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Turner County herald. (Hurley, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-19??, July 16, 1903, Image 4

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s$s|&. ,,.e:
^m"^ -:A?"v:
is the Best
ried in Hurley..
Our Prices are right.
Window and
people weep over bad purchases, it is
bccause they failed to heed the advice
in our advertisements. A dissatisfied
buver is as rare at our store as
Heaviest on the market. We have a large
stock of this on hand, which we will sell at very low prices.
We have a fine stock of new live pealed cedar posts
We have the heaviest stock of good dry Lumber ever car­
fi E£L6 Yg D^AYmlA^e
9 and you weep alone.
Dress Well
Look Shabby,
szmft% nmmmm
Everybody who buys our goods is pleased
Door Screens.
Ay Orders Promptly Attended to and Goods
Carefully Handled
EclitoVially Fearless.,
CrasU»tei»tly Republican Always.
News from all parts pf the world. Well written, origi
nal stories. Answers toluenes ori all subjects—Articles on
Health, the Home, New Books, and on Work About the
Farm arid Garden'.
The Weekly Inter- Ocean
The Inter Ocean is a member of the Associated Press
tvnd also is the only Western newspaper-receiving the entite
telegraphic news service of the New York Sun and special
oabls of the New York World, besides daily reports from over
2,000special correspondents throughout the country. No pen
can tell more fully why it is the best on earth.
•52 TWELVE-PAGE PAPERS 52 One dollar a Year
Brimful of news from everywhere and
a perfect feast of special matter.
year, both Papers tor S11.7 5.
The Herald and The wcfekly Inter Ocean one
and thfe world laughs with you
and hundreds greet you
and your, credit's gone.
Come and' Examine our StodHHVX?)'
and Become Convinced.
Hurley Clothing Co.,|jv
"a few.
Come and see us,
Sad Joy of
Happy Woe
Die railroads have announced Low Kates
A great deal of enthusiasm ia Deing
evidenced in G. A. R. circles concern
ing the National encampmlnt at San
Vancisco in August, and thousands of
veterans who have never visited the
coast will take advantage of the low
railroad rates to the encampment.
The Pacific coast has always been
noted for its hospitality and San Fran
cisco is making preparation for this oc
casion on a gorgeous scale. The ac
commodation for guests will be most
complete and the railroads have an
nounced low excursion rates to all
points in the state to give the veterans
a chance to visit the various points of
The passenger department of Chi
cago & North-Western Railway an
nounces a rate of 850.00 for the round
trip from Chicago to San Francisco
and Los Angeles, and correspondingly
low rates will be made by
from other points.
all lines
Night washier Terror.
"I would cough nearly all night
long," writes Mrs. Cbas. Applegate, of
Alexandria, Ind., "and could hardly
get any sleep. I had consumption so
bad that if I walked a block I would
cough frightfully and spit blood, but
when all other medicines failed, three
SI.00 bottles of Dr. King's New Discov
ery wholly cured me and I gained 58
pounds." It's absolutely guaranteed
to cure coughs, colds, la grippe, bron
chitis and all throat and lung troubles.
Price 50c and 81.00. Trial bottles
free at H. J. Pier's drug store
Special Excursion Rates to Colorado, Utali
and the Black Hills,
Via the North-Western Line. Begin
ning June 1, excursion tickets will be
sold to Denver, Colorado Springs, Jfue
bio. Salt Lake city, Hot Springs, Dead
wood, Lead and Custer, S. D., good to
retnrn until October 31., A splendid
opportunity is offered for an enjoyable
vacation trip. Several fine trains via
the North- Western Line daily Apply
to agents Chicago & North-Western
Brutally Tortured.
A case came to light that for porsis
tent and unmerciful torture has per
haps never been equaled. Joe Golo
bick of Colusa, Cal., writes: "For 16
years I endured insufferable pain from
rheumatism and nothing relieved' me
though I tried everything known. I
came across* Electric Bitters and its
the greatest medicine on earth for
that trouble. A few bottles of it com
pletely relieved and cured me.'' Just
as good for liver and kidney troubles
and general debility. Only 50&. Satie
faction guaranteed by H. J. Pier, drug
Take the genuine, ortgtad
Made e*Jy !y JYIadlwa .AmU*
cine Ca., Medison, Wis. it
keeps yea weU. Our
mafic cut 911 ia«fc
Pr is,
33 cesti.
