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Do A n't Kidney Pills
kike freedom from kld
MI trouble possible.
Che carry a kind of
medication to the kld
•»yi that brings a bright
MJ of hope to desperate
Aching backs are eased.
JOp. back, and loin pains
overcome. Swelling of the
•sabs and dropsy signs
Lock Hayxw, Pa.— Mrs.
I* W. Ammumen writes:
**A few weeks ago I seat for
trial box of Doari's Kidney
Tills for myself, and they did
•11 they ore said to do. My
kosband was kicked last fall
In U.S.
did.—Everybody's Magazine.
Sharpe—Yes, Parker invented
safest airship ever heard of.
Whealton—But it refused to fly.
eouldn't go up on it.
A Woman of Courage.
The wife of T. W. Russell, the bril
liant Irish agitator, was a woman of
great courage, and much of her hus
band's success is due to her encour
vY^agement. When the news of the elec
:a?tion in South Tryone reached Dublin
«i friend called on her and advised her
fto have a couple of policemen sta
tioned in front of the temperance ho
tel of which she and her husband were
the owners, on the ground that the
•mob would .probably come around and
•wreck the building. She refused to do
any such thing, and had every room
in the house illuminated and the
blinds pulled up. Then she sat in a
•window where she could be plainly
seen from the street and waited for
something to happen. But nothing
Hall's Catarrh Cure
taken internallv. Price, 7sc.
i. In the Ark.
It was during the first biweekly
Cakewalk in the ark.
The other animals had done their
Then the porcupine .and his wife
were seen coming down the line, do
ring an excrutiatingly funny step.
"Isn't that a peach?" exclaimed
Father Ape, who was one of the
"I thought it was a prickly pair," re
sponded the monkey, who immediate
ly found it advisable to seek the high
est perch in the vessel.—Baltimore
Well Described.
"What is a trust?" asked the teach
"A trust," replied the newspaper
man's boy, "is a subject for an edito
rial when there is nothing else to be
discussed."—Chicago Post.
Piso's Cure is tne nest medicine we ever used
for all affections of the throat and lungs.—Wn
O. Ehdsley, Vanburen. Ind.. Feb. 10. 1900.
Real Thing.
"What game have you to-day?"
asked the half-starved Eastern man,
as he registered at an Arizona hotel.
"Seven-up and poker, sir," replied
the proprietor, as he extended the
glad hand.—Chicago News.
To Cure a Col(t in One day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Afl
druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c.
No Danger of a Fall.
TO cuts.
free Mai box, mail this coapon to
Fost^r-Mllkwrm Co., Buffalo. K. T. If abOTe
spso* la InsoOcicrat, wilt* addreu on sepa
rate ultp.
acres each, at from SG per acre upwards, with buildings, fruits, timber, water, etc. bestcli-
acres each, at from #G per acre upwards, with buildings,:
pood market b. pre at variety of crops, vegetables and fruits noted for healthfulness:
future proepects bright. -Addreus PYL.E ADeHAvEN. Keal JS.stutc Asrenty, I'«t«rsburjf, Va.
Sharpe—That's why I say it was the
safest.—Philadelphia Record.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrnp
For children teething, eoftens tlie gums, reduces la
flamm»tlon,allavspuln,cures-Kind colic. 25c a bottle.
Pity the man who is unable to dis
tinguish between his friend^ and his
Fibroid Tumors Cured
Note the result of Mrs.
Pinkham's advice and medicine.
Some time ago I wrote to you de
scribing my symptoms and asked your
advice. You replied, and I followed
all your directions'carefully, and to
day I am a well woman.
The use of Lydia E. Pinkham's
"Vegetable Compound entirely ex
pelled the tumor and strengthened
my whole system. I can walk miles
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound is worth five dol
lars a drop. I advise all women who
are afflicted with tumors or female
trouble of any kind to give it a'faithful
trial." (.Signed) Mrs. E. F. Paves,
352 Dudley St., (Roxbury) Boston.
Mass. —$5000
forfeit If original of above letter
proving genuineness cannot be produced.
