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Turner County herald. (Hurley, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-19??, July 27, 1905, Image 1

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The Mail Order House.
To the editor of the Argus-Leader:
The mail-order business is the quack
doctor of commerce. It promises
much and guarantees nothing. Like
patent medicine, the directions are
always on the inside and you have
to buy a non-returnable package be
fore you can find out what they are.
No mail order house helped to
build the little white school house in
your district or turnpike the road
past your door. No mail-order
house ever took you by the hand
when you were in distress, and told
you to let that little account go until
after harvest next year. No mail
order house ever sold you a vehicle
and then spent every cent ot its
profit right iu the community where
you and your neighbors could get it
all back again. No mail-order house
ever shoved it§ patent leather shoes
under your table and rejoiced with
you when you were glad, nor spoke
encouraging words to you in afflic
tion, nor stood with uncovered head
beside the grave when your child
No, the mail-order house is after
money. Every dollar it gets its
hands on will be jerked out of your
neighborhood lorever. The mail
order house may bear upon its face
the semblage of lriendship, but no
human heart beats under its cloak of
hypocricy. Sentiment to it is un
known. The whole institution is as
cold and bloodless as a corpse.
All the mail-order houses in Chris
tendom wouldn't increase the value
of your farm a cent, They are para
sites to whom life is only possible as
Jong as they can suck blood out of
the communities, to the upbuilding
of which they contribute nothing.
They create no local markets for the
products you have for sale. They
have no prope' in your community
which can be assessed to help bear
your bnrden of taxation
Your local dealer needs neither
advocate nor defense. His methods
rests upon principles that have built
up in this country a system of intera
commerce which is the marvel anc
admiration ot the world. His busi
ness is legitimate because its success
contributes to the general prosperity
of the community that built it up
Your local dealer stands ready to
duplicate every offer so seductively
set forth in the catalogue of mai!
order houses and more. He wil
trump the best trick the mail-order
house ever played if you will put
down spot cash and accept from
him a class of goods devoid of re
spectable ancestry and upon which
no reputable manufacturer will place
his name. He can sell cheap goods
too, if you will buy them from him
with your eyes shut. He can meet
the best price ever made by a mai'
order house if you will plank down
the money and accept what he gives
you without question and without re
course but you must not expect him
to be in his place of business every
day in the year ready and willing to
rtjake good any defect, ready and
illing to stand back of every article
he sells^with his own reputation and
the warranty of a responsible com
Honest, now, don't you really pat
yourself on the back when you spend
your money in such a way that in
supplying your own wants you help
build up the neighborhood in which
you live? Of course you do, and
you act on that idea yourself, but the
trouble is you don't talk it enough
to your friends.
Stand by your local dealer as he
stands by you with his time, his skill
and his money. He helps build up
the community and he makes it a
better place for you both to live.
His own success depends on your
prosperity. He has no use for
mavericks unbranded junk. He
swears by the goods branded with
the trade-mark of the most skillful
manufacturers on earth—goods the
like of which no other generation
ever saw, and he has an abiding
::laith in th« theory that the best ve
hides itv all the world today £te none
too good for that major general ol
all the
industries the American
John P. Bleeg,
Sioux Falls, S. D., July 19.
Leasing School Lands
Pierre Capital Journal:—State
and Commissioner Bach has
sent to the county auditors of the
state circular letter calling at
tention to the work which has
been done through their offices in
leasing1 the state lands, and urg
ing them to continue their efforts
to secure lease revenues from all
the state lands in their counties.
The department will make a de
termined effort through the aid of
county officials to lease all the
state school lands, which a lease
value, and continue the increase
in the revenues for the state
school fund.
Tinan Sheds Wisdom.
A short and painted sermon by
C. R. Tinan of the Kimball
Graphic:—A town that never has
anything to do in the way of pub
lic amusement is on the way to
the cemetery. Anyone who will
do nothing for his own town is
helping* to dig the grave. A
man that will curse his town, fur
nishes the coffin. The man who
is so selfish as to have no time
his business to give to the
city affairs is making the shroud.
The merchant who will not ad
vertise is driving the hearse.
The man who is always pulling
back from any pnblic enterprise,
is throwing boquets on the grave.
The man who is so stingy and
selfish as to be always howling
hard times, preaches the funeral
sermon and sings the doxology,
and thus the town lies buried
from sorrow and free from all
Huronite:—The Spirit of Da
kota has been sold to P. D. Mun
ger, O. M. Osbon retiring. In
this change of proprietorships the
press of the state loses one of its
most unique and interesting
characters, as well as one of its
most versatile and trenchant writ
ers. Mr. Osbon's pen was not al
ways well d'.rectdd and much of
his strength as a writer was lost
in the general belief that "Dad"
cared more about the sting than
the truth in his sentences.
During his career in South Da
kota he has been the main stay
and nestor of the insurgent press
of the state. To him they have
looked for their kej-note, to him
for their inspiration. With
"Dad" out of the insurgent ranks
they will seem like Hamlet with
that interesting character omit
The "old man" to use his own
words, is tired and quit no doubt
because he failed to be appreciat
ed by those for whom he labored.
