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Thret Shots Were Fired at Illin—He
Lied Thrjc Honrs After Recelv-
1« the Fatal Wound—Hta Lait
"v|rjM Were: "Lung Live Spain''
mlble Effect on Spain's Politi­
co Affair* Secretary Slierman'a
MaWd, Aug. 9.—SoDor Canovas del
Castio, the prime minister of Spain,
•was ssassiuiited at. Santa Agucda liy
ail aijrehist. The murderer tired three
fihets two of which struck the premier
in thread and the other in the chest.
The Founded man lingered uncon
Hoioii! for two hours. His wife was
but short distance away when he
Th^uurderer declares that he killed
SenoBCanovas "in accomplishment of
a jusl vengeance," and that the deed
is thd outcome of a vast anarchistic
eonsq-acy. He is believed to have
arrive at Santa Agueda the same day
as thtipremier, and he was frequently
seen arking in the passages of the
bathir establishment in a suspicious
Theiealtli of Senor Canovas had im
prove* greatly of late. He had been
leadur a very quiet life, although he
attened to the business of state. At
the nr-ment of the assassination he
was vuiting in the gallery of the bath
ing etaibtislmient for his wife, who
was join him for lunch. Suddenly
the asassin, who had the appearand
of an rdinary visitor, approached and
tired a him point blank, one bullet
pnssin through the body and coming
out braind the left shoulder, and the
other tvo lodging in the head. He fell
instanty and oily recovered con
Bciousr.'ss long enough to speak a fe .v
Washnglon, Aug. 0. This govern
ment p:obably lias already received
thefornal notification of Premier Can
ov»s' issassination. but if so it is
locked up with other dispatches in the
state department and will not be
kiuwn until Secretary Sherman
rerclies the department. The seere
taiy recoived the first news of the af
fair through the Associated Press bul
letin. He expressed deep interest in
the details. He said: "This deplora
ble event will have some effect, of
course, on the political affairs of
Spain, hit to what extent. I cannot say.
The deith of one man is not necesstri
1/ goinyto change the sentiment of the
whole country. Spain is a very tena
cious country. Her money is gone.
Her resources have been exhausted.
Hut she means, evidently, to hold on
to Cuba. .lust, how she can do it, un
der these circumstarces, 1 cannot see.
Yet she is opposed to yielding a point.
Premier Canovas was a strong parti
san. He was the chief exponent of
the element which was determined to
keep the islands at all hazards. Seem
ingly Spain is almost a unit on this.
Canovas was a strong factor in the
government, ot Syiain, but it is not im
possible that another will tve found to
replace him in that important office,
having similar views and the same pro
nounced ideas. How it may be in this
case I am not able to say, but. the ef
fects, politically, of such an event are
not essentially far-reaching and have
not. always produced radical develop
ments. As to the tonsequences of the
conflict in Cuba, I do not care to talk.
I have no official information of the
assassination and must, refrain from
venturing guesses' as to what it may
effect in the future."
Asked as to how long he now
thought the Cuban insurrection migrit
last, he replied that that was prob
lematical, and he did not care to dis
cuss it. He added that he had heard
various names of prominent leaders in
Spain mentioned, but he was not well
informed as to them, and there was
nothing on wnich he could base a pre
diction as to Canovas' probable suc
Senator Morgan, a member of the
foreign affairs committee, of the sen
ate and the champion of Cuba in that
body, predicted that, the assassination
might be the forerunner of a complete
change of government, a republic re
placing the monarchy. This, he
thought, was the present tendency and
this event he regarded as an evidence
of the disintegration of the Spanish
Two Kmperorn Meet.
Cronstadt., Aug. 9.—Toe emperor and
empress of Germany arrived here on
board the imperial yacht Hohenzollern.
They were met. by the czar and cordial
exchange of greetings followed. The
j-oads were full of vessels decorated
vwith flags and the shore was thronged
with enthusiastic crowds of people.
After the Greetings on board the yacht
"their majesties boarded the Russian
Imperial yacht Alexander and proceed
ed to the Peterliof palace, where they
were received by all the grand dukes,
grand duchesses and the distinguished
guests of the czar. After luncheon the
emperor and empress visited the czar
and czarina at the Villa Alexnardia
and then made /-alls upon other mem
bers of the royal family.