J'rem the Herald of July 19, 1883,
It is 552 miles fromHurley to Chica
in bulk.
Xcjapt bo aujum
Regular trains will commence run
ning Monday,
The Herald will be published from
its new quarters on Washington street
next week.
Three and four trains a day are re
quired to supply the construction patty
in material.
The new Episcopal rectory is so far
completed that it will be be occupied
by Mr. Robinson and family this week.
Mrs. Laura G. Alderman, of Trayer
Iowa, was a caller at the Herald office
this week, and, as all callers should
do, subscribed for the Herald.
Mr. P. K. Berry, who is to have
charge of the Wilcox lumber company's
business at this point, arrived Monday,
and will soou have things in running
Mr. Lampson, an extensive (Jealer in
real estate, cattle, etc., has been in
specting Hurley and its prospects, dur
ing the past few days. Mr. Lampson
Is a brother-in-law of Mr. Farnswortli,
and it is more than likely that he will
embark in some enterprise here which
will be of great benefit to the town.
This section was visited by a severe
wind and hail-storm yesterday noon
Quite a number of small out-buildings
were demolished and Montgomery's
building on Washington street was
moved about four feet. The hail-fall
was quite heavy and considerable dam
age was sustained by windows on the
east side of buildings. The expanse of
country visited by the storm has not
yet been ascertained, but it is not
thought to be very extensive. Re
ports from the north and east of town
show that, considerable damage vyas
done to growing crops.
Mr. J. H. Farnsworth, of State Cen
ter, Iowa, arrived yesterday, and will
soon commence the building of a grain
elevator at ihis point. Mr. Farns
worth, in laying out the amount of
money necessary for such an enter
prises, expresses more plainly than
words could, his faith in the future p{
Hurley and the productiveness ot the
surrounding country. He started east
today to purchase the material and ma
chinery required, and says that he will
be ready to commence operations as
soon as the side track is cleared of the
construction train so that he get at his
Wiiuam Downey Lays 17,713 Feet of
Steel in Thirteen Hours With
Seventy-nine Men.
Oi Monday morning last the con
struction force at Hurley under charge
of Engineers Aishton and Fiege, start
ed out for a day's work, and judging
from the result of their labors they ac
complished their purpose.
Before starting out Foreman Downey
told his men what was wanted and
pected of them, and each one seemed
determined that there should be no
failure on his part.
The force consisted of seventy-ninep
men. One iron car only was used, be
ing manned by twelve men, including
their foreman, Mr. O. E. Finnegan and
tried and trusty crew they were,
every movement being as regular as
clock-work and no time being lost in
making false motions. It was music
to hear the rails—which were of steel
thirty feet long and weighing fifty-six
pounds to the yard—olick together as
they were delivered on the irtn-car
from the rapidly revolving dollies, or
were sent "this way" on the ties-,
which were rapidly placed in position
by the tie gang) under the supervision
of B. F. Kindergan, there being an
average of 2,640 ties to the mile.
The distance laid was 17,723 feet—or
three miles and 1,873, feet and ,'the
time occupied, bareful account of which
was kept by Jbhn Steninger, was a
trifle under thirteen hours.
The Bpikers'put in the blows thick
and hard, sending the spiikes home in a
manner that created no little surprise
The back-spikers were rapidly briqg
ing up the rear under the command of
Gus. Johnson.
The wrenoh-men handled their tools
in a manner which convinced all that
they thoroughly understood their busi
ness, their hands and arms flying as
rapidly as though they whre turning a
grindsotne crank on a wager.
Close behind the spikers^eame Criste
Wall, with his corps of liners, placing
the track in position for the advance of
the train laden with steel',' ties, etc.
To accomplish this amount of work
it required fifty-eight cars of ties and
eighteen cars of steel.
This is by far the most rapid track
laying ever done with one, iron-car
and all partvei pants have reason to be
proud of the'ir record and the citizens
of Hurley take pride in the fact that
the feat was accomplished at the town
bearing the name of the chief engineer
of the division.
Is your home and etHiir property
INSURE^ It should be—ia A1
ikttmhbWnumt PiinU
:3? No Pity Shown. v*
"For'years fate was after me con
tinually" writes F.! A. Gulledge, Ver
bena, Ala. "I had a terrible case of
piles causing 24 tumors, When all
failed Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured
me. Equally good for burns and all
aches and pains. .Only 25c at H. J.
