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lb PILLS inVbox
Munyon's Paw Pair I'ills coax the
flver into activity by gentle methods.
They do not scour, stripe or weaken. They
ara a tonic to the stomach, liver and
Serves Invigorate instead of weaken.
They enrich the blood and enable the
•tomach to get all the nourishment from
•food that is put into it. These pills con
tain no calomel they are soothing, heal
ing and stimulating. For sale fry all drug-
lsts ill 10c and 25c sizes. If you need
advice, write Munyon's Doctors.
They will advise to the bo of their abil
ity absolutely free of Charge. MIIS.
YOK'S, !:td and Jcffernon Sts., Phil
adelphia, Pa.
Munyon's Cold Remedy cures a cold in
•tone day. Price 25c. Munyon's. Rheuma
tism Remedy relieves in a few hours and
cures in a few days. Price 25c.
What Prof. Shaw, the Welt-Known Agri
culturist, Saya About It:
would 6ooner raL? cattle in Western
C*Dnda than in tlio porn belt of
tho United States. Food
is cheuner and cllmato
better for the purpose.
Your market will im
prove fustor than your
runners will produce tho
supplies. Wheat can be
grown up to tho60th par
allel U%0 miles nortn of
tho International bound
ary!. Your vacant land
will be taken at a rnto
beyond present concep
tion. Wo havo enough
peoplo in tho United
States nlono who want
homes to take up this land." Nearly
7Q,®00 tarieans
will outer and mnko thoir homes
in Western Canada this yonr.
1)00 produced another larffo
roi» of wheat, nats and barley,
in addition to wlilch the cattle
exports was an immense item.
Cattle raising, dairying, mixed
farming and grain growing in the
provinces of Manitoba* baskat*
clitnvau and Alberta,
Free homestead and pre-emp
tion areas, as woil as lands held
by railway and land companies,will
provide homes for million*.
Adaptable soil, healthful ©II
mate, splendid schools and
churches, and grood railways.
For settlers* rates, descriptive
literature "Last Best West," how
to reach the countir and other par
ticulars, write to Sup't of Immi
gration, Ottawa, Canada, or to tho
following Canadian Gov't Agents: £. T. Holmes,
815 Jackson 8t.. St. Paul. Minn., and J. M. MocLachlan.
Box 116. Watortown, South Dakota. (Use address
nearest you.)
Please say where you saw this advertisement,
The Army of
la Growing Smaller Erevy Day.
Sick Biadida, Mwr Skin.
bear Signature
Our agents in Kansas have ordered for
this season 1.000 Overland automobiles.
Nebraska takes 750—Iowa 1,000—-"Texas
Our agents have contracted for 20,000
Overlands—for $24,000,000 worth of Over
lands—to supply the demand for this year.
That's a larger sale than any other car
Yet, two years ago few had ever heard
of an Overland. This sensational success
ts due to the creation of a remarkable car.
The Simple Car
The success of the Overland is mainly
due to its amazing simplicity. A 10-year
old child can master the car in five min
utes. Push a pedal forward to go ahead,
and backward to reverse. Push another
prdal for high speed. There is nothing
else to do but steer.
Any man with the simplest instructions,
can run an Overland a thousand miles and
There was never a
Kansas Takes
1,000 Overland Cars
Thus has the Overland—after one
year's experience—captured the farming
It iias captured the cities, too. New
Tork City ikes 1.000 Overlands this year.
Boston takes 500—San Francisco 500—
Washington 500—Philadelphia 450.
for—BO easy to keep
easy to
In order.
Kovellate and Lore.
Charles Lever believed that novelist?
Should retire or at all events refrain
from writing love stories in due sea
•on. In his fifty-ninth year the authoi
of "Charles O'Malley" writes to his
publisher: "What you hint about a reai
love story is good, but don't forget thai
Thackeray said that 'No old man musl
prate above love.' I remember the
duke of Wellington once saying to me
referring to Warren's 'Ten Thousand
a Year,' 'It is not that he never had
ten thousand a year, but he nevei
knew a man who had.' As to writing
about love fro.m memory, it is like
counting over the banknotes of a bank
long broken. They remind you ol
money, it is true, but they're only
waste paper, after all."
