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Turner County herald. (Hurley, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-19??, May 31, 1906, Image 1

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Ladies' lelts 48 and 25c
Silk Gloves,:,,., 48
Heavy Thread Lace
Embroideries 45-35-25-5
Prints, only 5
Ladies' Hose 25 -15 -10
Children's Hose, 2 pr. 25
Infants' Hose 25 -19 15
We best
cater to the
Shoe Trade
Ladies' Shoes only $2.95,
S 2.50, 2.25, 1.95,1.69, 1.48
Children's Shoes
1.48, 1.25, .85, .65 and .50
Men's Shoes, $3.50, 3.00
2.65, 2.50, 2-25, 1.95, 1.48
&' Boys' Shoes
2.25, 1.95, and 1.4S 'S
Republican County Convention
A. Republican county convention lor Turner
county is hereby culled to meet In the court
jiouse In Parker, SoutU Dakota., on the 22nd day
of May, 190G, at the hour, of one p.
of said
day, for the purpose of selecting forty-seven
delegates to attend the Republican state con
vention to be held iu Sioux Falls, South Dakota
on the 5th of Jiuie, I90C. The basis of represen
tation shall be one delegate for each twenty-five
votes or major fraction thereof cast for Hon.
Samuel H. Elrod for governor at the general
electlon.iu 'W4, from each precinct. The sev
eral precincts are entitled to the following
numbers of delegates respectively in said con
Precinct Del. Precinct Del.
Oenterville 4 Daneville 4
Turner 4 Swan Lake
(Spring Valley Salem
Muldleton Hurley .. —3
Norway Childstown _,4
Uermantown .r Parker 3
Marion ltossfleld 3
Home.. -3 Brotlierslield .4
Monroe Dolton ..-1
Parker City Oenterville City
1st Ward 8 1st Ward „3
2d Ward ....2 2d Ward 2
Sd Ward 3 3d Ward __8
Hurley City 0 Town of Davis
Town of Irene..... 2 Town of Viborg 2
The primaries in the several precincts to se
lect delegates to said convention shall be held
on the 15th day of May. 1906, from the hour of
three o'clock p: m:'to half'past eight p. m,, and
at the following places
Oenterville, .lohn Jolinke residence
Turner. Hooker school house
Ceutervllle, 1st ward, council room
2nd ward, Lowry's butter and oge house
01 3rd ward,
butter and egg house
Spring Valley, school house in dlst. No. 3
Middleton, Geo. Smith school house
Norway, scliool house In (list. N\. .n
(rermautown. Moliaugbliu scliool liouso
Marion, Jacob Ilieb's liall
Home, school house in dist. No, 8
Monroe, Woodmen's ball
Hurley, Opera hall in Hurley
Hurley City,-Opera liall
Viborg, Woodmen's hall
Daneville, Kasmussen sciiool house
Swan Lake. Swan Lake school hou«o
Salem, ldvlwilde scliool house
CUil'lstown, K. K. Ortman's residence
itoselieM. school house in dls.t. No. 6fi
Pai-k.-r, Han-is hall
Brothersft ild, sch'iol house in dist. No. 8
Dolton. school house in dist. No, 70
Davis, Woodmen's hall
livne, Irene school house
ity. 1st
Stoddard'.-, office
2nd ward. Hose house
Srd ward. Hand room
April 24tll l!K)n,
liupiibiicaor. Central Committee of Turner
County, South Dakota.
Secretary. -.a
Wanted-An Idea
Who can think
of some BtroplA
thing to patent?
Prote«C your Ideax: they may bring you wealth,
t® Write JOHN WEDDERBDRN & CO.. Patent Attor
1 «y«, Washington, I).- C.. for tbelr 91.800 prln offac
U«t ot-two himdewt Invention* wan
i§ That Honest Goods can be sold to Honest Men at
Honest Prices
In order to start a subscription campaign and add sev
eral hundred new names to the Herald list we have decided
for a limited time to offer the Herald for one dollar per
year in advance. Now is the time to subscribe as the offer
will be held open for only a limited time. Please tell your
neighbors of this offer. Act at once.
And in order to give the old subscribers an equal oppor
tunity we will also allow them the same rate, in advance
only. If you are in arrears pay up your old account at the
former rate of $1.50 and we will then accept $1.00 for the
year in advance. If your account is paid ahead we will
credit your account the difference between the old rate and
the new.
