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Transactions of the County Board as
Officially Reported.
barker, S. D., July 5, 1905.
Office of the County Auditor.
The board of county commissioners
met in regular session all members
present. The county auditor acting
,.„.as clerk.
The minutes of the last quarter were
read and on motion approved as read.
It being o'clock p. m. the motion
was made seconded and carried that
the bridge bids be filed and opened.
Tne following bids were placed on
file and read:
liervin and Pederson will furnish
labor and material for bridges adver
tised and build same complete tor
$(333.36. If county will furnish piling
deduct S198.00 if ,county will furnish
piling and lumber deduct $408.00 or if
county will furnish lumber and piling
they will furnish straps, bolts, nails
and spikes and do the work in a satis
factory manner for $6.40 per thousand
of lumber used, and the regular price
20 cents per foot, for driving the piles.
If county or township will haul the
material, deduct S3.00 per thousand
from last bid.
John W. Towle 32 foot bridge, ©192,
16 foot bridge $104 20 foot bridges $130
S. L. Berry will build 32 foot bridge
and drive 8 wing piling, county to fur
nish all material except paint for S100.
Will build one 16 ft and two 20* ft
bridges according to plans, county to
furnish all material for $150.
A Crane & Son will build all four
bridges according to plans and specifi
cations on file in the county auditor's
office for $507.
On motion the bid of J. A. Crane &
Son was accepted.,
M. Crowley of Lennox appeared
before the board and presented a claim
in behalf of Geo. Gayken against Tur
ner county for the
sum of $235.35 claim
ed to be due said Onyken for license to
sell intoxicating liquors at retail in the
city of Centerville, which license the
claimant says was not used. The mo
tion was made and seconded that the
claim be rejected motion carried unan
On motion the following bills'were
allowed and warrants ordered drawn:
.Bervin & Pederson, repairing
bridges $35 55
Geo Mumby jailor's salary May
and June 50 00
On motion the board adjourned until
3 o'clock July 5.
Parker, S. D., July 5, 1905.
SV -Beard met pursuant to adjournment
all members present, the county super
intendent of schools acting with the
board on all school petitions.
The school petition of Abraham
Duerkson et al was taken up and read
and after discussion the motion was
made, seconded and carried that the pe
tition be granted and the districts af
fected be composed of the following
territory, to-wit: District no 11 Tur
ner county, sections 12, 13 and 20 JDol
ton twp, Turner county South Dakota,
and sections 7, 18 and 19, the north half
of section-60 the northwest quarter of
section 29, the west half of section 20,
the west hali of section 17 and the
northwest quarter of section S Monroe
twp, Turner county, South Dakota.
District No 69 of Turner county, sec
tions, 30, 31, 32, 29, and the south half
of sections .19 and 20, all in Dolton twp
Turner county, S. 1).
District iXo 70 Turner county, sec
tions 28, 33, 34, 27 and the south half of
sections 21 and 22 all in Dolton twp
Turner Co.. S. D.
A new district to be composed of the
following, territory sections 35 and 26
and the south half of section 23, and
the north half of section 25, all in Dol
ton twp, Turner county, South Dakota,.
The school petition of Clyde Costain
et al was. taken up and read and after
discussion it was moved, seconded and
carried that action on the matter be
^deferred until 9 o'clock a. m., July 6.
The school petition signed by Jacob
Hentzes et al praying for a division of
school district No. 15 Turner county
was read and after disussion, motion
made seconded and carried that the pe
tition be rejected.
On motion the board adjourned until
SJuly 6,1905. Ifp
I Parker, S. D., July 6,1905.
Board met pursuant to adjournment
«rf-a!l members present with the county
"^auditor acting as clerk
On motion the following salary bills
were allowed and warrants drawn:
Still deputy county audi
tor's salary for June
II Johnson last half of May
and June salary as register
of deeds
E W Browne last-half of-May
a and.
