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Saturday, Sept 9th
Turner County Herald.
By The Fitch Publishing C-.~ pany
Geo. W. and Edith M. Fitch, Editors
0 on
Coats Cotton or Silk Thread
The "Stay Satisfactory". Range does not crack nor
break, air tight, gas tight, dust tight, polished top, no
blacking required with duplex draft works wondprs. Be
convinced we caq save you money.
Full line of yellow goods always qt} hand.
Great Western Manure Spreaders take the head every,
Come aiid get one to try.
HURLEY, S. D., SEPT. 1905.
XEJJMS $}.B0 1'kh
In Advance.
huklkv makkkxs.
Wheat—ii'o. 2 isiorthera—t56c.
Wheat—No. 3—62o.
Wheat—^o. 4—57c.
jplax seed—8&c.(i£90c.
Oats—No. "W.—17c. No.4W^ 18c
Rye—41c. 44c.
Feed Barley—No. 1—
24c—No. 2—22c
c.&n.w.ryt Me table.
No. los, raiseuger...'.
No. 31 Freight
No. 16, Passenger
No. 37. Freight
No. 25, Passenger
No. 103. l'asseiiijer
7: Hi a.
1:00 p.
2:18 p.m
ft :50
3:50 p.m
8:18 p. Ill
H. K. Webster, Agent.
Great Northern It'v Time C«rl at Davis
GoinK South. (ioing North.
7:nl a. ill Passenger 9:00 p. Ill
1:35 p. in Accommodation... .1:65 p. M.
1'assenner runs dully, maUiinj connections
with throiiKli trains to and from St, Paul carry
ing palace buffet sleepers.
is now running full time and
putting- out three grades of
Grind feed every Wednes
day and deliver orders with
in town limits.
Handle all kinds of grain.
We solicit a share of your
coal trade.
Yours to please
Hurley Milling Co.
umc thomas,
v* ItiiuilolpU St., Chlcotfo, keep this pajior on illn
and are authorized to ihyPB'j'iftf
ooutwet# Ttftfa
Justice Court Notes.
The case of Carl Jones by his
guardian Amos Jones, against Mil
ton Hayden was on trial before
Judge Goddard on last M,onday
fprenoon, J. W. Edmunds appear
ing for plaintiff and Jean f'. Sar
gent for the defendent. The court
rendered judgment for the defendent
qn his counter-claim and the plaintiff
gets only the balance of his claim
and has to pay t,he costs of suit.
This case will probably be appealed
to the Circuit Court as it is one of
those common cases where the hired
man swears one way and the farmer
the other. In this case the hired
man left in the busy season and the
farmer claimed damages which the
Court allowed.
On Wednesday the State of
South Dakota against William Pat
noe of Davis continued in Judge
Goddard ,s Court from iast week,
was on trial. State's Attorney
Jones for the State and Alan Bogue,
Jr. snd J. W. Edmunds for the de
fendent. This is a preliminary ex
amination of the defendent, charged
with selling intoxicating liquors at
retail without a license and not hav
ing it posted. The court found that
there was cause to believe that the
offense of sellling intoxicating liquors
without a license and not having it
posted had been committed and that
there was probable cause to believe
the defendent guilty. The court
held him to the next term of the cir
cuit court and fixed his bond at
which he promptly furnished.
Mrs. Robinson
is receiving a swell line of new fall
goods, consisting of hats, caps
velvets, silks, plumes, tips, fancy
feathers, in fact everything, in the
line of up-to-date millinery. We
•ilso have our new fall and winter
tailoring book and are prepared
to take orders for suits, jackets,
coats, skirt* and rain coats. Sat
isfaction guaranteed.
Dr. Sargent, dentist, visits Davis
every Wednesday, prepared for all
work in his line.
have alre^tfiy hauled,
NOTICE: All persons wishing to
buy sand at my place will please leave
25 cents per load at the Turner Coun
ty Bank, and get the key to the yard I Birdie
also leave the money for what you Musical numbers were
Landlord McLatchy made a
business trip to Beresford last Fri
Frank Smith ot Davis wa? in
Hurley last week aqid made a call at
the HERALD office.
