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A Warrior and Tlla Book.
Real book lovers are likely to own
few books that they especially treas
ure. If these be bouud worthily in
handsome leather, it is not being too
fussy to make a little chamois case or
light box for each one to protect it
from the chance knocks and scratcues
•that mar the beauty of the leather. It is
true that the best binding is one that,
like the old white vellum, is durable,
cleanable, attractive and serviceable
but not all bindings can be left unpro
tected, and if Alexander the Great be
lieved nothing better worthy of a place
-'In the jeweled casket of Darius than
his copy of Homer's Iliad, even the
most manly boy need not be ashamed
to provide a safe-keeping wrapper for
his dainty books.—St. Nicholas.
25 "Guara#!^
lu Bostonese.
"Come in, Waldonia," said her mother.
""You have been in that swing long
"Presently, mamma," answered the lit
tle Boston girl. "I am permitting the
tcarnivorous quadruped of the genus Felia
^to slacken its physical activities and pass
by imperceptible gradations into a condi
tion of total extinct vitality."
A Great Offer.
We call special attention to the re
Kiarkable offer in this issue made by
the oldest seed firm west of the Rocky
Mountains, namely the John A. Salzer
Beed Co., La Crosse, Wis.
Will you please read their advertise
ment, and it will surely pay to send
for the handsome lGc bargain seed
collection, if you are fond of rich,
Juicy early vegetables.
That's a great proposition they
make of $500.00 in gold to the party
naming their remarkable now corn!
Just look over the names of the
Judges, all honorable, successful wide
awake men, who keep close to the
If you Avish to see the corn before
BUggesti:, your name, dend them Se
for sample package and big catalogue.
Address John A. Salzer Seed Co.,
ISO South 8th street, La Crosse, Wis.
Dili tile {Jest It Could.
The photographer was preparing to
take a negative of the prize bulldog.
"Look pleasant," he said, mechanically.
The intelligent auimal showed its fan^a
•till more, but the effort could scarcely
be called a success.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regu
late and invigorate stomach, liver and
bowels. Sugar-coated, tiny granules,
easy to take as candy.
3V«st at It* Best.
"Yes, your town is pretty smoky." ad
mitted the visitor, "but it isn't a circuin
stance to Pit tsburg."
But the old resident stoutly refused to
yield the ioint.
"Huh he exclaimed. "You ought to
•ee this town when it's Indian summer!"
—Chicago Tribune.
Mrs. Window's Soothlnpr Syrup for
children teething, softens the gums, re
duces inflammation, allays pain, cures
wind colic. 25c a bottle.
About to Make a Change,
"Norah, are you engaged to that po
liceman who comes here to see you so
"Yis, ma'am, but I've given him warn
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to cure any
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding: or Protruding
Piles 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 50c.
Bids tin*l Proposals.
"Has Count Fucash made a proposal
for your daughter's baud?"
"Not exactly," answered Mr. Cumrox.
"lie is waiting for me to put in bids
for a title."—Washington Star.
wnen you want JVrry Davis' Painkiller, as nothing
l« ns ffCHVd for rheumatism, neuralgia and similar
troubles. 70 years in constant use. 2.c, 35c and 5Uc.
Birdn Construct Prisons*
Among the hornbills of Southern Asia
the Malayan Island and Central and
Southern Africa most of the species
have a curious habit of hatching their
young in the walled-up hollow of the
tree chosen for the nest, says the Sei
entitle American. The birds have im
mense bills and horny crests.
The mother bird Is walled up by her
mate and remains imprisoned until the
eggs are hatched, and in some species
until the youngs birds are able to fly.
Meanwhile the mother has become tem
porarily Incapable of flight, as she has
moulted, or at least shed all her wing
feathers during her captivity. But the
male is indefatigable in providing for
his family, and is said to work so hard
that he is reduced almost to a skeleton
at the end of the brooding season.
According to the theory of many na
tives the female is imprisoned to pre
vent her neglecting, her duty of brood
ing, and if she has been unfaithful or
negligent her mate closes the little
window of her cell and abandons her
to a painful death by suffocation.
The true story, perhaps, is this: The
female walls herself in so that she can
not fall from the nest after losing her
.feathers, and also to protect herself
from enemies. This version is less
poetical than the other, but it Is prob
ably nearer the truth. It Is supported
by statement that the female liberates
herself as soon as the young birds are
"Undivided Authority oil Finance
LegisIaUaii" to Coaimoas.
