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E| "Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy
my life! I
'I _____
Mrs. S. W. Marine, of Colorado
Springs, Began to Fear the Worst.
Doan's Kidney Pills Saved Her.
Mrs. Sarah Marine, of 428 St. Uraln
St., Colorado Springs, Colo., President
of the Glen Eyrie Club, writes:
Buffered for three years with se
•were backache.
he doctors
told me my
kidneys were
a a
medicines for
me, but I found
it was only a
waste of time
and money to
take them, and
began to fear
that 1 would
-never get well.
|A friend ad
vised me to
I. try Doan's Kidney Pills. Within a
week after I began using them I was
ao much better that 1 decided to keep
up the treatment, and when I had
used a little over two boxes I was
entirely well. I have now enjoyed
the best of health for more than four
iths, and words can but poorly ex
my gratitude."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mil burn Co., Buffalo,
Methods of Teaching, History
To teach history as it should be
taught in our public schools the meth
ods of the universities must be adopt
ed. The scholar must not be re
quired to load his mind with dates
the aim should be to give him a vivid
impression of the doings, not only of
the chief actors, but of the people of
the period treated. To tell a pupil
that Virgil died on a certain date and
that he was an excellent poet is not
calculated to arrest the attention, but
link his name with the literary and
other exploits of the Romans of the
century before the beginning of our
era, and that object will be accom
,'plished.—San Francisco Chronicle.
Another Whistler Story
Clyde Fitch said the other day:"'-
"It was in Paris that I heard the
best Whistler story. He was in Paris
at the time of the coronation of the
king of England, and one evening, at
a reception at the Hotel Ritz a duch
ess said to him:
'"Do you know King Edward, Mr.
Wilis tier?'
'No, madame,' said the painter.
"She looked surprised.
'Why, that is odd,' she murmured.
"I met the king at a dinner party last
yjar, an4 he said that he knew you.'
'Oh,' said Whistler, 'that was only
his brag.'"
The Months.
Said the Humorist—Shall I write
something about the months, mak
tag a coy- and ingenious use of Sej}
temb and oyst R? ~ft'
Said the Managing Editor—If you
do, we ought to fiR you for a lobst R.
—Cleveland, Leader.
Prima Facie Evidence.
He—Why do you say her new dress
la not stylish or up-to-date?
She—Because it looks too comforta
ble.—New York Press.
had dyspepsia
.-benator Albert Merrltt, Park Place. N. Y. II & bottle.
When the curtain drops between
I the acts a.man is reminded that he
needs a few drops.
AVfcgetable PreparaiLonfor As
similating the Food andReguIa
ling the Stomachs andBowels of
Promotes Dige3tion.Cheerful
ncss and Rest .Contains neither
Opium,Morpliine nor "Mineral.
I^mp/an SeaL"
J&t ^Ix.Smna
Sfft tUMu&u*
.•f, jfmte Settl
A perfect Remedy forConstipa
Ron, Sour Stoniach.Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Fevensh
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature oF
A I 111 I li 1 cl
3 N I .N
Mustang Liniment
cures Cuts, Burns, Bruiaea.
'V ••y'4^in
t' ,'- '^^!Sh:':
Discrediting a Snake Story.
A Welsh gentleman in.Pennsylvania
•who delights in the name of Gwftdd
Jones has a contract to furnish a
French manufacturing house with 10,
000 rattlesnake pelts and he is now
busy collecting the deadly crotalus.
The Squehawken Morning Intelli
gencer of Squehawken, Pa., asserts
that Mr. Jones decoys his victims as
one would decoy ducks, by coiling
up on a butternut stump and repeat
ing his given name with metallic iter
ation. Since this is not made in the
form of a sworn statement, however,
we are privileged to have our doubts.
—San Francisco Call.