Remember this is a limited offer. Don't delay.
Lots of money can be maile in cheap
wheat lands in Alberta, Western Can
ada. We can sell you land that will
pay for itself in one year, at prices
running from $7.00 to $10.00 per acre,
with $2.50 to $3.00 per acre down and
the balance in live annual payments.
Join our special chartered car excur
sion over the Soo on the 3oth of May,
also on the (ith and 131h of June, leav
ing Minneapolis on Wednesday morn
ing of those dates. For further par
ticulars, write, wire, or phone
fuyper Coupty flerald
O. W. Kerr Company.
Home Offiice, Fargo, N. D.
Branch Office, 520 Guaranty Loan
Bid., Minneapolis, Minn.
Made to your measure, at price of
ready mades.—Sargent's.
^Don't Grind
Become a demonstrator And earn
$5.00 to $10.00 a day. Menov Women.
Guaranteed salary if wanted. House
hold neceftflity—bttilalikeznagic. Oar
factory working orertime. Act today.
BlnaeapolU* Stan*
?$#• •*.
^W^W Sl
Chain pi on Hat
Men's Shirts
1 50, 1 25,1 00 and 50
Men's fine Egyptian underwear
regular 50c values, per garment 40
New arrivals in Ties
50 and 25c
For the Household
12 qt granite iron pail 48
3 qt kettle 25
14 qt dish pan 70
Cups and saucers 48
Plates to .match 48
.Finest line of Fancy China
in the city
Eggs received same as
cash here W
At One Dollar Per Year
.2 00
Anvone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communica
tions strictly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free. OJdeBt ageucy for securlug patents.
l'ntonts taken through Munn A Co.
special notice
without charge, In tho
Scientific American
A hntirtBomoiy Illustrated weekly. J.nreest cir
culation of ivny scientific journal. Terms, $3 a
year four months, IU Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.36,Broadwa-NewYork
Branch Office. 625 8t« Washington. D. C.
A Mountain of Gold
could not bring as much happiness to
Mrs. Lucia Wilke, of Caroline, Wis.,
as did one 25c box of Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, when it completely cured a run
ning sore on her leg, which had tortured
her 23 long years. Greatest antiseptic
healer of Piles, Wounds, and Sores. 25c
at H. J. Pier's Drug store.
Ex-Senator Pettigrew has an
nounced his candidacy for the U.
S. Senate to succeed A. B. Kitt
redge. Of course Mr. Petti grew
can run if he wishes but he cer
tainly cannot expect,any repub
lican support.
The Huron Journal-World
thinks that Crawford might as
well have Gamble's senatoiial
seat. As the J.-W. bolted Craw
ford j-tst before the caucuses its
suggestions can safely be attrib
uted "ro a desire to embarass
The uniting of the Presbyter
ian and the Cumberland Presby
terian bodies, consummated last
week, is the most important ad"
vance }n religious circles in a
generation. Consolidation is
reaching even the chyrches and
the result will be fewer and
stronger sects.
The new law permitting alco
hol for mechanical purposes to be
exempt from taxation is of the
most far reaching importance.
It will bring alcohol to the price
of gasolene and not only give the
Standard^ Oil Co. lively competi
tion but also bring better prices
to the farmers whose grain is
used in making alcohol.
The report is abroad that Hon
K. E. Mayhew of Sanborn coun
ty, former State Auditor, is being
urged to accept a legislative nom
ination. Mayhew is alert, keen,
agressive and able and if elected
to that position would easily
become one of the leaders. We
hope Sanborn county will give
the state the benefit of his ser
Senator Kittredge is a pro
nounced advocate of a sea level
canal while the president is in
favor of a lock s}7stem. The
question is an important one and
there are those who maintain
that the big railways are advo
cating the sea level plan because
it will take many years longer to
complete, Still it is a question
on which honest men may differ.
With thirteen delegates out of
160 the machine contested Rob
erts county. With eight out of
sixty in Bon Homme and thirty
six out of eighty-four in Sanborn
they did the same. That such
methods roused suspicion is not
strange. The insurgents are
contesting Codington county. If
their case is not just we hope the
machine faction will be seated in
the state convention.
The machineuhas been crying
for peace aad we have felt like
to them but
Hughes, Hyde and Sully counties
the other day they got a major
ity of two delegates and promptly
turned down Senator Shober for
a second term. We can imagine
the kind of peace they would
g-ive us with just one working
majority in the state convention.
