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Everything in clothing at L. E. Carr
& Co.'s.
This is the time for Hail Insurance.
Allen's Ageucy. ,A,Vk' j-\
.. W. H. Robertson made a trip to
Blunt this week.
J. T. Hoga'n came back from North
Dakota Saturday.
Dr. and Mrs. Sargent made a trip to
Centerville Tuesday.
Ida Rasmussen went to Irene Sat
urday to visit with an aunt.
MissOsborn returned Saturday Irom
her visit to Harrisburg, Iowa.
Little Geneva Jacobson visited this
week with relatives in Beresford.
Lizzie Whalev left Saturday for Col-
to be with her mother who is ill.
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Just received
anew line of shoes at Bradberry Bros.
Eulela Andrews is visiting this week
with her uncle G. W. Fitch and family.
The Epworth League met Monday
night and were elccted for the ensuing
Mrs. F.-ank Grace left Tuesday for
Sanborn Iowa to visit friends and rel
Junia Sargent made a business trio
to the northern portion of the state
this week.
Go to Bradberry Bros, for Sharood
shoes and t,ret the' best there is for
your money.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Howdle of Par
ker visited this week with relatives
around Hurley.
Ray Washburn came up from Iowa
forashorlvisit with his wife's rela
tives this week.
Mrs. A. A. Stout of Parker visited
this week with her daughter, Mrs,
Charley Sanlora.
Mrs. Frank Williams entertained
Mrs. Shager and mother and sister of
Parker last week.
Roy Allen returned Tuesday from
Chicago where he has been visiting
for the past week.
The frame work of Harry Sanborne
new house is up and the building is
going rapidly foward.
Mrs. James P. Jacobson who has
been seriously ill for a few weeks is
now able to be around again.
Miss Lewella Fessenden returned
from Sioux City Monday to spend her
three months vacation at home.
Mary Whitmer who has been work
ing for Mrb. J. P. Jacobson, returned
to her home at Hooker Saturday.
For com tort wear Sharood shoes.
Bradberty Bros, have just received a
new line. Go where prices are right.
Mrs. T. F. Georgeson of Spring Val
leV visited this iweek with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. BartLe near Hurley.
Miss^Lily Johnson of Beresford ar
rived Monday for an extended visit
with Mrs. Christ Jorgensen of Spring
Harry Sanborn has built acute little
house and J'ard for his three remain
ing pheasants and placed it down by
the depot!
Alice Georgeson of Spring Valley
look the train here Monday for Parker
where she expects to be employed for
Rachael Johnson enjoyed a visit this
week from her cousins, Laura Brue
and Selma. Hilda and Amelia Knud
son of Hooker.
Good health depends a good deal on
the feet. Are yours comfortable? If
not, buy"Sharood's Aristos. Sold at
Bradberry Bros.
Insurance is only three-fourths pro
tection. Good lightning rods are full
protection on your lives, property and
stock. F. S. Smith. Davis, S. D.
The Ball team of Hurley will play in
Viborg the 4th. Hope the boys will
keep busy from now on acd bring home
the laurels of victory on that glorious
Mrs.F. .T. Struck visited with her
nusband a few days this week. They
have rented the house occupied by
Frank Hannum and expect, to move in
in the near future.
Rev. and' Mrs. Slocum and children
departed by team for Canton Tuesday
where they will attend the wedding of
Mrs. Slocu'm's sister, Mrs. Tanzy, to
L. F. Lu'^'dy of Castlewood.
*Lightping is like death, we always
'expect to strike the other fellow
out. Some day it may strike you.
Rod yoiir buildings and protect your
selves. See F. S. Smith at Davis.
Clara.a!nd Margaret Perkins de
parted Tuesday for West Brooklyn
and oftier points in Illinois where thai
will visit .with relatives during the
They will return in August,
Belva Bertha Bartle, Clara Alvina
"Davey. Mafcle Florence Elliot, anch
Gladys Rosk Faircbild, graduates of
the Hurley High School, class of 1906
receive theirlfliplomas this evenipg at
the opera bouse.
HI The Hprley Band Boys have accept
«n invitation to play
'the fourth. THtey were
mw .V
Beresford on
also invited
'pl^y at Yankt^ri- during the G. A. K.