King ai'u a.i.Lernoou
opent-u in iu i.ind parliament
of his reign, in a momentous speech
from the throne his majesty outlined
the plan of tne ministerial campaign
against the House
Ljius as follows:
"Recent experience has disclosed se
rious difficulties due to recurring dif
ferences of strong opinion between the
two branches of the legislature. Pro
posals will be laid before you with all
convenient speed to define the rela
tions between the houses of parlia
ment so as to secure the undivided
authority of the House of Commons
over finance and its predominance in
legislation. These measures, in the
opinion of my advisers, siiou'.d provide
that this house should be so constitut
ed and empowered as to exercise im
partially in regard to pvonosed legis
lation the functions of initiation, re
vision and subject to proper safe
guards of delay."
King Edward \,:ns accompanied by
Queen Alexandra, and the state open
ing was marked by all the pomp and
pageantry associated with these occa
sions since the'accession of Edward II.
Sec* Tliem Itoli I-'a titer, Ch:i.vi' Until
Aid.N in Arrests.
To the courage of Carrie Montgom
ery, 17 years old, is due the capture
of two highwaymen who bad assaulted
her father, Joseph, and robbed him of
?60. From the window of her home
on the outskirts of Kansas City Miss
Montgomery saw her father struck
down. Rushing out, she pursued the
robbers. One highwayman turned and
felled her with a blow. She was threat
ened with dfath if she persisted in
following. Undaunted, the girl re
sumed the chase until detectives, who
had been notified by neighbors of the
Montgomery's, took up the pursuit and
captured the men.
Long Dwullock tin Supcessur to I.nte
II. S. Scualur Jtlel.iiiiriu Ilrukcn.
Le Roy Percy, of Greenville, one of
the most brililant lawyers ill Missis
sippi, was elected United States Sena
tor from the State of Mississippi to
fill out the unexpired term of A. J.
McLaurin, who died Dec. 23.
The election was on the 5Sth ballot
by the legirlative caucus and after a
deadlock that had continued since Jan.
4 with one or two ballots nearly every
day. When the result of the ballot
was announced there was a scene of
wildest confusion. The vote was:
Percy, 87 Vardaman, S2.
Strychnine Is Discovered In tile
SiomncH of 1'ruf. Vaughn.
Poison was found in the stomach
and liver of Prof. J. T. Vaughn, edu
cator and author, in an analysis made
by Dr. Paul Schweitzer of the Univer
sity of Missouri. Strychnine was lo
cated in the amount of nearly one
grain. The grand jury of Adair Coun
ty, according to a long-distance tele
phone message, will immediately take
up the case and indictments are ex
pected. Mrs. Vaughn is related to sev
eral of the wealthiest families in North
Missouri, as was her husband.
Die iu Series of Accident*.
A whisky warehouse in Cincipnatl
was burned Wednesday preceding
Christmas. On a recent Wednesday a
wall of the ruined building collapsed
jn a small frame building and three
lives were lost. Later the fall of a
ierrick in the ruins killed two men
ind seriously injured four. Persons
residing in a rooming house beside the
ruins are preparing for a hurried exit.
Trump" Killed by Trail
Alexander Blackman, 50 years old,
tnown as the "millionaire tramp," was
tilled by a train near Buffalo, N. Y.
Blackman received monthly remit
tances from New York which would
lave enabled him to live well, but he
preferred the life of a wanderer.
Death for Wife Slayer.
Antonio Mangano, husband of the
R'oman who, with her two little cliil
iren, was found murdered in her home
!n Cleveland Dec. 4. was found guilty
if murder in the first degree. With
jut a reversal by higher courts, the
verdict means that Mangano must die.
ftllla Alubiiiun Kranehlxe Tax.
By declaring the franchise tax law
af Alabama unconstitutional, the Su
preme Court of the United States
knocked out another one of the anti
corporation acts of the radical Comer
Legislature, and loses to the State
Jiebrasku Seed Cora Poor.
As a result of continuous tests ol
Nebraska seed corn, the Commercial
Club of Omaha announced to-day that
only 27per cent of the corn held by
farmers for seed in Nebraska would
91,000,000 "Xenr-lleer" Tax Valid.
The Ohio Supreme Court has an
nounced that all saloon-keepers la
"dry" counties who are selling "near
beer" must pay the Aiken liquor tax
of $1,000 a year. About $1,000,000 ''s
Fifty Die in Theater Panic.
Fifty persons are reported to have
been killed in a panic fuliowing a lire
in the municipal theater at Trujillo, a
town of Northern Peru. The fire start
ed amiong the apparatus used in coa
nection with a moving picture show.
