that the bride lias achieved
some fame as "Netty" Rigi of the Mys
tic Isle, and later as the Baroness
Blanc, and that, a similar announce
ment made June .18 was strenuously
denied by Mr. Waters, who is a inili
ionaire and conspicuous in club circles.
A lionvy storm destroyed consulorn
hie property near Floreni e, Ala., re
The Newbanks oil well at Sisterville,
W. Va., producing liOl) barrels a day.
took fire, and much property was de
By the explosion of molten metal at
Furnace No. 1 of the Edgar Thomson
Steel works at Pittsburg, ten men were
burned, three seriously.
At Sandy Hook. Ivy., a Baptist
church, an old farm building, took tire
during meeting. Nine persons wore re
ported killed and fifty injured.
Tliu-v men were killed, a number in
jured and several buildings demolished
by the explosion of twenty-five pounds
of dynamite at New Holland. Pa.
Twelve negroes and three white per
sons were killed by a cyclone which
swept through Perry county. Alabama.
Much property was destroyed.
A fnst-flying train on the Chesapeake
& Ohio ran into an open switch at Ka
vensworth, Va.. wrecking four of the
passenger coaches. Several lives were
lost and ninny persons injured.
Henry Elisor, a tanner living at
ltichland. led., was fatally injured by
a falling tree. He was in a buggy
when the tree fell, it striking his back
and breaking it. lie lay until a saw
was procured and the tree removed.
An areonaut near Dallas. Texas,
while descending in a parachute, was
thrown from the machine intoinn elm
tree, where his head was caught in a
fork of the branches, and instant death
A hcad-cnd collision occurred on the
Baltimore tV Ohio railroad, near I'ark
ersbnrg, W. Va.. between a freight and
passenger tram, causing the death of
both engineers and one lirenian and
seriously injuring several employes of
the road.
G. B. Mogle. a prominent young at
torney of Cheney, Ivan., attempted to
cross the Walnut river on horseback
Avlien the stream was swollen. He was
thrown off in the middle of tlie stream. I
but caught his horse by the tail and
was dragged to the bank. Just as he
let go the horse kicked him in the fore
head and killed him.
Capt. J. W. Goslm. editor of the
Winston Republican, in stepping off a
street car at Winston. N. ('.. fell, his
head striking the macadamized pave
ment. producing concussion of the
brain and causing death in two hours.
He was fifty-five years old. He was a
gallant soldier during the war. and
was uiomoted to captain of liis compa
Evil DoinKN.
In a fit of jalousy Charles Nelson of
Chicago shot and almost instantly
killed his wife.
Alois Dinkehnnn, aged ilfty. shot and
killed his wife and then committed sui
cide at New Yerk. Dinkelman wns
once in good financial condition, but it
is nllegcil that the trcacnery of busi
ness associates wrecked him*
A freak of the treacherous Jilissouri
river caused Carl Schmidt, a pioneer
'&• "I
citizen of Atchison. Kan., to blow Ins
head oli wiih a shotgun late last night.
A year ago be iest ins tarin. all he pc::
ssssod, by the river cutting through it,
and became despondent over the loss.
Capt. John Blas^inghame was slio!
and instantly killed at Spartanburg. S.
('.. by a negro robber. "The negro es
ciiped. but. being wounded, was after
ward taken. .•••-•
Reports trom Arizona state that the
bandits who raided the bank at No
gales have ambushed the sheriff and
posse sent in pursuit of them, killing
one of the men and forcing the whole
party to retreat.
Nil.mi I aldman of New York, whose
icmnioii law wife caused his arrest,
by alleging that, he had planned to
blow up a hotel, was examined in the
police court to-day and committed lor
trial on the charge of having danger
oils explosives his possession.
Mattie (hernial!, who figured so con
spicuously and unenviable the
Brown church scandal at San Fran
cisco. lias made a conlession which
she declares thai she is a perjurer and
that I)r. Brown is all his enemies repre
sented him to lie.
SherifT I.andy Folsoin has been ar
rested by a deputy I intoi' States mar
shall at i'criy. (). 1\. en a charge of
having modeled a wealthy cattle man
named Long sonic years ago. Folsoin
was suspected at the tune ol the mur
der. bin was tint prosecuted.
Hay Coats, who has been on trial at
Grand Haven lor flic murder of his
brother-in-law. was found guilty of
murder in Hie first degree. The wile
of the murdered man. who afterward
married his murderer, is to lie tried
next week.