Gold Seekers!
And the Gold Fields oi Alaska.
To the new Bldorado of the North. A oom
pletcud authentic aueonnt of the marrel
oua resources of Alaska, Including Interest
ing and valuable facts regarding the Klon
dyke District.
Advice to Gold Seekers
Cost of Llrlnff, Placer Mining, Transportation
and Food Supplies, the 8ea Boate, the Land
goate, Ute Yukon River, Alaskan Industries,
Muers' experiences, Views of Experts.
Nearly 800 handsomely printed pages, Illustrat
ed by 32 fall page engravings and artistically
bound In paper with a specially designed cover*
The regular price of this book alone Is tec. We
will send It postpaid and Dakota Farmer till
Jan. 1, '98 for only 25©—
the regular prloe of the
book alone. Write quick. Stamps taken.
DAKOTA FARMER, Box S, Aberdeen, S. D.,-.
Overflow From the Wire* In a Con
densed Form.
Oscar F. Price of Galesourg. 111.,
eral solicitor of the Illinois line of the
Chicago. Burlington & Quincy road,
died at Kenosha, "Wis.
Capt. l-\ W. Tliibart, Sixth infantry,
stationed at Fort Thomas, Ivy., is dead.
He served in the New York volunteer
services during the war.
Apriol Fnur, who organized the New
York Liederkranz society, and has
been for forty-seven jaears its leader, is
dead, aped seventy-three years.
Frank N. Bristol, D. D„ pastor of the
First M. K. church of Evanston, 111.,
has accepted a call from President Mc
Kinley's church, the Metropolitan M.
Jfl., at Washinprton.
Henry ,1. Iieed. a money lender, and
his sister, Blanche M. Reed, were
found dead in their home at North Ad
ams, Mass. They had apparently been
murdered by burglars. gofeft
Tbe engine of a passenger train
struck a buggy at Estills Springs,
Tenn., killing two of its occupants.
Anptjier occupant was badly injured
about the face and head.
Isaac SenfC shot and instantly killed
Thomas Kendall at Mount Sterling,
Ky. They were partners in business,
and each weighed over 300 pounds.
Jenlousy is supposed to have been the
Mrs. Frank Bush, wife of the com
edian, has been stricken with paralysis
and is dead in New York. She was
formerly a well known vaudeville per
former under the name of Isabel
\*homas H. Lynch of Wichita, Kan.,
has just returned from Ireland, where
he succeeded in establishing his claim
to an estate valued at. $100,000, which
has been in the family for twelve cen
Near McKinney, Tex., a 'petroleum
train was derailed. Two tanks ex
ploded. scattering flames in every di
rection, destroying a portion of the
bridge. Two men were badly burned
and may die.
A general advance of 15 per cent,
benefiting every branch of the trade,
will be asked by the Window Glass
Workers' association at the annual
wage conference with the manufac
turers at Chicago next Wednesday.
The attorney general of Texas has
filed eight suits against the Iloustan&i
Central Texas railway charging dis
crimination in freight rates. The cases
a'-e the first of several hundred that
are to be filed against different roads.
From information received from the
oflices of the different iron manufac
turers in the Mahoning valley, in Ohio,
it is safe to predict that next, week will
be the busiest one in this valley in a
long time. Every mill wi!-1. go to work
in several departments and some in
The Memphis & Chattanooga passen
ger train. No. 5. was wrecked near
Stratum. Ala., by a misplaced switch.
The mail and baggage cars were over
turned aud badly damaged. Sain
Davis, baggagemiister. had two ribs
broken and received internal injuries,
believed to be fatal. The postal clerk
was badly cut and bruised.
Latest Qnotatlonn From Grain and
Live Stock Centers.
