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Turner County herald. (Hurley, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-19??, July 26, 1917, Image 3

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41 far
l—Ob Wthmmm
t~-8**nr F-. ".•...
•—4s*per H.
t—Kd, J, Watewr
S—Was. IE. Hum
AJwt A. Soremom
IQ—Aftdrew Aatkrma
H-AdoJf w*i*kt
1J-—A. Bather
", W-*0Wr Nete*
Oirmiipftetj Jor**nar&
lS-Cba*. Jensen
14—Fred H, J«»»*
l?™-Si«aJ©v K. Larson
18—Frank A. Crmmr
19~€Hri» P. Beck
2ft—Sd. A. Stuthmaeher
21— Barmid Mahee
22—Lynn B. V&oghfto
23—Harry N. Qwgard
X4-~Jeas P. Nielaec
25—Harr* 0. Jones
2$—Leooard L, Jensen
27—Herbert Hoflinjgr
28—Harrold L. WaUon
29—Robt. E. Njebrog«e
SO—Win. G. Jenaen
31—Leonard off man
W, Wulf
33—Joe Rippentrop
84~H*nry Van How
35—John K. Carr
36—Niels Kristensen
37—Jacob Luden
38—Chris Jonj^asec
39—Carl Salter
40—Alfred J. Johanson
41—Qaude S. Hysell
42—M. Anders
43—Peter Anderson
44—Floyd N. Scott
45—M. Engeman
46—Andrew Christoferson
47—Fred Noystrup
48—Joe C. Jensen
49—Win. J. Flannigan
50—Ed. Weiae
51—Cbas. S. MeUegaard
52—Ed. H. Christensen
53—Ray Howe
54—W. N. Fast
55 —Roy Bucks te ad
56—^-John EL Rupert
57—M»x W. Gors
58—Wm. De Vries
59—Nels C. Jasper
60—Thos Solheim
61—Fred Jorgenaen
62—Carl Carleson
63—Dan Boese
64—Chris Jibben
65—Theo. M. Mattis
66—Peter Lund
67—Ottis A. Palmer
68—Andrew G, Anderson
69—A. K. Larson
70—M R. Bauer
71—Rupert E. Fowler
72—John F. Mabee
73—Frank J. Barnsworth
74—Arthur P. Jensen
75—Geo. E. Steninger
76—Ed. Yager
77—Herbert R. Christensen
78—Henry Weeldryer
79—Herbert A. Prosper
80—Levi B. Vreeland
81—C. Peterson
82—Cha6- H. Field
83—Evert Loof
84—John McAlear
85—Winnie E, Baker
86—Cor. Jongewaard
87—John J. Jantzen
88—Le Roy Orner
89—Thor. Jorstad
90—Al. A. Schmidt
91—Wm. O. Mizner
92—Otto Malzer
93—A. €. Peterson
94—Albert Hyronimus
06—Martin Peterson
97—J. P. Dick
98— Herman T. Schultz
99—Ang. D. W. Langelett
100—Chris S. Anderson
.101—E. Erickson
102—Wm. baudemer
103- Frank Klocke
-104—Thor. Nelson
,, 3.05—Chester R. Elstrom
106—Wm. F. Brtin
107—John R. Herrigs1
108—Mikel Pingrey
109—Jacob Ludens
110—Herman Burfeindt
111—R. Simington
W. Hollenburg
.113—P. L. Larson j'r
5 j|« s114-—Ole Almdal
15—Alfred Johnson
17—Ned R^Calhoon
118—Peter Peterson
19—John H. Highstreet
^-4a MI* K.