Mountains of gold could not
purchase such testimony or
take the place of the health
and happiness which Lydia "E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
brought to Mrs. Hayes.
Such testimony should be accepted
by all women as convincing evidence
that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound stands without a
peer a.s a remedy for all the distress
ing ills of women all ovarian troubles
tumors inflammations ulceration,
falling and displacement of the womb
backache irregular, suppressed or
painful menstruation. Surely the
volume and character of the testimo
nial letters, we are daily printing1 In
the newspapers can leave room for
doubt 1b the minds of fair peopla.
by a horse and badly hurt—
his hip was fractured—and
after he recovered ho was In
such misery that he could
hardly walk, and to stoop
caused him such distress that
he thought he would hare to
quit work also, it affected
his bladder, and he was un
able to make his water with
out so much distress. I in
sisted on his getting a box
of yourpills and trying them,
so I went to llasen's Drug
Store and got a box. The
first box helped him so much
that I got the second and also
the third, and now he is en
tirely well."—Mrs. L. W.
Asmuken, Lock Haven, Fa.
Write for our Seal Ketate Her
ald, sent free to any address,
giving descriptions of 600 Vir
ginia Farms of from 10 to 1000
List of Patents Issued Last Week to
Northwestern Inventors.
David Allen, Maple' Lake, Minn.,
belt punch Nicholas Dreis, Hastings,
Minn., scraper and grader Harry
Dryer, Medora, N. D., vehicle tongue
Matt 'loss, Dulutii, Minn., firearm
feamuel Hunt, Minneapolis, Minn.,
folding egg crat^ Allan McGregor,
Duluth, Minn., vehicle gear Charlie
Zillgitt, Lake City, Minn., spring
l^ottirop & Johnson, patent lawyers, 911
and SI.' Pioneer Press Bldg.. St.
One Woman's View.
"I suppose you turned me down be
cause of my poverty," said the impe
cunious youth who had just been hand
ed the frcsty mitt "but you should re
member that it is possible to have
plenty of money and still be unhappy."
"True," replied she of the refriger
ator mein. "but I would rather be un
happy with money than without it.—
Chicago News.
Not to Be Thought Of.
Housewife (to tramp)—If you saw
that wood 1 will give you 10 cents.
Tramp—My dear woman, I would bo
happy to favor you, but you see if I
did that job for 10 cents I would be
prosecuted under the new anti-trust
law vor charging you less than I charge
your neighbors.—Boston Commercial
This Will Interest Mothers.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Child
ren, used by Mother Gray, a nurse in
Children's Home, New York, Cure Fever
ish ness, Bad Stomach, Teething Disorders,
move and regulate the bowels and destroy
Worms. Sold by all Druggists, 26c. Sample
i'KEE. Address A. S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N.Y.
The Strenuous Vacation.
Caterby—What are you doing in
town? I thought you were living in
the country, playing golf, ping-pong,
tether ball and going to dances.
Peterkin—I am. But I have to come
to town occasionally to get rested.—
Detroit Fre Press.
Terrible Casa.
"They say Underwood baffled six
"Must have been a terrible case."
"It was. Although they took him to
court they could never collect a cent."
Promoted by Shampoos
of Cuticura Soap
And Dressings of Cuticura the
Great Skin Cure
Fiirest, Sweetest, Most Effective Remedies
for Skin, Scalp and Hair.
This treatment at once stops falling
hair, removes crusts, scales and dan
druff, destroys hair parasites, soothes
irritated, itching surfaces, stimulates
the hair follicles, loosens the scalp skin,
supplies the roots with energy and
nourishment, and makes the hair grow
upon a sweet, wholesome, healthy scalp
when all else falls.