Chicago. Aug. !. Wheat No. 2
red. 78(f/S2c No. 3 red. 73®7Gc: No.
spring. 77fe778c: NO. 3 spring, 73(x7Be
No. 2 hard winter, 77(£K78C NO. 3 hard
winter, 73((i70c No. 1 Northern.spring,
nothing doing. Corn—No. li. 26 3-4c
No. 3, 2Gc. Oats—No. 2, 17 [email protected] 3-4c
No. 3. [email protected]
Chicago, Aug. 9. Hogs Light,
$3.70©3.92 1-2: mixed.,$3.60?ij3.y0: line
heavy. $3.4rfr(,3.80 rough, [email protected]
Cattle—Beeves. $3.1K cows and
heifers, $1.00(724.40: Texas steers, $2.80
@4 Westerns," $3.7v®4.30 stackers
and feeders. $3.2(Kfi4.30. Sheep—Na
tives, $2.50fti 4.10: Westerns, $3J-t3..S5
larnbs. $3.4(%5.1.r.
Milwaukee. Aug. 9. Flour firm and
BfolOc higher. Wheat higher No. 1
Northern. 85 l-2c No. 2 spring, 83c
December. 70 3-4c. Corn—No. 3. 27®
27 l-2c. Oats—No. 2 white. 20 l-2fri
21 l-2c. Rye—No. 1. 42c. Barley—No.
2. [email protected] sample, 32—34c. Provisions
Minneapolis, Aug. 9—Wheat—August
closed at S3 l-4c September opened at
74 3-4c and closed at 75c: December
opened at 73 3-4e aud closed at 74 7-8c.
O'J track—No. 1 hard. 85c: No. 1 North
ern. 84c: No. 2 Northern. [email protected]
Sioux City, Iowa, Aug. 9. Hogs
$3.40(»/3.50. Cattle—Cows, $2.25 heif
ers. [email protected] bulls, $2.85(^3.20 year
lings, $4: stockers, [email protected] fee-dors,
South St. Paul. Aug. 9. Hogs
$3frt3.(K). Cattle—Stockers. $3.40(&3.45
cows, $2.1(Xf}2.80. Sheep. $2fij3.
St. Paul, Aug. 0. Wheat: No. 1
Northern. 81f«82c: No. 2 Northern. 79
(fi.HO ,l-2c. Corn—No. 3 yellow, 25(q)2(!c
No. 3, 24(324 l-2c. Oats—No. 3 white,
19 l-2(ft20c No. 3. 18(zlc. Barley anl
Rye—Sample barley. 24(&2Sie: No. 2
rye. 41g?.4t l-2c No. 3 rye, 4X l-2c.
Seeds—No. 1 flax. S5(a80c timothy, $1
fel.20 clover, $3(g4.20.
Grent Achievement by Mi.lwell.
Cincinnati, Aug. 9.—At Christopher
track ,011 the third-mile banded track
two world's amateur records. Hying
start, were broken by Harry Sidsvell
of Covington. Ky.. in a run for record.
A. A. Zimmerman, the famous wheel
man, made several exhibition rurs.
Here are Sid well's two broken recoids:
First, one-third mile, amateur flying
start, paced by quad and triplet: time,
:33 3-5: former record, :34 1-5, by A. W.
Porter. Walton, Mass., Nov. 2, 1894.
Second, one-half-mile, flying start,
paced by quad time, :513-5 former
record. :54. by A. W. Porter, Nov. 2.
1894. Zimmerman made two-thirds of
a mile, tandem paced, in 1:14 4-5, beat
ing the track record. ^.•«»•*,v
Wonderfnl Composition.
London. Aug. 9. Much interest Is
taken in French naval circles at the
discovery of a composition which is
alleged to have the marvellous proper
ty of rendering vessels invisible be
neath the rays of electric searchlights.
Innfracted for Seward,
Watertown, S. P., Aug. 9.—The coun
ty convention, held here to elect dele
gates to the judicial convention, elect
ed twenty-one delegates, all instructed
for C. X. Seward for judge of the jir
,cult court.
A \uir.lcr of BuierlmnKii at the In
dian Lnlce Kami.
Island Lake. Minn.. Aug. 0.—A great
number of important experiments in
grass cultivation are being conducted
on the slate experimental farm here,
'ihese investigations are for the pur
pose of finding out the various grasses
best suited for the climate and soil of
Southwestern Minnesota. Supt. O. C.
