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Turner County herald. (Hurley, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-19??, January 18, 1912, Image 8

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»S Vi^sSi
rjA*- *t
nv:i. ».n
I Mt ian and Surgeon
0*• :i Httendeo. omc« *d4 reildeni
on (Jenwr athiii«
Practice limited" to Diseases of
thf Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
and Fitting Glasses
ptTice on the w»"n#p ovei*
Manafiet'S sitor'e
Phone No. 77 Hurley. S. D.
Athletic Club BuldiH^/
2 ''".:L r:'1,sI
C..?/ -,••*: •.
*£. AHD1:30
& a
5 vl I IX I^:^c4
Frightful Polar Winds
blow with teriitic force at the far
north and play havoc with the skin,
causing red, rough or sore chapped
hands and lips that need Bucklen's
Arnica Salve toJheal tl^em. It makes
the skin,
soft and'smooth. Unrivaled
for cold sores, also barns, boils,
§ores,, ulcers,'cuts bruises'and piles.
Only 25c at H.-J. Pier's.
A'Girl's Wild Midniglif liie
To waim/people of a fearfyl forest
fire inf the Catskills a yoinijg girl
fode horseback at midnight and
saved many lives. Her deed was
glorious but"
lives arie often saved by
Dr. Kinj?'svNew Discoviery in curing
lung trouble, coughs and colds,
which mif*ht have ended in consump-"
tipn pr pneumrtnia'. "It cared me
lof a drtadfui cough atiii lung dis
ease/' writes W. R. Pattersor Well
ington Tex., aifter four in our
fanuly had died with consumption,
gained 87 poutids." Nbthimr
va iUasi: I
of Hot Springs, S. D, will talk on "Fruit Growing"
i* "Wind Breaks."
of Po'o, Missouri, will talk on "Live Stock Improve
men!" or "Soil Fertility.
of Highmore, S. D., will talk on "The Farm Dairy" and
"Breeds of Dairy Cattle."
Superintendent, will talk on /'Soil Physics", "Soil Fer
tiSity and Crop Rotation.'
so sure and safe for all t'nr at }ini
Iuiir troubles Thrice 50c and $1.00.
Trail bottle free. Guarranteed bv
H. J. Pier.
Cloudy days are as good as Sun
sniny days for Photojfraphs. Ap
pointments made by telephone?.
W**% F1™'' W" %^fF" fi
w-' W -.
njr -f™*
Van Alstine, Photosrraphei1
A Hero In A Lighthouse
For years J.S. Donahue,So Haven,
,Mich., a civil war captain, averted
awful wrecks, but a queer fact is,
he might have been a wreck, him
self, if Electric Bitters had not pre
vented. "They cured me of kidney
trouble.and chills," he writes, "after
I hrd taken other so called cures for
yp^, without benefit and they also
improved my sight. Now. at seventy
I atn feeling fine.,' F'or) dyspepsia,
indigestion, ^11 stom^chl Uve/ and
kidney troubles, they're v/ithout
equal. Tr"y tfcj»mi Ofiy 50^ ?t
J. Pier'ei
tuTs: L(
I)o you kuow fally riine oul of «v
ery ten -.ises of rheumatism, are
simply rheumatism of the muscle?
dua to cold or damp, or chronic
rheumatism, and require no intern
al treatment whatever? Apply
Chamberlfi n's Linimont ireely and
see how quickly it gives relief. For
sale by H. J. Pier.
Constipation is the cause of many
ailments and disorders that make
life miserable. Take Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets keep
your bowels regular and you will
avoid these diseases. For sale by H.
J. Pier.
Medicines that aid nature are al
ways mst effectual. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy acts on this plan. It
allays the cough, relieves the lungs,
opens the secretions and aids nature
in restoring the systeth to a healthy
conditio^,. Thousands have testified
to its superi6rexcellerice. fJold bv l|
.1. Pier
M&J \l*-'mmh*ft
When given as soon as the eteur.y
couprh appears Chamberlain's Co ,ph
Remedy will ward off an at/aek of
croup and prevent all dan.ire. nd
cause of anxiety. Thousand of
mothers use it successfully So.d bv
H. J. Pier.
Whon buying a cough mev'ieine
for children bear in mind that 1am
berlain's Congh Remedy is most eff
ectual for colds, croup and whooping
cough and that it contains no harm
fui drug. For sale byH. J. Pier.
Goei to 8outh America. S
Director General John Barfett of
the Pan-Amerlcad union lias detailed
Granville Fortescue, a member of the
union, to visit South America as its
special representative and make a
study of general conditions in the Lat
in-American countries. Mr. Fortescne
will also do some special diplomatlo
work for the Pan-American union and
.wfll visit the Panama canal and lnve»
tigate the potential trade Increase oon
sequent to the opening of iotas*'
oceanic waterway.
