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The Main Question.
Bramble—My wife and I were play
ing ping-pong last night, when the ball
flew into a gas flame and exploded, set
fire to the winctow curtains and nearly
burned the house down.
.Thorne—Who won'the game?—Balti
more Sun.
Kears of Buffering relieved in a night.
Itching piles yield at once to the curative
properties of Doan's Ointment. Never fails.
At auay drug store, 60 cents.
Uncle Sam's Capitalists.
Farmers, as far as actual wealth is
concerned, are the capitalists of the
Jnited States. The census bureau re
port on the value of farming property
of the country, estimates that the 5,
376,657 farms of the United States are
worth $16,674,690,247. Of this amount,
13,560,198,191, or 24.4 per cent, repre
sents the value of buildings, and $13,
114,492,p56, or* 87.6 per cent, the value
land and improvements. Farm im
plements and machinery are worth
$761,261,550, and live stock is worth
$3,078.050,Oil, making the total farm
"ng wealth dyer $20,514,000,000.—Suc
Piao's Cure cannot be too highly spoken of as
cough cure.—J. W. O'BRIBN, 828 Third Ave.,
K., Minneapolis, Minn.. Jan. 6,1900.
A nervous, irritable mother, often on the verge oi hysterics, is
-unfit to care for children it ruins a child's disposition and reacts
upon herself. The trouble, between children and their mothers
too often is due to the fact that the mother has some female
.,5 ^veakness, and she is entirely unfit to bear the strain upon her nerves
that governing a child involves it is impossible for her to do anything
calmly. She cannot help it, as her condition is due to suffering ana
shattered nerves caused by some derangement, of the uterine system
with backache, headache, and all kinds of pain, and she is on the verge
nervous prostration.
-i When a mother finds that she cannot be calm and quiet with he*
children, she may be sure that her condition needs attention, and she can
not do better than to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
A Modern Box and Cox.
It appears that "Box and Cox" has
een'outdone in the case of two Bos
nians who lately moved here from
modern Athens and took up their
narters together. One in a little
hile became a cop^ holder on a morn
ng paper the other, a short time af
er\frard, took a position as private sec
etary. The hours of the former were
rdm 2 p. m. to 5 a. m., while the latter
ound his time well occupied from 9
m. to 5 m. Naturally, their hours
Sleeping grew widely different. One
Urned in at 10 or 11 at night, while
other never took oft his boots until
or-4 in the morning. The result was
hat while the two beds were scarcely
yard apart, the. men never by any
hance, exchanged a word except on
unday. For weeks their sole method
communication was by means of
olite notes, containing comments,
bjections and miscellaneous items of
nterest, laid in the table in the sit
room.—New York Post.
.,.,m Unlimited ^Supply,
Everything is getting dearer,1
apprehensive citizen.
"No," answered the man who had
en reading' about "How to Circum
ent the Trusts," "advice is as cheap
over,"—Washington Star.
This medicine will build up her system, strengthen her nerves, and
enable her to calmly handle a disobedient child without a scene- The
children "will soon realize the difference, and seeing their mother quiet,
will themselves become quiet:
Mrs. May Brown, of Chicago, 111., says:
"DKAK MBS. PnntHAM 'Honor to whom
honor is due,' and you deserve both the thanks
and honor of the mothers of America whom you
have so blereedly helped and benefited. I hare
used IiVdia E. "Pinkham's "Vegetable Com
pound when I would feel run-down, nervous
and irritable, or have any of the aches and pains
which but few women escape, and I have found
that 'it relieved me at once and gave me new
strength. Several ladies, members of our Lit
erary Union, speak in the -highest praifie of your
Vegetable Compound, as they have been cured
from serious female1 troubles. One lady,
who thought she must submit to an opera
tion, was cured without using anything in
the world but Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound and Sanative Wash.
You have hosts of friends in Chicago, and
if you came to visit our city'we would delight to do
you honor. Gratefully yours,— MRS. MAT BROWN, 57 Grant Place, Chicago, ILL
How Mrs. Pinkham Helped Mrs. McKinny.
DEAR MBS. PINKHAM I feel it my duty to write and let you know the
pood you and your Vegetable Compound are doing. I had been sick ever since
my fiJrst baby was. born, and at the birth of my second, my doctor, as well as
myself thought I should never live through it. After that menstruation never
came regular, and when it came I suffered terribly. I also had womb and
ovarian trouble. A friend of my husband's advised him to get Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for me. At first I had no fa'ith in it,
but now nothing could induce ma to be without it. Menstruation has. become
regular, and I feel like anew woman. Your medicine is a God-send to suffer
ing women. I hope this letter will lead others to try Lydia E. Pinkhan's
Vegetable Compound. Yours truly, MBS. MILDBKD MCKLNNY, 28 Pearl
fit.,, San Francisco, Cal." (March 16, 1901).