Mrs. Brooks Became So Weak 8he
Thinks She Would Have Died But
For Cr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Mrs. Sarah L. Brooks, of No. 45 Lin
coln Park, Chicago, Illinois, gives the
following account of her cure from dis
tressing spells of vomiting:
"For five years off and on I was
treated in vain by different doctors
for relief from a stomach trouble
which showed itself in frequent and
trying spells of vomiting. Part of the
time 1 was able to-work, and again I
would be confined to bed for three or
four days in succession.
"My stomach was at times so deli
cate that it would not retain even
plain water. The spells would some
times occur at intervals of half an
hour, and would leave me so weak
that 1 would be compelled to lie down
between them. I would have several
or them during the night following
a day of such attacks. Finally I be
came so weakened that I had to give
up working altogether. I weighed only
ninety-four pounds.
"Last January I read about Dr. Wil
liams' Piuk Pills for Pale People in
one of the Chicago daily papers and
bought a box and b6gan to use them.
After I had used half a box I found
that I could keep on my stomach the
fcod I ate. I was encouraged by this
and kept on using the pills for four
months. At the end of that time the
vomiting spells had ceased altogether
and my weight went up to 142 pounds
and is still growing.
'I think 1 surely would have died if
it had not been for Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, for I sometimes vomited clear
blood, and for three or four days at a
time I could not eat a bite of any
thing. One doctor said I had chronic
inflammation of the stomach, and an
other said my difficulty was a cancer,
but none of their medicines did me
any good at all. Finally I concluded
that 1 did not have blood enough to
digest my food, and I began the treat
ment that has cured me. I can eat
atiything now, and- have strength for
ail kinds of work. I always keep Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills on hand, and I
recommend them to my friends be
cause I know they cured me."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills agree with
the most delicate stomachs and
strengthen the digestive organs until
they do their work perfectly. They
are sold by ail druggists.
In the Old Barn.
It was at the Kentucky husking bee,
"I suppose it's considered lucky to
get a red ear?" ventured the tourist,
"Not always, pard," warned the
lanky youth. "If you go kissing the
I wrong girl it's mighty unlucky."
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bough!
For Over
Thirty Years
TNB ecNTMin M«Piir.NN)TOMB emr.
Thompson's Eyo Water
time. Sold by dmnrliU.
South Dakota
General »tate
The state land department has re
ceived a patent from the general gov
ernment for 2,817 acres of common
school indemnity lands which had
been selected in the Watertown land
The new city pumpt at Armour is
in working order and the town is now
well supplied with water. For twelve
years the people have had to depend
on cisterns and an artesian well as a
source of water supply.
Eighteen cars of cattle, most of
them from the ranch of Williams, Cur
tis & Sandvig, on the old Fort Sisseton
recerve, were shipped from Webster
to the Chicago market. The firm has
about 1,000 head more to turn off.
Sturgis is experiencing a dwelling
house famine. At present there is not
a vacant residence in the city and
many new families are prevented from
taking up their residence there owing
to the shortage of living quarters.
By the accidental overturning of a
kettle of boiling lard, Alonzo W. May,
head baker for E. P. Robinson at Hu
ron, was scalded to death. He was re
cently married and came here a few
months since from Springville, Wis.
Henry Perry, a pioneer citizen of
Aberdeen and Brown county, died sud
denly near Duxbury, while on a south
bound Milwaukee train. He had hur
ried to catch the train as it left Aber
deen, and death is supposed to have*
been caused by heart failure, brought
on by the overexertion.
A large number of farmers in the
eastern part of Brown county have
embarked in the business of raising
millet seed for market. Last year one
firm at Clarmont. shipped out fifty car
loads of the seed. The crop is said to
be easy to raise and returHs from the
seed sold are very satisfactory.
The county commissioners of Lyman
countyhave decided to erect a building
at Oacomar to serve as a court house
and for the county officers, and are
now advertising for bids for the erec
tion of a structure. It is expected
that such a building as is required can
be erected for from $4,000 to $5,000.