The Turner County Bank has Satuix'.iy.
some cheap*money for Turner coun
ty farm loans. See them.
Mrs. Spawn, who has been visit
ing her sister Mrs. Mueilinberg re
turned to her home^last Saturday.
Prof. E. C. Griffith of Yankton
College was in town last week on
business connected with the college.
Don't forget that the last half of
your taxes mqst be paid this month.
Tax book at Turner County Bank.
John Fitch left last week for
Weeping Water, Nebraska, where
he resumes his duties as instructor
in the academy.
Lullela Fessenden left Friday
morning for Sioux City to resume
her duties as director of physical
culture of the Y. W. C. A.
T. B. Buchanan is building an ad
two stories high, to
the old farm home that has done
duty for so many years.
W. C. Chapman of the Notion
store is always getting up some new
scheme of advertising. His latest
idea will be explained at the store.
Art Benson has opened a new bar
bel shop in the building formerly oc
cupied by Christianson as a confec
tionary store. He is meeting with a
good patronage.
After Lodge last Thursday even
ing the Rebekahs gave an informal
reception to the Misses Vera and
Verdi Brown. Good music was pro
vided and dancing constituted the
entertainment of the hour.
After in omission of four or five
years the old settlers will endeavor
to revive their annual picnic. See
the call for a meeting elsewhere. It
is an event that we would be glad to
see continued.
Gerrit Goodhart expects to attend
an eastern business college this fall
and winter. He has been in this
country only two years but is deter
mined to make the most of his ed
ucational opportunities.
B. F. Vaughn and family moved
into their new. house last Saturday.
All summer they have been confined
in rooms over the drug store and
will now doubly appreciate their new
home which is one of the neatest and
most commodious in town.
C. A. Stegall, who comes from
Worthington, Minnesota, is the new
foreman df the HERALD. He is a
job printer of experience and will
materially assist the "old man" in
making the HERALD job products
second to none.
Herb Benson has lately installed
a new hydraulic chair of the latest
pattern and a marble top stand, con
nected with both hot and cold water.
Herb has not spared expense in his
fixtures and has a {iner equipped
shop than can be found in many a
city of ten thonsand.
I. E. Redding has opened up a
clothing store in the old Allen store
building. Mr. Redding* is a mer
chant of Beresford where he is al
ready engaged in tbfe clothing
business. The Hurley store will be
managed by Louis Carr. It will
start out with a strictly new and
stylish stock and will be a creditable
addition to the business houses of
the tpwn,
The streets of Hurley have pre
sented an animated appearance the
past ten days. Gangs of men from
the Northwestern and Steniger tel
ephone companies have been en
gaged in moving the telephone poles
to the allies and another gang has
been laying cement gutters and side
walks. Center Avenue will present
a greatly improved appearance
when the work is completed.
Everyone who attended the social
given by the Ladies Episcopal Guild
Friday night pronounced it a very
ienjoyable affair. The quilt which
The Ladies' Episcopal Guild m£t
Wednesday with Mrs. Near.
The Misses Dora anti Caroline
.*olff visited over Sunday at Marion.
Two new members were received
into he local Odd Fellow lodge last
Ada Mansfield returned Monday
from a week's visit with friends at
Sioux City.
Miss G. tee Eldridge of Vermillion
visited this week with Mr. and Mrs.
Glen Sargei.\
The Ladies orayer meeting meets
Friday afterno :n at the home of!
Mrs. Patrick.
Mrs. J. H. Gall.iger, visited last
week with Mrs. Pool, returning to
her home at Parker Friday.
Will you feed any cattle this year?
The Turner County Bank loans
money to buy feeders at lowest rates.
Mrs. Mabel May and children oi
Marion drove down Saturday for
a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Muller arrived Tuesday from
her visit at Tyndall having left the
Proffessor at Freeman where he was
delayed by a sick horse.