If there is anything in your case about which you would like
special advice write freely to Mrs. Pinkham. Address is Lynn,
Mass. Her advice is free, and her advice is always helpful.
FORFEIT we cannot forthwith prodnee the original letters and signature* of
their absolute"genuineness.
above testimonial*, which will prove
Zgrdia X. flakbam Medicine Co, Jujtm,
She was a sweet young thing, and as
he walked slowly along by her side he
suddenly remembered that she had
been vaccinated, and hastened to make
"You have been vaccinated, haven't
you?" he asked. "How is your arm?"
She turned to him a face that only
too plainly showed that she was suffer
ing, and replied, mournfully:
"Oh, it's so sore I can hardly walk
on it."
j^nd theri she wondered why he
Think what that means. No matter how
bad the burn or scold, Cole's Carboliealve
will quickly stop the pain and cure without
sears. Always get Cole's. There is nothing
made that is as good. 25 and 50 cents, by
all druggists and dealers in medicines.
Liquidity of the German Language.
Mr. Casey, under the impression
that the perfuming machine was a
phonograph, dropped a cent in the slot
and placed the tube to his ear.
"Wow!" he exclaimed, suddenly
flinging the tube from him. It's a
wonder someone wouldn't invent wa
ter-proof records for thim dom German
songs!"—New York Sun.
Standing Up for His Rights.
"Get out of here!" growled the lar
vae In the cheese rind, as the weevil
sought to: make an entrance.
"But why?" protested the weevil.
"There is plenty of room for both."
"Where's you skipper's license?"
asked the larvae, haughtily.—Judge.
Too Realistic Altogether.
Footlight—And was the lighthouse
scene realistic?
Sue Brette—Oh, yes. They had a
real light Jiouse at last night's per
formance.—Yonkers Statesman.
stain the hands or spot' the kettle, ex
cept green and purple.
Mrs. Blank—Is your husband going
to Mrs. Jason's funeral?
Mrs. Dash—iDecldedly not. She did
not return' my last call.—Baltimore
"Little Colds" neglected—thousands of
lives sacrtfl&d every year. Dr. Wood's
Norway Pine Byrnp caras little colds—cures
big colds too, down to the very vergs of
An indiscreet good action' is little
beter than" a discreet mischief.—
Bishop Hall.
W T|
South Dakota
State News
Stephen W. Jenkins of Waubay has
been granted a pension of $10 per
Dr. G. F. Peabody recently traded his
residence a{, Bigstone for property in
John D. Perry, a settler on Bad riv
er, was killed in a runaway accident
near Pierre.
J. M. Talcott has disposed of his
lumber yard at Mission Hill to Minne
apolis parties.
H. Nihart, implement dealer, has be
gun the erection of a large implement
house at Tyndall.
The Hotel Commercial, at Bigstone,
is being improved. It is now lighted
by gas and heated by steam.
The homestead filings at the Pierre
land office for October again passed
the 100 mark, the total being 125.
Material for the new telephone sys
tem has been received at Freeman.
The switchboard will accommodate 100
About seven years ago Joseph Frick
purchased a farm near Hurley for $3.
100, and has just sold the tract for $60
per acre.
Several families have recently
moved to Bigstone from Marshall
county and elsewhere, and every house
in town is filled.
Tyndall officials are unloading a Car
of sandstone, which will be used for
crossings* Nearly all the crossings
now are of stone.
J. B. Lee, who has had charge of the
Lee house at Mellette for sixteen
years, has leased it to B. C. Richard
son, who has taken possession.
James Vercoe, the ten-year-old son
of Dr. W. L. Vercoe of Deadwood, had
part of his left hand blown away by
the explosion of a giant percussion
The members of the Lutheran
church at Canistota are making elab
orate preparations for the dedication
of their new church on Thanksgiving
At the special election at Salem, for
the purpose of voting on bonding the
city for $6,000 for waterworks, the
proposition carried by a handsome ma
M. H. Fritts and Miss Rosana Jones?,
both of Bear Gulch, were united, in
marriage at Spearfish. Mr. Frittfc is
largely interested in mining and ranch
The following notaries public have
been appointed: Newell W. Powell,
White Rock Homer S. Smythe, Woo'n
socket H. Van Perchun, Marian C.
W. Martens, Milbank.
The delinquent tax sale for Beadle
county took place Monday. The list
was the smallest in the history of the
county, and very little time was con
sumed in making the sale.
Good positions secured for all grad
uates of the Sioux Falls Business Col
lege, Sioux Falls, S. D. Enter before
Dec. 1 and get one month's tuition
lree. Send for catalogue.
The Scottish Rite bodies of the Ma
sonic fraternity have arranged to dedi
cate the new $40,000 temple in Yank
ton and to hold a grand reunion during
the second week of next March.