Millions of women now rely on Cuti
cura Soap assisted by Cuticura Oint
ment, the great skin cure, for preserving,
purifying and beautifying the skin, for
cleansing the scalp of crusts, scales and
dandruff, and the stopping of falling
hair, for softening, whitening and
soothing red, rough and sore hands, for
baby rashes, itchings and chafings, for
annoying irritations, or too free or
offensive perspiration, for. ulcerativa
weaknesses, and many sanative, anti
septic purposes which readily suggest
themselves, as well as for all the pur
poses oi the toilet and nursery.
Cuticura remedies are the standard
skin euros and humour remedies of the
World. Bat he the affected parts with hot
water and Cuticura iSoap, to cleanse the
surface of ernsts and scales and soften
the thickened cuticle. Dry, without
hard rubbing, and apply Cuticura Oint
ment freely, to allay ilchlng, irritation
and inflammation, and soothe and heal,
and, lastly, in the severei forms, take
Cuticura Resolvent, to cool and cleansa
the blood. A Mnglo set is oft°n suffi
cient to cure the most torturing, dis
figuring skin, scalp and blood humours,
from pimples to scrofula, from infancy
to age, when all else fails.
8oM throughout the wo»1d. Cuttcar* RMolrtnt, Me. (Tft
form of Chncoltte Co«t»d PIllt.SAc. jwr vial
went, flfle f-mn. Vc. f**pot« London, 2T Chartarhoutft
&Q-1 °M«, 6 Ru» df l» Pnit Bn«ton. Colombo# itlii
Potter Dr-uf ch»m. Corp. Pol# «»rop*
M*8«a4 tor "iiow to Cure JCtery Htuaouf
1400 FARMS
of 160 acres eacM for sale in Stark Co.,
No. Dakota. Plenty ot coal, good water
and Rood soil. Price $3 to $8 per acre. All
questions about the country aad & R.
rates answered. Address
1*6 Kndlcott Bid*., 8T. FAtTL, VISIT,
How a Forger Worked a Clever Ruse
on a Superior Saloonkeeper.
The Superior police are looking for
a clever forger that got in his work to
the extent of $150 on the Fourth, and
whose exploits have just been reported
to the police. A check, purporting to
be signed by J. B. Ennis, a saloon
keeper, was passed upon George Lar
son, another saloonkeeper, and the lat
ter is out $150.
It seems that some man called Lar
son up, telling him it was Ennis talk
ing. He said that he needed some
money, and as it was the Fourth he
could not get into the bank. He asked
Larson if he could cash his check.
Larson supposed it was Ennis and
when the man appeared, saying he was
sent by Ennis, he took the check and
delivered the $150. When the check
went to the hank it was found that, it
was drawn on an altogether different
bank than Ennis does business with,
and payment was refused. Investiga
tion showed that it was a forgery. W.
Lutherans Will Provide for the Feeble
Minded at Watertown.
It is a settled fact that a large home
for the care of the feeble minded and
epileptic children will be built in
Watertown by the Lutherans of the
country. A tender of a suitable site
was made by a local committee of the
Lutheran churches here to the Luther
an Kinderfreund society which met
in Milwaukee. The cost of the pro
posed site will be in the neighbor
hood of $3,000, and while no site has
as yet been selected the executive
committee which was elected at the
Milwaukee meeting has several in
view, and will make a selection short
ly. A large tract will be necessary
and the home will be built in a local
ity where local improvements in the
was of sewerage and water wiR be
Max Winkel Under Arrest at Trem
pealeau for Killing Jas. Campbell.
Max Winkel, a young man residing
near Aread' a, was arrested charged
with the murder of James Campbell,
which, it is said, occured at Camp
bell's farm near Arcadia last May.
Campbell's body was found at the
edge of a creek not far from his home.
The railroad men had always greeted
him in passing, and, after missing
him for seve \1 days they made a
search. A shotgun, some cartridges,
and an old spade covered with blood
and hair were found lying near him.
Detectives have been workingon the
case ever since the crime was com
mitted. Winkel is now in the county
jail at Whitehall.
Congressman Esch Says Its Claims
Have Not Been Turned Down.