Saiwi*y .irijife PiHwr
»t*e«**eria «w .#..., *««rtjr ,***«* immmptr
4***m t»*. it will **r
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tt* fe« 4r*ftaff -M*rm Woodwur^ t*
hw f*wr at Simx
Iffciit tibdi
All* «rcw~S8#'
4m$ wm*i «f Mrs. €3^aa
«t P*riwr
N R. R«Q4eil botmht a mm
Grial mt of Hie Wsslcti
J, A. SMsitWir «n «towa
from f^rkw todajr loaki»« »fter
Cb*at5c»y MUtti i* hew from
S- D., vrrlviag am
iSNkriy j»c»rnin« tr«in
EIlloU Bro» hap« lanrp
fsortmeat. of fiy »«u *«4 oov#r«.
Price* from (KSc lo |2-?5.
Alvln Ohi#en »od Tony
rtclj made business tri» to
Sioux FHUls Friday 1«ukI ww»k.
Geo. Hannum returned bote*
Sunday morning from lk»*ch N
D„ wbere he at ihe Ht
Odland hom«,
Mr«. J. l. Perkins and dauurh*
ter NeHte left. Tuesday morning
for Canada to visit Ansil Perkins
and Mr. and Mm. Williams.
Agnes and Ella Treiek, old
school friends of Etti Bach,
came Friday and are gra«*ia at
the C. J. Bach home In Barley,
Lloyd Smith returned to his
home at Oldham, 8. D.,Saturday
having visit at the Job* Run
d%U home in Hurley the past,
Nate Verieji and fairily, of
north of t^wn, and Joe Verley,
of Bruce, were Sunday afternoon
guests at the John Olmstead
home in Hurley.
Gladys Davie*, who has been
attending the Yankton suifimer
school, arrived Saturday to visit
at the E. C. liundell houie. Sle
leaves this week for her home at
Dodgeville, Wise.
Etta Baeh, who taught a very
successful term at the school near
Parker last year, has been en
gaged as instructor in the inter
mediate grades in the Sioux
Falls public schools.
Mrs. P. E. Preston, of Sfoux
City, is a guest of Mrs. E. E
DeVries. She was accompanied
here by Norman Rapalee of
Sioux City who is also visiting
at the DeVries home.
Bob Walpole, of Springfield,
arrived last week to take up his
work as pharmacist at the Pio
neer Drug Store in the place ol
Clifford CorkiH, who was called
to join his comrades in Co. C. of
the National Guards.
Mrs.Roy Fieldhouse and child
ren, who have been visiting Hur
ley relatives some time past, left
Monday for Mitchell, where they
will stop about a week for a
visit with relatives before goirg
on to their home at Midway,
N. Dak
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Vandewat
jer, of Ireuon, la visited Friday
with Mrs. E. W.Browne Satur
day, in company with Mrs,
Browne, they drove to Canova
for a brief visit at the Chas.
Vandewater home, and from
there went on to Lake Madison
for a few days outing.
The type played a mean trick
on the Herald last week when a
figure 1 slipped in where- the
numeral 2 should have been,
making the date of the special'
attraction at the Star Theater
July 18th when it should hays. drove their car up from Yankton
read July 28. You will find the'for a brief visit with Hurley
corrected ad inr^his issue. Re friends. Flomer and Maude
member the date—Saturday,
28—afternoon and evening. Thursday for a visit with the H.
Some people seem to think ^an^5)rn
&afc the county newspapers are!
"small" because they are not M.
.• '..-w.- -,s. n- ~.
Pearl White Soap
6 bars for ................
Red Barn Paint
per gal
3 Cakes Honest Value
Soap for
3 pkgs Common Pins
3 pkgs 0. U. Jell
countv that would refuse to
print the list if furbished the
copy.—Viborg Enterprise
All kinds of electrical supplies
for sale. Wiring and repair
work of electric motors, etc.
done promptly by Leonard Ul
ving, Hurley. S. D.
John Orton returned Tuesdey
afternoon from fturley where he
visited with his brother,Thomas,
who is working as a barbei in
that town—Volin Advance.
Elulela Andiews is visiting in
Yankton this week with Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Fitch and children
while the John Fttch family of
New ^ferk and the Fred Fitch
family of Isabelle. S. D., are al
so there as guests.