Uregg says:
"Many men have considered that it
was impossible to grow clover success
fully in Lyon county. We have found
that, it can be grown with great suc
cess. if given proper care and cultiva
tion. One of the recent methods of
growing clover is to sow it with tlie
drill. Prof. Sheppard of Fargo has ex
perimented in this line. His yield this
year was magnificent. He mixes grass
seed, one part of timothy and* clover,
with four parts of salt, to give it bulk.
He shuts his grain drill as close as
possible, find crosse^ the seeding al
ready done with wl.'.at and oats. Bv
this method he puts his grasgysevd fair
ly deep in the ground, and it gets a
good stand. The Asike is the clover
for low lands. It will thrive on ground
that is good for red top. It is not suit
able for 'high lands. The Mammoth
clover is a heavier grower and bids
tair to surpass the red clover in West
ern Minnesota. Red clover is biennial.
It drops seed the second year of its
growth. If left on the ground and not
carried away it will reseed itself. We
have land here that has reseeded itself
for ten years. For sowing on uplands
I advise farmers to use the Mammoth
and red clover. Asike and timothy are
the fii.?st forage grasses."
The Slicrlfl Interfered anil Made
I'll In Hot for the Pas*.
Winona. Minn., Aug. 5.—An attempt
was made by the La 'Crosse Athletic
club to pull off a prize fight in Winona
county between Henry Tewitt, styled
the champion middleweight of Minne
sota, and Billy Mitchell, the St. Paul
kid. The promoters and several hun
dred sports left La Crosse on a bat
that landed a few miles'below Drcs
bach. but the stay was short, for
Sheriff Fuhrniann put in an appear
ance and arrested the principal -.
A Mill nnd County Sent.
Red Lake Falls, Minn., Aug. 6—Potts
& Newton, Michigan saw mill men,
have signed a contract with this place.
They get a bonus of $10,000 and a mill
site, and have to put up a mill that can
he insured for $20,000. In case of fire,
the village of Red Lake Falls will re
ceive $12,500 of the insurance money.
Their mill is to be in operation in lime
to saw part of next year's cut. This
mill is very important to Red Lake
Falls, as the extra population it will
bring will cut quite a figure in the
county seat fight which will be on next
Wniif Dmna^oN.
Winona, Minn., Aug. 5.—Claims for
damages have been presented against
the city by Peter Skow for $1,000. and
by his wife for $3,000. Mr. Skow's
horse was scared at a pile of stone
screenings 011 Huff street and reared
so that in falling it broke its neck and
died, while Mrs. Skow was thrown out
and injured, it is alleged, permanently
in the hip.
Work Is Being Pushed.
Barnesville, Minn.. Aug. 0.—Harvest
ing began last Saturday, and has now
become o.uite general. Rain is cans
ing some delay, but the work being
pushed as rapidly as possible. It is
now believed that the yield will be
much better than was expected two
weeks ago. •••,.
for Many Yenrn.
St. ITilaire, Minn., Aug. 0.—The St
Hil.'iire dumber company has let a con
tract for tlie cutting of 300.000.000 feci
of logs 011 Red lake. A logging rail
way eighteen miles long is to be con
strueted. The contract will take tei
1.0 fifteen years.
A Winnnn Retirement.
Winona, Minn., Aug. 0.—Prof. Man
fred .1. Holmes has resigned the chair
of history, civics and social science in
the Winona normal school to take
charge of the department of )edagogy
and psychology in the state normal
university at Normal, 111.
Arrested fov Arson.
Redwood Falls, Minn., Aug. 5.—
Three farmers named Ely, father and
two sons, were arrested yesterday
charged with arson for having mali
ciously set fire to growing flax valued
at $300 last April.
lln lly Scalded.
Mazeppa, Minn., Aug. 0.—The 3-year
old child of County Commissioner
Springer, near Zumbro Falls, has been
badly scalded with hot water. Both
arms and one leg were burned, but it
is thought she will recover.
For rna-lc.
Tyler, Minn.. Aug. 0.—Citizens are
negotiating with the Northwestern
road for the purchase of a piece of
laud for park.
Died of Old Age.
Hector. Minn.. Aug. (.—A. II. Nixon,
commonly called "Uncle Al," is dead
from old age. He was 88 years old.
^•Harvest in Otter TitII.
