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Turner County herald. (Hurley, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-19??, August 04, 1898, Image 7

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When Hot
Don't swest and (ret, but keep cool and
take Hood's SarsapariUa. This is good
advice, as you will find it you follow it.
Hood's SarsapariUa is a first-class sum
mer medicine, because it is so good for
the stomach, so cooling to the blood,
so helpful to the whole body. Make no
mistake, but get only
»_i__ r*s»i_
America's Greatest Medicine.
HOOd S PiliS
I'ivor I"* easy to
take, easy to operate-
Moat Plensant Pictures.
Photographers, in their constant stud
ies of the face, find that the left side
make the more pleasant picture, and
that the profile as seen from the left
gives a more correct likeness than
when viewed from the right.—New
Xork World. i/. -'i:
Important to Mothers.
The manufacturers of Castorla have been
compelled to spend hundreds of thousands of
dollars to familiarize the public with the sig
nature of Clias H. FletchFr. This has been
necessitated by reason of pirates counterfeit
la? the Casioria trade mark. This counter*
felting is a crime not only against the proprie
tors of Castorla, but against the growing
generation. All persons should be careful to
aee that Castorla bears the signature of Chas.
H. Fletcher, if they would guard the health of
tholr children. Parents and mothers. In par
ticular, ought to carefully examine the
Castorla advertisements which have been ap
pearing In this paper, and to remember that
tbe wrapper of every bottle of genuine Castoria
bears the fac-slmlle signature of Cba*. H.
Fletcher, under who supervision It has b-en
manufactured continuously for o\or thirty
Largent San Dial.
The largest sun dial in the world is
Hayou Horoo, a large promontory ex
tending 3,000 feet above the Aegean
Sea. As the sun swings round the
shadow of this mountain, it touches,
one by one, a circle of islands which
act as hour marks.—New York World.
Educate Tour Bowels With Cascarets.
Candy Cathartio cure constipation forever,
iOc, 25c. If C. C. C. fall, druggists refund money.
Onr Flexible Language.
They say that a woman was at the
bottom of Billerbee's downfall."
"Yep. She threw him over, and be
went under."—Indianapolis Journal.
Wheat 40 Cents a Bushel.
grow wheat with big profit at 40
cents and samples
Salzer's Red Cross (SO
Bushels per acre) Winter Wheat, Rye, Oats,
Clovers, etc., with Farm Seed Catalogue
for 4 cents postage. JOHN A. SALZER
SEED CO., La Crosse, Wis. w.n.u.
Perhaps some people do not know that the
Sphinx got Its reputation for belns very wise
b.v keeping Its mouth shui for a.OOO yuan.—
-Chicago News.
Ball's Catarrh Cure
Is taken internally. Price, 75c.
When a" man is swamped in speoulatoin a lot
of wreckage conies to the surtace.
80AP, exquisitely scented, is .soothing and
beneficial. Sold everywhere.
Beformers should devote more of tlieir time
to reforming reforms.
Jfo-To-Uac lor Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes wedk
men strong, blood pure. SOc. Si. All druggists.
Unless a man possesses
little better than a slave.
self-cor.tfol he Is
K«nr It Happened.
Jay Green—Are you the wild man?
Museum Freak—Yes.
Jay Green—H'm! Wal, what makes
you wild?
Museum Freak—The fool questions
that are being constantly asked me.—
The Oldest VolBtttcer.
A Xew York State doctor, aged 100.
volunteered his services to the Presi
dent recently an an army surgeon. At
his advanced years he can read with
out glasses and walk ten miles a day.
The oldest medicine is Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters, Which has no equal
for indigestion, dyspepsia and consti
pation. One bottle does much good.
He Was No Fisherman.
Bobber—It's too bad that George
Washington never knew the serene
contentment that can come only to the
iann who manipulates line and rod.
Angleson—How do fou know he nev
er did?
Bobber—He never told a lie.—Chica
go News.
List of Pntenta Issued Last Week to
Northwestern Inventors.
Benjamin P. Cobb, Bozeman, Mont.,
meat-holding device: Sutton II. Drap
er, Missoula, Mont., rotary engine
Henry V. Swyny, Butte, Mont., and J.
H. McDonald, fire escape George Wag
ner, St. Paul, Minn., truing device
John A. Olson, Minneapolis, Minn.,
acetylene gas generator Andrew Paul
son, Snake, Minn., grapple for lifting
Merwln, Lothrop 4k. Johnson* Patent Attor
Beya, 010 Pioneer Press Butldins, St. PauI.
Weapons Overloolted.
"Yes," said the Spanish officer, "we'll
have to go back to Spain without our
"What a humiliation?" exclaimed a
"Cheer up. It isn't as it might be.
They never thought to take our foun
tain pens n^siy from us."—Washington
Some men are worth more than others, and
some are worth-less.
A thng lot comfort seldom a joy to a wo
man of fashion.