CI»jr Clement la Dead.
Clay Clement, the actor, died slid-
'1 V'
Indorse* Coruin i**ion Form of Gov
ernment by Majority of 215.
Pierre, S. D., adopted the commis
sion form of government, the other day
by a majority of 215. The new plan
was generally favored by the business
interests. At a special election Dell
Rapids, S. D., adopted the commission
plan of government by an overwhelm
ing majority. The voters of Mitchell,
in the same State, defeated the com
mission form of government by a ma
jority of 336. Every ward in the city
went against the proposition.
Minnesota Court Revoke* Drew'.*
Sentence and Orders Ken Trial.
The Minnesota Supreme Court set
aside the conviction of A. Z. Drew,
former president of the failed Bank of
Hamline. The conviction was secured
on a charge of accepting deposits after
the bank was insolvent. The court
revokes the sentence of two years' im
prisonment and orders a new trial be
cause of error in the lower court.
Drew has been out on bail. The bank,
which failed Jan. 15, 1908, was a small
State institution.
Football Hurt Endt In Death.
From a disease brought on by an in
Jury received in a football game last
November at Bryan, O., Walter J.
Lichtie died in Toledo. Lichtie was
struck in the neck by the elbow of an
opponent in a rush. A few weeks later
a growth appeared on the neck which
developed into a goitre.
Eeypt'« Premier la Dead.
Boutros Pasha Ghall, the Egyptian
premier and minister of foreign af
fairs, who was shot by a student Sun
day, is dead. The assassin, who is in
custody, Is a nationalist and declares
that he sought to avenge certain acts
of the
Hey de diddle, the cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
The little dog laughed to see the craft
-Minneapolis Journal.
And the dish ran away with the spoon.
$200,060 BONDS ON $720 PLANT.
Suit in Indiana. Reveal*
Gtt* Coin pa 11 N Holding*.
The suit of D. EL Brooks, of Illinois,
to prevent the disposal of land which
he deeded in connection with the pur
chase of $75,000 of bonds issued by
the Rusliville Gas, Heat and Water
Company, has developed some sensa
tional facts in respect to that corpora
tion. It has been found that the total
holdings of the company are worth not
to exceed $720, yet
the plant of this
alleged value it issued $200,000 of
bonds and sold $75,000 of the issue to
Brooks, taking in exchange real estate
in Chicago and some farm lands in
Illinois. The corporation was formed
with Owen L. Carr as president and
Fred Carroll and John and Henry Wal
ters as directors. Bonds were issued
and a mortgage covering the $720 gas
plant in favor of the Farmers' Bank of
Rushville for $100,000 was made. The
Farmers' Bank became merely the pay
er of the interest. Brooks bought
$75,000 of these bonds on the supposi
tion that the bank was the trustee.
He now wants the court to prevent the
sale of the property he traded.
jnyornmpnt Hie.
pleasing to the nationalists..
Two Killed in Hotel Fire.
Two men lost their lives when the
Forney Hotel at Forney, Texas, was
destroyed by Are. Three store build
lngs, with stocks of dry goods, gro-
.•"f* V-'./, -V',
Kirvt Trial of fStreii^tli on Chuniber
Amend incut.
The first trial of strength in the
new English House of Commons oc
curred the other night at a crowded
session when Austen Chamberlain's
fiscal amendment was rejected by a
vote of 2S5 to 254. Speeches were
made by Mr. Balfour, leader of the
opposition Chancellor Lord George
and others. The government may re
gard the majority of thirty-one as
satisfactory, as there was no cross
voting and no evidence that the dis
contented groups intend to try to over
throw the ministry. All the nation
alists, O'Brienites as well as lled
mondites and three liberals abstained
from voting. The laborites voted with
the government..
Misi»eot ia
Little pig came along, with a shout and a song,
Vaulted comet and planet and moon
Doggie no longer laughed at that kind of graft,
For sausage he might be, so soon.
Four Other*, One Youth.
