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I'or Congress—
I'Fltl/J HAI/L. r! Hrool»nnr.
\V. H. PAllKKll. of Dead wood.
For Lieutenant, Governor—
XI. C. KHOIiEK. of Highinore.
For Secretary of state—
D, U. of Olive*
For Auditor—
O. U. DOKJvEN, of Duel county. ,*£*•*
For Railroad Commissioner— IfefjfBS
GEORGE RICE, of Flandreau.
"r, Dr. F. B. Gault of Tacoma,
Washington has been chosen
president of the Vermillion uni
versity to succeed President
Droppers. A change was badly
needed. if
The news dispatches state that
inany of ihose favored mortals
who are supposed to travel largely
on passes are industriously tak
ing vacation trips at present.
They doubtless expect to stay pret
ty close at home after next Janu
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-For United States Senator
JtOBEKT J. GAMBLE, of Yankton. "J-
For Governor—
COE I. CKAV.'FOilD, Of Huron.
''•R.V FESvsa-
T3L. -A
JOH N ULSKNING, of Campbell county.
For Treasurer—
(). H. CASSILL, of C&nton.
For Attorney General—
S. W, CLAUK, of lledfield.
X^or Superintendent of Public Instruction—^
BANS USTttUD. of Sioux Falls.
l'or Commissioner of School l.anrts—
The unqualified satisfaction
which is being expressed in con
servative republican circles over
the defeat of La Follett's candi
date for governor in Wisconsin
leads one to wonder whether the
party's recent conversion to rail
road and other reforms was real
ly sincere or merely a temporary
expedient. *, pfl£€/•
Over 228,009 people attended
the late Minnesota state fair. At
fifty cents per admission it is easy
ts see that the fair was able to
handle considerable money. It
is also interesting to note that
the Minnesota fair sponges its
advertising off the newspapers
just the same as they do out here.
The habit once formed is hard to
How many of the newspaper
boys who are demanding reform
in the -insurance companies will
be willing for the next legislature
to repeal the law requiring the
publication of the annual state
ments? These publications are a
political graft, pure aud simple
and the editor who.is not willing
to relinquish his own share of the
rake oit should heave no bricks
at the insurance presidents.
Brookings has just disbanded a
base ball team that played wond-
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elour Mediurp
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erful ball and defeated almost
every team it mei in four states.
But at the last of the season it
met the Wagner team and by a
turn of fortune lost the game.
Then the Wagner people on the
strength of that victory claimed
the championship of all the teams
Brookings had defeated. But
her glory did not last long for
the Elk Point team showed that
Wagner had been defeated by
them and now corner Gayville
and prdves that she defeated Elk
Point. Thus Gayville is the
champion of the independent ball
teams of the north west! The
chain of reasoning seems perfect
and shows how much can be prov
ed by a quibble.
Maine held her general election
Monday and though the republi
can governor and congressmen
were all re-elected it is by such
reduced majorities that the party
leaders may well view the situa
tion with alarm. When Maine
becomes lukewarm in its repub
licanism something is the matter.
The Herald has all along main
tained that the republicrn party
was suffering from too much pros
perity and the Maine election is
another evidence. There are
many republican leaders high up
in the councils of the party who
are looked upon as the represent
atives of weathy interests and
the defenders of corporate rapac
ity. Unless these men are de
posed or change their allegiance
they will certainly bring their
party to defeat. Probably Roose
velt could carry Maine today with
his old time majority.
The reduction of Congressman
Littlefield's majority in Maine
and the defeat of Congressman
Otjen in Wisconsin by the activ
ity of Union Labor is the first
evidence of the activity of Union
men in politics The Unions are
entering upon an important epoch
in their career and if they are to
be successful they will have to
show that tqey arer working for
the interests of the laboring- tnen
as a whoje and not merely for the
"Upion Label." But we are glad
that they are takihg an active in
terest in politics.
The newspaper advertising of
the Huron Fair, Sioux City Fair
and Mitchell Corn Palace has
been very meagre this year.
They have all asked for free ad
vertising and received but very
little. If the country editors
will only stand together ott this
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! I
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proposition they will be able to
demonstrate to the managements
that instead of not being able to
afford advertising that they
cannot afford to do without it,
Publicity that brings back paid
admissions is a good investment
Returns from
the state in­
dicate that the insurgents have
held their ground except in Sioux
Falls where Kittredge forces
ha.ue probably won. The Yank
ton county fight ''between Price
and Holinan is very close and is
in doubt. Neither side will win
by more than two or three maior
"*&•/•*** ST ./"J*
Starving to Death.
Because her stomach was so weaken
ed by useless drugging that she could
not eat, Mrs, Mary H. Walters, of St
Clair, Columbus. O, was literally
starving to death. She writes: "My
stomach was so weak from useless
drugs that I could not eat, and my
nerves so wrecked that I could not
sleep and not before I was given up to
die was I induced to try Electric Bit
ters with the wonderfnl result thai
improvement began at once and a com
plete cure followed." Best health
Tonic on earth, 6c. Guaranteed by
Harry J. Pier, druggist.
