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Turner County herald. (Hurley, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-19??, January 07, 1915, Image 6

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1 1
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beach were
down from Parker Monday.
A. L. Grinnell returned on last
Friday from his Cfilcago trip.1
Little Miss Hazel Hammonif' of
Canistota was a this weeks guest at
the McCartv home.
H. JD, Kortemier and wife return
ed last Monday from a week's visit
with friends at Merrill, la.
Miss Fannie Rundell has concluded
her visit with Hurley relatives and
returned to Platteviile, Wis.
Earl Eggleston, who is attending
school at KansAs City spent the holi
days at home with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. A. Fggleston.
Miss Anna Howdle of Parker and
her friend. Miss Livingston, of
Mason City, la., were down last
Tuesday visiting Hurley friends,
Earl Crinklow, formerly of Par
far, How located at Northfield,
Mmn., was here t^e fore part of the
week visiting his old friend, C. F.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Teller .and
children, who have been
the holiday season with Mrs. Teller's
parents, !Mr. and Mrs. Rasmus Han
son, havtre turned to their home at
Edward J, Waltner, Tom and
Adolph Prehe'n^ all from west ofr
town Ifeft last Monday for Book
ings wherfe they will enter the
State College all three of them tak
ing a course in Engineering.
A great tnahy artistic and useful
Calendars Have recently come to this
office perhaps the most serviceable
one iri the bunch
.-directory as well.
rpHRdUGfl" all life's seven ages
there is the need of a bank
account, but not through all life's seven ages will
there be the chance to save. While you can,
start a Bank Account'and keep it alive.
Five per cent interest paid on Time Deposits
'Tiahlc With "Us and You Can Bank On Us"
Persona! responsibility of our
stockholders over$500,000.00
ouncn came from the vr,
Bank of Hurley, it hot only being a °f
calender but a history and lodge
Miss Dorothy Dunkin, Qf Ravinna,
Kob., has been here for the last two
weeks, the guest of Mrs. Q. W.
Wormwood and other friends, Miss
Dunkin has made many friends dur
ing her stay in Hurlev and she will
be, royally welcomed should she
agaih return to our little city^,
Past Grand Master of I. O. 6. F.,
Of. Clougb, of Madison, was a guest
.of C. J. Bach Tuesday, In the even
is^. the two in company with J. S.
?ingrey, H. Kv Sanborn, Will An
#rev$, S. W. Kel)ar, C. Ff.Corkill,,
fi. W» EHi^tt aipti other ni£rribers.of
Huriey Lodge No. 76, went to Vi
b,o^ and installed officers fqr( th»
/vibo^ lodge, leaking the trip
The tourity cdtfinissidrlirS '^e Iti
'ft^sion in Parker and as usual at the
.** *•*•£. -&
*•£.** v. ^...
.report a fine timi and are teDihg represent Turner County in the
tnow the Vibor^Boys excelled them.
selves In entertaining.
alreid) desi^nat&T the Rochester, Nevada for a hriei "viait
qfflSfial feast's forM ending $ekr aft' with his mother, Mrs. Ida Bensoh.
follows: Oriterville Jotti-nal, Parker' Mr. Kedtti# has he&n away from
lists' Era and thi M&rfba Rs^eotd. home for about five years and haa
W® 90ft of^wanted it fof ti^ Herald traveled extensively in foreign
bfoiwiH iary to the- wolf from countries. He spent over a year, in
the door without it: We will cheer. Africa in the great, diamond ani
fully print the proj^tdlngfs of the fold mine*. He is at present inter-
bosrd, as news, tyvntf audi- stpd in the rftyuflg: districts of Ne
*4#ada. ml
Arthur I^urphv came down from
Carthage Monday.
Harry Visser is spending the week
with Monroe relatives. ~s
Mrs. J. T. Rundell was a Parker
visitor on Monday last.
Chester Reid of Canistotfi %bent
last Thursday ..with the McCarty
young yeople.
C. J, Bach went to Alcester last
Monday afternoon on I. O. O. F.
lodge business. ,,v _/,
A. W. Bacon went i'o Parser Mon
day to attend the regular January
session of the Countv Board.