Harm Bossman, a Grant township,
Lincoln county, farmer, is a victim of
smallpox. The premises have been
quarantined and every precaution is
being taken to prevent its spread.
A large number of delegates attend
ed the annual convention of the De
gree of Honor ledges of the Black Hills
at Sturgis. A grand reception was
given the visitors by the local lodge.
The season now drawing to a close
has witnessed the erection of many
business blocks and dwellings at Al
ee. There has also been a general im
provement in the business transacted
by its merchants.
When starting the engine of Fray
leighs' threshing machine at Salem,
Irvin Erickson met with a painful ac
cident. He got his hand pinched in
some way, mashing it badly and Cut
ting oil one linger.
Gov. Herreid has granted ,a requisi-.
tion from the governor of Illinois for
Lee Saunders alias James Williams,
wanted, in McPherson county on a
forgery charge. Saunders is in cus
tody in East St. Louis.
The Importers and Traders' Nation
al Bank of New York, and .,First Na
tional and National Bank of Com
merce of Minneapolis, have been ap
proved as reserve agents for the First
National Bank of Milbank.
The warm weather is rapidly spoil
ing a large part of the corn, Frost
came before it was ripe, and fully half
of it is too soft for marketing, and illl
of it in some sections is growing be
cause of the warm weather.
The new telephone system recently
established at Menno is proving such
a success that already its capacity is
overtaxed. It will be necessary to
extend the system and move the ex
change into a larger building.
The members of the Presbyterian
church at Went worth have completed
preparations for extensive improve
njents. A choir room will be built on
the east end of the church and a ves
try and session room on the south.
A small fire started in B. W. Bur
nett's house, at Tyndall, but was ex
tinguished before much damage was
done. TBff house is in the center of a
block of buildings, and if the lire had
acquired headway it would have put in
danger a great deal of property.
Capt. Lavender of Yankton loaded a
carload of hens, geese, ducks and tur
keys at Yankton last week. The car
contained 5,000 fowls. Hens were
bought for 5 cents per pound and
spring chickens for 6 cents. They will
be Bent to the New York market.
-Conductor A. H. Scott has been
changed to the"€ioux City-Woonsocket
run of the Milwaukee, and has been
succeeded on the, Sioux City-Yankton
run by. Mr. Holt This ghange neces
sitates "the removal from Yankton to
Sioux City of Mr -Scott and his fam
ily. &
——wiwyii ,rtt-
0e muter.
November Colds Should Not Be
Allowed to Develop Into Chronic
Pe-ru-na Cures a Cold Promptly ^^retTw,
and Permanently.
"I am glad to recommend Peruna as it
has done so much for me. I had been a
great sufferer from catarrhal' colds un
til I was urged to try Peruna, and I am
happy to say that it has entirely cured
me. I shall never be without it and
most cheerfully recommend it to others
who are afflicted &ti I have bee a."—
Katherine Dauter, "239 13th St., Mil
waukee, Wis.
Most people think the success of Pe
runa depends upon the use of advertise
ments. Undoubtedly the advertise
ments help some. But by far the great
est number of people who hear of Pe
runa, have their attention called to it
by a friend.
Some one gets cured of chronic ca
tarrh by Peruna. After he is certain of
his cure, he is sure to recommend it to
his friends. Friend recommends it to
friend and the news spreads from tongue
to tongue.
AH the advertisements in the world
could not make Peruna as popular as
it is. Peruna cures. That is the rea
son people tike it. Peruna cures a
very stubborn disease. That is why
everyone recommends it. Peruna
cures chronic catarrh after all other
remedies fail which explains why
To Form a Habit.
"Poverty is uncomfortable, as I can
testify," said James A. Garfield, "but
nine times out of ten the best thing
that can happen to a young man is to
be tossed overboard and be compelled
to sink or swim. In all my acquaint
ance I have never known a man to be
drowned who was worth the saving."—
Stops tne Cough and
Workc Off the Coldl
Laxative Brotno Quinine Tablets. Price35a
-Sa.- Needy Trousers. t'+::K
"Were you ever in a tight fix?"
asked the Decorative Knot.
"Well," replied the Trousers, "I've
often been1 pressed for money."—
Princeton Tiger.
Mrs. WliiBlow's Soothing Syrup.'
For children teething, softens the gums, reduces In
flammation, allays rain,
cures wind colic. 23ca bottle.
A Man of the People.
"Is he a man of the people?"
"I guess so. He made himself ouTof
their money."—Detroit Free Press.
Spite of the breakfast food compa
nies the average boarder is bound to
the steak.
CITC permanently enrea. So nta or nerronimess aftoi
II ili-st diiy'y use of Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Restor
er. Send for FRKK &2.00 trial bottle and treatlre.