Many a poor man finds It harder to get
drunk than to stay sober.
WASTED—Case of bad health that R-T-P-A-X-S
will not benefit. Send 5 cents to lilpans Chemical
I Co., Xcw York, for 10 samples and 1,000 testimonials.
Woman was made from th crib of man. but
as to the origin of ladles, history is painfully
Mrs. Wlnslow'w Soothing Syrnp
For children teething, sol tens the gams, reduces In
fiaramailuii, allays pain,
cures wind colic. 25c a bottle.
Snake-charmers ought to make excellent bar
tenders. .v?
makes the skin soft, whita and healthy.
Sold everywhere.
It Is far easier to purchase old jokes in the
comic paper than it is to 6ell them.
To Cure Constipation Korever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25o.
If C. C. C. fail to cure, druggists refund money.
Tli- only way some married people manage
to avoid quarrelling Is by refusing to make up.
Two bottles of Piso's Cure for Consump
lion cured me of a bad lung trouble.--Mrs.
J. Nichols. Princeton, Ind., March 26, 1895.
Tlinr eare times when the absence of cranki
ness shows the absence of sense.
sold for 10 cents.
*§Ktaa a
"To kiss," said he, "is rapturous bliss."
"To kiss," quoth she, "necessitates a
"To kiss a miss," protested he.
"Is, an aggravation."
"To miss a kiss," responded she,
"Is poor navigation."
Beauty la Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without It. Cascarets Candy Ca
thartic cleans your blood and keeps it
clean by stirring up the lazy liver and
driving all impurities from the body. Be
gin to-day to banish pimples, boils,
blotches, blackheads, and that sickly, bil
ious complexion by taking Cascarets—
beauty for 10 cents. All druggists. Sat
isfaction guaranteed. 10c, 25c, 50c.
"How dared you surrender?" fiercely
inquired the Spanish general's superi
or officer.
"It was purely an accident," was the
humble answer. "Nothing was furth
er from my intentions when they asked
me if 1 would surrender, and. of course.
I didn't think of telling them the truth.
And I'm blest if they didn't take me at
my word, and make themselves at
home before I knew what had hap
pened."—Washington Star.
University of Notre Dame.
We call attention to the advertise
ment of the University of Notre Dame
in this issue. This great institution
of learning takes rank with the first in
the country and in the world. It is
beautifully situated at Notre Dam?,
Ind., a place famous in the early his
tory of Christian explorations in the
New World. The educational course is
fully as complete as at Harvard, Yale
or Princeton. A new 184-page cat
alogue just issued by the institution
gives some very valuable information
that should be read before arranging
to sending your boys elsewhere. St.
Edward's Hall for boys under
Einstein—Vat an idea I—Indianapolis
The gas meter has more feet than any other
inanimate thing.
Don't Tobacco Sp't and Smoke Your Lite Away.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To
Bnc. the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, 50c. or 11. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Co.. Chicago or New York.
An old bachelor declares that even the sweet
grl braduate will ferment in time.
Aofits ornervousnessaftst
first day's uwi of Dr. Kline'* Great Nerv. Reitorar.
Send for FREE S3.00 trial bottlo and ttes-tis*.
Da. K. H. tun, Ltd.. 931 Arch St-Philadelphia, Pa
Consistency may be a Jewel ,but It Is apt to
have an alum flavor
For a perfect complexion and a clear,
healthy skin, use COSMO BUTTERMILK
SOAP. Sold everywhere.
Kissing may be unhealthy ,but every girl
conrlders herself an immune.
Iowa Nrst far sal*. 92 per
aatU pa
14. J. Malhall,
It is rumored that Spain will issue a new
map flier possessions after the war—that Is,
If sh ehas any possessions left.
if you are dissatisfied with the size of piece or with the quality^
of the chewing tobacco you are using—
and you '11 get your money's worth. The 10-cent piece of Battle Ax
is larger than the 10-cent piece of any other brand of the same high
quality, and is the largest piece of really good chewing tobacco that
How baldness begins.
How to prevent it.
Hvery person, male or female, shrinks
from baldness. It adds to the appearance
of age and is a serions discomfort. The
cases are rare when the falling out of the
hair may not be stopped, and a new and
healthy growth o{ the hair promoted. The
hair grows in the scalp like a plant in the
soil. If a plant flourishes, it must have
constant attention: it must be watered
regularly and find its food in the soil
where it is rooted. It's so with the hair.
Neglect is usually the brginuiug of bald
ness. Dandruff is allowed to thicken on
the scalp. The hair begins to loosen. The
scalp loses its vitality. The hair, insuf
ficiently nourished, begins to fade and to
fall. T'he instant need in such a case is
some practical preparation which, sup
plying the needed nourishment to the
scalp, will feed the hair, give it strength,
and so produce a strong and healthy
growth. All this is done by Dr. Ayer's
Hair Vigor, the most practical and valua
ble preparation for the hair that can be
obtained. It tones up the scalp, does away
with dandruff, stops the hair from falling,
restores the original color to gray or faded
Present Free
13 is
complete in all its equipments and has
many advantage's. It is possible for a
boy of 10 to enter Notre Dame and re
main until he graduates in Divinity,
Classics, Letters, Science, Law, En
gineering, etc.