Evelyn Gordon and her husband, W.
(!. ollinge. of tlie Evelyn Gordon
Theater company, were arrested at Me
nomoiiec. Mich., upon the complaint ol
E. E. Wright, one of toe company,
charging them with assault, and the
woman with slander. Both pleaded
guilty, the man being inn *10 and the
woman .$". Roth fines were paid.
Three or more clever cracksmen suc
ceeded in blowing open the safe in the
Beach Side hotel at Green Farms, near
.Bridgeport. Conn., and they got safely
away with its contents, which con
sisted of about Sl.UOO in cash, .y.Kiu in
checks and a quantity of jewelry, the
properly of the guests.
Jolin W. Joyce, a St. Louis saloon
keeper, had terrible encounter with a
negro burglar, who gained access to
ins room. In the struggle and alter the
negro had cut Joyce's face and neck in
a terrible manner, the saloonkeeper
succeeded in putting two bullets into
thi' intruder's body. The burglar ran
away, but his corpse was found near by
la 11
rorrlmi CioNNip
rlo:e sen.ius ligntmg has taken
place in the A|Hicoiona distnet in Tene
dos and elsewhere in Crete.
Emperor William has removed his
minister of war because he does not
agree with him concerning tli" pro
posed military trial reform.
It is announced that the new gov
ernor ol the federal district will under
take to suppress gambling in Mexico
Cil.v. Wit'.i every administration of af
fairs in this city the same reform is
mooted, but nothing is ever accom
The Canadian delegates to the Irish
pacific conference 1o be held in Dublin
have decided that. Hon. Edward I'.lake
should le chosen as leader and con
solidator of the different Irish factions
now represented in the parliament at
Tli" Berlin Zeitung records Emperor
William's pleasure at the success of the
passage of thirty-nine men-of-war
through the Baltic canal. These men
of-war were moved at a rate ot speed
essential for naval maneuvers and
their successful passage through the
canal under forced draught is regarded
as an indication that I lie new canal will
bo perfectly accessible, in case of an
emergency, for the largest ironclads.
As a result of tlie agitation in Ger
man newspaper circles*and among the
business men growing out. of the al
leged amalgamation of the last three of
the independent oil linns with the
Standard Oil company and the report
that the American company now con
trols the petroleum market, it is now
announced tiiat it is possible that, the
government will take steps to facilitate
the importation of Galician oil.
If is reported in tlie East that Lucky
Baldwin may retire from the turf.
Democrats and Topul'ists .in Wash
ington have nominated a fusion ticket.
Tlie annual report of the Manhattan
E'evated Hailway company shows a
decrease of in net earnings,
and an increase in deficit of $39!),!50.
Congressman S. E. Payne of Auburn,
N. Y.. was renominated in convention
as the Republican candidate in the
Twenty-eighth district, without opposi
The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine
Arts announces that it lias succeeded
in securing tlie services of William M.
Chase .the eminent American artist, as
instructor in its schools for the coming
John Baker, son of I'nited States
Minister Baker, has concluded a con
tract with the Nicaraguan government
to establish lines of transportation in
Nicaragua, both by land and across
Lakes Managua and Nicraagua.
,1'ercival Lowell nnnoum.es from
Flagstaff. Ariz., that with his new 1M
inch telescope lie has been able to see
that the Martian c: nal. Ganges, is
double. The Lowell observatory will
be established near the City of .Mexi
co to observe the apposition of Mars
during the winter.
The Topeka (Kan.l council has en
acted a curfew ordinance. It says that
all children under sixteen years of age
found on the streets or in public places
unaccompanied by guardians, after 9
p. m., in summer, and 8 p. in., in win
ter. shall be arrested and fined not less
than $5 nor more than $25.
Judge Woolson has handed down an
opinion in the federal court at Des
Moines, Iowa, in the case of Levis vs.
The City of Newton, that affects near
ly every city of the second class in the
state. He decides that perpetual fran
chises granted corporations by cities
prior to the passage of the law In 1S87
granting from this express authority,
are valid.
Weekly I'liliclln
l,e Sonfh Pa-
liotn Station.