The supreme court has admitted
David E. Watkins of Bonesteel and
John T. Milek of Sturgis on certificates
from the Nebraska cburt Oliver H.
Ames of Clark on a certificate from
Minnesota Frank S. Randall of Madi
son on a certificate from Indiana
Clarence E. Knowlton on a certificate
from Illinois.
While duck hunting on Antelope
lake, near Webster, Oscar Magnus
had his right arm badly shattered by
the accidental discharge of his gun.
The trigger cut in the rushes through
which he was paddling. His condi
tion is serious owing to loss of blootl
before he could get medical assist
The law firm of ICit.tredge, Winans
& Scott, which has been in existarfce
in Sioux. Falls for a number of years,
has been dissolved. The senior mem
ber of the firm, United States Senator
Kittredge, finds his time so fully occu
pied with his work as a senator that
he was obliged to give up his law prac
tice entirely.
Perhaps the busiest man in that part
of the state is C. P. Meyer of Sturgis,
who is engaged in filling some large
contracts for Foyt Meade. His oats
contract calls for 1,000,000 pounds, and
he has succeeded in purchasing three
lots of 100,000, 50,000 and 25,000 pounds
to apply on the contract. He was also
awarded the contract for supplying the
fort with hay, but this contract has
been filled.
James Bennett of Arlington lost his
separator by fire. The loss is estimat
ed at $1,000 insurance, $600.
At the special city election at Faulk
ton to vote on $6,000 bonds for the
purpose of sewerage, the proposition
carried by a large majority.
During a period of thirty days an
aggregate of 1,065,040 pounds of freight
was received at Spencer, which is re-,
garded as a very good record, consid
ering the size of the town4Sf^^i:
The $50,000 court house^pfoposition
is meeting with public favor all over
the county, and no doubt Faulk county
will have a firfe new county building
before the close of another year.
A special election has been called by
the city council of Deadwood for Tues
day, Oct. 22, to vote upon the proposi
tion to bond the corporation for $130,
000 as a means of raising funds to
provide a public water system. The
city has purchased a water right on
Elk Creek and proposes to bring the
water into the town, a distance of
twelve miles, through vitrified tiling.
The course of the proposed supply
pipe and the sites of the intake and
reservoir have been surveyed and the
engineers have finished complete plans
and specifications on which to base
proposals to construct. It will be a
gravity system and involves some
novel engineering.
A Christian church Is being organ
ized at Britton, and papers of incor
poration have been prepared and for
warded to the secretary of state. It is
planned to erect a new church build
ing on the grounds which already have
been selected.
Father O'Nell, the pastor of the Ber
esford Catholic church, has inaugurat
ed a movement for the erection of a
handsome new church building. It is
planned to have the structure partial
ly completed before winter sets in. A
new parsonage will also be construct
:'-?^/.^ -,^^-'fii^/- 0, $0-' 'U ^t'r''^ .^'•' S.:w.. :®-'':-'r'M: V:'v:.,vr -. ':V..: ,•?•? ••$.. ft ft".'"-"
Secret of Admiration.
"I have a great admiration for the
Moors," declared Miss Elderly.
"I think I can tell why," from her
best chum. "Their women never cel
ebrate a birthday, and make it a point
of honor not to tell their ages."—De
troit Free Press. WtMS
Murine Eye Remedy cures sore eyes,
makes weak eyes stroug. All druggists, 50c.
The Usual Thing.
"His novel may be all right, but he
doesn't know how to talk about his
heroine's clothes."
"Why not?"
"Why, he dosen't once describe her
as clothed in "some soft, clinging ma
terial that accentuated rather than
concealed, etc., etc.'
Press. "v
teething, Boftens the gums, reduce* ftv
,U»y8 pain,
curcs wind collo. S25caboiUe.
Let the Cat Out.
Mrs. Gadd—And how did you enjoy
your stay at Newport, Johnny?