Miss Josephine Muland, a trained
nurse from Sioux Falls, visited this
wee^k her friend, Mrs.
VII, vuU„
E. Mc­
Maynard Good hope, ^lidgpehl'the
holidays with Spring Valley rela
tives, has returned to his home at
non fail tp see the "Million
Dollar Mystery "espisode number 19
at the Star Theatre next Friday"
Eulela AtSdrews returned,.the fore
paft of this week, to Huron, where
she resumes her studies it the Hut
on college.
Professor Billings returned last
Thursday from his holiday visitand
at once commenced to prepare for
the opening of school.
Mr's, Chris Frederickson and itrs
S. W. Fletcher of Parker have been
visiting liere this week With their
mother, Mrs. Mary Woodward.
January 11th td 23 inclusive are
the dates for the big clearance sale
at the
miss it.
Nelson Store-Don't
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Fitch of Yankton, on December 31st,
a daughter. All getting along nicely.
The Herald offers its congratula
S^rn Kellar imd crew are busy
filling the different ice-houses in
town. They are getting the ice
from the river, near Old Finlay and
it seems of excellent quality.
Mr. arid Mrs. Jag. Bagley left last
Tuesday night for Russell, Minn.,
where they will Attend a wedding of
a friend. From there they go to
Pipestorife, Mitin., for a short visit,
returhihg home in about two weeks,
E, H. Odiand, E, H. Withee, diaa.
E. Sanborn and John ^idlon have
departed for Pierre whei-e they v?Ul
.7, rei)« wueie Ull-y WHl
state legislature during the present
session. All are level headed and
we hope they will see their way
clear to oppose extreme legislation.
k.thfe have .ajarge Mr.%olahd Wormwood Kedhey
at Business 6ii han(i:®iThe'
arrrW4 here Suribav morning from
-*v *4*yiv^aCuv
*A S» pvtu unUvjift lowv
Read the big Nelson Store ad
great chance to save moneV.
Elmer Bousfield made a business
trip, last week to Paulina, la.
M. M, Kier aud Alfred Jensen
went to Redfield last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs J. E. McCarty visited
over Sunday with Canistota friends.
The Evert DeVries samily return
ed from its Iowa visit last Saturday.
Geo Pasco and family are back
from their visit with relatives at
Schaller, la.
Mildred and Susie Kellar went to
Parker last week for a short visit
with relatives and friends.
Jerry Jensen's sale last Wednes
day was well attended and prices
realized were satisfactoryi
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ostrem return
ed last Tuesday from a ten days vis
it with Centerville relatives.
The J. C. Jongewaard family re
turned last Saturday from a visit
with Orange City, la /relatives,
Chas. Snyder's sale date is Jan. 26
He has an excellent offering of
horses, cattle, hogs and machinery.
Etta Bach has returned to Aber
deen, and is aerain enrolled as a stu
dent of the State Normal at that
place. ••!.
W. C. Webster is at Mitchell and
Redfield on business. Expects to be
back to Hurley the latter part of
this week.
Cards are out annorncing tre
marriage of Miss Fannie Carnahan
and Mr. Floyd Stahl, Thursdav,
January 7th.
The directors of the Hurley Tele
phone Company met at the Baiik of
Hurley last Tuesday and transacted
routine business.
John Zehnder lost a valuable colt
last.week, the animal got tangled in
a barbed-wire fence and died from
the injuries received.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Muilenburg and
Phylis came down from Brookings
last Tuesday for a weeks visit with
Hurley relatives and friends.
The Herald office has an excellent
equipment and a first class work
man. Your job-work will be turned
out quickly and in a satisfactory
Frank Steninger, from our county
seat,town with four ladies was down
Sunday. We wish to inform Mr.
Steninger thnt Hurley is i^ot fvefi
adjacent to Utah.
Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Christerisen.
last Sunday, entertained Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Christopher of Parker
and Mr. and Mr- and Mrs. C. F.
Corkill of Hurley, S. D.