Guess we don't want too much
peace till Gamble is safely landed.
The spokesmen of the machine
and their organs are generously
offering to take us all back and
say that we need not be insur
gents any longer. Thank you
all gentlemen. And not to be
outdone in politeness permit the
insurgents td express their re
grets that in order to get this
generous recognition it became
necessary for them first to smash
a U. S. senator, two congress
men, a governor and a carefully
built political machine. They
really did not mean to be rude
and are glad to get back.
A copy of the "Eight Hour
Cause" budlished by the union
printers of Sioux Falls is at hand
asking1 aid and sympathy for
their strike. This newspaper
will always uphold the laboring
man in any just cause. Vv^e are
all laboring men and ought to
stand together against he' tin
ighteous exactions of org aniy.ctl
capital. But with the strike for
an eight hour day we have but
Any man who
is~tiot lazy ought to expect to
work much more than eight
hours daily. Do these same
strikers see to it that their wives
do not work over eight hours?
Perhaps we do not understand
the situation. Perhaps the print
ers do not mean to work any
more than they are obliged to.
One of the results of the insur
gent victory which this news
paper will regret is the retire
ment of Congressman Martin.
He has always been found on the
right side of ever}' national issue.
He was the original beef trust
man, he stands with the state on
tariff revision, and was the first
of our leadex to come out boldly
in support of Roosevelt. He has
had the confidence of the people
and seemed to be a man that
South Dakota would delight to
honor for many years to come.
But in an evil hour the tempta
tion came and he put aside the
sure asset of popular confidence
for the husks of machine prom
ises. No longer relying on his
past record he sought the aid of
the 800 postoffices of the state.
Instead of trusting for his pro
motion on the confidence of the
people he sought the senatorship
by a series of deals and combi
nations and by the distribution of
patronage. He so aligned him
self tfilit his victory would have
been a triumph for the style of
politics that the Herald will ever
be found opposing. So, even
though we regret his loss to the
state, w.e still feel that it was
necessary. Eben W. Martin is
still a young man and at some
future time will reestablish him
self with the people,of South Da
"Luck" In India.
In India, according to a writer in
the Bystander, the natives arc try
ing to turn motoring to a profitable
account. An Englishman was mo
toring into Calcutta alter playing
golf in the park at Barrackporo, and
on the way the car passed over a na
tive and only just missed sculping
him. As compensation the native
was given 10 shillings, with which
lie hobbled ofl: quite gayly. Ever
since natives in the neighborhood of
Calcutta have been wildly throwing
themselves in the way of every avail
able motor, in the hope of similar
The Heaviest Rails,
What arc believed to be the heav
iest rails in use on any steam rail
road in the world are on the belt
line around Philadelphia. They
weigh 142 pounds to the yard. Con
crete with nine inch girders is used,
with heavy ballast to make a firm
roadbed. One railroad official states
that this section of roadbed will
last for twenty-live years without
repair. This would mean a ma
terial reduction in maintenance ex
pense to the road using these rails.
Macaulay's Modesty.
Authors are not supposed to be
particular!}-- modest in regard to
their works, an it is therefore
worth while to quote a passage in a
letter written by Macaulay to his
German publisher, a letter which
the present Baron Tauelxnitz care
fully preserves: "I have already re
ceived £20,000 from Messrs. Long
mans. I am ashamed to think how
many better writers have toiled all
their lives without making a fifth
part of that sum."
A Slave to Silk.
A servant of Dowie says: "I used
to buy silk socks for him at $3 a
pair,-and he never got less than five
dozen at a time. He would buy
many suits of silk underwear at $15
a suit, and once he bought thirty
sis: pairs .of silk suspenders inlaid
with blue butterflies. He never paid
less than $150 for a suit of clothes,
and all
furnishing goods were
•nronartionatelyeitra vacant."
Sr cial Reduced
Stc irsion Rates
Yvry l*ow Kxcufsloii -iuloH to NeY Haven
Con iw,
Via tho North-Western Line. Ex*
eursion tickets will be sold Juno 1 to 4,
inclusive with favorable return limits.
on account of Annual Convention
National Council Knights .Columbus.
Apply to agents Chicago £s North- '4
Western Rsy. ,14
crv T-ow Kates to Anuiuil
Gcriniin ISabtlst l?r'thrn, Springfield,
Via the North-Western Line. Exeur- .wfetjs.