Mrs. F. M. Vyatson and son Ken
neth returned from La Fox, Illinois
Saturday, where she was called by
the death ot a sister-in-law.
L. K. Medley and Harve Ward
took their families out to the lake
Sunday to dine under the trees and
enjoy a few hours of rural quiet.
If you have a farm that you want
to rent next year, list it with the
Turner County Bank. They have
some good larmers desiring to rent
in Turner county.
The Misses Emn^a and Anna
Anderson attended the dance ^t
Parker Saturday evening and re
mained for a short visit with their
sister, Mrs. W. H. Barclay.
Though it got pretty cold here
Saturday and Sunday, th? threat
ened frost did not materialise and
corn is still rapidly getting past the
danger line.
Peter Jensen is arranging to take a
trip north to look for a new location.
Mrs. Ed \Varsing is expected home
this week from Sac City, Iowa,
where the has been visiting her
It does not seem to be generally
known around here that the Union
Lumber Co. no longer exists, as the
company was reorganized this sum
mer and is now the Goodridge-Call
Lumber Co. The same stockhold
ers control the new company.
Monday was
was given to the moat accurate stranger. Twenty-two years ago he
guesser of the number of* kernels of first became acquainted with Dakota
corn, beans iind rice in a pint can I by a visit with relatives in Spring
went to Mrs. John Murphy. Ice! Valley and since that has been a
crram, cake and sherbet was served. frequent visitor and at a number
The orchestra entertained the com- times a resident of the county, even
pany with a couple of fine selection! attending the Hurley high school
and recitations were given by the, the winter of 1892. But while
Missesjennie Robinson, Edna Ward,
Osborn and Violet Ray.
(. P. ^hris-1 ably rendered by Lillian Hannum,
itjlplen Wcfegt^and Gl^ys Arqgt.
very accept-
Day" which
was generally observed in Hurley
by every one keeping at their regu
lar daily labor. Had it not been for
the closing oi the post office few
would have been aware of labor's
The Episcopal Sunday School
presented their Supt., Miss Vera
Brown with a beautiful book, "Bri
dal Bells," on Sunday last. Miss
Vera has been a faithful and concien
tious superintendent and will be
greatly missed by the children of
the school.
Former Editor Brown and fatnily
will retain their residence until the
10th, so for the present week the
HERALD family is domiciled with
Landlord McLatchy of the Commer
cial hotel. Next week we hope to
get settled in our new home and
will be at home to our friends.
The Junior Leagne held a busi
ness meeting at the parsonage Mon
day night and elected the following
Supt.—Mrs. Slocum.
Pres.—Vera Gorton.
1st Vice-Pres.—Fern Medley.
2nd Vice-Pres.—May McLatchy,.
3rd Vice-Pres.—Maude Rundel.
4 Vice-Pres.—Florence McLatchy.
Jsec.—Lpe Bartle.
Treas.—Clara Berry.
Chairman—Lit Com. Belva B.trtle.
The new editor of the HERALD
does not come here quite as a
are thinking
and jams—
James Jenson is building a barn
on his place this week.
N. R. Rnndell is busy on a new
barn on his farm.
J. A. Sherard went north on a
business trip Tuesday.
Joseph Andrews is at work on an
addition to his larm home.
The Hurley schools begin Monday
with a corps of six teachers.
A. J. Miller of Norway has re
cently completed a fine new barn.
Joseph Waltner is making an ad
dition to his home in Spring Valley.
Evening service will be held in
the Episcopal church next Sunday
at 7:30.
Gustav Wedel, of Norway town
ship took the train for Oklahoma
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Anderson wel
comed a new boy at their home
If You
are looking forward to the approach of cold winter
weather, look now, like the ant, the squirrel and their
industrious cousins to your winter supply of eatables.
If You
intend to can pickles, tomatoes, plums, peaches, apples,
cauliflower, etc.
Henry Showalter is building a
house on a farm he otvns near hi^
home place.
Johia, Luten will build a house in
Davis and will move there this fall
and retire from the farm.