J. Bear, one of the two men in cus
tody in Hutchinson, Kan., charged
with being implicated in the robbery
of a bank at Ford, Kan., is reported
by the sheriff to have confessed to his
participation in the affair. According
to Sheriff Bell, BearlHa his statement,
implicated four other ''taien in the
crime. One of them, Earhstj^aw, the
lS-year-old chauffeur who drOV^ the
robbers to the bank in a motor car..i3
already in custody, and the arrest of
the others is expected hourly. Bear
is said to have admitted he was one
of the ringleaders in the planning of
the crime, but says he was in Okla
homa at the time of the robbery,
The German emperor and ministry
of war have decided to Introduce the
aeroplane in some form into the regu
lar army equipment, with the intention
of attaching a flying corps to every
Theodore Roosevelt, with his son
and other members of his African ex
pedition arrived at Gondokoro, Soudan,
at the head of the Nile, all reported
well and enthusiastic over their ex
periences in the jungle. A native band
escorted the party into the town with
bugles and drums, headed by the tribal
chief. The party next day proceeded
down the Nile to Khartoum.
At Des Moines, Iowa, the court room
at the police station was recently
turned into a church, and a service was
conducted by the Rev. J. Calfee, an
evangelist, who took the judge's usual
place and preached a sermon to the
entire night shift of the Des Moines
police force. One convert was made,
John Bergquist, a policeman, asking to
be received into the church.
Serious affrays between the police
and thousands of Socialists occurred
in Berlin and other cities of Germany
when the Socialists held meetings and
marched in the streets to protest
against the proposed franchise bill of
the government The police used their
sabers in dispersing the marchers, who
in some places made a show of resist
ance by throwing stones and other mis
siles. Many were wounded on both
Hoped 'I'llnt Armj- Mnitenver* Will
SiilIlunt Fourth of July Cnrnuse.
A vast military spectacle, composed
of 5,000 troops of the regular army and
their equipment, is to be staged on
the lake front in Chicago this summer,
according to plans announced the oth
er day. The troops, including infan
try, artillery, signal corps, engineer
corps, and bands are to be drawn from
many sections of the country and are
to assemble in Chicago June 28. Be
tween July 4 and 14, in view of an am
phitheater large enough to seat per
haps 40,000 people, exhibitions are to
be given, afternoons and evenings. It
is expected the tourn&ment will be of
great educational value to the public.
The plan was fostered by the Chicago
Sane Fourth Association, it being the
intention to let the maneuvers supplai-t
the usual Fourth of July carnage
brought about, by cannon crackers and
sky rockets.
alue of ICxportM from American
I'ortM Since 18»0 fM40,000,0(M).
The United States leads the world
as an exporter of tobacco and is the
second market of the world for im
ported tobacco, according to statistics
of the Department of Commerce and
Labor. Last year the United States
supplied $41,000,000 in a total of ap
proximately $150,000,000 worth of to
bacco arid tobacco manufactures which
entered iHernational markets. More
than one billion dollars' worth of to
bacco and its manufactures has passed
through ports of .the United States
since 1890, the vafuV.of the exports in
that period having aggregated $64G,
000,000 and the imports into the Uni
ted States $380,000,000.
Snow Hidea I.igrlit Train Wrecked.
Unable to see the danger signal on
account of a raging snow storm, an
east-bound Northern Pacific passenger
train ran into a stalled west-bound
freight train one mile east of Stewarts
dale, N. D., fatally injuring Fireman
Dahl and slightly injuring Engineer
Wendall of the passenger train.
lteatorea Tl-ree-G'eiit Hall Fare.
Following the recent decision of
Judge Hook at St. Louis temporarily
restraining the Oklahoma corporation
commission from enforcing the 2-cent
passenger rate, the Missouri, Kansas
and Texas Railroad Company has be
gun charging 3 cents a mile in Okla
Train Sniaaliea a Street Car.
One man was instantly killed, anoth
er was fatally injured anfl six persons
suffered minor hurts when a north
bound California and Kedzie avenue
street car in Chicago was struck by an
east bound Chicago, Milwaukee and St.
Paul passenger train. The car was de
Admit* Part in Rnler'a Murder.
Asserting he took part in the assas
sination of Elizabeth, Empress of Aus
tria, in 1898, Christian Keppler, aged
49. gave himself up to the police in
Cincinnati. Blackmail by a former
convict, says Keppler, drove him to
Plant Bora*.
The pattern storehouse of the Minn»
ma plant of the Colorado Fuel and
Defeat of Battling Nelson Brings
Him Light-Weight Title.
Battling Nelson is not the durabU
Dane any more. The conqueror of Jot
Gans was forced to relinquish his hold
on the lightweight boxing champion
ship in forty rounds to Ad Wolgast ol.