Tlie latest bulletin says: In several
counties Jnii storms of limited area
croni' rpi
ns S0 !0
to late
ciops. lie rums iuierferred to sonic
-•Mont wi
tl )am stin st
0t I!,aterlnl|
.V- Harvest
n-iI] gi.un is very nivir conuilciinti
i" the 'nortV'
,. rnJ
mu::u a
Slacking is
iai tow. id completion in the southern
Jtul c.-entral eounties and considerable
I'l.uc. to indicate that rye and barlev
"I'f. as a rule, very good crups. Re
ports as to wheat and oats vary, sonv
counties reporting excellent 'resets
wljjlo others report fair to very gaud!
hile the generally tool weather dur
nig the week was not the mo.
able for inaturinj
well and has steadily
Ihe southern
earlier is beginning to dent many
localities, and the later is generally in
the roasting var stage. In the central
•mil northern countics the earlier is
generally in the roasting ear stage.
There is some report oi the warm
weather and lack oi amide moisture of
preceding weeks reducing the ear in
i.icalities. but this complain is not at
all general, and the crop is the most
promising for years. It appears that
Hie corn replanted because or the work
oi cut worms is nearly up io th.•
eailicr in point of advancement, espe
cially southern and centra! counties.'
mid is very promising. Ii is estimated
that most of the corn will be out ot1
danger lroin I rest by Sept. 1 to 10.
with otherwise favorable weat nor.
Flax has done well quite generally,
considerable lias been cut with very
good results and the remainder is
rapidly Hearing maturity. Late pota
toes have been more or less benefitted
by the weather during tlie week and
promise a very good crop, except in lo
ctlities. Haying continues. The cool
wea'ther ar.d rains of the week have
kept prairies, especially the shorter
grasses, in green and nntniious condi
tion in most count ics. Millet has done
well and is ran unite gcncralh. with
full heads. Tie harvesting ot tins
crop is in progress anil hea\y yields
aiv reported, except in l'.niirtd locali
ties. 'ihere is some report of tall
plowing in huaiiiies in the mijSt south
ern counties and it is thought that
threshing wi'.l become quite general
this week.
st favor-
corn, this el-op I'/.d
progressed. In
counties much of the
no roxvcxTiov.
The Dirmcrriti" Scttc Committee
OeeideN Xot lo Cull Convention.
At a meeting e.l the Demociatic State
cent rill c,m itti at MitcheM. a resolu
tion calling' oil' the state c»i v, :.t on at
Dcad vccd and iiil'irsing ihe l'opulist.
state ti"l'" was ari u'd by a vote o!" :."i
to .". and afterwards made unanimous.
The resolution -idi ted by the com
mit lee is as tol'.ows.
Whereas. The Populist state conven
tion for tlie State of Smith Dakota, as
sembled at 11'iron. S. D.. raw tit lo en
dorse the candidacy of the Hon. Will
iam J. P.rvan. 1 lie nominee of the Dem
ocratic national party as president of
the I'niteil St.-ites:
Whereas. The action of tlie said con
vention was ratified by the Populist
national convention held the city of
St. Louis and
Whereas. Wo. the representatives of
the Democracy ol the State of South
Mitchell. S. D..slirdlu mlushrdlmmnim
Dakota, committee assembled, are
anxious lirst and foremort. to secure
the electoral vote of this state for the
nominee ot ihe Chicago convention
therefore, be it heiehy
Resolved. That ii is tlie sense of the
Demociatic state central committee of
the Staie of South Dakota, a meeting
whereof was regularly called, and is
now iu session at Mitchell. S. I).. that
tlie action of this committee taken at
Ttedlield. S. D.. at the hist regularly
called meeting thereof, whereby a state
convent ion was ordered called at: the
City of eDadwood. lie and the same
hereby rescindedis hereby rescinded,
and this committee hereby declares
and directs that no staie convention for
the nomination of state ollicers. mem
bers of the national house of represent
atives, or national electors, be held in
this state during tlie current year, and
we hereby endorse the nominees of the
Populist state convention held at Hw
ron and be it turther
Resolved. That we hereby assert our
unfailing allegiance to Ihe nominees of
the Democratic national convention,
held at Chicago, and we hereby ratify
each and every plank in the pint form
there adopted, and we hereby pledge
to tli enominees of that convention,
the Hon. William J. Bryan of Nebras
ka. and tlie Hon. Arthur J. Sewall of
Maine, our hearty and cordial support.