Death ot Raymond De Vries
Raymond De Vries, age 26 years, was
whirled to death in the hog killing -de
partment in the Cudahv Packing com
pany's plant at 5:30 o'clock last night.
Half the young man's ribs were forci
bly crushed in, and he died a few min
utes after the accident.
Mr. De Vries was a millwright for
the packing plant. He was working
in the hog killing department, cutting
a'hoie through the floor above in order
that a belt might be passed through.
A loo&e end of some twine in his hip
pocket caught in the rapidly turning
pulley behind him. drawing his coat
and finally his body into the pulley.
Before he could be released his chest
crushed in and every stitch of
clothing except his shoes torn from
his body. He died a few minutes after
ward, before the company surgeon
could arrive. The body was taken at
6 o'clock to Westcott's undertaking
establishment awaiting the arrival of
De Vries young wife, who had gone in
to Nebraska to visit with relatives, and
to whom a telegram announcing her
husband's death was sent, last night.
The two lived at 712 West Ninth st..
De Vries had been an employee at the
packing house for about eighteen
months.—[Sioux City Journal.
The news of Raymond De Vries sud
den and terrible death was a shock to
the people of this community to whom
Raymond was well known having lived
most of his life in Turner Count}'.
The mother was prostrated by the aw
ful tidinsrs, Put recovered sufficiently
tn attend the funeral services at Sioux
City. In the morning the family re
ceived a letter from him saying that
he expected to come home
a visit
as soon as his wife returned from her
visit in Nebraska. Before nitrht the
telegram came that he was dead.
The funeral services were held at
712 W. 9th St. in Sioux City Sunday
last at two o'clock. It was attended by
the, mother and all of the brothers and
sisters except Evert and Joe. A large
concourse of friends of Sioux City were
attendance and brought costly and
beautiful floral offerings as a last tri
bute of love and respect to the depart
ed one.
Raymond De Vries was born in Tur
ner county on the old farm place still
occupied by Mrs. De Vries, pet. 13.
1878. Most of his life was passed in
this county and he attended the Hur
ley school. Afterward he attended
buisness college in Sioux City, and
finally became a millwright in the
Cudahy Packing House.
Ha was mar ied in 15)03 to Georgian
Preston of Sioux City and their union
was blest by a little baby girl now
seven months old. He has eij*ht bro
thers and sisters who survive him
Ubbe De Vries, of Parker, Mrs. Mar
caret Grant, of Davis, Cornelius De
Vries, of Aberdeen, Mrs. John Men
enga, Evert, Florence, Joe and Dirk
Do Vries, and Mrs. Evert Lease.
Raymond was a young man of ster
ling qualities, a member of the first
Baptist church and was loved and re
spected by those who knew him. The
sympathy of the community is extend
ed to the bereaved family and espec
ally to the stricken mother and the
young wife so suddenly bereft of her
husband when life was only just begun.
Our heartfelt thanks are freely ex
tended to the friends and neighbors
who so kindy assisted us in our late
bereavement and to the band, Rebekah
Lodsre, Schoolmates, and others who
showed their sympathy and respect by
offerings of beautiful floral tributes to
the memory of our departed loved one.
—Mr. and Mrs. Sibley Welch and
Church Announcements
Evening Prayer will be held in the
Episcopal church next Sunday at 6
p. *r. The sermon will be on "The
Three Heavenly Witnesses."
Tent meetings will be held in Hur
ley by the Methodist Church begin
ning Saturday evening at eight o'clock
and will continue over two Sundays.
Services will be held as follows: Sat
urqay evening at 8, Sunday morning
at 10:30, afternoon at 3 and evening at
7:30. The preachers to be present at
part of the meetiags are Rev. P. N.
CroSs, Rev. .1. B. Dibble and Rev. J.
T. Newhall. Be sure and plan to
come. Come on Sunday and bring
youi* dinner.
|-'Services at the Christian Science
church Sunday morning. Subject: "Is
She Universe, Including Man, Evolved
by Atomic Force?''
Wednesday evening service at eight
o'clock. All are invited.
Children's Day exercises will be
held at the Presbyterian church Sun
day at 11 o'clock. Dr. Carson will be
present and speak to the children.