Tiny Baby'* Pitiful Cane.
"Our baby when two months old
was suffering with terrible eczema
from head to foot, all over her body.
The baby looked just like a skinned
rabbit. We were unable to put clothes
on her. At first it seemed to be a few
mattered pimples. They would break
the skin and peel off, leaving the un
derneath skin red as though it were
scalds. Then a few more pimples
would appear and spread all over the
body, leaving the baby all raw without
skin from head to foot. On top of her
head there appeared a heavy scab a
quarter of an inch thick. It was aw
ful to see so small a baby look as she
did. Imagine! The doctor was afraid
to put his hands to the child. We
tried several doctors' remedies but all
"Then we decided to try Cuticura.
By using the Cuticura Ointment we
softened the scab and it came off. Un
der this, where the real matter was,
by washing with the Cuticura Soap
and applying the Cuticura Ointment,
a new skin soon appeared. We also
save baby four drops of the Cuticura
Resolvent three times daily. After
three days you could see the baby
gaining a little skin which would peel
off and heal underneath. Now the
:aby is four months old. She is a fine
picture of a fat little baby and all is
well. We only used one cake of Cuti
cura Soap, two boxes of Cuticura Oint
ment and one bottle of Cuticura Re
solvent. If people would know what
Cuticura is there would be few suffer
ing with eczema. Mrs. Joseph Koss
mann, .7 St. John's Place, Ridgewood
Heights, L. 1., N. Y., Apr. 30 and May
4. 1909."
ItnuiKl to Mnkc Sale.
"Wouldn't you like to try a bottle of
my celebrated eye remedy? Only 20
"No there's nothing: whatever the
matter with my eyes."
"Well, it's equally good for removing
corns. As a corn remedy I sell It for
10 cents."
How's This?
We o!Tpr One Hundred Dollars Reward for
•ny case of Catarrh that cannot be cured !y
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We. the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
bim perfectly honorable in all business trans
actions, and financially able to carry out
any obligations made by his firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucou^
surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent
free. Price, 7oc. per bottle. Sold by all
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Aa In Laundries.
A California woman in training a
new Chinese servant to wait on the
door had her daughter ring the bell
and present her card. Next afternoon
a friend called and handed her card
to the Celestial, who pulled out of his
sleeve the card the daughter of the
house had presented the afternoon be
fore and carefully compared the two.
"Tickee no matchee," he exclaimed,
banding back the visitor's card. "No
20 Per Cent Reduction
The Overland's success is also due to
its price. No other maker ever gave near
ly so much for the money.
Yet we have cut our costs this year
about 20 per cent through enormous In
crease in production.
The Overland we sell for $1,000 thl3
year is better than the $1,250 Overland
last year. It is a 25 H. P. car with a
speed of 50 miles an hour.
So with the $1,250, $1,400 and $1,500
Overlands. Each offers a fifth more than
ever before for the money.
All prices include Magneto and full
lamp equipment.
Ask for the Story
The Overland story is one of the great
est business stories ever told. It tells how
this car—the creation of a mechanical
genius—has in two years reached the top
most place in this field. And it tells all
about the car. Send us this coupon to
day for this book.
The Willys-Overland Co., Toledo. Ohio
Licensed under Selden Patent.
Please mail me the book.
Price. $1,000. 28 h. p.—102-inch wheal
One or two rumble mti or Toy
Tonnooa at Mill additional prico*
onstrate the value of Pcruna in all ca
tarrhal troubles we will send you a sam
ple bottle absolutely free by mail.