Futile Attempt of A. BF: T)., Cnttle
Rimtlrr. to Kxenpe
Ray Sewell was shot and killed re
cently at Deadwood by Fred Willard.
•Sewell was under indiclnient for cattle
stealing and broke jail. He went to
Willanl's butcher shop, picked up his
gun. and (old Willard. at the point of
Ihe gun, to say or do nothing. He went
from there to a livery stable and or
dered them to saddle a horse. The liv
eryman. being unarmed, proceeded to
obey. While the horse was being sad
dled, Sewell went out nnd down Ihe
street, and met the'eitv marshal, who
ordered him to sniTonder. but, not be
ing armed. was unable oo take him.
Willard. who had secured another
gun. came up and told him to drop his
gun but, instead. Sewell pulled it on
Willards. and both men lired at once.
Sew-ell's bullet passed over Willard's
head and lodged in the wall of the op
posite building. Wilhiid's struck Sew
ell in the neck, severing the jugular
vein, and lie dropped dead. The cor
oner's jury exonerated Willard.
Two Were Drowned.
•Tames Giluin and family passed
Mitcnell recently lroni Boyd county,
Neb., on their way to Day county, this
state, to work. They camped on the
Firesteel creek, two miles north of
town, and the two .oldest boys went ill
swimming. The youngest one could
not swim and was drowned. The
father attempted to save his son and
was also drowned.
Their bodies were recovered after
being in the water ao hour. Th*
ceased man was a inemtye*' of the A.
IT. W. lodge at Butte, NeU
CruNfeil to Dcntlt.
T-ert Graham, ynrdiunsier r.f the B.
M. mii-'.s ai Kiigemont, was making
l:ai:\ o'clock the oilier morning,
lie had cut off three ears on track No.
and his assistant had taken them iu
•iiarge. The engineer. Oscar Bardine.
•aine on waiting lor 1
s'is signal to siop.
when lie saw a foot sticking out on the
uvsr side oi the rail under the cars.
Stopping his engine, lie rushed to
rhe spot, and found Graham had been
run over by the tnk car. his face being
I'lushed out of all semblance of form.
It is supposed lie caught his foot in tile
form of tiie swith. IP.s body was
shipped to Alliance to be embalmed,
mil will the
ii be sent to his lather's
home in Illinois. Graham had only
been yardmaster about three or four
mouths, and was esteemed by every
MiinoiiK' tin 1
ill I tik "t Alerleen.
The Masonic Building association of
Aberdeen has let the contract lor its
new building lo George W. Brown of
Minneapolis. The building will he com
pleted by Nov. UO. The principal ma
terials are to be white brick and brown
stone, and the old colonial style ol
architecture is to lie followed through
out. 'I'll ebuildmg is lobe three stories
with basement, and covering a ground
space of "Cx.x-I feet. The lirst floor will
be devoted to a magnificent banquet,
hall and a series of club rooms, and
the second and third floors to be lodge
rooms proper. Every available modern
improvement hi heating, lighting, etc.,
will be put to use.
Sts:te N'-'ws In Urlrf.
Eli Bly is in jail at Huron for forging
a Sio check, signing John E. Ward's
name to it and icieiving the money ai
Ihe Standard Savings bank
The contract for the construction of
the railway bridge at Yankton, which
is to cross the Missouri river, has been
awarded to the Edgcmorc Bridge com
pany ot WiltningH ii, Del., and work on
the abutments will begin ot once.
Hunters returning to Gary from an
investigation ol the chicken crop which
became ripe on the 15th. report a no
ticeable scarcity of the bird The size
and cpialny are nice, but the number of
birds bagged l.oticeably sn.alL
Lightning struck the government
warehouse at Cheyenne agency. The
fire spread to tli ebarn and other build
ings included in the square, consum
ing vo stallions and otlifr valuable
Gov. Sheldon has, on petition, par
doned Thomas Blue Cloud, who was
confined in the Roberts county iail on
a charge of assault. Blue Cloud is an
Indian from the Sisseton reservation,
nnd the confinement was wearing away
his health.