Rabies have become so prevalent in
Minneapolis that the mayor has
ordered all dogs found in the Streets to
account^f the ex-' be killed. The disease seems to be
treme youth of..-feataiy of them it was unusually prevalent this year. Some
(teemed best uot to
nany d*ya. 4^
away for so of us wo\iM'feel skffef ff'the -nuhrber 'of
HurlayV street do,8 could be lessened
Annual Sleeting- of IlurleyTele
phone Company
The Hurley Telephone Company
held their annual meeting at the Op
era House in Hurley Monday. New
officers were ejected and important
business was transacted.
The Board was instructed to expand
the company and build new lines- as
they saw tit. They were authorized to
levy an assessment of six dollars on
each stockholder for the purpose of
purchasing land and erecting a build
ing for the exclusive use of the com
pany's c,entral.
Another progressive move was tlio
instruction given to the Board to put
blank wire between the company'^
central and the different towns. This
will insure good town service and be
of great benefit to both the town people
and country subscribers.
A committee from a newly organ
ganized farmers' line near Ireno wa
present to confer with the Board in
regard to the proposition to consoli
date with the Hurley Telephone Co
A similar proposition was also pre
sented by :i commiteo frpm Center
Point and country south of there. Mr.
Odland and Martin Christensen were
appointed to see other members of the
company, examine the lines and see
what could be done. These men were
also instructed to go to Freeman snd
endeavor to secure better service lor
the farmers at that end of their lint -.
We regret that the company came
no understanding with Mr. Steningei'
in regard to free phones. The right
of the subscribers of both companies
to better service in this respect is
obvious that we hoped they ul
igree on some proposition that wou'd
be fair to both companies and give tl.e
better service asked for.
The new officers of the Hurley Tel.
pbene Company are as follows: Pres.
ident, E. II. Odland: Secretary, E. A
Holland Treasurer, John Unruh:
•ectors, Martin Christensen and
Perley Wornimood is clerking ii
Carr's Grocery this week.
May Gallagher of Parker visited
this week with Bessie Pool.
The 19th Century Club meets tomor
row afternoon with Mrs. Allen.
Now is the time to get the Her
aid list. See offer on another page.
COUNTY BANK always has money
to loan.
Wm. Wool returned last week fro:a
his trip to San Francisco and othc
points in California.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Thompson
daughter of Parker visited with
Pier family Monday.
Miss Emma Perkins returned
week from Concord, Neb-, where
has been teaching school.
One dollar per year, in advance onlv
is the price of the Herald today. Tell
your friends. Read offer.
Emma Nelson has been staying wil
her -cousins, Agnes and Edna, in
Spring Valley for the past two weeks
place to do your Banking Business.
FOR SALE—Lot of 4 ft. 2 in. side
walk. 8c. per running foot. Come
early and get first choice. Allen's
Don't foreet the auction sale at the
esidence of the late A. F. Nelson ncs
Friday, June 8. Live stock, machinery
and household goods all go.
A letter from Henry Kerr at Ru
ning Water states that they are a
well and doing well. The Herald wi
keep him posted concerning Hurh
LOST—On Tuesday, May 22, bo
tween Center Point and Hanson, red
pocket book containing $52. Will pay
$25 for return of same to me. L.I!
E. E. Berry returned Tuesday from
his trip into California. He has bee
from the ruins of San Francisco to L
Angeles beside visiting other poin
in the weston the way back.
A new lot of Case Corsets just re
ceived at Mrs. Robinson's. Perfectioi
for comfort and fit four hose support
ers attached price only 'One Doll
New Side and Back Combs, Belts and
Skirt Supporters—the best.
Some of Clyde Cairy's school friend
gave him a surprise last Saturday
night. The evening was spent ve
pleasantly playing out doors until late
Ice cream and cake were served.
Harry Sanborn has four yountr
pheasants which he hatched from eg
which he procured in New York
They look very much like a sm-ill
chicken now but make a very brillian
plumaged tird when full gro*vn.
Pete Guard, st cousin'of Mrs. Jas. P,
Jacobson,-who is helping Mr. Jac
son this summer, went to Beresfiir
Saturday 'for a few days visit.
Guard plays a harp and will be an ac
ceptable addition to Miller's orches
this summer,
The Officer of the Day of the Deiyj
ration Day services desires to expre.ss
his thanks to the Teachers and Pup
of the Hurley public schools for t'hi
co-operatibri and helpfulness in makin
the jiroirrahi of the day! a sibbe
—C. B. Harrlgle, Officer of the Day.