Johnny—Newport?.. .We didn't go to
no Newport.
Mrs. Gadd—Oh, yes you did. Your
mother wrote me you were going
there for the summer-
Johnny—Why, we went down to
gran'pa's farm—but there, now—ma
told me not to say nuthin' about it.—
Houston Chronicle.
Many Children Are Sickly.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children,
used by Mother Gray, a nurse in Children's
Home, New York, cure Summer Complaint,
Feverishness,Headache,Stomach Troubles,
Teething Disorders and Destroy Worms. At
all Druggists', 25c. Sample mailed FREE.
Address Allen S. Olmsted. Le Roy- N
slip i'
Sfjg Chance for Another Hugo
"Talk about the guns getting loose
in a storm on a battleship," said the
general, "why, that's nothing to a
stack of empty beer kegs rolling
around on an excursion boat in a
blow. The only thing to do is to
hang from the celling by your hands
or climb to an upp£r deck. You can't
dodge 'em when they get going."
Newark (N. J.) Call. fK
tilll Russia's Rotten Government.
The present government of Russia,
according to all testimony, is as vic
ious in practice as in principle. Its
chief is a weak and vascillating man
who is incapable of a settled policy.
First one palace cabal- and then sm
other is in control.. Corruption is the
rule in all departments of the vast
bureaucracy. It is dishonesty and in
efficiency at home rather than a lack
of valor jn Manchuria which has
brought disaster to the Russian arms.
A group of reactionary nobles, aided
by a reactionary church, is in power,
and is using it not for the czar of Rus
sia, but for the personal enrichment
of its members. Manifestly such
regime contains in itself the seeds of
its own ending.—New York Globe.
Sure Cure at Last.
Monticello, Miss., Oct. 3 (Special).—
Lawrence County is almost daily in
receipt of fresh evidence that a sure
cure for all Kidney Troubles has at
last ,been found, and that cure is
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Among those who have reason to
bless the Great American Kidney
Remedy is Mrs. L. E. Baggett of this
place. Mrs. Baggett had Dropsy.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured her.
"I was troubled with my kidneys,"
Mrs. Baggett says in recommending
Dodd's Kidney Pills to her friends,
"my urine would hardly pass. The
doctors said I had Dropsy. I have
taken Dodd's Kidney Pills as directed
and am now a well woman."
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure the kid
neys. Cured Kidneys strain all the
impurities out of the blood. That
means pure blood and a sound, ener
getic body. Dodd's Kidney Pills are
the greatest tonic the world has ever
Little Harold My father is the
president of the bank.
Little Mickey Dat's nuttin'. Me
fadder is a p'liceman. Houston
For Cupboard Corner
St. Jacobs Oil
Straight, strong, sure. Is the best
household remedy for
Neuralgia Sprains
Lumbago Bruises
BacKache Soreness
Sciatica Stiffness
25c. and 50c.
CURBS catarrh of the stomach.
tflrftnn FORFEIT ifveoimiot for
VhMljlJ Abore testimonials, which will
Not Guilty.
"Your husband seems to bo, losing
his hair very fast."
"What do you suppose is the
"I don't know. Whatever it }s, I
haven't had any hand in it." Ex
List of Patents Issued Last Week to
Northwestern Inventors.
Reported by Lothrop & Johnson,
Patent Lawyers, 911-12 Pioneer Press
building, St. Paul, Minn.: James W.
Carson, Richburg, N. D., hinge mortis
ing machine John G. Gullick, Brook
ings, S. D., spark arrester Albert C.
Heath, St. Paul, Minn., surgical in
strument Alexander A. Stewart, Lead,
S. D., valve for leach tanks.
A man's idea of. hard work is any
kind at which he can't sit down
and smoke.