'•To Cure a Felon."
says Sam Kendel, of PhiVlipsburg, Kan
"just cbver it over with Bucklin's
Arnica Salve and the Salve will do the
rest." Quickest cure for Burns, Boils,
Sores, Scalds, Wounds, Piles, Eczema,
Salt Rheum, Chapped Hands. Sore
Fbet arid Sore Eyes, Only 25c at Har
Piers drugstore. Gauranteed.
AH urumance fixing the tax levy of the City of
Hurley, South Dakota.
He it ordained by the City Council of tile City,
of Hurley
Section 1. That there be, and is hereby lev
ievied npon the taxable property of the City of
Hurley the following tax: For general pur
poses, the siim of 81000.
Section 2. All ordinances ami parts of ordin
ance in conflict witt this ordinance are hereby
Section 3. This ordinance shall take tIT act
and be in force from and after its passage, ap
proval and publication,
Passed September lotli., 1900, SSI
Approved September, loth., 1906.
Countersigned: H. li. WRHSTICR,
.J. W. EDMUNDS, Mayor,
Anyone "ending anlcetch and description may
quickly nacerlniti our opinion free whether an
invention Is probably patentable. CoinmoiUea.
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on PaMnta
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Co. receive
aent free. Oldest agency tm aecurhiK pat
l'iitetita taken through Mmw ft Co. 1
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without charge, In the
tpecial notice,
without charge, In the
Scientific American.
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Head Ache
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effects, and this without dan
ger-of forming a drug habit or
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ranged. They positively con
tain no opium, morphine, co
caine, chloral, ether or chloro
fortn in any form. Dr. Miles'
Anti-Pain Pills relieve pain,
and leave only a sense of relief.
The reason for this is explained
by thjt £act that headache comcs
from tired, irritable, turbulent,
over-taxed brain nerves. Anti
Pain Pills soothe and strength
en these nerves, thus removing
the cause. They are liarmles$
whgn taken as directed.
''We use Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pilta
for the euro of headache, and fro
think that there is nothing that will
equal them. They will euro tlio
sevterest spell of nervous or sick
headache in a very few minutes. I
ajn of a nervous temperament, apd
occasionally have spells when my
nurfes scorn to be completely exhaust
ed,..arid I tremble so I can scarcely
contain myself. At these times I al
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tlieV quiet me right away. It is rc
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MRS. P. E. KARL, Detroit, Mich.
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I 7 a
ui of way otb«r m«ke of patterns. Thltisaf
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year*® tUMcriptionfia 'number*) costs 00 otati* ijul
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.nfetral sasa coramia
Vntti Handsome pnttahnaeaf
mt (m
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The First of Them Was One of fh*
World'* Seven Wonders.
The first lighthouse of which there is
any record In history was built by
Ptolemy Phlladelphus about 306 B. C.
It was a tower on which wood fire*
were kept blazing at night. It was
built'oil Pharos, a small island in th«
bay of Alexandria, and was one of the
seven, wonders of the world. It Is an
Interesting fact that the modern French
and Spanish names for lighthouse—the
one being phare, the other faro—still
preserve the memory of the ialtJid
where the first attempt at sencoast 11*
lumination was located. The ruined
tower in Dover castle, England, erect
ed about A. D. 44, is claimed by some
authorities to have been built for a
lighthouse, upon which an enormous
wood fire was kept burning.
-Tbfe lighthouse on the southern end
of the island of Conanicut, at the
mouth of Narragansett bay, is said to
be the oldest in the United States. The
present structure is comparatively
modern, but the first one was erected
In 1750, and for nearly 100 years pre
vious a watchtower.v with a beacon
fire, had existed at the same point
The lighthouse bears the odd name
of Beaver Tail. The southern portion
of Conanicut island is shaped something
like a beaver, with its tail pointing
southward, and in early, times it was
known by that name, the two extremi
ties. being called head and taiL
Clever Rubinstein.
The Italian tenor Marcon\onc& made
a visit to Kubinsteln, during which the
letter's little sou came trippvg eagerlj
into the music room and suifl, "This is
my festa, papn, and want mpreseut."
"A ery well, my son, what shall it be?**
"A waltz, papa, a hew wait* all for
myself,^md now." "What an inpatient
little san It is!" exclaimed th^ great
musician. "But of Course yon shall
have your gift. Here it is. Listed: And
for you," turning to the distinguished
tenor, "I will play my 'Nero.' "It
soeins incredible," says Marconi, "but
then and there, Witnessed and htord
a most remarkable phenomenon. The
maestro improvised and played a
charming waltz with his left hand,
lng me at the same time with his rig\it
the spieiidld overture."
And'She Went Qnlclcly,
"Mamma hns just gone across "the
street, ma'am," said the demare little
alx-,veaf-old to the caller.
"Did she say when she'd be baefcf*
asked the. lady.