$ 50 00
150 00
June salary as connty
SN Monk May and June sal
ary as county treasurer 333 33
Theo l'faff June salary as depu
50 00
ty county treasurer
Mrs IIII Johnson June salary
as deputy register of deeds 50 00
W Elliott June salary as coun
ty judge 75 00
Isaac Nachtigall June salary
as county superintendent 125 00
Motion made seconded and carried
that the letting of all bridge rep-air
work be postponed until the 12th of
On motion the board adjourned until
1 o'clock p. m.. July 7,1905.
Parker, S. D., July 7, 1905.
Hoard met pursuant to adjournment
all members present.
On motion the board adjourned until
9 o'clock a. m., July 8,1905.
July 8, 1905.
Board met pursuant to adjournment
present Ellis, Ege and Christenson,
county auditor acting as clerk. On
motion Ellis was elected chairman pro
Motion made seconded iirul carried
that the following bills be allowed:
liazlitt official printing 18 98
Perkins Eros, books and sta
tionery 70 25
E Kelley blanks 7 26
Board adjourned until nine o'clock
a. in., July 12,1905. ..
Parker, S. D., July 12, 1S&5.
Board of county commissioners met
pursuant to adjournment all members
present the county auditor acting as
On motion the following bills were
City of Parker water rent 21 25
Henry Ervin salary and man
hire on county farm Go 00
Township of Monroe, bridge
work 15 20
Close & Ernstene' supplies for
court house 0 95
E E Vernon stationery 3 50
Geo Whiting trees for county
A Evans, ice for June 150
On motion bill of Peter Christenson
for burying glandeced horses was re
The Art Metal Constructing Co
Doc files 13 20
Nelson Mercantile Co groceries
for county farm 39 75
Golf, goods for court house 9 27
On motion bill of Maggie McAlear
for cleaning jail building was rejected
Roper, Morgan Hardware Co.
nails for bridge S 07
W li .Wood lumber for bridges 14 71
lveliey & Co., supplies 6 87
Brown & Saenger books and
stationery 200 34
Will A Beach stationery 7 50
On motion bill of John W Towle for
work on bridges was laid over ~until
next meeting.
liD Melvin quarantining and
mileage 10 00
W II Howdle, inspecting cattle 15 00
Germantcwn township for
bridges 118 47
It Melvin quarantining fees
claimed-5.10 al 1 10
PC Peterson was on motion granted
a refund of $1 on account of double
school poll assessment for year 1903.
On motion application of Peter 2s'
Aggergaard for refund of $8.11 taxes
1904 was rejected.
The board examined wolf skins on
hand and ordered the county auditor
to forward the following certificates to
the auditor of state.
Elliott, 6 young wolves
A E Miller 4 young wolves ii S
Edie Levison, 1 young wolf
l£red Schucknecht 2 young wolves
On motion the board adjourned until
2 o'clock p. m.
The board met pursuant to adjourn
ment all members present.
The repairing of county bridges was
taken up and atter discussion it was
moved and seconded that the commis
sioner of each district be a committee
to contract for all bridge repair work,
necessary to be done at the present
time, in his district and that he con
sults with the different township
boards in regard to the work and their
share of the expense. The motion
unanimously carried.
The quarterly report for the quarter
endlPg June 3ft, 1®Q5 of the,*Sqperin
150 00 tendfcnt of the hospital tor the insane
fV 'Mr.
.Jl 25
S N Monk, postage 10 20
A Wagener & Co., meat, for
county farm 17 73
On motion the bills of 11 tftid
worthy and E Jones as members of
the county board of health for S4.60
and $1.95, respectively were rejected.
Educator School Supply Co.,
supplies for county super
intendent, cl $22.20 al 18 70
S Berry repairing Finley
bridge 65 00
W Brown printing 3. 2 "55
CL Jone salary and expense'
for June 63 30
calling for $723.73 for the care of the
following Turner county patients was
on motion approved.