Fergus Falls. Minn.. Aug. 0.-—Wheat
harvesting is general. The grain is in
fine condition in Otter Tail county.
New Flour Mill.
Tyler, Minn., Aug. 6.—A flour mill is
to be completed by Oct. l. S. Jensin
of Elkhoru, Iowa, is proprietor.
Shot by Mistake.
St. Paul, Aug. 10. Nicholas Hoft
bauer and his seventeen-year-old ron,
farmers of Shakopee, were mistaken
for chicken thieves and were shot at
while driving to this city Friday morn
ing with a load of chickens. The son
was shot In the leg and the father in
the hand.
Albert Len Iluttcr for Export.
Albert Lea. Minn., Aug. 7. There
were 341 tubs of butter shipped from
this city the week just closed, against
349 the previous week.
Patents Issned.
I,ist of patents issued last week to
Northwestern investors:
Frank J. Coombs. Columbia Faljs,
Mont., bicycle brake: John A. Markoe.
White Bear, Minn., mechanical voting
machine Samuel A. Peterson. Kent.
Minn., grain elevator .lolm Starter,
Fort Logan. Mont., tire tightener Kd
ward Shepard. White Sulphur Springs,
Mont., hammer Zenith Wall Plaster
and Finish Co.. Minneapolis. Minn.,
(tn.de mark) wall plaster and finish.
T. D. Merwin. Patent Lawyer. 910
Pioneer Press Building, St. Paul, Minn.
Artfal Audacity.
'So Bo racks is going to marry that
aged Munn girl, is he?"
"Yes and the funny part of it is that,
he told her he wanted to marry hereon
account of her fortune."
"He told her she was too young and
foolish to have the care of so much
money."—Indianapolis Journal.
Free Trip to AInskn sas.
From St. Paul to Alaska for nothing.
Two tickets glvj'i away. Erter tho "Klon
dykfc" word contest. Limited to the lirst
MM) subscribers. You won't see this a^uin.
Address Home and Garden, Newspaper
Row, St. Paul, Minn.
Too Intelligent.
"Do you say that you received a col
lege education?" asked th« court of
the would-be juror.
"1 es, your honor."
"Challenged for cause." promptly in
terrupted the counsel for the prisoner.
—Detroit Frt-e Press.
I know that my life w.is saved by Pfso's
Cure for Consumption. John A. Miller,
Au Sable, Mich., April 21, 18!»r».
A Helping Hand.
Philanthropy—My wile is getting up
a subscription for a bicycle for the
pastor. What will you subscribe to
wards it?
Philistine—Well, you can put me
down for the wind for the tires. •. .,
To Cnre Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 2Bc.
IX C. C. C. fall to cure, druggists refund money.
Yellowstone Park contains an area of
3,575 square miles.
Hall's Catarrh Cart,
Is a constitutional cure. Price, "J5c.*
A pneumatic bumper, to be used in
trolley cars, to knock careless pedestrians
out of the way without seriously hurting
them, has been contrived by a Balti
Coe's Couph Balaam
Is the oldcFt and best. It will break up a coUl quicker
than anything elite. It Is always reliable. Try it.
Too Small to Notice.
Magistrate—Did the accused offer
any resistance?
Officer Knock—Only three dollars,
your honor, am! a pawn ticket
A nstsli Clata Aoaclciuy for Yonng
Dubuque, Iowa. Mount St. Joseph ACADEMY
FOR GIRLS. Careful Training in Jfivery De
partment, Kegular and Elective Courses of
Study, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Elocution
and Physical Culture. Hates Low. Bend lor
I'roppectus. Addresn the Sister Superior.
The Cheerful
"It must have been a very tender
hearted butclier who killed this lsnnb,"
said tl Cheerful Idiot, pausing in the
Bnwinp of his ehoi».
"Why?"' kindly asked the shoe clerk
"He must have hesitated three or
four years before striking the fatal
blow."—Indianapolis Journal.
Next to An Approving Conscience.