The merit and success of Peruna is
so well known to the public that our
readers are advised to send for sample
bottle: Address the Peruna Company,
Columbus, Ohio. Don't forget to men
tion you read this generous offer in
If in need of advice write our Medical
Department, stating your case fully.
Our physician in charge will send you
advice free, together with literature con
taining common sense rules for health,
which you cannot afford to be without.
the beginning of the present year
there were 1G3.20S telephones
"Something Russian and something
new," has a queer button and chain
effect on each side of the coat. It isn't
clanky and prison-like, but very dashy.
The hat shown here is of the extreme
rolled type, a winter straw and rose
creation for the South.
Let the Debtor Beware,
Briggs—A safe conversational rule
Is, When in doubt talk of the weather.
Griggs—Safe nothing! I met my tai
lor yesterday, and on my speaking of
the weather he replied, "Yes, it is un
settled, and that reminds me of that
little hill of yours"—Boston Tran
Sticking to a. Hal.it When It Mean*
Old King Coffee knocks subjects out
tolerably flat at times, and there is no
possible doubt of what did it. A Mich,
woman gives her experience:
"I used to have liver trouble nearly
all of the time and took medicine
which relieved me only for a little
while. Then every once in a while I
would be suddenly doubled up with an
awful agony in my stomach. It seem
ed as though every time I took a
breath I would die. No one could suf
fer any more and live.
"Finally I got down
Ache all over? Throat sore, with chills? That Is Ln
Perry Dava' Poinkill
will break it up if
taken promptly. All dealers, 25c, 35c and 50c bottles
sick with
catarrh of the stomach that I could
not turn over in bed, and my stomach
did not digest even milk. The doctor
finally told me that if I did not give
up drinking coffee I would surely die,
but I felt I could not give it up.
"However, Husiband brought home a
package of Postum and it was made
strictly according to directions. It
was the only thing that would stay on
my stomach, and I soon got so I liked
it very much.
"Gradually I began to get better,
and week by week gained in strength
and health. Now I am in perfect con
dition and I am convinced that the
whole cause of my trouble was coffee
drinking, and my getting better was
due to leaving off coffee and taking
"A short time ago I tasted some cof
fee and found, to my astonishment,
that I did not care anything about it.
I never have to take medicine any
more. I hope you will use this letter
for the benefit of those Buffering from
the poisonous effects of coffee."
Read the little book, "The Road to
Wellville," In pkgs. "There's a Rea
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from time to time.
They are genuine, trae, an* full off
htMMa Interest. ,,
m»r ot To-Day Would Scorn Deltghti
of the Old $ trim niiiiir Hole.
Poets may sing them in the sweet
fst songs, artists paint them in the
brightest colors and our memories
may deceive us regarding the days of
long ago when we were boys on the
farm or in the village, but sober reflec
tion, says the Washington Herald, with
glamour omitted, leads to the belief
that more myths date back only a
•core or so of years than stretch to
the days when the world was in its in
How many of us o'f mature years
had the comforts, much less the con
veniences, of modern life? The great
majority grew up without street car
service, without gas or electric light,
without steam radiators in our rooms,
without the telephone and without an
abundant water supply for the kitchen
and bath.
The old swimming hole sounds ro
mantic, and there were many days of
bliss. But the boy of to-day has so
many sources of pleasure and delight
that he would scorn the swimming
hole. It is by contrast that pleasures
are derived. The lad of forty years
ago was forced to get up at daybreak,
go out into the dew-laden pasture and
drive in the horses and cows he had
to carry in wood and in some cases
start the kitchen fire, and some of us
were required to do part of the milk
When we were fortunate enough to
find a nice red apple after the holidays
It was a treat Indeed when a half
dozen oranges were brought from the
grocer's it meant a delight that was
not forgotten for some days. Instead
of going to see the best actors and act
resses of the age the lad of our mem
ory was supremely happy at the
thought of going to see the circus once
a year. It was an anticipation that
surpasses anything within the range of
possibilities to-day.