"Baccalaureate Address
The Baceulaurfaw -vddresa for our
High Sc! ooi £. •1-lw.ir *as r.olivered
by- R6v. W P.
The graduates,
tie, Clara A. Da-,
Ada Mansfield acted as ushers. The
church Afas beautifully decorated.
This is the time ior Tornado Insur
ance, Allen's Agency.
We have your size in overalls. Try
us. L. E. Carr & Co.
place to borrow money.
per cent on Time Deposits.
A number of delegates to the State
Convention took the train here Mon
All those indebted to J. E. Redding
ire requested to call at L. E. Carr
clothing store.
George Hannum's new house is be
iuning to take shape and the work
going rapidly forward.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Medbury
Gettysburg are visiting with their
daughter Mrs. G. W. Fitch.
Those owing J. E. Redding are re
quested to call at L. E. Carr's clothing
tore and settle same.—J. E. Reddiug.
Mr, and Mrs. W. H. Stoddard enter
tained Prof, and Mrs. Muller and the
hole corps of teachers at luncheon
Tuesday evening.
Dr. Vaughan returned from his trip
to Lansing Mich. Wednesday accorn
panied by his niece Miss Hazel Beatty
who will make an extended visit.
Jay Olinstead plead guilty to th
cuarge of petit Larceny in Judgo God
dard's court today and was fined $2-5
and committed to the county jail
fine is not paid today.
June 1st— From now till July 1st
will sell all my trimmed and untrim
tried Straw Hats and all Flowers
greatly reduced prices to close out our
summer stock. Now is your oppor
tunity to get bargains. Mrs. M. A
The lot south of N. M. Slocum's,
which has formerly been used as a
dumping ground and had grown up to
brush, has been cleaned up by the
owner, W. H. Stoddard, also the street
in trout, which helps the appearance
of that part of town.
Everyone should notice the new deal
we a,re offering on subscriptions to the
Herald. The cut in price is made in
order to get new names and we also
allow old subscribers to take advan
tage*of it in order that they may be
disposed to help us to get a few new
Mrs. Margaret Grant, Dirk De Vries
and Mrs. Florence De Vries went to
Sioux Citv from here to attend their
brother's funeral. Others of the fam
ily present at the funeral were Ubbe
De Vries of Parker, Cornelius De Vries
of Aberdeen, Mrs. Evert Lease. Mrs.
John Menenga and Florence De Vries
Burk's big tent show was in town
Tuesday higbt and played "Uncle
Tom's Cabin" to a crowded l)0U6e. A
parade of ponies, people, dogs and
chariots pleased the children at noon.
The play and concert were clean, the
music was good and people generally
were well pleased with the perform
While Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hannum
were out driving Monday night the
horse'became frightened at the separa
tor standing on Washington street
and bpth Mr. and Mrs. Hannum were
thrown out, receiving several bruises
and injuries. It is not thought how
ever that either was very seriously
We are under the impression that
our little burg will lave another sa
loon in the near future. Two saloons
conducted as the oiie we now have will
be a financial benefit to the town.—[Da
vis Glpb^.
last Sunday
evening at the M. L. iburch to a well
tilled housu. Rev. Slocum gavo a very
able atidres8s *?tnng for bis Scripture
lesson Proverbs 31: to .J1. and for
his text those four WorJ*: "Not Yours
But You." Hist effort was to impress
upon the imad* of Uie joung peoble
that in their youth they should lay the
foundation for a goo.i Cbristiau char
acter and cluau Hf..-, and tueu what
ever they .voro nblo to accomplish
would count for good to themselves
and the world.
Misses B-.tl B. Bar
iuHuel F. Elliott
and Gladys R. F:.:i ohilu, occupied the
front row of scats asy' were accompan
ied by Gerald E Muller, Supt. and A.
May Goodwin, Ass't Principal. The
congregation san.' oue hymn, Miss
Bessie Whalen p£' ig a solo anil the
quartette, composed of Miss Whalen,
Mrs. Wray, .7. H. Muiieuberg aod W.
H. Stoddard, rendered two selections.
MisSjViolet Wray presided at the or
gan and Misses Frauces Hansen and
We hope that the above opinion is not
that pf Bro. .Widlon. It hardly see.m.s
possible that so,.progressive an editor
as Bro. Widlon could consider saloons
a financial -benefit to any town.