W'' ':.y5Xnturally Skeptical.
Watts—I want to say to you that we
will have to have a greater navy, and
a greater army, to gain the world's
trade. No nation, no race, ever gained
trade without arms.
few month* to all users of the
celebrated ELASTIC STARCH, (Rat
Iron Brand). To induce you to try this
brand of starch, so that you may find out
for yourself that all claims for its superi'
ority and economy are true, the makers
have had prepared, at great expense, a
series of
Game Plaques
exact reproductions of the S10,000 originals by Muviile, which will be
given you ABSOLUTELY FREE by your grocer on conditions named below. These
Plaques are 40 inches in circumference, are free of any suggestion of advertising
whatever, and will ornament the most elegant apartment. No manufacturing concern
ever before gave away such valuable presents to its customers. They are not for sale
at any price, and can be obtained only in the manner specified. The subjects are*
AU purchasers of three 10-cent or six
5-cent packages of Elastic Starch (Flat
Iron Brand), are entitled to receive from
their grocer one of th«te beautiful Oanic
Plaques free. The plaques will not be
sent by mall. They can be obtained only
from your grooer.
The birds arc handsomely embossed and stand out natural as life. Each Plaque is
bordered with a band gold.
Every Grocer Keeps Elastic Starch.
Do not delay. This offer is for a short
time only.
hair, and gives an abundant antt 'glossy
Those who are threatened witn
growth. ...
approaching baldness will be interested
in the following votnntary statement,
made by Alderman S. J. Green, of Spencer,
Iowa. He writes:
"About four months ago, ray hair com
menced falling out so rapidly that I
became alarmed, and being recommended
Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor by a druggist, I
resolved to try this preparation. I have
been now using it for three months, and
am much gratified to find that my hair has
ceased falling out and also that hair which
had been turning gray for the past five
years has been restored to its original
color, dark brown. It gives me much
pleasure to recommend this dressing."—
S. J. GREEN, Alderman, Spencer, Iowa.
Those who are interested in preserving
and beautifying the hair will do well to
send for Dr. Ayer's Curebook, A story of
cures told by the cured. This book of 100
pages is sent free, on request, by the J. C.
Ayer Co., Lowell, lfass.
Elastic Starch
has been the standard for 25 years,
ages of this brand were sold last
year. That's how good it is.
Ask Your Dealer
to show ypu the Plaques and tell
you about Elastic Starch. Accept
no substitute.
the name
Classics, betters. Kolrnce, Lsw. Civil, Me
chanical and Klectrtcal Engineering.
Thorough Preparatory and Commercial
Courses. Kccleslastlcal stndents at special rates.
Rooms, Free. Junior or Mnlor Year Oi."ilealsi*
Courses. St. Edwards Hall, for lioys under 13.
•The 109th Term will open September Stb,
1 (98. Catalogue sent Free on application to
etaff »0lh
Bev. A. Morrlasey. C. S. CH President.
Conducted by 8isters of Charity.
A cltool of High Reputation for Its
advantages and thorough education In every
tin Bis CI for unnatural
discharges, inflammations,
irritations or ulesrations
of mucous membranes,
l'ainlsss, and not astria*
|ItheE***sChEMIOIi0o. ««nt or poisonous.
faces. n«nd
If afflicted with
•oro eyc», uie
s. n. x. tf.
KxtenaWe ground* forout-doorexercl8e». Terms for
boirJ and tuition reasonable. Apply
I ksre km arts* OAfOABHtMSss
olid and effective laxallvetbey are slmplr won
irf ul. Ill daughter and 1 were bothered with
was very bed. After
bare Improved
sick stomach
taking a few doses of Oaseareu
wonderfully. The? area freatb.
WlMltSlXA RAflL,
1UTBlueubouse St.,
toe family.
Pleasant, Palatable. Potent, Taste GdSlf'pO
Good, Merer Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c, M, SOe.
1UH1.| IwH Cwsp—y, •setaval, a— 1st*. SIS
'or eent in plain wrapper,
liy expntss, prepaid, (or
Si .W. or Imttlea, tf.78.
Circular seat en reanetS,
write to NATHAN
llHIHFORD. Washlnarton. D. C\. they
will receive quick replies. U- 6th N. H. Vols.
1th Corns,
slace I878
•bPMCinilJOHK W.ltlOHRM,
Waahluifton, ».
3yr*iula«t war, 2S^tt&6*Uug<ri«liua, attjiittc*
of tMtSmonlaia
and 10 days'
Thompson's Eys Wsttr.
-so. as— 1808

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