Frank Bowman, formerly of Eagle
Butte has engaged in the newspaper
business at Centerville. His sheet,
The Independent, is newsy and at
tractive. Success to him.
Lester Wray came down frorri
Mitchell last Thursday and spent a
week under the parental roof.
Lester is employed in the new
"Webster" store in aforesaid cityp?:
Mrs. E. G. Palmer, who was taken
to a hospital at Sioux City last
week for treatment, died at that
place last Friday. The body, ac
companied by the entire family was
taken to Shell Rock, la for iriter
ment. The bereaved ones have the
sympathy of all in this their great
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church gave a "social" fet the T. W.
Woodward residence! last Wednes
day night. It Was one of the pleas
antest affairs of the season—a fine
program was rendered arid all ex
pressed a desire for "more of the
same." The ladies have concluded
to give a series of their pteasinfe
"fcocials" so look out for the Hext
Jake Zehnder, formerly of Hurled,
'iX'! ago
with his family. He bought afrac
tional "80" and started in to "try it
".a*- 1'12 hiekk
ured bushels of corn per acre and 41
bags of oat
pounds per
tends a hearty
eomers to coffie and see him add
b^ak bread .^4 d^nk ne^ pider
We note by Che Mexico Ind^pehdenf
Mexied M. that out- old frierid
Jake Zhender took a ntiriiber
prizes on corti ^t the Oswego ediinfe
fair recently held at Fulton, N. Y.
Mr. Zehnder is showing thpse 'east
jernetti what western thHft\ind «n
terprise can accomplish All old
Hurley friends of the Zebdere are
$$$3^ to, learn of their prosperity.
Musical Entertainment
Dilts, who has been
engaged in chaytauqua work .the
Loans and discounts
Warrants ......
Overdrafts...... ..
Stocks and Honds
1 ax certittcatra
otlier Ileal histate
tlier Property
Kxpeose ii ,i ....
Banking House and fixtures..
Due from Banks
('-hccks & Drafts for clearing
Currency ....
.Silver .......
Minor com.
Cash Items
Total oasli assets
has achieyed aft.
enviably reputation, will give a
4,725 00
1.142 50
..6:5 83
290 98
*t Hurley. S., I)., at the elo«.e of business on Dec. 31st, 1914. Date ol call by Examiner Janv 6
1915 Date o£ repojrt by Bank, any. 6,1915.
6,834 31
26,650 26
musical enteitainment at the Odd
Fellows' Hall next Monday. Jan. 11.
Miss Dilts will be aided by Miss
Mae Gilbert, Mrs. E. V. Christensen
and other local musicans. The pro
gram closes with a laughable farce
entitled "Adorable Elizabeth."
A percentage of the proceeds will
RP to aid the Odd Fellows home at
a id
British Officer in Egypt Induced Mer
chant to See Error of His W.aya
and ftefarm.
Sir Gilbert Parker, M. P., whose
book, "When Valmond Came to Pon
tiac," ls being dramatized, tells a story
t)f how he and a certain British offi
cer limnaged to secure fresh eggs at
d. small military p03t in Egypt. The
pply other food to be had was tinned
foast, so t|ie eggs vere an important
Itepa of diet., pay after day, however,
(he wei-e obviousiy not fresh, aiid
pMe morniiii they were simply uneat
able. ,:
Tl?e officer, w}io J^eJd the po^er of
life and death in the district, was ^de
termined to put a stop to this sort
bt thih^ eio he ordered the egg mer
chant to be brought hefore Mm, lri
a short lime the merchant arrived,
conducted. by, t^p sentries.
"Are yqu.the,jnan who sold metiike
eggs?" demanded the officer.
In flat land trembling the other ail
pitted that he was indeed the man.
"Then open your mouth," command
ed the officer, picking up a, dish,( con
taining two had eggs...
The iremblln# merchant"obeyl^ and•.
before he realized what was going to
happen to him the oMcer had slipped
one of the evil£melllng eggs into
open^ mouth.
With horrible grimaces the cpier-i
chant was forced to swallow,, it, but
his troubles werfe not ended.