In taking- up other lines of work
the Huronite hopes that he may
heap a full measure of earthly re
ward. We shall miss him from
the "old place" and hope he may
not carry with him any bitterness
against the boys who differed
from him in the past.
Wanted Some One To Help.
In Watsonville resides a good
old colored man, by the name of
Uncle Dan. He has had an
eventful history as a slave and
freedman, but now he has consid
erable property, and is living
comfortable and happy. He was
never taught to read, and many
things he sees in his travels are
very strange to his inexperienced
eyes. A few weeks ago he went
to the Hot Springs as servant to
a gentleman who was sick. Stop
ping at the Springs at the same
time was a wplj known ventrilo
quist. On£kwj:ning JUncle D&u
went out to the celebrated waters.
bubbling up warm and steaming
trom the depths below, and sat
down to watch operations. The
ventriloquist was also at the
Springs that morning.
"Hello, up there," said a
gloomy muffled voice, tar under
the waters, much to Dan's
"Is the water warm enough?"
inquired the voice, and Uucle
Dan looked serious, and the
whites of his eyes gleamed un
naturally from his ebony face as
he moved back a few steps.
"Splendid!—just right," said
the gentleman.
"Uncle Dan Rogers," said the
voice, distinctly.
"Wat dat he say?" inquired
Dan, in anxious tones.
"He said he wanted you to
help fire up down there," answer
ed the gentleman.
The corners of Uncle Dan's
mouth commenced dropping- down
until they almost touched his
shoulders he gave one look at
the hot water, and then deliber
ately turned and darted away like
a shadow which the clouds some
times throw upon the earth, and
could never again be induced to
take a bath in the mysterious
waters of the Gilroy Springs.
Carl Joseph & Co's made-to-order
clothing appears to be the kind that
takes, judging by the number of or
ders sent in by P. C. Fawrup. Bet
ter look it up.
Homeseekers Excursions
Via Great Northern Line on
first and third Tuesdays each
month to points north and west.
Rate, one first class fare plus
$2.00 return limit 21 days, stop
overs allowed at intermediate
Full particulars may be had
from any Agent Great Northern
Line or Fred Rogers, G. P. A.,
S|oux City, Iowa.
Pacific Coast Excursions.
To Portland—Seattle—San Fran
cisco and Los Angeles, 'via Great
Northern Line during Summer of
1905, special low rates with libera!
provisions for stopovers, option of
different routes going and returning
For full particulars and descriptive
literature, apply to any agent Great
Northern Line, or write to Fred
Rogers G. P. A., Sioux City, Iowa.
A Surprise Party.
A pleasant surprise party may be
given to your stomach and liver, by
taking a medicine which will relieve
their pain and discomfort, viz: Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They are a
most wonderful remedy, affording sure
relief and cure for for headache, dizzi
ness and constipation. 2oc at H. J.
Pier's drugstore.
Prevent Hog Cholera
From appearing on your farm.
He prudent this year and pre
vent a repetition of the losses
of previous years.
Call and See Us and Get Written
Delmont, S. D., Dec. 17, '02.
used L. K. for hog Cholera and it was all
right. It cured my hogs. I hud three sick ones
and they all got well and done line. I also used
It for chicken lice and mites and it is all voti
claim for it. It is the only medicine for hog
cholera, I think.
Harrington. Neb., Dec. 11,1902
1 am using Liquid Koal and am well pleased
with it. 1 am sure I saved my hogs with It last
year and I am going to keep it in stock all the
time, as it is the best thing I ever had on my
ulace for everything, it is intonded for. It Is
good for chicken cholera, lice on stock, insects
of all kinds it will destroy all kinds.
.1. L. Womiah.
Agent at HuHey*
©iff "Skiigtfim
S a.ve
by buying this
reliable honest,
high grade sew
ing machine.
National Sewing Machine Co.
and will be refunded to you if after us
ing half a bottle of
you are ilot satisfied "with results^
This 1b our guarantee which goes ^Ith
eyery Ipatye...--
For (tale Guaranteed Oal* fcjr
H'.tf. piert
hurleyb r...
For Cash or Produce Only
15 doz Men's overalls, all sizes per pair
10 doz Men's dress shirts
Men's and boy's gloves
Ttockford sox
straw hats
Fancy dishes at a big discount.
10 lb pail fancy table syrup
10 lb pail pure sorghum
3 cans strawberries for
3 cans tomatoes for
8 bars of soap, the best kind
Hurley Bee
Hurley, S. D.
A Few Prices
That Make our
Store Famous
Ladies white sliirt waists the, kind we have been
selling at $1.48 only 98c.
Ladies corset covers and pants worth 25c only 19c
48c only 39c
25c lace hose only 19c
48c lace hose only 39c
Big prices on all straw hats
Harvest bargains in dishes
7 piece berry set only
Water set extra heavy
Harvest cups and saucers, set
Harvest plates, set
Big values in novelty dishes
See our 10c, 25c and 50c line of granite ware
14 qt granite dish pan worth 75c only 50c
qt granite water pail only 50c
If you visit our store you will find
many bargains equally as good as the
Yours for courteous treatment,
.. 39c
50c to $1.00
3 pair 25c
per pair 5c
a" 2*
T* -V

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