DR. R. U. KLINK, Ltd.. Ml Arch Street. Philadelphia, Pa
Old King Coal is a bloodthirsty old
P«-ru-na Cures, That Is Why the
People Like It.
All the Advertisement In the
World Could Not Make Pe-ru-na
as Popular as It Is.
Miss Margaret Donnelly, 21 Web .ter
Place, Brooklyn, N. Y., writes:
"Peruna was recommended tome about
a year ago for catarrh with which I had
been troubled nearly all my life, but
which had given me serious trouble a
few months before I took Peruna. In
two weeks my head cleared up, I did
lyot have headaches, and in a short time
felt perfectly well. "-Margaret Donnelly
mends it to neigh
bor. Peruna cures
catarrh permanent
ly, and this way
has gaineda life-long friend.
People who have been cured by Pe
runa many years ago have been
eager to recommend Peruna tp their
friends ever since. This is the way Pe
runa is advertised. It advertises itself.
Its merits are its chief advertisement.
Once cured of so distressing and exas
perating a malady as
catarrh, it becomes
the duty of every one to pass it along
to call the attention of those who are
still victims, to a remedy that rarely
fails to cure. ______
Beware of Cheap Imitations ot'Tft.
rn na ... Be Sore That Ton Get
There are no substitutes for Peruna.
Allow no one to persuade you that there
is something just as good. The sufceess
of Peruna has tempted many people to
devise cheap imitations. Beware of
them. Be sure that you get Peruna.
Miss Jennie Driscoll,870 Putnam Ave.,
Brooklyn, N. Y., Writes:
"I heard so much in praise of Peruna
as a specific for catarrhal affections that
The Cause of Failure.
"What made Jenkins fail?"
"His friends say because he didn't
take their advice, and Jenkins says
because he did."—Detroit Free Press.
(ole's (arbolisalve
The Great Skin Remedy
will stop the pain of burns and scalds at
once ana there will be ho tear. Don't wait
until someone gets burned but Keep a box
budy. -25 and 50 cents by all druggists.
write to NATIIAN
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fall to extract.
In a word, they are the only reliable repeaters.
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable'
calibers, weights and styles and are plain,',
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting everf
purpose, every pocketbook, and every taste.
made for all kinds of shooting is all kinds of guns.
I CO CT p_Send name and iddress on a Postal
forour 164-page Illustrated Cstnlog.
For Sprain*?
Mustang Liniment*
Woodward & Co.,
11" HICK.FOHD, Washington, D. C., they
will receive quick replies. B.5thN.H.Vols.
Staff 20th Corps. Prosecuting Claims since 1878.
€ray*ti Portrait* Fuullr ItMordi
£e. mum«MFnmMvboW
'»je,p&«MUMlev«c& VraafcW.WUiiaou ACa.,€hle*g«,Ul« ItopUB*
l! ShBtfiilSSSb!!!:!
vyBSP" vn
What's the secret of
health? Simply keeping- the' bowels, the'
stomach, the liwer «nd kidneys strong and
active. Burdock Blood Bitters does it.
No preacher has yet likened the
goal in football to heaven,, although it
is an avenue much frequented, t-
yr H!-
when found myself with a bad case of
catarrh of the head and throat Peruna
was the first thing that I thought of.
And my convictions were not wrong, for
in a few weeks after using Peruna sys
tematically I was entirely rid of thii
aggravating and distressing disease,
"jlf people knew how efficient Pe»^#
rnna'was for this trouble they would
not hesitate to try it. I havj all th«
faith in the world in it, and have neve*
known of a case where the person was
not cured in a short time."—Jennie Drisv
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna
write at once
"to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your case and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President oi
The Hartman Sanitarium. Columbus, Ot
Tlie Kind Tbat
Ask your dealer for "Gold Seal" Overshoes
and see that a "Gold Seal" sticker is on them.
If lie does not furnish them, write to
St. Paul, Minn.
$3&$3£S SHOES il»
(V. L. Douglas shoes are the standard of the world,
Dontfag made and gold more men'* flood,
year Welt (Hand Sewed Proce**) ihoei.ln the firat
•I* Month* of lftOa than any other manufacturer,
til) nnn
BEWAED nlll be paid to anyone irlw
W I UjUUU can disprore thin ltaterofuit.
Jl,103,8201 $2,840,000
Best Imported and American leathers. Heul't
Patent Calf, Enamel, Box Calf, Calf, Vlcl Kid, Corona
Oolt, Nat, Kangaroo, XTast Color Eyelets uaed.
Caution Ii
eenulne have W. I.. XOUGXJUT
name and price stamped on bottom.
fihoes by mail, 25c. extra. Illut. Catalog frit.
Beat Cough Syrup. Tastea Good.
In time. Bold by druggists.
8 —no. 46.— 1D02. v.

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