Congressman John J. Esch said in
an interview that the war department
had not made a decision against the
claims of Camp Douglas, as reported
in a dispatch from Washington, and
If such had been the case, it would
only have been a waste of time to or
ganize a congressional party to visit
Camp Douglas next week.
The preparations for that trip have
been made with the understanding
that the judgment of the committee
will go far toward determining the ac
tion to be taken subsequently in the
matter of a final decision by the gov
Modern Claude Duvals Returned Their
Thanks After a Robbery.
A bold hold-up occurred at Rosen
dale, west of Fond du Lac, when Geo.
Sole, a farmer, was robbed. Hearing a
commotion in the barn, Mr. Sole and
his family left the house, but were cov
ered by guns and marched back. The
intruders were masked. Mr. Sole was
threatened with death in case he re
sisted, and his wife was ordered to
produce the cash. She handed over
$125, for which the men who received
it. thanked her. Supper was forthwith
ordered, and, covered with a revolver,
the housewife set about to prepare a
meal. After tea they bade good night
to all and departed.
8outhern Men in Marinette Resent His
Walking With a White Girl.
A negro named Flynn was nearly
killed at the stree carnival at Mari
nette. Southern men resented his
walking with a white girl, he talked
back, and a large crowd started after
him with hammers. The negro was
rescued by company I of the Second
regiment, Wisconsin National guard,
the members of which were at the
carnival ina body. Flynn was spirit
ed out of town. The incnaent created
the wildest excitement among the vis
Masked in Wife's Clothes.
Joe Harris, a Slav, came near los
ing Ills life in Kenosha recently. For
some time he had been of the opinion
that his wife was keeping company
with another man, and in order to
satisfy these suspicions he put on his
wife's clothes and waited for the bus
pect. He soon came and the two
I joined in a dark corner of the house.
when the suspect discovered the error
he drew his revolver and chased the
bogus woman down the street Har
ris has started a suit for divorce.
Doctors Are Keeping His Identity
Away From the Public.
Sioux Falls, S. D., July 14.—A case
genuine leprosy has developed in
Marshall county, the victim being a
veteran of the Civil war. Doctors
whom he has consulted refuse to re
veal his name. He is sixty years o!
Tge. The spots for some time have
been spreading over both his limbs
ind his body, the flesh in spots being
entirely dead and devoid of feeling. A
physician who was recently consulted
the unfortunate man was permitted
photograph him, and a copy of the
photograph and a history of this un
•isual case will be sent to the national
nedical society.
Workmen Had a Quarrel and One of
Them Threw a Rock.
Duluth, July 14. John Hecekla of
Hlbbing was bound over to the gra.nd
jury by Justice of the Peace Connors
of that place on a charge of murder.
On July 4 Hecekla and Matt Rou'la
became involved in a quarrel, and the
former, it is alleged, threw a rock at
the latter which struck him in the
head. Roulla died of the wound and
Hecekla was arrested. The men were
celebrating the Fourth at the time of
the trouble and it is not known here
what the dispute was about. They
were both laboring men.
Sioux Falls Embezzler Makes His
Sioux Falls, S. D., July 14.—A. V.
Sclirieber, who was serving a term in
the Sioux Falls penitentiary for em
bezzlement in this county, made his
escape from prison Saturday evening.
A man answering his description was
seen at Garretson yesterday, but he
escaped to the surrounding country
before he could be arrested. Accord
ing to the last information of the pris
on officials a score or more men are
in pursuit of the fugitive, who, it is
believed will be recaptured. He is
thought to be attempting to make his
way to the Twin Cities.
It Finds Its Way to Boy's Windpipe
and He Is Choked.
Sioux City, Iowa, July 14—Chauncey
Rayborn, son of a prominent farmer at
Moville, is dead as the result of swal
lowing a grain of oats. The little
boy and his sister were playing in the
bin of oats, when the boy got a grain
lodged in his windpipe. The little
fellow choked, but he was temporarily
relieved. Later he would not eat, and
his father took him to a physician.