A vigorous sinmach is tho -greatest of
mundane blessings. Sound digestion is a
guaranty of quiet nerves, muscular elas
ticity, a hearty appetite and a regular
habit of body. Though not always a nat
ural endowment,
it nif.y oe acquired
through the agency of Hostetter's Stom
ach Bitters, one of the most effective in
vigorants and blood fertilizers in exist
ence. This fine tonic also fortifies those
%vho use it against
and remedies
biliousness, constipation ami rheumatism.
CircnmiitnneoH Alter Case*.
"You have been in the cigarette busi
ness so Ions," said the anxious moth
er, "that you must be able to give me
the information I want. I hope you
will candidly answer ray iuest'ion.
Are cisrarettes injurious to the health?"
"It all depends, ma'am," said the to
bacco merchant.
"On what?"
"On whether you smoke thein or sell
tiiein.''—Washington Star.
Edncnte Your UoweK with Caacareti.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
10c. If C. C. fail druggists refund money.
Child marriages are so common in India
that the average age of a mother when
she glvts birth to ber first child is ten
AIJABKAS Miner's Guide to the Gold Fields'
rind !atc**-t authorized map, showing difterent
ro-KCh. All about Placer Mining. Outfits,
rtr-tfcB, Etc., by mail 2lic. Taylor Publishing
Co.. Box 2514, St. Paul, Minn.
Some of the women of China are begin
ning to comprehend the folly of com
pressing tho fTt. A mission try h.is been
enlightening them on the subject.
MTR. TVinBlow'flSoofchlnjfSyrnp
For children tecUilnK.H»ft*nn tlie g-urr)K.rMlucefl Inflam*
nmtion.ail&ys pain, cured wind colic. 95 cents a bottle.
A halibut's tooth made a slight scratch
on tho thumb of a fisherman in Hull.
Eng., and in three days he died of blood
Don'tTobacco Spit ant! Smoko Yonr Uf Airay,
'Jo quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No*To
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teed. Booklet and sample free. Address Ster
ling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York. 3
At a single bakery in Boston 10,000 pies
are baked every day.
The GIiiaeVind«w.
"Here, I told yoo sit where you
could look throughe window in the
door and see if thnaster gossiped
with the typewritqirl."
"Yes. ma'am."
"Din you do it?"
"Yes. ma'am." %j-l
"Did you see anjngY'
"No, ma'am."
"Pcoh your eyunust have been
"No. ma'am, it sn't my eyes—it
was the window.Cleveland Plsun
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You will enjoy tlpublication much
better if you will pinto the habit of
reading the advertments they will
afford a most intsting study and
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tisers are reliable send what they
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March 8, gv':
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est storm buy the Fh Brand
Slicker. If not for saldn your
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Vpr WrrK
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«, in WASHRS in 20 YEARS.
Sires 5per cent of labor.
Cane operated stand*
or Bitting* No
tore work than
rekiiiga cradle.
per. No one authority from me to use my name except
The Centaur Company of which Chas. H. Fletcher
President. [, s* a
Do Not Be Deceived.
Do not endangeihe life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute
which some drugg may offer you (because he makes a few more pennies
on it), the ingreaits of which
even, lie
The Kid That Never Failed You.1
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Dakota. Don't speculaten your cash product sell on track. Write or telegraph Tor prices.
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BRANCH OFKICUS-iUliith, Chicago, Milwaukee.
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In y«nr
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ut ind Ml
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CH Tfl t^CCsn
be made w«rking for
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urnn/ whole time to the iu»inew. Spare
is seme.
The greatest merit of any
medicine is sure relief. That's
the great merit of Sagwa. In
any and all diseases that are
caused by bad blood Kickapoo
Indian Sagwa is a specific.
Ninety per cent, of diseases be
gin in the blood, and ninetv per
cent, of diseases are curable by
the prompt and proper use of
Sagwa. It expels from theblood
all the corrupting nnd corroding
elements and builds up a i.iw
body with new blood. There is
no substitute for
Mokapoo Indian
RM Sagwam
I, DR. SANEL PITCHER, of Hyannis, Massachusetts,
was the origi,tor of PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same
that has bornand does now s/1F/ on every
bear the fae-siile signature of J&ZcdUAl wrapper.
This is the origal "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has been
used in the hoes of the motlxers of America for over thirty
years. LOOK ARE FULLY at the wrapper and see that it is
the kind you ive always bought yOr s/G/
CORf EXCHANGE, Minneapolis, Minn.