The first company in the world to
undertake the production of radium in
a commercial way is building a labora
tory at London.
France, like England, is a great lend
ing company. It has an enormous ac
cumulation of wealth, and uses it to
finance less affluent foreigners, who re
turn annually a large income to French
bankers and investors.
The women of Norway voted for
members of parliament for the first
time last year, the women of Den
mark took part in the municipal elec
tions for the first time, the women of
Michigan voted on questions of local
taxation and the women of Victoria
cast their first ballot for the state par
Cornelius Dlrcksen was the first offi
cial ferryman on the island of Man
hattan. The mooring place on the
New York side was about where Wa
ter street crosses the present Peck
slip. He Btarted the system in 1637.
Passengers who wanted to be rowed
over blew a born for the skipper, if
he chanced to be absent when they ar
rived. From Dircksen's skiff grew the
present ferry system of the city.
What is known as the "Old Spy
Oak" stands close to the intersection
of Westchester, Hobart and Morris
Park avenues, in the Bronx. It is a
tree of fine appearance, having a di
ameter of five feet at a distance of
five feet above the ground. There is
no definite history of the old monarcn,
but tradition has It that it was the
tree from which spies were hung dur
ing the revolutionary war. Efforts are
being made to preserve it.—New York
We have extirpated gross humor
from our modern literature, but we
must not suppose that we are there
fore more moral than the Elizabethans,
whose literature was full of gross hu
mor. It may be that we are only more
afraid of ourselves and one another.
This kind of fear is destructive, not
only of gross humor, but of humor of
all kinds. In its essence humor is
brave as it is honest, but wk_ cow
ardice and dishonesty there come base
substitutes for it, substitutes that
make fun of noble things with a hu
morous air and so bring humor itself
into discredit.—London Times.
Again tbe Coat of Living.
It is much easier to talk about
spending money than it is to find it
to spend. A story from the Philadel
phia Record puts the matter In con
crete form. A western man who has
since attained great success was tell
ing of his early difficulties in securing
"We had, in those days," said the
man, "wonderful offers, magnificent
promises, but when it came to the ac
tual laying down of money, then
gloom descended on the scene.
"Our friends, with their mouths
full of millions and their quite empty
hands, reminded me of a barber in my
"This barber said one day, as he
shaved me:
'That's a fine pup of Simmons'.
I'd give anything for it.'
'Well, it's for sale, isn't it?' said I.
"The barber burst into sneering
'Oh, yes, It's for sale,' said he, 'but
do you know what Simmons wants
for it? Why, two dollars!'"
Some men's ways of flattering them
selves is to exaggerate the cleverness
of those who cheat them.
More than 9 per cent of the cities ot
this country with a population of 10,
000 or more are equipped with electric
fire alarms.
Is splendid for rheumatism and sore mus
cles. Your dealer recommends it.
Covering an area of 2,450 acres, the
largest hydraulic gold mine tn the
world Is in Trinity County, Cal.
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to cure any
case of Itching. Blind. Bleeding or Protruding
Pikes in 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 50c.
The peanut acreage of Burma
comes in all sorts of rich, soft
Bhades of color that enable you to
decorate your walls in the same
style as the handsome city houses.
Alabastine is a powder made
from pure native alabaster, you
mix it with clear cold water and
apply it with a flat wall brush.
Honored by Women
When a woman speaks ol her
silent secret suffering she
trusts you. Millions have be
stowed this mark of confi.
donee on Dr. R. V. Pierce,'
of Buffalo, N. Y. Every*
where there are women who'
bear witness to the wonder*'
working, curing-power of Dr.
Pie rep'8 Favorite Prescription
—which saves the suffering sex
from pain, and successfully
grapples with woman's weak*
nesses and stubborn ills.
No woman's appeal was ever misdirected or her
fidence misplaced when she wrote for advice.