Patient Died
Berlin. Lucy
Cloring, Jacob
Cotton, O
Christenson, Christina
Gerkin, Bernard
Himes, Henry
Kropinska, Charlotte
Loof, Mrs Ganken Apr ,7
Mehren, Nellie
McGinn, James
liyan, MaryF
Trail, Richard
Topping, Mary A
Wachennorf, Adelia
Wahlin, Caroline
Willms, Lena
$48 00
.48 00
48 00
48 00
48 00
,48 00
48 00
3 73
48 00
*48 00
48 00
48 00
48 00
4S 00
48 00
•48 00
723 73
On motion the board adjourned,.until
9 o'clock a. m., July 13,1905.
Parker, S. D. July 13,1905.
The board met pursuant to adjourn
ment, all members present, the county
auditor acting as clerk.
The clerk of courts here made requi
sition on the board for 36 names to
complete jury list for September 1905,
term of court. The board proceeded to
draw sufficient names from the differ
ent precincts to complete the list.
Motion made and seconded that ac
tion on dipping tank petitions be deter
red to such time as the county cattle
inspector shall report the need of dip
ping tanks. Morion carried.
The board here proceeded to check
up the county treasurer's and county
auditor's accounts and spent the bal
ance of the forenoon thus doing. All
accounts, vouchers, etc., were found
The board on motion adjourned to
such a time as the board of equalization
might have finished its ,lab6rs.
The board convened according to ad
journment and dispatched the follow
ing business.
On motion the taxes on outlots 59
and 60 village of Marion, were ordered
stricken from the 1903 tax list and tax
sale certificates to same cancelled.
On motion school poll tax of E
Dawson in Parker city was ordered
stricken from 1904 list.
On motion the 1904 tax on lot 12
block 8 in town of Monroe was ordered
On motion treasurer's and auditor's
quarterly statement was approved.
On motion the following justice re
portswere approved as corrected.
Vanlluschen, justice ot the peace,
state vs Ebenezer, Butterfield and three
others. Defendants all found guilty
and sentenced to 30 days in the county
jail. Costs as follows:
Witness fees
John Borer 1.10, Peter Schemp jr. 1.10,
Henry Schemp 1.10, E Bardell 1.10,
Ed Morarity 1.60. Gesene Groepel 1.10,
Kuckenbeeker 1.10 Van Buskirk
Justice fees:
II Vanlluschen 3.60.
Sheriff's fees:
1° Tieszen 12.70, John Borer 90.
State vs Geo W Foster, Olsen.
All cost and fine paid by defendant.
State vs Charles E Pratt, Pier,
justice. Defendent discharged follow
ing costs allowed:
•Justice fees 4.70, sheriff fees 10.30.
State vs Gideon N Simpson, II
Goddard justice. All costs and fine
paid by defendent.
On motion bond of Geo Mumby game
warden was approved.
On motion county treasurer was au
thorized to accept tax on part of n\v ot
the nw of section 26, Centerville city
without a legal penalty.
On motion booK depository report of
Moody' was approved.
Motion made seconded and carried
that the bills of John Widlon and W
\Y elch Co be laid over for investiga
Motion made seconded and carried
that the county auditor and states at
torney be instructed to make a settle
ment with Hofer book depository
agent at Marion.
Motion made seconded and carried
that the following bills be allowed in
the matter of the insanity of O
W Elliott chairman ,$ 5 00
Dr Melvin physician 7 00
Jones attorney 2 00
N Stout deputy .sheriff 4 40
Henry Ervin, witness 70
W Smith witness 1 70
On motion the bond of Lord & Clisby
abstractors was approved.
On motion the following bills were
:nlowed: ~.
A Hall hauling brick etc to
court house' 22 10
W 11 Wood for two lots in Rose
tlill qemetery -20 00
Motion made seconded and cii'ried
that county auditor have deeds to the
lots'in. cemetery recorded.
Oil motion the coroners rep'drt to the
Jnv -V JW*'
inquisition of Louis Olsen was approv
ed and warrants ordered drawn as fol
lows: ..