Sunday a week ago Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Fitch and children
July Evangeline remained here until
printing the list^ of those that. this week of the death of his
[iave registered for conscription, Brother, Luther, "at Indepen
with the new numbers. Yes.we dence, Mo., July 16th. He was
may hie small, but is it not ask* past eighty-one years of age at
ng a little too much of the news-' the time of his death which was
rapers to print something over due to his advanced years,
ourteen fourteen hundred names1
and expect you to go to the' Mrs. J. A. Churchill returned
county seat and copy them, home Friday from a two weeks'
is not a paper in the visit with Purcy Allen and wife
tuyi** lUVRdtu nu«ut, tuu *r*
Rex Lye Op
per can.....'......:.' Ot
Quaker Corn Flakes
3 pkgs for
Honest Value Coffee
per lb
12 Large Cookies
H. Kellar
Kellar received word
at Aberdeen. Hsr little son
Blair, who accompanied her on
the trip, returned home by auto
with his father from the ranch
at Marvin.
M. Watson and Hferb Lak
ings drove to Sioux Falls Mon
day to bring back two new
Grant cars for the Lakings gar
age, Harrold Watson returning
wih them to finish up a job of
wiring which the D. & W. Co.
was doing here. Little Charles
Stout made the trip to Sioux
Falls with them.
Rev. Rowden and son Leslie
Rowden went through Davis
Saturday afternoon on their way
to Parker where Leslie was to
join his company of National
Guards. Leslie Rowden was one
of the boys who saw service on
the border and is ready to go
again wherever l.is government
sees fit to send him.—Davis
Harrold Watson is over from
Sioux Falls today to install one
of those Western Electric Light
ing Systems, (for which the D.
& W. Co. is agent) at the Bous
field iarm in Norway township.
The boys (have been very busy
looking after that end of the
business and their plan^ in
ital'ed in this neighborhood
have proven very satisfactory in
every respect. The owners say
they couldn't get a'ong without
A 1
Don't Forget Our July Sal4
««n m$4
M» t?M
"f IJ
$2.00 Ladies Go^iah°% djl AA
Low Shots on 1* •"U
$1.50 Ladies Gotzian HKf*
Low Shoes only
Mens Clothing
Real Bargain
$20.00 Suits
this week
WeVe put our PRICES AWAY,1
AWAY, DOWN. They make irres
istable temptations for those who are
fishing for good valuea Whether you
think you need anything in our line or
not come in and SEE the VALUES we
are offering. But you'd better bring
your purse along, you'll be sure to see
something which because oRats
splendid quality and low prices you
can't help buying.
Ladies having crochet ?d work to sell may bring it to the store and set your own price
on it and we will try and sell it for you at 5 per cent comm. it
We have lowered prices on dr$J»
Way low—pretty good^*»
patterns lust what yon need
'for $ife w&rm weather, prices cut
IromSc to 2Sc per.
Ladles and Childrens Millinery
Cut to one half price
Look these goods over you can
use them at these low prices.
Prices cut on Ladies Waists
Prices cut on Ladies Hose
Prices cut on Ladies Skirts
Prices cut on Laces and Embroid'y
Prices cut on Dressing Saques^
Prices cut on House Dressy
Prices cut on Muslin Underwear^/
Prices cut on Childrens White
A Well Painted Barn
is a Sign of Thrift
a small expenditure, nothing
wiB add to the value, appear*
ance, and protection erf your farm
buildings as the judicious use of good
Is made fro® high grade metallic
pigments and mineral oxides, ground
in pure linseed oil—"® *?nmf?inatira
that can not be equalled for real
durability and satisfaction. vs,f
Made in two colon
ST. P. Madsen, Mgr. Hurley Yard
Calling Cards printed on short^nptice.
Bring in your order now.

|F. H. Carpenter
Lumber Company9

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