If You
G. E. Masters has the frame up
for a new residence on the north side
near Hugh Hershey's residence.
Cornelius Dwyer has jjust fin'shed
a new house on his farm south of
town and will live there hereafter.
A new cement sidewalk vtas laid
last week before the yards and office
of the Goodridge-Call Lumber Gb.
Mrs, Glasser, who has been visit
ing at Salem, came in on Monday's
train and drove to her home ait
George Wassing took the train
Monday for Sioux Rapids, Iowa
where he will visit friends lor a short
Bring Us Your Butter and Eggs.
The EXehver special last Friday
was heavily loaded and new passen
gers were being picked up at every
Free tuition to all who enter Man
kato Commercial College, Mankato,
Minnesota, Sept. 4th. Send for par
Gus Schnose has the buildings on
his farm near town about complete
and has made a very neat appear
ing and comfortable home.
Services at the Christian Science
church, morning and evening.. Sub-,
ject- "Matter."- Wednesday even
ing-service at eight o'clock. A!1 are
Next week occurs the state fair at
Huron and an unusually extensive
list of attractions is being advertised.
Reduced rates wiil prevail 011 tbe
Prospects were never better for a
great big fall trade in Hurley. It is
time for us all tn get together and'
push and we will all be benefited
A. W, Pingree of Cherokee, Iowa
will build a house and a full set o.
buildings on his farm north of town.
His nephew lias rented the farm and
will soon move here.
|ean Sargent was down from
there are many old acquaintances Parker over Sunday visiting the old
both in town aud country there are folks. He expects to go before the
also many more with whom we have supreme court in a short time for iccount of Sovereign Cx-rantl hod^c I.'
not yet became acquainted, but hope admission to the bar. and will then O O. F. Apply tn agents Chicago
tp meet 3s soon as possible, locate in soi£$ good tpwrt,
of laying in a supply of hpme made jellies
If You
want to buy these fruits, vegetables, etc., with
cans, para line, jar rubbers, sealing wax, spices,
vinegars, etc., at aright price, buy tliem at
"The Headquarters."
With this issue the undersigned
severs connection with tbe Turner"
County PJerald, and all subscription
acconnts due must be paid to my
successor, G. W. Fitch, who will al
so furnish the Herald for the unex
pired time of those who have paid in
All accounts for job work and ad'
vertising to S,ept. 1 remain the prop
of and are to be paid to su
Summer Tourist Rates to the Beautiful
Summer Ifyasorts in Wisconsin
aq^, the North west.
Via the North- Western Line. Send
two-cent stamp for summer resort ht»
erature to W. B. Kniskern, Passenger
Traffic Manager, Chicago. For rates
tickets, etc. apply to agents Chicago &
North-Western R'-y,
W. E. SARgENT, D. D. S.
I'iiinless extraction
of teeth with local
Office over Vaughan's Drugstore.
Callsaoawerea promptly.
v, v*
Oltice 1'uone, No.. Residence I'houe, No. 49
S. GR/^YES M. D.
Physician and Surgeon,
Calls promptly attendejJ. otttce resideno
on Center i^yenue
Murpliv Bros, stable in Hurley Saturdays
balance o£ tlilic at liypie on {arm In Spring Val
ley townshj|, Nq, 72. Hurley Rural Hue
All kinds of.tutiJiUi!^ work done aild satisfaction^
orders at Bradberry 15ros hardware stoi
Hurley Art Gallery,
I f'i l|
V{. C. BROWN. -.1
•J'rices I teas unable
mill all work guar
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Mat-kqjv, L'liur.
New and Complete Outlit lliroiiKliout.
Come In and enjoy a noon name.
Barber Shop
The i»st of everything' in
service ami equipment.
•AJ\v $s two gooU barbers.
Very L,q,vy Excursion llatos to L'aila
(lalphla. L'a.
Via the North-Western Line. Excur
sion tickets will. lie. sold Sept. 14, 15,
and 10. with favorable return limits, on
.: 8|®j8r

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