V. Pierce, President, Buffalo, N. Y.
^fl Pierce's Pleasant Pellets Induce mild natural bowel movement once a day.
creased from 3,800 In 1903 to 80,000 in
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regu
late and invigorate stomach, liver and
bowels. Sugar-coated, tiny granules.
Easy to take as candy.
The Chinese soya bean has been
found to contain from 15 to 16 per
cent of oil suitable for soap making:.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothlnpr Syrup for
children teething:, softens the gums, re
duces inflammation, allays pain, cures
Vvind colic. 25c a bottle.
Three thousand persons are engaged
in the shell and pearl industry of the
Western United States.
When Rubber* Become Nece»nnry
And your shoes pinch, shake into your
ihoes Allen's Foot-Ease, the antiseptic
powder for the feet. Cures tired, aching
feet and takes the sting out of Corns and
Bunions. Always use it for Breaking in
New shoes and for dancing parties. Sold
everywhere 25c. Sample mailed FREE.
Address, Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Viiole Jorpy.
"There's two things about this blam
ed grapefruit that I can't understand,"
said Uncle Jerry Peebles. "One Is that
It's called 'grape' fruit and the other
that it's called grape 'fruit.'"
We will send you free of cost, a complete color plan for
the walls of your home. We will furnish free stencils to
help you make your home beautiful.
Simple directions printed on
every package. Anyone can
do it. Then when you want
to redecorate, just put
the: new cc~t, over the old.
The Samt aiyWallCoat inj
Our Free Offer
Send us the coupon (or I
a postal card) and we will
mail you a copy of our I
FREE book about home
decoration, and tell you
about our oiler of free
color plans, and free
stencils to help yon make
your home cheerful,clean
^and beautiful.
Alabastine Co.,*
Graidvill* Ave.,
to give good wear. Have your dealer
w... .V. to
If you but
knew what harsh
cathartics do, you'd
always use Cascarcti|
Candy tablets,
and mild. Yet just as effect!?#
as salts and calomel. Take olii
when you need it. Stop
trouble promptly. Never watt
till night.
Vest-pocket box, 10 cents—at druir-sterac
Bach tablet ot tbe genuine is marked
is the word to:
-when you need a remedy
fa and Timber lands, Fruit and Trucli
farms, any size. Price list
GREEN & GREEN, Hope, Arkansas
An absolutely harmleu remedy (or Sore Throaty
Hoarsen r&s and Coughs. Give immediate relief
Bronchial and Lung Affection*#
Fifty ycara' reputation.
Price, 25 cents, 50 cents and $f»00 per box*
Sample sent on request.
C. N. U. No. 12—l«!0e
These Free
That saves a lot of work, trouble
and money.
People do not like kalsomine,
as all kalsomine is mixed with
glue to make it stick. The glue
rots and the kalsomine comes off
—on your clothes and on the
j? floor. Alabastine adheres to
the wall of its own cementing
qualities. It requires no dirty
glue, nor paste, as with kalso
mine or wall paper. These
always attract insects and
tyaH This Coupon
Alabastine Company,
482 GrandnBs An., Crawl Rapids,WcL
At no coat to me, please send your
Alabastine book ana tell me about your
free offer*.
It is not necessary (or
a work shoe to look clumsy
you the good looking, comfortable,
'well-fitting, Mayer Work Shoes.
Made of tough stock, heavy soles, solid counters^
double leather toes, double seams. Made solid and
will last longer than any other shoes you can buy.
are made for working men of all classes and are
built on honor." You can save money by wear
ing them. Will outwear any other Bake.
To be suie you are getting Mayer Shoes, look lo
the Mayer Trade Mark on the sole. Your deal
will supply you if not, write to us.
FREE—If you win tead u* tKe r.osat of a dniht wt» do—
not.faudje Miyn W^Sj^wewijl Md insilM,
p«y, a beautiful picttus ol
We also make Honorbilt Shoes foe
I F.Mayer Boot fic Shoe Co.

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