Many women are denied the happiness of
children through derangement of the genera
tive organs. Mrs. Beyer advises women to use
Lydia E» Pinkhamfs Vegetable Compound*
DEAR MRS. PIXKIXAM: I suffered with stomach complaint fop
years. I got so bad tjiat I could not carry my children but five months,
theh would have a miscarriage. The last time I became pregnant, my
husband got me to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
After taking the first bottle I was relieved of the sickness of stomach,
and began to feel better in every way. I continued its use and was
enabled to carry my baby to maturity. I now have a nice baby girL
and can work better than I ever could before. I am like a new wo-'
man." —MJRS. FRANK- BEYER, 22 S. Second St., Meriden, Conn.
•f' c.'-v
Another case which proves that no other medicine
'"l''1 world accomplishes the same results as
V-if Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
has brought to my home. Sincerely yours,
P. WHARRY, Flat 31, The Norman, Milwaukee, Wis."
Actual sterility in woman is very rare. If any woman thinks
she is sterile let her write to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn, Mass., whoso
advice is given free to all would-be and expectant mothers.
Think only healthful thoughts/"As
a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."
DEAR MRS. PINKHAM:— I was married
for five years and gave birth to two pre
mature children.efpJter that I took
Pinkhamfs Vegetable
forthwith produce the original letter* and lienaturef
min prove their absolute genuineness.
Lydia K. J?inkUam Sled. Co., Lyati, «—r
FREEt Oar 160-Page Illustrated Catalogue.
Woodward & Co., Grain Commission, sm
V'V^ .: ft.'-iv--- a A
-^^•t: v^: ^'•••"•:,
.- K' "t .VV-" '•"».•
',r .•-• ,,£-- "V "'-,' •!'. '. •.'''.
•.' '',
$, ftft":'T^-' "ft
ftv,---•. :-.•
'S.: ..•
and it changed me from a weak,
nervous woman to a strong, happy and
healthy wife within" stsven months. With
in two years
lovely little girl was born,
who is the pride and joy of my household.
If every woman who is cured feels aa*
grateful and happy as I do, you must
have a host of friends, for every day I
bless you for the light, health and happi
Pinkliam's Vegetable
His Credibility Destroyed.
Carrie—When he told you he loved
you and that' you were the first
woman he ever did love, you looked
as though you believed him.
Bessie—Well, yes so I did—at the
time but later in the evening he told
me about a fish he caught up in the
country. After that, you know, it was
impossible to place any credence in
anything he said.—Boston Transcript.
A crank is the discoverer of a
theory before th6 public Is ready to
pay for it.
8- D. N. U. —NO. 41— 1904.""
If you have weak eyes, fatiln*
si .bt,ftr&nulated lid8,acums over
the eyes or sore eyes of aay idnd»
catarrh or deafness, writo full de
scription of vour cauo and a trial
treat,ment will be sent you
This trial treatment is mild and
burmlCBS and hoe cared many nerer»
oases. Dr. Moore was appointed by
two Governorii,
Chief Ere and Ear Surgeon to the Ml*,
nourl Suite Institution for the Blind, and wax also Pro
fessor of the Uyeand Ear In the American MnllculCoU
lave. Gross eyes straightened by new painless method.
Writ* to BE. J. HARVEY MOORKTBye and lu
Institute, Suits
SO. Odd fallow*' Bids.. St.
Take-Down Repeating Shotguns
Don't spend from $50 to $2D0 for a gun, when for so
much less money you can buy a Winchester Take
Down Repeating Shotgun, which will outshoot and
outlast the highest-priced double-barreled gun,
besides being as safe, reliable and handy. Your
dealer can show you one. They are sold everywhere.
Ton can prevent this loathsome dlseAse from ruontnc tbrouizh vonr
wUh"*ben '"u
1 {1
beglnthe treS^onV NoSlSS
»afeto use on any colt. It la wonderful how It on-
distempers, no matter how colts or horses at an jr age are "exposed." All
15 per doxra!0*^ bouses and manufacturers »ell SPOJ&N'S at

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