"Yes'm" as demurely as before
"Just as soon ai yod bad gone,
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Excursion Rates
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ItounC Trip Bates rroiii other
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oiher Pacific Coast points. Very low
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v. ColoraUo Springs and Pueblo,
Via the North-Western Line, will be in
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inclusive, with favorable return limits
on account of Pike's Peak Centennial
Celebration. For full information ap
ply to agents Chicago & North.West
em R'y. 22
Very low Rates to San runclseo and
Los Angeles,
Via ttle North-Western Line. An ex
cursion rate of one regular first class
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tion. Three fast traius through to
California daily. "The Ovarland
Limited,"electric lighted throughout
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Surest and Quickest Cure for all
In tlie Pillory.
The picturesque, but most painful,
punishment known as the "pillory" has
long been a thing of the past in Eng
land. A man was made to stand in a
frame on a platform, probably with
head and hands fastened through
holes in picces of wood that were then
padlocked to keep them firm, and thus
to remain at stated periods while the
crowd gaped at or even pelted him.
The last time known that a man was
pilloried w:i.i when Peter James Bossy
was punished for perjury, June 22,
1£30.—I.nudoii .V-"
Behind Him.
"Do you know your orders, sen
try a not over bright Irish soldier
on jruard duty was asked.
"Yes, sor," was the reply.
"Know the points of the com
nags continued the officer.
"Yes, sor."
"If you face the rising sun vout
\cft hand would be on the north of
•W and your right hand, to the
eouth of you. What would be be
hind vou?"
rife knapsack eor." London
burning the Dead and Renting Grave^
to the IncOgent.
There is nothing in Belgium, not
even a marriage, to which so much
pomp and show belong as to a fu
beral. It is the most important
Bhow occasion of a career, and th^
expense must be a heavy tax on thQ
tverage family, for one will not
economize in the details that cus
tom says are necessary for tho dead
if such ceremony can be prevented.
When a death occurs crape is not
hung upon the door, but a notice is
lent to all friends and relatives.
{This when folded is about the size^
bf a sheet of commercial note pa
per, not placed in an envelope, but
folded so the address is written on
the outer section, which has a black
border an inch deep.
On the receipt of this notice cards,
are left at the house men, who
call and represent the women of
the family. No woman attends a
funeral, though it rpay be her near
est and dearest who lies dead, nor.
floes any woman go to the grave.
(Jrief always appeals to one's sym
pathies, but it is difficult for a for
eigner of Anglo-Saxon stock to as
sociate.grief with the usual funeral
rocession that one sees in BcV.irju
Che hearse is gaudy with gilt and
looks top heavy with its ornaments.
It is much like a circus chariot irt
all but shape. The driver- wears a
fantastic hat and cloak. The liearso
is drawn by black horses with trap-:
pings- of black, and two, sometimes
four, men follow it clothed in high
pointed hats
streamers quite
to their waists and long flying cape3
of black with more streamers. Then
comes a line of carriages, tL* jiore
the better for popular esteem. It
is not necessary to have any one in
them. Often the men who ride are
smoking. I have counted twenty?
tfive carriages, half of them empty,
Only the very rich can buy land out
right for their dead. The other
people hire the grave for as long
a time as they can afford, maybe
year, five years, ten years and very
rarely twenty-five years. Then it is
taken for another occupant.
Those opponents of cremation
who have sentiment as an argument
against it «»-asked to think of thia
way of doing, which must one day
be the only alternative near tha
large cities. The new coffin is placed
upon the remains of the former un
less one cares to remove what may
be left of what was once the home
of a soul. For the very poor there
is a harder lot still, (is they cannot
hire a grave. The potter's field is a
large ditch, into which the bodies
are placed and covered with quickr
lime. Does not cremation seem even
in a sentimental way preferable tq
this? Letting out graves explains
why there are no old time grave
stones. I asked the workmen around
the place, "Where is the old part of
the burying ground?" and received
for answer, "There isn't any," which
a stroll around proved. The oldest
grave I could find was but twenty
five years and was a "concession perv
petuite," the workmen explained, to
the letting qf graves, and the in*
quiries elsewhere verified.all their
6tatements,-^London Standard.
The Spider's Spinning Machine.
The "spineret" or web machine
of the common garden spider is an
object worthy of the careful study
of every owner of a microscope. It
consists of four united masses, each
pierced by a multitude of holes, the
openings being imperceptible to the
(naked eye. These several holes
ieach permit the passage of a single
thread. Some idea of the infinitesi
mal fineness of these threads may
be gained when it is known tlvit the
Bpider's thread as we see it is made
tip of upward of 4,000 minute webs,
|l,000 from each of the four spin
ieret masses. These 4,000 sep&^te
[threads unite at the main opening
of the spineret, making the single
filament from which the spider
spins its web.
1 An Island Classed as Ship.
The island of Ascension, in the
'Atlantic, is the property of the Brit
ish admiralty authorities and is
borne on the navy list as a vessel,
being classed as a tender to one of
his majesty's ships of war. The
island is governed by a naval cap
jtain, and the men stationed there
«chiefly royal marines) are subject
to the same rules as they would be
on board ship. Ther is no private
property in land, 60 there are no
rents, rates or taxes. The flocks
and herds are public property and
ihe meat is issued in rations.
The great error Is placing such an es
timate on this life as if our beiajf de
pended on It and wc were nothing aft-

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