Send for list of 4.(Otpacancles— we hove several times ns many Taconcics as member*
Must have more membenOcvoral plan* two plans Bive free registration: one plan GUAKA W
TEES position*. 10 ccmauys for book coma nlntr plans nnd a #SU0.W) love story of Collcg*
davs. Jilnnks and circuln free. No cl aree to emplnvers for recommending leachers
S.W.Cor.Malu & 3d Kt8.,X.oultile.Ky. l'rnildeut am) Munatrcr. M-71 lleai born Ht., Chk**o, 111
Rorthim ra«incv Chicago s, Southrrn racanciM LunitvUlt Ojdco. One Jte rttjitleri in liutl. ojflcw.
/fiw/w wrap­
does not know.
Vf"The Kid You Have Always Bought"
b,rs the fac-simile signature of
Insist on Having
SI00 To Any Man.
Weakness la Men They Treat utf
Fait to Care.
An Omaha Company pla-es for the first
time before the public a MAGICAL TREAT
MENT for the cure of Lost Vitality, Nervous
and Semal Weakness, and Restoration of
Life Force in old and young men. No
worn-out French rpmeay: contains no
Phosphorous or other har:nful drugs. It is
a WONUEIIFUI. TREATMENT—magical in its
effects—positive in its cure. AU readers,
who are suffering from a weakness that
blights their life, causing that mental and
physical suffering peculiar to Lost Man
hood, should write to tho S ATE MEDICAL
COMPANY, Omaha, Nob., and thoy will
send you absolutely FREE, a valuable
paper on these diseases, and poflitive proofs
of their truly J'AGICAL TREATMENT. Thous
ands of men, who have lost all hone of a
cure, ere being restored by them to a per
fect condition.
This MAGICAL TBEATVEVT maybe tali en
at home under their directions, or tboy will
pay railroad fare and hotel bills to all who
prefer to go there for treatment, if they
lnil to care. They are perfectly reliable
have no Free Prescriptions, Free Cure,
Free Scmple, or C. 0.1). fake. They have
£250,000 capital, and guarantee to cure
every case they treat or refund every dollar
or their charges may be deposited in a
bank to be paid to thern when a cure is
effected. Write them today.
hours, tboufrb, may te profitably em*
vi ployed. Good openliga for town and
city work a* well as country district*.
.£.GlFFOI(], 11th A Main Bta., llehmond, Vn.
llary BLOOD POISON permanent!#
cored In 16 to
86 days. You ean be treated
homeforaame price
nnder same guaran
ty. If yon prefer to
comebere we wllicoo*
tract to pay mi lroad fareand hotel bll ls,and
rge, if we fall to care. If you have taken mer*
fodido potash, ana! still have aches
MuconsTatches In mouth. So
imples. Copper Coiorea Spots. ...
any part of the body, Hair or Eyebrows falilna
oat. It Is this Secondary BLOOD POISOB
we eoarantee to cure. We solicittbe most obstt*
note cases and challenge tbe world for I
case we cannot cure. This disease has always
baffled tbe skill of the most eminent physl*
clans. •SOO.OOO capital behind our nncondk
tional guaranty. Absolute proofs Bent sealed
palps. Mucous
quick rvliefano cures worwt
casi'M. Send for book of t«*Htimonlali-and 10layK*
treatment Free. Dr. At'anta, «•.
The but Red Rope Roofing for
lc. per Bq. ft., ops and DHIK in*
ftnh.t'ttite. for l'lu.ter

FAY BAMLLA uoowe co.,uta4M K.J.
ington. D.O. No fee till patent
secured. 4ft.^age book ftae.
HOJJB C_VKlt. Book PltEE. IH. J.^C.
Established 1879.
Orders for Future Doiivoiy Executed
HoryxK, ijtbtn.BiJt,.CHICAI O. in. S W. P. No. 33-1807.
atches In mouth. Sore Throat,
Ulcers on
application. Address COOK REMEDY OO.
801 UiMonio Temple, CHICAGO, -1
Cough Syrup. Tastes Good.
time. Sold by druasists.

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