T.V r&
ll a
.y Llward 3ir.?.cw:cs, Student in
ural Journalism, St .Hi Co!icyj, Crooki
"lCeonomic conditions in South
kola at tlie preheat time do not
rant the practice: ami study of
makinp: in the: da'rv laboratory
South Dakota S'-tte college,"
Ins? to William White, lustrum
dairy husbandry.
here iw no demand lor ftr'
because there :uv no cheese f,'•
in tlie state—South l"): i-:o' ii',*
primarily a dairy state. A rlic,-.,.
iorv cannot. he operated pi-oi:
wilt! a daily del \-e-v of
pounds of miUc. which should pj.
hauled more than four miles. fjj
Dakota farmer linns it. more prof'
to use the band separator and hau
I in this does pot mean, liovr
that, the subject of cheese uvk'i
untouched at: the Stat" eollew iP
college there is a short nm
cheese making yiven to those ft®?
who are taking a four-year ciurs.
dairy husbandry. This course
tended simply to give them a kt
edse of practical cheese making
is not studied as a scientific com
itself, although those who take if
generally had about two and
years of cheniistrv. Of the yn-•
men graduating from the dairy
nearly all expect to remain fri*
state. As there Is no demand
'•lieese makers, it would .r.t lv p'1
i'.ble either to toacli or tor the
dents to stud'' it.
Although t'nia shite cir.no
rt as a lai: :•. vet it
Hindu? to the fi-:jrr. j?»t j)-»-e
rru. oriS for our
farmer l«rvr-s Svr
-Ml! a hnn} «-opar"for.
ir.,T vrfes 'n 1
I'Mr to Mil Ms r.^'rn iri-'c ir*!
in it
*rouHe io lu*
.ht? cr^:?, pg**v. nl^
are fev, if .v iv^ j..-
c-iv!nc- r»
pc-'-tK-" .ifiily
t'vinorr co'ne o"-|v rr"i» ,• nvr
"."erk to f':e '•I'.rin.'v.
l'vrr »re t"
VS old Serif ,-f it nir?V
F':ur. Good cl ers rrnnot he
f'oi-.i Trilk of th'3 orf»3:ty.
However, the i':.:rv I'-pavtr-ct
tho St'.to cellr-iTe
IV1 »f 1% I. «.
.-"v i» i:»i i» t:
i7.li SS
i'OllM' r-.-lflP. v.-jr
trodiic v' j»s nct'lo{1. Tb4-* ^O*MVO
tbo co?!oe.x nr?
o^PiZGd ii? Vpm'j* tl"' vcry-
mi tbo oo'tntvy, k' «5l'irlci»ts 'T
f"0"r]"i Tiis '"epnrtiovnt sof i)l\je'
ioador^, in tlie work
Detterflorsp.s for S®
5v P. i.. ('mm••son.
Thev? sei-ois lo :e irnu- m
'ier -y hi moHt of Foulh
(.ov.'ird the i-iir.r of ht-Mpr 'lor
es-eci:»l!y 1'or.tM of .he lvsu
T'nis siMsiin Cioiu- h:-.s lv -n
number of lio'^so slinw.i
tid rt S!
towns firciiiMiout tbt* stv.\ Asa:
lit" ii»r:i': s'l'iw-i are i'.o
South Dakota has ty.nny
ai'ii'iiih', the l.u'.'tc'At r.nirbor b'
ir!iiM.v nt! rinsj col's. At
v, liirli I i.lteiidc.! tb.'i'-1 w-T
y»!ii Un iiful •'1 sjirinst colts shotc
To surr, sninll prizrs lire i:m'
(•(T'toiI to t?:e tliree best nnimr.ls
tlic o'cbiliirors do not. soom t.i
iik uuicli jibo'.it the urize.as tln,v
iilmiil h.-ivinn the? 1c colt. Xo rli
rout mnny of the f:-.nr»rs n-ho I)
culls tlii'ilt \vhon tney Irtiwe liome'•.
Iliry have clip best «.U in the op,in |i
but. after seoiiu the oilier colts' v,l"
are plactd n'-ove iliei: s, are aUc»
see wl-.orein their colt fell sliort.
just there is the bore.'it to be ri'
from colt shows, namely, ilr(?ir 4
the'r ooU's weak points -o that tig
will kuow how to correct thert. 5
There are three things vvbic/f h«f
bread erf i-h:nild guard agfiirst:
1. Do not sell your lc-t maris.8
2. Do not breed your ^rvle mim
to a horse of different breeding.
3. Do not use any hut a purc-ti
In selecting n. sire do not' be carr 1
away by the fa"t that, he is iic'-br^
A hor.-e may he pure-bred Jo ft yatl
lackins in many wny?, as for c\al
pie, confonration, soundness or (|U?j
ty. It is r.ecess:iry thorr- 'ore not
to breed to a pure-bred horse.
also to be si:re to breed to .vne tl|
has individualitv and which nie.isuif
up to your ideil of the irarl'i :uhir tyl
yon are rr.:.•!.rg.
but it is al: a fact that she has ma|
poor oniea. rq that there is still 1 den
of room for .improvement'.', If
horse breeder iri the state would
ft his ainr. to. grade up bis hor. es I
theuseofgooa pure-bred sjj^es, it woil
be but a few years uftiii he woi
have high grade horses'wnieh woi
be worth much more than those,
scrub breedijigr, either, fo^ his own 1'ji
or to sell' on the market.
Why not. begin now to make S01
Dakota- the fanner state in the Un
for good houses?
Daily Thought.
To liva otir lives, to get out v.-jha'
in us, to do our share of'.the -.^av'l
work and live brotherly v.nfth our
Wws—that ta what wo auxf here
If riches are sn incident.'o^iftat cou '-W
of lij.e, they arp a i.*oort' n'e 1 rip»t
word s'.' MarMn.' ^1

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