"How open your mouth afcain," com­
*. ,** ^,VJ *f
A fine line at ten per cent dis
count. All stoves will be de
livered and set up free of charge
Special prices to all newly mar
ried couples on Everything in
the store.
Heating, plumbing and tin work
carefully done. All work guar
E. McCarty, Hurley, S. D.
Successor to E. W. Browne
8179.796 15 Capital stock paid in ..
1862 95 Undivided profits..
none Bills payable .... '.
none Notes re-dlseounted
none Other liabilities .....
none Deposits
6,876 17 II'.vinends unpaid none
3,810 55 Subject to check 63 712 50
...925.000 00
... 6000 00
... 12.654 08
... 14500 00
Savlnuri.1epoits .... none
19,812 Certified checks none
3 34 •. Cashier's checks.. none
Due to other Banks none
Demand certificates 4,257 82
'l'ime certificates 92,861 68
j, »vi»»v« UAiOOl bo
... uoue
Tdtal deposits 160,832 00
$218.986 08 Total 4218,98608
Fv E. JACKSOX. PreKident of the above named Bank, do solemnly swear tliat the above
statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and beitef. F. K. Jackson President
Subscribed aud sworn to before me th,lsoih day of Jany., 1915. .I.C.Gilbert,
My comlssion expires .tan. 2,1916. Notary Public
•Correct., Aitest: .1. H. Famsworth, Arthur Nelson, Directors
manded the officer, and the
followed the first.
"After that," says Sir Gilbert, "the
officer could alwayB depend on hav
lng fresh eggs,"
FOR SALE—A few good fr^sh
cows. Inquire at this office.
FOR SALE—Bis: Type Poland
China Boars also Rhode Island Red
Cockerels. J. R. Ricker, phone No.
6 on Viborsr line. 12 10-tf
40 fine Rhode Island Red cockerels
at $1.00 each at (Jrbandale Farm.
Have new outfit, Will shell for one
cent per bushel for the next thirty
days. John Hershey.
FOR SALE—At Urbandale Farm
Fine .six year old brood mare,
weight J760, two good grade calves,
steer and heifer, 35 Big Type Po
land China boars, toaniire spreader,
land roller, etc. F. E. Jackson,
An urb&b Residence property,
located in east Hurley. Two acres
of land. City water main runs
through center of property. A fine
place, lor truck farming, or for
chicken raisin#. A She new house,
8ooiI but buildings. Write or in
quire of j. L. Friedline. Hurley,
S. D.
r—-Qoal^ty unexcelled and priced to
di$coupt jail cdynpetition. No busi
ness done on Saturday. Chris Flygef)
phone 8 oh Viborfc line. 3-1-15
LOST—On New Years eve, pjrob
ablp. at or near .I. O. O. F. hall, a
ladj^ cameo pin! finder will be re
waMed by leavihg skrrie kt Hetald
dmc e.
t-V U/^V "'.r Is^ ^v
*&,* 2 v? -*^y
=Gf u.* &? rfift-1- $f -4*
Physician and Surgeon
Calls answered day or night. Office at rest
dence one door south of Herald office.
Pbysinan and Surgeori
Mails promptly attended. Offloe »nd resident
on (Jenter Av.-uue
Commercial ,Hote!
A. L. Grinnell, Prop.
Hot Water Heat. First Class Service.
Traveling Rates $2.00 Per Day
Dr. W. P. Burroughs
Over the Elliot Store. Phone 100.
Lire Stock and Real Estate
Satisfaction euaranteed. Write, or phorie
me HI my expense.
O. W. Schiiltz
Olrtest A ucttoneer .11 Turner County
Keierenne Aur bnuk tne coOoty
For Dates tnauire of Herald
address me at Dads, 8. D,
Painless Shaves. Artistic Hair
Cuts. Shoes shined while flfC
you are waiting.
J. A. Hlfigley
Parker S. D.
Will be in Hyrley regularly the
tirst Saturday. of, each month
at Wi ay's Furniture Store
Cabinet work and fine inside work
iShop pne door w^st
of hotel. Sea
for estimates.
S "i

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