May 26, 2S, I'.O, ,(), limited to .return
untill June |i, inclusive, on account
General KederKtion of Women's Clubs.
Apply to agents Chicago & North
Western R'v. Jl
'Very Loiv lvutert to lSoHt.oii«/ Mass.,
Via the North-Western Line, for
tickets to bo sold May 81 June 9 with
favorable return limits, on account 0/
AmericanMsdical Association Meeting
Apply to agents Chicago & North
western R'y. J9
ICxcurhlon Tickets to Titiiy
FnKtlvnl, Sioux City, luwiv
Via the North-Western Line, will b? I
sold at reduced rates May 23 and 24,
limited to return until May 25, inclu
sive. Apply
Via the North-Western Line, will bo
sold May 22, 23, and 84, limited to ro
turn nntill May 25, inclusive. Apply
to agents Chicago & North-Western=
Low Kate* to Smii Frnucisco UiUl LOH
Via the North-Western Line. An
excursion i-nU of one first class liraited»- fij
fare, plus ^2.00, for round trip, will bo
in effect from all stations June 25 to.
Via the North-Western Line. Excur-,*
sion tickets will bo sold .JuneS, 9 and
10, with favorable return limits, onrf
account of Travelers' Protective^
Association Meeting. Apply to agents:®.
Chicago & Northern R'y. J10«a
Box Elder 8—16 ft.
lied and While Elin 2—15 ft. 1:
Gi per. Asli 1— 5 ft.
SofL Maple ft.
Scotch Pine 1 —2 ft.
Austrian Pine 2—4 ft.
lied Cedar 2—4 .'l.
Hilt. Hills (Spruce.
Col. BlueSpvuee.
Douglas Spruce.
Dwarf Mt. Pine
Dwarf Mt. Pine
Al'Pl-iC TK^CS 4YU.^R 'I
Poerlo«B( W inter), Wealthy, Duchess,
Snow, Rdwii'-, Janet, Patten^ Gleenfng
W. Greenine, llyslop Crab.
1 year well rooted Warfield, Cres
cent and Wolverton Strawberry.*
Eurooean Mt. Asli 5—10 ft.. Am.
Wht. Birch 5—10 ft., wild Blk. Cherry,
shrubs and roses. Call at Hurley
Fruti Faaiu or write. Prices verj low
ItHflllIl.lt 1B1J)
Why suffer from this painful malady»v
when one application of Cham berlain'
Pain Balm gives reliof? Hundreds off^r
grateful people testify to the healing^"
power of this remedy over rheumatism.
For sale by TI. J. Pier,
1'ostiiiaHter nobbed-^-'
G. W. Fouts, Postmaster at River
ton la., nearly lost his life and wasr*
robbed of all comfort, according to his
letter, which says: "For 20 years 1 had
chronic liver complaint, which led to
such a severe cato of jaundice thateven
my fingers turned yello-v when my:
doctor prescribed Electric Bitters
which cured me and have kept me well
for eleven years." Sure bure for Bilious
no68, Neuralg ia, Kidn -y and Bladder
derangement: A gfcn.'fftgrful Tonic,
At H, «t. "Plei's Drtt -'tt'i'df. -50 eents
Via the North-Western Lino
sion tickets will be sold June 1 to -1,
inclusive with favorable return limits,
Apply to atfeuts Chicago & Noi th-
Western R'y. .Jl ,,A
Low KxcurKion Raton to St. I'IMII ^5*
Musical *Jt¥
agents, Chicago Ac
North-Western R'y. M54
UxcurHlon Tickets to May Slufllciil
I'eHtlvul, Sioux VtillH, S. I).
July 7, inclusive, with favorablo r'
turn limits. Three fast trains
through to California dail "The Over^
land tiimiifd." electric lighted''.'
throughout, legs three clays
San Francisco.
l,l .i
I Angle-
limited,"electric liglited throughout,' \f
via the new Salt Lake Route to Los^'^a^
Angeles.with drawing room and tour- 'S,
ist sleeping- cars. AnoLher fast dail\
train is"The China Oc Japan Pabt Mail'1
with drawing room
tourist sleep-*®/1
Angeles. For itineraries and fullys?^.--.
information apply to agenta Chicago
North-Western R'y J17
Vory Ijow to N. 3
4 M-
G. N. Riynor k. Son
4i- .1
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