Fire destroyed the home of John Fil
bcr .consuming his own body and
tlise of his two daughters. Kate and
Tillie. The famrly was asleep in the
house, and only the mother and one
daughter escaped. The origin of tlie
fire is unknown
'I'll el'roshyterian Cliurcl: society at
Aberdeen are trying to arrange to be
gin tli econstruction of a church edi
fice this fall. They may not be able to
fully complete the structure, but will
finish up at least a portion of it. so they
can hold service therein durin'r the
winter, and conilote the work next sea
Inspectoir McLaughlin, of the Indian
bureau, lias selected tlie site of an In
dian school to be 'located at Chamber
lain. provided for in the last Indian ap
propriation bill. Iispeetor McLaughlin
will select tin' site ler a similar school
at Rapid City. 'I wenty-f.ve thousand
dollars was appropriated for each of
these schools. Thev will lie built this
DO. L. Weaver, superintendent of
construction oi tin Edgemont compa
ny. was assisting in the building of the
M. E. chinch at Edgemont. A lot of
boards slipped from the roof, striking
him on the head aid knocking him off
1 he scaffold. He tell on the rocks be
low and several of ihe rocks struck
him as lie lay on the ground. His
skull is badlv fractu eil. one ear is
gone nnd his left eye is badly injured.
rhc I'Vnin In IIc.'iril From With AH
Well on Ilo.iril.
Christ In nin. Aug. 22.—Dr. Nansen's
Arctic exploration ship Fram. which
he left embedded in the ice. early in
January, lfsiK), in about latitude Xt de
grees north, in order to explore the sea
north of the route proposed ,\- follow,
eventually reaching S(! degrees .1."
minutes north, arrived at Skjervo. in
the province of Tromsoe. yesterday
evening, (.'apt. Sverdrup, her com
mander, reports all welll on board.
The Fram. he said, called at Dane's
island on Aug. 1-1. and saw Prof. An
dree, who was still vailing for a fa
vorable wind in order to enable him to
attempt his ballooon trip across the
Arctic region. Capt. Sverdrup, shortly
after his arrival, sent the following tel
egram to Dr. Nansen:
"Fram arrived safely. All well on
board. Leave at once for Tromsoe.
Welcome home."
Dr. Nansen replied to this message
as follows:
"A thousand times welcome to you
and all. Hurrah for the Fram."
The Fram left Skjorvoe tills morn
ing on lief way to Trrmsoe, where Dr.
Nansen will meet her.
A dispatch from Skjervo says that
the Fram reached open water Aug. lo.
A member of the expedition expresses
tlie opinion that, the Fram would have
penetrated much further into the Are
tic regions and that perhaps the North
pole would have been reached if the
Kin ill had been frozen in east of the
New Siberian islands. In the high'St
latitude reached, S(i deg. 15 min. north,
members of tlie exploring party saw
guillemots, fulmaras. and nnrwhules,
but no other signs of organic life were
Prof. S. A. Andree, according to re
ports received here, toh' Capt. Sver
drup. who visited Hie aeronaut, that it
was now too lute to irike the pro
posed ascent, and that would prob
ably soon return to Sf. .i'zbergen and
make another effort to Leach the North
pole in a ballooon next April.
The Fram. it is said, still has pro
visions capable of sustaining her crew
in the Arctic regions for three years.
Fearing that crush of ice would break
the ship, Capt. Sverdrup and crew
were obliged, after Dr. Nansen left, to
remove all the sledges, provisions, am
munition and light furniture.
Itrxui. AVhllo in Albany. Will He
KittorliiiiKMl at l-uucliooii hy Sen
ntor 11111, AVliioli I* ri!iki1 «h
ImUcallii" That tlie Now York
Senator Will Support the Vcnio
eratie Xoiuincc,
I'pper Keil Ilook. N. Y.. Aug. 125.—
The fact that William ,i. Bryan will
lunch with Senator 11 ill. the leader of
the party organization in tins state,
became known to-day to ihe 1 it 1 lo
parly of politicians inhabiting the
Red Hook hotel and inspired more
anticipatory discussion among them
than any other incident ot ihe candi
date's Eastern trip.
Every one assumes lliat Senator Hill
has resolved to support the nominee
of ihe party, else, they argue, he
would hardly invite him to sit at his
lable. Anil the lunch is taken as a
practical announcement of 'Hill's de
termination, which is expected to be
followed by a more formal declara
tion of the senator's altitude. When
Mr. Bryan arrives in Albany be will
have two hours lor refreshment be
fore the speech which he is billed to
make. He will spend two hours, ac
cording to the programme which 1ms
been arranged for him. at Wolfort's
Roost, the handsome residence which
Senator Hill bought ol Fritz Emmelt,
the actor.