Milwaukee at Point Richmond, Cal
Nelson was not counted out, but prob
ably would have been in that session
had not Referee Smith called a halt
and awarded the fight and title to Wol
gast. When the battle was stopped the
Dane was in a pitiable condition. On«
of his eyes were completely closed and
the other parts of his face were swol
len to twice their size. Besides he was
tottering around the ring too weak to
hold up his hands. This was the first
time that Nelson, since he sprang into
the limelight in 1903 by beating Geot
Menisic in Milwaukee, was beaten to a
standstill at his own game of slugging.
He mot his master at the identical
style which won him the lightweight
championship of the world and also
made him famous.
Wolgast's victory was complete and
decisive. Had Referee Smith not stop
ped the contest and it had gone the
limit he would have been given th«
verdict. He had the better of nearly
every round and during the course ol
the forty rounds struck probably fiv«
blows to Nelson's three in every ses
sion. Wolgast has been fighting Exact
ly four years, having entered the game
in 1906 in Cadillac, Mich., where he
was born Feb. S, 18SS.
Brnken l)o X«t Work and Trolley
TukeM Incline nt High Speed.
Its brakes out of commission, a Park
avenue car dashed a quarter of a.
mile down a steep incline on Park
avenue, St. Louis, at full speed, spread
ing death and destruction, before It'
was halted by colliding with the curb.
One man was killed outright, seven
teen persons were injured, seven of
them seriously, and two carriages were
demolished, while the car was a com
plete wreck. John Voyoe, 54 years
old, was thrown beneath the wheels of
the car when it struck his carriage
and was crushed to death, while his
companion was badly hurt.
Rni.se $n:tM)00 for V. M. C. A.
When the millionaires, newsboys,"
doctors, clergymen and merchants who
have been combing Cleveland for a
$500,000 building fund for the Young
Men's Christian Association wound up
their campaign they had $530,151.69.
The money was raised at the rate of
$130 a minute. ,r
Sixty Poiaoned at Church Feiiat.
Sixty residents of Delaware, N. J.,
who attended a Washington's birth
day festival in the Presbyterian church
several days ago have developed symp
toms of ptomaine poisoning. Six are
seriously ill. Tainted ice cream is
Tibet Deposed.
The Chinese government has de
posed the dalai lama as head of the
Tibetan government and in an official
statement explains its action on the
ground that the nominal ruler desert
ed the capital following an attempt by
him to organize a general revolt.
iWit litlriitrN It loll I'ublie Landl,
Secretary Ballinger has withdraws
from entry in Montana 121,210 acres
of land pending the classification and
valuation of rich coal deposits there
in, and about 122,150 acres of possible
coal lands pending examination.
Kieree Gule Sweepa Brltaln-
a fierce gale has swept over the
British Isles, doing an immense
amount of damage. The harbors are
all crowded with shipping seeking
shelter. Incoming vessels report ex
tremely rough passages.
Deputy Sheriff und .\fgro Slain.
Deputy Sheriff W. H. Lucy, in an]
effort to arrest a negro near Memphis,
was shot and instantly killed by the
negro, who in turn was killed by two|
other deputy sheriffs.
Killed in C., 31. & St. P. Wreck.
A broken rail wrecked a Chicago,
Milwaukee and St. Paul passenger
train, near Hastings, Minn. John Wil
lis, baggageman, was killed.
To prevent the possibility of an*,
more trip-pass frauds being perpetrat
ed, the Great Northern has decided to|
organize a labor agency of its own.
The common council of Duluthl
adopted the proposed franchise of the!
Canadian Northern road for entrancel
to the city. The road is required tol
pay street assessments the same as anyf
other property owner.
Exploitation of the benefits of goodl
roads to both State and farmer, meth-l
ods of road building, agricultural!
schools as a means of increasing the|
State's wealth, and similar questions
will occupy much of the time of the
conservation and agricultural develop
ment congress which will be held in|
St. Paul.
The manager of the Millbrook Lane
and Cattle Co.. of Wyoming, has laic
a wager of $10,000 with a syndicate oi
farmers, near Litchfield, Alberta, Can.l
that he can raise a heavier yield of
oats upon the Laramie plains than can
be raised anywhere else in the worldj
This farm took the gold medal at the
St. Louis world's fair for oats in comH
petition with the whole world.
Armour & Co. of Chicago closed 5c
Minneapolis a deal which means thd
establishment at Hill City, Minn., oi
large factories for the manufacture o|
lard pails and other packaces for thel
own use. This part of their busines^
has been carried on at Ithaca and Mar
ble, Mich., but the supply of hardwc
having been about exhausted th MichlJ
Can they have been looking about foi

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