Emetics were administered, but the
obdurate grain clung to his windpipe
and a swelling csv.sed the bey to
choke to death.
Two Business Places Are Entered in
the Night Time.
Bertha, Minn., July 14. The gen
eral store of Ahrendt & Kruse of this
place was last night burglarized for
the second time within three months.
The burglars used chisels and bars to
pry open the front door of the build
ing and broke into and rifled the safe
of its contents, getting about $20.
Heinck Bros.' hardware store was also
entered and $6 in change taken from
\he till. Suspicious characters were
hanging around town, but they have
made good their escape.
Toy Pistol
on the
Fourth of
July Is
the Cause.
Hudson, Wis., July 14. Edmund
Maguirel the ten-year-old son of Mayor
Frank Maguire, is at the point of
death with lockjaw and but little hope
is entertained for his recovery. The
palm of his left hand was lacerated on
the Fourth of July by a blank cart
ridge, but the family physician was
summoned and no serious conse
quences were feared until some days
Duluth's Tenderloin Is Threatened
With Calamity.
Duluth, July 14.—A fire, supposedly
of incendiary origin occurred in the
lumber yard of W. P. Heimbach & Co.
The loss was $10,000, and the firemen
had some difficulty in getting it under
control. The yard is located at Rail
road street and St. Croix avenue, and
the tenderloin district was threatened.
Home Is Wrecked.
Ashland, Wis., July 14.—The resi
dence of John Kiser was partly de
molished by two dynamite explosions.
Dynamite had been put in the stove
and chimney by unknown parties. The
stove was blown to atoms and the
house was partly destroyed, but none
of the family was seriously injured.
Student Meets Death in Lake.
St. Paul, July 14.—Thorwald John
sen, a graduate of the1state university
and an orderly at St. Luke's hospital,
was drowned in Pickerel lake last
evening while bathing. His death was
due to cramps or heart trouble.
Bad Soldier Sentenced. ,,
Sturgis, S. D., July 14. John Mc
Rae, the ex-soldler who forged a
check a few weeks ago, was sentenced
Saturday by Judge W. G. Rice, to two
years in the p.^nijientiftry at., Sioux
Mrs. Emma Mitchell, 520 Louisiana
Street, Indianapolis, Ind., writes:
'Peruna has certainly been a blessing
{a disguise to me, for when I first began
taking it for troubles peculiar to the sex
and a generally worn out system, I had
little faith.
I "For the past five years have
rarely been without pain, but Pe
runa has changed all this, and in
a very short time. I think I had
only taken two bottle? before
began to recuperate very quickly,
and seven bottles made me well.
I do not have headache or back'
ache any more, and have some in
terest in life. I give all credit
where it is due, and that is to Pe
runa.—Emma Mitchell.
By far the greatest number of female
troubles are caused directly by catarrh.
Why He Would Rather Have Ears
Than a Nose.
Robert is a bright little chap of five
years. "We are the best of friends,"
said a neighbor, "and he often runs
in to see me. He likes to have me
read to him, and is particularly fond
of Gelett Burgess' rhymes. The other
day I happened to run across this little
verse and took it to his home to read
to him:
"I'd rather have fingers than toes,
I'd rather have ears than a Bose,
And as to my hair
I'm glad it's all there,
I'll he awfully sad when it goes.'
"I read no further than the second
line—'I'd rather have ears than a nose/
when Robert burst out with—
'I wouldn't. I wouldn't rather have
ears than a nose.'
"Wondering what possible reason
this small critic could possibly have
for disagreeing so emphatically with
his friend Mr. Burgess, I ventured to
"'Why is it, Robert, that you'
wouldn't rather have earn than a
'Cause they're harder to wash.'"
—Public Ledger.
A Good Story.
Frederika, la., July 13th.—Mir. A. S.