This visit, having been arranged
that the Democratic candidate and
ihe senator may come to an under
standing, if they have not already
done so. will mark a distinct epoch til
the campaign.
The fact of the* in\ itation from Sen
ator Hill, which message comes, it is
understood, through Chairman Ilink
ley, of ihe stale commitiec, is lata-ii
by the politicians here as an answer
to the question which lias stirred 1 lie
slate since 1 he day of the Chicago
convention, whet her Senator Hill will
support the ticket.
Albany, N. Y„ Aug. -Former Sen
ator Norton Chase, eliairman of the
Democratic city committee, was asked
whether he knew anyUimg about the
story that Mr. Bryan was lo be en
tertained by Senator Hill at Wolfert's
Roost while in Albany.- Mr Chase
said: "^es. As a matter of personal
courtesy to the distinguished visitor
to Albany, Senator Hill, through (he
committee, has invited Mr. Bryan and
nis wife and a few personal friends
to dine wiih him at Wolfert's Roost
and Mr. Bryan has accepted Hie invi
I( Is (.-ertiifik to lie I.lvely One nt
the UlnneNiitii Slsile Knir
St. Paul, Aug. fi.—RcpresontaIivos
of the press clubs of St. Paul and Min
neapolis and ot Hie state editorial as
sociation. met to-day at the press club
rooms to make arrangements for news
paper men's day at the. state fair. The
programme outlined for the day is ex
tensive and it will confain manv novel
and amusing fealures.' Tlie news
paper men will have full charge of tlie
entertainment iu front of the grand
stand. Among the features decided
on will lie a gigantic cake walk, on
entirely new lines. There will be bi
c.M'le races of '-quads, quints n-nd
•sextf.." A race between mounted po
lice ollicers of St. Paul and Minneapo
lis is scheduled and the tiremen of
Minneapolis will challenge the St.
Paul firemen to a bicycle contest. II.
N. Leeb.v's horse Albatross will con
test with a cyclist for a quarter-mile
dash. The horse's record for that dis
tance is :ii7. so that a lively race mav
lie anticipated. .Many other good
things aie under preparation, includ
ing a bicycle hand, a mounted iiif-Ii
tary corps and a compel it ive drill.
The committee decided not to accept
the olfer of a Minneapolis newspaper
man to make a balloon ascension, A
professional balloonist may lake his
Sntelde of nn IStlurnfor
Marslialllown, Iowa, Aug. LTi.—C. P.
Rogers, superintendent or the Mar
shalltown schools for t\vonty-fwo
years, suicided here to-day by hanging
in his barn. He was one of the most
prominent educators in tlie staie, but
had enemies here who controlled the
school election last spring and prncli
cally forced him to resign. This
preyed upon his mind greally and.
wiiii griel for his only son, who was
drowned a number of years ago,
doubtless caused the deed. He was
lifty-three years old and leaves a wife
and daughter.
Ilrynn Sneiikn.
Tivoli-on-lluilson, N. Y.. Aug. 25.—
The Democratic candidate for the
presidency, William J. Bryan, spoke
lo 1.•") people assembled around a
platform in the village square at Mad
alin. and tor forty minutes discussed
the financial issue from the bimetallic
point ol view, lie was seconded by
Senator Stewart of Nevada, but he
was cut short- by a relentless shower
which had been threatening for some
Iiieeniliirisni Suspected
Winona. Minn.. Aug. ^5.—The Dav
enport house, owned by E. Kellermau.
was damaged by fire last night and a
large barn totally destroyed. Several
horses were cremated. The origin is
said to have been incendiary.
•ToUn (.'hatubrrlaIn Dyini?
Saratoga. N. Y.. Aug. 'jr.. John
Chamberlain of Washington, 1). is
dying at the Grand Union hotel. lie
has been in a comatose condition lor
the past thirty hours.
Chili!'* Lnnt Rhlc
Chamberlain. S. D.. Aug. "While
riding wifli her father down a steep
incline in the road, the five-year-old
daughter of George Harmon, a Ly
man county fanner, was almost in
stantly killed. The dash board, against
which she was leaning, gave way, let
ting her fall beneath the wh'eels.
Mrs. Thomas O. Selfridge, wife of
Kear Admiral Selfridge. of the United
States^ navy, died in San Francisco
Friday night. She was eighty-six
years old.

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