Nick Nelsen jurors fees and
mileage S
A ^Molseed jurors fees and
Holland juror fees and mile
Kropenski witness fees and
Julius Nelson witness fees and
Dan Dwyer coroners fees
Dr A Struble physicians fees
and mileage
John Shanks constable feds
Foss per diem and mileage
as member ot the county
W Ellis per ,diem and mile
age as member county
Soren Christensen per diem
and mileage as member of
county board
2 40
2 20
2 40
1 20
1 20
8 90
10 80
3 95
On motion Jdnia Sargent was ap
pointed a committee to look after the
graves of the county poor buried in the
Hurley cemetery and to procure suit
able head marks for the graves of
county charge buried in said cemetery.
On motion the following claims were
allowed and warrants drawn:
W E Ege per diem and mileage
as member county board
Junia Sargent, per diem and
mileage as member of co
$ 33 60
26 GO
29 20
36 00
41 10
Motion made and seconded that the
states attorney be instructed to collect
by suit if necessary the amount due the
county from the & N W for the
construction of a railroad crossing be
tween sections 12 and 13, 97-52. Mo
tion carried.
The county treasurer appeared before
the board that stated that Mrs A
Martin of Springfield, S Dhad forward
ed draft to cover cost of keeping O
Alderman at the county farm.
No other business coming before the
board motion was made seconded and
carried that the board adjourn until 9
o'clock a. m. Sept. 5, 1905. ,5 ..
One of the most successful fea
tures of the Interstate Live Stock
fair at Sioux City September 11
16 will be the four
races each for a $1,000 purse. On
Wednesday will be the 2:27 pac
ing stake on Thursday the 2:29
trotting- stake on Friday the 2:18
pacing- stake and on Saturday the
2:17 trotting-stake. Entries were
first closed May 1, at which time
the larg-e number of fifty-four
horses had entered. The entries
will again open Sept. 5, and it is
expected that not less than seven
ty five horses will compete for
these big- purses. Among- those
already in these eveuts are Reli
ance, Major Dent, Hazel Grattan,
lial Sterling- and Niagara.
Weather Forecasts tor August.
Rev. Irl R. Hicks in his month
ly weather forecasts for August,
has the first storm period due
from the 4th to the 8th, with its
center on the 0th. Falling- ba
rometer, increased humidity and
warm, with growing- cloudiness
will appear as :early as the 4th.
Storms and thunder gusts will
quickly follow in western sec
tions and during the 5th to 7th
these disturbances will pass east
ward over the country. Rising
barometer and cooler weather
will follow about 7th to 10th.
A reactionary storm period is
central on the 11th to 12. The
indications are for only moderate
barometic and other changes at
this time. Threatening clouds
with thunder gusts may show
themselyes over scatterred locali
ties, but generally the weather
will remain warm and dry.
The third storm period is cen
tral on the 17th» reaching from
the 15th to the 20th. Storms will
be forming in the western region
as early as 14th and:. 15th and
during the 16th to 19th very gen
eral and forcible storms will pass
eastward over the country.
Thunder and lightning will mark
these storms with great (empha
sis. decidedly
and cliange to cooler will follow.
The /next reactionary s]:orm
period i&v.centraJ',von the 22dj 23d
and 24th, There -will be high
temperature, low barometer and
vicious electrical storms during
the early stages of the period,
but sudden changes to high ba
rometer and much cooler will
press the western side of the
storm area. There is danger
that these very sudden revulsions
to cooler late in August will be
followed by frosts in northern ex
tremes. 1
The last storm period is cen
tral on the 29th covering the 27th
to the 31st.J- 'As early as the 27th
and 28th barometic warnings of
gathering storms will be noted,
and the crisis of the period will
not be over forty-eight hours
from 6 p. m. on the 30th. Storms
of rain, hail and thunder, attend
ed by violent, tornadic gales will
pass over wide areas of the inter
ior parts of the country. The
storms of this period will con
tinue into the opening daj-s of,
Prevent Hog Cholera
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lie prudent this year and pre
vent a repetition of the losses
of previous years.
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year und I am going to keep it in stock all the
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Dlace for everything It is intended for. It is
good for chicken cholera. lice 011 stock, insects
of all kinds it wll^lestroy all kinds.
,»« '.*• .1. L.'V^Ot.MAX.
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reliable, honest,
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