Grover of this place tells an interest
ing story showing how sick people
may regain their health if they will
only be guided by the experience ot
others. He says:
"I had a very bad case of Kidney
Trouble, which affected my urinary
organs so that I had to get up every
hour of the night. I could not retain
my urine and my feet and limbs began
to bloat up. My weight was quickly
running down.
After I had tried many things in
vain, I began to use Dodd's Kidney
Pills, a medicine which had cured
some other very bad cases.
"This remedy has done wonders for
me. I have gained eight pounds in
two months. The bloat has all gone
from my feet and legs, and I don't
have to get up at night. I took in all
about, ten boxes before I was all
is the land of ner­
vous women.
The great majority of ner­
vous women are so because they
are suffering from some form of female
Those who suffer as did Mr. Grover
can make no mistake in taking Dodd's
Kidney Pills, for they are a sure,
safe and permanent cure for all Kid
ney urinary disorders. |Vj^
A beautiful woman enhances her
charm if she can surround herself
with an air of mystery.,
Tired, Nervous, Aching,
Trembling, Sleepless, Blood
less— Pe-ru-na Renovates,
Regulates, Restores Many
Prominent Women Endorse
They are catarrh of the organ which is
affected. These women despair of re
covery. Female trouble is so common, so
prevalent, that they accept it as almost in
evitable. The greatest obstacle in the way
of recovery is that they do not understand
that it is catarrh which is thesourceof their
illness. In female complaint, ninety-nine,
cases out of one hundred are nothing but
catarrh. Peruna cures catarrh wherever
Chronic invalids who have languished for
years on sick beds with some form of female
disease begin to improve at once after be
ginning Dr. Hartman's treatment.
Among the many prominent women who*
recommend Peruna are:—Belva Lockwood,
of Washington, D. C. Mrs. Col. Hamilton,,
of Columbus, Ohio Mrs. F. E. Warren, wife
of U. S. Senator Warren, of Wyoming.
If you do not derive prompt and satisfac
tory results from the use of Peruna, write
at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full state
ment of your case, and he will be pleased
to give you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of Tha
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohia
Take-Down Repeating Shotguns
Don't spend from $50 to $200 for a gun, when for so,
much less money you can buy a Winchester Take
Down Repeating Shotgun, which will outshoot and
outlast the highest-priced double-barreled gun,
besides being as safe, reliable and handy. Your
dealer can show you one. They are sold everywhere.
FREK Out 160-Paqe Illustrated Catalogue.
(die's (arbolisalve
Th# Great Skin Remedy
will stop the pain of burns and scalds at
once ana there wilt tie no scar. Doo't wait
until someone gets burned but Keep a bax
handy. 25 and 50 cents by all druggists.
cartridges and shot shells
are made in the largest and
best equipped ammunition
factory in the world.
of U. M. C. make is now
accepted by shooters as
"the worlds standard" for
it shoots well in any gun.
2 our dealer sells it^m
Cartridge Co.
Bridgeport, 'Coll
To prove the healing and
cleansing power of I'ntlna
Toilet Antiaeptio we wiU
mall a large trial package
with book ot instructions
absolutely free. This is not
a tiny sample, but a large
package, enough to con
vince anyone of its value.
Women all over the country
are praising Paztine tor what
it has done in local treat
ment of female Ills, curing
all Inflammation and discharges, wonderful as a
CiSAuSiug vaginal douche, tor &ore throat, u&siti
catarrh, as a mouth wash and to remove tartar
and whiten the teeth, Send today a postal card
will do.
Sold by drnlegists or sent postpaid by as, SO
acuta, targe box. Satisfaction guaranteed.
THE B. I'AXl'ON CO., Boston, UaM.
IU Columbus Ave.
AGENTS WAJiTBB—Portraits. We want
agents everywhere. 3
am pi a FREE. Write for est'*.
Hudson Portrait Co.,1286W.Madiaon St.,Chicago,nL
Eva Vaiar
3 N —NO. 29— 1903.
Cough Syrup. Ti
In time. Sold

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