The batid paid a last tribute to their
comracie and friend Wayland Welcti
on Decoration Day. After the other
exercises they gathered around the
new made grave and played the sweet
est selection in their repertoire. The
boys themselves were greatly, affected
&fad^ many iot' assembled people
wars moved to tears.
4$ fa*
That is what we want you to do ^Com
pare our line of U. S. Peck clothing with
what you have bought elswhere and you
will see that our suits lack nothing in
style, quality or fit.
No part has been slighted, looks
make up, and you certainly will
pleased when you see yourself in one
these snappy single or double breasted
suits. Prices for every pocket book.
We are carrying a large
long and short pants suits,
you to look them over.
Straw Hats 'Straw Hats
L. E. Carr & bo.
Commencement exercises will be
held this evening at the Opera House.
All are cordially invited.
Full blooded Plymouth Rock and
Brown Leghorn eggs, 81.00 per sitting.
Harry and Glenn Sargent*
By the courtesy of Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Stoddard the Herald family en
joyed a delightful drive in the country
last week. The line of travel was ont
north and east and took in some of the
finest farming country in tne state.
After visiting some of the outlying
StoddaVd farms we stopped for a social
half hour on the old Stoddard home
stead with Mr. and Mrs. Charley Stod
dard and were refreshed with a drink
of cold lemonade. Mr. Stoddard was
one of the first residents in this locality
and picked out his land when he had
all the country for his choice. Leav
ing there we returned homeward and
it is useless to try to mention all the
splendid farm homes that were en
countered. One well kept farm we
noticed was the beautiful home of Junia
Sargent. For two miles along the
road stretches the Sargent farm and
everything bears the mark of careful
ana attention. Near him is the
home of Si E. McCullough where
registered Durhams Jersy Red pigs
white Leghorn chickens and Pekin
ducks are raised. Stopping for a mo
ment, beguiled by a hearty welcome
to stay for s'upper, and to a hungry
editor the bountiful fe&t set forth by
All Orders Promptly Attended to and Goods
Carefully Handled
q.iyinnnannrmJinirnnnriTU\nnjirunruTj-TnrjTjm.rTJvmnrtriruxnnj-injiririru-i $5$
Farm Machinery
Heatinng and.
We still have left a few Bargains in
our Buggy department
vjrnjTlii.ruTjuiim-i^uruT!ri5mlnlnirTyutxiii!riiirmimi^ i!n!n
Mrs. McCullough seemed a banquet
for a king. Around the house are ar
ranged flowers and ornamental shrub
bery in ereat variety' which receives
the personal care of Mrs. McCullough.
We left feeling that the country is the
place to live if one wishes to enjoy life
undisturbed by-the cares-that are the
eath of many a cit£ man,.
f"/ at
KjV "t,
of boy's
will pay
S. 13.
I hereby make the statement that Ijas
have been connected with the Union
Mutual Insurance Co. of Medina, $$$«
Wayne and Summit Counties, Ohio,
for twenty-four years, and its secrc
tary for fourteen years, and dnrin"
my experience the comim-iv h,ts onl/
paid $2.50 for damage by tip si »i 01
any building rodded, ami tl.- t-. ••••iJusf.s
was not connected on this bmUts .4. .*•
admitted by the owner.
See our Men's
Carr & Co.
E. R. Culver, Sec,
Medina, Ohio. :.r:t
P. 3. Smith of Davis handles the worltl
renowned Dodd & Struthers eoppt
cabled lightning rod. An honest rod
at an honest price. M-31»3t
Albert E. Bailey, Dolton, boy.
Harm Wieldreyer, Germauiown,
Bernie Alberts, Davis, boy.
David E. Kleinhasser, Rosefield,
Pace Verley. Davis, boy.
W. S. Keyes, Parker, girl.
Harry M. Collins and Maude E.
grove. Parker. -t
George Van Buskirk and Maude
Straw Hals. L. Et'i
Editor Carr of the Blue Blanket
Leader, Brother in law of Mrs. Fit
visited the Herald family this week.
FOR SALE—Now rnbSpr *1
buggy for sale cheap. MigUt
for spring wago
Way, Marion ...
or heavy top
with steel tires.
-v F. "i.

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