Pier's drug store.' --HM*
Homescekefs Excursion to the Northwest
West and Southwest, ami Colonist
Rates "West,
Via the JTorth-Western Line. Excnr
sion. Tickets at greatly reduced Urates
are on sale to t.he territory indicared
above. Standard and Tourist Sleeping
Cars, Fre& Reclining Chair Cars and
The Best of Everything." For full
Particulars apgly to agents Chicago
& North-Western R'y.'"''
*h» earth. Th* ShtrmfH-Wllllami Points Cow Urn Earth
Loads of
so much satisfaction. The materials it is made from, the
way it is ground and mixed, the care with which it is made,
and the men who make it, all insure satisfaction.
Use S. W. P. and you'll get satisfaction. That's sure. l|
The full color card shows 42 beautiful shades, a. Come in
and get it..
supplies', etc., etc.
S. D.
Hurley, S.ontli Dakota.
tht Sherwln-WUIiama Patnts Cover the Earth. The Sherwln~Williama Paints Cover th* Earth.
Gooper buggies and wagons,
Garden tools,
Screen doors,.
Guns and ammunition,
Windmills, Pumps, Pump
Hoping by lair treatment to merit a share of your patro
nage, I subscribe myself,' Yours ior business,
Thousands of gallons of it are
used all over this continent.
The best houses everywhere are
painted with it. There is no
paint that sells so well, that gives
Grood rigs with or without drivers.
G. W. WORMMOOD Proprietor*
You have looked fnto a beautiful
face, seen tjae sweet smile, rosy cheeks,
laughing eyes, and wished nature li'ad
made you attractive. Rocky Moun
tain Tea, rtakes homely women beauti
ful. H. J.#ier,
•Lt ,-*i
"if" a wopan ever gets so "homely"
she isn't worth looking at she'd better
take Rocky Mountain Tea. Brings
back the blop.m of youth, 35c. M.
To Colorado in ID03.
The Passenger department of'- the
Chicago & North-Western Railway has
issued a very interesting folder,.giving
information lis to reduced rates and
sleeping car service, with a short des
cription of the various points of inter
est in Colorado usually visited by tour
ist, these excursion rates applying on
account of the Christian Endeavor
meeting to be held at Denver, July 9,
to 23. Send 2 cent stamp for copy to
W. B. Kniskern, Passenger Traffic
Manager, Chicago, ft
Very Low Kates to Baltimore, Mil.,
Via the North-Western Line. Excur
sion tickets will be sold July 17 and 18,
with very favorable return limits, on
account of annual meet.inj$B. P. O. &
Apply W agent» Chicago & North-
Working Night and Day
The busiest and mightiest thing that-
ever was made is Dr. King's New Life
Pills. Every pill is a sugar coated
globule of health, that changes weak
ness into strength, listlessness into
energy, brain-fag into mental power.
They're wonderful in building up the
health. Only 25c.per box. Sold by H:
J. Pier.
Chicago's Centennial Celebration.
The Chicago & North-Western R'y
announces that much interest is being
evidenced throughout the west in Chi
cago's celebration of the 100lh anniver
sary of that city's settlement in 1S03.
The celebration will take place from
September 2fith to October 1, next,
with a program that includes a series:
of commemorative events that possess
many special features of interest. A
great nayal display will be a part of
the program, together with regattas
anci tlis spectacler arrival in canoes
by way of the lake, of four hundred In-*:
diana, the descendents of tribes foi"
merly occupying this site, who will cs
tablish'a village around a reproduction
of old fort Dearborn, on the lake front.
Athletic contests, parades, great
fire works displays, patriotic meetings
and_ religious services, a grand chorus,
military maneuvers by government
troops, and on the concluding day a re
ception to the president of the United
States!and other distinguished .guests."
all contribute to a most elaborate pro
Every energy is being employed to
make the occasion typical of that spirit
that, has made Chicago one of the
greatest cities in t'he world.
Very Low Rates,
To Musical Festival, American-SWeed
ish Singers, at Minneapolis, Minn.,
Via the North-Western Line, Excur
sion tickets will be sold at reduced
rases July 20, 21 and 22, limited to re
turn until July 27. inclusive. For par
ticulars apply to agents Chicago &
North-Western R'y.
If you have a bad taste in your
mouth, feol bad, nervous, fretful, pain
after eating, nausea, Rooky Mountain
Te» will dure yoti in 30 days. No cure
no pay. 6ents.gF^rC?f^f^vtM^II.f^

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